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A look at Song Hye-gyo’s new movie Today
by | September 25, 2011 | 101 Comments

It’s been four years since Korean audiences have seen Song Hye-gyo on the big screen, which they’ll get to do next month with the release of her new movie Today [오늘], or its English-language title, A Reason To Live. (She did film indie project Fetish in 2008, but that film wasn’t well received and only screened briefly in Korea two years after it wrapped. It’s in that category of sorta-doesn’t-count on her resumé, brought out when desired to make a point, but mostly ignored.)

Anyway. Song has looked at this project as a turning point in her acting; it’s a somber, more serious project than her previous roles. She’s got a few rom-coms under her belt, a sageuk romance, and a few big melo K-dramas; this movie, on the other hand, is more introspective and sensitive. She plays a documentary PD, Da-hye, whose fiancé is killed by a 17-year-old boy. She forgives him, but a year later, finds that her forgiveness gave rise to some unintended results, throwing her into chaos and sadness. The poster above reads, “I’m sorry for forgiving too easily…”

Here’s the trailer:

The clip starts out with a faceless man telling Da-hye he loves her, who then dies in an accident, and ends with the intriguing comment, “My forgiveness killed a person.”

The movie also stars premium child (now teenage) actress Nam Ji-hyun (Queen Seon-deok, Will It Snow For Christmas), Song Chang-eui (You’ve Fallen For Me), and Ki Tae-young (Creating Destiny). That’s a great lineup, and hopefully makes for solid dramatic acting. I think Song Hye-gyo can be a decent actress, but often find her cold; I’d love to see her tapping into some real emotion for once. I hope this movie does that for her.

Lee Jung-hyang directed Today; she’s the director who lent her sensitive touch to 2002’s The Way Home, starring a 10-year-old Yoo Seung-ho.

Today releases on October 27.

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101 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fasiris Fay

    looks interesting!

  2. Alice

    Looks intriguing. I want to hear more.

  3. BellaMafia

    That song.. sounds like the theme song from Smallville..

    • 3.1 Pat

      Haha when I first heard the start of the song, I thought the same xD Smallville…good times…
      This movie looks interesting, I hope there are subs available so I can watch it!

  4. Little One

    I love this actress :)! She’s my very favorite :)! I love the way she expresses her emotions!

  5. nina

    can’t wait miss her acting

  6. Jenn C

    She looks different, but it suits her acting role for this movie more

  7. vic

    the way home is my favorite movie
    can’t wait

  8. Sayuri

    I want to see this so much! What’s the name of the song in the trailer?

    • 8.1 Opal

      This looks interesting!! I love Song hye kyo!

      The song is Save me – Tom Howe 🙂 It took me ages to find it because I wanted to know too!! 🙂

  9. Cynthia

    JB – your observation about her being a decent actress, but cold, is dead on. There’s something about her adult persona while acting that feels restrained. It’s like trying to pick up a cat that’s jussst out of reach and keeps edging away from you.

    It’s really too bad because I just watched her again in the older K-drama “Hotelier” with BYJ and KSW. It was one of her earliest roles (if not the first?) and she just explodes off the screen. She’s in the moment for every scene she’s in, exuding warmth, charm, fragility and determination.

    Then I watched “Make Yourself at Home” and wondered what had happened to her. A movie horrible beyond belief.

    I would hope that she regains her original lustre in this new production. That old Hollywood adage of “You’re only as good as your last performance.” is true for a reason. She needs a memorable, stand-out performance.

    • 9.1 nell123

      That’s strange. My observations about ‘Hotelier’ are just the opposite. She was kinda cold and snotty in that too. And to tell you the truth i think that’s the type of role that suits her the most.

      I’ve seen her do rom-coms and I don’t think she can play cute and funny at all. Every time, including during that infamous bear song in ‘Fill House’, I’ve seen her try the cute stuff it felt foreign to her, and never, ever felt natural.

      • 9.1.1 Cynthia

        We’ll have to agree to disagree, here.
        Hotelier was her break-out performance and she really was cute and funny in Full House.
        Those two were her “younger days” performances – I think she’s just choosing more roles in the serious content now that she’s older and that she obviously wants to be seen as a dramatic actress.

    • 9.2 Lara

      I think it’s because she doesn’t let herself go when acting.

      • 9.2.1 Soom

        I agree. There’s something in her acting that appears as if she’s holding back and not fully immersed in her character. I hope this movie shows a different light to her, good luck to her.

  10. 10 jude

    The first picture shows her emotion as seen from her eyes.. The others I’m not really sure. There’s blandness in most of them, her expressions are almost all the same except the ones where she is smiling. Look at Nam Ji-hyun’s two pictures, totally shows different depth. But I do really hope that this will be a turning point in her acting.

  11. 11 gia

    Omg, she look exactly the same when she was in Autumn in My Heart… wow

    • 11.1 cranky

      I was thinking of the same thing! Her face seems rounder and her hair style looks more like her character back then.

    • 11.2 asianromance

      I know!!

      In the past 8 years or so, i felt that she’s been looking different, probably maintaining a strict weight for her cfs. And now that I see these stills, she looks exactly the same as back then – younger, rounder face, and an aura of being raw with potential.

      • 11.2.1 Soom

        I think she’s looking better with a fuller face and fuller cheeks. They add brightness to her. In Worlds Within, I thought she always looked sullen, but maybe that’s the character.

  12. 12 ed

    The yellow umbrella was a key image in the director’s first movie “Art museum by the zoo”, I think. How interesting she continues to work with directors who used Shim Eun-ha as leading lady.

    • 12.1 melusine

      Yeah I also noticed the yellow umbrella(=Art Museum by the Zoo). It’s an unnecessary marketing ploy.

      Nothing against SHK, but she’s no Shim Eun-Ha.

  13. 13 elly

    Very beautiful Hye Kyo.

    • 13.1 William

      I’m a man, but I do not like Song Hye Kye’s face because she has no any distinguish face as a woman. She needs to grow up as an actress in acting. All poor girls like her.

  14. 14 Tasya

    She my favorit artis…i hope today success,,hye kyo you artis the best n natural beauty

    • 14.1 doni

      she’s not all almost natural beauty, but she’s have a plastic surgary too..but not to much LOL 😀
      and i agree she’s beautifull artist and like her acting..:D

  15. 15 mika

    Fighting SHG
    she looks younger.

    • 15.1 resoure

      Disagree!! She looks older and has dull face.

  16. 16 Kiara

    Love the young talented Nam Ji-hyun. She is going to be a big star someday. <3

  17. 17 Gisell

    All the best for Kyo. I believe Today will make her become stronger and stronger (in her acting too). Fighting, Kyo

  18. 18 hershey


  19. 19 kilmenyanne

    God, the camera loves her.

  20. 20 Roxy

    Miss her! glad to see her back 🙂

  21. 21 Katherine

    I’m curious as to what the consequences were after she forgave the boy. Definitely got me interested and can’t wait to hear more about the film when it comes out. Wishing her all the best ^^

  22. 22 jyyjc

    I wanted to say this but had nowhere to say it. Fetish was crap. I never thought song hyekyo had amazing acting but I didn’t expect that the caucasian actors would have way worse acting skills than her. Despite it being a thriller, I was mostly amused. Hope she does better in this movie.

  23. 23 pepermintjen19

    Finally..Love the feeling of the movie..Will definitely watch this…SHK is beautiful as always….

  24. 24 alua

    Haven’t seen her in any film, but this looks interesting. Some beautiful cinematography in the trailer… this might be promising!

  25. 25 Eliza Bennet

    So far she has not been lucky when it comes to big screen and I wish this will change with the film.

    I love her. She is very beautiful and naturally look so and I like that she tries new things (such as Worlds Within) when it is obvious she’ll do great in any melo or rom com.

    She is not as good an actor as some of the female Korean actors but I think she definitely imporved over the years.

    Also no one can argue her taste in men 🙂

    • 25.1 Billyone

      @ Eliza Bennet
      “Also no one can argue her taste in men.” you’re describing your idol as a seducer and luster. Yes, Yes, She has been that way what you decribed about her personality. How shamful action is that? Her acting skills are bottom, so she needs to learn from the younger actress instead of being a jealous and older woman.

      • 25.1.1 Soom

        Billyone, you’re choosing to read Eliza Bennet’s comment that way. You seem inclined to hate SHK regardless and are choosing to read this comment in a negative light. Truthfully, it makes you look kind of sad.

  26. 26 aardvarksmile

    As for the coldness… I would like to mention that there are also cold peole around us. Not everybody can or wants to express what they feel. All in all, as far as I can remember, I’ve always found SHK believable in her roles. I’m loooking forward for that new movie.

  27. 27 Tasya

    Hye kyo beautiful…we always support hye kyo,i think acting hye kyo more the best and natural..hye kyo always total deep acting at movie or drama 😉 all the best for hye kyo

  28. 28 [email protected]@M!

    looks like she gained some weight…..good for her 🙂

  29. 29 MIMI


    • 29.1 Ima

      Song Hye Kyo shii….Aza…aza fighting…don’t care all that Antis say…always happy and success in your life and carieer…We always support you

    • 29.2 Cristal

      I agree with you. She is so boring and dull.

  30. 30 Tasya

    SONG HYE KYO you woman very very beauty n natural…i like you acting from drama Autumn Tale n always like you acting at every movie and drama :-* 😉 hye kyo actrees the best at KOREA 😉

    • 30.1 Billyone

      Song is the worst actress in Korea. Her talent is the only seducing actors than improving her acting skills. Look at how many she has had boyfriends by flirtering all of her co-stars by herself. All of her works were turned down by viewers and movies analysists. She reads a book while she acts instead of acting. Who is gonna watch that kinds of actings? Nobody except Song’s not many fans. Also, she has so many plastic sugeries, so her face is not natural one.

      • 30.1.1 Soom

        Yikes! You really have beef with her don’t you? It’s like she ran over your cat or something. Such meaness towards someone you don’t even know, eek.

      • 30.1.2 pepermintjen19

        Oww!!that was too mean…I think dating only two men and she’s now 30 will not make her a seducer…Is it her fault dt men fall for her by simply looking at her?

        “She reads a book while she acts instead of acting.”
        I guess you read this in an article pertaining her hobby while filming My girl..hahahah..the fact dt you read this about her make it seems dt you are included in her “not many fans”????kekekeke…Anyways dts your opinion..everyone’s entitled to it…^__^

        • orange

          Poor Song Hye Kye. She has so many antis because it comes from her. One thing that she dated all of her acting partners. That is a fact.

          • femmefatale

            is it true that she dated all her acting partners? i thought it was only hyun bin and the her leading man in “All In”? by the way, her face is really proportional and angelic. she’s better as a commercial model rather than actress. there’s something lacking in her eyes that i see in the eyes of kim sun ah, yoon eun hye, ha ji won, son ye jin or shin min ah when they act. it’s called PASSION. 🙂

  31. 31 Tash

    Does anyone know where I can watch The Way Home online?

    • 31.1 anais

      Amazon has it among their streaming videos. SO GOOD!

  32. 32 Tash

    Does anyone know where I can watch The Way Home online with English subtitles?

  33. 33 kikyy

    I hope song hye gyo’s movie can be success, and this movie can be answer negative thinking about her.. Good luck onnie,, your truly fans always support you..

    Song hye kyo FOREVER…

  34. 34 am

    Nothing reeled me in to be honest. The trailer looks and sounds mediocre and well, kinda shallow.

  35. 35 cartmann

    The hook, as always, is the ethereal Song Hye Kyo. Those dismissing her acting apparently cannot get by the indisputable magnificence of her physical appearence. Have you seen her in ‘Autumn in my Heart?’ Maybe she was supposed to be electrified and sparkling playing the part of a young person living and dying under those circumstances. Being understated and outwardly aloof is not the equivalent of being bland and boring. (Think: James Dean, Gary Cooper, Kimura Takuya…) A simmering pot still radiates heat. When all else fails, just study the incredible portait of human beauty that you see before you and enjoy the popcorn. I know I will… 🙂

  36. 36 Selli

    Well, maybe he felt even guiltier because she forgave him, and then killed himself? Probably not, though, I don’t think that’s what this is going for XD Maybe he killed someone else, but if she hadn’t forgiven him so easily, that somehow couldn’t have happened? Nah, that makes no sense. Oh well, we’ll find out ^^

  37. 37 Cam

    ooooooo…….that must be interesting, mm. (nods)

  38. 38 luraaa

    I really like her because she’s natural and pretty (and yes, she’s my girl-crush as well). Even though she’s not the best actress of her generation, I still can’t help but like her. And I do find her cold sometimes, but she was believable enough for me in Full House. I guess this “coldness” that she exudes from her acting can be utilized like her character Joo Joon-young in Worlds within. I think she owned that role, because Joo Joon-young as a character is really interesting.

    I just hope that she makes more films and dramas so she can improve. And this is definitely on my watch list.

    • 38.1 loolala

      I tried to watch her drama, but one episode I saw was terrible acting. So, I turned off the channel since then I have never seen her acting because it is waisting my time watching the poor acting. She has so many plastic sugeries which Song’s fans don’t know or deny about it, but she admitted by her mouth that she had plastic surgeries. So, her face is not natural or pretty. Her face is dull and no attraction at all with short legs. She is too short to be an actress. The director was not thinking about hiring her, but she begged to her to get the work because directors do not hire any more Song because her works all of them have been failed from the viewer rates. In the WW, she failed her role as the woman in the drama, so she is not fitting that role. What she did was only sucking Hyun Bin mouth and libs to seduce him. How dirty girl is that? She think all of her acting partners are all her lovers in real life. Dirty girl. The movie, “Today”will be failed because not many people (only Song’s fans) will be watched it.

      • 38.1.1 cartmann

        You must living in a parallel, opposite universe, my friend. and it sure is dark in there. 🙁 Regarding these aledged surgeries, you may want to take a look at the many childhood pictures of her that are widely available then explain to us any inconsistancies with her ‘before’ and ‘after’ appearence. Perhaps her operations were pre-natal? As for her “short legs”, I was never aware that there was a height requirement as far as beauty goes. (Sorry “short” people, you must be at least THIS TALL to get on this ride. 🙂 )The personal attacks on her character, well, it sounds like you know her imtimately, so I’ll just take every defaming word that you say as the gospel truth… 😉

  39. 39 karisma

    “Today” is definitely a must to watch and……. Song Hye Kyo is ♥

    • 39.1 resoure

      I will definitley not watch the movie, so go ahead. My friends and I are not wasting a penny to Song Hye Kye’s work because she is a not good actress. That is just your must watch movie, but not everyone wants to watch it.

  40. 40 Eliza Bennet

    “@ Eliza Bennet
    “Also no one can argue her taste in men.” you’re describing your idol as a seducer and luster. ”

    1- She is not my idol – I don’t have any idols. I’m total die hard fan of one actor and he is not Korean and even he is not my idol.

    2- I’m describing her as a woman who dated with two men many women would like to date

    How does that make her a seducer? Both men were single when she dated and then broke up with them… Or here is a thought, maybe just maybe they wanted to date her (gasp!) I know this is so far fetched but not entirely impossible no? 🙂

    How come any pretty woman becomes a ‘seducer’ when she dates a man lots of other women wants to date?

    • 40.1 Brain

      Hey, she is a dull and boring woman. Also, she dated all of her co-workers in real life not just two men. You need to get correct information about your idol before writing it.

  41. 41 maria

    looks really good. cant wait to watch this!

  42. 42 anais

    First – The fact this film is directed by the director of The Way Home is a major plus. I LOVE THAT FILM! Reminded me of my own grandma. Torrent of tears!

    Second – I didn’t realize there were such vehement Song Hye Kyo haters. There are some actresses I loathe, but the absurdity of the animosity evident here is sheer entertainment.

    Lastly – Back to the film. I hope it’s as poignant as The Way Home.

    • 42.1 Soom

      Second – It’s pretty much the same person making comments under different names. The fact that they keep bringing up SHK’s “seduction of her co-stars” LOL makes me think SHK must have dated one of their actor crushes, and thereby ruined their fantasy of said actor. I hope it’s a tween or 14/15 year old making these comments, because if it’s a grown woman (or man) making such petty and grammatically challenged comments, then that’s just sad.

  43. 43 weenie

    i can’t wait any longer….. i wanna watch it already!!!
    i super MISS her…… T0T

  44. 44 89.9

    39.1, i pity you!! so jealous of pretty hye gyo??!!
    get a life a.hole!!

  45. 45 mhaiee

    beautiful girls like hye gyo really got a lot of haters ei??
    oh my god!!!
    i won’t mind if i have lots of hater, in exchange to hye gyo’s face?? i would definitely accept that…… as in!!!! she is the prettiest girl i have ever seen on earth…. i even dream of having a daughter who looks like her!!!

    i so love her face, she is superbly beautiful!!!
    and she has a nice body too….

    • 45.1 chiwha

      Most of Song Hye Kye fans are blinded. She has a not good character with a cold face without any attraction. She is the ugliest girl I have seen. I do not buy that kind of not natural face, but I buy what they have in their heart. Her heart and brain are empty. She has a half emptied brain, so she confessed that she did not do good in school.

      • 45.1.1 William

        Yep! I give you my hands up. Even she has not any a common college degree because her brain is not working well. Poor girl who was dumped by all of the men who acted and dated in real life with her because she only flirtered first to satisfy her sex life. As a man, I hate that kinds of personality as an actress.

  46. 46 tamdee

    yeah!!! song hye kyo is very beautiful……. lots of chinese likes her. she is very popular here in china.

    i have friend in philippines and thailand, they say she is popular there too… very beautiful girl that is why lots of people are jealous….

  47. 47 BETH

    I can’t help but laugh re: comments made by Song Hye Kyos haters.They are so filled w/ envy and jealousy,they can’t even make a legitimate critisism.How can one say her dramas suck if you only watched one episode?How can you say she has plastic surgeries,when all her baby and teenage pictures look the same humm!!Are you blind?Maybe… by your jealousy :)You might be even refering to your own idol lol.We live here in San Francisco and we all love SHK.That means her fans are all over the world.We will be waiting for her movie here.Good luck to you SHK!!

    • 47.1 Heather

      I laugh at your comments because you don’t know about Song Hye Kye well enough to be analysised. You need to have right infomation about your idol. She has been critisized so many times by people because of her lower acting skills. Looks like you’re blinded. Get a fact before correctly analysis about your idol.
      Nam Ji-Hyun is a much better actress than Song Hey Kye. She needs to learn from the much younger actress. All of Song’s works have been rejected by the audiences. There is none of her works recognized by Korean Entertainments and movie makers.

    • 47.2 Allie

      Oh come on, Beth. Those with negative remarks about SHG’s acting ability are not simply because they are full on envy of her physical appearance! Get real, seriously! SHG is no, say, Sohn Ye Jin, you know, if I just to name a BEAUTIFUL actress who CAN ACT. We’re talking about a movie here!

      And I definitely will watch this movie, for the sake of the director and Nam Ji Hyun! Actually I was hoping that JB will write about Nam Ji Hyun as the basic element for her posting about “Today”‘ 😀

      • 47.2.1 femmefatale

        i am trying my best to keep my objectivity here. this girl is really pretty. if we were to point out the face that would perfectly fit the conventional type of beauty, a large part would point to this girl’s face. however, i just can’t deny that when i’m watching a drama/movie of hers, i get bored in the middle of it all. something’s definitely missing. it’s so sad and ironic to think that she’s trapped in the entertainment industry yet doesn’t have this burning kind of passion for acting (well, that’s what i see in her eyes). with SHK’ face plus say, Kim Sun Ah’s acting, a legend is made. i hope that in this project, she could prove me wrong. it’s never too late to become a Legend, anyway.

  48. 48 supah

    Nam Ji-hyun!!! 😀
    Nuff said.

  49. 49 lisa

    song hye kyo is most beautiful korean actress and most famous in asia. I just laugh read all haters said. Figting kyo I will watch this movie and all your movie and drama in future..

  50. 50 hugo

    How many here have noticed how similar the remarks of “chiwha”, “Heather”, “loolula”, “Orange”, “Billyone”, and “resource” are? Repeated mentions of SHK dating her co-stars, needing “to take lessons from younger actress” and refering to her three times as “Song Hye Kye.” Do you smell a troll?

    • 50.1 loolula

      You’r stupiest girl who tries to defend shk who is the dirtiest girl. By the way, I am a defferent person OK!!!!!!!! The people who mentioned shk datings with all of her partners were all of her true history which everyone knows it. So, they critisized her poor history. So far, we’ve just seen her many scandals through her works instead of good acting skills. Those the reasons people do not like shk because she is just a hooker.

      • 50.1.1 crazy loolula

        loolula = crazy stupid person,

    • 50.2 Heather

      Hi hugo!
      You sound like not having good critical thinking of brain to match with all of people you listed because we are thinking the similar ways, but we are not the same. All fans of SHG and Song are all poolish people who do not know what are important in their lives. SHG has been bad examples to all of her fans and people, but the fans just follow without using brains what Song has been influnced to them. She has shown only bad scandals, poor acting skills, only flirtering to all of her acting partners, got dumpted from all of them because of not a good heart and brain, several plastic surgeries, a short leg body=her height (156cm), full of jealous, and lower self esteem, etc…… Those are all truth of her characteristics, but her fans just follow her without any discrimination of her character. She is worthless because all of her movies and dramas have been downgraded because of her not good acting skills. Pity on HK’s fans. They need to wake up what they have been influenced by her.

    • 50.3 Billyone

      To hugo, What the heck!!!! Oh!!! You’re one of the stupid fans who don’t know how much she has bad reputation in Korea. Hooker = Mrs. Song Hye Kye.

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