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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 16
by | September 5, 2011 | 106 Comments

Yay for the first episode in weeks that I’ve enjoyed all the way through. This episode has a lot of the cute, light, funny moments that made early Myung-wol the Spy so enjoyable for me, and lightened up on the gloom and angst. The stakes are still high, but we can get that across without all that denial and frustration, and that makes for a much more watchable hour. Phew!


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Kang-woo says he can’t live without Myung-wol, so she should turn herself in, marry him, and live here. Ryu steps out of hiding and holds Kang-woo at gunpoint, telling him to leave while he has the chance. Kang-woo: “Can’t you see I’m proposing?” Ryu: “Can’t you see I’ve got a gun to your head?” One point, Ryu.

Kang-woo declares that he won’t give Myung-wol up, and Ryu lets him leave. He tells Myung-wol that since he held up his part of the bargain not to kill Kang-woo, it’s time for her to return home.

Broody time. The three leads separate in order to mope, with Kang-woo heading back to his house, Myung-wol sitting in her empty studio apartment, and Ryu in…an abandoned warehouse? Ha, why is that so funny?

Spy Mom and Dad come home from their failed attempt to head North. Ok-soon is crankier than Hee-bok, and asks suspiciously if perhaps he’s happy to stay. They find that Dae-kang has taken advantage of their planned absence to play landlord and lie about his supposed wealth. He brags to idol starlet Kyung-joo that he doesn’t have to work, but it’s character-building and all that. Hee-bok ruins his illusion and sends the huffy idol stalking out.

Chairman Joo orders his minion to locate Ryu and the books, thinking that if he gets them back first, he can regain the upper hand with Kang-woo. He hasn’t quite unraveled the secrets contained therein, and Ryu busily gets to work assembling the books to decode them. What he comes up with are coordinates for several locations on the Korean peninsula.

Ryu arranges to meet Myung-wol to divulge what he’s learned, but he gets there moments too late; Kang-woo comes roaring up in his car and takes Myung-wol away, reminding her that he won’t give her up.

Learning about the reason for their aborted trip home, Ok-soon and Hee-bok wonder what would have driven Myung-wol to let Kang-woo go. Ok-soon wonders if this means she loves Kang-woo, and Hee-bok sighs that it sure is complicated, with Ryu loving Myung-wol and all. She’s startled to hear it, but he points out that it’s as obvious as day to anybody who so much as looks at them.

Kang-woo takes Myung-wol to observe the way ordinary people live, appealing to the part of her that wishes for this life for herself. He asks if she wants to continue living her strictly regimented life: “Don’t you want to learn how people love each other?”

As they watch couples and families out on dates, Myung-wol wistfully imagines the two of them engaging in everyday activities like jogging together and playing with children. He takes out a ring and proposes, then takes her back home with the request to think it over.

Ryu waits till Myung-wol is gone, then approaches Kang-woo angrily to ask what the hell he’s doing, insisting that he leave her alone. Kang-woo replies that he’s encouraging Myung-wol to choose herself, and challenges Ryu to think of her happiness.

Ryu drinks, then shows up at Myung-wol’s door, this time to do the talking. He opens up about his own childhood, and how he was saved from starvation by a man who took him in. That man had a pretty daughter who used to say she’d be a special agent just like Dad. He’d liked her but couldn’t say so, thinking it wasn’t appropriate behavior toward his savior. Then when the man died, he’d asked Ryu to look after his child and he’d decided that protecting her was his duty — “I thought that was my way of loving her.”

She’s stunned speechless. He asks, “Return to our country, and be with me.”

Is it bad of me that I want her to say yes? It’s just a shame this conversation didn’t happen earlier, because that would’ve totally ramped up this love triangle for me. Placed here, it comes too late to interfere with her feelings for Kang-woo, and even if she did choose Ryu, it would always be linked with a sense of duty and family, rather than love. Poor, hot Ryu.

Myung-wol shows up at Kang-woo’s house to return the ring. He urges her to reconsider, but she says there are too many walls between them. Aside from their cultural differences, she can’t betray her comrades or her country, and has decided to return home. She leaves the house in tears.

Chairman Joo finds out where Ryu is squatting and sends his minions to retrieve the books. In-ah overhears this conversation and frets, wondering if she should do anything, and ends up sending Ryu a text from an unknown number warning him to escape. Thus when the minions arrive, they find the rundown building empty.

In-ah hears this and sigh with relief, and it’s only now that she realizes she might have feelings for Ryu. Well, she could never be accused of being knife-sharp, could she? Maybe sharp like a spoon.

That night, Myung-wol meets Ryu on the roof of their headquarters, and while he’s content to pass, she stops him by taking his hand. Ackkk, I cringe for Ryu, because surely that’ll get his hopes up when we know she’ll have to choose Kang-woo in the end.

She tells him she’ll prepare to head North, and in response he grasps her hand more tightly and just barely lets out a smile of relief.

Ryu convenes the team to plan their exit, and this time there’s the added worry that Kang-woo might turn them in to the authorities. True, Myung-wol’s involvement acts as a sort of insurance since he won’t want to harm her, but they plan on moving quickly all the same, and paring down their luggage to deflect suspicion.

Ryu can’t hide his happiness, and his wide grin both warms my heart and hurts it. That night when he drops her off at her apartment, he thanks Myung-wol for her decision, watching with loving eyes as she heads inside…where Kang-woo waits.

Kang-woo insists that Myung-wol be honest about her true feelings, knowing that she’s forcing this separation. She bursts out that this is the only choice she can make, which Ryu overhears as he arrives. Sigh. It seems that a whole lotta angsty moments could be avoided if she just started taking herself home. Just sayin’…

Dae-kang finds a flyer touting awareness for spy and terrorist activity, and tells Hee-bok that the reward money for turning in a spy has recently increased. He supposes that if he were a spy, he’d turn himself in and live off the stipend they’d provide, then turn in his former colleagues for the reward. And that lack of fidelity is why we should all be glad he’s a lowly road manager instead.

But suggestible Hee-bok entertains this fantasy, and imagines what he’d do if he became an overnight millionaire. His first fantasy scenario (stuffing himself on delicacies) gets panned for being too weak, and Dae-kang also decries his second, which involves Kang-woo being ogled by hotties at a bar. Dae-kang: “What does Kang-woo have to do with this?” Hee-bok: “If I had a billion won, do you think I’d keep living with this face?” HAHA. Oh, I wish this drama had kept up this sense of humor throughout. The next time he sees Ok-soon, he pictures her as (literal) riches.

With bag packed on departure day, Myung-wol thinks over Kang-woo’s words about being honest with herself. Ryu fetches her, and they leave just as Kang-woo arrives at her empty apartment.

The spies head to the harbor, but find their exit thwarted by guard presence at the docks, who’ve been tipped off by Chairman Joo. Spotted, they scatter in two teams and hide from the guards who scour the pier.

Ryu acts as diversion to give Myung-wol the chance to run back to their boat, but she’s intercepted by Kang-woo, who asks, “Where do you think you’re going, dummy? You can’t go anywhere now.” He hugs her, and she cries.

Ryu doubles back after ditching the guards, just in time for his heart to go breaky. *craaaaack* He thinks over Kang-woo’s words about wanting Myung-wol to be happy above all else.

Thus, another escape attempt is stymied. The spies (minus Myung-wol) return to headquarters, worrying that they’ve hit a dead end. Ok-soon asks if they’ve been abandoned by their country, and Ryu tells the other two that he’ll leave them to decide their own futures, saying that right now his comrades are more important than his country. He, however, will return to the North — without Myung-wol. He’s decided that he’s the only one who needs to go back. Awww.

Ryu finds Myung-wol to assure her that everything is fine. Acting as though he expects her to return to the North on their next attempt in another week, he asks for her to spare tomorrow for him. He cuts her off before she can say anything, perhaps suspecting that she’s going to tell him she’s changed her mind, and asks that she save that for a future date.

Kang-woo confronts Chairman Joo, angry that he intervened at the harbor. Driven by impatient greed, the chairman is dying to get his hands on those books and orders Kang-woo to bring them to him immediately.

Ryu takes Myung-wol on a date, requesting that she follow his lead today. He takes her to a mountain stream, fishing with boyish enjoyment and grinning widely, which just kills me. As they sit down to eat their catch, she tells him that she’d never seen him so smiley before, having previously thought him scary.

He explains that his sternness with her was because he’d always wished for her to live a normal life, not dangerously as an agent. He’d imagined that she’d marry a man, have children, and be loved: “And I wished that would be with me.”

He asks for a souvenir photo, and to get him to smile wider, she tickles him. Oh, why does this make me so sad? Maybe it’s better after all that this episode didn’t come earlier, because then my heart would’ve had to break for yet another poor, unloved second lead and his unfulfilled romance.

He takes her home that night, except he pulls up to Kang-woo’s house instead of hers and tells her, “Today, I was truly happy. But more than anything, I wish for you to be happy. I thought I could make you happy, but I don’t think I can.”

She realizes what he means and starts to protest, eyes filling with tears, but he slaps on a happy face and assures her that he has the books to ensure his safety. “So now, seek your own happiness.” And why couldn’t this be our main couple again? Oh right, I guess she loves someone or something. Sigh.

Overwhelmed at his sacrifice, Myung-wol hugs Ryu and thanks him. He holds back his pain and puts on a brave face until she leaves the car. He drives away with tears running down his face, watching Myung-wol throw herself into Kang-woo’s waiting arms in the rearview mirror.

With that relationship back on track, news of Kang-woo’s impending wedding hits the media. The spies worry that this puts too much attention on Myung-wol, and Ryu says that’s why he’ll have to return and handle their superiors.

In-ah shocks them all by arriving unannounced at spy central, and takes Ryu with her to a bar. She says that she’s letting go of her feelings for Kang-woo, basically setting the stage to pursue a relationship with Ryu, except that he misses all her signs. Heh.

He thanks her for her warning text, and adds that he knows she’s soft-hearted on the inside. Citing drunkenness and dizziness, In-ah hitches a piggyback ride with Ryu, vastly exaggerating her condition so she can stay close. Ha. For once, I like this girl. She suggests prolonging the night with some coffee, but Ryu declines and notices that she seems sober now and bids her good night.

Our main couple is happy once again, and this time when Kang-woo suggests turning herself in after their wedding, she agrees. Kang-woo shares his fantasy of married life, which consists of the mundane daily joys of waking up alongside a wife who makes breakfast and sees him out the door, alongside their son. He likes that idea, and suggests having a whole brood of kids — say, ten or more? — which makes her hiccup nervously. Ha.

But if there’s a dark cloud hanging over his head, it’s his last-ditch partnership with Chairman Joo, who warns that if Kang-woo doesn’t deliver him the books by tomorrow, he’s taking the story of Myung-wol’s true identity to the press.

Kang-woo goes to Ryu to ask for the books, saying that he’s worried about Myung-wol. Ryu tells him he’ll take care of it, and advises him to focus on keeping her happy. Ryu declines Kang-woo’s gratitude, saying that thanks aren’t quite appropriate because he doesn’t want her hurt, either. A bit sadly, he offers his congratulations on their wedding.

Ryu walks right into the Joo mansion to hand over the books to the chairman, telling him not to lay a finger on Myung-wol. But before he relinquishes the books, he has one additional condition to ask of Chairman Joo: to find Ryu a safe flight to the North, since Joo has interfered with his exit route.

In-ah eavesdrops, wondering what all this talk about the north means. Two plus two, girl, two plus two…

As Ryu leaves, we see that he hadn’t quite handed over his only card, because before giving the physical books up, he’d cracked the code and recorded the information on a data drive.

Wedding day. Myung-wol in her wedding dress literally has Kang-woo gaping at her with slack jaw.

Ryu is at the airport about to catch his flight when he receives an alarming phone call, and it sends him racing out of the airport and for a taxi. He charges into the wedding venue and pushes pasts security, just as we see what has him in such a state:

While the happy couple poses for photographs, a sniper takes aim from a nearby building, trying to get a clear shot of Myung-wol.

He fires, and in the split-second it takes the bullet to travel, Kang-woo senses that something’s wrong and leaps in front of her. The bullet lands in his back, and he collapses.


A note: Myung-wol the Spy will be airing both of its remaining two episodes tomorrow. This comes as a result of its extension to 18 episodes, and then the whole Han Ye-seul kerfuffle that delayed one broadcast. Since there’ll be two hours to cover, we’ll do our best to have recaps out for 17 and 18 in a timely manner, just in case you were wondering what the plan was!

The ending of the episode’s a little City Hunter for my tastes, not that that’s the only drama to have ever employed this I’ll-take-a-bullet-for-you maneuver. It’s the most recent, though, and let’s just say that comparing this drama to that one doesn’t do Myung-wol any favors. That aside, though, we can choose to look favorably on the appearance of the sniper, since all series long we’ve been told these spies are in mortal danger, only to have that claim supported by nothing in the plot. So if Myung-wol’s defection really does get her into some danger, I welcome the plot complications that brings up. I can’t help but wish they’d done it sooner, though, since I can’t get too worried about characters being thrust into mortal peril when I know they’re also getting their happy ending tomorrow.

Speaking of things that could have come earlier, I’m a little bummed that they waited so long to factor in the Ryu loveline, because now it’s not so much a loveline as it is a pityline. I sort of understand why they would want to keep his confession to Myung-wol till later (to shape Myung-wol’s decision for going, and then staying), but I would have much preferred this angle to have been played earlier, if only for the fact that it’s so much more compelling than anything else we’ve seen in recent episodes.

I really liked Myung-wol’s reaction to both Ryu’s confession and his decision to let her go, because you could see that she does have a lot of love for him, even if it’s not the kind of love he has for her. I could believe that she would have returned with him, and even maybe married him and lived in a state of semi-melancholy semi-contentment, if he hadn’t made that decision for her. On that score it’s a little irritating that she’s not the one making the decisions while the men push and pull here about, but in this case the emotional reactions made up for that. If Ryu had just been more of a romantic foil earlier…before she’d fallen totally in love with Kang-woo…. sigh. The what-ifs about this drama, they kill me.


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    Will he live or will he die
    Gee I hope it’s not goodbye

    • 26.1 N Rogers

      Oh that’s good…It could go and on. This show has really been a wild ride. The comments and recaps have made it better, believe me. LOL

    • 26.2 Stardust

      LOL LOL Kudos!! =D lovely poem! ROFL

    • 26.3 YY

      Ryu Ryu Ryu
      This is my tribute to you you you
      We’ve come a long way Mr Spy
      Soon it’ll be time for us to say goodbye

      Ryu Ryu Ryu
      Part man part zombie
      Since when did you become a hottie
      Provoking cries of second lead oh what a pity!

      You sail through the air
      Punching and kicking with flair
      Our man of honour and integrity
      You stand tall in Korean drama history

      A knight in shining armour
      A stony face masking your ardour
      A heart that loves in vain
      Fists clenched to hide the pain

      The true hero of this strange story
      Is Choi Ryu noble man of mystery
      What will happen to you my sad Ryu
      I fear a lonely tragic end for you

      • 26.3.1 Veredith


      • 26.3.2 Jomo

        This is perfect:

        A knight in shining armour
        A stony face masking your ardour
        A heart that loves in vain
        Fists clenched to hide the pain

        So sad, uri Ryu.*

        *almost a palindrome.

      • 26.3.3 Jomo

        Here’s mine:

        She’s the one. Don’t say she’s not
        He’s loved her since she was a tot.

        Then she grew and headed south.
        She kissed another on the mouth

        She fell in love, but not with Ryu.
        (He should have reddeded up a hue)

        His smile, too late. His laugh so cute.
        Why did he spend his live on mute?

        He gave her up and broke our hearts
        on the ground are all the parts.

        • YY

          Aw, Jomo,that’s sad….

          • Jomo

            There is a light! I see it!

            In-ha is our only hope
            (Even though she’s such a dope.)
            I think she’ll love with all her might
            Once she sets him in her sight.

            In-ha, lose the selfish bit.
            Please go get your sewing kit
            Put back together part by part
            the pieces of our Ryu’s heart

  27. 27 tiaaaaa

    “The ending of the episodeโ€™s a little City Hunter for my tastes” — my exact sentiments!

    The first thing that came to mind was that if Lee MinHo and Park MinYoung can both survive bullets to the back, so can Eric! Hahaha!

  28. 28 nana

    i enjoyed last night episode. finally, i’m smiling after few weeks seem i forgot to smile ^^

    i’m really sad that the drama will end tonight. i’m so into it untill now despite all plots they’ve gone through.

    i know KW will die, but definitely no amnesia since the bullet hit his back not his head?

    my hurt bleed for hot Ryu too, but i still hope for a appy ending for KW-MW.

  29. 29 steph

    Poor Ryu ๐Ÿ™ The scriptwriters should’ve made him more smiley and loving. LOL. if only he acted earlier, he might have gotten MW ;(

    โ€œAnd I wished that would be with me.โ€ It should be him!!

  30. 30 Jen

    Sadly, I stopped watching this drama due to the recent issues that tarnished the professionalism of Han Ye Seul. But after reading the recent episodes’ recaps, I’d like to reconsider it again. Thanks dramabeans!

    By the way, I was convinced by the wide-grin smiles of Choi Ryu. Poor him, he needs a warm hugs!

    Is it me or Kang Woo losses his attractiveness in the recent episodes?

    I demand for another set of drama with Choi ryu and Han Ye Seul as a lead actors. Same what happened in You’re Beautiful. While it was airing, many watchers would like to see Park Shin hye with Jung Yong hwa together as both had a good chemistry in that said drama. Later on, they were paired in Heartstrings that satisfy the viewers a lot though the plot and ratings were not as good compared to the former series.

  31. 31 kandii

    I don’t think Ryu should pull a proposal with Myungwol since he would either be rejected or making her to marry him when he knows all along her heart is clearly with someone else is just WRONG!

    Hope for a happy ending for Kangwoo-Myunngwol as well as other couple mates CR-IA, spy parents, Daekung & IA’s ex-stylist XD

  32. 32 sally_b

    ~ ~ ~ microphone squelch sounds~ ~ ~ sqwerrrk ~ (audio to the back of the room)

    “RYUuuuuuuuuuuuuu…come to ME!”

    that is all. thank you.

  33. 33 ineedmoredrama

    OMG ep 17 and 18 tomorrow? I’m not sure there’ll be anything left of my heart after this. It’s shattered so many times for Ryu. Sigh. I’ll have to say though that as much as I loved this series initially, I’m glad it’s ending now as it’s become a bit too gloomy for me. Also it feels like we’ve been going in circles! What a 180 from the 1st 10 eps or so.

    And is it wrong to hope that In A doesn’t end up with Ryu? Cos erm, Ryu’s mine. :p

    • 33.1 sally_b

      I’d be totally on-board for a spin-off …..”The Adventures of Ryu”.

      Even if only a 2-hour special – (grabs popcorn)

      • 33.1.1 ineedmoredrama

        Oooo “The Adventures of Ryu”… pass the popcorn pls!

  34. 34 mermaid

    how can a drama tagged as romantic comedy end up in tragedy? oh well, still hoping for a happy ending…

  35. 35 pink blush

    I was relieved that Kang-Woo got shot instead of Ryu.

  36. 36 Cilla

    Anybody else wishing they kill off kang-woo & make her end up w/ ryu after all? …… No? I’m all alone here?
    Well, I guess In-ah will be there for him if he ever starts seeing her more clearly lol

    • 36.1 Veredith

      you ain’t alone! when Myung Wol’s face was contorted in shock as KW got shot i was like YES YES YES YES YES PLEASE DIE!!!!!! hahaaahahha

  37. 37 cynthiamarie

    Ryu always had the serious face in this drama. It was refreshing to see him all smiles in this episode. He really looked handsome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 38 dalene

    Youre line “I’ll -take-a-bullet-for-you maneuver” cannot only be seen in City Hunter. It’s extremely famous down here in the Philippines.LOL

  39. 39 elizabeth

    well I guess the extension happened because it was already factored into the actor’s contract but when they sell the show, the more eps leads to more revenue. So they must as well do it since Japan has confirmed the order.

    Yeah the Ryu love line shd hv come earlier, they are so sweet. I genuinely think HYS has chemistry with both male leads.

  40. 40 Yoo_R

    if KW died, I’ll be so angry. i don’t care whether he has amnesia, paralyzed or something along the story but please, not DEAD. I hate tragic ending

  41. 41 Bien

    Javabeans you just de-stressed my life!

    “she could never be accused of being knife-sharp, could she? Maybe sharp like a spoon.”

    “In-ah eavesdrops, wondering what all this talk about the north means. Two plus two, girl, two plus twoโ€ฆ”

    I really rolled over reading those! You’re really funny!!

  42. 42 Han

    How is it now? Ep 17 & 18 are airing now, are KW & MW together? What is the happening? Ya can’t wait…

  43. 43 Anna

    The spy thing is getting old and draggy.
    I just want to see a happy ending NOW!
    And some extra scenes like the ones in Coffee House that CONFIRMS their togetherness. ARG!

  44. 44 Alvina

    Honestly, I dont know where the tide turned. I was utterly charmed by Kang-woo’s character in the first couple of episodes, with his anal ways and his jerk attitude that hinted at something deeper….

    It would’ve been honestly interesting if they kept up with the Dr. Strangelove vibe, and introduced the South intelligence agent (the girl and her dad) a bit earlier on.

    It seems like they had a solid plot at the start but decided to make it more conventional at the end due to to ratings? ๐Ÿ™

    Aww, I miss the glory days of this drama…

  45. 45 Veredith

    ugh, i actually cried watching the part when MW and Ryu were in the car and by the time Ryu drove off i was BAWLING and i was watching it raw! which equals to me just staring at the chiseled planes of his face while he pours his heart out to MW lol.

    AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT KW TO DIE. or if he doesn’t die, somehow get amnesia and forget MW! ๐Ÿ™‚ usually in shows, even though i support the second lead (this ALWAYS happens, which makes me lose my patience in K-dramas, CAN A GIRL GET A LIL SATISFACTION FOR ONCE???!!!!) i still feel torn at times because both the second lead and the lead males are perfect for the girl. however, in Spy MW, i positively dislike KW. he’s immature, needy, a diva and is just… dare i say it… annoying!

    i actually quite liked MW and KW together during ep 12 or so, but after that ep when KW got drunk consistently and started getting on my nerves, Ryu’s the guy for me! c’mon, he’s SO FREAKIN’ HOT. smiling or scowling, the guy’s practically a Greek God!!!! and when MW and Ryu were on the date, damn it they were so cute and my heart just shattered for Ryu…

    KW, please die. PD, do read these comments! it’s obvious that nearly everyone’s on the MW-Ryu ship! MAKE A GIRL HAPPY!

  46. 46 Kiara

    Love the “poor HOT Ryu” coment lol.

  47. 47 MeiMei

    I am currently speechless about this drama… which, I can tell you, is not to be taken lightly! I really do not have an idea how to respond… because how can that one-hell-of-a cliff hanger in episode 10 dwindle to this OTT run up to the ending.

    Plus, having been following Scent of a Woman, in which the OTP and many of the side characters have acted their socks off (and LDW raising his post-army acting cred but showing some seriously timely and believable microexpressions)… SMW just seems so non-sensical and poorly acted.

    Is it time to jump up and yell at the writers/ PD/ Director yet?! Because I’ve seen both Eric and Lee Jin-wook act better in past dramas, so it ain’t them… (Nothing against Han Ye-seul, just not seen any of her past projects)!!

  48. 48 Elena

    @ Mei Mei, I kind of agree.

    I’ve noticed the energy is lagging. Eric looks rung out. Big black bags under his eyes that make up is not hiding well. Poor script and direction. How many times doRyu and Kang Wo grab each other by the lapels? How many times do they use the same gags throughout … spy parents were the best diversion and maybe they might pull this together before the end ๐Ÿ™‚ the sister flunky and secretary flunky are wasted effort and tiring.

    But! I like the show, it has been entertaining… but great work? no. I thought it would be better. And I do not think its from the actors.

  49. 49 AuntieMame

    Thank you for the recap. I love the ‘editorial’ comments about 2+2, sharp like a spoon, etc.

    I wished they had continued the zaniness and comedy of this drama. It seem like, around ep. 4, this drama had an identity melt-down, which is when they started giving more emphasis to the books and especially Chairman Joo. Way too much screen time spent on this character. BTW, he and his goons make me think of “Fearless Leader, with Boris and Natasha”. Equal competency between the two groups.

    As for Ryu and Myung Wol, I think Myung Wol loved him waaay back when. I remember thinking Myung Wol was wistful when she explained to Spy Parents that Ryu didn’t like her. And, love that is not reciprocated eventually fades and die.

    As for those ancient books, they should have disintegrated by now from being tossed back and forth like ‘hot potatoes’. Yeah, and I still say that the ‘treasure’ is the recipe for making ddobokki or something, which was no longer relevant in the 20th c., let alone the 21st c. (Industrialization make the ‘treasure’ obsolete’.)

    I still like my ending better:
    Here’s my solution: Based on the fact that both the North and Chairman Joo want those darn books, Ryu should offer the North a deal to trade the books in exchange for their freedom. However, Ryu makes the same deal with Chairman Joo. He’ll trade the books for their freedom. :phew:

    THEN, he throws Chairman Joo and the books into a crate and sends it North. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Voila! Everybody gets what they want. The North gets the books plus an added bonus of a new comrade, i.e. Chairman Joo. Chairman Joo gets what he wants, i.e. the books. Minor detail being that he has to be in the North, in order to have the books. But, that’s okay because if he had stayed in the South, he would have been in prison for killing KW’s father, anyway. After all, there’s only a slight difference being in prison and being in a restricted society. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And, everybody else is safe and sound, in the South, living life as usual.
    The End! :w00t:

    • 49.1 firsttimenewbie

      I agree that MV might have felt something for Ryu as well. The scene I go to is the car scene where he pulled her into a hug to avoid the South spies.

      She wasn’t exactly, “What are you doing” and creeped out. In fact what she said was “you (or was it we) can’t do this, I’m on a mission.”

      And when we see her after the hug, she was affected. It wasn’t awkward “ummm” affected but the jittery affected. And then he explained about the car, and her expression was “oh.”

      Sigh. Oh well.

  50. 50 blaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    So what happened to that south Korean agent tht was supposed to keep tabs on eric and the north Koreans?

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