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My Name Is Kim Sam Soon: Episode 10
by | September 1, 2011 | 85 Comments

Names are important, not just in a family sense but because there is community in a name. And names can be just chock full of meaning, both to the giver of the name and the one who wears it. But changing a name is something else entirely. Changing one’s name is a pretty big deal because all the things that went with the original name are now being tossed into the garbage.

Still, Sam Soon has always wanted to change her name because her name didn’t sound cool. But was that the only reason? Well, what does “Sam Soon” actually mean? Her name spelled in Korean: 삼순. But since there are a lot of meanings for 순 (Soon), like sprout, purity, gentleness, order and martyrdom, you can’t know what her name means without knowing the Chinese characters. Sam Soon reveals that her name is spelled out in Chinese like this 三殉, which literally means, “Third Martyr.” Gee thanks, mom and dad. Of course, she could lie and tell other people her name means “Third Sprout,” but I guess she has extra incentive to wanting to change her name.

Episode 10 – My Name Is Kim Hee Jin

Jin Heon watches Sam Soon leave Bon Appetit. There’s a heaviness in the air, a finality. Kids can screw around but once parents step into the ring, that’s it. For better or worse, Kim Sam Soon’s career at Bon Appetit is most likely finished. Now that her mom has said her piece, Sam Soon would be making a fool out of her mom if she came back to work for Jin Heon.

Jin Heon closes the restaurant for the night but stops at the pastry station where Sam Soon worked. He turns on the lights and puts himself in the position that Sam Soon was in. For the first time, Jin Heon tries to understand Samsoon.

He finds Sam Soon’s notebook and flips through it. He smiles as he reads Sam Soon’s notes on baking and comparing herself to dough that rises without help from quick rising yeast. The no-yeast dough may not rise as quickly as the other dough, but maybe there is something special about that too.

Jin Heon texts Sam Soon with entreaties of a 10% raise, and then a 20% raise. Has he not heard anything that Sam Soon has said? Well, maybe it isn’t that he didn’t listen. Maybe Jin Heon doesn’t have much he can offer Sam Soon other than money. And what Sam Soon wants, Jin Heon either doesn’t know how to give or is unwilling to give. Hey Jin Heon. What happens if Sam Soon decides to come back? How will you take responsibility for her, or haven’t you thought that through yet?

Sam Soon’s immediate response to the texts is to delete them, but then even more than that, she goes to her closet and pulls out the outfit that Jin Heon had bought for her to wear, when she first went meet Jin Heon’s mom. Sam Soon takes the dress and the dried roses, the two things she received from Jin Heon, and tosses them. The longing is over. It’s time to begin anew.

For Jin Heon, though, the longing seems to just have started.

Jin Heon’s morning begins with the stuffed animal Samsooki (not me – I’m samsooki lower case, the pig is Samsooki) calling out to him in Sam Soon’s voice. A freaked out Jin Heon quickly throws the stuffed animal out of his apartment despite Samsooki’s protests. Jin Heon walks back inside but the pig has beaten him back inside and flies at Jin Heon with Sam Soon’s vegetable peeler! I’ll peel you like a potato! Jin Heon wakes with a start, it was only a dream… until he rolls over and finds the pig staring at him. FREAKY.

Sam Soon begins her morning with a determined face and attitude. At breakfast with her sister and mom, she recites all the unfortunate (but funny) names that she found in the National Name Registry, like Go Yang Yi (cat), Kang Ah Ji (dog) and even Ahn Tae Na (antenna). Yi Young wonders at the cruelty of parents who name their child “antenna.” Sam Soon notes that there’s one such cruel parent sitting at the breakfast table now.

Note: Korean names are generally 3 syllables long: a one-syllable surname followed by a two-syllable first name. Given the lack of diversity in surnames (the five most common surnames make up about half of Koreans), it is understandable that individualistic tendencies might want to throw in an unusual first name. But since females generally keep their names even through marriage, a silly name given at birth is something that will last for a lifetime.

Sam Soon’s mom impassively glances at Sam Soon, who is staring back. Sam Soon, who spent her childhood begging for a name change, declares she is going to change her name to Hee Jin. Sam Soon’s mom says ‘do whatever you want,’ which causes a start in both Yi Young and Sam Soon. WHAT? Sam Soon’s mom explains the change of heart. Sam Soon is 30 now, and if changing her name means that she’ll change her life for the better, then so be it. Sam Soon is beyond excited, and guess what? She’s going to start going on blind dates again! Aja! Kim Hee Jin!

Jin Heon needs to change his life too. He starts by trying to throw away Samsooki (nooooooooo!) but the pig is saved when a garbage man notes that Jin Heon hasn’t bagged it properly (whew!). Jin Heon’s next effort is to give it away to a little girl but the little girl is far too plucky and a pissed Jin Heon tells the little girl to go and grow up like Sam Soon. Hehe! A little girl could do worse, no?

You know, I’m a huge fan of movies where the hero gets his ass handed to him and then he has to go back and re-think things, get stronger, get more skilled, be smarter. The Rocky movies (I, II, III and IV), which are the single greatest collection of guy movies of all time, were all based on this single premise. What makes this premise so attractive is that it has universal application. Fail a test? Study harder. Lose your job? Improve and then kick ass at a competing firm. Lose at love? Get on the treadmill, eat right, get a new haircut and find your destiny.

Sam Soon has taken that to heart and she’s all about change. New clothes, new hair style and color, new attitude and a new name. Oh, and no caramel syrup in her coffee. Aja AJA! Kim Hee Jin!

Jin Heon, Hee Jin (the Yoo kind of Hee Jin) and Mi Joo are toy shopping before Mi Joo’s play therapy session. Mi Joo points at things and Hee Jin buys them for her. Hee Jin suggests a play-hospital set to purchase and Mi Joo is agreeable, but Mi Joo also wants kitchen bakery set. Hehe!

Mi Joo, this ain’t no Big Love scenario, you can’t have both the doctor and the baker! After shopping, Jin Heon, Hee Jin and Mi Joo arrive at the play date therapy. Hee Jin and Jin Heon watch as Mi Joo plays with other special-needs children.

Hee Jin: How long has Mi Joo been coming here?
Jin Heon: It’s been about two years now.
Hee Jin: And you’ve taken her every time?
Jin Heon: Just about.
Hee Jin: Must have been a burden since these play-dates are twice a week. No small feat.
Jin Heon (absent-mindedly): Yeah, but now I have you here to help, Sam Soon. You and I can start taking turns, and it will all work out okay.

EEEEEEEEEE! Hee Jin is alarmed but realizes that Jin Heon hasn’t caught his Freudian slip. This is a quandary for Hee Jin. If she brings it up, Jin Heon will pass it off as a mistake and then watch what his says from then on, and so Hee Jin might not be able to trust what he says. If Hee Jin doesn’t bring it up, she may never find out why Jin Heon was thinking of Sam Soon would switch off with Jin Heon in taking care of Mi Joo.

In the car driving home, Hee Jin casually asks about Sam Soon, probing until Jin Heon tells her that Sam Soon quit Bon Appetit. Hee Jin wonders aloud if Sam Soon quitting has anything to do with her. Jin Heon is immediately on guard and pulls a Hyun Woo and answers a question with a question, “why would you think that?” Undaunted, Hee Jin asks the questions that she’s probably had since Jeju:

Hee Jin: …did something happen between the two of you?
Jin Heon: Mm? Nothing, really. You shouldn’t concern yourself about her.
Hee Jin: Does… Kim Sam Soon like you?
Jin Heon: Mmm, that’s hard to say. I wouldn’t know for sure.

TRICKY! I’m not saying this is a good thing, mind you, but technically, Jin Heon is NOT lying. Sam Soon said that she had fallen for him back on Jeju. BUT, right before Sam Soon crashed her bike, Sam Soon took back those words, cancelling them. So, technically, Jin Heon is telling the truth. I guess. Feels wrong though, since he’s not telling the whole story. Jin Heon, this is a line that should not be crossed, because once you cross it, there are no more lines after that – just degrees of justification. Lying by omission is still a lie, and a lie to protect another’s feelings is still a lie.

Ohhh, disappointing! That is hopeful blind date she told her mom about? The dude is less than advertised. Unattractive Blind Date Guy is also rude, which brings out the 6-shooter mouth in Sam Soon, which leads to the Unattractive and Rude Blind Guy just walking away from the table.

Awww, sorry. But just remember, there are plenty of bullfrogs in the swamp. Best of luck to you! Sam Soon seems to have gussied up for nothing.

But then another man calls out her name. Kim Hee Jin? OMG IT’S GOOD LOOKING BLIND DATE GUY! I love that guy! Yay!

Good Looking Blind Date Guy has also just been rejected (who would reject Good Looking Blind Date Guy?!) and asks if he might sit with Kim Hee Jin. Ho ho ho ho! Of course! Ho ho ho! The two get to talking, and Sam Soon fills him in on what’s happened between her and her evil boss.

Meanwhile, Jin Heon hears about Sam Soon being on a blind date from a gossipy Chae Ri, who was passing by. Jin Heon rushes over from the restaurant and spots Sam Soon overdoing her “ho ho ho ho” cute thing. Jin Heon interrupts the date and tries the “you promised not to date other men!” but that doesn’t work. Jin Heon then tries the “but what about our baby!” but that doesn’t work. So Jin Heon tells Sam Soon that Sam Soon’s former helper In Hye burned herself and is seriously injured.

Sam Soon rushes over to Bon Appetit but In Hye’s burn is nothing but a small boo-boo. Sam Soon charges into Jin Heon’s office and Jin Heon is waiting for her. Jin Heon tries to engage Sam Soon in banter about her new clothes and hair, but Sam Soon is not having any of it.

Sam Soon leaves the restaurant but Jin Heon grabs her wrist, stopping her. Sam Soon’s eyes warn Jin Heon to let go and then Sam Soon walks away. Jin Heon follows her AGAIN, even getting on the same bus. Yes, Korea is a free country and so Jin Heon can travel where he wants to, but this has got to be close to the text-book definition of stalking.

Meanwhile, Hee Jin is sitting at Henry’s place and pondering the events that have led this point. Clearly, she asked one fewer question than she should have. The additional question Hee Jin needed to have asked Jin Heon, is whether he likes Sam Soon. Isn’t that the question? Maybe Hee Jin was too incredulous to believe that that could be the case, or maybe she was too scared of the possible answer to ask. Either way, now Hee Jin is sitting in Henry’s apartment, pondering the unknowable – whither Jin Heon’s heart?

Hee Jin and Henry grab dinner together, and Hee Jin tries to makes small talk. Henry notes immediately that something is up, because Hee Jin always laughs as a cover when something is wrong. Some things can’t be so easily translated into English, and so Hee Jin talks in a parable-like fashion – things can shine at first, but then as time passes, the shine can fade until it isn’t there anymore. And Hee Jin thinks that she doesn’t shine anymore. Dr. Henry Kim, the 6’2 chiseled surgical oncologist, screws his face up for a while as he concentrates, before finally saying, “You still shine.” Thanks Henry.

Sam Soon arrives to her neighborhood and starts walking up the road to her place. Jin Heon is still following her. Finally, right before her house, Sam Soon whirls around.

Sam Soon: Back at the hotel, that man I was sitting with. Do you know what that man means for me?
Jin Heon: …
Sam Soon: Do you know how unlikely it is to meet the same person on a blind date twice? That first time and even again tonight, we were doing so well together. But what’s your point? I liked him and he liked me, and what do you think, I can find ANOTHER man like that again? Because of you, everything got ruined. You might have chased away the last chance I’ll have!
Jin Heon: Why do you always think he could be the last chance?
Sam Soon: It looks like you still want to play games with me.
Jin Heon: Men even better than the man you were with tonight… you can find whenever you like.
Sam Soon (sarcastically): Whenever I like? WHENEVER I LIKE?!
Jin Heon: Yes.
Sam Soon: …
Jin Heon: You have so much charm. And the fact that you don’t even know how charming you are adds to that charm.

A pause, then Sam Soon smiles ruefully. Sam Soon says that she won’t be tricked again. He tricked her once in Jeju, and then he ran off, leaving her on the side of the road. Let me hear you say this shit is bananas, b – a – n …

Jin Heon says nothing for a bit, just standing by his words with conviction.

And then:

Jin Heon: Don’t meet with other guys. And don’t go on any more blind dates.


I translated just about the entire conversation at the end because I think it’s important to get more or less a verbatim account of what was said. Despite multiple watchings, I really don’t know what’s going on inside Jin Heon’s head.

Jin Heon never says that he likes her. He just says that she is charming. Oh, and he also tells her not to see other men. Is he making her wait for him? It’s SO not fair for Sam Soon though. Sam Soon is 30 and in just a few years, she might have a greater chance of being kidnapped by aliens than she does of getting married. How can Jin Heon take responsibility for that? If Jin Heon truly loves her, wouldn’t Jin Heon do the k-drama male lead thing and sacrifice his own feelings for what would undoubtedly be the safer path for Sam Soon?

Does Jin Heon love Sam Soon? What do you guys think?


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  1. Free

    At this stage, I don’t think JH loves SS. He likes her for sure, but it’s not love.

  2. So3

    Third Martyr? LOL

    It does make sense now that I know that Chinese character… (there used to be a lot of translation using the word 順 instead, which pretty much means things will go fine so I was wondering why it bothers Sam Soon so much back then) but really, no one would use this word in a name… even in the Chinese world I believe. There can be so many Chinese characters with the same sound I wonder why Sam Soon’s dad chose this particular one.

    But then, it doesn’t affect the affection Sam Soon has towards her dad and this dad-daughter relationship is something that touched me a lot when I watched this drama.

    • 2.1 So3

      My verdict: Jin Heon loves himself the most.

      At this point he’s just not willing to make any sorts of sacrifices (except money I guess) in order to get Sam Soon.

      Hee Jin is more like bees to honey facing Jin Heon so JH doesn’t need to do anything.

      Reading this recap reminds me why I was so addicted to this drama before – the audience is probably as confused as Jin Heon himself. I think Jin Heon wasn’t 100% sure about his feelings towards Sam Soon, and he doesn’t want to think about it (esp. with the Yoo kind of Hee Jin besides him now), so he ended up saying and acting confusingly (to both Sam Soon and the audience).

      Audience always get the bird’s eye view when watching drama (esp. those with all those misunderstanding plots) but in MNIKSS, we ride along with Sam Soon and Jin Heon, exploring their feelings as part of them. I guess this is why I love this drama so much and it feels so refreshing.

      Thanks again samsooki lower case. Still having new insights as I read your recaps 🙂

    • 2.2 samsooki

      I couldn’t justify putting in a long explanation for Sam Soon’s name in a recap – it sorts of takes away from recap even if it is sorta relevant to the series.

      Okay. Here’s the long version.

      Sam Soon wants to change her name. Why? Because her name sounds un-cool – end of story. Her grandpa / parents wanted a boy as their last chance for keeping alive the family line – and instead of a boy, they got another girl. In the grandpa’s disappointment and ire, rather than keeping with the naming convention, he changes it up and names the third daughter, “Sam Soon” rather than “Sam Young.”

      But what’s wrong with the name “Sam Soon”? Nothing, except that it’s not very cool-sounding and so she probably was teased quite a bit as a kid.

      But then what’s the whole thing about the actual meaning of her name? Third Martyr? It’s not even that she’s the First Martyr. She’s the Third Martyr. Geez!

      Well, this is up for debate, to be honest. Sam Soon does write out her name in Chinese, on the name-change application, as 三殉. It is reasonable to assume that she was writing out her name honestly, since this is a government application and she would be foolish to lie.

      On the other hand, it is pretty shocking that her grandpa / parents decided to name her that. Improbable.

      If I had to guess, I would say there are a few more realistic possibilities here:

      1. That’s really how to spell her name in Chinese – her grandpa was that pissed.

      2. That’s not really how to spell her name in Chinese, and she spells her name that way (in Chinese) so as to give even more reason for the government officials to grant her name-change.

      3. That’s not really how to spell her name in Chinese, and she spells her name that way (in Chinese) in a bit of dark humor and irony.

      4. That’s not really how to spell her name in Chinese, but the MNIKSS writers and/or Kim Sun Ah were just having a bit of fun.


      Now, the Korean audience watching the drama series at home would have been just as curious as to how her name is spelled in Chinese. The name of the drama is “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” after all, and so the audience will have wanted to know what “Sam Soon” means. Most people would have assumed that the “Soon” part would have meant order or purity or gentleness, and some may have even guessed “sprout” (which would have been in keeping with the unfashionable-ness of the way her name sounds).

      But it would have been a shock for the keener-eyed among the audience to spot the extremely brief moment where her Chinese characters name is on the screen. If they were to spot it at all. I mean, the name-change application close-up appears only ONCE and only for a split second. I had to freeze frame it so I could actually read what was written.

      Given how the drama series has quite a few inside jokes, it is also possible that the drama writers (or even Kim Sun Ah herself) decided to have a little fun with Sam Soon’s name and give it the worst possible meaning.

      If I had to guess, I would say that #4 is the most likely explanation.


      All of this explanation is irrelevant to the story though – because the important point is that Sam Soon’s dad loved Sam Soon and loved her name. And Sam Soon must come to grips with terrible feeling that if she gives up her name, she is also giving up a part of her that her dad loved.

      • 2.2.1 Eeefu

        My vote goes to #2. 😉

      • 2.2.2 So3

        I’m not sure whether it applies to Korean society, but in Chinese world, if a family wants a boy but keeps getting girls, there used to be this tradition of naming that last girl with a boyish name or changing the naming pattern, just to symbolize their hope for a “change”.

        But as you said, the real reason and meaning of Sam Soon’s name are irrelevant to the story so I think #4 is highly likely (though I’m kinda tempted to post this question on KSA’s facebook to see if she knows the answer haha)

      • 2.2.3 Birthday Girl

        Lovely explanation. I really enjoy your recaps, they are excellent and the best I’ve seen. Although I am not crazy about this show I enjoy reading this and it makes me appreciate it more. I love how this is a story of an imperfect woman and how our insecurities don’t go away through our teen years but we learn to more or less accept them as apart of us. And in this drama they aren’t superficial imperfections but things that resonate with us.
        Also about this episode–it WAS painful to watch back in the day when I first watched this. I could completely see my mother doing that [because she has] and weird as it sounds I could see myself doing it too.

      • 2.2.4 Carinne

        I was teased a lot during childhood for my middle name as well. Thanks Mom. It is 玉 in Chinese, and my mom’s immigration mindset was forced to spell our names with English alphabets, so… I may be better off if she spelled it Yuk since my mother’s side of the family came from renowned Fujian, or Yu from my father’s side, but no luck, I guess she used whatever language she habitually accustomed before immigrating into the U.S., and consequently my middle name is Ngọc. Yeah, I got a lot of knock-knock jokes, do you want to hear ’em? =p

        If I can bury my childhood memories, then I would. Cruel. Anyone can tell me what 玉 is in Korean? I’m not sure if it’s 옥 or not? Is it unisex preference?

        • samsooki

          Jade is a pretty name! I think Jade (玉) is pronounced in Mandarin as fourth tone yù, but that’s a far cry from the ngọc sound that might have its roots in Fujian.

          In Korean, it would be 옥 – pronounced ōhk.

          • Carinne

            Ahh~ thank you for clarifying samsooki.

            玉貞 (옥정) as it may be a pretty name by natives to its origins but I was teased a lot in elementary up through high school ‘cos of English pronunciations.

            Yay, I finally know my Korean name. Thanks again.

        • asianromance

          Ngoc looks a bit Vietnamese to me!

          at least it’s not as bad with Vietnamese names like Phuc. I’ve encountered several Viet people with that name and while there is a good-sized Viet population where I live, I’m sure they got made fun of.

          Yeah, transliterations of chinese names are sort of ugly and sucky when they’re transliterated from the pronunciation of a Chinese dialect rather than from the official mandarin pinyin.

        • Nga

          Oooh, I sympathize. Ngoc does look like Viet, and it means jade as well.

          If it’s any consolation, my middle name is Bích. NO, that’s not a female dog. I get some really stupid comments. It means jade (the meaning is more clear when paired with ngoc, as in ngoc bich), which represents nobility in Asian culture so HAH. That’s no ordinary Jane or Bob name.

          Plus, my name, Nga, is often butchered when people say “Ni-gah.” Yeah. Nga means Russia in Vietnamese, or when paired with Thien (thien nga), it means swan.

          Wow. Sorry for the rant. But, my sisters and I all have the middle name Bich and we never considered changing it. The importance in which my parents held our given names stopped us from the very thought. I feel like I’m erasing a part of my culture when I even consider the notion. So, from that view, I at least understand Sam Soon’s exasperation when dealing with her given name.

      • 2.2.5 BOING

        If you look carefully, the Chinese word Sam Soon has written is actually珣,which means beautiful jade.
        I think Sam Soon and Sam Shik are common names used by peasants in the past.

  3. Informantxgirl

    I remember watching this and just being so freakin’ appalled and angered by Jin Heon’s behavior. It’s sooooo selfish, to the point where I wondered aloud how he could be the hero (this was one of my first Kdramas, so yes, I was naive; I now realize this is a common M.O. for Kdrama heroes!) He ought to know that saying something like that can’t really be taken any other way – he’s tossing Sam Soon a crumb, making a path that leads to him. (What sickened me was that she took those crumbs, but that’s for later.) In a way, I think this scene parallels the scene on Jeju shortly before Hee Jin showed up, when Jin Heon was all “Listen only to me!” He never comes right out and confesses his attraction, but he makes it pretty hard for Sam Soon to think otherwise! Then, BAM! Gone. Smooching the hot ex. Ugh.

    In answer to the question, “Does Jin Heon love Sam Soon?” I’d say no, not yet. I honestly don’t think he loves her yet. There’s a kernel of a feeling there, one that will grow, but right now, it’s more of a “Well, she’s mine, you can’t have her” situation. I think it befuddles him that someone like Sam Soon, who’s sorta, really, totally NOT his equal in any way (looks, education, intelligence, etc.) could turn and walk away from him. He’s a dog in the manger, I believe is the phrase. It’s a blow to his pride, that she could and does reject him. It makes no sense to him, to the point that he experiences cognitive dissonance, and has to remedy the situation.

    Whoa, that was long-winded! Sorry! BTW, thanks for the recaps. It’s not one of my favorite series, but I appreciate its place in the Kdrama pantheon and it had its moments, and I like reliving them through this recap series. 🙂

    • 3.1 kriss

      Hmmm… I have to agree with you on Jin Heon’s character.

      I remember when I first saw MNIKSS, I disliked him a lot. I thought he was a totally selfish, self-centred, immatured, arrogant, insufferable jerk. He treated and strung Sam Soon along without any regards for her feelings.

      But this drama still was one of my favourites because of KSS’s character. Loved that she’s flawed but yet has so many redeeming qualities – gutsy, kind, nutty, filial and an enormous sense of humour to boot.

      But most of all, I love how KSA portrayed KSS. It’s like she and KSS are one. That it’s not acting but reality. That KSA is KSS and KSS is KSA. This is what lifted MNIKSS to the stratosperic level!

  4. Kdrama filipina addik

    Thanks for the recap! You have a real gift in balancing comedy, wit and insightful wisdom in your writing, keep it up! 🙂

    As for whether Jin Heon loves her, I think he started to secretly RESPECT and admire her before hee jin appeared. one scene that comes to mind is when he was defending Samsoon to his mother, talking about how hard working Samsoon is and how shes better than any woman his mother has introduced him to, his sincerity was really evident in that scene. But his feelings for Samsoon wasnt allowed to flourish when Hee Jin stepped in wielding her two main cards, 1. her 8 years of history with Jin Heon which Sam Soon just cant match and 2. her cancer (again which she cant match, side point: just realised kim sun ah’s character in scent of a woman is dying of cancer). So on those two counts, Samsoon has nothing to play with and Jin Heon knows that. But knowing that doesnt stop the seed of attraction/curiosity/respect from breathing again and growing. At this point however, as its like the calm after the storm (the calm being his decision to be with Hee Jin again) he has time to meditate and appreciate what he’s actually let go. but with Hee jin’s 2 cards still very strong and present, Jin Heon cant think of any plausible or non-ludicrous reasons as to why he is now missing Samsoon, so he’s in denial and can only say in a childlike brattish manner that he wants Samsoon to remain single while he thinks about his feelings and what it means and until he can come up with plausible and non-ludicrous answers and explanations as to why on earth his heart cannot let go of this chubby, 30 year old, dirty mouthed Samsoon as opposed to his sweet pretty Hee Jin, then hes saying in effect: “Please just stay still until I figure this out properly and get back to you”. SO as we know, Thats not really love but more a selfish, confused longing.

    I also really love your point about the universal application of bettering yourself, getting up again after you fail, that is probably one of the main attractions of this drama in Sam Soon’s case, that you can be chubby but its ok, try to lose weight but dont kill yourself either, be balanced. you can fail in an interview, its ok go to the next one and the next…if the guy you love dumps you, its ok too, cry, weep, be depressed then move on….the lessons here are older than time itself but the modern way this is presented in MNKSS and of course, through the medium of Kim Sun Ah’s great acting, it manages to touch people on a lot of levels.

  5. yumi

    Thanks for the re-cap.

    Is this the episode where he picks up the book of Momo stories.

    I remember liking how books kept him connected (stood in for) Kim Sam Soon when they were apart. Not just the Momo stories, but also her baking diary.

    • 5.1 pikapuffie

      if i remember correctly they show him buying the momo book for his niece but they never showed him actually buying the book for himself. but then samsoon finds it later in his apt. letting us know that he got it. or maybe he only got one copy and borrowed it from mijoo?

      • 5.1.1 Kaion

        In the store, Miju points towards the book and Hee-Jin picks up a copy to buy for Miju (among many other gifts) and they walk off (to the register?). Jin-Hun then surreptitiously picks up a copy for himself.

        Actually I read Momo earlier this year, remembering Samsoon’s love for it. It’s a really remarkable modern fairy tale for adults. The titular character is a homeless/orphan girl who is friends with everyone in town because she has the amazing power to listen to everyone. The story fits in very well with the theme of time in MNIKSS as well, as the plot concerns what happens when grey men in suits come into town and start stealing people’s time (by convincing them they shouldn’t “waste” it by enjoying themselves).

  6. sugarpunch

    sigh, the reason I didn’t really like the drama is cos of the indecisiveness of Jin Heon. I love that Kim Sam Soon has wisened up to him but I hate him for giving non-answers and wanting both women. the only reason I watch this show again and again is for Kim Sunah. she’s really really strong:)

  7. S2K

    I swear these recaps make my week go by faster! Thank you! This was the first Korean drama i watched that later became the start of my addiction to them. I bought it off of Amazon on a whim and only reading the premise. Fell in love by ep 4 and watch the rest in one day. Sleep and work be damned! Suffice to say i have watch this over and over and over again and lend it out to friends that are starting to get on the band wagon. I was sooo excited when i saw that you were recapping this. My only wish is that Wednesdays and Thursdays would come quicker. Thanks again for doing this!

  8. Anke

    I think he was beginning to like her. I remembered feeling confused by Jin Heon’s behaviour too. But in later episode, Hee Jin whilst reminiscing the past with Jin Heon, reminded him that he used to get angry easily and threw temper tantrums when they went out on one of their first few dates. It turned out that he wanted to hold her hands but did not know how to express it. I thought that kind of explain his behaviour towards Sam Soon. He was mean to her, said nasty things to her and flared up at her over the slightest thing. I think it was because he liked her and did not know how to express it.

  9. Anime1234

    Jin Heon’s behaviour reminds me of the toddler rules of possession regarding Sam Soon and her dates (just replace it with her or she):

    1. If I like it, it’s mine.
    2. If it’s in my hand, it’s mine.
    3. If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
    4. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
    5. If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
    6. If I’m doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.
    7. If it looks just like mine, it is mine.
    8. If I saw it first, it’s mine.
    9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
    10. If it’s broken, it’s yours.
    11. If it’s broken, but you are having fun playing with the pieces, it’s mine again.
    12. If there is ANY doubt, it’s mine.

    • 9.1 Webfoot


    • 9.2 ck1Oz

      Holy cow…what a list.

      I think this applies to those pesky 2nd leads in other dramas.
      Takes note..must remember this list.Thanks 🙂

    • 9.3 skelly

      Totally apt. Some boys grow up quite easily, some have to be dragged into adulthood kicking and screaming, and some just seem to stay, to a greater or lesser degree, boys their whole lives. JH seems to be one of the latter.

      He’s got a very strong mother who has always been involved in his decisions and his life, he has been in a holding pattern ever since tragedy struck all those years ago. Maybe, if that tragedy hadn’t happened, he would have eventually grown up, but who knows.

      It is also telling that neither Hee Jin nor his mother thought that he could handle the truth about her condition; it is just like how you would treat a child, even down to the deals and bargaining made behind his back.

      Maybe, just maybe, Sam Soon can help him to grow up, but I doubt it. Fortunately, she is strong enough and wise enough and loving enough to make something worthwhile out of what she’s got in JH.

    • 9.4 NN

      love your list =)

    • 9.5 blinkmyday

      Hilariously true.

  10. 10 Jomo

    Thank you for the recap!

    People are always getting mad at Samshik because he rarely shows his feelings, he seems to waver between his old Skinny and his new Pastry. He is jealous for no apparent reason, and he’s selfish. His actions contradict themselves and he has NO clue what to do next. In other words, he’s a normal human who happens also to be the first lead in a K-drama.

    He is so real to me. I know there were flawed heros who struggle saying how they feel until the very last minute (Full House, Attic Cat). It is actually my favorite trait in the male lead. Boys, to be very general, have a hard time translating what they feel to words that come out of their mouth. Because it is difficult, they avoid it. They would rather act than talk. They would rather climb a mountain than say, “You are important to me.”

    I love that KSS knows this, she knows this. She listens, yes, but mostly she watches him, and remembers what he has done with her in the past. The “he loves me” side of list, I think, is starting to be longer than “he loves me not.”

    Of course, she has no idea he’s Freudian slipping her name, or having dreams about him, or reading her kitchen journal, but we do.

    My conclusion: Samshik’s brain is currently partitioned into kitchen, bedroom, living room, family room, back porch, front porch. HJ is on the back porch, the bedroom. SS has the kitchen secured, and maybe even some of the family room because of MJ. But the future- the living room and the front porch? Still open. We know that some of SS’s DNA is in the bedroom, too, and it has somehow started re-generation Jurassic Park style totally unbeknownst to HJ. It’ll be some time, yet, before Samshik does an full accounting of his emotional home, but does he like her? Yes, after all that prologue, is my short answer, but he still doesn’t know it.

  11. 11 Zane

    I think that you’re doing great on your recaps. ^_^

  12. 12 ahjummabunnylove

    I think it’s a case of the red-bottoms. Like hee jin was saying about things losing their luster over time and sam soon shining at her brightest now. Hee Jin’s cool approach to life was always charming to me, it is very youthful and idealistic. I think it’s possible to love many people at once, I don’t mind it in real life, what I do mind is how that love is expressed. I think what HE asks of sam soon is a promise and she should make the same promise to him.

    • 12.1 Jomo

      Red bottom?

      • 12.1.1 ahjummabunnylove

        like a baboon’s bottom.

        • Jomo

          Here I was thinking stars or gems!

  13. 13 jinjoo

    i’ve seen this drama & that’s where i first started liking Hyun bin….btw…luv that pink piggy cute stuffed toy which i almost bought while i was vacationing in Korea last year but second thoughts it’s gonna be bulky in my suitcase but woah i luv that one but i got a small stuffed moshimaro made in korea which is cool too but not that huge like this pink piggy! i’m a crazy stuffed toy collector anyway sorry to be talking about that instead of the drama which i also liked & seen it many times in the past!

  14. 14 whatis

    oh man… I love this drama!!!
    It was one of the first dramas I’ve watched where the girl isn’t dependent on the guy. I loved that Sam Soon has a mind of her own – She wants change? She’ll act upon it. Take destiny in her hands. And she’s reflective and poetic… totally awesome.

  15. 15 Webfoot

    Old habits die hard. It’s frustrating to watch, but JH has to undergo the realization what he wants has changed. When HJ came back on the scene, the old script kicked in, but what we are watching now is the clash between old JH’s habits and the current JH’s preferences. Complicated of course by the Guilt Guilt Guilt.
    What I do like about KSS in these last couple of episodes is her keen insight. She doesn’t just listen, she Listens and she sees right through all the crap. I like an intelligent female lead!

  16. 16 Webfoot

    Help. Can someone kindly explain to me where Samsooki the soft toy came from? I started watching midway through and I must have missed the origins of the pig bear and the pig bear’s name.

    • 16.1 Jomo

      It was a toy she won the night he followed her around and she puked. When she left the following morning, she forgot or purposesly left the pig.

      • 16.1.1 webfoot

        Thanks Jomo!

  17. 17 mvl

    i believe samshika does luv sam soon but is unconcious of his true feelings towards her. yes he’s immature, but so typical male of all ethnicity. he doesn’t have the emotional vocabulary to express his true feelings. being back w/hee jin is comfortable & familiar even though he has outgrown this luv ( she’s outgrown it too & doesn’t yet realize it either.) not only do i luv samsooki’s recap but i luv the comments from all the ranters & ravers. luv “the todlers rule of possessions” have to remeber that 1.

    ok can someone point me to a resource of korean hx that explains the chinese meeaning for names. i know i’m showing my ignorance but i would like become more enlighten. please don’t waste time in this discussion of mnikss to address this only need a good resource.

    • 17.1 ahjummabunnylove

      but where are we drawing the lines on love and like, and why are we doing that? isn’t his demand that she not meet other men his declaration?

  18. 18 oi

    thanks for the recap, samsooki
    like reading your recaps,
    it is like reading a little book

  19. 19 Ani

    The Rocky movies (I, II, III and IV), which are the single greatest collection of guy movies of all time…

    As a girl, I would like to say that the Rocky movies is a part of my collection as well…. Although, I think I do know more guys who like it than girls. Le sigh.

    Anyways, Jin Heon pissed me off here. Sam Soon had a chance with the “hot blind date guy” and Jin Heon was just being selfish. Unless he was ready to marry her, or full out confess love, heck even feelings of LIKING her, he should not have stepped in. Jerk. XP

  20. 20 babylind

    hmm… i guess JH is attracted or somewhat admiring SS… since he’s seeing a different kind of woman in SS.. but it’s not love yet.. or maybe he’s trying to suppress the attraction because he made up his mind with the Yoo kind of Hee Jin.. actually i realized this when i watch MNIKSS again. because i always thought that JH was attracted to SS in the beginning. but observing it properly i realized it’s not. and yes he is childish in trying to hide his true feelings.. must also be because of pride. it was him who told SS that he”ll never fall in love with her..

  21. 21 ck1Oz

    Thank you very much for the recap.As usual you’ve done a stupendous job.

    The scene where he called Hee Jin Sam Soon is one of my favourite scenes.

    JH liking her…I don’t think so.He seems to be reacting on instinct when he is around her.He being attracted to her on a subconscious level maybe.This is also one of my 1st KDramas…I thought he was a nutso hero.I could not understand his possessive and childish attitude towards her most of the time.

    As it is Mr samsooki,after you explained the ear digging part,HJ on his bed etc,the fact that HJ thought she was pregnant when she was ill-I am not very impressed with JH the character.Although MNIKSS is one of my favourite KD-I am not sure JH is one of the outstanding hero you’ll want your boyfriend to be.

    • 21.1 Jomo

      I know we don’t want him to be as bad as Samshik, but aren’t they?

      I love that it doesn’t matter to KSS that SShik is rich, or handsome, or a good businessman, but she was attracted to him playing the piano, being sweet to his niece, showing his vulnerabilities, and definitely his kiss. She doesn’t have any more of a plan for him in her life than he does for her.
      For whatever the reason, she is attracted but it’s not love. He so does NOT deserve her.

  22. 22 Jomo

    samsooki – Is there any way we can put the top of this recap into the Extended glossary?

    This question comes up very often on the OT, and assorted other comments areas.

    (I would ask for The Hand Towel, too, if it were so much fun to make up alternate stories for his nickname.)

  23. 23 Naghme

    Jin Heon likes her but he cannot accept his love for her now but everything he’s doing is like a sort of love for us. why did he go and catch her in her blind date???why did he follow her to her house?? why he is jealous by seeing her next to another man?? well all these are a kind of love but he just strated this love.so we should wait for his certainty to his love for Sam Soon.

  24. 24 Noelle

    Thanks for the recap. Gonna go read now.

    • 24.1 Noelle

      I think at this point Jin Heon is confused about his feelings. He rushed things with Hee Jin. He didn’t give himself time to figure out exactly what he was feeling for her. He just assumed it was love and went right back to the point where they ended and picked it up from there. He’s an idiot. By doing so he never gave himself the chance to analyze how Sam Soon made him feel. All that stuff he put on the back burner is pushing its way to the surface in jealous spouts and name slips. “Don’t see other dudes” he says without really knowing why other than he just doesn’t like it. He’s like a child who teases a girl without knowing why until someone points it out that HE LIKES HER! Flipping dunce.

      Ya know I really wanted Sam Soon to get with that one dude from the blind date. I would of loved to see her smitten and being all romantic with that fella. Give Jin Heon a nice taste of his own medicine. Oh well.

  25. 25 DK

    Thanks for translation the dialogue of the last scene. In the version I saw, Samshik said “you are attractive even when you think you are not.”. The word “attractive” implies that Samshik got the hots for Samsoon. Now, if he was just saying Samsoon was “charming” then it casts doubt on what he was feeling for her, as you have pointed out in your recap.

  26. 26 Kira

    I love it when the guy loves the girl after the girl loved the guy but then gave up so now their switched..or in each other’s shoes 🙂 <333

  27. 27 crazedlu

    we’re not korean, but my mom really took to korean dramas, especially this one. she always said samsoon reminded her of me, which i disagree with (haha), so she loved this drama. i bought her a samsoon pig just last year and i think she really gushed at the gesture. my mom died at the end of last year, so i’ve adopted the samsoon pig as my own and remember her everytime i look at the pig.

    appreciate the recaps. ^^ though it’s not my favorite drama, there’s something so real about it, i can’t help but like and admire this drama.

  28. 28 Butet

    “This Shit is Bananas. B-A-N..”

    LOL!! your use of Pop culture is epic and ingenious!

    Thank you

  29. 29 crizzyville

    now i am ashamed of myself and the way i thought why samsoon wants to change her name! being a non-korean, i never get to understand loads of things in kdramas except when i read your epic recaps (jb and gf included *wink*). my naive self believed that its because she was named after a korean appliance company (you know that right?) now, youur recap shed light to my blurred mind and reaffirmed my inborn foolishness (ive always been one lmao).everything makes sense now.
    As for your question dear, foolish jin hyeon (yeah he’s one too heh!) obviously has the hots for sam soon. Buts its too difficult to admit, even to his proud self. But even so, this kind of kdrama character is my kind of hero. The one that would make your heart skip a beat and flutter erratically; afterwards your knees go wobbly and suddenly you are too weak to even open your mouth. After the extended blushing of your cheeks, you recover and act like the sarcastic person that you are to get back on him. Then that’s the best time to turn your back away from the brat, shut your eyes while walking away from the scene and reliving the moment over and over again using your imagination. Swoon all the way! (now it feels good to be inlove) how i envy samsoon a lot!

  30. 30 Liesel

    I think Jinheon is a selfish git actually. Make up your mind, man up!

  31. 31 Emely

    Is this the episode when Sam Soon asks for a cigarette from her shop-owner friend, and Jin Heon tells her he doesn’t like smokers? I don’t usually like Binnie speaking english, but when he lists the poisonous chemicals in a cigarette (cadmium…ammonium…) it sounds kinda sexy. 😉

  32. 32 shan

    My biggest love of this drama’s story arc is the fact that you see JH struggle with his feelings and perceptions about how his life/relationships ‘should be’ and you witness his slow, painful growth toward a better understanding of who he is and what/who is the best fit for him. I like that the light bulb doesn’t come on so quickly about his feeling for SS…it makes it feel so much more genuine. I mean, it’s tough to have a first love come back into your life, have a new love interest that is so not what you expected, and then dealing with the craziness that comes from realizing the things you thought were important and absolutely crucial, are no longer what matters.

    My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE (did I mention it’s my favorite?) part of this episode is when JH has his Freudian slip and says SS’s name instead of HJ’s with regard to helping with Mi-Joo. It not only means that JH actually contemplated SS in that kind of a role, but that he saw her as a good fit…that she is in fact someone he could rely on, build a future with, and be a part of his family. LOVED IT!

    • 32.1 Dorotka

      Everybody says how horrible JH is. But I loved him. As you said, I loved his struggle with his own feelings (and episode 11 will be even better in that 🙂 ). I loved his childishness and vulnerability of a little boy who is painfully trying to convince himself that he, the rich and wanted bachelor, can’t possibly fall for this straightforward girl (especially when his first love, THE LOVE + attractive, intelligent, witty and from a good family, is back)… and yet, he can’t help, but follow Sam Soon… and tell her not to see other men…
      In that moment, I couldn’t see the rudeness, I just saw his desperate declaration. And I think Sam Soon saw it too.

      And the slip at the book shop? Perfect. Just as you said.

      • 32.1.1 Emely

        Hee Jin even commented how Jin Heon acted all weird when he tried to first confess that he liked her; so this is him acting weird when he tries to confess to SS that he might have feelings for her; but then when she says she doesn’t want to be tricked again, (oh no.. I just realised it’s in the next episode!) Well..he says the first line in the next episode, which is him nervously backtracking, I think.

  33. 33 jadeacl

    I’m just wondering, if “Samshik” was the name Samsoon hurled at Jin Heon as a retort when he kept asking about why she wanted to change her name, would it be possible that “shik” is kinda the opposite of “soon”? I’d read somewhere that “soon” is like “girl” and “shik” is like “boy” but I’m not Korean so I’m just repeating.

    On a side note, I didn’t even know JH was the name of Hyun Bin’s character until after the drama ended, he’s just forever Samshik 🙂

  34. 34 bmyka

    dear samsooki, this is rather off comment to what you are recapping at the moment. but, is there a way by which you can relay to JB my (and probably some others’) request for the completion of recaps of the remaining episodes of some kdramas (like hero and smile, you). anyway, MNIKSS had been shown for quite a long time now and it is only now that you are doing the recap. I can not find the DVD of these 2 kdramas (contrary to initial comments that these are not good viewing, i find them entertaining. imagine smile, you even went up to 45 episodes!). please? i just finished reading recaps of the last episodes listed in dramabeans and am hanging in the air.thanks and more power to you.

    • 34.1 skelly

      It is observant of you to notice where some recaps may be behind for other previous dramas, but why is this samsooki’s issue? It has been said, many times, that the life of a recapper is a hard one. We should be grateful for what is available and, rather than ask for more, figure out ways in which we could possibly help. In that respect, then, more power to YOU.

    • 34.2 Menci

      In samsooki’s recap of the final episode of City Hall I posted a request for the recap of MNIKSS. That was more than a year ago. Who knows, you might get your wish, too.

      To samsooki, my heartfelt thanks. I’m back to lurking, but am definitely reading and enjoying your recaps of MNIKSS.

  35. 35 Dorotka

    I want to thank you, samsooki, for your recaps. I have to admit I had difficulties with the first episodes, but now I’m fully enjoying your writing and my memories and feelings from the drama are coming back. Thanks a lot, also for all the extra info you provide.

  36. 36 nova

    u forgot to recap this…Jin Heon also buy a book called “momo” that once mentioned by Sam Soon..he buys 2 book, one for him and the other for Mi Joo..hehe

  37. 37 Celexa

    Thank you for the recap samsooki! i’ve already got ahead of the recaps… *smiles sheepishly* i couldn’t help it! :/

    post 15 by webfoot best describes what i think Samsooki is feeling.

    Samsooki has grown beyond his first love but hasn’t learned to tell the difference between a habit and a need.

    • 37.1 samsooki

      I totally know the difference between habit and need! hee.

  38. 38 mvl

    to crazedlu my condolences to u & u’re family on the death of u’re mom. what a great daughter u r to give her something from this k-drama.

    i have shared this drama w/my daughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, friend & other luv ones. my mom was able to watch a small bit of it, but was unable to get into it

    thanks to ranters & ravers to point out samshika freudian slip of sam soon’s name & how it points to his moving toward luv (?)

    this continues to be my favorite k-drama i can watch it a million times & not tire of it.

  39. 39 Shin mi rAe

    Thanks again samsooki (of the lower case kind) for this awesome recap. When i first watched this series, i thought samshik was such a boy! such a jerk. It pained me to watch samshik break samsoon’s date with hot blind date guy. How insensitive (again, such a boy!!!) can he be. He broke her heart. She found peace and confidence to move on. Then he came back and rocked the boat again destroying her peace. For what? He wasnt even sure what hefeels for her? I think he knows he is definitely feeling something, only he is not sure what it is. So until he knows for sure, he asks samsoon to be on standby while he smootches hee jin, the skinny kind of hee jin.

    Gosh samsooki, your recaps are so good its bringing back old feelings for samshik. After this episode, i so wish for samsoon to just get on with hot blind date and forget about JH (although he can also be HJ for hot jerk!).

    Im glad the writer made samshik go through a process of discovery and realization and not decision making. I dont think love is something that can be decided on. Its a feeling hidden inside your heart that will have to be discovered.

    Excited for next week.

    Excited for kim sun ah ‘s scent of a woman tomorrow.

    Btw samsooki, from one kim sun ah fan to another, im just wondering if youre liking her new drama?

    • 39.1 samsooki

      I’ve not seen it yet. I’ve dl’ed it, but haven’t started. I’ve peeked in a few episodes because of the massive amounts of squeeing I’ve heard here and there, but haven’t started watching.

  40. 40 Abbie

    I find the back and forth thing that Jin Heon is doing with Sam Soon very annoying. Dude, you like her! Just figure it out already and lets move on! I do feel sorry for Sam Soon, especially the blind date thing. Her mom is kinda mean, too. I think the highlight of this episode, for me, was little Mi Joo, because she is just too freaking adorable!

    Thanks for the recap, Samsooki! Can’t wait for next week!

  41. 41 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap! You’ve made what was seen many times new again. I remember loving this episode a lot. I love the stuffed pig in this episode and that sassy little student. And that moment where Samshik called Hee-Jin, Samsoon. #$%@!!!!! Squeee!!!

    And good-looking blind date guy and samshik’s interruption– what an awesome running joke in the series! I felt pretty bad for him. I think if samshik wasn’t in the picture, samsoon and good-looking blind date guy would have really worked out.

  42. 42 Celexa

    i agree…

    i like good looking blind date and samsoon together. it seems the forces of destiny are working overtime for those two.

    but alas, the heart trumps destiny.

  43. 43 marion

    Much of the beauty or appeal of this drama lies in the writing and the cters : I like all the interpretations

    1) He is confused
    2) He is acting like a git because he is starting to like her but hasnt realised it yet
    3) He is jealous
    4) Subconsciously he is thinking of how to win her over
    5) He is selfish (he wants both)

    All these are true and there is no single correct interpretation

    I also liked how in this ep, his longing for her is starting and how it contrasts with how she is trying to put an end to hers (for him)

    This drama is like a drug I watch over and over again even though there are new dramas being rushed out every second. I re-watch this every 6 months or so as my escape from reality when I need some time to myself to see & think

    • 43.1 bbstl

      marion, way to wrap it up! I agree completely. To me, it’s never been hard to understand his motivation in this ep. He’s a GUY! And a guy who’s spent the last three years squashing down any romantic feelings he has. Now he’s been let loose, and he’s not in control. I feel like I spent all my school years discussing with friends “what he said” and “what it really meant”. We all seemed to be on the receiving ends of guys semi-staking a claim on us and then getting scared and backing off, leading to massive confusion on both sides. Ahhhh, the golden days of youth . . . one step forward, two steps back! I agree with whoever (Jomo?) said that he is suffering cognitive dissonance. You can almost see the warring thoughts colliding inside his head. I think he’s defaulting to his immature, self-centered side and just trying to play both sides to win. He wants his cake and to eat it, too.

  44. 44 superyuja

    Luv the recap! 🙂 Wanted to make sure I said thank you! Reading recaps while watching a drama just makes the world go round.

    I wanted to offer my two-cents on what might be going on inside Jin Heon’s head because I have to agree, he’s really confusing and I never took the time to think of the possible reasons for his behavior till I read this recap.

    I think we get an indirect clue in episode 11, when Samsoon’s older sister Yi Young bluntly spits out her take on what is going on with Jin Heon. She says something on the lines of “Do you know what you are to him? Something he thinks is a pity to give to anyone else, but not good to keep for himself.” It’s an immature stance but a stance that’s natural in our immaturity/childhood and takes growing as a person to get passed. Who else had toys they didn’t play with anymore but as soon as another kid wanted to play with it, they fiercely protested and stamped that toy as their territory? I know I did!

    His feelings for Samsoon are still developing and in his kid phase, he just doesn’t want anyone else to have his toy… And there’s two ways this scenario goes: He realizes he is just being possessive and needs to let go and give that toy to someone who can use it. Or two, he really does love that toy and it’s something he needs to take care of/make his. But both choices need some maturity as they are a step forward in responsibility.

    But he’s stunted to an extent that he can’t take that step forward yet… considering his past with YooHeejin and also perhaps because he’s never had to mature in this kind of way. I may be reaching here (and I might even be judging too quickly) but from his background I’d guess he hasn’t had much that he’s had to give up or chase after. He gets what he wants, and the two times he’s lost (gf and family) the loss was not his choice, but something that he had no control over. It makes me wonder if running a restaurant that his mother opposed, took effort on his end to do or if he was able to just say “this is what i’m going to do, deal with it.”

    So I think what we’re seeing is not only Jin Heon’s struggle in love and emotion but as a person as well. He’s learning and realizing who he is and how to go about his desires. Love isn’t not just a fast food restaurant where he can order up what he wants, but he actually has to do more and submit himself as a person to the other.

    Denial is a huge step in acceptance and I think in other short words, that’s where Jin Heon is at… denial… but coming unto acceptance station! 😉

  45. 45 CJ

    Can someone please explain the correction Sam Soon made to her application for name change? Thanks!

  46. 46 doeish

    when Jin Heon said that she’s breaking the “no two-timing” rule, Sam Soon should have pointed out that he is now two-timing her with Hee JIn!! Why is she letting herself STILL be held ransom by his ridiculous “you haven’t paid me back the $$ so you’re technically still my girl”? Argh!! Jin Heon is turning out to be an arrogant bastard with a huge capital B.

  47. 47 Zarra

    i love this drama ,, I have watched it so many times. Best part is the pig!! I love how they gave him his own part he took on his own persona !! just so cute !! I think its on top of my favorite drama’s ever!!

  48. 48 Kim

    It seems to me to me that Jin Heon was always attracted to KSS (the way he originally describes her to his mom seems to be somewhat truthful, even though the relationship is a lie) and was even starting to grow comfortable with her (sharing about his brother, kissing her, using her belly for a pillow), but never realized how much until she was gone. I completely understand him running back to Hee Jin, as there was a time in my life when I might have ditched my new attraction for the return of my first love (although I’ll never know because it never happened). Not that it is necessarily right, but I also understand him wanting her to wait while he figures out his feelings. I think he is finally staring to see that people/relationships (i.e. Hee Jin) change, and that he cares about KSS even though in his pride he never thought it possible. Now he just needs time to let his head follow his heart. (Note, this is my first time watching, and I’m loving it so far!)

    Another thing I always wondered – when he got the car and started driving again, was it because he was moving on and starting over with Hee Jin, or was is because he finally was able to talk through it with KSS?

  49. 49 garcinia

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    Please blast me an email if interested. Thanks!

  50. 50 tokyogirlnearkoreantown

    I actually starting to look at this MNKSS after Seacret garden and hooked by this wonderful Korean Briget Jones with Hyun-bin dimple and soft belly of Kim So Nah

    Your recap is far fun than watching this drama without no one watching now in Japan now after 7 years.

    I really like this ep!
    The most impressive comedy scene of this drama is

    No.1 – Mt. Halla climbing of SamSoon have to fight for the worst condition on her birthday
    *did not know until next ep.

    No2 – When SamShik give all his quandary feeling to the Samsooki neck.

    No3. – Shortage of TP.. Japanese like bloodtype judges.. Hyun bin himself if type B… ohh.. aahhh.

    The most romantic scene for me is that when JH *Samshik is net surfing for the GF mother strategy on his bed.. He has soooooo cool with long legs!

    Let me write some comment to other ep. though you may not read any more..

    Thank you x million times.

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