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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 10
by | August 5, 2011 | 135 Comments

This episode was all about the cute, as Shin becomes the most supportive boyfriend in the world. Now my favorite character of this episode? Bo-woon, Bo-woon, Bo-woon!

What’s the aftermath of that confession?! Well, we end up back at home, the next day, where Kyu-won’s father has actually come down to Seoul. He has business in the city, and offers to give his daughter a ride to school. Next door, Shin’s mother is wondering where her son went, and finds that he left for school early.

Hee – Shin’s actually waiting outside of Kyu-won’s house, with a smile on his face, and she’s pleasantly surprised to see him there. He’s come to walk with her to school, not taking his bike because she can’t ride it anyways. He offers out his hand, and she shyly takes it… only he wants her backpack instead! HAHA – gallant, but so not what we wanted!

As if the cuteness will never end, they walk side by side, and Kyu-won swings her hands so much so that it will brush his. “I guess we will have to hold hands if we don’t want them to hit each other” – and with that, he grabs her hand! YAYYYY!

Meanwhile the parents have an encounter of their own. They bump into each other outside their respective houses and go for coffee. Sun-ki (the father) finds out that Ji-young’s son is the infamous “arrogant prince” in Kyu-won’s stories, and wonders if he should have his daughter stop seeing her son. You see, he’s planning on moving to Seoul, and it’s not just because he wants to take care of his aging father. It’s also because of Ji-young. Good think Ji-young stops him in his tracks and tells him not to talk about it.

Shin and Kyu-won go on their date at an ice cream parlor, but guess who sees them as they pass by the store? Yep – the Three Angry Girls. Immediately they peer through the windows to see if the girl he’s with is really Kyu-won. Shin sees them right away and grows uncomfortable. He stops Kyu-won from turning and seeing them, and sighs in relief when the Three Angry Girls go skipping away.

They reason that it’s possible for Shin and Kyu-won to hang out because they’re neighbors, and nothing more.

Shin admits that he didn’t want rumors spreading if Sa-rang really saw them together on a date. All the girls would also rise up against Kyu-won and make her life troublesome. While that may all be true, it’s also hurtful. Kyu-won thinks that they might as well not do anything together then, in case they get caught. It’s not what Shin meant, but that’s how she takes it.

As they leave the parlor, they bump into Bo-woon, who’s surprised to see her there with Shin. She leads Kyu-won away, leaving Shin to follow them a ways behind.

Bo-woon wants to know if something happened with Shin during camp, but Kyu-won denies that anything happened. Heh – of course, Shin hears it all and he starts muttering Bo-woon’s name in anger – annoyed that she just came in between them.

At school, Jun-hee is accosted by some fans giving him cookies. He sees Hee-joo passing by, and immediately runs up to her. In front of those fans, he shares the cookies with her. Hee-joo, being bratty, throws it out of his hands. She didn’t want it, okay?! And he shouldn’t be tempting a girl with an eating disorder on a diet with cookies.

Tae-joon meets with Hee-joo’s mother, who’s not too pleased to be constantly meeting him outside. Tae-joon relates his plans on how to embarrass Seok-hyun with a scandal, but she says it’s not necessary. Since Hee-joo will be onstage no matter what, it’d be better if she were under the guidance of a Broadway director. And just like *that* the problem is gone. Tae-joon is foiled!

This drama does not seem to dwell on the melodramatics very long…

Still wanting to ruin Seok-hyun, he goes to visit Yoon-su, telling her that “something” happened between Seok-hyun and his lead actress back in Broadway. Clearly he’s trying to make Yoon-su jealous, but she doesn’t bite. After all, she dated others too when they were apart. Tae-joon pretends that he just wanted to make sure Yoon-su wouldn’t be stabbed in the back later, but she doesn’t mind. After all, she stabbed him in the back first.

Tae-joon is foiled again!

At practice, Shin watches Kyu-won from afar as she socializes with the other actors. In need of some attention, he starts showing off his skills on the guitar. Kyu-won is non-plussed, and Seok-hyun calls him out on it playfully. They all start from the first act, and of course, Hee-joo pushes Kyu-won aside. However, Seok-hyun wants Kyu-won closer to the front, rather than in the back. She needs to practice exactly the same as Hee-joo, much to the leading actress’ annoyance.

After practice, Seok-hyun calls both girls aside. He takes the two of them out for coffee, and of course, Kyu-won orders a very foamy and sweet cafe mocha in front of the starving-herself Hee-joo. Seok-hyun scolds Kyu-won for not watching her weight, but Hee-joo doesn’t mind – after all, Kyu-won won’t go on stage!

Now all Seok-hyun has to do is watch the two girls diss each other and fight. And that’s literally the reason why he brought them aside. He wants them to realize that they’re not competing. They should be taking care of each other instead, and make sure nothing will affect the performance. He makes them promise, and they even force their smiles to satisfy him.

Shin waits outside the rehearsal hall, and is startled when Soo-myung asks what he’s doing there. A moment later, the reason appears: Kyu-won. Soo-myung remembers that they’re working together on the ending song and wishes them luck. Good thing they have that excuse to spend time together, eh?

He’s about to apologize (or explain himself) about that morning when – guess who? – Bo-woon appears! She interrupts (again) and invites Kyu-won to hang with the girls. Like, right now. Bo-woon finally notices Shin there: “Oh, I see you quite often today!”


Once again, Shin utters Bo-woon’s name like a curse. But then he gets a bright idea…

The girls are all dishing for the latest news from Kyu-won, knowing that she had ice cream with Shin this morning. (News like that spreads fast, you see…) But everyone thinks it’s only because they’re neighbors and nothing more, otherwise they’d be pulling out her hair now.

They all go into a store, and Bo-woon catches her looking at couple tees. Kyu-won fibs that she wants to wear them with her grandpa (*snerk*). After all, underneath all that traditional clothing, he’s quite the fashionista. OK then! Bo-woon now wants to visit Grandpa and take a picture of him wearing the couple shirt.

Shin actually ends up at Kyu-won’s house. He greets Grandpa – he actually wants to hear the rest of Grandpa’s long-winded history! HA! Oh the pains he’s willing to go through just so he could catch Kyu-won for a private chat. After all, Bo-woon couldn’t possibly come over to her home, right?!

Most ridiculous thing Grandpa says? “I looked just like you when I was younger!” Shin: “HUH?”

Finally, Kyu-won arrives home, and Shin once again smiles with relief. Except… Bo-woon follows her in. HAHAHA!

Bo-woon is surprised to see Shin for the third time in one day, and Kyu-won lies about Shin getting traditional music tutoring from Grandpa these days. Bo-woon then excitedly tells Grandpa about the couple t-shirts, and Shin immediately realizes that those t-shirts are more for him than for Grandpa.

Grandpa’s all, “You want me to wear that!?” He thinks she’s just trying to get out of ironing his clothes all the time, but he agrees to wear them for Bo-woon. Shin nearly falls after sitting for so long, so Kyu-won helps him up – a move that does not go missed under Bo-woon’s watchful eyes.

Bo-woon thinks she’s been seeing the two of them together too often, but Kyu-won brushes it aside to just being neighbors. Grandpa comes out, proud of the t-shirt. That’s when Shin gets the bright idea of suggesting that Bo-woon listen to the grand life story of Lee Dong Jin the Great Singer. Naive, she agrees to listen, totally excited.

Shin closes the door behind them, saying, “Cha Bo-woon, you’re so lucky. You should feel honored.” Hehehe. And you know where Grandpa starts his story? Waaaaay back when his mother had a dream about a pumpkin, before he was born.

Outside, Shin goes, “Grandpa must have started with the dream. I wonder how far she’ll get.” (I’m literally dying from laughter here at the immaturity of it all.)

Now with Bo-woon out of the way, he can finally apologize to Kyu-won for that morning. Kyu-won agrees with him though – she does want to keep their relationship on the down-low because she doesn’t want her hair to be pulled.

They go to a nearby park so that he can show her his current edit of the song. Using his tablet, he plays the guitar, and she uses her phone to play with the Gayageum app. How friggin’ convenient is that? The song is quite cheerful, and it meshes both stringed instruments quite well. Kyu-won didn’t expect to like it so much, and she promises to help him make it better and use all the traditional instruments. [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Shin wonders if Kyu-won is OK with being Hee-joo’s understudy, because she might never be onstage. But Kyu-won is fine; she knew she wouldn’t be the starring role anyways. She’s enjoying just learning and dancing, and is glad that Shin got her to continue doing the musical in the first place.

They while away the afternoon, listening to some music together. It’s late evening before Kyu-won finally returns home, and by then Grandpa is only up to his life at 16. Bo-woon is suffering a slow and painful death, but thankfully Kyu-won arrives to send Bo-woon home. Hehe. As Bo-woon limps out, she realizes that Shin must have done this out of revenge against her, but she has no idea why.

The next morning, Shin takes her to school, and he even got her a special froggy cushion for her seat in the back of his bike. He tells her to hold on tight – around his waist, not just his bag. AWWW. When they arrive in school, Shin grabs her hand. It doesn’t matter if others see (and others DO see – notably the Three Angry Girls and Soo-myung). Shin basically proclaims their love in front of everyone as they walk through the halls. Boys go “Whoaaa!” Girls faint and scream, “Noooo!” Chaos reigns the school. Even the Windflowers get on her case immediately, and Bo-woon complains that if she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have stuck around Kyu-won so much.

The hatred towards Kyu-won even reaches the professors’ ears, and Seok-hyun wonders what the fuss is all about. He thinks Kyu-won shouldn’t be dating at this time, and Yoon-su is amused that he disapproves so much. With the performance a few days away, he’d rather if Kyu-won focused more on the performance than on her love life.

Hee-joo is practicing hard with Ki-young in the rehearsal room. He doesn’t think she’s managed to encapsulate the feelings of the main female lead, who leaves the main male lead for acknowledgment. She thinks too hard about trying to be in love that all you can see is her thinking about it.

Her mother, meanwhile, is taking out the sponsors for a meal, thanking them for helping out. They congratulate her on her daughter being the lead and ask if they can see a bit of the performance today. While mother isn’t all too keen, she does pull a few strings to make it happen.

As for Hee-joo, she tries to practice through her hunger, but Jun-hee catches her. He takes her out for a rooftop picnic, knowing that she’s not eating anything other than vitamins and ginseng. He’s worried that she’s getting to skinny, so he forces her to sit down and eat lunch with him. He was even thoughtful enough to make sure her food was non-fattening. Eagerly, she eats. Poor gal. 🙂

She gets a call from an annoying telemarketer and so Jun-hee shuts off her phone so that she can eat in peace. That also means, she misses a call from her mother, warning her about the impromptu performance.

Tae-joon relays the message about the performance to Seok-hyun, who frets about it being so sudden. Tae-joon is secretly pleased with this development, as he wonders how Seok-hyun will deal with the pressure. Seok-hyun doesn’t want to hold the performance, but Yoon-su tries to appease him. Just do it once – for her.

Kyu-won is in the band’s practice room, getting private lessons from Shin on how to play the guitar. He notes how she’s tied up her hair quite tightly today, and it’s all because she wants to make sure it’ll be difficult for anyone to just grab her hair. Hehe – I love how she’s so worried about girls coming after her.

Shin tells her that he’s by her side, so she will never have to worry. He leans in close – to KISS HER – when suddenly BO-WOON comes rushing in to the room! Shin: “Cha Bo-woon. I was wondering when you’d be coming.”

!!!!!!!!!! I died.

Bo-woon is too panicked to care. Kyu-won needs to hurry to the rehearsal room because they need to perform for the sponsors – and Hee-joo is nowhere to be found. This is what understudies are for!

Hee-joo is still enjoying her rooftop date, and so after she’s eaten her full, Jun-hee tells her that she can sleep on his lap. He’ll sing her a lullaby. Great Jun-hee! You just ruined Hee-joo’s chance to perform! Her mother is freaking out that Hee-joo is nowhere to be found, and is forced to show the sponsors a performance without her daughter. Tae-joon thinks this might end up favorable for him; if Kyu-won proves to be better than Hee-joo, no doubt the mother won’t let the matter rest, and Tae-joon can get his revenge against Seok-hyun.

Ki-young and Kyu-won prepare in the music room. Ki-young is trying to calm his nerves, but looks like he’s ready to bolt. Kyu-won immediately grabs his hands – he can’t fail her now! She’s relying on him! She tells him to pretend it’s practice, and he smiles, a little more at ease. Shin comes in, and Ki-young tactfully chooses to leave the room for them.

Now it’s Kyu-won’s turn to have her major freak out – she only pretended to be strong for Ki-young. Shin admits that he gets stage fright when he performs at the club too. He cups her face in his hands, and tells her to look at the audience in the eye, and chant, “You’ve fallen for me.” Then she can overcome her nervousness.

Seok-hyun apologizes to the sponsors for the short performance, as they can only show a bit of Acts 3 and 4. Hee-joo’s mother explains to the sponsors that her daughter is sick, and so they’re going to have to watch the backup perform. While she’s bristling with anger, Hee-joo suddenly awakens at the rooftop. She turns on her phone, and finally sees all the missed calls from her mother.

The performance is well under way, starting with an elaborate dance sequence, and ending with a duet from Ki-young and Kyu-won. Of course, the moment Kyu-won opens her mouth, the sponsors are awed; the mother is struck dumb – and furious; Seok-hyun smiles; and Shin is glowing with pride for his girlfriend. [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Now if the understudy is that good, Hee-joo must be better. Right?!

If only it were that easy. By the time Hee-joo arrives outside the performance hall, it’s all over. Her mother sees her with Jun-hee, and *SLAAAAP* right across her daughter’s cheek. Jun-hee is sent away, and the mother yells at her daughter for turning off her phone for a sloppy boy. Hee-joo can quit right now if she doesn’t want to take this seriously. She shouldn’t embarrass her parents – especially now with Kyu-won actually being way better than Hee-joo.

The mother visits Tae-joon. She wants him to leak the scandal now, and persuade Seok-hyun forcefully to cut Kyu-won.

After the performance, Seok-hyun is so proud of Kyu-won for stepping up, and for helping Ki-young stay focused. He ruffles her hair affectionately – but is stopped by Shin. Yup – don’t mess with his girlfriend. She’s not a child either. He takes her by the hand and drags her away. Ki-young notes that Shin must really like Kyu-won, but Seok-hyun thinks Shin is just doing that because he ruffled her hair.

The Windflowers catch up to the couple to inform them about a new campaign the Three Angry Girls are starting. They want everyone to participate and choose if Shin and Kyu-won should be together or not. Shin actually finds it amusing, and tells her not to worry about what others say. But Kyu-won is angry and hurt that she must be hassled like this for just dating the most popular guy in school. She leaves, seeking solace on her own.

Immediately the Windflowers take him to task for being too popular. Ha! They’re about to go and take down the Three Angry Girls, but Shin stops them. Instead, he goes up to them and tells them to cut. it. out. Three Angry Girls: “OK!” and they pack up. What the hell!?

Once again, Seok-hyun catches Kyu-won during her sad moments. She mournfully asks if she’s really that inferior to Shin. Seok-hyun promises to punish every single person who says she is; Kyu-won has the ability to move people’s hearts, and it’s just unfortunate that very few people can realize that. He also says that he’ll beat up Shin if he ever breaks her heart.

Hmm… is Seok-hyun playing the “protective older brother” card right now? But he also has a moment of confusion, where he even shakes his head to clear out his feelings.

Shin rides up to Kyu-won’s home, but finds that she’s not there yet. At home, he types out several versions of an apology but can’t decide on the proper text. Jung-hyun interrupts him, aghast that he’s really dating Kyu-won. She thinks her brother’s at a disadvantage if it’s true, and warns him that they can’t kiss! The moment they do, he will lose all his fans… and then she can never sell his autographs again! (Yes, it all circles back to her and her money-making schemes.)

Yoon-su and Seok-hyun go to his friend Jung-eun’s bar for some drinks. Seok-hyun thinks that it’s Kyu-won that’s at a disadvantage here, as he doesn’t think Shin has anything great. Jung-eun doesn’t care – he’s never had so much business during the day with so many girls crying over Shin! Good thing Shin arrives at that moment. Seok-hyun warns him not to hurt Kyu-won, and Shin tells the director to worry about his own girlfriend, Yoon-su.

Kyu-won is annoyed that she never got a text from Shin all day. He must be a dolt at dating! She tries to distract herself with other things, when finally she gets a text from Shin! He wants her to go down to Catharsis no matter what. And, to leave Bo-woon out of it.

Heh – guy’s gotta have precautions.

Hee-joo mopes at home, thinking, when her mother comes into her room. The mother tells her she’ll try to kick out Seok-hyun and Kyu-won from the production. Hee-joo: “Thanks. They bothered me anyway.”

UGH. Any hope that I had of her possibly redeeming herself just dissipated.

Shin performs with The Stupid, and this time there are less patrons, as most of the girls are pissed he’s taken. He sees Kyu-won come in, and immediately stops playing. Eh? Shin picks up an acoustic guitar, and sings his ballad for Kyu-won, declaring his love for her. (Seen at the end of Episode 2)

He asks her to step up close to the stage, kneels down before her, and then kisses her.



Whoo… well that was a fun episode! Shin is finally so much more interesting in this episode. Not only does he clearly care for Kyu-won, but he does have his sense of humor. It’s really a nice change in pace for him to play the supportive boyfriend. It also helps that Jung Yong Hwa has eased considerably into his role.

I think this episode tops episode 7, or 8, or 9 – mainly because I got to laugh and giggle at the smaller moments in life. An overbearing, long-winded grandfather? Check. A best friend with the worst timing in the world? Check. An annoying, selfish younger sister who’s so protective of her brother she’s like his manager? Check. The entire school being so invested in two people’s love lives? OK – that’s not really a “small moment” in life, but it sure as heck was funny.

One gripe – this kiss wasn’t as romantic as Jang Geun Suk‘s with Park Shin Hye at the end of You’re Beautiful. OK, done comparing. Moving on.

I was so surprised that the mother stopped being a threat so early in the episode, that I actually felt relieved when she decided to go back on her dastardly plan of getting rid of Kyu-won and Seok-hyun. After all, we do need some major conflict in this drama! I don’t think it has to come from the parents, although I’m curious as to how Shin and Kyu-won’s mom and dad will develop. We saw very little of them in this episode, and I don’t think they’ve ended their conversation on getting back together just yet.


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  1. ilikehim

    The awkwardness and shyness of their relationship as it starts…so cute!
    I loveee Shin going out of his way, doing lovey-dovey things like not riding his bike and then putting pillow for her on his bike…it just show he is so in love with her.

    • 1.1 River

      I really wish there was more development on the Ki-young front. I loove Shin, but it’s just kind of boring with no plot movement or any teenage angst.

      • 1.1.1 ilikehim

        I think there are hints of Ki Young being involved in their relationship in this episode…it could still happen…
        Perhaps they will develop Ki Young’s character when the 100th anniversary play actually takes place. His fear will be in full force then, and he will have to overcome it and grow.

        • cassandra

          AGREED..I am still hoping against hope that there will be something in the developing stages with Ki Young when she grabs his hand and Shin came in….but then (sad face) it was just a tought that went pfftttt/ Love this episode-made me SMILEEEEEE like a fool. I am in love again

        • isabelle

          I want Kiyoung to be involved, too.
          From what I’ve seen from the character chart, however, Kiyoung is supposed to be a protective oppa of Kyuwon or something. At least that’s what I understand from Google’s translation.

          The writers can do so much for Kiyoung’s character.

  2. galen

    [i]Instead, he goes up to them and tells them to cut. it. out. Three Angry Girls: “OK!” and they pack up. What the hell!?[/i]

    If someone could explain this scene, I’d be grateful. It’s the one scene in this whole ep that confuses me… all that major reaction and this is the conclusion?!?

    But otherwise, loved the OTP moments. JYH and PSH look really good together, and the scenes have them doing such adorable things for each other, it’s candy-coated sugar overload!

    • 2.1 la dee dah

      Do you mean explain why the three girls did that? I think it’s because the three girls are really really big fans of Shin, so they will listen to whatever he says without question. So even though they were putting all their energy into trying to have people vote on Shin and Kyu-won’s breakup, Shin only needed to tell them once to quit it, and they listen right away – and their reaction is meant to be humorous to us.

      • 2.1.1 galen

        Ah… got it. I think. 🙂

        Oh, and thanks Kaedejun for the recap!

      • 2.1.2 momosa

        I laughed so hard!! It’s one of the best parts (most unexpected reaction from the 3 angry birds!)

    • 2.2 tildy

      I think the trio was just flustered, never expecting to be called out, much less by Shin himself. They were full of bravado when they were operating on the expectation that Shin and Kyu would ignore them, but they back down right away when confronted, probably out of surprise and embarrassment.

  3. f1yh1gh10

    episode 10 was great, and i loved episode 11 as well!!! teehee

  4. Starlightz16

    wow FIRST!!!!! YAY! 🙂 sorry just say that!

    now that’s out the way does anyone know the name of song Gyu Won and Ki Young sang together?

  5. Starlightz16

    opps sorry NOT first sorry 🙁

  6. Fate

    I have been waiting… LOL thank you! 😀 ♥

  7. zoukim

    cool epy…
    plz uploas ep 11………………….
    am waitinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………

  8. skynet0419

    Love this episode!

    Seok-hyun is slightly annoying me with his dissapproval of Shin tho lol

    The preview for the next episode made me more mad that he’s trying to separate the two

  9. la dee dah

    Shin and Kyu-won were cute this episode! But uh oh, I’m sensing some jealousy from Shin near the end (pointed at Seok-hyun). I really hope he doesn’t go down the “jealous boyfriend who misunderstands situations and gets mad at Kyu-won” route… And darn, just when I actually felt sorry for Hee-joo (when her mom slapped her), she goes and says that at the end. Bleh. Ooh, I thought they were never going to go back to the parents’ stories, but glad they didn’t sweep it under the rug and came back to it.

    I’m confused about Seok-hyun. It seems he has a underdog affinity, meaning he sticks with the underdog and tries to help them as much as he can. And about his dislike of Shin with Kyu-won, while I think it has a little to do with wanting Kyu-won to concentrate on the play, I hope it has more to do with knowing how popular Shin is and worried that he would leave her, like the ballerina girl did to Seok-hyun. Well, I’m hoping that’s more the case – I don’t really want Seok-hyun to have feelings for Kyu-won..

    And as for comparing the kisses, I didn’t really like the kisses in You’re Beautiful. They were stale there and it was stale here.

    • 9.1 ilikehim

      “I really hope he doesn’t go down the “jealous boyfriend who misunderstands situations and gets mad at Kyu-won” route…”
      His petty jealousy is cute, like how he disliked Seok-Hyun ruffling her hair. But he isn’t the jealous-of-everything type, I think. He wasnt jealous when he walked into Kyu Won holding Ki-Young’s hands to encourage him. So perhaps it’s just a Seok Hyun thing and not even jealousy at all.
      As for the misunderstanding situations…I have to say that would be Kyu Won’s fault since she lies to him about being with Seok Hyun (based on the preview of 11, i didnt see 11 yet, i could be wrong).

      • 9.1.1 Caitlyn

        That’s what i think. He can see that SeokHyun seems to like GyuWon more than he should, so he is jealous of that. But he can tell that KiYoung is just a friend so he doesn’t mind him.

    • 9.2 Chandler

      Yeah but they were still better in You’re Beautiful as far as context goes. All around they were much more enjoyable in terms of what led up to the kisses and what followed after.

  10. 10 Alize

    thanks for the recap,already watch ep 10 with engsub but still love yr recap..part that i like the most is when shin together with kyuwon & Cha Bo-woon..make me smile & laugh alone..hope you will continue recap this drama,hv a nice weekend ya!

  11. 11 diorama

    Never thought I’d say this, but Jung Yong Hwa is getting good. Thank you, PD-nim, for getting on the writing team and giving us all this good stuff!

  12. 12 crazedlu

    anybody else feeling lee shin is a wee bit possesive?

    i’ve been on shin’s boat this entire time, but i totally jumped ship at the “oppa” scene with kiyoung. *dies a bit with glee. and here i was, totally okay with kiyoung and kyuwon not having a real meeting or interacting at all, but lee shin had to go all “hands off my woman” that i was freakin cheering kiyoung on. i get the whole jealous-boyfriend-because-my-girl’s-a-catch thing, but i totally eyerolled at his possesiveness.

    and director seokhyun.. what is going on with you, eh??

    i actually am nervous about where they’re taking the story. i did a very fast fast forward of the show and waited for your recaps. haha. and i’ll be doing that for the rest of the show unless something grips me again. i guess i always hate this part of rom-com/romance narratives when they actually say “i like you” and pursue a relationship. a bit of a bore and annoying in my books. heh. and you KNOW is this where the melo picks up. =’/

    thank you much for the recap! ^^

    • 12.1 testify

      actually I thought the same!
      He seems to be really possesive…
      But this might be his first reaction..after all it seems to be also his first love (His affection for the ballerina wasn`t love after all ) and he has no clue how to respect also the other persons wishes…..
      But since Kyu Won is not a dump girl, there is nothing to worry …:)
      I like it how she protects her fealings and that leads Shin to think about it and acknowledge her more…..

      This is another point I like on this drama, you can see how their emotions develop and how they learn to respect the other person…..

    • 12.2 Anhstein

      It’s all the Shin and Kyu Won interaction that’s keeping me on this show. They’re adorable together. Well, sans the kiss. I know we don’t always get Coffee Prince or Goong level kisses on kdramas but seriously, WTF was that!

      Other than that, the writing seems to be going downhill, I’m getting quite annoyed with the story line. Hey, maybe that’s the point of a melodrama, right?

  13. 13 ck1Oz

    Oh thanks.I wasn’t expecting this tonight.What a treat.Thank you so much.

  14. 14 AprilTenFan

    I don’t usually squee in public, but this episode made me giddy! I am unreasonably invested in Kyu-won and Shin, so there was much to like here. I loved the way Shin immediately tried to clear up the misunderstanding about being seen with Kyu-won as a couple. I also loved the “ruthless” way he got Bo-woon out of the picture so that he could have some alone time with Kyu-won.

    On the other hand, I am increasingly disliking Seok-hyun. He clearly has some issues he needs to work through. W

    • 14.1 AprilTenFan

      What I meant to say was . . .

      I don’t usually squee in public, but this episode made me giddy! I am unreasonably invested in Kyu-won and Shin, so there was much to like here. I loved the way Shin immediately tried to clear up the misunderstanding about being seen with Kyu-won as a couple. I also loved the “ruthless” way he got Bo-woon out of the picture so that he could have some alone time with Kyu-won.

      On the other hand, I am increasingly disliking Seok-hyun. He clearly has some issues he needs to work through. What’s up with his obsession with Kyu-won? Does he see himself as a “idol-maker” who will make Kyu-won a big star? *Sigh* I’m not looking forward to the next few episodes as I’m sure we are going to suffer his interference.

      • 14.1.1 skynet0419

        Agree with the Seok-Hyun stuff 100%

  15. 15 smalltank

    did anyone spot that the director was probably filming the cycling scene to school by placing the Shin and KW on a bicycle on a moving lorry? cos both of them look so elevated compared to the passing vehicles and Shin was sort of “fake cycling”. 😛

    can’t get over the smile on Shin whenever he looks at KW..
    their interactions are so natural, seems more like Yonghwa and Shinhye more than Shin with KW 🙂

    • 15.1 krisv

      i agree with you, their date at the museum, they are so natural and comfortable in their interactions and i feel that it is the real shinhye and YH..i just love it…

      this episode is the cutest of all and brings me memories of first love…it made me giddy, hehe

      i love shin here, so sweet , loving and so proud of his gf..the kiss at the end, that was something, hahaha..it might had been awkward for the two to filmed it as they are good friends in real life even if it was just a peck..

      i also love bo woon, she was always at the wrong place at the wrong time as far as LS and KW is concerned…i also love grandpa…

      thank you for the recaps..

    • 15.2 drama fever

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    • 15.3 kate

      Oh, if you saw the end of ep 11, you would see a little of the BTS and it’s proof that they really ride the bike together. So it’s not “fake cycling” haha

      • 15.3.1 la dee dah

        The full shots of the bike and the two on the street were real cycling, but I think smalltank was talking about the close-up scenes that zoom in on the two (when Shin told Kyu-won to hold on) that don’t show the bike – those were most likely fake cycling because the cycling was too smooth (not shaky) and they were so much taller compared to the cars.

        • la dee dah

          Oh, forgot to add that the non-shakiness is what gives it away that it’s kinda fake, because from all those NGs of Yong-hwa on a bike with a passenger (the two shown at the end of episode 11 and one other one where he was carrying his sister during an earlier episode), you can see Yong-hwa has “lots” of problems biking smoothly!

      • 15.3.2 Anhstein

        I loved seeing him laugh throughout that behind-the-scene piece =) Much better than the stone face he always had to wear for his characters!

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    I was glad Shin’s mom put the kibosh on the ‘getting back together’ talk with Kyu-won’s dad. I just hope she stands her ground and I agree that their conversation on that subject is unlikely to be over. Especially since Kyu-won’s dad was ready to tell his daughter to go find someone else to like, ugh. I hope Shin’s mom pushes for their kids’ relationship to continue and shuts dad out once and for all.

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    I’m really enjoying the series. Jung Yonghwa and Park Shinhye are just so cute together!!! GAH! <3

    BTW, what is with Lee Shin's "Where's Waldo?" outfit?! xD Hehehe~

    • 19.1 angry mama bear

      he he, I giggled reading your “Where’s Waldo?” comment. Plus, I was kind of hoping for a more “rocker” vibe for his clothes. Oh well 😀

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    I have yet to watch it and now I’m more than excited to see Shin being the almost perfect boyfriend to Gyuwon. xD

    I’m actually glad that Heejoo didn’t try to stop her mother from trying to kick Seokhyun and Gyuwon out of the play. I don’t think that her redemption should be that soon and abrupt. She’s slowly changing for the better, I hope. I think it’ll be good for the show to present her development with a worthy plot. She’s my favorite character, tbh.

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    It really was a sweet episode with the pda and the shy looks.

    I think the pair works well together romantically, but this is not a hot hot couple. Because the actors know each other so well, I definitely get a dongsang/oppa vibe off them.

    And, no, the kiss was not very exciting, but it accomplished what it was supposed to.

    Hopefully the Show will give us a more realistic kiss when they are in private, right Show?

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    I love this episode! 🙂

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    with only 6 episodes left, i doubt there will be real conflict. there’s too much going on with the anorexic girl’s mom trying to axe the director and park shinhye, the parents’ weird love twist. i wish the drama makers would rush to close the other third stories and keep the essence of the fluffy rom-com intact.

    • 24.1 Anhstein

      Who would have thought, the so-called arrogant prince was actually THE perfect boyfriend!

      To be honest, I never could get the arrogant vibe from Yong-hwa. Not the strong point of his acting, for sure.

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    Now they just have to have some drama babies and I’ll be good. LOL jks.

    But Shin was a cool boyfriend in the A range. And Jong Yonghwa oppa is acting well. I’m liking the emotion coming through. <3 Can't wait until the next episode.

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    The moment was great nonetheless. Feels so highschool/nostalgic, wait..they’re in high school here right? But wait…the beer..okay, are they in college?

    • 30.1 kate

      they’re in campus so they’re in college!

      • 30.1.1 Mei

        cos they look so young! hahaha.

  31. 31 Nilechoclat

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  32. 32 veritaserum

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  33. 33 brathyonfire

    Eventhough I like two leads the storyline makes me dizzy….Dont you think the PD or writers wasted 7 episodes with the old teacher and a puppy love thing. I wish the first part of the story didnt focus solely on Shin intense love to the teacher. I don’t really think its even necessary to the story. I wish they start it with the young triangle love. The story is about teenage love and dreams and I’am so confuse of the story I wish it has a straight story line like Youre Beautiful.

    I still wanted to watch bec. I like the two leads but really the storyline is a Ptoeeyy.sorry to the hard working PDS writers but really its way to dizzy and not structured and fun at it should be….don’t they know that young people are smart they know bad from very good thats why the ratings is 4….sad

    • 33.1 chizzygirl

      you are so right..the story line for this drama could have been way hotter than this…i mean, they could have inserted a love triangle from the very beginning between lee shin, kyu won and the director or even the other dude(the guy who has a stage fright)…that would have given the drama a lot more spark. i hate the fact that lee shin did not do a damn thing to win kyu won over. she was just there waiting for him to pick her up…really a NON-LOVE TRIANGLE in a kdrama is so rear and i dont like when there isn’t one..lol

  34. 34 ninji

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    • 34.1 Cabbage

      You’re right – I was hoping that there would be a lot more Fame-esque “break into dance and song while we wait around in the break” moments like Dream High. Music is faltering more and more each ep.

  35. 35 Maricel

    this episode was so cuteeee!!!! i really liked their interaction…and the performances, well they could have more…i think this is one of those rare dramas where they focus on the relationship and its development…i hate it when they get together only in the two last episodes…i’m loving this show ..it’s fun to watch and it’s more than romantic XD…

    i hope they won’t make the director like Kw, or chase after her…i’d hate it, he doesn’t deserve to suffer….and the kiss from yab is UNBEATABLE…i mean, it was written by the hong sis…and acted by JGS and PSH…1000% of chemestry…plus it has the matrix effect XD

  36. 36 Jasmine Samimi

    The potential for Ki Young’s character just about KILLS ME, and the main flaw I find in this drama. The guy has barely two minutes of screen time, and with that AMAZING VOICE!!! I wish he was the main character, and the story revolved around a guy overcoming his stage fright and embracing his talent, all the while falling in love with the girl who needs to realize her own potential. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ki Young has a SONG SAM DONG vibe to him, and I wish the drama went there. I NEED A SPIN OFF SHOW NOW!!!!!!!

    • 36.1 chizzygirl

      i swear i thought the guy who has stage fright would play a bigger role in this drama….they totally wasted his character!…i thought that maybe he would be the love rival of lee shin’s…there is so many thing i wanted to get from this drama but didnt!…dam it.

  37. 37 funnylittlefishy

    first of all…. THE CUTE! was sooo cute! i love that shin is so into her, and yet such a fail with girls! i like that he’s not acting cold anymore, it’s like now that he figured out his feelings and he’s cool with it. I’m glad we’ve moved on from the being mean to flirt/hide feelings segment of the drama 🙂

    the bo eun thing was frickin hilarious

    the whole school being obsessed is dumb, but i’ll accept it for the dramaverse

    the sunbae man is getting creepier and creepier and i dislike him very much drama.

    i love minhyuk. that was adorable. and now i feel really bad for him.

    why are the possible love triangles so feint??? i love that they’re there, but i want a LEEETLE more drama, k?

    ps. ki young’s voice is unffffffff

    • 37.1 marisa

      I’d love to see them but those triangles are so feint, you need a microscope to see them. They’re like rumours at this point.

  38. 38 liz

    I missed a couple of episodes along the way…so why does Taejoon hate Seokhyun so much?

  39. 39 msim

    Our main couple could use some kissing lessons from Yoon Eun-hye.
    They are so adorable when talking or holding hands but that kiss was like tepid water on a 30 degrees celcius day.

    I know we are not going there (we could; it a college-drama but it’s also a k-drama) but I do feel the sparks between Soo-myung and Ki–young…or is it all wishful thinking on my part because I miss Sungkyunkwan Scandal so much?

  40. 40 katch

    Maybe its bad acting, maybe not but I absolutely LOVE Hee-joo. I think I fell for her during episode 8 when she broke down and cried. I pretty much cried for the girl. Yes she’s bratty and I’d probably be super annoyed by someone like her in real life, but I didn’t wasn’t annoyed during that one scene when she’d agreed with her ma about Kyu-won and Seok-hyun. To me it felt more like she was still feeling the aftermath of her mom’s slap. On another note, its interesting for me to finally get around to watching the episodes before the recaps so that I can make my own opinions before reading anothers. Thanks for recapping 🙂

    • 40.1 katch

      I take back everything I said about Hee-joo after watching episode 11.

      • 40.1.1 Anhstein

        I understand the feeling. I almost rooted for her too…

      • 40.1.2 chizzygirl

        OMG!!!..I hate her so much, I HATE HER!… i really wish they didnt pair her up with Joon Hee!….i hope he realizes how sleazy she is and dump her ass!

  41. 41 oddworld

    Am I the only one who thinks it doesn’t suit them at all to be a couple?? It feels so fake I’m always reminded I’m just watching a drama

    And lol at that kiss, how come in kdramas some kisses can be normal like coffee prince and lie to me, while others make even disney show kiss look more mature

    • 41.1 Papi

      Yep. I think you are the only one. Most everyone thinks the OTP are just way cute and overflowing with chemistry 🙂

  42. 42 Snuggleberry

    this episode was so cute!
    was anyone else reminded of Soulmate by the scene on a bench with the shared headphones?

    • 42.1 chizzygirl

      ah, soulmate…anytime i think of that drama I just want to scream …i can’t stand thinking pf that drama because of the outcome…..my heart was in pain when he left his ex for the other girl

  43. 43 jyyjc

    I thought wrong of heejoo. I thought that realizing that kyuwon is actually good and having talked to seokhyun would make her realize and redeem herself. When she told her mom to wait, I thought she was gonna tell her mom to stop pulling strings for her and that’s she’s going to make it on her own effort but no just a “thanks they bothered me anyway”? She is in bitch territory for me right now.

  44. 44 Gachan

    yah,…it more become interesting,..and i think you are right, the kiss not so hot =P
    hahahhahaa,…and i think shin act to over protective, =P

  45. 45 blue430

    Why is Park Shin Hye’s character always wearing frumpy clothes? Is there a plan where her taste will evolve? I hope so.

    Loving the drama, anyway!

    • 45.1 Anhstein

      Her outfits have been a hit or miss. I really like some of her dresses but some just looked like they were made for someone twice her size…

      • 45.1.1 marisa

        Her style is young, fresh and quite logical for a sweet girl studying classical music.
        Silly heels, heavy make-up and tarty dresses would be wrong on her.

    • 45.2 Cabbage

      You may think it’s silly but the long skirt and t-shirt thing is big in Asia right now. The denim jumper/romper is also popular.

      • 45.2.1 chizzygirl

        that look i must say is HIDEOUS!…i couldnt take my eyes off shin hye when i saw her parading around with her parachute like skirts….they should have created a better wardrobe for her

  46. 46 testify

    I adore their love. It is so nice to watch….How they pretend to be cool but act childishly cute…but still stuck together by every possibility.
    Trying hard to not loose face, but still loosing face….
    ha ha ha …
    I am really happy to catch this kind of a drama…..with a light storyplot which is all about emotions and how to admit them…

  47. 47 sam

    I have to say jang guen seok and PSH’s kiss was not anything at all. they ahardly even touched lips and frankly that drama had my blood boiling cuz no sane girl would fall for a jerk…and he was pretty much weird til the end even when he liked her. anyway, these two are reallly alot cuter together. ^_____^

  48. 48 Noelle

    WHAT A COCK BLOCK!!! Bo Woon was just everywhere.

  49. 49 Taber

    What up with Kyu-won not telling Bo-woon (who I love) that she dating Shin. I felt bad for her sitting there listening to Kyu-won’s grandfather stories of his younger days. I have notice that U.S and Korean BFF are totally different, I guess like everything else. I think the closest I have seen to what I’m use too and what I have with my “Girls” is the relationship in the drama “I Need Romance”. In this drama the 3 angry girls seem to be closer and have a deep respect for friendship where the “Windflower” seem like props use in a drama…….If Shin was smart Bo-woon would have been front in center for she knows that she interrupted.

    As for Kyu-won father, selfish much? If she didn’t stay with you before she don’t want you now. How can you put your desire before your daughter heart when you have not even got the green light from Shin’s mother…..Baaaka.

  50. 50 Noelle

    I don’t understand this taboo of two single parents dating means that their children can’t. It makes no sense to me. There was actually a Taiwon show where this happened and the kids were still allowed to date even though the parents married. Seems perfectly fine to me.

    • 50.1 katch

      I believe its illegal in Korea.

      • 50.1.1 Anne

        I don’t think it illegal it a country of the same nationality and ethnicity the percentage of incest is very high. I think Korean are afraid to accept immediate family even if it is through marriage because he fear of incest relationship down the rode. I heard that people with the same last name can’t date. Thank GOD my last name not So or Choi because I think I would die.

        • Noelle

          I think the same last name thing isn’t illegal anymore. I think JB and GF talked about it during a podcast and people were discussing it in the comments.

          • Anne

            I never thought the last name was illegal I was pointing another way Korean decrease the risk of incest and how dating someone with the same last name is frown upon.

    • 50.2 ilikehim

      Are you perhaps, referring to Devil Besides You? Just wonderin’. Heh

      • 50.2.1 Noelle

        Yea actually lol. They dated in secret first but Rainie Yang’s character told her mom that they were dating. So the mom was going to cancel the engagement but found she was preggers so they went ahead with the marriage and let Mike He and Rainie Yang’s characters continue dating. Sorry if I spoiled the show for anyone interested in watching it.

    • 50.3 chizzygirl

      to me it is kinda wrong in a way..what if the parents decide to get married wouldn’t that make their children some sort of step siblings???

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