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Can’t Lose: Episode 8
by | September 15, 2011 | 38 Comments

Hugs, fisticuffs, and forced skinship galore! I love embarrassing group therapy. It’s just what a stubborn couple needs – to be the losers at something together, just to take them down a peg or two. We’re halfway, so it’s time for some big revelations, as well as some resurgence of those pesky feelings, just to gum up the works.


Hyung-woo’s mother storms in and kicks the court official out, insisting that there won’t be a next time for him to meet the couple again. She sits them down to hear it straight from the kids, despite having heard every little thing from Gogi and Soju.

She’s talking to Hyung-woo, who tries to avoid eye contact (yeah that doesn’t work with moms) and then looks to Eun-jae for help. Mom snaps at him, wondering why he’s looking at her, when she didn’t do anything wrong.

Whoa. Is Mom taking Eun-jae’s side? Well that’s a first. Eun-jae looks up, startled. Mom continues to Hyung-woo that he acted plenty suspiciously, so he has no leg to stand on. She tells him to apologize and beg forgiveness, and that’s that.

He can’t believe Mom’s taking Eun-jae’s side, and she doesn’t even argue that she’s not: “It’s because I’ve been married to someone exactly like you, so I know what it’s like.” HA. Touché, Mother. Touché.

She tells him that he does whatever he wants and he knows it. And Eun-jae ekes out a little smile, feeling slightly vindicated. Hyung-woo just tells her that it’s Eun-jae who wants the divorce anyway, and storms off.

Mom sits down next to Eun-jae and asks her to reconsider for Mom’s sake, because she can’t abide watching her son divorce. Eun-jae just hangs her head and apologizes, saying that they’re just too mismatched.

Mom tells her to do as she likes then, and moves on to Plan B.

Eun-jae tells him that the recorder was a fresh shock, and stews at his tipping the scales in his favor. She decides that the emails will be her big strategy. At the same time, Hyung-woo decides that HotBar will be his big ace.

Eun-jae begs Woo-shik to be a witness for her divorce case, but he refuses to do it. He tells her that marriage is hard but divorce is harder, and that he doesn’t want to see Eun-jae lonely. Aw.

She sighs that she can’t trust Hyung-woo anymore. She can’t help it, but she thinks about him and Hee-soo, every night before she goes to sleep, and her heart sinks. She says it feels like she’s in a one-sided love.

At the same time, Hyung-woo tries to convince Gogi to be a witness for his side, and Gogi does the same and refuses. Eun-jae walks in, about to ask Young-joo the same thing, and she answers for both her and Gogi, that they won’t take sides.

Professor Jo walks in, ignoring them per his usual bizarre habits, and then when the couple stands behind him at attention, he treats them like invisible buzzing flies, wondering why this place is filled with such useless people.

They scram before he gets mad and takes it out on their divorce proceedings. Heh. He totally wins for most passive-aggressive mentor ever. He wonders aloud why they’re running around all stuck together, when they’re trying to get divorced. Good question.

Meanwhile it’s the Meeting of the Moms, and Hyung-woo’s mother spills the beans about the divorce, sending Eun-jae’s mom into an uproar. But Hyung-woo’s mother has already been down that road, and calmly tells her that she’s not going to convince them not to get divorced by running over there and yelling, especially since her daughter refuses to see her.

She declares adorably that they don’t have heads just to get perms, and that they should put their heads together to come up with a plan. Aw, yeah. Moms vs. Kids. It’s on!

While the kids are busy trying to recruit witnesses to their sides (everyone refuses to testify except Deuk-hee, who happily announces that she will go to whomever treats her the best), the moms have thought up a strategy.

They call Gogi and Soju over to act on their behalf. How much do I love that the moms are teaming up, and that they have double agents working for them?

Gogi and Young-joo call the couple over and agree to testify for each of them… only there’s a catch. They have to attend a Couples Healing Camp with them, and try their best while they’re there.

Hee. Trust moms to pick something embarrassing for them to do. Eun-jae agrees, which surprises Hyung-woo, and they agree to go as long as Gogi and Young-joo sign contracts that they will testify if they do this.

The foursome heads to camp wearing matching sweats, and Gogi and Young-joo stick to each other like glue, while Hyung-woo and Eun-jae turn every little thing into a battle.

They’re told to hold hands, so Hyung-woo pinches Eun-jae’s finger and holds it up listlessly, like she has cooties. Eun-jae in turn grabs his hand and twists it violently, like she’s trying to mug him or something.

Watching Gogi and Young-joo act so lovey-dovey just gets them angrier, and they take to massaging each other like stress therapy… for the person giving the massage.

Hyung-woo lands on the floor, writhing in pain, while Eun-jae tries to laugh it off like he’s being a big baby. Heh.

Next is eye contact and saying “I love you,” which Hyung-woo mumbles half-heartedly, and Eun-jae rattles off in some mangled version of English-Chinese-French.

And then when they’re told to say it five times over, Eun-jae totally rats him out to teacher when he only says it four times. Hehehe. Oh, the petty.

Gogi and Young-joo scoff that they hardly participated at all, and at the fear of losing their key witnesses, the couple swears to do better next time. Oh, it’s like a weekly class? Even better.

The boys work on their case, and Hyung-woo tells Gogi about Eun-jae’s other man. He asks Gogi to testify that he saw them, and he balks at lying. But he’s surprised that Eun-jae would have another guy. The girls work on their case, and Young-joo is equally surprised to hear about Hyung-woo’s two-year correspondence, agreeing that it’s definitely not with Mom.

Hyung-woo comes home but only to pack a bag, since they’re fully in war prep time. But he stops when he gets another email from Green Tea. It turns out it IS his mother, only it’s clearly not a message directed at him. It says that she’s upset and that Hyung-woo is getting divorced.

Oh MAN. It’s to his little brother, isn’t it? He’s been pretending to be Little Bro this whole time, to ease his mother’s heart at her youngest son cutting off contact. Aw. That kills me. *heart hurty*

He heads to the office, with no real plan other than to sleep in his chair, so Woo-shik offers his place. But when Hyung-woo arrives, he’s horrified at the mess, and Woo-shik just sighs that such is the life of a divorced man.

I don’t think this is a tactic necessarily, but it’s brilliant if it is. Hyung-woo starts imagining himself living this way, becoming the same — a slovenly ajusshi with nothing but law books and beer. It horrifies him and he tries to shake it off.

But we all know that Eun-jae’s the one destined to become the messy one with empty beer cans and instant ramyun containers stacked to high heaven. She sits alone in the apartment, exploding another bag of chips and saying aloud to convince herself that it’s really comfortable living this way.

Woo-shik tells Hyung-woo that he had a “girlfriend” while he was married; not someone he cheated with, but a friend he talked to, said things he couldn’t tell his wife. But that was more of a betrayal to his wife than if he had cheated.

He tells Hyung-woo that sometimes men do things without thinking it a big deal… but they are a VERY big deal to women, and can leave big scars. It gives Hyung-woo pause apparently he’s new, and hasn’t considered this before. Woo-shik asks him not to tell Eun-jae that he’s staying here, since it might give the impression he’s taking sides.

At the next Couple Healing session, they have to pop a balloon between them so they reluctantly try, bickering all the while. Finally Hyung-woo just grabs her in a hug, and it sends shock waves through both of them.

Their hearts start to race, and they stay suspended in the moment, confusing feelings rising back up… until a balloon pop from Gogi and Young-joo bursts their bubble in more ways than one.

Then it’s speed quiz time, and they fail miserably, just so out of sync with everything. The last one is “Lee Eun-jae,” and Hyung-woo tosses out the clue: “The thing that’s most important to me!”

And Eun-jae calls out everything BUT her. He finally says, “YOU!” and then she guesses: “Trial? Divorce?” Oh dear. After the clock runs out she looks back and sees her name on the placard, and asks bitterly, “Since when?”

Gogi and Soju report to Team Mom that their plan isn’t really going so well. Soju wonders if they’re forced to be together, given more time, things might work out. But Gogi worries that the “together” part of that plan is faulty, besides which, time isn’t on their side.

Eun-jae’s mom worries, so she goes to find Eun-jae, and drags her away for coffee. She asks about the divorce, but Eun-jae is as cold as ever, wondering why it’s any business of hers.

She reminds her that Mom was the one who made the choice when she left to go tend to “That man” in his sickbed. Mom reminds her that it’s her father she’s talking about, but Eun-jae scoffs at the moniker, never having had a father once in her life.

She then opens up a little about her childhood. She tells Mom that she was an outcast all throughout school because the kids knew she didn’t have a dad. Once, “that person’s wife” came to school and said that he was cheating on her with Mom, and slapped her across the face. Yikes.

She had no one to lean on and no one to talk to, and Mom always raised her harshly. Mom says that was because she wanted her to be strong, and not be lacking anything despite being without a father.

Eun-jae: “Thanks to that fact, I was really lonely.” Mom tells her to live well with Hyung-woo then. But Eun-jae sighs, “When I’m with him, I’m even lonelier.” Aw, that wrenches my gut a little.

Mom returns to her restaurant and breaks down in tears. I wonder how much this relationship might be repaired if Mom and daughter stopped being so prideful and outwardly strong, and just cried in front of each other instead of waiting to do it alone.

Also, I’m now concerned for HotBar if he does turn out to be her brother, because if they share this same father, then his googly eyes at her are not so much with the kosher.

The couple spends the night before their first trial date grilling their witnesses, but come the day of, Gogi and Young-joo hold their ground and neither shows up to court. Hyung-woo’s mom does, though, and starts beating him with her purse in front of everyone. Heh.

Soju and the others have to drag her out, and then they begin with the evidence that they have – pictures of each other “cheating,” and copies of Hyung-woo’s two-year correspondence with Green Tea.

It’s the last one that gives Eun-jae the stronger case, and Hyung-woo insists he didn’t lie. But Eun-jae surprises him by saying that it doesn’t matter, because what she cares about isn’t who they’re addressed to, but what they say.

She describes them as using uncharacteristically kind and sweet words, describing his inner thoughts and everyday worries, and wonders how he could write those things to someone else, and not his own wife.

It’s the fact that he shared this part of himself with someone else but never once with her. And it’s clear that Hyung-woo’s never considered it that way before.

Judge Jo tells them that the emails are indeed noteworthy, giving Eun-jae the advantage. But he notes that they should bring stronger evidence next time, and adjourn for now.

They return to the office and Eun-jae thanks Gogi for not showing up, since it’s given her the upper hand, and Hyung-woo swears him off as a friend, reminding him that if she wins, it’s divorce. Oh, I sort of forgot that too. He sighs to Gogi that he thought the big deal would be the recipient of the emails, not their content. He clearly remains as confused about girls as ever.

Eun-jae decides that she has to do something to land the case next time, and heads over to Woo-shik’s place with groceries. She surprises him at the door, sending Woo-shik and Hyung-woo into a panic.

They stop in the middle of their meal to grab all of Hyung-woo’s things and then stick him in the bathroom, since there’s nowhere else to hide in the studio apartment.

Woo-shik gets through the entire meal with Eun-jae, desperate to use the bathroom, and finally gets her to leave by saying he’ll think about testifying on her behalf.

Hyung-woo heads to court for his juvenile delinquent case, worrying to Gogi on his way out of the office about finding that her mother moved to Japan three years ago. Eun-jae hears that and shows up, to give the young girl some firsthand advice.

She tells her not to think about anyone else but herself. She advises to turn to herself and be her own friend. “It’s not so bad. I should know… I’ve done it.” She tells the girl to confess and turn herself in, and then she’ll meet her on the outside.

“And then I’ll give you that thing you’ve drawn in your dreams – warm encouragment.” The girl cries, wondering how her mother could have abandoned her like that, and Hyung-woo watches the whole scene soberly, perhaps only seeing a glimpse of Eun-jae’s pain for the first time.

On her way out, Eun-jae gets a call from her mother-in-law, asking one last time if she intends to go through with the divorce. Mom declares that it’s ON then, and says she’s kicking her mother out of her store. Oh, playing dirty. Nice.

Eun-jae tries to shrug it off like she doesn’t care, but of course she does, so she checks on Mom’s store, but it’s already closed. She calls, (Mom’s number is saved on her phone as “Always Missed”) asking if she’s going to give up like this, and ends up telling Mom to do as she likes.

Apparently Mom also lives at her store, so Eun-jae wonders where she is, but Mom doesn’t say. It turns out she’s at Hyung-woo’s mom’s house, sitting right next to her. Ha.

Eun-jae’s mom thinks it’s too much to stay here, but Hyung-woo’s mom insists on it, pleading that she’s the one who needs company because she’s so on edge from her son’s divorce. Aw.

Woo-shik comes home and finds Hyung-woo’s recorder lying around. He’s startled to find what’s on it, and wonders what to do…

Hyung-woo waits outside for Eun-jae to come home, and flips out to see HotBar driving her home again. He whips out his camera, but then when he sees Tae-young going around to help Eun-jae out of the car, he runs up and stops him.

Tae-young remarks dryly that he’s showing a lot of concern when they’re knee-deep in divorce, and tosses out that he should’ve been better to her when he had her. Ooh, them’s fightin’ words.

Hyung-woo shouts that he doesn’t know anything, but Tae-young comes right back: “I know everything!” It actually escalates into fisticuffs, and they each throw a punch.

They grab each other by the collar, and Eun-jae steps out of the car, sing-songing at their idiocy. Eun-jae: “Lee Tae-young, you’re actually hitting him?” Tae-young lets go reluctantly.

Hyung-woo scoffs that he sure does listen to her well, and raises his fist for another punch. But Eun-jae calls out, “If you even try to hit my dongseng [little brother]…”

It stops Hyung-woo in his tracks. Spoken in this context, all of a sudden what he thought meant “younger man” sounds a LOT like Little Brother…

He stops… “Dongseng? As in… brother?” Eun-jae points out that she DID say it before.

OMG, they are totally brother and sister! EEK! Well jb totally wins that score, but dude, what’s with the sad puppy eyes from HotBar and all? I get that it was a deliberate misdirect, which is awesome, but those googly eyes were no joke.

I will choose to reinterpret past events as Little Bro sighing over his noona’s self-destructive choices, and not at his sad puppy love. Oy. It’s gonna be hard getting my head adjusted to his NOT being in love with her.

Hyung-woo asks Tae-young meekly if it’s true, and then when he sees that Eun-jae is mad at the both of them, tries to befriend him: “She’s scary, huh?” Hahaha. Tae-young just eyes him warily and walks away.

Hyung-woo calls after him, calling him by his family title for wifey’s brother, and they share a bottle of soju, though Tae-young remains aloof. Hyung-woo wonders that he’s not even Hong Gil-dong, but he can’t call his mother-in-law Mother-in-law, or his brother-in-law Brother-in-law.

Tae-young says he heard it differently – that he’s exactly like Hong Gil-dong, running around trying to save the poor while being of no help to his sister. Aw, why are you so cute? I suddenly like him ten times more now that his love for Eun-jae is all noona-love.

Hyung-woo asks why he doesn’t call Eun-jae “noona,” but Tae-young bristles at the sickening sweetness of calling her that. (But we can infer it’s more to do with the awkwardness of their family dynamic rather than his hatred for saccharine words.) He doesn’t divulge the family details, and suggests he hear it straight from Eun-jae.

He comes home and asks her how she’s related to Tae-young, but she doesn’t tell him either. She just says that the important thing is that he’s lost another bit of evidence against her in court, and they get ready for Round 2.

They show up in the courtroom, and Eun-jae prepares to have Woo-shik take the stand on her behalf. But when they start, Hyung-woo calls a surprise witness, someone he says is sitting in this courtroom.

Eun-jae agrees to it, so Hyung-woo calls his witness forth… and Woo-shik stands up.


I’m still reeling from the Little Bro Revelation (actually I was reeling more yesterday when jb suggested it). While it’s true that Eun-jae DID call Tae-young her dongseng before, I think she’s just as guilty now of misleading Hyung-woo and not clarifying her actions. She totally let him believe she had a boyfriend (or at least a cute crush), knowing he was planning to use it against her in court.

I still feel like Tae-young’s got some issues to resolve with his soulful staring at his noona. I guess the door’s still left open for them to be wholly unrelated by blood, though it’s starting to look a lot like they share the same deadbeat dad.

I’d guess that he’s one of the legitimate children, while she’s the illegitimate one, from the mistress. That would mean Tae-young’s mom was the one who slapped her as a teenager, so there’s certainly a lot of awkward family history between them, if it’s true.

I’m suddenly much more interested to know the ins and outs of that relationship than spend more days in court, that’s for sure. I think it’s funny that their divorce case basically amounts to a competition between them to see who their friends and coworkers like more. So petty. Hopefully Woo-shik’s testimony will sway the case one way or another, though clearly our couple has a long way to go, whether in or out of court.

It’s looking more and more like the way to Eun-jae’s heart is to help heal her family pain, which I like much more than a simple assurance of love (though for them that’s a big feat as well). It gives the couple’s conflict much more dimension, and makes the battle that much harder, but more rewarding in the end.



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  1. ank

    Thanks for the recap! *loves*

  2. Michael Tom

    I think I’ll watch this drama since your recaps sound so great!

  3. Ani

    Oh Fudge muffins, so he was emailing his mom. But hey, at least the little bro does have something to do with it like I had guessesd… Just, you know, Hyun-woo acting in place of little bro.

    Also, part of me really hopes HotBar is Eun-jae’s “step” brother, and the other part doesn’t mind him being her half brother. (Good call on that one jb.)

    As always, loved the recap.

  4. Farrah

    I am still shocked that Hotbar is her half brother…eeewww
    how can you explain those googly eyes? per script, was he supposed to act like a “man” who’s having a crush or did he just give her those affectionate looks on his own initiative (as if not acting)?

    confused**confused** I was so sure that there is no way that he is her brother.

    • 4.1 Ani

      It hasn’t been revealed yet if they’re related by blood or by law.

  5. Farrah

    Forgot to add that I died of laughter from watching the therapy session. almost fell off my chair.
    The massage part was so funny. The expressions of EJ when she let go of him after being scolded by Gogi and wife were just too much for my stomach to handle.
    How about the time when they were supposed to shout I love you 5 times LOL. she’s so petty that she even counted how many times HW said those words. haha I literally got a tummy ache after watching this episode.

  6. JD

    are there such things as those silly counseling sessions??? 8D

  7. Ann

    your recap make me cry again in Eunjae and Mom’s part.
    This drama can really make me laugh out loud and cry at the same time…..Brilliant !!!

    The Theraphy Session….Super Cute and Funny !!!
    I want them to go more class. really love the hug scenes with heartbeats

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    super love the couple. so hilarious haha

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    Damn. I was hoping it’d be the misunderstanding of him being gay instead as a reflection of the jdrama. Still, no real compliants since it’s working. Though I’m pretty much looking at Taeyoung with suspicions now too over his “googly eyes”. Granted, I’m not as squicked out like you GF because I was thinking he’d be “teh gay”.

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    i originally thought that eun-jae’s beef with her mother was maybe because she had been “thrown away” at an orphanage or something when she was younger… in which case, if googly eyes could be her “brother” from the orphanage. but of course these past 2 episodes have thrown those out the window.

    yeah if they share the same dad they shouldn’t have led us thinking down that road… it’s just squickyyy. i’m kinda rooting for them to be step-siblings rather than half.

  13. 13 Alvina

    Honestly, it’s so hard to choose a side in this drama and I suppose that’s the point.
    It baffles me when I read the comments sometimes and see all or most of them favoring Eun-Jae.

    I feel like she suffers from too much prideful realism just as Hyung-woo suffers from idealistic fantasies…

    While my sympathy is mostly toward Hyung-woo for all of the misunderstandings, my head supports Eun-jae because there’s only so much a girl can take in the real world. 🙁

  14. 14 Noelle

    Is getting a divorce really this hard in Korea? It seems so tiring.
    Also I’m a bit confused. Is HW fighting for divorce as well or staying together?

  15. 15 Saa

    Please make them non-blood related so I can fantasize about his noona-crush, pleaseeeee.
    It’ll make everything MUCH better~ (:

  16. 16 KANGly

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    I am actually loving this drama. The laughs and the angst are well-balanced.

    I don’t know if the depiction of a couple about to be divorced is realistic because I don’t have first-hand/second-hand knowledge (don’t know of any couples who has been divorced or have separated), but I am loving the pettiness of the couple.

    My only issue so far is with YSH’s acting – sometimes he’s okay, sometimes he’s over-acting especially in the comedic scenes.

    But everyone else are doing a great job with their roles esp. Choi Ji Woo (what a great actress!!!), Kim Jung Tae, the moms, the Judge (forgot his name, sorry), younger bro (forgot his name too), and all the support characters.

    • 16.1 Cynthia

      “I don’t know if the depiction of a couple about to be divorced is realistic because I don’t have first-hand/second-hand knowledge (don’t know of any couples who has been divorced or have separated), but I am loving the pettiness of the couple.”

      Wow – for real? You don’t know anyone who’s been divorced? I’m amazed.

      Actually, this portrayal is really cleaned up and rather homogenized – divorces generally are much messier and rancorous.

      I must admit though, I always admired how my lovely sister left her first husband. She waited until his birthday, got him a real nice card and wrote “Happy Birthday! I’m leaving you!”, added her house keys and put a bow on the envelope.

      Still makes me laugh to this day. 🙂

      • 16.1.1 KANGly

        “Wow – for real? You don’t know anyone who’s been divorced? I’m amazed.”

        I should have added on a personal level – as in someone very close to me (friends or relatives). There is no divorce in my country, only legal separation and annulment. I don’t know of anyone on a personal level who have been legally separated or had their marriage annulled either. It just worked out that way.

        But of course I have seen movies/dramas and read books about couples divorcing or have been divorced – and all the time I am clueless as to the emotions involved in the proceedings. That’s why when Woo-shik tells Eun Jae that marriage is hard but divorce is harder, my head can understand what he said but my heart cannot grasp the true meaning behind that statement.

  17. 17 Gogi

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    I think the solution for these two would be that they both should open their mind, make them broader, and not picking on every little thing the other did thinking that would mean to hurt them. But try to uderstand that somestimes there’s no intention to hurt , no good no bad, nothing, it’s the way that person is, and love is love, it’s in the hearts.

    It was sad that both found it’s hard just to spill the words, I love you.

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    cant wait for ep 9… i think it will be a “turn about”… my gut is telling me that HW will be starting to woo wife back and stop EJ from divorcing him (1st by using Wooshik as a witness since WS works longer with EJ and whom she also trust )… the dongsaeng “HotBar” also i think will be used by HW to win EJ… and of couse i cant wait for another healing “loving” therapy.. 🙂

  24. 24 sara

    Hotbar is her brother? damn it -.- I wanted him to make Hyung-woo more jealous!

  25. 25 Smurphy

    After watching Episode 8, I am uncomfortable with the way LEJ stealing the evidence and presented stolen e-mails to the court, and yet those e-mails being admissable as evidence. Worst still, HW did not contest the stolen evidence on the ground of its authenticity and admissability. If he would, I believe LEJ would have lost in the first hearing. This worries me because the drama may have misled the viewers in respect of stolen evidence. Hence, we will see a lot of wives/girlfriends stealing their husbands/boyfriends e-mails and SMS messages because LEJ did it!! Phew!!

    I can understand why the Magistrate considered the e-mails as evidence, even if it were stolen. The rationale being the primary aim of the justice system is to discover the truth and unearthing of guilt. However, as defendent attorney,(acting for himself), HW has the right to object, but he did not object to the inadmissability of the evidence. In other words, he gave up his right to protect his own privacy and fair hearing. Moreover, he could have easily demonstrated that the emails were not intimate e-mails which would warrant alarm bells of chastity, and not to say adultry. Furthermore, it is simply inconsistent with HW meticulous nature for failing to conduct a background check of the bar tender before presenting the picture as evidence to court. He is clearly negligent.

    In LEJ case, she sued HW on

    (1) Unwillingness or avoid communications;

    (2) Chastity

    (3) Telling lies

    LEJ’s male staff and HW’s recorder pen should be able to refute her allegations based on preponderance of evidence. How? I prefer to keep mum, and see how the scriptwriter going to present it!!

    As for Chastity? I believe just a few photographs with ex-girlfriend could have raised some doubt, but not to extent of proofing chastity. Furthermore, LEJ was defending his ex-girlfriend at the same time. It is hard to proof her suspicious, unless there were prima facie forensic evidence of adultry!!

    In terms of HW kept lying, LEJ did not seem to back up her case with much evidence. Hence, her allegations were basically non-issues and should have been dismissed at the reconciliation hearing. I wonder why the Magistrate would allow them to spend public money to go for a full trial?

    On facts and issues, LEJ case is very weak. Instead, she should have sued HW on the ground of “conflicts of interests” of him advising her mother, knowing full well that she was advising his mother. HW did not advise her, because she was the partner of the firm, and putting the firm in jeopardy of being sued by his mother!! ^______________^ Perhaps, then she has a case!! Otherwise, I find her arguing empty points all along like an Angry Bird!!

    Hehe…as for HW, he can make many counter allegations against LEJ and his allegations will be solid!! Hehe…I am not going to reveal how he should sue LEJ because I am going to see how the scriptwriter going to write the scenarios for next episodes!!

    P.S. The best of Episode 8 is that when HW’s mom appeared in court, slapped and wacked him up!! Bwahaha….I was hoping that LEJ would come for his rescue with a volleyball slap, like what Rupert Murdoch’s wife did to the foam attacker in the commissioner hearing. How disappointed when LEJ just look disbelief, that’s all!! ^_______________^

    • 25.1 smurfkimchi

      Wah! Smurfy is really lawyering into it as if self has become a lawyer. I don’t think the script writer understands on law and it’s rules. It is just a drama, upside down or flat thru, no one cares. Let it go as long as it achieves the entertainment as light comedy.

      • 25.1.1 Smurphy

        Hehe…entertainment value is paramount, however, given that it is also related to a legal couple, the script writer has to be extra careful. If she does not know, I think she should ask the in-house legal counsel of MBC or production company. It just shows how naive she is!!

        HW should have turned the case against LEJ and press criminal charges for hacking his computer. I am not sure whether South Korea has ant-hacking law, if it does, LEJ could go jail!! Yeah!! ^____________^

        Apart from asserting defense on LEJ’s allegations, I believe HW has already filed a counter allegations against LEJ and a divorce petition as well.

        Next, we have LEJ lost the divorce trial. In the new petition, HW will bring her to court and she will be the defendant this time and subject herself to the burden of proof!! She lost on all allegations including the apartment, but entitled to partial share of HOPE!! Yeah!! HW moved back to their apartment, and kicked LEJ out!!

        Then, she find out she is pregnant. HW will withdraw his allegations for the time being to gain custordy of the baby. Their conflicts remain unsolved, but it will be a happy ending!!

  26. 26 T

    Honestly HotBar and LEJ were giving me the whole Temptation of Wolves vibe…lol I’m not really surprised they’re siblings but, I have a feeling he likes her as more than that anyway… Thanks for the recap!!

  27. 27 Smurfi

    Latest news just announced by YSH. He said “…if we are together in real life, it should be very interesting…CJW is calling me Oppa and always asking me whether she can make me a cup of coffee in the set….”!!

    Don’t know whether it is with the intention to raise the rating or for real?

    His interview will be shown tomorrow at 4.10pm Korean time on .

    • 27.1 smurfkimchi

      Another hanger who wanted to be hanged in her single use disposable wardrobe. he he.. Oppa.. Oppie.. Coffee.. me.. Go ahead Mr. Raking.. not rating..

  28. 28 Smurfi

    On section TV

  29. 29 Abbie

    Wow. Great episode! Loved the Little Bro Revelation!

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  30. 30 sam

    thanks for this recap. i watched the raw episode 8 coz there are no english subs available yet. and then i read your recap. this is the first time that i read a whole episode and i just adore the way you wrote it. although i did not understand a word they said in the raw episode, i got to feel the emotions and the turn of events already. i understand something like 10 – 20 korean words some of which are just simple expressions or conjunctions but having watched so many english subbed korean dramas made me understand those twitches in the facial muscles, expressions of the eyes, etc. so when i read your recap i just got a clearer picture–but really they way you wrote it was superb! i’m watching episode 9 now, with no eng subs. so i’ll read your recap again–thanks a million! i love this drama! ^_^

  31. 31 channelthis

    I think the way Eun-jae has talked about her mother’s relationship with “that man” suggests that it’s more likely Tae-young is her step-brother rather than half-brother.

    Although it isn’t impossible for a mistress’ child to be born before the “legitimate” one, I think it makes more sense for it to be the other way around (as in, if Tae-young were older than Eun-jae) IF they shared the same father.

    Either way though, it seems they’ve settled that Tae-young will stop having puppy love eyes for Eun-jae.

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