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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 17
by | September 6, 2011 | 51 Comments

Al…most…there… One more episode, and we can bid goodbye to this drama, which has seen its share of ups and downs. Maybe more downs than ups. Okay, lots more downs. It hasn’t been without its bright moments, but even taking into consideration the two-episode extension, boy has Myung-wol the Spy seemed LONG.


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Kang-woo takes a bullet for Myung-wol. My reaction must be proof of what a downturn Kang-woo’s character has taken over the course of this series, because rather than being moved by the sacrifice, I’m thinking, “Well, it’s the least he could do.”

Ryu gets to the rooftop in time to see Kang-woo go down and Myung-wol crying over his prone body. Kang-woo is raced to the hospital for emergency surgery, which Dae-kang covers clumsily by telling reporters it’s for appendicitis.

Ryu apprises Ok-soon and Hee-bok of the events, who worry that if the sniper was sent to prevent Myung-wol’s impending surrender, they’ll probably try to kill her again.

Kang-woo’s condition is kept relatively quiet from the public, but Chairman Joo’s minion reports that the wedding was canceled due to a shooting, and that Kang-woo has been seriously injured. Furthermore, Ryu hasn’t left the country as planned, which makes Joo speculate that perhaps he was the assassin. In-ah eavesdrops as usual, and tries to make sense of this. (She fails.)

Kang-woo’s surgery goes well, and the bullet is successfully removed. But he’s still unconscious, which is worrisome. And in wondering who would shoot Kang-woo, Myung-wol starts to wonder if Ryu made good on his threat after all, unable to shake the growing suspicion.

Spy Mom and Dad discuss the options for their futures, both of them leaning toward surrendering and continuing to live in South Korea. They worry that surrendering might send a sniper after them too, but living in hiding as spies is also nerve-racking. Impasse.

In-ah goes to see Myung-wol at the hospital, determined to find out the truth about her and Ryu’s true identities. The spy idea has very briefly flitted through In-ah’s mind, but she’s leery of jumping to that conclusion and asks Myung-wol to explain, adding that she knows Ryu was headed for North Korea. Furthermore, she knows he didn’t go — which just adds to Myung-wol’s fears about his involvement in the sniper attack.

At that very moment, the sniper is taking a second shot at Myung-wol through the hospital window, but Ryu stops him from pulling the trigger and warns him off this task. The sniper retorts that he’s just doing his job, and that Ryu ought to know the punishment for violating orders.

The sniper goes after Ryu, slashing him with his dagger before Ryu gains the upper hand and stabs his attacker, killing him. Hooooo boy, it’s one thing to fail in your duty, but to kill a comrade who’s doing his — that’s what we call point of no return.

In-ah almost runs Ryu over as he’s leaving the scene, clutching his bloody bicep. She offers a scarf to bind the wound, while mentally debating whether or not to confront him with her suspicions. Could he be a spy? Imagining Ryu going after her (“I have to kill you now that you know”), she wimps out and hastens away with the excuse that she’s going to buy him medicine.

In-ah heads to the police station instead, but ultimately runs away without saying anything and returns to her car, only to find Ryu gone. That’s what happens when you pussyfoot: You lose your chance to romance and/or betray your crush/enemy.

Ryu heads back to spy central, and finds himself at the barrel end of another gun, this time held by Myung-wol. Not realizing that she now suspects him, he asks confusedly what she’s doing.

She cocks the hammer with furious tears in her eyes and reminds him he’d agreed not to harm Kang-woo, and warns that if he tries anything again, she’s going after him: “My good feelings for you end here. I’ll live hating you from now on.” Aw. Dude’s having a really bad day.

In-ah asks her grandfather what Ryu’s deal is, not satisfied with his answer to mind her own business. Chairman Joo wonders if she’s transferred her romantic feelings from Kang-woo to Ryu, which she denies.

The chairman’s right-hand minion reports that the analysis of the ancient books is complete, but there’s this one teeny complication…The results completely contradict prior analyses, which tip Chairman Joo off that Ryu tampered with the books. That also means Ryu must have the real data stored somewhere, so Chairman Joo tells his minion to get on the line with the NSA, stat. Oh, so now we’re bringing the South Korean spies back?

Ryu treats his wound at home, though I suppose it’s his hurty heart that pains him more as he scrolls through photos of Myung-wol on his phone.

Spy Mom and Dad slip into the hospital to check in on Myung-wol, who keeps watch at Kang-woo’s bedside. Ok-soon eases Myung-wol’s guilt over being selfish by saying she understands what it’s like to fall in love on a mission.

Ok-soon also tells Myung-wol that the attack was meant for her, not Kang-woo — and that the reason for Ryu not leaving was because he’d found out she was in danger.

Oooops. Now Myung-wol realizes she was out of line, just as she sees a group of black-suited men asking after her. Men in black always mean bad news in spy dramas, so she makes a break for it, and they pursue.

Thankfully, a car screeches up to the hospital curb, driven by Ryu. He drives them to safety and warns her that it seems Chairman Joo has decided to act, and that she’s in danger of being outed, which will make her life difficult even if she does turn herself in. It’s particularly tricky because she has already become known here in the South.

Myung-wol starts to apologize for misunderstanding the sniper incident, but Ryu is more worried about their current problems. They make for spy central, the only place they can stay without being tracked down — for now.

Hee-bok tells Ok-soon that Myung-wol was almost apprehended by those agents at the hospital, speculating that somebody reported her as a spy. This means they’re both in danger of exposure, so Hee-bok makes a proposal: One of them can surrender, then report the other as a spy. The second person would suffer a teeny bit behind bars before being released, and then they’d also have the reward money.

The question is: Who reports whom? Hee-bok tries to make himself look gallant while taking the coward’s route, sighing this world out here is quite hard on a single woman, and therefore, it’s probably best that she eat that “nutritious prison bean rice” and “remain safe.” Ha. Ok-soon isn’t buying it, not trusting Hee-bok for a second not to run off with the cash.

Ryu contacts Chairman Joo, who’s spitting mad over his stunt with the books. But Ryu still has a card to leverage against him, saying that if he and Myung-wol are captured, Chairman Joo also suffers: “Aren’t you curious about the secret of the books?”

Kang-woo finally wakes up after a fitful sleep, and confirms first thing that Myung-wol is okay. He tries repeatedly to contact Myung-wol, to no avail. Dae-kang assures him that she’s fine, but Kang-woo can’t shake his worry that she’s in danger, and starts to leave. Dae-kang strikes the deal to bring her to him, in order to keep Kang-woo in bed.

Myung-wol tells Spy Mom and Dad that she has “no choice” now, fearing further harm to Kang-woo. Ugh, if she leaves him again citing his own good, imma throw something at her. Please don’t be stupid and make my computer screen suffer.

Dae-kang shows up at headquarters looking for her, and Spy Parents lie that she’s not around. He tells them that Kang-woo has woken up, a fact that doesn’t seem to excite Myung-wol so much as it worries her.

Chairman Joo meets Ryu at a bar, with the world’s longest table separating them. Given their backstabbing-upon-backstabbing history, that’s probably wise.

Ryu explains the secret of the books, starting off with what we already know: The map indicates locations on the Korean peninsula, which mark a treasure, the possessor of which will be able to rise to world power several decades from now. Analysis of the locations and the book indicates that the treasure is a rare earth metal (elements 57 through 71 in the periodic table), which can be used in cutting-edge technology or weaponry.

Chairman Joo likes the idea of being the one to control this future precious commodity, practically licking his chops at the thought. Ryu points out that if Chairman Joo calls in the NSA, he’ll be unable to claim a monopoly on his treasure.

Ryu’s condition in exchange for the data: Allow Myung-wol to return to the North safely.

In-ah finds the house empty and snoops in her grandfather’s files, which turns up everything he’s been involved in thus far: Photos of Myung-wol and Ryu at the Singapore showcase, Myung-wol’s background check, Ryu’s personnel file. And finally she has the confirmation that they’re spies, now that it’s literally staring her in the face. It only took you forever.

Spy Parents tell Ryu that Myung-wol is still sunken in despair, worried she’ll bring more harm to Kang-woo but wanting to see him. Ryu tells her he’ll allow her exactly 10 minutes to see Kang-woo to say her goodbye.

She finds him sleeping in his hospital room, thinking sadly that it was her mistake to fall in love with a man from the South. When he wakes up, she puts on a happy face as he asks her to stay by his side. With that assurance, he sighs in relief and closes his eyes, promising to redo the wedding ceremony and make her happy.

She watches him fall asleep, but when he wakes up in the morning, she’s gone. He demands the truth from Dae-kang, who explains that Myung-wol disappeared after the men came looking for her, and that she’s a spy (a fact he learned from the agents who came to apprehend her).

Kang-woo staggers out of the hospital, arriving at spy central weak on his feet. But he’s too late to see Myung-wol, since she’s already left with Ryu. Ok-soon and Hee-bok tell him that the other two left to go into hiding until they could leave for the North, but hadn’t shared the details with them.

Ok-soon pleads with Kang-woo to not go after Myung-wol, because this is a relationship that cannot be and he’ll only make things harder for her.

Myung-wol, meanwhile, leads Ryu to the same mountain cave where she’d spent the night with Kang-woo. She thanks Ryu for staying with her in times like this, and he replies simply, “I was always with you.”

Kang-woo calls Chairman Joo to tell him grimly that Joo has taken away everyone precious to him. Kang-woo will show the world that he murdered his father, and make sure he receives his just deserts. Chairman Joo blusters that Kang-woo hasn’t the means, but Kang-woo says he’s spent years tracking him down and has been collecting evidence. He’d been willing to cover it up because of Myung-wol: “But now you’re finished.”

Chairman Joo is unsettled enough to think Kang-woo might really have something against him, and orders his minion to bring Myung-wol to him. She’s his only insurance against Kang-woo, since he’d do anything to keep her safe.

Sitting around a fire in the mountain cave, Myung-wol reminisces about when she first started training, and how Ryu had scolded her and told her to quit. She says that he should have insisted she quit, feeling down on herself for being a failure as an agent.

Ryu shares with her something he hadn’t told her before, that when her father had entrusted her to his care, he’d sworn to himself to protect her till the end.

Kang-woo asks In-ah if she knows where Ryu is. She in turn asks if he knows about their real identities, surprised at his confirmation. He says that Myung-wol was going to turn herself in but has disappeared, which is why he needs to find her.

In-ah points out that she can hardly help with that, and he sighs that he was clutching at straws. But she asks if Ryu’s with Myung-wol, and reluctantly offers to help, because she may be able to get in touch with him.

In-ah texts Ryu that her grandfather wants to meet, then shows up at the meeting spot with Kang-woo instead.

Kang-woo entreats Ryu to let him meet Myung-wol but gets a cold denial; Ryu warns him that Myung-wol has a pretty bleak outlook right now, and doesn’t want to make things worse. Kang-woo appeals to Ryu’s sense of sympathy, saying that he must understand how it feels to miss somebody like crazy, to feel like you’re dying if you don’t see them.

Myung-wol awakens in the cave in the morning to find herself alone, and heads out wondering where Ryu went. A mob of minions has tracked the fugitives to the general vicinity, and head up the mountain in search of them.

She thinks nostalgically to her last trip here with Kang-woo, before she senses someone’s approach. She dashes back into the cave for cover, holding her gun at the ready while a shadow falls across the entryway.

But it’s Kang-woo, and as she looks at him in shock, he declares, “Han Myung-wol, I’ve found you.”


The finale also aired today, so I won’t linger too much on comments in this episode, since the end is so near. I’ve long since let go of expectations for this drama, but yesterday’s episode was a nice surprise that amused and entertained, so I’d hoped the next episode would be similarly enjoyable. Sadly, it was not. Really, despite some plot movements like the secret of the books being revealed and Myung-wol’s identity being found out by several people, this felt like a filler episode, designed to take us another step back until the finale could wrap things up.

It’s with relief and gladness that I see this one close — it hasn’t been as painful as some other recent bombs, and in fact there have been better dramas that have been more agonizing to get through. But suffice to say that this is a show that had much more potential than it ended up delivering on, which is a shame since the early episodes were so delightfully wacky.

That quirky sense of humor has been gradually dying as the drama lingered (way too long) on the books, whose secret turns out to be some lame kind of metal (I don’t care if it’s the next big thing next to platinum or titanium, it’s still just metal), and by this point I feel like we’re limping to the finish line. No, scratch that, we’re crawling.



51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KDrama Fan

    Not watching but definitely reading:)

    • 1.1 KDrama Fan

      In-ah running away from Ryu made me laugh.

      Then the the comment about Ryu and Chairman Joo sitting at a long table to save their backs got me again.

      Hope the spy family all defect and live happily ever after but guessing that won’t happen. Oh well…

      Was definitely worth the read. Thanks JB!

    • 1.2 Yessie


    • 1.3 caramelfrappe

      I guess this drama would’ve been better if they chose a better lead actress. It’s just too bad that Eric was paired with someone unprofessional. If not for the fuss she’s made, everything won’t be in such a mess. Well, it was a mess, a little but became uglier because of what she did. I just hope the lead actor will have better projects next time. I’m not sure I hope the same for HYS.

      She just gave me great deal of annoyance. The drama would’ve been better if the lead actress was different. I feel really bad for the staff and crew who worked hard for this drama. Despite ample amount, they tried hard and worked till the end. Kudos to the other staff who showed that they’re still professional. I don’t need anyone’s anger. I just had to share my thought. Spy MyungWol is good, but the end was rushed. I could’ve been great, but not so.

      • 1.3.1 minervast

        to caramel frappe:

        excuse me? are you okay?
        the ‘fuss’ has been done and it may have caused negative effects with the drama, but i don’t think it’s right for you to linger and bent your anger to the lead actors.

        i believe the original storyline was changed. i agree that the staff worked hard for this drama till the very end but it’s just not right to put the blame on someone just because you did not get the story you had wished for. they all worked hard for it. even the actors did. so just be nice and try to appreciate the drama, okay?

  2. Unny

    Sigh. Once AGAIN with the leaving with Ryu business. They’re always reverting back to that, solving, reverting back to that, solving it. That’s what makes this drama frustrating. Once the main leads decide to make it together, just let that happen and find other conflicts to drive the drama, not just reverse what just happened!!

    There’s my rant for this drama haha. Anyway thanks for the speedy recap :3

  3. muchadoboutlove

    keeping this to be finished after my exams.

    *sigh* it’s such a waste for a promising drama at first to be like this. pity the team. they must be suffering after all those hate and low ratings. hope that everyone will get a good rest and picks up a new project afterwards.

    can’t believe it’s almost the end!

  4. DramaQueen

    Wow you guys are fast! Currently not watching your show and reading your recaps. But am not sure if I should watch now since the show became such a mess 😉 I do hope Eric gets a better project next time. How about HYS? Is her career … i don’t know, done for?

    • 4.1 DramaQueen

      I mean I’m not watching THE show. sorry for the typo 😛

    • 4.2 caramelfrappe

      It’s just too bad that Eric was paired with someone unprofessional. If not for the fuss she’s made, everything won’t be in such a mess. Well, it was a mess, a little but became messier because of a diva wannabe. I just hope the lead actor will have better projects next time. I’m not sure I hope the same for HYS.

      She just gave me big deal of annoyance.

  5. Ace

    Just finished both episodes. I liked the finale better than this one, that’s all I’m saying for now. I wanted more romance but got more spy stuff instead. *sigh*

    Off to finish last night’s Strong Heart coz Boom’s back & my fave SNSD, Sunny, is also a guest!

    • 5.1 Ace

      Oh, and thanks JB for the very fast recap!

  6. Dodo

    I really liked this drama in the beginning but now It fells strange watching this drama. And I saw the end and I have to say it was really disappointing because ryu ended alone after all when he deserved to have a happy ending.

  7. LadyStar

    Thank you!

  8. Yer Vang

    Thanks for the recap.

  9. Ingrid

    Wow! So fast! Thank you!

  10. 10 aX

    Episode 17 DID feel like a filler more than anything else which was a little dissappointing, yet, I expected it. But I watched episode 18 and it was more fulfilling. Thankfully!

  11. 11 Jomo 143∞

    Thank you for writing better than this painfully laborious plot.

    This made me laugh out loud (which is something because I already finished 18, too)
    because rather than being moved by the sacrifice, I’m thinking, “Well, it’s the least he could do.”

    Poor poor Eric! Poor poor handsome man with the ever changing hair and inane dialogue.

    Both lead actors best moments were the fake suicide scene. If it could have ended there, I would have been more satisfied.

  12. 12 gusya

    this drama is just like taking one step forward and a hundred back lol ^____^
    was quite amusing in the beginning but definitely turned into a mess by the end…another one of those dramas which could have been something great…sigh

  13. 13 asianromance

    thanks for the recap!

    “Just…one…more…” — that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. All that potential wasted!

    At least this drama introduced me to Lee Jin Wook. I love looking at him.

  14. 14 Justme

    Oh, Show, you had so much promise…..but alas you seem to fizzle. Still love every character, though. Thanks for the recap JB!

  15. 15 Big Unni

    o.k so I wish that this show had just stuck to a two-men one-love stick-with-that-love don’t-run-away-every-episode-or-play-noble-idiot storyline. Whew! Thank you so much JB for the recap because if I had watched it I would have done worse than throw something at the main character, I would thrown her which would have resulted in the imminent destruction of my computer….
    So I after all this drama I think the only character/actor that will make it out alive from this drama will be Ryu. Sorry Eric but your hair ain’t gonna cut it!lol:)

  16. 16 Phi

    I can’t help but wonder how much the original plot had changed from the very beginning when the cast signed up for the project.

    Looking back from the past episodes, after EP.10/11, Kangwoo characters development doesn’t seems to grow as we were expecting…. That leads me to a conspiracy theory that production decided to give CR’s character more development since both leads were taking the heat from the media frenzy around that time. I know I’m elaborating but seriously not wise to make your leads stalled like that, they’re the core of the dramas after all…. notice ratings are also coincidentally lowers from Ep.10 and on? ok ok I’m down with my crazy conspiracy theory XDD

    In the end, I still like this drama despite its change of tone from EP.10 and all. Any lovey dovey Woo-Wol scenes always give me gazillions butterflies LOL

    • 16.1 Phi

      CR throwing MW to KW cycle:
      “She love you, keeps her & make her happy” THEN “No, I want her back” really drives me nuts. Pick one and stick with it.

      KW is at least consistent with his love for MW, despite all the lies, betrayals and threads of being killed or beaten.

      • 16.1.1 Phi

        ^threats…. damn typo XD

  17. 17 trixicopper

    While this isn’t the worst drama I’ve ever seen, by a long shot. It does showcase very well why we addicts who love a show to the halfway mark. Pray so fervently to the drama gods…” Please don’t suck!”

    Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much! 🙂

  18. 18 Ani

    Ugh, if she leaves him again citing his own good, imma throw something at her. Please don’t be stupid and make my computer screen suffer.

    Hahaha. My love for my laptop is also reason enough for me to rein in my anger and start throwing pillow towards the wall and not throw my laptop.

    The one thing I’m thankful to this episode for is that they didn’t kill Ryu. I swear, if Ryu dies, I will swear off anyt drama with Eric in it…. Okay, no I won’t that’s a lie, because rational me knows it’s not Eric’s fault. But seriously, if Ryu DIES or becomes some kind of sacrifice for Myung-wol, I will do something very bad… I’m not sure what it is just yet, but let’s hope we never find out. Okay MTS writers? *shakes fist at the writers of this drama*

  19. 19 SoftHeart

    Thank you so much for the recap and rave of every episode. Agreed on the too much back and forth on going back to North and not making it. Sometimes I think they are the worst spies on earth!! Ha ha. The main reason keeps me glued to this drama is both Eric and HYS. Okay esp Eric..
    Hope both will get better role in the near future..

  20. 20 Abbie

    What a bummer episode. Liked the ending! One more episode! Can’t wait to kiss this baby good-bye!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  21. 21 darknesseyes

    huh…. can’t wait for this show to end so something good can air. Poseidon’s next, right? Hope it’s good!

  22. 22 J

    I’m supporting Ryu to the bitter end

  23. 23 spark67

    Uh…Javabeans, I just watched the finale and seeing that you weren’t too crazy about ep 17, I gotta say, you’re not going to like the finale either…

  24. 24 L

    Is it horrible of me that as of episode 14 (or possibly before, my memory tends to be fuzzy concerning this show) I no longer watch this show but rely solely on your (wonderful) recaps?

  25. 25 Angel

    That’s a super fast recap! Thanks javabeans!

  26. 26 Hanare

    U r just gr8 thanks for recap^^

  27. 27 Alvina

    I’m still praying that the drama pulls a fast one on ALL of us by having Dae-kang be some kind of super spy or have In-ah be part of the NSA spying on her grandfather, and getting close to Kang-woo just to keep track of his activities..,.. OR SOMETHING!

    haha. I’m just looking forward to the end at this point, so I can wrap up the drama 😀

  28. 28 Noelle

    I feel like this shows been put on repeat. It’s such a downed cause I really liked this show.

  29. 29 cv

    Thank you for recap!

  30. 30 Christine

    Thank you for the recap 🙂

    Despite the ups and downs, I never missed a single episode of this show.

    I’m gonna miss Eric, HYS and LJW. Great actors. I hope to see them in a good project soon.

  31. 31 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the hard work and perseverance.

    I did live streaming yesterday because I couldn’t handle waiting for recaps first before watching it.

    There.I finished it.That is a testament to my fandom for Lee Jin Wook and Eric.

    God.I am now downloading Powerful Opponents ep 16 just to see him get the girl.

    My poor cast.All I can say is…it must be terrible for them working on this drama.The dramas and then the 3 episodes shot in one week.They must be beyond exhausted.My hats off to their professionalism even though it was not reported-am sure the working conditions the last week wasn’t good.I know…a massive understatement.

    I don’t even hear anything about a last cast party like in the happier dramas.

  32. 32 minervast

    excuse me? are you okay?
    the ‘fuss’ has been done and it may have caused negative effects with the drama, but i don’t think it’s right for you to linger and bent your anger to the lead actors.

    i believe the original storyline was changed. i agree that the staff worked hard for this drama till the very end but it’s just not right to put the blame on someone just because you did not get the story you had wished for.

    • 32.1 minervast

      this was supposed to be a reply for someone up there sorry i posted it wrongly.

  33. 33 Carry

    I agree. I feel it is not the main actors that screwed up the drama. I could still feel for their characters, but the story just did not work and started to drag me down…

    Thanks for the recap… I still need to watch it, but now I can skip the boring parts 😉

  34. 34 moidiom

    “I feel like we’re limping to the finish line. No, scratch that, we’re crawling.”

    Awww, but they try so hard! I resisted watching this drama because of all the behind-the-scene drama, but I caught an episode on KBS World yesterday and I was hooked. I read all the recaps here and watched a few of the episodes on Drama Fever accordingly. The drama is flawed, but I really adore the three main actors. I’ve watched three K-dramas so far and this is my second favorite after Heartstrings. Both don’t have great ratings in Korea, but I really appreciate all the hard work the actors and the staff have put in. I hope they will have better luck in the future.

  35. 35 Razinfa

    I wonder if the producer/ writers were facing with real dillemmas with the ending due to Northern Korea issue??? U know, it can get political……and nasty….

  36. 36 weissman

    North Korea Issue

    In the sense of the real world NK is basically a Nation that is just about bankrupt (Makes Greece and some of the Nordic countries looks positively well off, even given the recent difficulties), so in that context an avenue that would allow them to generate signicant capital is quite important.

    Aside from buying their fearless leader, and his cronies all the trinkets, booze and women they want in a very real sense the country is starving.

    I wonder, as a country, how much longer they can survive? All the implications for this are at leasts initially very grim, as the refuge situation would be enormous.

    It was an amazing undertaking when West GE had to basically absorb East GE, both financially and culturely. Imagine the obsticles when SK has to absorb NK.

  37. 37 ayu

    i luv this drama….Myung wol n kang woo have a good chemistry…. luv them both…..but until ep. 16…seems they still cannot get in together…esp in romantic scene…

    but this drama is good..worth to watch it…

  38. 38 zakumi

    i wish in-ah will be with ryu…

  39. 39 Lilian

    haha..the 4 joint books as I expected is a drama plot failure….it never created any intense anxiousness or curiousness!!

    also, I agree it’s too draggy. no extension would have been better!

  40. 40 Babez

    Totally agree with Yeo Woon+ Dong Soo bromance, wooow, so cute. Serously the “Emo-nun” (luv dat) shouldn’t feature at all. Those two are meant for eachother. Braidie Buddies! Ha ha!

  41. 41 abhi

    i didn’t watch the episodes past 8. but i read the whole drama. thankyou so much from saving me to having to waste my internet on a downhill drama.

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