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Protect the Boss ends, Princess’s Man remains top ratings dog
by | September 29, 2011 | 97 Comments

Protect the Boss ended its run with Thursday’s finale episode, paving the way for a new Wednesday-Thursday ratings battle once the new crop moves in. The drama ended on a rather middling ratings note (14.2%, several points down from its earlier high) and from all reports, it seems that its two-episode extension sort of killed the momentum and dragged down the fun level. But after all’s said and done I’d still call it a fair success for the Boss production.

While the leads Ji Sung and Choi Kang-hee were already successful in their careers, the quirky romance between the eccentric boss and his feisty secretary has given both their images a bit of a boost. I love it when a good comedy can do that for a career; there’s nothing wrong with a little accessibility now and again, and rom-coms have a way of bringing actors closer to their fanbase.

Throughout its run, Protect the Boss has been a little overshadowed, numbers-wise, by KBS’s hit sageuk romance The Princess’s Man, which is going strong and continuing to lead the timeslot with ratings past 20%. I suspect Boss could’ve done better without such a strong competitor — but then again, that’s the whole nature of ratings battles, isn’t it? Anything would do better against a weaker opponent; the trick is maximizing what you’ve got against what the competition’s bringing.

The latest episode of Princess drew a 21.9% rating, with MBC’s Can’t Lose bringing up the rear at 6.1%. Next week, SBS brings its own sageuk to the table, with the highly anticipated Tree With Deep Roots, which comes from the producers of Queen Seon-deok and is about the life of King Se-jong.

It seems like an odd time to make the big entrance since its premiere week coincides with Princess’s Man’s finale week, but maybe they’re banking on their own big-name cast to drum up the interest. (Tree stars Han Seok-kyu, Jang Hyuk, Shin Se-kyung, and Song Joong-ki.)

Meanwhile, The Princess’s Man will be followed by the Baker King producers’ new drama Man of Honor. Then, when Can’t Lose wraps a few weeks later, it’ll replace trendy with trendy, giving us Me Too, Flower!

Phew! The drama machine, it never sleeps, apparently. Just like its actors.

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97 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jandoe

    i so gotta get to princess man soon!

    • 1.1 amee

      you definitely should! i envy that you’ll be able to marathon it!

    • 1.2 elle

      never really into sageuks (i dunno but the history part bores me to oblivion) but TPM just got me hooked! the politics, the love angles, the conflict – interesting would be an understatement! i’m just so invested in the drama right now. definitely one of the best this year.

    • 1.3 ...

      park shi hoo is just such a great actor!!! <3….

    • 1.4 Musings

      Like most ppl here I am in love with TPM. Just utterly, heart achingly in love with it. It’s one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. I can’t fault it at all! I follow it religiously, live stream it and discuss it on soompi! I am obsessed. PSH = faint. This is my first PSH drama and now I understand the hype… he is an amazing actor. MCW is on par with PSH. The skinship is so beautiful and innocent and ihavenowordstodescribe. I have never been so ecstatic and giddy OVER JUST A HUG OR HOLDING HANDS. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Also, I started watching BBJX cause of all the raves and it’s freaking fantastic as well. It’s so purrtttyyyyyyy. And the heroine is so loveable! But I’m more hooked on TPM just because I find the story is better developed (and you can’t win out on PSH).

      • 1.4.1 Kiwi

        BBJX is awesome!! I read that its going to air in Korea in October… (as 보보경심? dunno what it means thou, Google Translate gives me strange stuff)
        Now I’m just waiting for winter break to watch TPM.

      • 1.4.2 kaleido

        Both TPM and BBJX are my top drama of the year… love them both and thought that these 2 drama gave me similar vibe… beautiful costume.. great acting.. beautiful people.

        I always love PSH and with this drama.,. love him even more..

        I am now also loving the 4th prince in BBJX too…

        • Musings

          ooooo me too me too!! I love 4th prince!! With 13th and 14th coming in second <3 I never liked 8th though

      • 1.4.3 nk

        There is just no way the premiere of Tree with Deep Roots is gonna beat the finale of TPM. But I still do want to watch TWDR… when I finish watching TPM! ;op

    • 1.5 churasan

      Definitely recommend it ~ one of the best sageuk dramas I’ve seen in a long time. Since I’ve been following TPM, I haven’t watched Protect the Boss even though it’s been on my radar. Now that Protect the Boss is over, I’m gonna marathon this one! Looking forward to it.

  2. melonhead

    sorry to everyone who loves him, but Jaejoong always gives me this unsettling vibe when he tries to smile. It’s like a really awkward attempt that turns into a creepy leer. :S

    • 2.1 jandoe

      Pssst that’s what usually come to my mind too – I think he’s a nice guy, judging from whatever I’ve read about him but whenever he attempts to smile, it comes off like a snirk caught wrongly on camera to me (…but judging from the size of his fanbase, my lack of love towards him doesn’t hurt no one so it’s all good methinks haha)

      • 2.1.1 Cynthia

        This is funny – you really want any smile coming from that face of near-perfection to be all sweet and heart-stopping, right? And what comes out is just…..awkward.

        His face is made for intensity (like that scene in PtB where WJH is putting the imaginary moves on him and he tackles her in bed. THAT is what he’s made for!).

        • Xueh

          He does shy smile beautifully instead.
          (If you look at the YunJae videos) haha
          Prolly coz he’s not posing

          • asdfghjuiko

            Oh yay
            Go on taint even JJ’s acting career with those fan girl delusions taken too far
            (for peeps who want to witness the scariest most cult like thing to come out of a kpop fandom)


            in the words of Tony Hong “What is yunjae? a female singer?”

        • Linda165

          Uuuu that scene made do a double take!

    • 2.2 gala

      that’s why early in his career–during his day with the NOW-DEFUNCT-NON-EXISTING TVXQ!–he rarely smiled, or when he smiled, he’d cover his mouth. he still does it every now and then. a habit now. but yeah, he looks a little awkward when he smiles.

      (then again when i met him and he gave me a smile, i thought it was the sweetest smile. ha ha ha. he’s such a nice, down-to-earth guy too.)

      • 2.2.1 Ani

        (then again when i met him and he gave me a smile, i thought it was the sweetest smile. ha ha ha. he’s such a nice, down-to-earth guy too.)

        Uuuuh. Hmmm. The first thought that came to mind was that you’re talking about a dream you had. But then near the end it sounds so serious that I’m wondering if you actually meant, or you just believe you met him. XD Sorry.

        • gala

          yes, lol. i saw/chatted with him a bit when i was in korea then in LA during Hollywood Bowl [though, i believe the proper term should be “stalked” but it sounds bad. ha ha. but yeah, i was a hardcore dbsk fangirl before. i rarely share my fanaccount but now that dbsk is no longer in existence, i love reminiscing about them.]

    • 2.3 mrskimchee

      gotta agree with you gals…atho i like him…i also found his smile is abit eeeh?
      while Par Shi Hoo’s smile…is TODIEFOR!!!!

      I’m currently marathon-ing TPM my 4th night, sleep after 3am….my husband came down and was like…have you woken up or haven’t slept yet?

      YAAY!! so In LOVE with Shi Hoo!!!!!!

    • 2.4 Daniela

      Hahaha I Think the same. It looks like he put votox around his mouth. Creepy. But he is..um…cute. Honestly I dont find him very attractive but he has his charm, he has so many fan girls for a reason.

  3. diorama

    I’m sad to see PTB go. Although the second half was definitely slower, the first was just fantastic fun and unpredictability.

    Can I hope Jang Hyuk’s role will be as intense as in Chuno? If it is, it’ll be awesome.

  4. Linda165

    “Phew! The drama machine, it never sleeps, apparently. Just like its actors.” And just like the obsessed people who watches them.

    PTB, funniest drama ever. At least the first 10 episodes I’ve watched so far.

    I’m so happy for PSH, MCW and the whole cast and crew from The Princess’ Man. Now please join this chain prayer for a happy ending. Writernim, PDnim please!!!! We need a happy ending!

    • 4.1 YY

      Um, it’s a tragedy, last I heard….*runs and hides under tree with deep roots from avenging sword-swinging black-suited Linda*

      • 4.1.1 Linda165

        *draws sword*

        There aren’t roots deep enough to hide you from my wrath!!!!

        *starts digging*

  5. Lala

    Hmmmmm is Princess’s Man good? I’ve been watching them raw (…um, yah. I’m that loser over there that can’t wait xD) and I don’t know what’s happening at all. Someone help me? :S

    • 5.1 princess

      hey lala.
      i think you sud give it a try with subs..you can find it in dramacrazy.com i watch it raw too before the subs comes uup. since i m long time fan of korean tv, i understand some words here n there.. well i think you will love it..

      • 5.1.1 Lala

        LOL Thank you dearie 🙂 I’m just too impatient and sadly my schedule is so tight I don’t have a chance to watch it again TwT (Like this week I didn’t see any at all D:) I’ll try to watch some of it this weekend… 🙂

    • 5.2 jan

      It gets ridiculously good by around episode 8 – I know that’s a bit of a wait, and I’m not saying the first few episodes aren’t good because they’re definitely cute and interesting, but I wasn’t addicted until later on, when the stakes get raised to a whole new level. This is the drama I’m loving the most right now- highly recommend! Beautifully shot, awesome music, amazing acting and super intricate plot.

      • 5.2.1 Jules

        Agreed! It’s my favourite drama running right now – the chemistry is sizzling and the intensity is off the charts in the romance department. Happy ending, please!!!
        Does anyone else find Park Shi Hoo’s character’s sudden transformation from fun-loving boy to pure-man-power-with- raging- brooding-intensity (if I can say that) extremely gratifying?

      • 5.2.2 anais

        Huge thumbs up for Princess’s Man. It’s taken up all the emotional space I can muster, so I put aside all others I had been watching.

      • 5.2.3 Lala

        Wow! I want to watch w/ the subs a whole lot more now… >> xD

    • 5.3 E-kun

      Vikki is subbing the show. I’m not sure if you download your videos but I think they have subbed up to episode 16. Also Darksmurf is subbing it and they are up to episode 21! The show is mos def worth watching with the subs! This has got to be one of Park Shi Hoo’s best roles I have seen him in! (and I have seen quite a few)

  6. 1234

    Watched/watching both dramas and loving it.
    even if PTB did drag out the last couple of episodes, I still love the laughs it gave me and the fact that it made me fall in love with the characters. I’ll never forgot that.

    What I like about princess’s man..
    every episode is filled with this nonstop tension and excitement. i don’t feel it dragging, and often i feel that way with certain saeguks.

    • 6.1 1234


  7. Thatgirl

    I’m kinda curious… JB and GF, have you guys been watching PTB? I wonder why it wasn’t recapped here? At first, I suspected that it was because of you’re love for City Hunter, maybe because you guys were bitter that City Hunter ended, and PTB was the successor of SBS’s WED-Thurs lineup?

    • 7.1 maechan

      There was a drama people were asking so much to be recapped that the recap was deleted (I think I read something like that on jb’s twitter)… so I always thought it was Protect the Boss… maybe it was? *I’m speculating here*

    • 7.2 gala

      yeah~ i dont think i’ve seen even a First Impressions…? but this is their blog, and they have the decision on what to recap or not. there was someone [different blog] who recapped PTB and oh boy, she [i’m assuming!] was excellent too. good tone and humour as well. so PTB wasn’t entirely ignored.

      • 7.2.1 Thatgirl

        Are you talking about Thundie? On Thundiesprattle.com??? Because she just started recapping PTB not too long ago… Yeah I love her too!!!! I’m actually on Thundie’s Prattle more than I am here.

  8. lovepark

    Farewell PTB, it was fun ride despite the drag near the end. I enjoyed you immensely and will never forget Daddy Cha!

    Today’s episode of The Princess’s Man was so sad. I won’t mention anything else to avoid spoilers, but the tears won’t stop falling!!

  9. Kiara

    Looking forward to Tree With Deep Roots.

  10. 10 lovedramas

    I was so disappointed in the 2nd half of PTB but I still loved it overall. I will rewatch the 1st half since I loved it so much. Ji Sung is one of my fave kdrama actors. It’s still one of the better rom-coms this year and I’m glad it helped out the leading actors. Ji Sung hasn’t be in a rom com in a long time before this or at all – I’m not even sure anymore.

    TPM was a series that i knew I would like but I wanted to wait to marathon the whole thing cause I knew I would get addicted. Well, PTB held my attention so I didn’t mind, but I only lasted until ep 14 and I caved and watch a few minutes of ep 14 – I had to watch the rest. It is super addicting and it was so hard to wait week after week, thankfully, I made it to ep 14 before watching it. I really never bother to notice PSH and MCW in any of their other dramas which I have seen. After TPM, I’m thinking to myself, why didn’t I? They are just perfect as SY/SR. I’m very impressed and so glad the ratings are decent (at least in today’s standard). The rest of the cast, crew, etc are great as well. I really loved the first few episodes when they were happy & more innocent but then intensity after ep 7 or something is great as well.

    • 10.1 MeeisLee

      “I was so disappointed in the 2nd half of PTB but I still loved it overall.”

      Agreed. I was raving over the zany and upbeat tone of PTB during the first eps. I really think the extension killed what it was doing so well. Most of that angst was unnecessary. It was the first time I loved the 2nd female lead as much as I loved the lead, so it had a good run. Probably one of the most enjoyable rom-coms of this year for me.

  11. 11 ME

    I definitely recommend The Princess’ Man it is such a great drama. Every time I’m watching the drama I feel so many different feelings and just makes me awed because it always passes my expectations. I cry, yelled, balled, laughed, laughed, and fangirl over cute moments. I’m sorry but it is soooo much better than City Hunter. Sorry Lee Min Ho even if I adore you. No one can beat a man like Park Shi Hoo who’s long hair is amazing…. now.. let me dream…

    • 11.1 mrskimchee

      me too…shi hoo is so muchhhhhhh wayyyy..hotter and better…..
      i’m glad i held up till now to watch TPM and able to marathon it….till next week finale..i really wish for a happy ending…

  12. 12 Jen

    i loooved PTB, such a refreshing and fun drama. I really don’t get the popularity of sageuks. I get bored pretty quickly.

    • 12.1 lambayyx

      TPM isn’t just any sageuk though.

  13. 13 Birdie

    The first half of PTB was hilarious and refreshing. For a change the female lead was kickass . Unfortunately it went downhill for me in the second half. The 2 episodes extension did not help.I am not surprised the ratings towards the end was down from its high.

    From the trailer, Tree With Deep Roots look interesting. Might give The Princess’ Man since so many people are raving about it.

    • 13.1 Birdie

      Oops I mean give The Princess’ Man a try.

  14. 14 blergh

    The extra 2 episode of PTB definitely slowed the pace a bit – a little too much brooding/flashbacks for my taste – but I think they did help wrap up some of the plot points so the last episode could be packed with extra cuteness and fanservice. Woohoo! I’m a fan of the fanservice. (Although I didn’t really understand why they made JiSung sing! Jaejoong yes, JiSung, no thank you.)

  15. 15 Cam

    HOOORRAAYY for this successful drama “Protect the Boss” and I reaaaaally ENJOOOY watch this cuz’ it’s soooo fun and crazzy, lolz. (shakes my head w/ beams)

    I am LOOOVIN’ this beautiful drama Princess’ Man cuz’ I NEEVVVER fail to watch this, mm! (thumbs-up) Keep it up! 😉

  16. 16 Bluefyre

    Loved and STILL love Protect the Boss!
    It’s up there with City Hunter and the other best dramas of this year for sure. SO awesome! Wish it was recapped here as always, but I mustn’t expect to have my cake and eat it too…or…? Haha. I need more caffeine 😀

  17. 17 HeadsNo2

    Loved loved loved LOVED Jang Hyuk in Chuno. His intense acting made an instant fan of me. I’ll follow wherever he goes, and am glad there is going to be a new sageuk to replace WBDS as it’ll be ending in a few weeks!

    P.S. I’m guessing ‘Tree With Deep Roots’ is a straight ‘sageuk’ and not a ‘fusion sageuk’ like Chuno, right? Or is it? Does anyone know? I’ve only watched ‘fusion sageuks’ so I don’t know if I’m ready for the big plunge…

    • 17.1 Shiku

      I think it is a straight saguek and I think you are ready for the plunge

  18. 18 Carinne

    I needed a pick-me-up after finishing BBJX, and picked PTB. I thought I was in for a cure of my woes, well sorta, until the last few episodes kinda got too serious, the last episode made me cry and it’s not even my proposal!?!

    I have an infatuation for Ji Sung now. I need another good rom-com but those are hard to come by these days, I suppose I need another Ji Sung fix and will try Royal Family. Tell me, will I get disappointed?

    • 18.1 VanillaSalt

      BBJX…that is a Chinese (mainland) drama right? The girl goes like back in time or something after getting in an accident, right?

      • 18.1.1 lambayyx


        • Hannah25

          Whilst you will cry tears of sadness with the wonderful “The Princess’ Man”, it is NOTHING compared to the tears you will be shedding in the stunning “BBJC”.

          • kaleido

            agreed… BBJX made me cried so hard… but it’s all worth it… such a wonderful and beautiful drama.

    • 18.2 New heart

      you should watch Royal Family, because it is great drama!!!
      but, it not funny like PTB…
      BUT, I believe you will love it and will not disappointed with Ji Sung… because you can continue discover that Ji Sung si talent actor!!!
      or… with drama New Heart!!!! wow….

      New Heart, Royal Family, PTB… all are great drama of Ji Sung sii !!

    • 18.3 diaana

      I also recommend Royal Family. Totally different from PTB, though, he seems to be that same passionate persona in RF. I had to marathon it because the mystery and suspense kept pulling me to click the next episode. Totally different drama from any that I’ve seen in Kdramaland. Love Jisung now. Trying to watch All In too, but can’t get into it yet. Maybe I’m sad of his character because I can’t tell whether he’s really good and just makes bad choices or not as good as he seems and selfish.

      Very sad for the end of PTB. I even enjoyed the last episodes too. I don’t get how a lot of people were so disappointed in them, but for me it deepened my love for each of the characters and their relationships. Plus it gave the main couple a balance. Where most kdramas have just the one person, usually the man, fighting for love and protecting it, but here she fought just as hard and tried to protect it in her way too. I love the duality of it all. The two opposite couples, the family relationships between generations, the company traitors are betrayed themselves. And no one was feeble and helpless. To me they stayed true to who they were, but each grew.

  19. 19 Daniela

    I was enjoying Protect the Boss, but I’m stuck at episode 8. I dont have the urgent (or the time) to watch the rest, when Im about to finished the episode, I always get distracted by something else and I just close the window.
    And the comments about the second part are not encouraging. Oh, so many unfinished dramas waiting for me.
    The princess Man, hmm I dont know, its not on my list, but maybe in vacations.

  20. 20 cv

    PTB was funny and cool! The main characters and secondary characters don’t hate each others. That’s refreshingly different from other dramas that have them fighting to see who gets to be with whom.
    And it’s a happy ending~! Yay!

  21. 21 Daebaakk

    To be honest I did not watch protect the boss yet but I’m watching the princess man. All I can say is: THE DRAMA IS AMAZING!!! Everything is excellent: the story, the actors and the OST !! Each episode is full of emotions !! It ‘s really my favorite drama of the year followed by City Hunter

  22. 22 VanillaSalt

    I really want to watch princess’s man, but i hear it’s like a romeo and juliet story? If it ends like the Shakespeare one but 20x’s sadder, I’ll just die. After 49 days ( i know, i know it was a while a go) I don’t think i wanna cry that hard again.

  23. 23 vintagepolka

    hi peeps!! OMG! it’s no doubt that TPM scores higher ratings! i haven’t watch both the drama yet but i’ve been hooked to TPM forum at soompi! Well actually i did watch bits of it when i turn on KBS world. Just like SMW, i started liking the drama after 1 ep! (FYI, for TPM,the ep i watch was ep 14 and i gotta say Park Si Hoo is sooooo HOT! and Moon Chae Won is just pure beauty!) :)) just saying.. i recommend u guys to watch TPM.

  24. 24 Princee

    OMG! Princess’ Man is the drama of the year!! The actors and the plot lines are so consistent and the OSTs…boy oh boy the best… you wouldn’t mind being Juliet when Romeo comes and rescue you ALL THE TIME!! You’ll surely love the meaning of love when you watch this drama TPM!! it’s simply great!! I love PSH & MCW. Great great actors, perfect chemistry, you could really feel the love in them… The kissing scenes are soooooo….aaaaaah….so in love…. you can only dream of finding the kind of Romeo similar to PSH… Luv him to death!!

    • 24.1 vintagepolka

      omg omg! *high five* i agree with you!! TPM is AWESOME! i was hoping that Dramabeans could recap this drama though. I’m actually loving TPM more than SMW. i still love SMW though. XD

    • 24.2 Jannes

      LOL I think Juliet does a fair share of the rescuing too in The Princess’ Man. Se Ryeong as a sageuk heroine, Kdrama heroine in general, is utterly impressive. I love her as much as I love SY, and that is rare for me watching any drama to like both leads so much.

    • 24.3 JIW_sobangnim

      MCW was why I was watching this…. loved her always and forever. And then suddenly PSh comes in and ruins my love for her. Sorry MCW but PSH got my heartstrings! 🙂

  25. 25 Cant wait

    Princess’ Man is ridiculously fantastic! I never get hooked right from the first episode! The chemistry between Park Si-hoo and Moon Chae-woon is one of the best-est!!

    • 25.1 vintagepolka

      SY and SR better not die at the end~~ it’s gonna be so heartbreaking to see either 1 of them lives. Die together is better than leaving one behind. 🙁 i think something bad is gonna happen in ep 23. :0

  26. 26 jp4wd

    while waiting in between episodes of The Princess Man, i discovered Bu Bu Jing Xin…chinese/mainland/taiwanese
    drama. i tried the first episode on viki.com, mysoju and dramastyle. i am hooked ever since. try it!

    • 26.1 vintagepolka

      really? hmm.. maybe next time. i can’t watch another one coz i’m gonna sit for a very important exam soon! so can
      t get myself hooked to another drama. XD neways.. have you heard of this Taiwan drama which people had been saying it’s the chinese version of Cinderella unni.. my main point is that they totally stole TPM’s song and used it in their trailer. lol. XD can’t blame them though.. TPM’s songs are too hard to resist. haha! XD

    • 26.2 Linda165

      I read about this drama on Koala’s Playground, and since then, I’ve become curiouser and curiouser… It’s on my list.
      Ms. Koala is not recaping it, but she posted an amazing character chart and a few posts with her thoughts and analysis. It’s a very interesting read.

      • 26.2.1 kaleido

        you should check it out.. alice chen’s world recap BBJX


        if you like TPM, you will like BBJX.. it’s absolutely wonderful drama.. it’s my top drama along with TPM for sure.

  27. 27 TT

    I loveeeeeeeee TPM! This has to be the best Kdrama I’ve ever watched! Best OST, OMG!!! I love all the songs in it, the BGM, the BEST!!! Right now I’m just praying and hoping for a happy ending for the OTP…PLZ dramaGOD, grant me my wish!

  28. 28 jojo

    TPM is really good (which kinda surprised me) and extensions almost killed PTB for me, but I liked the ending episode.

  29. 29 Sarn

    Even Dahee likes Princess’s man so far. I should check this

  30. 30 Vivien

    I love ep 14. MCW was loveliest there. Her acting was superb…..my god, much I cried. I must have watch this ep more than 10 times.

  31. 31 cleo

    For those who are hesitate to watch TPM..you should give it a try, or else..you just don’t know what you are missing!
    This is one of the BEST drama. From the actors (ALL of them), script, OST..all are beautifully done. and the chemistry!!!! OMG..the best chemistry.. PSH-MCW. TPM won’t be the same without either one of them

  32. 32 koreamom

    Phew! The drama machine, it never sleeps, apparently. Just like its actors.

    which means we don’t either! i just can’t keep up anymore there are so many good ones i want to watch. your blog helps keep me sane!

  33. 33 Gachan

    I like princess man soooo much,..
    I think this is a good drama, that you MUST WATCH


  34. 34 vintagepolka

    woot! i love how so many of you are lovin’ TPM! 😀

  35. 35 Daryl Lade

    I love Ji Sung in PTB. I did not expect he can be that funny after watching his other shows like Save The Last Dance, New Heart, Swallow The Sun and Royal Family. He such a great actor who can portray variety of roles with such depth. But I hope his next show will be another drama.

    • 35.1 JoAnne

      PTB was my first experience of Ji Sung and once I got past the silly hair he is really handsome and captivating. While I was waiting for the final episodes of PTB I went looking for other dramas for him and am now watching Swallow the Sun and Save the Last Dance for Me, plus I have Kim Soo Ro, New Heart, and Royal Family on a list for later. He is adorable….and if I had seen his other dramas first I would NEVER have thought he could pull off the ditzy character in PTB, but he’s very good at physical comedy. And long deep meaningful stares into the eyes of the woman he loves, and smiling. Sigh.

      • 35.1.1 My.Ning

        [PTB was my first experience of Ji Sung and once I got past the silly hair he is really handsome and captivating.]

        Ditto! My sentiments exactly too! =D

        Like Eun Seol, i too felt initially that Moo Won is the more handsome one. But Ji Heon just won’t allow that idea to lodge for long! Especially the ways he looks at Eun Seol, his smile is just too beautiful!

        For those who love PTB, which one do you like more – PTB or Best Love? Both being great rom-com genre. =)

  36. 36 sali

    I guess a lot of people like TPM. I really like it too. However, I have to say it’s been dragging a lot and it’s very repetitive due mostly too all those episode extensions (I hate when they do that!). Episode 20 ending was interesting though! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone. The cast is amazing. Can’t wait for the finale.

    • 36.1 cleo

      nope. there’s no episode extensions for TPM

      • 36.1.1 vintagepolka

        yea no extensions but trust me.. TPM fans are hoping for an extension!

  37. 37 kit

    sobs legit loved this drama. every single character was so well acted, and it’s the first time i haven’t fast forwarded the scenes with the older generation.

    do agree the extension kind of killed it though. we got lots of cute so i’m not complaining (too much) but.

  38. 38 janie

    awww…i think protect the boss is better than princess man. when i watch princess man, i fall more in love with the real princess and the friend (jong) then the two leads. the main story line just drags. it seems like every episode is about sae-ryung threatening to kill herself to save seung-yoo and it repeats over and over again.

    • 38.1 dramafan88

      i agree with you. TPM is too repetitive now but PSH is so good in his scenes (the kiss-rawr!)…but the storyline is so slow and repetitive…yawn.

  39. 39 E-kun

    I just finished PTB and I loved it so much. It has to be in the top 5 of 2011. The last 2 episodes we really could have done without but overall I have seen at least 12 dramas that have come out this year and it will most definitely go in my top 5! Sad to see it go but glad to see Jang Hyuk and Joong Ki!

  40. 40 suzieeq_luv

    I have to say that best love and protect the boss are truthfully my fave romcoms of this year. I really can’t pick one over the other.
    I loved all four leads in Protect the boss. But no single character could beat my love for Dokko Jin. Haha

    • 40.1 My.Ning

      Hi suzieeq_luv

      Thanks for your response! =)

      I was comparing the 2 and i conclude that i prefer Best Love because the story flows better without the huge uncharacteristic plot flop in PTB esp 14 (i think).

      But the initial episodes of PTB are really too delightful! I find that i like both dramas so much because the interaction between the two main leads are just so cute and enjoyable, yet still believable. Both male leads are quirky and both female leads are practical, down-to-earth and fiercely loyal to their loved ones.

      Yes i can understand your love for Dokko Jin cos he is hysterically adorable and lovable! =D

  41. 41 SHAHLILY


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