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Jang Shin-young becomes Empress
by | September 24, 2011 | 38 Comments

There’s another cable drama to keep an eye on this fall: Empress stars Jang Shin-young (I Am Legend) and premieres a week from today on E Channel.

The title doesn’t refer to a literal empress or some sort of fusion-fantasy imperial storyline (a la Goong or My Princess). It’s a revenge story of sorts, and shortens the title of the Japanese manga by Ryo Kurashina (and J-drama adaptation) Jotei Kaoruko, or Empress of the Night, where the lead was a Ginza hostess.

In this version of Empress, Jang Shin-young plays the femme fatale-ish heroine, who has been trampled by the rich and powerful. She becomes a bar hostess who “rules over” her clientele of rich, corrupt men, whom she’ll then bring down as she “takes revenge on the world.” Hmm, I’m intrigued by the description of her character taking great pleasure in her revenge; it’s quite a different approach than we see in other dramas. I’m imagining her as Miss Ripley’s Miri, if she decided to use her status in the nightlife instead of lying to cover it up. Now there’s a force to be reckoned with.

Also cast are Kang Ji-sub (Fine Windy Day), Jin Se-hong (Flames of Desire), Kim Hyung-jong (Runaway Plan B), and Philip Choi (Soulmate).

Empress airs its first episode next Saturday, October 1. It’s scheduled to run for 13 episodes on E Channel.

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38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. birdscout

    Now this sounds goooood!

  2. yay

    yay! I like her!

  3. Katsu1996

    I’m soooo excited right now! I watched the J-drama of this (there is one) and it was so good, and I hoped that maybe someday there would be a korean version, and now there is! *SQUEAL!* I will be front and center for this drama! Thanks for the info!

  4. Cynthia

    I totally was thinking of MIRI – just imagine that one happening! **rubs hands in sneaky glee**

    Those pics of her are fabulous – she looks about 6 feet tall.
    Let me guess – she’s probably 5’1″, right?

    Anyway, this looks like it could really be good.

    • 4.1 foraredrose

      LOL According to D-Addicts, she’s about 5’7″ – still quite a bit away from 6 feet though 😛

    • 4.2 Biscuit

      With Miri, her social status was her weakness which lead to her pitfall when her lies fell apart.

      Jang doesn’t need to lie and pretty much seems like an upgraded Miri 2.0. And I thought Miri was scary was scary……..

  5. Katsu1996



    2: http://www.mysoju.com/japanese-drama/jotei/

    This is the link to the Japanese one I saw in case anyone wants to check it out. (I do not own that link, the video, the actors, I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. I just pasted it here.)

    • 5.1 vic

      hehe sorry 😀

      • 5.1.1 Cynthia

        Think positive!

        You’re really 1st at 5th!


    • 5.2 lambayyx

      Jotei and Jotei Kaoruko aren’t the same drama.

  6. D

    intetesting, i did watched d j-dorama, it’ a bit fast. I wonder how it’ll go in this version

  7. JD


    her body… *O*

  8. sunshine

    I really enjoyed JSY’s performance in what little we say of her in I Am Legend.

  9. ionizable

    ooh, i’m really looking forward to this! the original jdrama was really ridiculously melodramatic and full of big!twists! so it’ll be neat to see if this adaptation makes it even more makjang-y than it already was. even if it doesn’t, it’s still already pretty makjang-y. haha

  10. 10 noname

    There is a japanese drama Jotei (Empress) with a very similar plot. So there is a good chance this drama is a remake.

  11. 11 noname

    Oops, I didn’t read carefully. Anyway, the original drama was entertaining, but very weird. I

  12. 12 GG

    Interesting, I think I’ll try this j-drama version for now… Kato Rosa doesn’t strike me as the femme fatale type but Jang Shin-young certainly does.

    By the way, who was she in I am Legend? I don’t recognise her

    • 12.1 Susan

      She was the drummer.
      This looks interesting, will be checking it out…

    • 12.2 lambayyx

      Kato Rosa was in Jotei, not Jotei Kaoruko.. they’re different dramas.

      • 12.2.1 GG

        Believe it or not dearie, they’ve got the same storyline, just different adaptations of the same manga.

  13. 13 kate

    I’m envious of her body *-*

  14. 14 Danna

    Definitely sounds interesting…..and damn those stills are gorgeous….i would’ve mistaken them for those of a fashion spread….also haven’t sen Philip Choi in so long…..dude still looks like Yonsama to me..looks like its going to get even harder to keep up with what’s airing on K Tv with all these new cable shows

  15. 15 Noelle

    Wow this women can sure wear a dress. She looks gorgeous!

  16. 16 Revy

    I am so gonna watch this

  17. 17 Sherry VS

    Really liked her acting in I am Legend, so hopefully this will be a good one. Too bad she is so stick-thin. She was prettier with a little roundness to her face. Ah well. The ever-lasting all-encompassing need to be thin as a rail.

  18. 18 Biscuit

    While some tend to put Cable as low-budget and disregard it, I’m totally finding them to be pretty epic lately 😀

    I… shall be watching this. Definitely.

  19. 19 otk

    is anyone watching ABC’s “Revenge” and is comparing it to the kdrama makjang recipe? LOL

    i am looking forward to this~

    • 19.1 Shiku

      I am watching Revenge although I didn’t plan to but I found it interesting. I will be interested to see this k-drama version of it

    • 19.2 Noelle

      Oh I am. I love Mrs. Stowe. I’ve missed her and I’m glad to see her after her long break from acting.

      Empress looks interesting but I doubt I’ll watch. Makjangs just aren’t my bag. I can only deal with so much drama. But if anyone recaps it then I will most likely read it.

  20. 20 supah

    Hah, definitely sounds like a fun makjang romp, though I’d kinda been expecting a sageuk.
    Wonder what’s become of ‘The Emporer’ the cable-sageuk that’s been in production limbo for yonks? The last development I know of was Park Jin-hee accepting the female lead role, which should be interesting.

    (Cable is where it’s at baby!)

  21. 21 jubilantia

    Ehhhh, I didn’t really like the Japanese version. Too melodramatic, and the heroine’s actions and characterization didn’t really match up for me. Hopefully the Koreans’ll do it better.

  22. 22 Jenny

    I really hope the korean version will be better. The jdorama version was just awful, it was entertaining but when you have Rosa Kato playing the lead then it’s bad. Rosa is just such a weak actress and you pair her up with Shouta Matsuda that was just bad move.

  23. 23 Beekinga

    I don’t know wether you guys are familiar with Southamerican drama, but the story line to this is identical to Brasil’s most loved 80’s telenovela “Dona Beija”, copyright that America’s Tele(in)mundo bought and then proceeded to destroy in recent months.

  24. 24 churasan

    This is definitely one that I want to check out. The Japanese version was good, but I think kdramas have better budget for their dramas, so it’ll be a more “powered up” version! Posters for the drama look really intriguing too!

  25. 25 Rachael

    Considering I enjoyed the jdrama, I’m all excited for this one! Not to mention this could potentially break the mold on “all heroines must be innocent, pure, and virtuous – maybe a little dumb too.”

  26. 26 kasieunha

    Ah! Another drama to look forward to?

    I will fight temptation.

    But this looks so awesome. 😀

  27. 27 houstontwin

    The guy with the glasses in the picture… He looks like that superstar whose name I forget from Did We Really Love, Hotelier, etc…

  28. 28 nozomi05

    interesting…. thinking of watching this if I can find quality subs.

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