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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 14
by | August 19, 2011 | 62 Comments

It’s the last week!! I was sad, but after this episode, I’m not that sad. I think it’s commendable that the actors have really made this series more interesting than the story presents itself to be. The weaknesses in the writing are far more blatant now, especially with the musical and obstacles all resolved now. What are our characters going to do now?!

So we all need a little explanation on what transpired before the performance, and something to explain those tears on Kyu-won’s face as she sang the final song. Turns out she had called Hee-joo to come. Hee-joo didn’t want to go initially because she’d be too sad to see Kyu-won onstage, but Kyu-won dragged her anyways.

Kyu-won’s father is the first to recognize his daughter’s voice singing, despite seeing Hee-joo onstage. Hee-joo’s mother marvels at her daughter “bringing the house down,” while Yoon-su flashes a knowing smile to Seok-hyun. He totally knew this was going to happen right?

Backstage, tears stream down Kyu-won’s face as she wishes she were out there; onstage, Hee-joo is tearing up as well, all to aware of this deception. But despite their emotions, Kyu-won sings with more passion than ever as she brings the musical to its conclusion.

The audience cheers; the cast bows. Kyu-won can only hear it, but not see it. Shin takes off his guitar and goes straight backstage to his girlfriend. “Even though you didn’t stand onstage, you are the best lead actress to me.”And he embraces her so that she can let out all of her tears.

After-party at Catharsis! The Three Angry Girls fawn over Ki-young because they were so shocked at seeing his delicious abs. (Heck, you gals weren’t the only ones.) They want Ki-young to do it again, and Soo-myung scowls at them. Oh, so you jealous now eh? Because Sa-rang is no longer chasing after you, eh?

Seok-hyun approaches his leading ladies, shocked that they kept this from him. (So he didn’t know!!) He ruffles their hair, much to both their annoyances. Don’t guys know that girls don’t like their hair being touched?! When he goes away, Hee-joo fondly helps Kyu-won fix a stray hair, and Kyu-won does it right back. Aw – they’re friends.

Hee-joo is about to leave when suddenly her mom enters with reporters. Ick. She showers her daughter with love and praise, and the reporters ask how she managed to sing so soon after her surgery. But Hee-joo says she didn’t sing – it was Kyu-won’s voice.

Mother’s jaw drops. Me? “HELLS YEAH – IN YOUR FACE!” The reporters? They start snapping pictures of Kyu-won.

Back at home, Mother is pissed at Hee-joo for admitting to lip-syncing. She managed to stop the articles from being published in time, but now that she’s realized she can no longer control Hee-joo, Mother turns her attention to the younger-sister-who-magically-appears. The sister is on the chubby side, so Mother immediately puts her on a strict diet and signs her up for ballet classes.

Someone’s life is going to turn into hell.

Shin walks Kyu-won home, and she frets that Grandpa might be really angry with her. But no calls means good news right? Wrong – Grandpa is really mad at her for not being the lead actress onstage, and for neglecting her practices for the traditional music competition that’s occurring in a week. He wants her to win 1st place, and she must start practicing tonight. (Side note: I love how Kyu-won and her father lean across the table, anticipating what Grandpa is going to say, and then lean back together when Grandpa starts spitting angry words at his granddaughter.)

Well, at least Kyu-won has a new phone charm to cheer her up; she and Shin traded their teddy bears.

The next day, Hee-joo is in the hospital, now about to get her surgery. Her mom and Jun-hee are there to comfort her, although it’s more like Jun-hee-interrupts-the mother-every-time-she’s-about-to-speak. Hee! Serves you right! But Jun-hee is adorably supportive, so the mother doesn’t hate him that much. She even suddenly becomes clear-headed, and realizes that her pushing Hee-joo caused this condition.

The Chancellor is pleased with Seok-hyun and the performance, but Seok-hyun turns down his offer to stay and teach. He’ll just take a break – with Yoon-su. Meanwhile, Young-min bugs Tae-joon about getting yelled at by Hee-joo’s mother. It’s a sore point for Tae-joon, because he’s getting blamed for everything even though Hee-joo did appear onstage. He sends Young-min out, but then Young-min drops a bomb: did Tae-joon know that Seok-hyun is leaving?

The sunniest smile lands on Tae-joon’s face, and he quickly offers to treat Young-min to coffee.

Now that Seok-hyun’s a free agent, the musical producer from before makes his offer again. Seok-hyun decides to seriously consider it, and the producer then adds that he wants to make a new album with Windflowers and The Stupid, with Kyu-won as the lead singer. He really enjoyed their songs at the musical, so Seok-hyun contacts all the band members.

Shin and Kyu-won are on an ice cream date – since she’s not progressing very much in her gayageum practice. He frosts her nose with whipped cream, but when she tries to get back at him, it ends up on his shirt! Time to buy her boyfriend a new shirt!

She’s perusing the store for a good shirt (though Shin confidently says he can wear anything and make it look good), when they’re contacted by their band members. They all head to the school, and they meet Seok-hyun and the music producer. Everyone’s absolutely excited about making an album, although Kyu-won is a little less sure. This project would definitely pit her against her grandfather again.

Afterwards, Seok-hyun contacts Yoon-su, wanting to go over to her place that night. She’s embarrassed because she has no food in her house, but he offers to pick it up. That’s because… he’s going to propose! But he needs Soo-myung and Ki-young to help make it special; he gives them his credit card and a license to spend an unlimited amount to make it perfect.

The Windflowers and The Stupid all decide to practice on the ending song a bit before presenting it to the music producer again. But during practice, Grandpa calls, wondering why Kyu-won isn’t home yet. Everyone freezes in silence as she answers her phone, but Jun-hee air drums a little too fervently and accidentally hits the cymbals.

Kyu-won blames it on someone dropping a gong, but Grandpa doesn’t really believe her. He catches her red-handed later that night, and in front of everyone, drags her home. He forces his granddaughter to play the gayageum in front of him; from now on she will practice from home.

That evening, Seok-hyun arrives at Yoon-su’s empty-handed, mainly because he had relied on Soo-myung and Ki-young to deliver the food! (Along with roses and balloons and the whole nine yards.) Thing is, Soo-myung’s crappy car finally breaks down on him! Great timing, eh?

Seok-hyun and Yoon-su are forced to eat ramen for dinner, and when Seok-hyun goes to get the boiling water, he accidentally leaves the ring box in his seat. Yoon-su sees it and opens it with a smile.

Now the cat is out of the bag, Seok-hyun sheepishly admits that he had this whole fancy event planned, but Soo-myung’s car ruined it all. She promises to pretend she never saw it, but Seok-hyun pouts.

They reminisce of the past, back to when Seok-hyun’s song won her over back in college. So he sings to her again, and he ends the song on his knees, proposing to her. She accepts. Hip-hip hooray!

Back at the practice room, Shin gets a call from the producer asking to change their recording session from Tuesday to Wednesday. He accepts without realizing that Kyu-won’s traditional music competition is on Wednesday. Operation Conflict has now been created!

With his mother’s help, Shin manages to meet Kyu-won’s father. He wants the father’s help to get Kyu-won away from her grandfather, since they need her to sing lead. He promises to do all he can – although “all he can” might not be enough.

When her father arrives home, he tries to reason with Grandpa about letting Kyu-won do what she wants in her life. Forcing her down the path of traditional music is not fair for her. Grandpa points out that he had done “whatever he wanted” by playing western music, and he didn’t end up all too successful now, did he? What’s more shocking is that Kyu-won is willing to continue with traditional music; she’ll make her decision after thinking about it, but doesn’t want her father and Grandpa fighting.

The next day, Kyu-won arrives at the practice room bearing bad news. She withdraws from the album, partly because she’s afraid Grandpa will get sick from all this. She makes them promise to make the album anyways. Instead of being disappointed, Shin supports her no matter what her decision is. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to be a little sad that she’s not around. Instead of practicing the ending song, they all practice their Carmen medley, as it doesn’t require a singer.

The Three Angry Girls, Soo-myung, and Ki-young visit Jun-hee and Hee-joo at the hospital. They’re flabbergasted at his utter devotion to her (Ki-young looks a little disgusted) because Jun-hee knows how to interpret Hee-joo’s every command. Because Jun-hee had to take care of his sickly mother, he knows how to nurse people back to health. Even Hee-joo’s mother trusts him now.

Because Princess Hee-joo needs sleep, everyone has to leave her room. Sa-rang is so pissed off that Hee-joo gets such royal treatment and wails that she must have been a traitor in her past life. Feeling a little sorry, Soo-myung asks her out on a date to watch a play. Well that perks her up! Unfortunately, her two minions overhear and want to go too! But Soo-myung doesn’t have to worry – they’ll pay for their own tickets.

Ki-young: “Looks like it’ll be hard for you to date Sa-rang until they all get boyfriends.” Hee.

Soo-myung: “Aren’t you lonely?” Ki-young stops smiling.

Kyu-won tunes up in the waiting area, dressed in a hanbok. However, all she can think about is being onstage and singing, practicing and performing for the musical. Her grandfather and father are there to support her, and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. But outside, Shin is there too! He’s there because he wants to give her one more chance – a last minute dash to the studio to go and perform with the bands. Even though he keeps saying that he’ll support her decision no matter what, he clearly wants her to record with them, and he knows she wants it too.

And dash away they go! Operation Conflict resolved.

Using Shin’s phone, she speaks to Grandpa, asking for forgiveness. She’ll receive the punishment later, but right now she has to go! (How many times is this already, three?!) However, she trips on her hanbok and falls on Shin. He slams his wrist on the ground, but doesn’t think much of it.

They reach the studio in the nick of time and record the song together. The wrist bothers Shin a bit, but he pretends it’s nothing to Kyu-won. It does affect his playing though, which his bandmates notice.

After the recording session, Shin’s hand is swelling up, but he pretends it’s ok. He takes her home, where Kyu-won then gets chewed out by her Grandpa. Grandpa kicks her out, and so she’s now forced to stay with her friends. Dad gets a better idea – she can stay in Shin’s house! Hehehehehehehe…..

Shin’s mother has to leave for work, and Jung-hyun heads off to tutoring class, so Kyu-won is left waiting alone for Shin. He’s late because he stopped by a pharmacy for a patch first, so he’s absolutely surprised to see her over after getting kicked out. He doesn’t want her to cook as she’s a guest, so he makes a special meal for her – ramen!

Afterwards, he shows her his room, and puts on a record. It’s his father’s. Shin offers it to Kyu-won; he’s listened to it so many times that he feels like he’s being influenced by his father’s style rather than developing his own. When he becomes a great guitarist, she can give it back to him.

He leans in to kiss her… and Jung-hyun interrupts! Gah – she has impeccable timing like Bo-woon. Kyu-won runs out, all embarrassed, and Shin chases after her. She resolves to move to Bo-woon’s the next day; after all, how can she face Jung-hyun now!? Plus, at Bo-woon’s she can concentrate on practicing gayageum; the reason why she wants to continue with it is because she can see her future more clearly. Musicals provide a more uncertain future, but since they’re all young she’s willing to give it a go as well.

The following day, The Stupid and the Windflowers go to the studio to meet the producer’s boss, who was also at the recording session. They won’t sign the bands on for a recording contract; the kids were good, but not that good. However, he offers a contract to Kyu-won as a solo singer. She would have to travel abroad and work hard. Everyone’s amazed but happy for her.

Kyu-won discusses it with Shin, unsure if she should take on the project. Shin thinks she should take the opportunity; she got kicked out of her house for this, and he knows that they’ll still be together. That’s enough to ease her worries.

Jung-hyun stops by Grandpa’s place to drop off a gift from her mother. She is actually interested in the folk songs he’s playing on the small radio and Grandpa offers to teach her for free. After all, the Great Lee Dong Jin doesn’t teach just anybody. Looks like he’s got a new protegee to control!

It’s also why he easily accepts Kyu-won of signing on for a record deal. As long as she’s the best singer out there, it’s all good!

Kyu-won shares the good news with Yoon-su and Seok-hyun, and of course the director gloats that it’s all because of him that she now has this opportunity. Therefore, she ought to repay with more than just a “thanks.” Even Yoon-su agrees that a mere thank you is too cheap! Seok-hyun has grand ideas that perhaps in the future they can all collaborate on another project.

Shin practices the guitar before his gig at Catharsis, but his wrist is impeding his playing. He goes to visit the doctor, who wants to get it examined. Shin is reluctant to play that evening, but when Kyu-won arrives with Yoon-su and Seok-hyun, he decides to do it anyways. After all, he needs to pretend nothing’s wrong in front of her.

Pain is written all over his face in the opening notes of the song, and finally Shin can’t handle it anymore. He grabs his wrist painfully and falls to the ground.


Honestly, I liked this episode, but I was also disappointed by it. There’s no more tension in the drama because everyone gets their happy endings. Hee-joo’s mother and Grandpa both get new protegees to focus all their bothersome meddling onto. Seok-hyun and Yoon-su get a happy ending. Hee-joo and Kyu-won have made their peace. And Kyu-won gets a recording deal.

I mean, could things get any better for these characters? And I would have included that whole “kicking out of the house” a good thing because I wouldn’t be able to live with such a grandfather. I would rejoice!

Shin’s broken wrist is not that shocking to me because his new inability to achieve his dreams felt a bit tacked on. I understand that on a narrative basis it’s intriguing (his girlfriend gets to achieve a dream she never thought possible, while he is now a fallen star. It’s the Yoon-su/Seok-hyun situation but gender-opposite), but it doesn’t make it that much more poignant for me. Perhaps seeing him less supportive about Kyu-won going away would have been a more interesting conflict, because he’s always so supportive. Though it would have made Shin stereotypically domineering, it would have made him a little more flawed, and a little more interesting.

Overall this episode felt tonally bland. Everyone’s going through the motions because most of the characters didn’t really change. Everyone is acting exactly how I expected them to act in the face of all these “problems.” Every problem is getting a shallow treatment, and while it makes for a fast and light episode, it also makes it insanely predictable and, again, not poignant. I guess this is what happens when all the problems are resolved a week early.


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  1. ain


  2. Yuki

    I have the same feeling that nobody changed after all. Even in the final ep. Sigh……..

    Isn’t this story initially intended to be a story about young people chasing dreams and their growth? Where is the growth part? Everyone is so predictable.

  3. AwEsOmEnEsS

    Awww that was a nice episode(: I can’t believe next episode is the last. I want more..

  4. Schmazel

    Thank you kadaejun!! I lub u! 😀

  5. Josina

    I haven’t watched all the episodes, but I wonder: had Mary Stayed Out All Night stayed true to its essence, like this show courageously does, it might have been a very different creature.

    Perhaps there isn’t much plot to ‘You’ve Fallen for Me’, but the characters are likeable and there’s a whimsical naivety to it all – which actually makes me slightly nostalgic for my own school days.

    • 5.1 Yuri

      I agree with you!
      Love Heartstrings for its simplicity.
      And yes, it was the characters who made
      it a memorable drama for me… it was not
      like an earth shaking drama but it has its
      own merits… one drama that somehow tugs
      your heart! ^_^ really love Lee Shin!

  6. reedah

    may I ask why didn’t u upload this episode soundtrack really so disappointing
    any way nice recap

  7. Chicklet

    honestly, it’s too hard for me to finish this episode. i can finish one drama in one sitting but it’s been 2 days since i paused this episode halfway and i don’t have any urge to finish it. they should’ve finish it in the last episode.

  8. fan

    I just love love KiYoung! His smile is the BEST! So sweet and innocent!

  9. Kim

    It’s over? I feel kind of empty. This drama has left me empty.

    • 9.1 kytes

      go watch something inspirational then.

    • 9.2 polly

      Seriously? U must be kidding me! Amean i agree this drama is sweet with cute actors but it’s got a really lame storyline. This cant possibly leave u empty, dramas like The Greatest Love, City Hunter, 49 days leave us empty.

      • 9.2.1 FlipzBoi


        yes it may be very lame and what not, but the simplicity and the cliche of the drama is really appealing. I found the other three dramas you mentioned to be alright but You’ve Fallen For Me got my attention from the get go and it even made me cry and I’m a guy.

        So kim it’s alright to feel empty, this drama was great but polly over here can’t understand. It doesn’t have the best acting or storyline but it’s very touching and sometimes that’s all that matters

  10. 10 Noelle

    I feel bad for Shin. But he’ll find another way to do what he loves unless the writers magically fix his wrist. That would be lame.

    Thanks for the recap!

  11. 11 msim

    Thank you for writing all those recaps, kaedejun!

    So many love triangles and squares left unexplored. So many sparks left ignored. So many abs left underused.

    Hee-joo proves to be her selfish self again by happily letting her mother sink her claws into her little sister (where did she come from?).

    There’s a feeble attempt at matching Sarang-bully with Soo-myung. That’s just pushing heterosexuality one step too far, in my book.
    Never bought, not buying and will never buy that the ballerina and the director are in love. They have the combined chemistry of a Brussels sprout and a strawberry.

    I wanted to see the adventures of Soo-myung and Ki-young buying cakes, balloons and wine stranded in a broken car. Will someone please make a slash video of these two? The bRomance could be epic.

    This is my longest post ever – I guess I am passionate about this series after all – I wanted it to be great.

    • 11.1 taechic

      I so agree on the abs here! haha

    • 11.2 Silver

      Haha, Brussels sprout and strawberry. Who’s who? I actually felt a lot the same way as you (as I’ve written in the recaps I did on my blog several times) – but eventually I have grown to accept the relationship, mostly because I began to stop seeing Yoon Soo as incredibly off-putting so I just said meh, I’ll just go with it.

      I jumped ship halfway through the series from team Suk Hyun to team Shin, and as Kyu Won’s relationship with Shin deepened, her interactions with the director began to lessen in intensity, but I actually think Kyu WOn and the director had some crazy chemistry in the beginning of the series.

      • 11.2.1 msim

        I didn’t want anything to happen between the director and Kyu Won but I wanted the possibility of it to be in the air – to add tension.

        This show was missing a few soju-drinking sessions with the director nursing his unrequited love, under a food stall tent.

    • 11.3 skelly

      Totally agree – SO much wasted potential here. Aren’t these people in college? Where is their passion, their drive, their risky behavior, the crashing and burning and getting up again? Running away from a crotchety grandpa, dealing with a crush on a teacher, forming a band, not getting the lead in the school musical – these are minor-league issues, and make this drama feel like high school rather than college (and the passionless, “cute” romances don’t help, either). I had hopes that this drama would go someplace, but it really never did. It just stayed cute and easy.

      • 11.3.1 Silver

        Hmm, not sure I agree with you there. I mean sure, there were healthy doses of cute all throughout the show, but I think there were also deeper issues involved, for each of the characters.

        for Yoon Soo it was about overcoming the loss of her ability to do what she had dreamed of and finding a way to find satisfaction in the new aspects of her life. For the director it was about keeping his artistic integrity even though it would have been so much easier to just go with the flow and cave to outside pressures, financial and otherwise.
        For Shin it was about finding out his father, who had been a musician just like him, was dying of alcoholism – something in ways related to the lifestyle of a musician, and seeing that threat in his own future life as well (you can see Shin refusing to drink alcohol several times throughout the show) – and then, overcoming a blow to the very core of what made him… well… him.
        As for Kyu Won, you might think she had it easy, but it wasn’t just running away from grandpa, it was a matter of turning her back on everything she had been raised to believe was true and discovering that she could dare to want and do new things.

        I’m not saying it wasn’t a light and breezy drama, because it was, but I do feel that many of the issues they tapped into were very realistic and quite nicely handled in the end.

        I, too, wish that some of the secondary characters had been given a chance to develop more, but I think it’s to the drama’s credit when even the secondary characters have us feeling that way about them.

        • Anhstein

          When you put it that way, yeah these issues could indeed have been profound. Which goes to show that the series could have been so much better with proper writing and editing.

          Coulda shoulda…

          Honestly, I found reading everyone’s recaps and comments more enjoyable than actually watching the show. Much thanks to recappers like kaedejun and Silver for making the ride fun.

          I’m sure the cast had a great time putting the show together. It’s just that I’m not sure if I’ll remember many things about it a few months down the line. Maybe Grandpa’s adorable talks and Bo-eun’s timely interrupts. What potential we could have had!

      • 11.3.2 msim

        More high school then college indeed.
        How could a show have 2 such incredibly irresistible leads and NOT have them getting a little frisky with each other?

        I’m not a pervert (well, maybe) but I was begging for more skinship. It’s a trendy drama set and made in 2011 but they still haven’t kissed (the one we saw was NOT a kiss)!
        Such beautiful lips wasted away.

        • Autumn

          oh I know. It’s absolutely criminal for the OTP to have so little skinship (holding hands and unreciprocal hugs don’t count) at this stage of their relationship. They are college students for goodness sake, they should be doing something beyond the pressing of the lips, especially when given a chance to (damn it Shin, lock your door next time). No, I too am not a pervert, but this show is making me act like one.

    • 11.4 Anhstein

      Gosh I was rooting for Soo-myung and Ki-young the whole series!

      Best bromance since SKK Scandal, maybe? =)

    • 11.5 SJ

      This post literally just made my day. I was cracking up at every line you wrote- brilliantly and so true might I add.

      But seriously- they had such a grand intro Ki Young…and then did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with him. What about the KY-KW-LS triangle- I was so excited for that. The show would have been the same with KY- which makes me sad because he’s awesome and coulda amped it up so much more.

      And WHY does Foodie boy like hee joon so much- she’s a biotchh pretty much any way you look at it, and she didn’t change almost at all. ARGHGHGH.

  12. 12 Yer Vang

    Good episode. I’m glad that Gyu Won is experiencing what the dance choreographer asked her because then she’ll understand why she decided to leave the director. But on the flip side, my poor Lee Shin 🙁

  13. 13 taechic

    It was a such a cute drama, had me squealing like a fangirl all the way through but I do have to admit it was a bit oversimplified. I guess thats just the zippy nature of the drama

  14. 14 Maricel

    It’s right, this episode doesn’t have much tension…however i thought Lee Shin wouldn’t be that supportive to Kyu Won, When she got the offer, he looked angry, or jealous, later he smiled…but maybe he actually is not so thrilled about the idea.

    On the other hand, i don’t think or feel that this show is about the tension, it’s more about achieving your dreams or learning to face reality without letting it make you waver…plus i adore the attachment Kyu Won has towards her family..when you are young, you feel that way, and yes it might be hard to get your dreams, without dissapointing them…happily it was solve very nicely here.

  15. 15 aprilneha

    I personally liked the episode; it was breezy, light and kept true to the teen drama they’ve been showing in the last few weeks versus the romance and angst filled melodrama that were the first few weeks. They are having problems because the conflict has been resolved but at the same time it isn’t the train wreck I was anticipating. Lee Shin is such a good boyfriend and I am completely immersed in their [HEALTHY!!] relationship. I hate when other dramas always have the guy cheating or being really cold or mean or abusive or whatever bullshit to keep the viewer in instead of having a nice, caring boyfriend who doesn’t rush to misunderstandings and takes time to observe/support his partner. And omg Yonghwa has improved quite a bit with his acting. The ending scene with him playing with his wrist hurt and then the falling and the scream…I actually teared up. Because music is such an important part of him and how he gets his emotions across, it feels so real. But writers, you better not make this a sad/ambiguous ending or I shall hunt you down and force you to re-write it. ^^

  16. 16 ranisa

    As Jun hui said, let’s focus on the happy thoughts!!

    ~I cracked at Soo-myung’s wreck of a car that finally surfaced into the story, and with great timing too. and He and Sa rang? What a match, but I really like it!

    ~I don’t want to wail anymore over KiYoung’s lack of character development. I guess it’s better that his innocent smile and killer charms have been intact all series long. Seeing him sad because of a love triangle will just make me sad too.

    ~the scene where Shin and Gyu won exchanged bears are funny, especially when Yong hwa stifled a laugh. It really felt like the real Yong hwa was trying his best not to laugh. no need to mention that they {GW & S) are so cute together.

    ~ I love how Shin’s band mates are so perceptive about his injured hand esp during the audition where they quickly observed that something’s wrong. I’ll miss these guys.

    ~Jun hui makes everyone feel happy, because of him, (and Soo-myung too) this episode has been quite fun.

    ~ I finally get to see another side of Taejoon. He’s pretty cute when he’s talking to his colleague.

    ~Seuk hyun’s proposal is very romantic. Ah, they are hungry and yet they are so happy. Who say’s love can’t keep you alive, at least for one food-deprived night?

    ~this episode could well be the ending, with the happy events and all. but hey, I won’t complain especially after I’ve realized, finally, how all the staff and crew worked so hard to keep this drama afloat. With the low ratings and the accidents, they still managed to make me smile every week.

    Thanks Kaedejun-san for the recap! 🙂

    • 16.1 cita

      you know, i thought that i was the only one who noticed the stifled laugh of LS when they exchanged bear phone accessories, it was not LS anymore, i felt it was the real YH and even the response of GW, the smile/slight laughter, i also felt that it was the real PSH….i maybe over analyzing but this is one of the (MANY) scenes that i find so natural and real and that they are not acting as LS and KW anymore…perhaps, this is the LUCK of acting with a BEST FRIEND, both are so comfortable with each other even adding adlibs…aaaahhhhh..

      Anyway, HS already ended and i enjoy and had fun watching it via live streaming..it is and will always be one of my top favorites..it might not be the perfect drama but it tugged my heart, it made me reminisce my youth…also, i love the OST, the cinematography and i love the OTP…PSH is truly one of the best actresses of her generation, she could act, sing and dance and i admire her more..JYH was a revelation here, he made use of his eyes expressions greatly and i salute him for that..now, i am not only a fan of YH as a musician but as an actor, as well…the chemistry of PSH and JYH tops my list now (sorry JGS), i dont know but i find their sweet scenes and even the bickerings, so cute and so natural..

      anyway, thanks for the recaps..better late than never..

      • 16.1.1 Lhej

        you’ve perfectly brought out my exact thoughts and feelings about this drama. Thanks for the recap kaedejun.

  17. 17 Sushi

    Thank you for your hard work!! 😀

  18. 18 want all the kguys

    All i want to say is I LOOOOVEEE Ki Young and Soo Myung!!! I adore ki young’s voice…. these 2 guys r the best in this drama for me, unfortunately they dont get a lot of airing time since they r not the leads but i love their bromance and i hope to see them as LEADS in another drama…

  19. 19 Laeah

    All I can say is that I hope Lee Hyun Jin gets more roles. I really love him. <3

  20. 20 Pat

    I am sorry to say I found the whole series pretty charmless and boring the ff botton was over used.

  21. 21 Miya

    I really just love this show because of the characters, they make the show! The tension is a little plain and dry, but I really don’t mind when it comes to this drama because I only started watching it because Park Shin Hye and Jong Yong Hwa were the main couple :))) they have such good chemistry, I couldn’t resist!

    I wish they had done more with Ki Young, I was expecting more involvement with that character. I also would have liked to seen his abs earlier and then continuing through the series ^_^

    Still looking to watch the last episode when it’s finally subbed!

  22. 22 oddworld

    Shows been enjoyable even if it doesn’t have the best writing. Its not that it tried to be a deep tense epic show to begin with

    But boy has it been corny. I know kdramas in general have lots of corny/cheesy moments but this was on a whole other level. I actually had to fast forward some corny bits because they made me so uncomfortable

    At one point I was expecting this to happen:

    -Gyu Won gets up to go take a dump
    -Shin grabs her hand and ask where’s going
    -she says to take a dump
    -he hugs her and warns her never to take a dump without telling him first or he’ll break up with her
    -she cries in his arms for 4 minutes
    -she goes to take a dump
    -Shin sings her a song in bad english as she walks away to take a dump
    -she smiles like a shy 6 year old girl while she’s taking a dump

    • 22.1 Anhstein

      That’s a bit harsh, but I admit, I laughed…

  23. 23 yeng

    I think this drama is really cute and romantic, but it doesnt have enough conflicts and drama in it to deliver the message. Or should I say it is not a very memorable drama that I might forget the plot and characters after a month.

  24. 24 Suzi Q

    I wished they gave Lee Hyun Jin more to do except sing. I loved his voice even better than Song Chang Eu’s which I thought was MEH.Lee Hyun Jin is a hottie! I think he was totally wasted in his role which was insignificant. If his role was written out of the plot, no one would have noticed.

    Not much angst in plot development so it was really bland. They wasted the whole beginning of this series with the love triangle with the old teachers which bored me to death. Finally, when they shifted to the younger actors story line, I really lost interest.

    I did like the music,but can’t compare to Dream High’s. This drama was nothing to shout about.

  25. 25 Rita

    No matter what critics say, I still love this drama and I still love Yong Hwa! I hope that he gets another drama with PSH or any other young star. He’s acting has greatly improved and he’s got his own charm and appeal. Heartstrings – fighting!

    • 25.1 lucy

      agree, regardless of what others say, the local ratings, I love heartstrings and i love the chemistry of YH and shinhye…YH has come a long way since YAB, his acting has greatly improved considering that this is just his second drama..as for shinhye, i am always in awe of her versatility as an actress even at a young age..

      although, as much as i wish that they get paired again in a more dramatic type of drama, it has a very slim chance in Korea…

      anyway, for me, i enjoyed and had fun watching the drama and thats what matters to me..

      thank you for the recaps

  26. 26 Abbie

    This being the last week and the series being an episode short, I can understand why things are becoming resolved earlier. But I agree, this episode left something to be desired. I’m happy for the characters, but where’d all the angst go? I’m actually glad Shin hurt his wrist, because if he hadn’t the last episode would have been boring as heck. Still, I do love this drama. If Park Shin-Hye hadn’t had her car accident, maybe we could’ve dragged out the musical angst a little more, but since she did, we have to contend ourselves with what we got.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad PSH is doing better! But it looks like losing that one episode will cost us. Although I do hope I’m wrong.

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun!

  27. 27 allybally

    love love love Shin!

  28. 28 almontel

    thanks for your recap!

    I totally love this drama!

    it gave me back my youth by making me remember those days! i love the heartwarming story, Shin and KW’s sweet moments, the gazes they give each other even if there were no words shows us how much they admire and love each other.

    and yes, all the GUYS here are way TOO HOT!!!

    and all the songs/OST are to Die for!!!

    thank you HS!!!

  29. 29 Autumn

    I really really like ep 14, a lot more than I thought I would. The musical resolution was more or less satisfying. In the end, it was really more about building relationships and learning from each other than the performance itself. Although, I didn’t think the show executed this arc as well as it should’ve. pity.

    The new conflicts are far more interesting than the whole rumour/scandal thing they had going for the past three episodes, just wish they have more time to explore them to greater depths instead of, like you mentioned, giving them shallow treatments. The attempt to redeem HJ’s mum still doesn’t change my mind about her being a rainbow and a horrible parent.

    Considering the development of YS and SH’s relationship throughout the drama (or lack thereof), the proposal was kinda WTF to me. But the scene was unexpectedly sweet and cute, and we get to hear SCE sing again, so I have no complaints.

    As for Shin, oh baby, I know I had gripes with his controlling-freak-like behaviour of late, but now that I think about it, he is a perfect boyfriend in every other way, like he’s almost too good to be true. I, for one, am happy that he’s not steering towards the domineering route, it might make him seem a little too bland for some people, but I honestly don’t mind.

    GW, objectively speaking, isn’t an interesting heroine, but I did come to care for her and relate to her on many occasions. Her deep-rooted need to have everyone happy and harmonious (probably the result of the rather unfriendly relationship btw her dad and grandpa) is something I find both frustrating and endearing. I am glad that she finally realises what she truly wants in life and, in turn, willing to break away from her grandpa’s confinements.

    By the way, why has there been so little kissage from our OTP?? why must the world interrupt when they are going to have their passionate moment?? why?? *wails*

    Thanks for the recap.

  30. 30 Manaíra

    Apesar de todas as criticas, continuo amando esse casal,e gostaria de mais um Kdrama com Shin e Yong juntos *__*

  31. 31 diana

    OMG… last episode coming soon. I feel like this was kinda like Mary Stayed Out All Night but wat better!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32 huongap

    Despite all of the criticism for this drama, I love the music, especially when it comes to the mixture of traditional music and modern. It’s a great way to advertise for the Korean culture. And I applaud K-dramas for coming up with their own soundtracks nowadays. It’s very refreshing.

  33. 33 Laya

    Thank you for the recap!

  34. 34 Kay

    It ended. Despite all the flaws, I do think this is not cliched as most drama, rather realistic…
    I love YH and PSH together too…
    I already miss them ;(

  35. 35 kdramacrazy

    i feel unsatisfied…. due to only 15 episodes. I though its 16 but anyway.. nice drama..

  36. 36 Mojo

    i already saw the preview for episode 15, read the recaps at silverlux, and saw something “delicious” in it :3

    i still haven’t watch ep 13-15 but i feel really empty that my favorite drama has ended despite the flaws in the writing and a bit in the directing, it was refreshing and light

    i already miss the drama knowing that my Wednesdays and Thursdays will no longer include themm TT^TT

  37. 37 jam

    i liked this episode.

    it was simple yet worth remembering. who wouldn’t want to be the star of the night?! of course we all do. but because of kyu won’s humility, she gave her chance and i think it also happens in reality.

  38. 38 jyyjc

    The drama’s not gonna touch on this subject but if I knew a family like heejoo’s in real life, I would be so concerned. That little sister came out of nowhere and we can all guess why, because her big sister has always been the prettier one and getting doted on by her parents that the little sis just stays in hj’s shadow and never gets any attention. The mother is a control freak and once she can’t control hj she finally pays attention to little sis but only because she wants to control her. Sad sad sad.

    • 38.1 Lilian

      true…in fact i tink they wasted a possible interesting plot.
      There were scenes pointing towards Hee Joo being anorexic. but this was left unexplored.

  39. 39 ajewell

    Honestly, I think this was one of your better recaps/reviews. You really nailed it – great job!! ^_^

  40. 40 fan

    My fav scene of entire drama was KiYoung’s first signing (If you leave) with Gayakeum playing. KiYoung – you are the best!!

  41. 41 ninji

    Insanely predictable indeed.

    Why did Jun-hee even air drum to begin with when they were supposed to be quiet?

    Why did Seok-hyun leave the ring when he just seemed so cautious about it?

    Why did Bo-woon forget what day the performance was?

    Seriously. Coincidence to move the story forward, not appreciated.

    And why the noble idiocy? I get that he don’t want Kyu-won to feel bad, but Shin you were doing so well in comparison with all other lead guys. And now noble idiocy. Sigh.

  42. 42 rr

    simple,predictable plot..and that makes me admire shinhye and yonghwa more coz their beautiful chemistry is the main reason why i was so drawn to this drama and don’t want it to end…so in love with lee shin and gyu won..and i will miss them so much..thanks for the recap 🙂

  43. 43 Lilian

    I kinda guessed that this last 2 episodes would be boring….coz the main “plot” was the musical in a way…..

    too bad! anyway, I’ll still catch the last episode just because I’ve watched it so far.

    but this drama is definitely one that turned out to be below my expectations =(

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