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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 12
by | August 12, 2011 | 114 Comments

Just to note, You’ve Fallen For Me is officially going to end at 15 episodes. That means, we’re only 3 episodes to the end on August 18, as originally planned (and therefore it won’t conflict with the premiere of Can’t Lose). Boohoo. I don’t like that it’s ending so early, but it simply forces the production team to make a tighter, faster paced story as they have 1 hour less to tell everything they want to tell.

As for this episode – can I just have a boyfriend like Shin?! I mean really, can he be any more perfect? Also he can punish me any time.

That came out wrong. But you (will) know what I mean.

Seok-hyun quits. Shin gives Kyu-won an ultimatum. He pulls her into a hug, and Kyu-won agrees not to go. It doesn’t stop her from worrying though.

Word spreads throughout the performance team that Seok-hyun left, which makes everyone worried. Even the Three Angry Girls no longer believe that Seok-hyun and Kyu-won had an affair, since Shin took Kyu-won away, and hotels have a bunch of other things besides rooms. All this talk about Seok-hyun leaving just stresses Jun-hee out even more – so much so that he’s no longer eating. He knows it’s his fault, but isn’t exactly sure how it is.

Judging from Shin’s blase attitude, Kyu-won thinks that Shin doesn’t care about the performance. But he’s merely realized there are more important things than a performance – like Kyu-won’s happiness for example. He doesn’t want to be left out of the loop anymore, so if she has to meet anyone else – even if the text says to keep it a secret – she has to tell him where she’s going.

Hee-joo is back at home trying to nurse her cold, thinking that her strained throat is because of a simple cold. She flips a lid when she finds out that Seok-hyun left; she needs Seok-hyun Broadway reputation to succeed! Mom doesn’t care – she’s so tired from all this performance business and wants it over with already. Pfft – like she’s doing any of the performing.

Kyu-won and Shin go shopping at a small accessories store and she quickly spots a cute teddy bear charm holding a gayageum. She hints at getting a couple set for both their phones, but Shin is adamantly against couple-anything. Minutes later, he comes up to her and whips out his phone – he’s got a teddy bear with a guitar! Now they can be a pair without being too obvious (although really, how much more obvious can it be?!). He notes the similarity between Kyu-won and the bear, and calls her “Bear-poo.” No – sorry, that nickname’s not going to catch on like “Pig-Rabbit.”

She warns Shin at the end of the night to make sure Jung-hyun won’t get her hands on it. (Heh – and true to Kyu-won’s predictions, Jung-hyun later sees it and wants it. However, when Shin won’t give it to his sister, she wails that her brother is too mushy now. She wants the cool Shin back!)

Shin heads over to Catharsis to return Seok-hyun’s car keys, and he finds Yoon-su trying to wake Seok-hyun up. He’s been in Catharsis all day, drinking himself to oblivion.

Seok-hyun stays over at Yoon-su’s for the night. The next morning, she tries to persuade him to go back to the school but he refuses because he’s a stubborn butt. He chooses to spend the day fishing by the lake instead.

As for Shin, he waits for a long time outside Kyu-won’s door, but her grandfather comes out instead. Grandpa thinks Shin wants to listen to his life story again, but Shin quickly makes his escape to head for school.

Kyu-won already left a lot earlier because she’s looking for Seok-hyun. He’s not in his office, and she bumps into Yoon-su instead. She apologizes for the misunderstanding about the hotel, and though Yoon-su knows it’s no one’s fault, she lets slip that Seok-hyun quit for her. Kyu-won doesn’t want to continue in the performance, but Yoon-su tells her to go. Otherwise, Seok-hyun’s faith in her will be all for naught.

Shin finds her in school and they head over to practice together. However Tae-joon stops them. Now that he’s the new director for the musical, he’s going to change the script a bit and won’t need an understudy. Kyu-won can just leave now. Shin is furious and wants to skip too, but Kyu-won convinces him to stay. It’s not worth throwing away the performance over this, especially since she expected it to happen anyways.

Tae-joon’s script changes are massive, and riddled with mistakes. The performance team are reluctant to go along with this plan but have no choice. Since Tae-joon doesn’t need the band for practice, Shin makes his leave. He goes around the campus grounds looking for Kyu-won, but she won’t pick up her phone.

It’s because Kyu-won is up on a secluded rooftop, crying her heart out.

Shin heads over to a broadcasting studio, and over the school’s loudspeakers, he sings her a song:


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Smile, don’t be sad.

It’s okay, don’t waste your tears.

I hope the song I sing for you cheers you up.

Smile, don’t be hurt. I wish that this song could help you a little. 

It’s okay, even when the world is against you.

As soon as this moment passes, everyone will understand you.

It won’t change. You can lean on my shoulder.

Just rest for a little while. And smile…

I trust you. I’m here.

The Windflowers and Yoon-su hear the song separately, and they both are happy to hear Shin working so hard to cheer up the girl he loves. Thankfully the other Windflower girls have more sense than Bo-woon, and stop her from once again interrupting the love birds. The song also does bring a smile to Kyu-won’s face. See? Perfect boyfriend.

When he finally does find her, he makes her promise to never go off on her own without telling him, and to also never cry without him around. He’s pretty controlling, but all for her sake. He hugs her, and then tries to cheer her up with a music practice – their two bands can play his edited final song together! (And their final song is truly awesome, putting a smile on everyone’s faces.)

Kyu-won’s father has brought some of his luggage back home, and immediately Grandpa sets up some ground rules. He does not want Sun-ki encouraging Kyu-won to take up western instruments. After all, how would it look if the great traditional singer Lee Dong Jin didn’t have any descendants playing traditional instruments? Sun-ki is reluctant to promise that, especially since it’s Kyu-won’s choice to make.

Wrong answer.

Ji-young tsk-tsks Sun-ki for getting kicked out so soon. However she would support Kyu-won if she wants to continue in musicals and is willing to mentor her. In exchange, she hopes that Sun-ki can mentor her son, as there are some things that men should talk about with men.

But I think someone needs to control that Jung-hyun. She goes up to Grandpa and tattles on the recent rumors about Kyu-won, and how his granddaughter is cheating on her brother with the director. Even though he was contemplating either man as his grandson-in-law, he’s irate with his granddaughter and immediately calls her in.

Kyu-won gets the call after music practice, and so everyone finds out that Grandpa just found out about her scandal. As this could potentially prevent Kyu-won from coming to school, Jun-hee finally breaks. He kneels before Kyu-won and begs for forgiveness. Hee-joo had told him to lie about not being with her during the day of the sponsor performance, and he had followed along because he thought he’d never see Hee-joo again. However, he never expected it to reach this level of melodrama.

Shin yells at him for listening to someone like Hee-joo, but Bo-woon sympathizes with Jun-hee, worried that he hasn’t been eating. ARGH – can’t Jun-hee realize that Bo-woon > Hee-joo by ten million times?!

Shin goes with Kyu-won back home to help explain it to Grandpa. Grandpa thinks that Shin only wants to listen to his life story, but Shin explains that Kyu-won did nothing wrong. He thinks his granddaughter just smeared his name, not just by cheating on two men, but by failing the audition too. Shin takes out the music sheets for the final song, trying to prove that Kyu-won has actually been really productive and really good in helping him.

Grandpa scoffs; the song has no depth. What could Shin possibly learn from a novice like Kyu-won? He orders Shin to come after school for an hour every day to listen to his life story. Only then will Shin be able to learn some more depth about traditional music.

HAHAHAH – how is this grandfather the most amusing self-centered person in this entire drama? Though Shin grimaces as he accepts the terms, he knows exactly who to bring along for some revenge – Jun-hee, for lying and causing the scandal to erupt in the first place.

Yoon-su finds Seok-hyun later that day by the lake. She knows full well that he hasn’t caught anything, but instead of trying to convince him to be more productive and come back to school, she chooses to support him no matter what. Unfortunately, back at school all the sponsors are backing out after they heard Seok-hyun quit. Tae-joon promises the Chancellor that he’ll convince the sponsors, since he has too much pride to go to Seok-hyun and beg the guy to come back.

Hee-joo is another one who’s pissed at the new developments. She wants her mom to get Seok-hyun back. Even if Kyu-won comes back to the performance, does her mother have so little faith in her? After all, Kyu-won is an understudy, not the main actress. She also has her voice back – or so she says…

That evening, Seok-hyun apologizes to Yoon-su, firstly because proposals are something men should do. Aiee! He sounds like he’s about to propose to Yoon-su when they’re interrupted by a well-timed phone call; the Chancellor wants Yoon-su to bring Seok-hyun to school the next day. Though Seok-hyun stubbornly says he won’t go back, Yoon-su knows he’s itching to.

Turns out, the Chancellor has brought Seok-hyun and Hee-joo’s mother together for a meeting. Hee-joo’s mother asks him to just forget all his hatred towards her and concentrate on the performance. She will even acquiesce to having Kyu-won back as an understudy.

Not knowing all this is Tae-joon and the rest of the performance team. They’re all still moody about having a new director, and Sa-rang just wishes Hee-joo could quit. When Tae-joon orders them all to get ready for practice, Hee-joo surprisingly refuses to move. She doesn’t acknowledge Tae-joon as a director – and BAM! The rehearsal room doors open and Seok-hyun makes his way in.

The entire performance team rushes towards him and smother him with hugs. Heh – in your face Tae-joon. Hee-joo doesn’t hug Seok-hyun, but she doesn’t hide her smile. Now that the performance is once again in good hands, everyone eagerly gets up to practice.

Tae-joon is furious and he goes to Hee-joo’s mother, demanding an explanation. She basically calls him an incompetent ass; if only he were any good the sponsors wouldn’t have pulled out from the performance. He tries to blackmail her by saying he’ll leak information about the two of them framing Seok-hyun and Kyu-won, but Hee-joo’s mother calls him out on his petty jealousies.

Lucky for him, he manages to discover that Hee-joo is having trouble with her voice. He follows her all the way to the hospital, where she’s getting a check-up. Hee-joo has a vocal chord infection, and because it’s so bad she’s going to need surgery. The doctor advises her to not strain her voice any further. Oh well… princess is falling far from her high podium.

Practice isn’t going very well though, as the team is out of sync. Seok-hyun orders everyone to pack their bags – they’re all going to have to stay over the weekend at the school and practice nonstop.

When Shin goes home, he remembers the photos that he took in Jeju. He looks at them again, and realizes that they mysterious girl he saw near the lighthouse was in fact Kyu-won. So when Kyu-won goes to the bus stop dragging her broken pink luggage, he picks it up for her as they board the bus, and then stands next to her indifferently.

It’s all so deja-vu-ish, and Kyu-won finally realizes that’s how the two of them met at the airport in Jeju. They smile fondly at finally remembering each other, and when Kyu-won sees the pictures, she says that he pursued her first.

Too right you are. From the first moment you two met at the airport, you both became the OTP.

Shin leans in towards her – so he pursued her first huh? Kyu-won looks nervous, but he tells her to relax. Bo-woon will be there any minute. He snaps his fingers.

“Kyu-won! Kyu-won!” HAHA – I love this girl. Bo-woon comes upon them and suddenly worries that she intruded again. Shin tells her that he expects her at moments like these now, so Bo-woon simply fulfilled her role. She makes him promise not to exact revenge on her again!

Tae-joon comes in during practice, wanting to watch in particular the duet between Ki-young and Hee-joo. Realizing that she can’t strain her voice, Hee-joo fibs bout not having memorized the lyrics. Hah – yeah right, but that’s enough for Tae-joon to work with. He later meets with Hee-joo’s mother, even though she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Tae-joon advises the mother to ask Hee-joo if she’s really well – because you know, it’ll be disastrous if Hee-joo lost her voice and can’t sing…

Hee-joo’s mother orders her to come home and confronts her. She finally breaks down in tears and admits that she can’t really sing. Completely frustrated and angry, her mother makes a drastic move. She wants the Chancellor to cancel the performance.

Back at the school, everyone’s relishing the sleepover on campus, and they get Sa-rang to tell one of her ghost stories. Apparently, there’s a ghost that roams the college halls, but anyone who sees it will succeed in whatever they want to do. The girls want to go hunt for the ghost – maybe then, the 100th Anniversary performance can be a big hit! Kyu-won is scared though, but is pressured to go along with them.

Soo-myung overhears the girls’ plans and quickly rounds up the boys. What’s better than searching for the ghost with the girls? To be the ghost themselves! He rounds up all the boys’ cellphones – none of them are allowed to call any of the girls on the team and let them know what’s happening. Shin refuses to relinquish his phone, but Soo-myung already saw his teddy bear charm peeking out of his pocket. Gotta hand it over, boy.

The girls huddle together in the dark halls, calling out for the ghost to appear. Kyu-won lags behind, and when she pauses to answer a text from her Grandpa, she loses the rest of the girls.

Meanwhile the boys are all dressed in various costumes and masks, excited to scare the girls out of their wits. Shin isn’t in a disguise though, and he knows that Kyu-won is easily frightened.

Kyu-won tiptoes through the halls fearfully, when suddenly someone covers her mouth and grabs her from behind. When she’s released, Kyu-won is ready to scream – but it’s only Shin! He’s mad at her for actually going along with the girls on this little group activity without telling him first. (Um – may I remind you that you don’t have your phone, so you wouldn’t have known either way?)

He needs to punish her for not listening to him – by pecking her on the cheek! That’s punishment?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Dude – for this crime, you should be kissing her on the lips!

The girls creep through the halls as the boys reach the same corner from the opposite direction. Of all things – the two groups end up frightening each other to death! The girls scream in horror at the boys’ costumes, and the boys scream like little girls when they see the girls lit by a flashlight. They all run in various directions, but one of the boys gets caught by Sa-rang and her crew. They beat the poor “ghost” until they get a good look at his face – it’s Soo-myung! HAH!

Meanwhile, Kyu-won and Shin are sharing a quiet moment out on the terrace, looking up in the night sky. Kyu-won wonders if they could see a shooting star. She wants to wish that the performance will go well, and Shin says he’ll wish for that too. He then hugs her from behind. UGHHH – I am so jealous. Insanely jealous.

The next morning, Seok-hyun wakes up the tired students with a few morning exercises out on the field, like jumping jacks! Heh. After exercises he tells them all to assemble in the halls by 9am, which freaks out the Three Angry Girls because, well, they won’t have time to put on make-up!

Suddenly Soo-myung runs up to them. Bad news: the show has been canceled.


OK – let me just say that Shin is one of the awesomest boyfriends I’ve seen so far in K-dramas. (There’s Lee Min Ki in Dalja’s Spring and Lee Jung Jin in 9 End 2 Outs on the list too.) So I just want to give some space to do this:


Sorry – needed to spazz about how freaking awesome he was.

Back to the drama. Everything was pretty predictable, but I have to say that Tae-joon’s jealousy knows no bounds – and it’s annoying. At first I had thought he was going to be a difficult but complicated character; he didn’t like Seok-hyun, but he had acknowledged Seok-hyun’s talents. I thought he was going to be a difficult boss, but not unreasonable. Now he’s turned into a one-dimensionally evil, unreasonable, pain-in-the-ass department head. What’s even worse is that he keeps at it, even though everyone around him can see that he’s just jealous. Why are people bothering to listen to him?! I wish more of the characters were like Yoon-su and weren’t so insecure in their beliefs of Seok-hyun or Hee-joo, because insecurity is what Tae-joon thrives on.

Which brings me to Hee-joo’s mother. She’s the worst mother one could have because she’s the least supportive parent out there. She forces her daughter on one road, but she clears the obstacles on that path so that Hee-joo doesn’t have to do any work. At least with Grandpa, even though he is forcing Kyu-won down a certain path, he’s making her work her way through, and achieve everything by herself.  Nevertheless, it’s because of this woman’s idiotic, one-sided brain that we have any conflict in this series, so I’ll grumble quietly about her.

As for Jun-hee, I’m really glad he finally stepped up and told the truth. It’s gratifying to see him choose friendship over love. Though he is still hung up over Hee-joo, he clearly respects and likes Kyu-won more, and that’s why he told the truth. Thank goodness for friends. They’re there whenever you need them, even when you don’t need them (cough*Bo-woon*cough).


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  1. Yuki (the one who fangirls A.N.JELL with her mom)

    I have yet to watch this episode, but thank you for the awesome recap! =D

    Man, Shin’s such an awesome boyfriend~ XD

    • 1.1 deasy

      is there any other Shin in the world? Oh God if I have a bunch of money, I would cloning Shin. so I have 1 for me.
      Kyu Won you’re such a lucky girl…

    • 1.2 Yuri

      Same here..thanks for the recap…twas fun to read..
      and i also agree… LEE SHIN is an AWESOME BF!
      Hope there will be more boys like him…^_^

      “…(There’s Lee Min Ki in Dalja’s Spring and Lee Jung Jin in 9 End 2 Outs on the list too.)” – agree to this 100%, too.

      • 1.2.1 Stephanie

        yup its been a long time since awesome boyfriends male leads.

  2. Ja

    I just read the ep 12 recap on another site, but I must say…dramabeans recaps are the best! 😀
    in this ep, hee joo’s mom really bugged me. she created all this uneccesaary trouble… And now everything is back to how it was before!

    • 2.1 chichaloca

      i guess u read another recap at koreandramachoa rite? his/her recap was quite simple and easy to understand..i also love the recap where i can read babyfaced beauty also..hehe
      whatever dramabeans always the best

      • 2.1.1 ilikehim

        There are Blue’s recaps. And they are quite descriptive. I love it whem he/she explains the song titles that each episdoe is named after.

        Shin is the BEST bf EVAHHHHHHH!
        Also, a video of Hwang Tae Kyung’s reaction to You’ve Fallen for Me! Buhahahah

        • Noelle

          LOL! That was hilarious.

        • Lila

          HAHAHHAA the video…too funny XD Whoever made that is a genius.

        • kdheart

          LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Made me laugh. To think, I, too, had such silly thoughts: Shin Woo leaving the band and making his own. HAHAHA!
          I miss You’re Beautiful days. But You’ve Fallen For Me totally makes up for it. 😀

  3. rich

    LOL I can’t help but laugh at the poor “ghost” who was beaten up. HAHAHA! He looks freakin hilarious! =)) I wish the girls just took lots of pictures of him in that costume and post it around the school for everyone to see. XD That’s the best revenge I can think of… not the cutesy punishment Shin gave Kyu-won. Aiiish! Why so cute? >.<

    Thanks for the recap Kaedejun! And oh, I agree with you including Lee Jung Jun from 9 Ends 2 Outs as one of the best Kdrama boyfriends there is. ^^

  4. moidiom

    I’ve already watched ep. 13. I LOVE how they’ve treated the storyline since last week. I was happy to be wrong about my predictions–no breakup, no uncomfortable silences. Just the two of them learning to be loving towards each other. This is why I wanted to watch this drama–I wanted to see Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye together. The recent episodes totally fulfill my fantasy.

    Again, Lee Shin is the best b/f character in dramas I know. How attentive is this guy?! When I watched ep. 13 last night, I finally turned to my husband and said: “Where are my leg massages??”

    • 4.1 moidiom

      Oops, I should have read the recap before posting.

      I wanted to add that I love how they’ve made the connection to the very first episode. It was kinda random when they both ended up at the lighthouse. It was unclear why Lee Shin was there at all, but now they’ve explained it well. It makes this relationship feel fated.

      Now let me dwell on the Lee Shin character some more. I don’t know about what other people’s experiences are like, but I grew up not having too positive images of Asian males in general. This may be unfair on my part, but it’s what I know. The Lee Shin character totally counters my prejudice. He promotes a very positive image of what a relationship partner can be like, that he can be supportive, loving, loyal, and totally into you. For a youth drama, this is a great message to send to its viewership. Sure, he can be controlling, but it just means he’s human and not perfect. These are young characters so they’re still learning about life. This just means that they can grow together as people.

      I’ve always found the grandfather’s character abusive, even though the drama tries to make it funny. In real life, god knows what kind of damage this type of treatment can do to a young girl’s self-esteem. So, it’s good that the Gyu-won character ends up with a loving, non-abusive boyfriend. It’s good that her character knows that it is okay to be loved unconditionally.

      This is my all-time favorite drama. Does anyone know how soon the Eng-subbed DVD set will be out???

  5. ranisa

    “Do they think the 100th Anniversary Performance is a joke?”

    Seriously, aside from the students, all the other elders are regarding this performance as a joke. It’s the Seoul Institute of Arts’ 100th year celebration, for goodness’ sake, but Taejoon, the evil mother, and the other faculty members see this as a stepping stone to their own selfish ambitions or goals.

    Aside from Gyuwon and Shin, I really like Soo-Myung the character. I’ve given up on Ki-young’s character development but Soo-Myung is consistent until the end. I loved that scene where he hugged the director and also the scene where he told Shin to give-up his phone.

    It’s sad that the drama is nearing its end. The consolation is that the cast and crew won’t have to worry anymore about domestic ratings.

    Thanks for the recap kaedejun-sama!! waiting for a lot of spazzing in episode 13.

    • 5.1 moidiom

      Kudos to giving props to Soo-Myung. I love it when good supporting cast makes a drama even better and Soo-Myung proves it.

      It feels sad that this drama ends up being one episode short. I’m glad for selfish reasons because I won’t have to suffer the wait week to week anymore! As for the ratings, weren’t the ratings for You’re Beautiful so-so when it originally aired in Korea, but caught fire internationally? I think same thing is happening here. I think the crew should be nothing but proud of this production. It has me so hooked that I browse Youtube for any fan vid I can find, which is not something I’m proud of doing.

      • 5.1.1 ranisa

        They should be proud but I really don’t want to think of them: the crew, PD, casts (Shin-hye the most), we as international fans being sad because of the low ratings. I worry every week about Shin-hye-s health. Ever since I’ve read from a comment about Shin-hye crying over low ratings (not so sure of it as it was only said by another fan), it just drives me mad.

        • moidiom

          Maybe the international fan can unite and send a message to the cast and crew on how much we love their drama?!!!!! How can we do it???!!!

          • ranisa

            ah, but international fans already did. Shin-hye’s and CNBlue’s fans, as well as the PD’s fans, completed the Heartstrings Cheer Up Project the week Shin hye got involved in an accident. They even visited the filming site. I believed they were able to watch the filming of scenes from the MT (i.e. Watermelon buying scene) and some scenes from the school.

            Internationa fans also got the chance to write encouraging words for the casts and crew of Heartstrings.

            Wish I was there too but I guess, even with low domestic ratings, they know very well the support they are getting from the international community.

  6. Melisa

    thank you!!! 😀
    definitely love reading dramabeans recaps too ^^
    and I definitely agree with Shinwoo as one of the best boyfriend i’ve seen in kdramas >w<

    and I also knew those pics he took meant something from the 1st episode!! 😀

    anyway, sad to see that it will end at episode 15 ;~;

  7. Beng

    i want a boyfriend like Shin too!!!

    I don’t if that sweetness came from the script or his interpretation from the script after his “we got married” episodes. Whatever it is, i love him to death already. I’m practically watching all of his youtube since last night and plan to do so till i watched everything at least 3x =)

    • 7.1 Cynthia

      I think that HeartStrings/YFFM has really showcased how much Jung Yong-hwa has matured, both in acting and in just growing up.

      I believe that doing “WGM” between YB and YFFM taught him how to react and connect with females. The dormitory lives that Idols live is so restrictive – particularly in the context of any interaction with the opposite sex. (This is why 99% of them jump at an opportunity to be on this show!)

      He had to take the lead with Seo-hyun in WGM and develop the boyfriend/husband aspect of that couple relationship over the course of his stint on that show. Seo-hyun really held his feet to the fire on several occasions – he woke up to the consequences of his behavior towards her, and now I see this same developed sensitivity in his Shin character.

      He’s come a long way from You’re Beautiful – he needs to be complimented.

      As far as the concern over low ratings for this drama – forget them. The identical thing happened to Playful Kiss and we can all see how that production exploded overseas, and is still currently #1 in many countries – and I’m sure they all laughed their way to the bank. I’d bet that YFFM will follow in those footsteps! 🙂

  8. fran

    Isn’t it funny how Shin turned out to be the best boyfriend ever? I was really starting to have a problem with Kdrama rude/tough/macho-type male leads who always got the innocent girl in the end. (Yes. I’m pointing my finger at you, City Hunter.)

    It’s so refreshing to watch a sweet guy like Shin being so kind and understanding.

    • 8.1 moidiom

      For sure, for sure! It also explains his tough exterior. In fact, the Gyu-won character pointed it out in ep. 11 that he’s all tough outside, but all soft inside. (Jung Yong Hwa is a Cancer in real life and Lee Shin is a Scorpio so it kinda makes sense.) Lee Shin’s mother made the same comments. The tough exterior is his defense mechanism because he probably gets hurt easily. Who can’t relate to that?

  9. temari

    Who loved it when Shin kissed the bear to wish Gyuwon good night? It was so cute! Shin’s amazing! 😀

    • 9.1 moidiom

      Thanks for noting that!!! I went, “awwwwww!” How cute is he, really???!

    • 9.2 Anhstein

      It was adorable! If only he could kiss her that naturally, too 😛 We can only hope!! They still owe us one real kiss after all these Bo-woon-ed out teases!!

  10. 10 Andrea

    Love the recap (and the episode that I just finished). I have to admit I live for these recaps but today really just came for the song download. I find Jung Yong Hwa’s music very comforting and usually listen when I first get to work just to calm my mind. (I have the OST on order from yesasia.com)

  11. 11 lee shin..hahaha

    The phone bling-bling…Shin should have the one with gayageum and Kyu-won should have the guitar!!!…wel, its my opinion…but its cuter!!!!!hmph!

    thanx kaede(rukawa)jun for the recaps:)

    • 11.1 moidiom

      I thought the same thing because when he kissed the bear, it seemed like he was kissing himself 😀

      • 11.1.1 Mojo

        but he was thinking of Kyu-won ^^… but yeah they should switch!!

  12. 12 Sakki!

    Please, Dear God!!

    I want a boyfriend like Shin!!!

    but I have a crush on Ki Young too!! =P

    Daebak!!! Fighting@@@@!!!

    • 12.1 Star

      you shoud see his ABS on episode 13.

      • 12.1.1 Mojo

        [major nose bleed]

  13. 13 Star

    Thank you kaedejun! your Job awesome..I love your recapes.
    I saw some site said this drama is not recape worthy TT.TT just wana know how Javabean and Girlfriday think about this drama .

  14. 14 rr

    who would have thought the narcissistic prince would fall like this,hahahaha..”i don’t like ugly girls” he once said to kyu-won..but man,you’ve become so mushy and sweet.. you’ve totally transform because of kyu-won..waaaahhhh..you’ve fallen for her deeper and harder,haha..ahhh,it makes rewinding the first few episodes so worth it.lol

    • 14.1 Jomo does that ALL the time!

      I thnk the “ugly girls” comment was aimed at her insides.
      She is physically a beatiful girl – even Shin would have to admit that!

  15. 15 hooked-

    i’ve been waiting since wednesday for this recap 🙂 thank you 🙂

  16. 16 a_fan

    I was wondering how easily Lee Shin switched affection from Yoon Su to Gyu Won so I re-watched carefully from episde 1. ( I needed an excuse to gape at how hot Lee Shin is when he wields his guitar).

  17. 17 vwen

    Just wait ’til Episode 13! It gets even better (and cheesier)!
    I need an Lee Shin in my life… -sigh-

  18. 18 ninji

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  19. 19 coconutjuice

    Did anyone watched episode 13 yet? omgomgomg I can’t believe what she did…it left me so unsatisfied because it’s not fair. She’s too nice T^T

    • 19.1 Mojo

      i read the recaps, and it was definitely heart-breaking

      Kyu-won why do have to be such a nice person TT_TT

    • 19.2 moidiom

      I disagree. I thought it was a perfect compromise because both of them got to do what they did best. I also thought it could have been done to give Park Shin Hye a break physically because of her accident.

      • 19.2.1 coconutjuice

        Well I thought they should have split the performance, only then would they both get want they want because Hee Ju is getting all the recognition undeservedly. I saw shows where they split the performances.

  20. 20 Laerasyn

    Did I really just read the words, “He’s so controlling, but it’s all for her sake?” Spoken seriously? :-/

    This drama is cute and all, but I find myself continually frustrated with the level of, “silly girl, you are obviously not capable of taking care of yourself. Let me, the big strong man, tell you what to do. I know what’s best for you better than you do!” in Kdramas.

    • 20.1 a_fan

      I think that’s why K dramas are the best and cheapest form of escapism.

      • 20.1.1 Laerasyn

        I disagree… this factor is what keeps them from being escapism for me. It also keeps me from being able to take them seriously. And I admit, it kinda makes me want to do violent things to certain writer just to prove a point. Nothing about chauvinism says “escapism” for me.

      • 20.1.2 maria

        Oh, my gosh I so agree. Love watching korean dramas to destress myself and yeah it can bring you to another level of life that you dream of.

    • 20.2 Sarah

      THANK YOU!

      he shouldve gone with her instead of holding her back.

      ahhh i feel better now that i know someone else thought what i did. thanks laerasyn!

      • 20.2.1 Laerasyn

        You are welcome. 🙂 And I don’t think we are alone in being frustrated with characters like Shin. I really appreciate JB and GF, because they point out this kind of thing all the time. Anyway, I suppose there have been worse offenders, and at least Shin makes up for it somewhat. Still annoying, though.

  21. 21 Yer Vang

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  22. 22 HeadsNo2

    Thank you for the recap!

    I definitely went into this drama hoping to like it but it lost me at episode 4, then 5, then 6…. When Yoon-su kept sticking around as a love interest and the drama was taking up so much time to cultivate that romance. We’re not in a 60 episode sageuk, we don’t have all the time in the world to take the time to start/end one relationship before continuing another. At this point the drama is held together by the ‘cute’ of the two main leads but it kind of feels like we could have done without the first half of this drama completely. One can claim Shin’s actions here are a direct result of what happened with Yoon-su but was it all *really* necessary in the end? I know a lot of people like this drama and I am glad it brings people joy. I’d really like to know Javabeans’ thoughts on this show, because I’m curious as to whether it’s another ‘Lie to Me’ (but once again, a lot of people liked Lie to Me too…) Heartstrings, fighting!

    • 22.1 moidiom

      I agree with your assessment. I also consider the first few episodes unnecessary and I am not likely to rewatch them because I’d just get annoyed. I think the change in direction/director really helped this drama and saved it for me.

      • 22.1.1 HeadsNo.2

        Exactly, and that’s the unfortunate thing, because if only they had started on this path instead of having it happen halfway through… ;_;

  23. 23 Maricel

    I really liked this week’s recap.This episode was a bit slow to me..but the recap made it look funnier.You’ re getting better lady^^

    I love the official couple…and I really , really like Lee Shin…though i hate him when he’s overprotective. I had to bite my tongue not too scream at the computer, when she accepted not to go to the university. At least, she pursued it the next day.

    To me Lee Shin is a good caring and nice boyfriend… Even when i tend not to like these guys, maybe too many k dramas (cool and cold men everywhere…aish!!). Lee Shin might be on my list, plus i love his music.

    In my opinion,the best boyfriend ever is the one in “NOONA”i’M just watching this drama, but he’s so cute, nice, sensitive and sensible, opposite to what i like, but so mature and perfect that you JUST love him…best man E.V.E.R!!! kim Sung Soo, saranghae
    Another one could be Kwang Sang woo in STH…he always protected and looked for her…
    Aish!!! I should stop watching k dramas, otherwise i’ll continue to be single for a long time u.u

  24. 24 EmoBunnny

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  25. 25 katch

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    • 25.1 saetbyul

      i thought i was the only one! the series is definitely hitting a lull and i don’t know why, but i’m just not feeling the chemistry between the leads … everything that happened was predictable and all this going back and forth between ‘the show is cancelled, no its not, the understudy’s fired, no she’s not, etc. etc’ is really getting old.

      i think the show needs some new conflicts and fast, but given that its now going to end at episode 15, i really doubt its going to pick up any time soon. what a waste because i do enjoy the members of the cast.

      • 25.1.1 katch

        LOL. I hung onto this show for all the plot goodies they were hinting at like… Heejoo, Kiyoung, Junhee…. Yunsu and Sukhyun, (and somehow Soomyung and Sarang???? Lol) and more cuteness between Kyuwon and Shin. Yea I agree, the chemistry is baaaarely hanging on by a thread but I like how they film the couple scenes so I can deal. And I love Soomyung. LOVE HIM CUZ HE’s KYUUUTE but….

        My biggest gripe is Taejoon, Heejoo’s mom, and sometimes Heejoo. I love me some baddies. I like it especially if they are GOOD at being bad. But Taejoon? He’s not a threat, he’s puny. He’s nippy and his bark is pretty loud but he doesn’t. Ever. Bite. He’s not even funny at being bad (like his sidekick, whose a little weird but at least amusing) he’s just really annoying. Background music. Which is sad because this show really could use a good bad guy to keep at least a little tension in the air. But I feel like everything just runs him over and when there IS tension it disappears like magic. I would have rather they pushed the scandal a little further rather than everything righting itself so suddenly, like when the three musketeers were like “oh…. Maybe we were wrong”. I’m pretty sure my institute would fire/expel both parties if something like that were to happen and no one would come up with that conclusion.

        And Heejoo. Oh Heejoo. 🙁 I was one of the few Heejoo supporters early on. I think I’m still gonna hold out on her though.

  26. 26 twowin

    OMGGGGGG, I LOVE YOU. haha, been waiting for this, and dawwwww, my OTP! Shin so cuteee to Kyu-won. Although… i kinda guessed Hee-joo would fall sick with something. It was like, a given since ep 3 or 4. xD

    • 26.1 gerby

      what’s OTP?

      • 26.1.1 Autumn

        One True Pairing

  27. 27 diane

    I just wonder why they are college students why can they kiss like normal.

  28. 28 Noelle

    Thanks for the recap!

    I can’t believe they are ending it at 15. I hope the story still flows smoothly. I wonder if they can have the final be a little bit longer? Or better yet, the last three episodes. Each one can be an extra 20 min. It would make up for the lost episode.

    • 28.1 Lila

      I wish!! That would be awesome…

  29. 29 Rzx

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  30. 30 la dee dah

    Ack, the baddies (Taejoon and Hee Joo’s mom) are doing these flip-flops and changing their minds about things it’s getting me all confused. But I really hope Hee Joo gets some punishment as well. She willingly went along with all this, and the Stupids and Windflowers know she had a part in this when Jun-hee confessed. Yes she wanted the old director, but that was merely for her own benefit. She just can’t get away with her part in all this mess.

  31. 31 missbess

    Thank you kaedejun! Loving your recaps and the show. When Shin sang to her over the school PA – words cannot describe the awesomeness! SWOON! Excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor where I melted in a puddle of fan girly goo.

  32. 32 oddworld

    I’m annoyed by shins “don’t do anything without telling me” attitude. I know its supposed to be caring and supportive but it still makes me wanna shout “shut the f*** up and mind your own f*ucking business” to his face

  33. 33 Mish

    Okay, am I the only one who really, really, really likes Ki-young and would’ve liked to see him be the other ‘love interest’ for Gyu-won? I mean, I’d rather see him with Gyu-won than Hee-joo. Ugh.
    But then again, Shin and Gyu-won are just too cute for words. OMG.

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  37. 37 Lila

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    Also, I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this scene already, but I cracked up at Seok-hyun’s line: “What are you doing? I don’t like guys!” LOL

  38. 38 cassandrA

    I am sad that the drama is about to end but it had given me and my friends something to look forward to every Wed and Thurs. That being said I want to send my heartfelt thanks to Kaejun for the recaps. JongHwa and Shin Hye I will miss their awesome chemistry. Just like in YB this beautiful couple lights up the screen. I have to watch them on a bigger screen so I o I got me a google TV -REVUE). I don’t believe in ratings I watch what makes me SMILE and my GOD this drama made me SMILE like a fool. I am . JEALOUSSSSSSSSSS. Can we clone SHIN .Is there a SHin out there. I want a Shin NOW> Thanks to HEARTSTRINGS for bringing us this little happiness even if only for a short time. Good Luck YongHwa and Shin HYe and to all the cast and crew and drambeans too. GOD BLESS

  39. 39 Lil

    This is the first time I watched an episode and checked out the recap here immediately. It makes so much more sense. Thanks Ladies. I wish they had increased the tempo of this drama in the earlier episodes.

  40. 40 Sarah

    ummm. am i the only one who thinks that gyu won should have gone with what she wanted to do instead of holding back and listening to shin? i’m sorry…the whole ‘i’ll-break-up-with-you-if-you-go” didn’t settle with me and gyu won’s choice to stay back is still unsettling—even after i’ve watched ep 13.

  41. 41 Abbie

    Okay. 1) Shin is awesome and supportive and I love him to pieces, 2) Tae-joon is freaking annoying and I can’t wait for this series to end just because I won’t have to deal with his jealousy, 3) Hee-joo will not be performing, that much is obvious. She’s afraid to say anything because she doesn’t want to disappoint her mother and she doesn’t want to lose to Kyu-won. Honey, I think you’ve earned the right to disappoint your mother this once, and you can’t win everything. Give someone else the chance to shine. You do not deserve Joon-hee’s devotion. 4) Seok-hyun was about to propose! OMG! Stupid Chancellor had to call though and ruin the moment!

    And lastly, What the hell are the parents doing? Your time for love has passed, the ship has sailed, let your kids have a go at it! Geez, they are really irritating. I hope their are no birth secrets or anything. Grandpa’s insisting that Shin looks like he did when he was younger is driving me crazy! Please let it just be the old guy stroking his own ego or something and not that Shin is his grandson! I hate this not knowing for certain!

    Anyway, thanks for the recap!

  42. 42 kdheart

    My love for You’ve Fallen For Me never had reached the point where I thought of giving it up but I gotta admit, I was scared it would go the same path as Lie To Me – that is depending solely on the OTP’s chemistry to keep the viewers going. Luckily, I can see that it won’t be that way. Though I kinda feel that this episode was a bit slow, plotwise, the characters felt stronger for me. And I started liking Hee Joo more. Not that I hated her in the first place.

    I totally LOLed when Sa Rang and friends beat Soo Myung up. It was the most hilarious scene of this drama. I watched this episode yeaterday but until now, I’m still laughing. LOL.

    I am really sad that this is going to end next week. I have none to spazz for anymore. No Lee Shin buying bear accessory, no more Lee Shin hugging Kyu Won (though I notice that all their hugs were one sided. Kyu Won just won’t hug back! grr), no more Lee Shin pecking Kyu Won. No more Lee Shin, the perfect boyfriend. Unless he jumps off the screen. HAHA.

    Episode 13 is really good. It was good enough to break my heart to pieces. I’m really looking forward for the recap on it. Hwaiting! 🙂

  43. 43 Manaíra

    Uma pena que faltam poucos episodios, amo tanto esse Kdrama, e Yonghwa e Shin Ye juntos têm tanta química que torço que virem um casal na vida real *__*

  44. 44 Autumn

    I still hate how controlling and possessive S can be sometimes and how he’s gradually becoming the biggest worrywart. why does he need to know where she is all the freakin’ time??? I am saying this out of love by the way, I know his intentions are good, but he still needs to learn how to give GW space. Good thing he is also supportive and understanding and does the sweetest thing for her. That scene where he sung for her over the PA…major swoonage.

    I was starting to get a little worry at GW’s constant helplessness and submissiveness, but the girl proved to be strong in ep 13. others might disagree but I thought what she did was very brave and admirable.

    TJ and HJ’s mum continues to be grating. I still don’t know why JH likes HJ, but hey, whatever floats his boat, and they can be kind of cute sometimes. I could honestly do without the parents’ love-line. Grandpa didn’t react violently to the news of S and GW dating, so does that mean he approves of their relationship??!! please let that be so, it’s about time he stop controlling his grand-daughter’s life.

    thanks for the recap.

  45. 45 k-soup

    I feel like tearing up of JEALOUSY!

  46. 46 almontel

    thanks for the recap!!! i’ve already watched ep 13 too and am totally totally loving this drama…
    i just can’t believe we only have 2 eps left…so why does MyungWol the Spy get a 2 ep extension and our HS gets cut 1???

  47. 47 oddworld

    I like how people say they like the chemistry of the leads and its the only thing that’s holding the show together. There. Is. No. Chemistry.

    Whatsoever. Sure they act very natural and comfortable around each other but that’s because they know each other well in real life. Well Shin Hye is like that with all her male co-stars anyway. She’s naturally charismatic and has chemistry with everyone…

    But the CHARACTERS they are portraying IN THE DRAMA, not a single spark of chemistry. Seriously she’s got way more chemistry with seok hyun or even ki young. Hell, she’s got more chemistry with jun hee. This is probably because they made Shin boring as hell. His tortured soul cold but caring personality is very tiring and yawn worthy.

    I guess it doesn’t matter to most viewers though as long as they make him act mushy and sing songs in broken english to kyu won, all the yonghwa fan girls will go batshit crazy and nominate their “chemistry” for an oscar award

    • 47.1 roflz

      I think you’re just batshit biased…against yonghwa. lol

      • 47.1.1 oddworld

        not really…he’s a great singer and has MUCH improved in acting. I’m just saying theres no chemistry between the 2 leads here

        • honhei

          What’s with the “There. Is. No. Chemistry?? and “Seriously she’s got way more chemistry with seok hyun or even ki young. Hell, she’s got more chemistry with jun hee” I didnt get it! an anti Yonghwa? LOL

        • roflz

          i mean yeah you can have your own opinion about the chemistry but “she’s got more chemistry with jun hee” lol are you serious? i dont think that’s relevant enough to compare since they barely interact at all. :/

          • wahaha

            lol oddworld you shouldn’t bash yonghwa in a board full of fans. but i have to agree with you, NO CHEMISTRY. BORING. they need to make shin a little bit more bad boy in a non-controlling way PLEASE.

      • 47.1.2 maria

        @ roflz and oddworld, you guys just made me laugh but you made me think that what they have is not the same explosive chemistry she had with JGS or even Lee wan who is way older than her. Anyways Shin just makes me all giddy when she stares at Gyu won with those eyes like the scene when the Stupid and gyu wons group were practicing together. We must have pressed the repeat button twenty times because we can’t get over how sexy Shin was looking at Gyu won.
        I would have loved to see Ki Young with her though. Awesome singer and what a body. Shin would have been so jealous and I’m pretty sure thats a sight for us to see but that did’nt happen coz they chose to focus on that dance teacher for so many wasted useless camera time. It’s a shame that correction to make the drama more appealing to us happened towards the end but nonetheless I still love Heartstrings for whatever it’s worth with or without flaws.A bit disappointed by the way because i was looking forward to see Shin Hye dance too but love the cast and everything about the drama. I will surely miss my Thursday and Friday morning habit watching the show while I’m heaving my breakfast.

        Hope Shin Hye will get the lead with Geun Suks in next year drama Love Rain.

  48. 48 kpoprambler

    thanks so much for the recap~ i beeeen feeding from ur recap to get to noe the story den watch it~ dis story is good~ and i want to haf a boyfriend like Shin tooo~ it be soo shweettt~~ 🙂

  49. 49 Laya


    I had the same reaction just reading your recap, kaedejun!


    Then when I watch it I’m gonna squee all over again!

    Thanks so much for the recap! <3

  50. 50 Leila

    I am so bored with this drama it’s ridiculous. I came into this hopeful, thinking it could do what You’re Beautiful hadn’t. But both of the lead characters are painful to watch. Shin, although an amazing boyfriend, is super awkward and cheesy to watch. Gyu Won, even though she is naturally cute, she overdoes it with her over the top pouting, I mean heck she gets delirious over a peck on the cheek. There’s not even any chemistry between them. Seriously, Gyu Won has more chemistry with the Director and it’s obvious they’re not going anywhere. Ugh, and it’s like every time this drama STARTS to show an ounce potential, some stupid conflict arises to make it take a step back.

    And can I please vent about how Ki-Young talents (well if he has some, I wouldn’t know, he has like one line every episode) barely had a part in the drama. I expected at least some what of a love line with any of the characters but I guess not. They could have really used him to put some oomph into the story line. Shame, he’s extremely hot too. Oh and also, can I dropkick Hee Joo, her mom and that the annoying jealous professor who wants to ruin everything for everyone?

    • 50.1 honhei

      As we all know. yonghwa and shinhye are the main Lead in this drama. ^_^

    • 50.2 moidiom

      By that standard, You’re Beautiful had always been utterly ridiculous in my book. The editing was awful, the acting over the top, and the storyline hard to believe. I went with it because I thought that’s just how Korean dramas were. These dramas all seem like they are patched together over night. There is this unrealistic naivete between all the romantic leads, not just in Kdramas alone, but in all Asian dramas really. The way they portray romantic relationships, it’s as if you can get pregnant just by holding hands. Who still live like that in this day and age? It’s certainly not something I can relate to in the U.S. That said, I do believe it’s the cutesy and the innocence that make a drama like this appealing to me. It plays “hard to get” so it leaves me wanting more.

      • 50.2.1 Leila

        Hahah trust me, You’re Beautiful was no way near my favorites. It’s fun and silly to watch but at a certain point I realize what I’m watching.

        I just feel that Park Shin Hye and Yonghwa had so much more chemistry there, than in this drama. In Heartstrings, its more like they’re friends.

      • 50.2.2 maria

        Sad that you didn’t like You’re Beautiful. I know many of us here are not Korean but YAB made me love korean dramas.

        You are right this drama is usually put together overnight and thats the reason why they lost one episode because Shin Hye got into an accident.

        I don’t know how many kdramas you’ve watched but sometimes I find myself in awe at some of them so they are not all the same. Keep an open mind when you are watching one and you might shocked with what you will experience.

      • 50.2.3 xfantaseax

        There’s a reason all (most) asian dramas constantly portray naivety… The Asian public perception of romance (especially the more traditional perception) looks really encourage physical contact etc… And naivety is generally a more promoted idea… And this is reflected in the media that is portrayed, likewise with US media and their ideas. Hence, why you may be having trouble relating to this drama-and possibly the rest of the Asian dramas. I also agree with Maria in that it revives the simple, carefree youthful feeling 🙂

    • 50.3 maria

      Leila, it’s sad that you were bored with this drama and you not liking YAB. Respect your POV but I’m wondering why you are here since you hate this so much as I can sense in your writing?!!

      This drama encountered problems and started slow but it was corrected and made it pleasing to watch for many of us.

      Didn’t you get delirious when a boy first kissed your cheeks? I surely shivered when I got one. Didn’t you experience the giddiness every time a boy touches even an inch of your finger? Well, this is what Heartstrings made me remember. Not all drama makes you want to go back to the days where you felt so carefree, full of happiness and heart bursting with love for your crush. This is what Heartstrings is all about tackling reality!

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