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Protect the Boss confirms extension
by | September 9, 2011 | 84 Comments

Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama Protect the Boss starring Choi Kang-hee, Ji Sung, Wang Ji-hye and Kim Jaejoong, has been confirmed for a 2-episode extension, bringing the final episode count up to 18. That means an extra week for all the chaebol-and-secretary-slash-bodyguard hijinks galore.

There’s been talk of an extension, though the ratings for the show are in that mid-teens range, where it’s not quite a runaway hit, but it’s been performing solidly throughout. The Princess’s Man has taken a firm lead in the Wed-Thu primetime slot, recording 21.1% ratings this week, while Boss has kept a steady second place, this week coming in around 14.8%. (Plenty of shows extend with 14-17% range, though 20% is the new benchmark. Remember ye olden days of 50% ratings?) Anyway, it makes sense that an extension was in the cards for the show since it’s been critically well-received despite being in second place.

That pushes follow-up drama Tree With Deep Roots back another week, which will certainly benefit the high-budget production. Tree is the highly anticipated sageuk from the writers of Queen Seon-deok, about the life of King Sejong the Great, starring Jang Hyuk, Han Seok-kyu, Shin Se-kyung, and Song Joong-ki.

That means Tree premieres October 5, which oddly enough puts its premiere date right up against the last week of ratings leader The Princess’s Man. You don’t battle a new sageuk with an established sageuk — it’s the same audience! I suppose they’ll just take a hit for the first week, but if I were SBS, I’d air a special or something till the coast was clear. Amirite?

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84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Houstontwin

    I hope that rather than inserting angst, Protect the Boss does something fun. I think it would be great if they all took a business trip together. There could be beach fun, shopping fun, and hotel fun!
    Boo Angst! Yay Silliness!

    • 1.1 dramaaddict

      Lets mix things up and jump far into the future and see how their kids turn out with the extra 2 episodes. Because this show is so much about who your parents are. I love this show it makes me laugh hard, and not just any show can do that. Fighting PTB!

      • 1.1.1 Cynthia

        I LOVE this idea! Four generations of silliness, rolling around on the floor, having fun and showing if the personalities are hereditary. If Secret Garden could do it, so can PtB!

        • blergh

          Awww, I’d like to see MuWon-NaYoon babies!

    • 1.2 bjharm

      yep that was also the first thing that came to my mind..do not spend the two episodes on some melodrama but more laughs!

  2. Betsy

    Yay! An extra week of Protect the Boss. I hope we get some more Ji Heon and Moo Won battles, as well as some cute moments between Ji Heon and Eun Seol. πŸ˜€

    • 2.1 tubunny


  3. NickDobi

    I really just love the silliness in PtB so I’m really hoping they don’t resort to angst and just keep up the hijinks.

    Although despite being fun and games I really fell in love with ALL the characters (including the girl second lead! in what universe does that happen!). It is so rare to have such honest and open characters, who are not afraid to be vulnerable. I also love how the father is genuinely showing love of his son. And he is not just a plot point to keep the couple apart. The father is learning that maybe he didn’t do the best job raising his son, but he’s going to try to do what best for him now. amazing. I love all the LOVE in this drama!!!

    • 3.1 asianromance

      I agree! Protect the Boss has been running strong in my book even if the ratings are at 14%, if the extension makes them go the angst-ridden route, I will throw a tantrum or epic proportions! I think this extension will allow more time for ES to figure into JH’s world of rich people. I was afraid they may run out of time to resolve it nicely with 4 episodes left. A few deportment lessons aren’t going to cut it.

      I love all the characters, but Na Yoon has a special place in my heart as the best second female lead ever.

      I hope the extension will also lead to a Myung-Ran and former-secretary-Kim couple.

      • 3.1.1 MeeisLee

        Na Yoon, Na Yoon, Na Yoon. I love her :). She’s like the worst second female lead in that she’s so bad at being BAD! It’s hard not to find her scenes cute and laugh with and at her. Loving Eun Seol too. She just has a great personality. Ji Heon is a man-child I loveeeeeeeee. He’s maturing and it shows gradually. ALL the characters are great, even the parents (Ji Heon’s Dad and Mu Won’s Mom. Don’t get me started on Grandma <3). All the hijinks are hilarious ! I don't want to jinx it but I think this might be my favorite drama for the second half of the year *knock on wood*. And, I think it won't go for the angst road. It sorta reminds me of a being parody of rom-coms. Love, Love, Love!

        (Don't disappoint me, PTB. It's your fault my expectations have become so high, It would become A THOUSAND TEARS instead of a thousand kisses if something goes askew! And yes, that was a drama pun)

    • 3.2 koreamom

      i agree! nice comment.

  4. foraredrose

    Hooray for more bromance and Myung Ran-Na Yoon-Eun Seol BFFLness time! And the chairman & grandma of course πŸ˜›

    • 4.1 Maracarrero

      Yes, I’m totally with you on this, especially the chairman and grandma. I love their scenes together and her bike riding with MW was to die for. I would also like to see Myungran get some action too and of course Na Yoon has a right to be happy. She’s so clueless and needs ES & M’s street smarts so she can get her mojo on. I can do without angst, but it’s something I’ve accepted as part of living in k-dramaland.

  5. sjkwifey

    Ji Sung is too awesome in this drama, loving how different this drama is to standard k-dramas. No cutesy heroine, no crazy-ass second lead and no unnecessary angst…love every episode, can’t wait for more πŸ˜€

    • 5.1 malia

      Totally agree. It’s so refreshingly candid.
      I love how the second female lead hasn’t gone crazy trying to break up the OTP but instead has accepted everything and has actually become friends with Eun Seol (but with the necessary pettiness and jealousy to make it believable).
      Also the childishness of the two guys makes me laugh everytime.
      Oh and the dad is the BEST dad ever. So sweet!
      So many things I love about this drama, I think I could list 1000 things.

    • 5.2 aardvarksmile

      You’re totally right – I’m sick of those cute-dumb female characters that are supposed to be lovable. As for the second lead, she seems to be first human second lead and not just a bundle of stereotypes, like the one that using brain makes a woman into a monster.
      And “the power of education” will be my motto of the year πŸ™‚

      • 5.2.1 mjfan

        β€œthe power of education” yes , definitely………….

      • 5.2.2 muchadoboutlove

        LOL that must’ve been the motto of Na-Yoon’s family all this time!

    • 5.3 mjfan

      you said the same thing I was gonna say , its simply cracking me up every single episode……..

    • 5.4 Linda165

      Ji Sung is just great!!! Ji Heon is sooooo cute, I just want to eat him πŸ™‚

    • 5.5 fabkitty

      oh man!! The second lead girl who’s supposed to be the “evil bitch”…except she’s not!! I love her! It’s adorable how she wants to be bff with No Eun Sol.

  6. Justine

    Yay an extra week! For the first time since I’ve started watching dramas, the second female lead is my favourite character in the show. Seriously though, how can you not love Na Yoon?

  7. Drina

    I wonder why DB doesn’t recap this drama.. Coz i’m not watching cANT Lose, RunNing Man, Scent of Woman, or that Seunggi’s variety show,, :sigh:

    All the characters are lovable and hilarious! The story is full of cuTesy and cheerfulness.. GOD, How I loovee Protect The Boss so so muuch!

    • 7.1 malia

      Check out ‘A Koala’s Playground’ – she’s recapping it. I think with all the ones being recapped here on Dramabeans there just isn’t the time to do another one.

      • 7.1.1 chez

        and also don’t forget to check out Soulrebels live recap.

    • 7.2 Linda165

      Don’t do that… you’ll awake the beast…

    • 7.3 funnylittlefishy

      they gotta pick and choose, and who knew protect the boss would be this freaaakin awesome?! Can’t Lose is pretty good actually though if you want to watch something current…

      I totally understand why dramabeans isn’t recapping it, and koala’s playground does a more than adequate job with it, but i miss reading javabeans and girlfriday commentary huhu…I’m not asking for recaps, but I’d love if either of them have been watching to get a mini write up of their opinions. I hope they at least talk about it after it’s finished airing… like podcast material? yes pleaase!

  8. win

    I’m enjoying this drama too! I love how childish all the characters are to each other…hilarious! The dad is the best!

  9. Jo sno

    I am really enjoying Protect the Boss. Makes me smile and laugh. πŸ™‚ However, this is why I am nervous about this extension. I just hope that it doesn’t get all drawn out and angsty (as others have already said in previous posts).

    And about the lack of recaps on Dramambeans for the show…
    On one hand I would enjoy reading the insights of DB and GF on the show. They have become my touchstone for understanding k-dramas. I am a very non-korean Hallyu victim. Also, they make me laugh.

    On the other hand, I am thankful for the shows that they do recap and recognize that they don’t HAVE to recaps any show. It is a service that they provide. They can choose which shows they want to recap and how many they can handle in their work/drama/life balance.

    Thanks Ladies!

    • 9.1 tinnybo

      I agree with you, DB and GF do an awesome job of recaping, but Koala is pretty good as well. If i didn’t know any better i would swear DB and GF share the same brain as koala, lol. She does an awesome job of recaping with her own insight so check her out.

      Not to take away from Dramabeans cause we all know they rock!!!

  10. 10 dramafan88

    Awww…the picture of all 4 actors together is so sweet! Love the pic above. Yeah – i love this show, it has amazingly solid acting and very interesting characters. They are all so funny…i love No Eun Sol – she cracks me up. I would want a friend like her to protect me. hehehe…Ji Sung’s acting skills is amazing…to act his paranoid OCD character is indeed a feat!

  11. 11 Emi

    I am happy to see 2 more episodes added!

    This is my favorite show this season. I love all the characters. And I agree about the comments about the 2nd lead female. Even though she has the required 2nd-lead short hairstyle so popular these days, she is actually a really funny and sweet character. Her spoiled brat moments are great too ^^

    I’m also loving the bromance. Along with all the girly fights and elevator beatdowns (cover the security camera!) I love the moments like the twist on the falling-asleep-in-the-car-head-resting-on-shoulder bit with the two guys.

    I hope the 2 extra episodes maintain the silly and don’t get bogged down in shady business stuff.

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    Best news ever. This drama is special and fun! I spend so much time giggling more than anything else. Every cast member is so good at the character they portray, its hard to love just one.

  13. 13 Drina

    THey’re lots of kdrama recappers ouT there, but still the gODdesses who i adore in my cellphone and PC are here! Hehe, luurvee DB’s recaps since BBF until nOw.. You guys are the best! I even learn abouT many Korean nEw phrases, foods, and culture from you:D

    (btw, i’ve already found other blogger who recap PTB in bAHAsa Indonesia, Yay! )

  14. 14 mjfan

    am so happy for the extension , cuz this drama is simply amazing , very different from usual k dramas , also where you can find a drama that makes you fall in love with every single character?!!!!!!
    BTW , princess man is also epic , very solid acting with great chemistry and breathtaking plot…………..

  15. 15 Y

    Love this drama!! Not too cheesy!!

  16. 16 mary

    The writer has always chosen fun over angst so I think we can enjoy the 2 episode extension. Maybe create a believable loveline for the 2nd leads instead of lumping them together as a consolation. πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Nokcha

    I’m really enjoying watching PTB. Much prefer it over any of the other dramas. Even edging out Scent of a Woman.

    I like the blend of fun and drama with a smattering of romance.

    • 17.1 Y

      Me too! SOAW is to cheesy forme! LDW is yummy looking though!!

    • 17.2 JheartsK

      I have to agree with you here…for me, PTB has been infinitely more enjoyable than SOAW. It’s refreshingly original, unpredictable and simply hilarious. Yet there’s quite a depth of feeling underneath it all.

      I realize it’s hard to know which dramas to recap but it’s too bad we’re missing out on GF and JB commentary on this one…with the hilarity of the drama coupled with the hilarity in their writing…would have been some entertaining reading for sure.

      PTB – one of the best of the year!

  18. 18 Jw

    Usually the “villian”/second female lead makes me think bad thoughts about them, wish bad things happen to them and make me curse everytime they appear on screen. But na yoon is different. I actually like her and i cried with her when she officially ended it with ji heon for herself. Congrats protect the boss for creating such a great second female character.

  19. 19 Nik

    I LOVE this drama!! It’s funny and well written.

  20. 20 blergh

    Love PtB! It avoids so many of the common, extremely maddening kdrama cliches…senselessly evil second lead bitch, parents who seem to hate their own children, misunderstandings that could be cleared up with a simple conversation but aren’t, etc.

    The writers have been great at maintaining the silly factor so far….I hope they keep it up! Like many of the commenters above, I don’t see the need for random angst in a show that’s supposed to be a rom-com. PtB hwaiting!

    • 20.1 1234

      and that’s what i praise this drama for!

      all the stupid cliches that leaves viewers frustrated. aint there! and even if it is, it’s resolved very quickly.

      There just cannot be enough words to describe the love i have for this drama.

    • 20.2 LimaKid

      “parents who seem to hate their own children”

      WOW you are absolutely right! With PtB, you get the feeling that these parents genuinely love their children and want what’s best for them. My favorite parts of this drama are the interactions between all the parents and children. Because honestly, that’s how parents really are.

  21. 21 Linda165

    I just started watching this show (I’m on episode 4), and I love it!
    Eeeeeeverybody is crazy! And I mean everybody. The only sane character is the dog… go figure!

    • 21.1 kit

      omg dying @ the dog comment

  22. 22 mihinikki

    YAY!!!! This makes me more eager to watch episodes 11-12 now. I was sad about it only being 16 episodes.

  23. 23 Myn-Zi

    love jae….but sometimes his gorgeous eyes make me think that those eyes are really scary….

    • 23.1 Bongchan

      Mabe it’s because his eyes are red? I feel the same way :-S It’s the first time i feel his eyes are scary..

    • 23.2 jijiben

      i think he’s too tired , ( and skinny too)

  24. 24 Tok


  25. 25 cv

    IT’s a great drama so far. πŸ™‚ Fun and down to earth. I suppose an extension will be okay.

  26. 26 SD

    Yay!!! I’m so happy!!! So it was supposed to have only 16 episodes? I thought it would have 20. πŸ™ Oh well, at least there’s an extension. πŸ™‚

  27. 27 saranga

    i found this drama a pleasant surprise. ji-sung is awesome. he was great in royal family (although i hated the drama itself) and he’s just wonderful here. i’d seen him in other dramas before, but this really seems to be his year. i never knew he was such a good actor. i just wish choi kang-hee weren’t in it. i just don’t respond to her somehow…

    and i never knew jaejoong was so good-looking. he looks better on film than in photographs.

    • 27.1 Eleven11

      Ok, Jaejoong. Never heard of him before this drama, but I knew he was an idol so I was kind of dreading his performance as second lead (I thought it would follow the BBF/YB tradition of pretty face, no soul) – BUT, omg, he is amazing! His character’s so earnest and cute and believable, as is his cousin relationship with Ji-Heon.

      Not gonna lie, but I’m slightly embarrassed to say that he’s actually becoming so attractive to me that I have trouble focusing on the subtitles when he’s speaking. =\

      • 27.1.1 anais

        Haha! Jejoong was probably my least fave of the JYJ, based just on superficial looks, but now I love him! He’s so fantastic as Moowon. Love that header that turned into not a header in the latest episode.

        OMG, I frigging love this show. It gives me warm fuzzies. I even like Nayoon’s princess mom. I really love Nayoon. I hope she can keep Myung Ran and Eunseol as BFFs forever.

        I can gush nonstop about all the fabulous characters in this show and the love they have for each other. It’s really the most loving drama I’ve seen come out of Kdramaland.

      • 27.1.2 Pat

        The first time I laid eyes on Jae ,I was dumbstruck and he was a little kid ( find his 15 yr old audition on the internet). not a JYJ fan…but his face is almost unreal so I get distracted
        watching this drama. I stare. That must happen to him everywhere. Anyway, i am enjoying him as a new actor and he is doing alright, (considering all the legal trauma he has lived thru the last 2 years) but thats another tale. As an adopted child into a family with 8 girls he must be soooooo spoiled, but
        insightful about women.

  28. 28 germaineora

    for me an extension is a very good news indeed! i super love this drama. i love all the characters.. they are all amazing!!! they are all lovable, you’ll hate no one in PTB!

  29. 29 Ace

    I usually object to extensions in general but for some reason, I’m not objecting to an extension here. I haven’t been bored with a single episode of this drama and this is the third time this year I’m loving both main and second leads (love Best Love & City Hunter’s too). I love the cousins’ bromance & Ice Cream’s growing affection for Eun-seol & Wrestler. πŸ˜‰

  30. 30 Laeah

    I hope that the extension will make NY/MW have a more realistic future romance! haha

  31. 31 sherry

    *Jumping with joy!!* Extension is super awesome! PTB is such a REFRESHINGLY FEEL-GOOD drama.. I can never hate any of the characters and I don’t even fast-forward/skip any of the scenes. That’s how awesome PTB is..

  32. 32 EmJaye

    I love this drama!!! I’m sooo excited that we’ll get more of it! And I, for one, am not worried that they’ll go into ‘the angst’, ’cause they haven’t so far!

    Things I love about PtB-
    a. No Eun Seol doesn’t take anyone’s crap. b. Ji Heon openly and repeatedly declares his love for Eun Seol. c. Eun Seol tells Ji Heon to grow up! (Seriously, I know I’m looking for a husband, not a son!! And she called him out on it!!!) d. The dad really cares about his son, doing the right thing, being a good dad, being a good son, etc. instead of the standard ‘my way or the highway’ or ‘whatever you want, dear’ kdrama daddy. The list goes on!! (But I’ll spare you the rest of it…)

  33. 33 iluvdrama

    hmmmm bodyguard?

  34. 34 diw

    exucutive park should do community service for betraying my dear cha cha gere….

  35. 35 maku

    Love! Love! Love! it…PTB the best.. that’s all I can say..

  36. 36 kit

    actually adore the drama. WHO KNEW THE INHEE BOT COULD BE SO DAMN AWESOME. i haven’t seen such great use of second leads, the older generation and bitchy judgemental chaebols … well, ever. comic timing is excellent, and the bromance soidfoisdjfoisjdf.

    so hooray for extension! it will actually work for this drama, unlike … uh, some. (hello myungwol)

  37. 37 geanna

    i never thought i would love Wang Ji Hye after Personal Taste. BUT. my gosh, i just love love love Na Yoon’s character that i already forgave In Hee’s crazy bitch antiques!

    i’m enjoying Mu Won and Na Yoon screen time more than Jihyeon and Eun Seol lols! now gimme Mu Won + Na Yoon babies!!!! they rock the show whenever together XD <– biased comment haha

    and i think Mu Won- Ji Hyeon's relationship is the most interesting yet honest bromance we ever had on kdramaland since a long time. =D

    • 37.1 aafa83

      I, also ,love the bromance in this drama. However, did you see Can You Hear My Heart? In my opinion, that show had that BEST bromance EVER; The 2 male leads were so loving and such good actors.

  38. 38 Ani

    This drama is my kdrama obsession that rivals my current jdorama obsession (which happens to be Zenkai Girl). Ah, the funny just keeps rolling out. Teehee!

  39. 39 Selli

    Hm, well, maybe high ratings like that don’t happen very often anymore because there’s just more relatively good-quality stuff to watch? So the viewers split up between what interests them the most, and don’t all watch the only decent thing on TV (I know that wasn’t the case for many highly-rated dramas, I mean, Full House, etc., but it just appealed to the general public or something?)
    Um, I don’t know if that even makes sense! XD

  40. 40 Endroine

    omg tree with deep roots cant wait for it ;-; i already hate the fact i have to wait for subs ;___;

    Im watching protect the boss now and it isnt thΓ‘t interesting to me, i hope it doesnt get boring towards the end ;-;

  41. 41 sokhasen

    I think the reason the Rating isn’t as high as it used to be is because of the thing call ‘THE INTERNET REVOLUTION”…I, personally don’t watch TV anymore…

    Every characters is funny and dorky….even the customer character at the Coffee shop is funny….even the ladies that do the community service with President Cha are funny….TOO bad the dog can’t speak…otherwise the dog’s character would have been funny dorky too.

    In conclusion…I LOVE PTB!!!! PTB ROCKS!!!

  42. 42 chez

    I love Jisung.. as in I want him SO BAD! Help me Oh God!

  43. 43 dls

    Yay for extension… PTB is so funny, love all of the 4 leads.. hope they develop the story better for all of the 4 leads

  44. 44 Thatgirl

    I’m only on episode 5 but this drama is pretty good, its a shame you guys aren’t recapping it. Oh well, Thundie is kinda recapping it, so its ok.

  45. 45 sanzo

    The only kdrama where the strong female lead remains strong and doesn’t succumb to the whole i’m a woman and i’m weak bs that usually happens…”i’m legend”…

  46. 46 samgetang

    More of the warm, funny, crazy, hilarious, amazing, and brilliant ensemble performance of PTB? Count me in, please.

    Thanks for this piece of wonderful news, GF!

  47. 47 JheartsK

    Dramabeans and Girlfriday…just wondering if either/both of you are watching this drama? If so, your summarized insights would be interesting to read!! Please?!!

  48. 48 jodie047

    yay for the extension! woohoo!! i’ve been loving this series since the first episode!!! the childishness of the characters were beyond OAness! lol! πŸ˜€ love love love!

  49. 49 JoAnne

    LOVING Protect the Boss – just started yesterday and on Episode 6 already. So very, very funny! I laugh out loud, and HARD, several times each episode. Agree with comments above about each character – LOVE Grandma, never saw Ji Sung before but he’s hilarious – saw Jaejoong in Heaven’s Postman and think he’s beautiful with the voice of Angel but do agree, even though he’s acting well he looks tired, tired, tired. LOVE the two female leads and the bestfriend wrestler girl, even Secretary Kim (Korean Harry Potter, they called him on Viki). This will be one of my all-time favorites and I wasn’t even going to watch it…

  50. 50 twinkleee

    Love love love love this drama. As usual I wait until there are a bunch of episodes before starting to watch any drama and boy am I super happy I waited with this one. I cannot even imagine waiting a week to watch each episode.

    What a fantastic refreshing modern drama. So far I nominate Ji Sung for best actor, he does a fab job playing Jihun. This is a complex character with a serious sickness yet he plays it effortlessly/flawless. I like his BODY strong and fit and dat booty O: *yes I have a crush <3* : ) I am on epi 6.

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