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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 15 (Final)
by | August 20, 2011 | 161 Comments

We’re at the end! You know, I’m not a big fan of rushed endings (unless done right), but I’ll take what I get for this one. You’ve Fallen For Me is too lovable for me to ditch it in the dust after all I’ve been through. At least we do get a nice, neat ending tied up in a little fancy bow!

Kyu-won, Yoon-su, and Seok-hyun quickly rush the stage to Shin’s side. However, he immediately lets go of his wrist and pretends he had an intense stomachache. He goes on with the show, albeit with a grimace. His girlfriend’s not stupid though; she pieces together that her fall might have caused his sprained wrist. After the show, she tries to get him to admit it, but he won’t.

On the way home, Yoon-su frets about Shin’s condition. His injury could affect his future, and it reminds her so much of her own accident. Seok-hyun tells her not to worry, but when we see Shin trying to play at home, we know it’s something to be worried about.

Kyu-won meets with the record producer about her contract. He’ll be sending her to the UK for a year, with six months devoted to vocal and dance lessons, and watching as many musicals as she can for experience. It will also mean that she has to take a leave of absence from school. The producer tells her that she’s to leave next month, which is a bit too sudden for her.

When Kyu-won breaks the news to Grandpa about her departure, he pays her no heed. He’s got someone new to worry about – Jung Hyun. She then breaks the news to Shin at a cafe, and he says he’s not the least bit sad at her going away. I highly doubt that, and Kyu-won is quite unhappy at the prospect of being away from him for so long. However, he’s got other things to stress about…

Shin visits the doctor again, and it turns out one of his nerves is being pressed down upon. He will need surgery to correct the injury. Though he should be able to play the guitar again, the doctor warns him that there’s a likelihood of losing all sense of touch. Of course Doc – you just had to give us that worst case scenario, right? He wants to hold off the surgery for at least a month though; that way Kyu-won will never have to know about his injury. Being a bit of a Noble Idiot here, aren’t we?

Now on to the other characters: Seok-hyun and Yoon-su inform the school Chancellor that they’ll be gone for about a year, as he’s going to have to spend extra time getting the musical ready on Broadway. Yoon-su will simply be taking a vacation. Hee-joo is out of the hospital but her throat is still sore. She’s sad and a bit jealous at the news that Kyu-won will be going abroad to become a famous singer/actress, but Jun-hee cheers her on, saying that Hee-joo can be better than Kyu-won after she’s all better. And the Windflowers meet up with Kyu-won for one more time before she leaves. They’re the ones who tell her that The Stupid will no longer be playing at Catharsis. The “official” reason? Because Shin wants to take the summer off.

Before Seok-hyun leaves Korea, he wants to affirm just one more thing with Shin. He grabs the boy’s wrist, and Shin gasps out in pain. Yup – just as Kyu-won had feared, Shin really did injure his wrist. He makes Seok-hyun promise never to tell Kyu-won about his condition or the fact that he’s going to have surgery. Understanding him, Seok-hyun promises.

Now Shin goes to meet Kyu-won for a shaved ice date, but because his wrist can’t handle the weight of the tray, everything falls to the ground and shatters. Kyu-won immediately scolds him for not taking care of his wrist; she knows his wrist was hurt because of her, but Shin says that’s not true at all.

Kyu-won takes the matter into her own hands. She goes to the music producer to turn him down, willing to pay the penalty for breaking off the contract so soon to the date. However, the one person that she’s doing all this for is not happy. Shin doesn’t want her to give up her dreams for him, so with some difficulty, he once again lies that his hand is fine – and that he wants to break up with her. ARGH! Using the feeble excuse that his heart will change after not seeing her for a year, he ends things with her abruptly, giving her back the teddy bear charm.

So they mope, heartbroken – needlessly, and uselessly.

With nothing holding her back anymore, Kyu-won leaves for the UK. Shin gets his surgery, and makes sure his mom never told Kyu-won about it.


Kyu-won is now a famous musical star and her album is number 1 on the charts. She comes back to Korea for a new project, and to go back to school. Shin’s mother and Kyu-won’s father have been tracking her progress this past year, and the mother offers the father a job working for her at a new publication focusing on musicals. Well if they’re not to have a romantic relationship, they will have a work relationship!

As for Shin, he’s better after the surgery, but his playing is not back where it used to be. He’s still practicing, as his wrist would still get stiff. Well – if he’s no longer the music prodigy, then his sister can be! She’s now taking traditional music lessons under Grandpa’s watchful eye. Grandpa (as usual) butts in whenever she’s not doing well, but Jung-hyun is one smart aleck. Before Grandpa can go railing on about his life story, she interrupts and finishes it for him: “You know, I can memorize word for word the life of Lee Dong Jin the Great!”

Grandpa’s met his match! 😀

Seok-hyun and Yoon-su also return from the States and get picked up by Soo-myung and his ratty old car. Seok-hyun complains that his friend hasn’t changed at all – but that’s not true! He’s now dating Sa-rang! And on top of that, they’re running Catharsis because Madam Goo ran off to Santiago, Chile for some girl. How freakin’ random.

As for some other characters – they do remain the same. Another performance is coming up at the art college, and Hee-joo’s mother is as pushy as ever. She’s pissed at seeing Kyu-won’s name all over the news so she’s already made a deal with Tae-joon to make sure Myung-joo (Hee-joo’s sister) is made the lead. (Myung-joo somehow gets Hee-joo’s room too.) As for Tae-joon, he’s trying to blackmail Young-min into helping him make Myung-joo the lead. Young-min reminds him that things are different this year – there’s no Seok-hyun to foil them!

Hi guys!” And Seok-hyun and Yoon-su arrive! HAHA!

But no worries again, because Seok-hyun isn’t interested in directing the annual performance again. This time, he has another project in mind, and hopes to make it the winter musical with all the students. The Chancellor gives him a go, and Seok-hyun starts recruiting.

First he goes to see Kyu-won. And my oh my Kyu-won has totally changed. She’s popping slinky moves left and right to Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction.” She’s like Hee-joo, but her moves are much more frenetic and flexible. Seok-hyun is completely impressed with her, and gives her his script. Of course, he’s going to make her audition for the role first. He finds out from her that she and Shin have broken up, and that Shin no longer plays at Catharsis.

He seeks out Shin next, hoping that he could do the music. Shin has a few songs that he’s written, and will give them to Seok-hyun to check out. With a few questions, Seok-hyun figures out that Shin broke up with Kyu-won for her sake, so that she could leave for the UK and not be burdened by the fact that he had to get surgery for an accident she caused. Shin claims to have moved on, so he’s not really looking to get back with her. But when Seok-hyun mentions that Kyu-won may be the lead actress for this musical, Shin’s face darkens.

That evening there’s a mini reunion with the entire cast. Now that Ki-young has a job at a drama company, he buys Seok-hyun some beer. Hee-joo mentions that she wants to audition too and go against Kyu-won. But when they all find out that Shin might be doing the music, everyone goes quiet. It would be really nice if Kyu-won and Shin would get to work together again, and perhaps get back together.

Back at home, Kyu-won finds the old record Shin had given to her. She waits outside his home to give it back to him. The air is tense between them, and Kyu-won apologizes for not having returned his father’s record before she left for the UK. Shin takes it and tells her to go home.

But that one moment of interaction is enough to break Shin down into tears. Sheesh – these two are so clearly pining for each other – but they can’t get together for another twenty minutes or so…

Shin gives Seok-hyun some of his demos and then backs out of the production. Seok-hyun thinks it’s because of Kyu-won that he doesn’t want any part in it, but Shin attributes his backing out to also his wrist. He can’t play that well just yet, and if he does the musical Kyu-won is sure to find out. Urgh you Noble Idiot.

He does go back to the practice room though, much to the joy of his bandmates. They hope that this means they can play at Catharsis again soon. Shin then gets a call from Kyu-won, who just found out that he’s dropping out of the musical. When they meet, Kyu-won tries to convince him to join the musical again. They can have a professional relationship, can’t they? Kyu-won promises to not cross paths with him too much. But Shin is stubborn – he refuses to work on it, and he tells her to never contact him again.

Afterwards, Kyu-won heads over to Catharsis with Bo-woon and drinks herself drunk. Bo-woon has no one else to help her bring Kyu-won home, so she phones up Shin. However instead of him showing up, he sends Kyu-won’s father instead to carry his daughter home. That’s not to say he wasn’t worried though; he waits outside her door until her father shows up, carrying Kyu-won on his back. After dropping her in her room, Kyu-won’s father comes out to thank Shin. He also hopes that perhaps the two of them can start over; he and Shin’s mother were like this years ago too. Because no one was brave enough to step forward about their feelings, they ended up never getting back together again. He doesn’t want Shin to live with that regret.

Seok-hyun listens to Shin’s songs, and he notes the sadness in it. Despite swearing himself off from getting involved in Shin and Kyu-won’s love lives, he finally can’t take it anymore and gives the music to Kyu-won. After one listen, she figures out that the song was written by Shin about her. Seok-hyun tells her that Shin had a surgery for his wrist, and broke up with her so that she could go to the UK.

(download – it’s a rip from the episode, so some dialogue is in it too)

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Well Kyu-won’s had enough. She storms into Shin’s practice room and sees him playing with some pain in his wrist. How could he not tell her about his injury? How could he just break up with her like that? She tried so hard to hate him then, trying to understand why he broke up with her then, but couldn’t. Now with the truth, she can really hate him.

She leaves the school grounds, and passes by certain landmarks of their relationship: the balcony where she gave him coffee every morning, the store front where they had paused under the awning in the rain, and the park where they had their date when her scandal with Seok-hyun broke out.

Shin is on that very same Walk of Memories, and they see each other in the park. He can’t help but smile, realizing that the both of them were reminiscing about their relationship, and he makes the first move – he rushes up to her and hugs her.

Well yay! Someone did something proactive! “I missed you,” he says. “Me too,” she replies. Shin: “I love you,” and with that he kisses her.

Whew! Finally! That’s over and done with!

They go to Catharsis that evening. Kyu-won sings her song “To Love Me,” and Shin sings “You’ve Fallen for Me.”

The power couple is back! And everyone cheers. 🙂


Well that was a very cheerful ending. The last episode piled on the angst that I felt dragged down the episode needlessly. Shin was such. a. Noble. Idiot. But I guess that’s what I should expect for a boyfriend who’s so supportive of his girlfriend’s dreams, right? Nevertheless, it was additional angst that I feel wasn’t necessary at all by this point. I’m happy to see that everyone has moved on in some way, though I feel like Kyu-won’s shot to stardom is a little too much. (She becomes insanely successful and everyone else is more or less the same?) Seeing Hee-joo not be catty and jealous was refreshing though, and her mother and Tae-joon were comical.

I feel like You’ve Fallen For Me started off decently, soared by midway through the series, and then ended flat. I kind of wish the writing wasn’t so lazy by the end of it. I think what really sold this drama for me was the actors. It was clear that the actors all had chemistry and got along behind the scenes – which is something to be immensely grateful for nowadays. Jung Yong Hwa wasn’t great (though much improved) and So Yi Hyun will forever be a plastic ballerina to me, but in the grand scheme of things, I think they had enough chemistry with their respective onscreen partners to help sell the drama. Even the secondary characters were incredibly fun – I mean, who can forget Soo-myung and Ki-young?! And as annoying as the Three Angry Girls were, they were definitely scene stealers. And Hee-joo managed to be a more three-dimensional “evil bitch” rather than a simple stereotype.

I really liked the relaxing, fresh vibe of this series, but for me, the series ended the moment Shin said to Kyu-won, “You are the best lead actress to me.” Everything else was just icing – some of which I would scrape off my cake, and some of which I would keep on.


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  1. amirah

    1st comment!! love this drama a lot because of simplicity..i will watch this again someday 🙂

    • 1.1 VIVI


    • 1.2 ramona ragnauth

      I just love this drama iam nit korean but love these kind of drama..

  2. Caroline

    Yay! Thank you for doing recaps for this drama!

    I’m quite sad that You’ve Fallen for Me has ended… I really liked this drama.. 🙁

  3. Dodo

    I saw the drama yesterday and the ending was so good, I really liked it. And now it feels good that shinwoo didn`t end with gomenam in you are beautiful because if he did we would n´t get a drama could You’ve Fallen For Me. Thanks for the recep….

  4. Des

    Awww! I’ll miss this drama! Thanks for the recap! ^_*

  5. fikriyah

    This drama, its great, you know not all hardcore, just lovebirds 🙂 i love it. strangely, i sorta hoped for a hot kiss e.g personal taste or secret garden etc.
    BUT the ending, was satisfying :DDD

    • 5.1 Menie Roque

      I really liked this drama. It seemed like a very simple typical love story at first, but it had its share of twists & turns.
      In the beginning, I hated Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) for “falling” for the wrong lady; & I pitied Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) for still being there and feeling for Shin; despite the latter verbally shooing her off. For most of the episodes, they left me with good feeling just before bedtime. But as the end came near, I felt angry with Shin for not being honest about Kyu Won’s departure to UK.
      Anyway, I’d love to see them both again as a couple in future Korean dramas.
      I admire Korean actors/actresses because they are very good in this craft. Korean dramas make me stay in love with life every time.

  6. Sadd

    I loved this episode, I thought it was one of the best. The ending left me totally satisfied. The ending didn’t leave you hanging and wanting more, simply perfect.

    How pretty was Park Shin Hye? Yong Hwa why, why, didn’t you grab her, and kiss her passionately(NOT A PECK).

    Wishing everyone involved in Heartstring, great success in your future projects!

    • 6.1 Rachel

      Totally agree on the final kiss! Seriously such a dead kiss! Argh. Thought it’d be more passionate seeing how they hadn’t seen each other in such a long time.

      I agree with kaedejun about the last 2 episodes. After the musical was done, I was like, eh, so what dramatic plot are the writers going to conjure up now that it’s like done? The Noble Idiot bit just annoyed me so much, seeing how through most of the drama, we avoided a lot of oft used conflicts, like misunderstandings arising from one seeing his/her partner with some third party. I was so glad, then they had to throw this into the works. ARGH.

      But all in all, happy with this light and humorous comedy. Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye have great chemistry.

      • 6.1.1 rosalinda

        The drama-comedy series of Jung Yung Hwa and Park Shin Hye Heartstri g was the best korean drama thAt I’ve watched. I loved the characters portrayed by Jung and Park. I was hoping ang wishing for a season 2 of the series and more projects of the two artists in the future. I loved their loveteam…

      • 6.1.2 rosalinda

        The drama series of Jung Yung Hwa and Park Shin Hye Heartstring was the best korean drama I’ve ever watched. I loved their characters and I was hoping for a season 2 of the series and more projects of the two artists in the future. I loved their loveteam…

  7. izzie

    yong hwa’s acting has definitely improved! such a nice and light campus drama… ^o^V thanks for the recaps kaedejun!!

  8. Ace

    Sigh! somehow I never got back to watching after the first few episodes but kept reading the recaps. There’s just too much to watch these days…

    Thank you for the recaps!

  9. ish

    I’ll miss heartstrings, it’s been so long since I’ve watched something so refreshing…and “not great” acting and all, I forget everything the moment Yong Hwa sings…he really is a great singer and he showed some mad skills with the guitar or maybe I’m just fangirling…whatever)

    oh how I’ll miss those times I felt giddy….great chemistry of the OTP, this made me like Shin Hye more too

  10. 10 Elmira

    I liked the drama so much! And I felt that they will do something like this in the last episode!
    I really hate it when girls chasing boys insanely, so I really liked the logical act of kyo won in this drama. Although she liked shin but her acts was logistic and understandable. I really like the fact of getting rid of misunderstanding in the drama! Although when shin says kyo won that if you go I’ll break up with you in the scandal incident it was a little too much of a word, but finally we see that he was understanding of the situation from the start.
    And the last episode, actually acting like a noble is a part of k drama’s but there is some sense of reality within it that makes it believable! You just need to think what ere you going to do if you wew shin! Actually if you really like the other party you will do the same! For his/her sake. And kyo won wasn’t that much dumb, she noticed there is something wrong with his hand. But if she even figured out the reason of the break up she couldn’t do any thing. That’s the bitterness of a relationship you may understand things beyound what they look but you can’t act upon that because you are not sure, so people prefer to hate or hurt themselves rather than act upon their illusions! So I can understand why shin did that and why kyo won act like that. The only thing was that they could have write the drama better! Cause actors did a great job!
    Any way thanks for the recap! And hope future dramas inherit the logic of this drama!

  11. 11 Mojo

    still haven’t watch episode 14-15 but i already read the recaps but i already missing it!

    i feel my wednesday and thursday are empty, no more waiting for the subs, previews, and squealing over the Dooley Couple :((

    i just want to comment about the kiss, although it was really good i was expecting something passionate (they’ve broken up and haven’t seen each other for year), i was like pour your soul shin!!!

    and Yong Hwa has definitely improved (put him in another lead role! better yet pair him with Shin Hye again ♥) it seems i can’t picture them with any other person YongShin!!!

    oh and thanks for the recaps even though i’ve read silverlux’s, i always read your recaps to know what you think ^^


    (now i’m gonna stay tune for more My Lovely Kim Sam-soon recaps ^^)

  12. 12 Melisa

    thank you!!! 😀 I knew that I will love this drama and I did *–* though I think I love anything that Park Shin Hye’s in. I thought the drama was great but a bit sad that it ended up to episode 15 and they had to rush everything and make everything one hour less, but overall, it was a nice ending. Since Heartstring ended, now I have to find another drama to watch 😛

    Also, since there’s been a drama with TaeKyung (using names from ‘You’re Beautiful’) and Shin Hye, Shin Woo and Shin Hye, now I need a drama with Jeremy and Shin Hye and then I’m complte x) <3

    but anyway, thanks for all ur hard work!!! <3

    • 12.1 Melisa


  13. 13 TiaC

    Well, hmmm. After watching these last two episodes, I realized I don’t quite know what this drama was trying to do.

    The first four episodes were all about the angsty four leads, but the PD cleared that mess up quickly. Then it became about a young couple falling for each other, and IMO more interestingly, a girl discovering her true passion in music beyond what she has been raised to play.

    That was the drama I enjoyed. Was it light? Yep. Was it TOO fluffy? Occasionally. But it never overly indulged in the BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS that I was anticipating (the parents’ past, the hotel meeting), and each of the characters was so well-defined and behaved accordingly. I enjoyed the set-up of this drama, producing a musical, because it is one loaded with interesting issues to explore and is already loaded with justifiable tension (even if I am not sure this drama fully explored the possibilities allowed by it).

    Then the musical ended episode 13. And the residual issues that could have been wrapped up in the latter half of episode 15 took up two episodes. Wow were these last episodes painful. I was bored, and then I became angry. Why was a potential sex-scandal so deftly treated but a WRIST SURGERY made into the big issue of the last episode? Why does a company president sign a contract with a newbie singer who has no prior training, in singing or in dance, and who has already displayed flaky behavior by first signing the contract, backing out, and then taking back her back out? Why was there an unnecessary time jump, and why does it just so happen that everyone leaves for exactly one year and comes back at exactly the same time? Like Kaedejun pointed out, why was Shin acting like a noble idiot even after the surgery is over and he is in recovery, aside from the fact that they apparently cannot get back together until just before the show ends? GAAAH!

    Sorry, just needed to vent there for a minute. My original point was that the last two episodes really confused my idea of what the drama was about. The forced separation really shot my goodwill for the OTP (everyone KNOWS that they will get together, and all this bickering just got on my nerves because it was unnecessary and excessive). And the beauty of Kyu-won’s discovery of her dream was undermined by immediately making it come true by presenting her with the contract within days and by making her successful within a year. Wouldn’t it have been more interesting and logical to see her have to yunno… struggle a little? Put some effort into achieving her goal and convincing her grandfather of its merits?

    So overall? Cute, had a good run in the middle, and then decided to shoot itself in the face just for some excitement. And I enjoyed the music (I mean, JYH’s songs. I just don’t find the sound of PSH’s voice pleasant).

    • 13.1 rin

      They lost an episode, so things are a bit rushed. I think some things could have been shortened and some lengthened. Her shot to stardom was a bit fast but there’s not much time. It would be odd to have them back together again say 5 years. Too much time has passed. I don’t think the school would keep her position for that long either.

      As for Shin being a noble idiot after he’s had the surgery. I think it’s because he’s the one who dumped Kyu Won. He doesn’t have the confidence to ask her back again. He’s also not sure of her feelings towards him after what he did. But after bumping into her at the park, he’s sure she’s still in love with him and decided to take a chance.

      As for the sex scandal. I really wonder who would have believed it. They both have partners, their age difference and there’s no concrete evidence other than they both walked out from a hotel. It was only one time and it’s not like the hotel didn’t have other stuff like restaurants, bar or cafe inside. It’s not like they frequently hung out. I just thought it was silly in first place for anyone to believe in it. Just another of TJ’s stupid ideas. If they were caught multiple times hanging out, then I would start wondering.

      I’m kind of glad they didn’t go into extremes of kdrama like, parents against their relationship and doing anything to break them up, finding out they’re half siblings, the get hit by a car, get life threatening illness, etc.

      It’s just a simple young love drama. The script could have been written better, but the overall feel was about youngsters in school. Going to school, doing festivals, hanging out with friends, falling in love, dating, breaking up, etc. I would prefer comedy but this was advertised as a melodrama.

    • 13.2 YongShin

      I think to appreciate the drama..one has to go back to his/her own experience in life/love when one was in the same age as Lee Shin and Kyu Won…the drama was a story of one great young love we all could have hope we had… I say HS is not the typical Kdrama (whether the tearjerker or romcom type) … instead it was so refreshing to watch a series which most of the times simply reflects life/love in its purest and truest form… love it for what it has to offer.

      • 13.2.1 maria

        I agree with you!

    • 13.3 TiaC

      Oops! I think my wording may have confused my point. I thought that this show was a little too light at times, but overall I liked the tone, and was most satisfied when the show was pursuing the thread of Kyu Won’s discovery of her dream. I thought that the show skillfully dispensed with the potentially makjang elements in the plot quickly and logically (that the parents remained just friends and that Shin didn’t misunderstand). What I hated was that Shin’s surgery became such a BIG THING when it really was unnecessary and just filler angst.

      • 13.3.1 lovenwait

        I agree with you about making Shin’s surgery a big thing.

        • singledrop

          The wrist surgery is the big thing because everyone knows what is Shin’s biggest dream—that’s the point.

          Remember the promise about his father’s old record, that Kyu-Won can only return it when Shin have an album and become a great guitarist? Based from that Kyu-Won knew that Shin REALLY want his dream comes true and of course that made her REALLY care about the wrist thing.

          All blame the wrist.

          And all blame the minus one episode.

          For us maybe it’s not a big thing. But in Shin’s (and Kyu-Won’s perspective), of course it’s more than big. HS it’s not a ‘perfect drama’ and the ending is ‘so-so’ (a little cliffhanger?), also the characters’ background, personality, can be MORE than ‘that’.

          As we know, HS got so many problems with the production team. So—I think I’ll accept it. Even I’m not really satisfied. Fanfiction alert.

    • 13.4 win

      I totally agree with you…rough start, awesome middle which got me hopoked and the worst 2 episodes!!! It was dragged out and unnecessary. I also felt Lee Shin & Gyu Won’s interactions were awkward and forced…and corny. I’m quite disappointed that this drama started out with so much potential and ended so weak.

    • 13.5 obsidian

      I totally agree with you! I hated the wrist surgery, and wished they had focused more on Gyu won finally realizing that she has potential. I wish they had focused more on the students trying to achieve their dreams, rather than on unneeded angst.

  14. 14 rin

    I thought the angst was logical. Kyu Won wouldn’t have left Shin when he’s down because she caused it. She would have been a selfish b*tch if she pursued her career when he needed her support. But Shin loves her too much to allow her to give up her future for him. It’s a once in a life time opportunity. The only way is to break up and set her loose. Shin is an awesome BF 🙂 He’s extreme, but he knows when to hold on and and when to let go. I’m glad they got back together again. Happy ending. Yay~~

  15. 15 kacamata

    I just love this drama, because is so light and doesn’t make your head hurt because of its complexity.
    Yong Hwa is certainly better in showing emotion here, although the kissing part is still feel blahhh. I guess Geun Seok is better at kissing, because he started early and experienced it with more senior actress (thanks to Hwang Jin Yi).
    I just love Shin Hye, no need to say it…

    I notice here that Shin and Gyu Won wear the same shade of color whenever they are in the good mood together, how cute.

    I am hoping to see them together in another project…hwaiting!!!!

  16. 16 tammy


    • 16.1 carrot

      Yes.. that’s what erkkked me too… how could his eyes be open!!!! I thought I saw wrongly too..

      But that really irritated me… Shouldn’t the director asked him to close it?

      • 16.1.1 kate

        Why does he have to keep his eyes closed? I actually prefer to keep my eyes open when kissing and so does my partner. So I don’t even understand why people close their eyes when kissing. Maybe that’s just me (..and Yong Hwa)

      • 16.1.2 krista

        its alright to kiss with eyes open because its the first time..LS would like to see KW’s reaction, LOL..but my hubby says, its understandable since the scene depicted a first time kiss

        anyway, whatever lacking in the kiss, the hug, the “bogo shippo”(i miss you) and “saranghae” ( i love you) compensated for it..i find it sweeter and more romantic and i love the way YH hugs shinhye…it seems natural..haha..im being delusional again but i just love the chemistry of YH and shinhye and they portrayed their characters so well and before i knew i got hooked on them…

        i will miss them, my wednesdays and thursdays will never be the same again..live streaming, reading recaps, watching again in raw, then finally watching again with eng subs…otoke???

        • tammy

          But this is the second time!!! 🙁

  17. 17 rita

    i’m sorry but this ending was sooooo not there for me. The final kiss was so bland……this story started out fine then got lost somewhere and just couldn’t find its way back…..they should have little bread crumbs along the way……i was disappointed.

  18. 18 msim

    Merci beaucoup, kaedejun! Hope we’ll see you soon for another drama.

    This drama was a real mixed bag: hits and misses, modern and old-fashioned…I don’t regret watching it at all. But I did want more oomph, more bite, more conflicts to sink my teeth into.
    It made up with charm what it lacked in writing.

    I really enjoyed seeing LS and GW date and have a relationship over several episodes. But the k-drama culture which doesn’t allow girls to hug back or kiss back or even make the first move must change.

    The theme song will stay with me for a long time after the drama has ended – like the Coffee Prince, City Hall, Black & White, and Samsoon themes.

    • 18.1 carrot

      It didn’t for this drama, but in another drama Scent of a woman it did change..

      The female lead took the lead to make the first move, to ask to date, and she took the lead to kiss the male lead. Its quite refreshing to watch them being so frank. Sorry that I’m talking about another drama in this thread.. so I’m keeping it short.


      But seriously, I thought they overused the main drama song (you’ve fallen for me by yong hwa) a little too much that now I’m so tired of it.

      • 18.1.1 Mojo

        you should have seen Hana Yori Dango (Jdrama of Boys over Flowers), they overused drama song too (oh my god, i can hear it now) that i will suddenly sing it… but both songs (YFFM and Han Yori) are really good and catchy, that i never got tired of it :))

        • laya

          Almost pair-a-diiiiiiiiiise…….


          Sigh, another song to add to my k-drama collection, to join “Love is Punishment” and “Crazy in Love.” But not “Almost Paradise.”

          • pohonphee

            LOL Almost Paradissssssse…

      • 18.1.2 msim

        I hear you, carrot, that’s why I watch all KSA dramas – she really selects roles where women have their own drive and passion.

    • 18.2 Menie Roque

      Yeah, also the Samsoon theme still stay with me after several years.
      MNIKSS really started Korean drama fever for me. I’m glad some of their OSTs are still in my head and heart eventhough I’m not Korean. I purposely memorized some of the songs in Korean language (Hangul) just so I could sing along with them.
      Most of the time I’m busy, but I’ve been catching up with watching K drama early this year – Secret Garden, Lie to Me, 49 days, Scent of a Woman, & Heartstrings – to name a few.
      Hope to see PSH & JYH as a couple in another drama again, showing more emotions towards each other.

  19. 19 Shel

    I thought the series was OK. I was watching “Athena” over the last few weeks and it was nice to have something “lighter” and definitely sweeter as a break.

    I think Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa had a nice chemistry, even though he isn’t a great actor yet. I’d like to see them do something together in the future.

    I did really love a couple of the songs….off download for my ipod.

  20. 20 vivyip

    for me, the ending could’ve been worse.

    sure, kyu-won making it big is a bit simplistic and shoving shin to have a wrist problem in 2 episodes isn’t great, but it could’ve been much worse.

    the ending was okay for me because it’s not melo-y (a youth melodrama? i’m almost afraid after seeing the “correct”-ish endings of dream high and 49 days…) i like blatantly happy endings like secret garden

    considering they had to make script changes and had to deal with an accident, it could’ve been MUCH worse.

    my only possible nit-pick would be that the relationship poster/chart thingy was probably compeltely thrown off due to the accident. What kind of watching was ki-young was supposed to do regarding kyu-won? Also, for me, I never quite understand how on earth did shin get started on the dance prof crush in the first place? We just know that he has essetially stalking the lady since episode 1.

    the other side chaaracter stuff is okay if not random (hee joo’s sister pops up in 2 episodes (strange…) and shin’s sister goes to learn gagayum(?) funny, but random)

    if i was REALLY picky, I’d be wondering onthe quick(?) resolution between kyu-won and shin. Didn’t she burst and say she’ll really forget/hate him for real this time…and then in the space of wandering around campus and then coming up to see shin on the other side…a small grin in response to seeing the guy [you] vented off at? the character’s REALLY a pushover I guess…oh well. at least it’s a happy ending overall.

    thank you all dramabeans for the recaps!

    • 20.1 rin

      KW vented anger on Shin but saying she hates him and actually hating him are two things. She said it out of anger but clearly it’s quite the opposite. She loves him so much but she hates him for lying to her even if it’s for her own good.

  21. 21 kdramacrazy

    ouch…. no more next episode… thanx for the recap… next: Choi Ji woo and Yoon Sang Hyun… (“;)

  22. 22 Maricel

    I liked most of the episode…however, i think they should have made some moments deeper (For instance, Shin became such a downer during the episode, he had lost his dream, yes but he should have fought against reality, that would have been true to the show…he never ever was like Yun Su, also they could have shown sth about Kyu Won’s efforts to succed in the Uk) …surely they couldn’t because of the lack of time…

    I really liked this drama, the music and the romance…but i do think the script was a bit flat at times….even so, i will miss it…

    I’m eager to see these actors in again…^^

    Thanks for the recap

  23. 23 ruky

    I hate to say this but i kind of wanted this drama to be over….This is a first for me. When i am excited about a drama, it stays that way till the end but this drama was exhausting for me….Thank God for you recap….

  24. 24 crazedlu

    there were so many complaints about the start of the drama, but i loved it. and like you said, the middle was where it really took off, but i stopped watching, and only read recaps and listened to songs, after shin’s corrected proclamation of like and the two episodes after that that showed them being all cutesy and stuff dating.

    their bickering in the first half was the funnest i’ve seen in a while. i loved it.

    great chemistry from the cast, and the show still has a place in my heart despite the last few eps.

    thanks for the recaps, jb, gf, kaedejun!

    can’t wait until the next high school or campus drama. please be AWWESOOMME.

  25. 25 bookworm

    Wee…! been keeping myself up to date with this drama through dramabeans coz i wanna know first if this is gonna be worth my time watching. heh. i like just light romance, none of those terminally ill-someone’s gonna die whatever. we’ve got toooooo much drama in real life hey. 🙂 im gunna watch this drama now! thanks!

  26. 26 Rachel

    I enjoyed the final episode. The writing in this drama wasn’t great, but somehow it worked anyway. The leads were adorable together, and there were lots of funny moments. I liked how the romance storyline didn’t follow the typical Kdrama arc (until the final episode, anyway.)

  27. 27 scarlettpixie

    I think part of the reason the ending fell so flat was because they were squishing two episodes worth of drama into one episode and I agree–it really weighed down the last episode. And as sweet as the final kiss was, it didn’t make too much sense after Kyu won told Shin that she hated him now.

    But this drama was sooo addicting! Even if the plot changed over and over and we start wondering what happened to the original story, I still feel like the renewed focus was worth cutting out some of the extra backstory such as Mom/Dad romance.

  28. 28 moidiom

    I wasn’t keen on the idea of Heartstrings II, but it would be fun to see the pairing of Ki-Young with Bo-woon. I think they would make a nice couple.

  29. 29 Autumn

    The finale was just…*facepalm* ok, I know angst is necessary, but they could’ve at least thought of something better, something a lil more satisfying. sigh. Having said that, I did cry. partly because I was genuinely saddened by the OTP separation (no matter how contrived it was), but mostly because I am going to miss this show so much.

    YFFM was like a breath of fresh air to me. Out of all the may-july dramas I’ve watched, I can say none has captured my heart the way YFFM did. It’s obviously flawed (oh all the untapped potentials…), but it’s also very charming in its own quiet way.

    I throughly enjoyed the music, the breezy atmosphere and the fresh summer colours. The OTP was definitely the driving force of the drama though, gawd I LOVE them so so much. Watching them just spending time together was like witnessing something precious and dear. Their relationship just felt so real. the awkwardness, delight, adoration, and longing, they were all there.

    Even though the story took a nose-dive in the later episodes, I have no regrets with this drama. It’s simple, beautiful and has heart. Most importantly, it made me giddy and happy. and really, any drama that could tap into my emotions is worthy to keep.

    Thanks kaede-jun once again for your lovely recaps, your hard work is much appreciated.

    • 29.1 Sa

      I coudlnt agree with you more! It was vibrant and sweet. Different from other kdramas and tried to be its on genre. I liked it that there wasnt the typical evil girl or evil guy. Everyone was neutral. Just trying to live day by day.

      Wasn’t perfect but as a whole fit nicely together.

  30. 30 comradeS

    Just a comment on So Yi-hyun…. I did not like her all that much in “You’ve Fallen For Me”. It seems that some actresses and actors cannot take a relatively flat character and make them really likable. But I love her in other shows, especially in 2005’s “Resurrection/Rebirth” where she was plucky and sweet. This definitely is not her brightest moment, but I’m just blaming this for the most part on the writers for a weak character.

    It was a sweet show, but really, it ended so flatly. But it WAS sweet. And Park Shin-hye was as adorable as always.

    • 30.1 Maho

      I completely agree with you on So Yi Hyun in other dramas she has seemed very alive and at times sassy/bubbly but seeing her as the initially depressed ballerina it was a let down although I warmed up to the character towards the very end. The show could have used one less episode and just ended with the conclusion of the musical. Rather than one meaningless ending.

    • 30.2 lambayyx

      kaedejun’s comment about So Yi Hyun didn’t even seem to be about her acting tbh. it was like she went from commenting on Yonghwa’s acting to personally attacking So Yi Hyun.

  31. 31 ninji

    A nice-neat-bow-ending means not so much melo probably. That’s good. Though I really don’t think this drama has gone that much into melo-territory, which only makes me happy (not counting the angsty first episodes which just completely felt like a different drama).

    And now I’m going to watch the final and although I’ve enjoyed this drama I’m ready to let it go and glad that it’s finished actually. Which I’m not used to.

    • 31.1 ninji

      So they saved all the meloangst for the last episode. I shouldn’t have jinxed it. Stupid meaningless noble idiocy.
      Cute rushed ending though.
      And he finally said he loved her. FINALLY.

      I did not fall for you, drama.

  32. 32 misachan

    this is one of those dramas where the storyline is pretty much…. non-existent.

    And for the most part, I actually can watch this drama as background noise while I do something else.

    BUT, call it my bias but watching the two leads, kiyoung!!!!, sometimes junhee, and the awesome music they play, I still like this drama more than I should have.

    in borrowing the dramabeans rating (how much i enjoy it/ how it actually is): 8/4.

    the writing really sucks…. ><
    I know that jb and gf would have written it much better (and funnier too)

    Anyways, thanks kaedejun for the recaps!!! =)

  33. 33 Angielee

    i still haven’t watched ep 19-20 of City Hunter and ep 14-15 of Heartstrings but i’ve read the recaps for both dramas. What do i do??? I don’t want both dramas to end (altho technically they have ended and i already know the endings) I just can’t bear to watch it end ='(

    • 33.1 Cynthia

      Chicken! 🙂

      (Did you watch the end of 49 Days? Was it the beginning of your trauma to avoid K-drama endings? Or,perhaps Stairway to Heaven? If so, your PTSKDD* is justified…)

      *Post Traumatic Stress K-Drama Disorder

      • 33.1.1 Angielee

        lol i still haven’t watched 49 days actually(altho i’ve also read the recaps hehe)…and stairway to heaven i did a long time ago hahahha

        I think what got me is that I read the recaps first(which i did for the other episodes too) but then it’s different now coz it’s the ending…so i’m just trying to prolong the inevitable hahaha i guess that makes me a chicken =)

  34. 34 nicole

    that was the most awkwardest kiss ever !! ahha!
    Anyways, thanks for the recap… I feel so empty now that this drama is over. LOL

  35. 35 taechic

    was not feeling the ending at all. quite disappointed actually. Oh there were some cute moments in the series overall. A lot of my favorite characters were the smaller side characters like Gramps, and Ki-Young.

  36. 36 Manaíra

    Ahhhh, to com o coração partido por não vê-los mais juntos *__* ( Shin e Yong são tão maravilhosos juntos , que quero mais um kdrama deles juntos por favoreeeeee )

    Terminou de uma maneira suave e cheia de sentimento agradáveis !!!!!!

  37. 37 lovenwait

    I will miss Lee Shin and Gyu Won so much. They match so well.

  38. 38 narengoku

    Thank you very much for the recaps guys…Really thank you for all ur work…

  39. 39 lucy

    Even if this episode is not my favorite, i love the ending, i find it romantic and beautiful and how i wish there was still time for those sweet moments of the OTP after the reconciliation.

    also, i hate the accident of shin, it would had been better if both of them are successful after a year, i cried with them in their pain when they separated..i cried with shin when he was enduring the pain alone and denying it to KW…i cried with them when they meet again and hiding their feelings for each other..
    Anyway, i love the part when Kw told LS that she will really forget him..those words stunned LS and kudos to YH for that believable eye expressions..he was so afraid of those words because he knows KW very well, when she said “i will really hate you” she will definitely do that..

    HS may not be perfect but i enjoyed watching it.
    HS is a breather from the usual kdrama….the story is something light and breezy and which i could easily relate to..i also like the scenery, mostly greens, so, its refreshing to the eyes, and the soundtrack, its the best and last but definitely not the least is the chemistry of the OTP, they are on top of my list..their cuteness and sweetness is so natural and got me hooked..now, i wonder if i will have the courage to see them with other on-screen partners..i love them in YAB before but they are the way better as LS and KW in HS..i am thankful that my wish of a YH and shinhye team up came true..

    with this being sad, Hs will be among my favorite Kdramas and will watch it over and over again..

    thank you for your recaps

  40. 40 linhalicious

    I really liked this show, made me fall in love with korean dramas and everything korean. I really hope there will be a second season or something to show the production.. or i want the both of them to be in another drama together. they make it seem so realistic. you know when its good when you start crying with them cause its so emotional. deff gonna watchh it again 🙂

    • 40.1 funnylittlefishy

      i just wanted to let you know, if this is the first kdrama you’ve seen, you should check out You’re Beautiful. It has Park Shin Hye as the lead and Jung Yonghwa as the second lead, so he’s not the main guy, but his character is like… my favorite man in the world. part of the reason why i was so excited for heartstrings was because i could finally see these two together 🙂 anyway, although i love this drama for them, it’s definitely a mediocre specimen. if you loved this one… oh man, just wait til you watch a few more! seriously check out YB, if you liked this one, and you liked the leads, im 100% sure you’ll love it.

  41. 41 want all the kguys

    I love yong hwa and psh and some of the extra characters like ki young, soo myung and the drumer kang min-hyuk. That kiss was awkward and horrible!!! but the drama was nice.. heartstrings fighting!

  42. 42 Yer Vang

    For some reason, I thought they werent going to get together. There was like ten minutes left and i was like, when are they going to get back?

  43. 43 HeadsNo2

    At least Lie to Me was a little more assure of its non-plot trajectory and did without a time jump… Though I would put this drama with ‘Lie to Me’ as my 2011 Disappointments.

  44. 44 rr

    lee shin and gyuwon,i will never forget you..you’re the best onscreen couple i’ve ever seen..love you so much and i’ll miss you..yonghwa and shinhye,until the next one!:) thank you heartstrings for a great and memorable summer ride..i’ll forever cherish this summer because of you!

  45. 45 notoriousnoona

    kaedejun, thank you so much for all these recaps. In almost every episode I burst out laughing realizing how much you and I think alike! It truly has been fun.
    I enjoyed the series overall but the last bit was too much for me. Shin and the wrist was a trope that didn’t have to be used and then the breakup was completely pointless.
    However, beyond all that, I enjoyed reading what you had to say.
    Thank you again 🙂

  46. 46 Lhej

    Thank you for the recap. All I can say is that I’ve fallen in love with Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye!

  47. 47 a_fan

    I enjoyed this drama. I think it had enough angst and romance and the two leads didn’t do a bad job – hear both jb and gf concur. I think dramas like Heartstrings are mostly enjoyed by those who have had a relationship and/or either young or young at heart. In my twenties, i would have scoffed at a similar drama. What did i know then.

  48. 48 Shima

    I totally agree about the feeling that the drama ended at the end of the performance–I was shocked when they said the performance was “tomorrow” during that episode–what? so what are we doing for 3 more episodes exactly?

    I will never be a fan of the final episode time jump, because it just feels like a copout when the writer doesn’t have any ideas for the characters as they are now anymore. >,<

    I do love the Soo Myung/Ki Young bromance, though, x100000. And you're right, the characters really carried the drama since the plot itself was rather weak (or light, I suppose). I just enjoyed myself watching it, though, all the way through. Thanks so much for the recaps!

  49. 49 mia

    l did enjoy this drama and to fill up my every Wed and Thurs’s korean dramas addition (beside Protect the Boss). However, its ended at 15 not 16, lack by an episode. It however ended it nicely (as mostly viewers want it, l guess).

    For me, the best about this drama, that attracted mostly is the actors of Jung Hwa and Park Shin Hye. Their chemistry is shown and they really looks nice and adorable together (at least l can sigh relief after he didn’t get her in You’re Beautiful).

    This drama, even its worth watching, it can be easily forgotten. The campus love story that people waited so much comes in flatly and slowly, bringing matters of Director and the ballerina the most leaving main characters hanging. Should the love campus be more enjoyable and interesting beside more loveble and romantic scene?? l see that the main focus in this drama not the campus love that people are waiting for. Instead the main focus goes to the acting theather that looks fail in the end. And they’re wasted their shots by giving more highlights to the Director and the ballerina, until the end. Should it be more to Shin and Kyu Won’s love.

    Their hugging at last episode is satisfying. Their kiss, awkward and very light, just touch lips. I’ve seen Shin Hye’s kisses before and she is bad in kissing. l never see Jung Hwa’s kiss before, may be l do not come across one.

    Lastly, my round up of Heartstring, overall, its a drama with just flat in every angle, the story, plot, romance, all flat. What brings audience to this drama is only the actors, just two actors. The rest (beside attention given to the director and the ballerina) all shown flatly.

    It simple easy to be forgotten. Not like when l watch City Hunter. l hope Can’t Lose which will replace Heartstring could give me more satisfying (looks like their trailer shown). However, at the moment l’m watching Scent of a Woman and Protect the Boss. Both are really good.

  50. 50 mox2

    meh.. i haven’t really been following the drama but i thought the ending was really plain (maybe i needed the context of the whole 15 ep’s to appreciate it?) I felt as though the whole wrist accident was an unncessary ‘filler’ – not really adding to the drama as a whole. The whole breaking up scene a well.. He says let’s break up – she just accepts it and cuts contact for a whole year? I dunno,, I think that 14 eps would’ve been better. Anyway,, lots of improvement in acting for both the leads so a well done to them! 🙂

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