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Kang Ho-dong takes break from showbiz, 1N2D to shoot farewell episode?
by | September 9, 2011 | 122 Comments

Sigh. As if the man needed to take any more hits. MC Kang Ho-dong has been on the ropes this week for tax evasion, made very public of course by the Korean media. He’s currently under investigation for owing millions of won in back taxes, and the industry backlash has been pretty severe. After many days spent reportedly in a panic, he held a press conference on the 9th to announce his temporary retirement from the industry.

Aaaaaagh. I thought we just got past all the leaving / not-leaving drama and finally settled into a good place. There’s only six more months of 1 Night 2 Days left! It was going to be a happy, everyone-together-till-the-end kind of ending! That was the plan! I just barely got myself emotionally adjusted to that plan, and now this?


Kang Ho-dong is currently hosting 1 Night 2 Days, Star King, Strong Heart, and Knee Drop Guru, covering all three big networks, though he’s a fixed employee at KBS. At the press conference, he apologized publicly and expressed immense regret: “I have disappointed your love for me,” adding, “How can I laugh and talk on TV without shame?” He then announced his temporary retirement from the industry, shedding tears.

Na PD released a statement that Kang Ho-dong can’t and won’t be replaced, and they’ll carry on with five members. He said that many PDs gathered to comfort Kang Ho-dong, as he was in a state of panic for days. He expressed his regret at losing Kang Ho-dong from the industry, but the PDs chose to respect his decision. He added, “We were together for over four years, so as a PD, I just feel regret.” The final decisions have yet to be made, but they felt that his departure from 1N2D would need a proper send-off, and so a farewell trip for Kang Ho-dong is in the works. When and where the trip will take place hasn’t been finalized, but they felt that the viewers would need to say a proper goodbye.

I’d rather not say goodbye at all. But if he’s really leaving, then yes, I’m going to need a send-off rather than the norm, which is just: scandal… then POOF! Like they just disappear into thin air. I have abandonment issues with that. Is there any way we can ease into this, like lessen his screentime by five minutes every week until the six months run out? Sigh. I’m clearly going to have trouble accepting this.

Ho-dong oppa! Don’t go!

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122 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aidan


    • 1.1 ren

      Please show your support for Kang Ho Dong-sshi by adding your name to this petition. I want this petition to reach 10000 signatures so please sign and make your friends sign it too!

      • 1.1.1 ren

        Just realized I should add that you have to click on my name to get to the website. Thank you~

      • 1.1.2 big

        no thanks. he deserves no special treatment.

    • 1.2 charla molina

      WOW say it isnt so.KHD so very sad to see you go.
      I am a viewer from California,my teen son I and I watch 2days together weeklY,we have laughed and cried with the cast. the show will not be the same.
      Why? We would like to believe you did not know about this tax issue.
      KHD there are many viewers who will wait for your return
      im sure you will feel the love and support as well as prayers for healing.
      Thanks to KBS for allowing us into SOUTH KOREAN entertainment .
      PD Na we can see you love this group of men,sure this a difficult time for all.

  2. wonbinlover

    This sucks. I only watch 1n2d out of all the shows he hosts but he’s such an integral part of the show. Even that one episode where Suguen and him could of went home and the hosting duties were left to Seungi and that felt awkward. He’ll be missed a lot. I feel like crying ๐Ÿ™

  3. Gdrocks

    Oh man. I really feel like crying, I have just started watching Strong Heart and 1N2D. Why!!!!????

  4. torrtis

    Respect that he took responsibility like a man, even though he could have shirk it on others such as his accountants. A break to concentrate on self rediscovery and family will do good. On a side note Lee Seung Gi should go complete his military service now, then join his mentor together in a comeback together.

    • 4.1 May

      I read somewhere Seunggi will complete his Masters degree next year March, so I believe he’s not likely to join military until then. Sigh…still coming to terms with KHD’s sudden decision. 2D1N is still the best variety show ever! It’s only thing Korean that I’ve watched and followed.

  5. Y

    Sad to hear this, but I kinda expected this to happen ๐Ÿ™

  6. Cynthia

    He’s been a huge presence on Korean TV and he’ll be sorely missed – but didn’t he contract to join another network? And won’t he still be going there?

    I’m finding it rather puzzling about his non-payment of taxes. With the kind of money he’s pulling in, isn’t it taken for granted that he’d have professional people handling his finances? So, he’s taking the fall for someone else’s incompetence? Because if he’s shouldering the blame then that’s just admitting that he is responsible for non-payment of what he knew he owed.

    This is what surprises me the most. He never, EVER came across as unethical.

    • 6.1 suzanna

      I don’t think that’s the case of incompetent Accountant. we don’t know how much involvement of his accountant in evading his taxes. (sort of reminds me of Arthur Andersen knew about Enron’s scandal but chose to keep quiet). Regardless, it’s his responsibility to report every income to his accountant, if he kept it from the accountant then it can’t be the accountant’s fault. It sounds like the accountant is not an accomplice.

      To be honest, I feel disappointed in him because he’s such a family, friendly man. But when it comes to money, a lot of people get greedy and become ethical. The richer you are, the higher incentive for you to cheat on taxes. I feel that he is taking an easy way out by taking an temporary retirement. He should continue finishing his contract and YES that means face his co-workers. I hope he learns from this

      • 6.1.1 suzanna

        sorry typo. I meant , when it comes to money, a lot of people become UNethical

      • 6.1.2 anais

        I worked for Arthur Andersen. AA was far more complicit than merely keeping quiet about Enron. What they did with Enron was a company-wide practice. Quite likely industry-wide practice of using audit clients to generate more lucrative consulting projects. Five months before Enron went down, I myself left after being asked to lie on a $2 million gig.

      • 6.1.3 anais

        The things is a good accountant can usually sniff out a client fudging figures. The reverse isn’t usually true. If Kang Hodong knowingly did this, his accountant certainly enabled it the way AA willingly enabled Enron.

        Whenever we went on a project, everyone was always careful around the audit staff. Sometimes, the audit staff encountered much hostility from client personnel. People expected auditors to be sticklers for detail and accuracy, definitely killjoys.

        I remember one particularly hostile environment at a company that was doing an insane number of M&As, as in something smelled very rotten, and oops! The very next year, charges were filed against that company for the very thing I suspected. I wasn’t even on the audit team and could tell that something was seriously amiss from having only limited access to its books and having seen the extremely fine art collection that adorned even the dingiest walls.

        A good accountant should have known.

    • 6.2 asianromance

      I think even if your accountant does the work, once you sign your name on your taxes, you are the liable one for the govt taxes, so it really isn’t “taking the fall” for someone. So it’s your responsibility to look it over and make sure nothing looks suspicious.

      This is an unfortunate situation all around. I hope his break from show-biz is only temporary and that he will be back soon.

      • 6.2.1 Cynthia

        I agree that once you sign the form, you’re responsible for understanding the contents, but I think it’s fairly unreasonable to expect that he’s going to know what taxes he owes. I mean, isn’t that why you hire an accountant?

        Unless you’re a financial wizard, how in the world could one expect a guy like Hodong to even know enough to BE suspicious? I like his public persona, but really, the guy doesn’t come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer (if you get my drift).

        This is, once again, the reason why so many celebrities get taken by their money managers – they trust the fox to guard the coop – and foxes are known to be greedy creatures.

  7. Abbie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why? Tax evasion?! Seriously? That’s so dumb. Why should he have to retire because of that? Wait, will he go to jail? NOOOOOOO! I’ll miss you Kang Ho-Dong ahjussi! Come back soon!

    • 7.1 lambayyx

      no. he’s going to pay the fines and that’s it.

      • 7.1.1 Abbie

        Oh good! But how long will he be gone from showbiz?

  8. HeadsNo2

    This is really sad. Do you think he knowingly evaded his taxes or this is another example of Korean netizens jumping the gun and crucifying someone over some misunderstandings?

    I feel like Kang Ho Dong is a very good example of how even having some of the most IMMENSE fame in Korea can’t save you from having your career ruined in the blink of an eye. I’m sad for 1N2D and for Kang Ho Dong. Hopefully he returns and doesn’t disappear into nothing.

    • 8.1 suzanna

      Of course he knowingly evaded tax! He issued an apology letter, so it’s not a misunderstanding. In the U.S. tax evasion can be prosecuted. But, he probably won’t go to jail of he makes restituion and back payments. The worst punishment for him would be his ruined image. Money, he has a lot he can pay the owed taxes back. But losing your good image is a career suicide in the entertainment industry. which explains why he chose to take a temporary retirement.

      • 8.1.1 John

        I don’t think we can positively infer that he knowingly misfiled his taxes just because he apologized. From watching every episode of 1N2D and sussing out Korean culture from afar, Hodong may be remorseful for just being involved at all and allowing the tax evasion to take place with his oversight. He such an upstanding person that I don’t believe without further evidence that he was greedy and purposefully obscured taxable income. If the scandal involved some other issue like violence or drunk driving, I would doubt his character much more, but for tax filing . . . it seems like a very easy thing to make mistakes on.

      • 8.1.2 peanut butter

        Well, that I know of, apparently he had gotten a lawyer and was working on paying the money that he owed the government before the news was even leaked. That makes me feel like he found out about and was trying to calmly pay the money that was due.

  9. jen

    but did he really do it?
    i don’t know about you, but if i was making millions, i wouldn’t want to handle my taxes.

    rather pay someone. i feel like he’s just taking all the responsibilities and maybe he wasn’t whole heartedly his fault

  10. 10 MEK

    omg *panics…kang hodong oppa…dont leave! but you know the seungi going to the military and coming back with hodong is a cool idea…but i’m not sure im prepared to lose both of them at the same time…

  11. 11 Myn-Zi

    …….no….*sigh* no………

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    He did have someone who was paid to do his taxes. When it came to light that there was money owing in the back, he started to making amends. I’m still shocked that its come to this. I’m glad they’ll be doing a farewell episode…to just disappear from the screen is too distasteful and hurtful.

    Ho Dong oppa. ๐Ÿ™

  13. 13 sleepysnail

    while i think he probably did know (it’s his money, after all, and tax evasion is nothing new among the wealthy), i’m surprised by the fierceness of the reaction. i mean, i would be upset if some guy wasn’t pulling his weight, but it’s not as if people haven’t done it before, and some of those crucifying him are probably also evading taxes (and i’m not talking about just the industry; netizens are among the worst hypocrites i’ve ever seen).
    i’m not trying to justify his actions (daughter of an accountant… my father would turn over in his grave if he thought i supported tax evasion), but it’s not as surprising as it could’ve been, and it certainly doesn’t warrant the reaction that it’s getting.

    • 13.1 Desereh

      I agree with you the public reaction is a little harsh, but the reason is because KHD had been maintaining a pure , decent, ethical family man. So the public feels like he’s a hypocrite.

      • 13.1.1 Tam

        I agree. I feel like in South Korea, if you’re a celebrity, you have to be 100% perfect, you’re not allowed to make any mistakes or else your career will be over. However in this case, I feel disappointed in him (if he knows about the tax thing) because no matter how famous he is , he is still a Korean citizen, and it’s his responsibility to pay the taxes.

  14. 14 abc123

    The sad thing (for me) is that my sister just told me that she is a Ho-dong’s fan yesterday.She started watching 1N2D because of me.

    I think he wanted a break even before all this tax evasion issues. Because he’s one of the busiest MCs in SK and has too much on his plate. I’m not sure about him, but MC Yoo has voiced in an episode of IC that he has no time for himself.

    And I think a temporary leave would do him good, case in point: Choi Min Soo.

  15. 15 lenrasoon

    omg i have no words

  16. 16 tax man

    i don’t know what the readers here do for a living but there’s a huge difference when youre making 30, 40, 50 grand a year and 30+ million(what KHD is making)/year in terms of taxes. to say he didnt know what was going on is bs. that’s why he’s doing all this before it snowballs out of control. swallow the bitter pill now before more dirty laundry gets aired out. no one likes paying taxes period doesnt matter how much you make and he just effed up. the reason why ppl hire accounts is so that they pay least amount of taxes possible. and you have to remember KBS is a state run station and his salary is paid for with taxes from the every joe.

    • 16.1 Desereh

      “KBS is a state run station and his salary is paid for with taxes from the every joe.”


      • 16.1.1 lenrasoon

        didn’t know this D:

    • 16.2 tamtam

      Amen sister. He gets little sympathy from me. I like watching him, but he basically ruined himself for the next couple of years. Maybe it’s even better for him to take a break, take some time for himself and his family.

    • 16.3 yimnara

      That was mere rumour and has been put to rest already – HE DOES NOT EARN $30M USD.

  17. 17 Leona

    I think some Koreans are on crack …and they are high as a kite or more
    I don’t get it why they feel the need to sink the very few ppl who can carry on the Hallyu wave – it’s not like they have the best variety shows around, but there are a few which are viewed overseas too

    a few days ago someone from SME’s management said that Hallyu can keep up with the task 3 to 5 years… however if at home they shut down the biggest stars one by one … I wonder HOW?

    these are internal issues, therefore as a foreign viewer I don’t care about their legal system, even more I condemn the fact they can’t handle this kind of issue without so much noise

    In a way I’m pissed off by this attitude (ermm I know it is the tradition and culture but it is too hard for me to understand, even though I have some accounting studies)

    PPL you have only one small window to promote you culture, because NOW other ppl are interested in your showbiz – usually it is a very short time: see the Japan’s culture in other countries: they had a boom, a slow down, another boom and now another slow down: it is easy!!! ppl love brand new items, after a while just forget about: this is the fate in showbiz

    • 17.1 vexillifer

      people like you are so annoying (especially the horrible grammar). this isn’t like china where you can cover up and make the government censor anything negative about the county or its people jeez. now maybe you’re not used to the freedom of the press but he ran anyway from his taxes and got caught. end of story. what’s up with this hallyu BS

      • 17.1.1 Leona

        sorry about grammar ( self taught English)- it won’t change anytime soon

        I wasn’t speaking about covering up – I want more transparency from their gov and to do their job properly- they should do Tax controls a bit more often but they came after a few years : HEY you tricked us because… insert here whatsoever reason…

        The law is the law, but you can’t make an accountant or a lawyer from a comedian or a sportsman no matter how hard you try, they just don’t have the brain build for that .

        I just blame it on the system – it should be changed – because these people bring money in the country : people like Kang HoDong sell even outside Korea

        btw I’m from Eastern Europe, not China. I apologize that in school I learned only French and German as foreign languages. While I still understand French I can’t write as I don’t remember the vocabulary and German it is a lost cause for me.

      • 17.1.2 Tar

        lol @ you, your grammar isn’t perfect either.

    • 17.2 houstontwin

      I think people are in denial because of their conflicting emotions.
      I knew someone who was personally very nice, kind and generous. This did not stop him from being dishonest in his business affairs. He had to pay the price for his misdeeds and a lot of friends and family were hurt and confused for a long time.
      I sometimes think that the kind of people who cheat like this somehow compartimentalize (sp?) their evil inclinations.

      • 17.2.1 Leona

        I don’t think taxes don’t worth to be payed, contrary this is the only mechanism to make a country work, my bet is that he is guilty, however I’m bothered by the way they handle these matters: it is a bit too late and they should gave him a warning sooner than this

        Their FISC first yells woooolf! In some countries people are innocent until proven guilty

        C’mon in my country even witches pay taxes or we pay taxes for the rain water (yep it is called tax for draining system). Romania is one of the countries with the highest amount of taxes in the world
        However for tax evasion we pay fines rather than jail time.

        My view against taxes and the way Koreans handle it with their stars is more another view from another culture.

        • phoenixash

          You think he should have had a warning? “Hey, I noticed you’re breaking the law here, you better not do it again or I’ll arrest you!” Or, “We’re going to investigate you now, you better be careful with your forms!” I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous. He knowingly committed a crime and he should pay the price for it, whether it happened once or over many years. And he shouldn’t get off easy just because he’s a celebrity.

          I’m not necessarily advocating jailtime, but the backlash is warranted. He’s supposed to be a positive influence and he shirked his duty to his country, which is a very big deal anywhere, but especially in Korea. Kang Ho Dong surely rakes in tons of cash, so this is just a case of greed. Which I have no sympathy for.

  18. 18 KDrama Fan

    I saw this on another site and was shocked.

    Yes, he did wrong but surely paying the money owed, giving a heartfelt apology and doing some charity work would be enough to make amends-how about make him work for no pay for a bit-sorry Kang but I don’t want to lose you but still think you need to do something to show remorse.

    With him ‘retiring’ whole programs will collapse, his colleagues will be left without work, and us viewers will be be left without the programs we love so much.

    I know it was Kang’s decision but think the industry has just stabbed itself in the back by forcing him to take this drastic step.

    No one can replace Kang.

    Hoping this all passes quickly and he returns to our screens soon.

    • 18.1 Desereh

      I don’t know in Korea, but in the U.S. tax evasion of “famous people” is considered a scandal. It can be considered a criminal case and can be prosecuted!. It is a SERIOUS felony!! Some of the readers here may not understand taxes and government. South Korea isn’t like China or Indonesia that is full of corruption where the citizens often evade taxes, no big deal. This is South Korea! you don’t just not pay taxes.

      I don’t buy that KHD didn’t know he cheated on his taxes. Of course, he did know. He chose not to report ALL of his income or he Overstated his deductions. Since he works for a major TV network my guess is that it would be difficult to not report the income from the TV network. The TV also takes out some tax withholding every paycheck. The areas of people often cheat are “business expenses”, “charitable deductions”, and revenues that are difficult to track. In the entertainment industry, it’s so easy to cheat on taxes. If you take a taxi to go to a studio, you can deduct that expense. If you have a meal with a client, it’s considered a tax deduction. Do you see where I am going with this? you can easily overstate expenses. You can eat with your family and say that it’s business related, no one really knows. You are supposed to keep every receipt, and invoices but many even fudge them.

      • 18.1.1 John

        You give plenty of examples of cheating with deductions, but it would be an assumption to apply them to this particular case without further information. As for Korean tax law, if it’s anything like in the U.S., it can be incredibly complicated with a lot of gray area for what constitutes a deductible expense and what is not. When a celebrity starts making millions, travels a lot for business that is interwoven with pleasure, and is unsophisticated when it comes to tax law, a complicated tax system can be easy to misunderstand. I not saying that KHD doesn’t have a duty to correctly file his taxes, but I wouldn’t vilify him in the same way I would cast stones at the CEO of Enron.

  19. 19 Simpli

    In Korea, there is no room for mistakes. Once you do one thing wrong, it’s the end of your career. Such as Shin Jung Hwan, a comedian, gambled in some south eastern asian country and now his career’s over. He used to be a very funny and entertaining guy, but once you mess up, you can’t return. I only think there’s a few exceptions like Hyesung, from Shinhwa, who was involved in gambling, too. But it seems that Shinhwa is coming back in 2012.

    Anyway, back to Kang Hodong, It stinks he will be leaving the show when it is about to end in 6 months anyway. I feel like the whole korean media might be falling apart…

    • 19.1 anais

      Gambling? Career ruined over gambling?

      • 19.1.1 tomo

        For a S.K. citizen, gambling is a serious crime both within the country and outside of it. There’s only maybe 1 gambling casino somewhere deep in the mountains, where it’s legal for a S.K. citizen. Any other casino you see in S.K. is meant for foreigners, not locals.

        Don’t forget, South Korea is a country in which adultery is a crime.

        @ Simpli, I never understood how Hyesung came out of it relatively unscathed. (Thankfully!!) He put his activities on hold for over a year, but other than that, no huge repercussions. The genuine sincerity that people felt in his apology went a long way?

        • anais

          Tomo, thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.

          But …

          Not at Tomo, but at the hypocrisy of all this indignation –

          Vomit. All the neighborhood ladies who play hwato should turn themselves in then.

          And adultery, my arse. It’s still not shocking to hear of Korean men having kept two separate families, who know about each other. I’d like to see those men be prosecuted.

        • Simpli

          @tomo I didn’t understand how the news faded away too. I’m happy Shinhwa will be coming back, but the topic of gambling might be brought up again. You never know… people do like to bring up topics that happened years ago.
          But I feel that even if they do apologize sincerely, the public disregards it, as what happened with other celebrities.

    • 19.2 lambayyx

      uhm, you can’t really use shin junghwan as an example. first off, that was not the first time shin junghwan got caught gambling. he was caught a few years ago and was forgiven by the public. then he got caught again recently. what made it so much more serious this time was the fact that he ran off and refused to come back to the country.

      • 19.2.1 lambayyx

        also, the korean public are the same people who allow those who have killed someone while driving under the influence to appear on tv. i WISH that it was more on the line of “Once you do one thing wrong, itโ€™s the end of your career” for those particular people but it’s not really.

  20. 20 Oh Ji's Ho

    Tax evasion? Are you serious? That seems like the easiest charge to avoid…just pay your taxes. We all hate it, but what can we do? I hope this is resolved quickly and he makes amends — which I thoroughly believe he will do. Love me some Kang Ho Dong…hmmm – a thought that just formulated – maybe the earlier reports of him ‘leaving’ the show was him trying to avoid this scandal coming to light since he had already had some warning signs about it becoming public knowledge. It is all just so sudden and one after the other. What was the original source of the accusation?

  21. 21 Alex

    Aren’t there laws protecting people from having their tax information revealed by the media?

  22. 22 Noelle

    Aww! I hope this doesn’t effect him to much. I hope his fans stick with him. Heres to a quick and happy return! *clinks glass*

  23. 23 stars4u

    It’s just temporary, right? He’ll be back, right? NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  24. 24 Ren

    This is horrible! Why doea he have to leave.

    Also, heres a link to a petition that wants to show its support for KHD:
    ipetitions (dot) com / petition/ kanghodong

  25. 25 reglest

    I’m so broken. This is hot topic for tonight, and I’m already in tears as well as all of my twitter friends.. *hugs GF dan JB* how can 1n2d running WITHOUT HIM? How the baby bear do without Papa Bear?

    Seriously, K-netizen and media, you make victim everyday. But why must Ho Dong? Take blood from somebody else!! Oppa,please don’t go!!! TT_____TT

  26. 26 cinta

    Sob.. Sob.. In September last year we abruptly bid farewell to MC Mong and now in September this year, we have to say goodbye to Kang Ho Dong. And yet again the 1n2d brothers have to deal with the loss of their brother and continue carrying the burden of 1n2d with 5 members only.

    Is it true that the netizens reported Ho Dong’s tax evasion to the media?

    Everything seems to make sense now as he was trying to exit 1n2d after shooting the 3rd viewers trip, it looks like he already knew beforehand that if this information got leaked out to the media, the timing would be around this time.

    It’s sad and upsetting. But he’s a man full of dignity and I believe he’ll be back stronger than ever.

    Hopefully when he’s back, MC Mong will be back too and together with the other 1n2d brothers, they can revive 1n2d or do other show together.

  27. 27 Nhu

    Oh, this is ridiculous, especially since as a celebrity, I doubt he takes care of his own taxes. There’s no one currently in the MC field with the energy and humor and sharpness of Ho-dong. I am incredibly heartbroken right now!

  28. 28 tomo

    Timing-wise, it does seem suspicious.

    When KHD planned to leave 1N2D, the investigation was already underway for many months.

    His apology, now, and declaration to temporarily retire from the industry, only makes me believe that he may be guilty (knowingly) as charged. Kim Ah-joong was also fined for failing to properly disclose her income, and as far as I’m aware, she has not declared her intention to retire or to do anything of even lesser degree to show her remorse, etc. I know she’s not at the same level as KHD, but just putting that out there.

    Granted, the backlash will be severe, but if you’re truly not guilty, I think you would do something like work without pay, and/or community service, rather than just up and leave. It’s odd to me that 1N2D would shoot a farewell episode, if the reason why KHD made the executive decision to retire from the industry is to minimize the backlash. I don’t fully grasp the atmosphere in S.K. regarding this scandal, but if the nation is in hate-mode against KHD, why would 1N2D shoot a special farewell episode? It’s like throwing a good-bye party for a dishonorably discharged soldier. Isn’t this akin to shooting a special farewell episode for MC Mong when that whole scandal erupted? (As a more recent 1N2D fan, I actually don’t know how MC Mong’s exit was handled, but I’m thinking not by a farewell episode.)

    • 28.1 ajewell

      When his military evasion scandal broke, he was banned from appearing on KBS, and wasn’t given any sort of farewell on the show (or even mentioned by the members from that point on).

      When they were doing the documentary special, which spanned two episodes (I think it was around episode 155), each member took a different route on Jiri Mountain, and filmed it as if they were shooting their own documentary; MC Mong was present for the first part, but then suddenly disappeared after being edited out of the second.

      And *that’s* how we learned how effective and frightening the power of editing could be~~

      • 28.1.1 tomo


        I’ve gone back and watched as many of the older episodes I could get my hands on, and consequently, really miss MC Mong and Kim C.

    • 28.2 jakebot

      so true, tomo. this sounds like a guy who found out he was out of excuses. given the size of the crew for 1n2d alone, nevermind the other shows he was host of, his poor behavior is really gonna hurt a lot of people.

    • 28.3 m

      Personally, the apology didn’t even seem sincere. (I watched it.)

    • 28.4 Amy

      His dramatic retirement announcement is an underhanded ploy to get the public clamoring for his return.

  29. 30 omg

    with all the bad news- leaving kbs.. retirement etc …don’t want to watch 2 days and 1 night anymore … kang hodong huhuuhuhuuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhu so sad for you

  30. 31 craziluver

    oh man, but i’m pretty sure he’ll come back before 6 months is over. He should be present in the last episode of 1N2D.

  31. 32 mmmaggie

    First Mong, now Hodong. ๐Ÿ™ At least Hodong will get a farewell episode.

    And not to nitpick, but millions of won =/= millions of dollars. Wesley Snipes owed millions of dollars which is why he was put on trial for tax evasion and faces jail time. Snipes also didn’t pay his back taxes once he was caught by the IRS. That doesn’t seem to be what Hodong is doing.

  32. 33 D

    i was streaming kbs able last night fr some background noise (hehhh) n didnot really pay any attention to d news, but i did saw his press conference n was puzzled since i’ve zero korean.

  33. 34 malta

    I’m sad to hear this. He’s always been so entertaining and good at what he does. If he really did evade paying his taxes then he needs to take responsibility for doing that, which he seems to be doing, although I don’t see why he has to retire (temporarily or not) from the entire entertainment industry. Maybe just stop appearing on state sponsored TV…

    This seems like another scandal that highlights something I find problematic in the entertainment industry in Korea and in other Asian countries: the public holds entertainers to such *unrealistically* high moral standards that those figures are bound to disappoint sooner or later, and when they do disappoint it will inevitably be a ‘catastrophic’ situation. The longer you go scandal free, the greater your downfall will be once it comes.

    I understand and respect that Asian cultures are different from western cultures and that Korean culture is unique too. I just think that there is nothing inherently more moral or virtuous about being an entertainer so if one of them messes up I think they should take responsibility (pay the fine, go to court/jail or whatever), but I don’t understand the need to decry them in such a harsh way.

    Everyone has faults and makes mistakes and does wrong. I just wish the response to these kinds of situations were a little more measured. Tax evasion is wrong, but look at that last photo of KHDโ€“ it’s heartbreaking. The man looks like he’s apologizing for committing a murder and inside he probably feels that way given the scrutiny he’s under.

    Anyway I wish him the best and I hope he can pay what he owes and get his affairs in order. There’s still a lot of life left to live.

  34. 35 danni

    Aww, hope that Kang Ho-dong can bounce back from this and come back soon. I just started watching 1 Night, 2 Days too. *Sigh* Definitely won’t be the same without him, but at least they’re having a farewell episode for him.

  35. 36 IzOcha

    oh no this is terrible news! Kang-ho oppa, please, be able to come back to us soon.

    • 36.1 IzOcha

      Gah, he looks like he needs a giant hug from the world ๐Ÿ™ I hope people forgive the scandal soon.

  36. 37 indian_monsoon

    Basically this says he hired an accountant, and there was some misunderstanding. I don’t get why Kang Ho Dong would lie, he seems like a very moral and ethical person to me. Misunderstandings and mistakes happen everyday to everyone.

    While he does sign the checks, I can vouch for the fact that as a tax paying citizen, when I go to my accountant, I usually believe what he says because I assume that he is good at his job. And on top of that like I mentioned, miscommunication happens. Even the best people at their jobs make mistakes. Why do people need to be driven out of their jobs for it? Kang Ho Dong has never had a scandal before. His record has been clean.

    I just started watching 1 night 2 days recently, but I have always been a Kang Ho Dong fan (ever since xman, I have loved him, Yoo Jae Suk and all the MCs). It makes me very sad to see him leave the show, and even more sad he is leaving the other shows.

    In a way, leaving the entertainment industry is a good thing. Being around negative energy never helps and pulls performances down. I hope he comes back with a bang and shine even brighter than before. That’s the least he deserves after all these years of hard work. And I wish the best to the 1n2d team, as i will watch them even without Kang Ho dong.

    Kang Ho Dong!! Fighting!!

  37. 38 chance

    It’s a conspiracy! The SBS exec whom he met just a couple of days ago was blackmailing him to stay with the show (1N2D) and not jump ship, but he refused, so they ruined his career by leaking this information to the media. If they can’t have him, no one will!!!!

    I think I’ve been watching Myung Wol the Spy too much

    Seriously, though, I hope this all blows over. Even though I find the guy annoying at times, he’s still one of the key figures in Korean variety entertainment.

    • 38.1 jakebot

      if you are honest, and do your due diligence, you have nothing to hide, and are not subject to blackmail. i feel bad for his young wife and son, who will have to deal with his crap.

  38. 39 ajewell

    This show and its depressing downfall is going to be the death of me. I love Kang Ho-dong and just hope he gets what he needs from this (hopefully) short break. My mind still boggles over how all this news has developed though – first, he’s holding all the cards, and supposedly has the ability to reshape the landscape of cable television – then we find he’s withdrawing himself completely from entertainment, and not exactly by his own choice. Depressing. I have no idea how the remaining five are going to manage without such a vibrant, friendly, dedicated host.

    Quick – someone grab MC Mong’s manager again!! I know they said they’re not going to replace him, but seriously, the thought of those 5 carrying on by themselves seems impossible.

    • 39.1 April

      It’s still possible for the 5 to carry on without KHD. It will of course be a very different 2D1N without KHD to lead all those intros and closings. But I will watch and cheer them on till the end…. Whatever shortcomings that the remaining 5 may encounter during the remaining episodes.
      2D1N fighting!!

  39. 40 Do-ra-ma


    September seems to be the bad month for this show.

    I’ll be amazed if this thing even lasts till February now.

  40. 41 mel



  41. 42 maldita

    Hodong! ๐Ÿ™

  42. 43 jakebot

    bo fricken hoo. you all know he knows the score. yes, he is a talented host, and is fun to watch, but that does not make him above the law. tax evasion is the dumbest of all moves. it makes you petty, short sighted, and greedy. if you know you are in the spotlight, you should overpay and get a return. cheating makes you an ass in front of millions who are busting their butts to make ends meet, given the world economic climate. i’m not for or against the korean tax code, as i don’t know it’s rules, however, i’m pretty damn sure hodong and his management/accountants do.

  43. 44 tinyviolin


    Kang Ho-dong oppa, don’t go. I feel like the other members are moons orbiting a planet…. and without you there’ll be no pull, no center.

    This is so unfair! And the picture of Kang Ho-dong crying….

    I. Don’t. Want. Goodbye.

  44. 45 gustave154

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooo just6 more months
    why media WHYYYYYYYYY

  45. 46 bjharm

    all korean business seems to be done with dodgy stuff going on. slush funds and pay off and the like are more the normal than the opposite, so I am guessing yes he did know he was ‘bending’ the laws, but was perhaps advised..ow every one dose so it will be ok. Perhaps because of his buffoon loud honest image it comes as a shock, but behind the image is a real person, and thus just as likely to make mistakes because of greed as anyone else.
    I have been a bit anti against him since his tv show strong heart and the Jang Nara chinese scandal that followed her appearance on the show, and the wrong subs the show used for airing in china. I always felt both he [as her senior, he known her since her dรฉbut]and the show should have taken more responsibility for the attacks and loss Jang Nara had to suffer for something she never really even said.
    But for that he been around so long and been in so many great shows, I still can not feel sorry for him, now he too feels the harsh bite of a possible career ending scandal, though one, unlike Jang Nara’s he did bring on himself.

    • 46.1 bjharm

      But for that he been around so long and been in so many great shows, I still can BUT feel sorry for him, now he too feels the harsh bite of a possible career ending scandal, though one, unlike Jang Naraโ€™s he did bring on himself.
      sorry missed out the other wise it sounds like i am cursing him.

    • 46.2 MeeisLee

      Curious to know what the Jang Nara scandal was.

      I’ve seen a couple of Kang Ho Dong’s shows. He’s a great entertainer and he’ll definitely be missed. He seems truly remorseful and I hope he will be able to make a comeback after his break.

      • 46.2.1 bjharm

        Jang Nara was promoting her film Sky and Sea, but was not allowed to do it directly so told a sad story about being over worked by her father, who was the producer and how he keep sending her back to China to earn more money so they could finish the film. As always on Strong heart it was 80% for laughs and 10% made up and 10% true. But when it was shown in China the sub came out, whenever I what to make money I go to China. This was jumped on by chinese neiziens as meaning she was treating China as a ‘cash cow’ and was at once picked up by the chinese press and it grew to a point where not only did she lose all her endorsements/work but had death threats and even a start of a campaign to get the chinese government to blacklist her from entering china.
        This was all started because the subs where wrong on strong heart but the show just ducked any responsibility and left her hanging.

        • sol


        • Polly

          lol the show’s responsibility? It’s the deranged ultra sensitive chinese viewers with ridiculously huge inferiority complex that lynched Nara the are actual problem. btw SBS doesn’t air in china AT ALL.

          • bjharm

            but SBS is selling its shows overseas, that why they kept mum to protect the sales. If they had come out and supported JN version of what happened, ie bad subs, then she would perhaps of has less reaction from the Chinese press. It was indeed, what I call misguided Chinese patriots or if you like, raving raciest that jumped on the so called scandal, but it was the Chinese press that kept it going and spread it, until it was taken as being true by the Chinese public..because it in the news it must be true, reaction.
            In the end it really had nothing to do with what she said, as she is the most visible of the Hallyu stars in China she an big target for the ongoing backlash of anti-Hallyu. Indeed these days the mainland Chinese ‘patriots’ are even trying to bane or at lest limit stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan from working in China.

  46. 47 heppee

    awww… just started to watch korean shows.. watched a few epis of 1d2n, and already cannot imagine the show without him.. >.<

    besides 1d2n.. the other shows he's hosting will be even worse right.. at least 1d2n still has 5 ppl.. then the other shows without him can just end totally??! ):

    of course he did wrong, and should have his punishment.. but this sort of punishment.. kind of = punishment on fans of his shows too.. just.. a bit sad..

  47. 48 Ani

    Seriously? I hate to point fingers but… Didn’t they say the accountants handle his taxes? It doesn’t make sense a beloved dude like Kang Hodong would purposely do something that would hurt his image and his career. It’s lame for me to push the blame onto others just because I adore the hell out of the guy, but really? Seriously? This is messed up. X/

  48. 49 Minty V

    i’m more worried about his other shows like Star King… at least in 1M2D there are still 5 MCs remaining… and Star King has a big following outside of Korea inasmuch as foreign talents audition to appear on Star King…

    what happens now? ๐Ÿ™

  49. 50 maria

    my sentiments exactly…i was just getting over the pain of knowing in six months my beloved show will be over and now this….it sems like the agony is never ending…how i wish kang hodong shii can go on…but i know what it feels like to be judged and how terrible it made me feel in private …and i can not imagine how much more difficut, heartwrenching it must be when it is done in public…i just hope he knows how much he is loved and how much joy he has given me and everyone else who were priveleged enough to experience his quick wit and humour. sarangae kang hodong shii…please come back as soon as possible. we will miss you terribly

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