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No Brain for Song Seung-heon
by | September 23, 2011 | 97 Comments

Okay, this is messed up. Upcoming KBS medical drama Brain ditched its original cast (Lee Sang-yoon and Yoon Seung-ah) for a chance to score big fish Song Seung-heon as the leading man… and in the end Song turned the project down and walked away, leaving the production with NO cast. Pfft. I hate to say I told you so (Okay, I LOVE to say I told you so), but karma’s a bitch.

So basically, after all that hullabaloo, Brain is back to square one with no cast and it begins shooting at the end of the month. Wait, the end of THIS month? As in, a week away? See, this is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. Or, you toss out your perfectly good eggs for a shiny new egg that lands in your face. Omelette, anyone?

The producers reportedly decided that the original cast skewed too young, and then promptly turned all their energies to wooing Song Seung-heon, with enough faith to nix their original stars. Yoon Seung-ah even cut her hair for the role after being cast, only to be edged out by the possibility that Song would star. I’m sure she’ll bounce right back and that she looks great with any hair, but I’d be pissed if I cut my locks for a role and then got ousted.

So, no Brain for Song Seung-heon, and no cast for Brain. There’s a poem in there somewhere. Or maybe just poetic justice.

Brain airs on KBS this November… that is, if it can get a cast together and keep it.

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97 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sunmi

    And that folks is how the greedy cookie crumbles.

    • 1.1 queencircles

      haha. seriously.

      I still feel bad for the original cast that cut kicked to the curb. That really sucks for them. It’s like you’d want to say no if they ask you back, just to stick it to them…but it’s still a leading role.

      I’m interested to see what’s going to happen next with this show. Maybe they’ll do a total overhaul and make it into a zombie drama instead. I’d love that.

      • 1.1.1 Laica

        Yeah, the original cast really got shafted. I’m really started to wonder how the kdrama industry will end up, with the unbelieveable level of disrespect they show to their actors. The live-shoot system, and now this… I mean, the actors are not the only ones who are important in a show, but you can’t have one without them – yet they’re treated like this. I guess they know that there are 100 other wannabe actors waiting to take their place, so they just quietly take it. Very sad.

        • bjharm

          not sure but really considering all the underhanded high-jinks involved in korean show business and business dealings in general you would think the dropped leads or at lest their managers would of asked for something concert in the way of contracts before agreeing to take on any role.
          But it turned to a classic dog with a bone situation. Now if the old leads did have some kind of contract they can now step up and put the boot in and sue the show.

    • 1.2 chichaloca

      why prob always occur for kbs drama??what up wit the management?

  2. midori

    Oh, what a shame….

  3. vic

    At least they won’t produce the drama with the original cast, I say thank you for that !! This drama deserves a more mature cast.Anyway I can’t wait to see their next options.

    • 3.1 lambayyx

      “deserves”? I say this drama deserves nothing lol, not with how they threw away the already signed and contracted original cast. and i dont see how the original cast isn’t mature? it’s not as if theyre idols or teenage actors. Lee Sangyoon and Yoon Seungah are both in their late 20s ..

    • 3.2 haneul.

      Because the cast members were so young… They were mostly around 30… Babies.

      • 3.2.1 jiji

        then what are we? fetuses? sperm cells who happens to log in the internet and type?

        • e.z.

          no. just figments of our parents’ imaginations.

          • ladida


  4. Laica

    HAH. Serves them right.

    Why don’t they just drop this since they’re running out of time, and probably no actor wants to take it on now anyway – and pick up What’s Up instead.

    I know, in my dreams, right. :'(

    • 4.1 kay

      my dreams too.


    • 4.2 danni

      That’s what I was thinking, since it seems unlikely that they’ll be able to start filming on time and you know, What’s Up is already done and everything. Just sayin’, KBS.

    • 4.3 jiji

      maybe luck will be kind to us in 2012

  5. sm1leitsamy

    Omlettes and poems… I LOVE your writing girlfriday πŸ™‚

  6. MJ

    Ha Ha. Now its time to clean house. The producers should be fired and replace. Or, Brain should go down with the sinking ship and maybe Brain should be raise from its murky waters of the deep ocean in 2012.

    • 6.1 MJ

      Maybe they should get the actors that were cast in the Following Medical Dramas:

      1. Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic
      2. Dr. Champ
      3. Dr. Kkang
      4. General Hospital 2
      5. Jejoongwon
      6. New Heart
      7. Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors
      8. Sign
      9. Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
      10. White Tower

      • 6.1.1 Sylvia

        What, ALL of them?? That’d be one of those 300-ep series, right…? *g*

        • MJ

          What I mean is for the producers to call up the actors that were cast in the medical dramas list above to do a screen test — (A screen test is a method of determining the suitability of an actor or actress for performing on film and/or in a particular role. The performer is generally given a scene, or selected lines and actions, and instructed to perform in front of a camera to see if they are suitable. The developed film is later evaluated by the relevant production personnel such as the casting director and the director.) — to find the Brain lead actor and actress, and the rest of the cast for the Brain.

  7. aznative

    Someone once said “….everything rises and falls on leadership” Sounds like this production team made some hasty choices.

    • 7.1 e.z.

      Coordinator: (to big boss) Sir, SSH declined the role.

      Big Boss: Then ask the original cast back!

      Coordinator: But what if they refuse too?

      Big Boss: We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

      Coordinator: I think we’ve already burned the bridge, sir.

      Big Boss: You’re fired! I’ll give you a call when I can’t find a replacement.

  8. Cynthia

    See?! They just should have stayed with the original “Doogie Houser” cast and now they’ve shot themselves in the ass, big time.

    Serves ’em right.

    (Wonder how much joy/satisfaction SSH got in walking away from this mess?!)

    • 8.1 lssh

      thumbs up for u oppa πŸ™‚ ur perfect for any role i guess πŸ™‚ but this one is just not the right one for u πŸ™‚ very proud of u as always πŸ™‚ love u and miss u everyday…xoxoxo xixixi πŸ™‚

  9. Dramafever

    SSH oppa looking HOT with the new hair cut . LOVE it.

  10. 10 kay

    i’m glad SSH didn’t take the role bc if i were him, i’d feel bad knowing they just kicked LSY to the curb like that. and it’s not like SSH will have problem getting plenty of other offers.

    LSY and YSA should get casted together for some other drama and stick it to Brains.

    • 10.1 Sylvia

      I was just thinking thast it has to leave a bad taste in an actor’s mouth when a production kicks already hired actors to the curb and then comes a-wooing to you, all sweet words.

      I’d turn them down just out of solidarity. This kind of treatment of actors is just not okay, and no actor can condone it imo.

      Good for SSH. You go, pretty. πŸ™‚ I’m sure we’ll get to see your prettypretty abs again soon in a drama with less unpleasant producers.

      • 10.1.1 mary

        “Good for SSH. You go, pretty. πŸ™‚ I’m sure we’ll get to see your prettypretty abs again soon in a drama with less unpleasant producers.”

        — I love your comment! haha

    • 10.2 CreamPuffs

      Yes, I agree! My respect for SSH grows more every day.

  11. 11 crazedlu

    HAHAHA. wow. right in the face.

  12. 12 Carinne

    Thank goodness. I will be rolling my eyes a lot every time SSH is referred to as McDreamy the entire show.

  13. 13 sara

    I wanted to see Song…as the male guy again >_<

  14. 14 Anon

    Brain should have brains.

    And that’s a no-brainer.

    • 14.1 Anon

      And I’m not referring to SSH. Only the producers.

  15. 15 Like

    Apparently, he turns it down coz he felt he needs more time to prepare for the role who starts filming this week. That’s the difference between actor and idol …some idols think they can be and just try to take on everything but end up master of none.

    • 15.1 lambayyx

      o_O that’s quite a generalization lol. how do you know that idols don’t use time to prepare for roles, too? i don’t see the correlation between using time to prepare for a role and taking on everything.
      and it’s sort of .. odd? i guess, that you’re using SSH to make a point that idols aren’t good actors .. it’s not as if SSH is a master at acting himself lol.

      • 15.1.1 Like

        That’s why I say “some” not all. Some roles do take time to prepare for. Whether how good or not good you think SSH is is moot. Precisely if one is less good, needs more time to prepare, right?

  16. 16 SprinkledPink

    This is what they get for being money greedy assholes.

    I have no sympathy for them.

  17. 17 chewy

    Site of relief!!!

  18. 18 danni

    Haha, really sucks for the drama, but seriously, they deserved it. Should’ve just stuck with the original cast in the first place instead of throwing them under the bus like that. Seems unlikely they’ll get another set of cast members in such a short amount of time so I don’t expect to see Brain anytime soon.

  19. 19 September

    I like omelette. You are very funny GF.

  20. 20 Danna

    Damn this is hilarious

  21. 21 Alvina

    I’m all for “sticking it” and “justice” and all but…

    can the original cast come back?
    Pretty please?

    I actually was excited to see some of them in a new project.

  22. 22 Mrs. Handtowel

    Is it bad that I’m glad SSH turned down the role? As a future healthcare professional, I planned to watch this drama to “enhance” my education…

    Maybe they’ll rehire the original cast.

  23. 23 lenrasoon

    i like to think that SSH ditched the drama after knowing what happened with his colleagues. That or if taking the role would be bad for his image.

    haha anyways i’m so happy with this, it’s nothing to do with me but i feel vindicated.

  24. 24 sarang

    I don’t think I’ll be following this drama, medical dramas aren’t really my thing, but I hope they bring back the old cast, you has a week better safe than sorry.

  25. 25 yong in

    i thought he already accepted the role. well, i wasn’t planning to watch it. what are they going to do with only a week to go?

  26. 26 notoriousnoona

    I think the news is horrible but I’m glad. They way things were “reportedly” done was grimy at best. I was actually more excited about the original cast. SSH made the right decision. I hate it for the overall project but what is that they say about pride and the fall…?

  27. 27 Emely

    Good on him for turning those greedy silly directors down!

  28. 28 stratosphere

    is KBS drama-cursed recently? at any rate, they seem to be incurring a lot of bad karma (re Spy Myung Wol, the flop that Poseidon apparently is, and now Brain…)

  29. 29 Emely

    This is a kdrama story in itself…! Drama needs a cast; cast wants a drama; director kicks out cast for new shiny cast; cast2 turns down director… director lost and panicked with only one week until filming. Must be episode 8 by now. What will happen?!

  30. 30 KANGly

    They should change the title to BRAIN DEAD.

    • 30.1 Jomo 143∞


    • 30.2 kriss

      Hahaha! Yup, yup! Or BRAINLESS!~

    • 30.3 Anime1234

      Or SCARECROW. If I only had a brain…

  31. 31 Jomo 143∞

    First of all, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
    How can he be always seemingly more beautiful with each photo? Deep breaths….

    Dear KBS –
    You made up your bed to lie down with a star
    But the Hand Towel said, β€œNope. Ain’t sleeping thar.”

    So you be now, feeling some pain.
    You got Mr. No One to be Dr. Brain.

    Remember that first cast? The one that you ditched?
    They’ve got the last laugh Ha! Karma just bitched.

    Love XOXO The fans

    • 31.1 Anon

      Nice one! πŸ™‚

    • 31.2 mary

      143 Jomo! πŸ˜€

    • 31.3 Linda165

      hahaha nice!

  32. 32 malta


    • 32.1 kasieunha


      And I can’t believe YSA had to cut her hair and then got kicked off? WHAT.

      You don’t mess with a lady’s hair. D:<

  33. 33 Jeanie65jh

    Business wise, Song Seung Heon seems like a pretty smart cookie. If he became interested then ultimately said no when he took a closer look, I’m betting it wasn’t up to snuff. Better for him to walk away in the end. Were they trying to land a big name in the absence of a great script? …makes me wonder.

  34. 34 KANGly

    I hope none of the big name stars take on this project. Just to teach these producers a lesson. They can’t just treat actors in such a shabby manner and get away with it.

  35. 35 waterfight

    Soompi is reporting that SSH confirmed for the role. Any truth to that?

    • 35.1 mariae214

      Just checked trulysongseungheon site and it says he did not accept the role because he needs more time to prepare.
      Way to go SSH.

  36. 36 Kim Yoonmi

    No Brain? How about Pinky?

  37. 37 mariae214

    Am so glad SSH did not accept the role.
    Way to go my dear!!

  38. 38 Ace

    Cheers to SSH! Do another rom-com instead, please!

  39. 39 aS21b

    now instead of having this drama go on air next week why don’t they air “what’s up” instead!!!!

  40. 40 doraemon

    Soompi’s news is outdated. SSH’s agency has officially turned down the offer yesterday.
    The producers are CJ & E&M – big firms made silly mistakes!

  41. 41 laya

    I like the title for this. Although it conjured up a lot of wicked thoughts. πŸ˜€

    • 41.1 e.z.

      It sounds like a line in a movie where the naughty zombie gets punished at dinnertime.

  42. 42 MJ

    Brain’s chief producer, the casting director and directors is the cause of the BRAIN to be DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL) with Zero cast of actors and other talent.

    Will KBS do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) or DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)?

    Maybe KBS should resuscitate the drama: What’s Up? since filming was done and the drama is stuck in limbo waiting around for a major South Korean television network to pick it up.

    • 42.1 Danna

      OMG thats exactly what I was thinking….come on KBS, Man up and give What’s up a chance instead b rushing through production afterthey get a new cast (if they ever do) or decide on making another drama

  43. 43 j

    It’s good thing that he didn’t take this role.
    Not because he doesn’t suit the role. Simple because the production is so ehhh . They are ready to throw their casts away for profit reasons then… Well not worth it.
    Wishing all the actors and actresses the best. They deserve better production which value their talent.

  44. 44 lssh

    great decision oppa πŸ™‚ love u πŸ™‚ xoxoxo xixixi πŸ™‚

  45. 45 lssh

    anyway i dun like the title…and i always dislike nasty things that always said to oppa here…he’s a kindhearted man…he doesn’t deserve all this hate…his presence is very important in introducing k-drama throughout asia…so his significance is still very important regardless all criticism…we should be grateful oppa is entering korean entertainment industry…he’s irreplaceable…

  46. 46 Lina

    I’m so glad! Medical dramas bore me to death, and I wouldn’t watch it even for SSH. I hope he picks up a better drama soon!

  47. 47 R

    I know it’s ethically wrong of them to ditch the original cast for Song Seung Hun BUT if they were going to do it anyway, might as well do it right?

    Why didn’t they just sign on Song Seung Hun first(as in get everything finalised and confirmed) instead of just having a verbal agreement(was it?) THEN only ditch the original cast? That way they have something to fall back on, no? O_o

    • 47.1 Bee

      Yeah, my thoughts, exatly. Why would they ditch their cast unless SSH (or his management) had made a solid agreement with them?
      And if SSH felt the time was too short for preperations, why didn’t he just turn down the entire thing in the first place, rather than going into negotiations first? I mean, what did he expect when talking to take up a part in a drama that starts shooting next week? *rollseyes*

      In any case, I hope that the production company learns its lesson – a sperling in your hand is better than a pidgeon on the roof when it comes to fill your stomach, as the old saying goes.

  48. 48 sjsmn

    Song Seung Hun? hey People, it is good news!!!
    Do not underestimate him!

  49. 49 tb

    How about Kim Joo Hyuk (star of Terroir), he’s not busy at the moment is he?


    Lee Sung Jae – star of Daisy the movie?

    They both seem mature enough!

  50. 50 fen

    I agree with MJ, in the end of this month they should find the cast, well, they can hire the actor/tress from aired med drama, such as lee Bum Soo (he is old enough, uh?), or Kim Min Joon….hey…. they can hire kang Nam Gil for funny brain medical drama πŸ™‚

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