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Running Man: Episode 59
by | September 11, 2011 | 43 Comments

Yo yo yo – it’s time to represent, Running Man! Try to spit your best verses and don’t forget the swagger and slang. But watch your backs, Running Man – there are spies afoot!

EPISODE 59. Broadcast September 4, 2011.

It’s a Hip-hop Special on Running Man and our cast arrives fully clad in baggy clothing and sunglasses with MC Hammer booming in the background. Everyone is prepared to meet our guests and show off their bling, even childish Haroro who sports his Pororo necklace with pride.

We’re introduced to today’s guests: rapper Tiger JK (Drunken Tiger), his wife, rapper/singer Yoon Mi-rae, Simon D (Supreme Team), Choi Ja, and Gaeko (Dynamic Duo). It’s time for some freestyle introductions and Jong-kook goes first and declares that he’s the original JK and he hails from “An to the Yang” or better known as Anyang, a city just outside of Seoul. A ballad singer trying to rap … Error – does not compute.

Anyway, it’s pretty funny how the Running Men try to be “with it” in their stereotypical late ’90s gear whereas these respected artists simply ooze with authentic cool.

Ji-hyo is introduced next and she starts off, “I live in Gary—” to Gary’s bewildered but pleasant surprise. Ha! She wraps up that Gary will speak for her. But don’t worry – Monday Couple Boyfriend has got your back as he asks if she lives in his heart. Aww.

It’s a Hip-hop Race Mission and the last man standing is the winner for their respective teams. The teams are divided as: Tiger JK, Mi-rae, Jae-suk, and Kwang-soo as one team, Haha, Jong-kook, Simon D, and Choi Ja as another, while Ji-hyo, Gary, Suk-jin, and Gaeko are placed in the last team.

Jae-suk is quick to notice Haha hesitate when Jong-kook’s name is called right after his. How unusual indeed, since he and Jong-kook are classically known as “my hyung – my dongsaeng” for their longstanding friendship. Hm, what’s going on?

We travel an hour back before the opening and see a secret meeting between Haha and the staff. Mr. PD informs him that he’s a spy today and his face falls, “I’m a terrible spy!” Aww, but it’s true, given his previous display of stealth skills, or lack thereof when Kim Hyun-joong was a guest. Mr. PD continues to reveal that today there’s a spy team, so he’s not alone, much to his relief and excitement.

The other two spies on his side are Ji-hyo and Tiger JK. The Spy Team’s objective is to fail the mini missions the first time around and have one member remaining at the end to win. Ji-hyo worries if her subsided determination to win will give her away because she’s known to do her best as mission as Ace.

They worry about Tiger JK lying to his wife and Haha asks if Mi-rae can tell if Tiger JK lies to her. He answers that she finds out right away, even stammering when doing so. Uh-oh!

Everyone heads out toward their first destination: a playground in Hongdae. They’re all pumped to win, but it seems that the Black Team is more worried about the sudden awkwardness between Tiger JK and Mi-rae. Mi-rae overheard that her husband didn’t want to be teamed together and Jae-suk performs some marital counseling that of course a married couple should be on the same team!

Their lovers’ spat makes the other two break into awkward laughter as JK coolly says, “I thought I’d love [Mi-rae] forever.” Mi-rae: “Well, nothing lasts forever.” I have a feeling these two are going to crack me up this episode. That or I should worry that this mission will make or break their relationship.

The Black Team is still intrigued by the guests’ hip-hop style and Tiger JK teaches them a new slang, “SWAG!” Jae-suk and Kwang-soo test it on the Pink Team and a confused Gary makes a sound that resembles vomiting. Hahaha.

Each team receives the mission, which is to complete several activities in the playground in under 50 seconds. The Spy team contemplates how they’ll kill time and Haha does his best, such as distracting Simon D, and Ji-hyo naturally falls to the ground after spinning in a tire. All the teams fail to succeed the first time around, securing a win for the Spy Team.

I died of laughter when Gaeko’s hat kept falling off over and over again when he spun around the bar, and moreso at his frantic expression of trying to retrieve it. Having a bald head ain’t a crime!

All the teams succeed the second time around and they drive to their next location. The car interactions probably my favorite part about Running Man. For instance, Gary admits that he’s unsure of the roads and Ji-hyo reassures him that they’ll meet the right gil (road). At the mention of this, Gary explodes in jealousy and asks if Ji-hyo likes Gil, the other member of Leessang. Oh you two.

At the restaurant, the teams are asked to pick between three characters and eat a bite of spicy octopus whenever their character is heard in the song. Jae-suk gripes, “Can’t we just eat in peace for once?” Seriously, Mr. PD.

The Blue Team picks “Ding” and Simon D jokingly asks if their song is Shinee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong.’ The music starts and the song shrills, “Ring Diggi Ding Diggi Ding Ding Ding!” Oh man – that’s just cold, Running Man.

They come up with a few creative methods to eat quickly, like spooning some octopus into a bowl (and Simon D keeps eating because he’s hungry) or to stick the octopus on toothpicks (and Jong-kook ends up with a mouthful of toothpicks). Hahaha.

All the teams pass (eventually) and head over for some tongue-twisters. This mini mission almost seems made for our rappers as they spew out the words with ease. Then it’s off to an old train station for a good ol’ game of Hide-and Seek.

Each team opens up their respective bags to reveal their nametags (from small to absurdly large), a way to contact each other, and gloves to catch their opponents. Okay, I thought the large name tags were bad, but mittens to catch each other? HAHAHA.

Haroro is a hoot. His team finds out they’re stuck with the megaphones and Haha quips, “Oh, for when we have to secretly contact each other? Jong-kook hyung!!” Snerk. He catches the other teams in the window and shrewdly deduces that they’ve already created an alliance.

An early surprise attack by Jong-kook enables the Spy Team to slip away from the others to get better gear while the allied teams strategize how to eliminate the Blue Team. They decide on an ambush in the lobby, sending Jae-suk out as bait.

Jae-suk is spotted by Choi Ja who runs in to catch him and both teams swarm around him for a swift elimination. Jong-kook follows after him to take Gary out, but the pack is too large for him and flees.

As Jae-suk aptly puts it, “See?! Even the lion runs from a pack of hyenas in the animal kingdom.” Yeah, I’d like to see you say that when you’re alone.

In another part of the building, Tiger JK hides the other team members and lures Kwang-soo to an abandoned corridor. There Tiger JK reaches over Kwangsoo’s back and rips off his name tag. It takes a minute for reality to kick in and Kwang-soo is taken away, speechless.

The Monday Couple snoop around and Ji-hyo checks her surroundings to see if they’re alone. Once she’s sure in the clear, she sneaks up to Gary and eliminates him. It doesn’t register to the poor man that he’s eliminated at first, let alone by Ji-hyo.

In jail, the eliminated recount their stories in utter disbelief – why were they taken out by their own team members? Kwang-soo had tried to warn Tiger JK that they were on the same team and Gary wonders if it’s some kind of anniversary for the Monday Couple. Not too sharp, these fellows.

I love how the Spy Team’s back-up excuse is to blame the eliminations on Jong-kook. After all, he is Spartakooks and quite frightening.

Meanwhile, Jong-kook sends out Haha and Simon D to look out for the other team members. Haha pretends to search the hallway before doubling back towards Simon D’s hiding place and casually rips off his name tag. When Simon D’s name is blared on the speakers, Haha lies to Jong-kook that he doesn’t know how their teammate was eliminated.

Ji-hyo and Tiger JK follow Gaeko down the stairs and quickly eliminates him out of the game. Another down.

Jae-suk heads downstairs and spots the Blue Team hiding in the basement. He calls for all reinforcements and starts making empty threats that Jong-kook is harmless, since he ran away from them and all.

Suk-jin’s elimination announcement puts everyone on edge – who took him out? Tiger JK answers Simon D, but he was already eliminated and everyone else is down here. Uh oh…

But Jae-suk isn’t quick on the uptake and wonders if it was Jong-kook, which means he isn’t downstairs as they previously thought. Jae-suk confidently moves in to eliminate Haha but Tiger JK suggests they go back and strategize.

A little while later, Ji-hyo heads downstairs and puts on a pretty convincing act, afraid to approach the Blue Team – she is the only one left on her team after all.

The noise alarms Jae-suk and heads downstairs again. But it’s a trap as the three members corner him, securing Jae-suk’s elimination. But Jong-kook isn’t in the clear as Haha reaches over his back and rips his name tag off. Before they can process the situation, Haha and Ji-hyo run off.

Jae-suk and Jong-kook arrive dumbfounded and are finally clued into the Spy Team’s tactic by the others. Jae-suk realizes that they have to warn Mi-rae via walkie-talkie and Mr. PD runs to prevent them from doing so. LOL.

They all worry that Mi-rae will feel extremely betrayed once she finds out and Kwang-soo adds that they were performing marital counseling in the car. Hahaha.

The remaining four sit down together and they point out the clues to Mi-rae one by one: they all have matching gloves and Tiger JK left for work earlier than she did. The truth seeps in once she sees Tiger JK’s gloves and backs away, lost for words. She warns her husband, “You realize after this, you’re coming home with me.” I have a feeling hubby is gonna sleep on the couch tonight.

As a compromise, Tiger JK suggests that they eliminate each other simultaneously. They reconcile with a kiss and both of them are eliminated. So cute.

Everyone gathers together and Gary protests that he wants to be a spy too and that he’d be good at it. Well Gary, your wish is Running Man’s command!


43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aive

    Love the ending!

  2. Leona

    Tiger Jk is such a sweetie!

  3. Aive

    When will the Beijing episodes air?

    They just flew there this past week.. i wonder how long after filming do they usually broadcast each episode. Can’t wait!

    • 3.1 kiotzo

      September 18 ^^ meaning next week

  4. hipployta

    I wonder why Gil didn’t come. Leesang did just drop an album. Simon D reminding folks of his rap background is good since Supreme Team are kind of doing solo efforts.

    I love Tasha and Tiger JK! I remember hearing about this special and being excited. First WGM with Khuntoria and now RM. Drop an album! I love T’s Black Happiness and their duet Convenience Store is classic

    • 4.1 Kaye

      I just read that Tiger JK and Tasha are currently preparing for their comeback! I am so excited!

  5. Nancii

    one of the cutest and best eps….seriously….while other shows are going downhill in terms of the script running man gets better and better xD

  6. alwaesboo

    haha! tiger jk and mirae are such an item! they steal this episode haha! XD Simon D? yeah i almost forgot about him haha… like ji suk jin. :S

  7. Dyta

    One of my favorites episode! It has everything I love about running man.. Great laugh, great twist, and a touching ending. I also think Haha and Ji Hyo looks cute together

  8. min

    i like the spy team!

    i really LAUGH REALLY LOUD OUT at jae suk and jong kook’s unbelievable expression when ha ha peel their name tag off!

  9. Alvina


    Lol, for real, I love when Running Man does specials because (imo, while the show can get boring with the regular members) it’s interesting to see their dynamic (PINK! :D) with other people.

    My poor puppy Kwangsoo. Poor Guy. “Hyung, you cant do that!” lol He always gets ambushed.

    And Choiza getting ambushed by the “allied” forces (right out of the army too! haha).

    The best was definitely Tiger Couple taking the fall at the end. Beautiful [even if it was just for variety].

  10. 10 Su

    Can’t they instead wear polo shirts or something? So many sweat stains lol

    • 10.1 funkypicklez

      they get sponsored. their clothes change every week.

  11. 11 BT

    awww i love Tasha & JK

  12. 12 Thanespune

    One of my favourites too. Running Man can get really boring sometimes, like with that episode featuring the 2 cast-members from Protect the Boss. It would have been the perfect opportunity for a first variety show after a long (induced) pause for Jaejoon…
    Anyway the part where Kookie’s team tries to keep up with the ding dongs – hilarious!!
    I did not understand why is it that in the beginning they say they’ve tried to do this special before but something went wrong. Can anyone please explain to me what happened ?

    • 12.1 kiotzo

      it was their second time filming the hip hop special, but the last time the filming was canceled due heavy rain

  13. 13 sherry

    I love Running Man more and more. I nearly died of laughter seeing Jong-Kook with the tooth picks in his mouth doing the Ding’s mission!

    Choiza’s getting ambushed and Simon D described it so well… they’re like zombies. Ha! Ha! and Jong Kook running away (first time?) from “zombies” is just so surprising!

    Always love the spy thing going. Jong Kook’s face is priceless when his tag got peeled off by Haha. So was Kwang Soo, Gary, Simon-D, Gaeko and then Suk-Jin – simply awesome!

    Tiger K is so funny too. He as afraid his wife could tell he was a spy that he requested to partner with Kwang-Soo instead of her. So sweet of him earlier to ask the spies not tag-off his wife till the last….. and it was the SWEETEST elimination in Running Man EVER!

  14. 14 ninsarama

    dudddeee i was drooling when simon d was rapping the tongue twister. LOVEEEE HIS VOICE and his tight flow!!!

  15. 15 noodles143

    this was a funny and fun episode to watch!!
    can’t wait for next week! Gary is gonna be awesome as a SPY.. LOL!!!

  16. 16 oi

    thanks for your recap
    love this show
    wonder what is the best thing to do before subs are out
    read recap and then watch raw or
    watch raw and then read recap?
    I will try recap first and then raw, I think

    • 16.1 jae

      last night i read gummimochi recaps first and than watch the subs RM ^^;

      RM subs come out faster these day…
      and 59th episode is one of the funniest and romantic RM episodes.

      btw thanks for recaps! ^^

  17. 17 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap!
    Eng. subs just came out yesterday so this was a great mash-up to read and watch.

    Have to disagree a bit with your take on HaHa’s spy skills. He says he stinks at spying, but dude is one crafty fox – he’s totally sneaky. His spying for KHJ was excellent until the final capture of the fearless Spartakooks – then everything fell to pieces in 2 minutes. It was one of the funniest takedowns I’ve EVER seen on RM!

    What really makes me laugh is that Jae-Suk seems to develop diarrhea every time he’s cornered – that stomach-gurgle noise has his name on it. Beyond funny!

    This show just gets better and better. I’d love to see the production team put Nichkhun on permanently – he’s one of the few (if only) men to go against Spartakooks and win.

    • 17.1 megumi

      i don’t think they need anybody after song joong ki left, either they should bring back joong ki again or just leave it like that, if they managed to bring joong ki back this show will be daebak because joong ki now is not the joong ki he once was, he’s got fans around asia now…

  18. 18 Ani

    Tiger JK and Mirae are the cutest couple ever. I loved their interaction on Infinite Challenge as well. Those two, yup, they got SWAG. HAHAHAHA. Running Man fighting~

  19. 19 DB5K

    My stomach cramped up from laughing so hard during the eating-squid-in-time-with-the-lyrics mission!!! Watching Kim Jong Kook’s team attempts to complete the nearly impossible task of inserting a piece of squid for every ding in Ring Dong was hilarious. And the moment when KJK had his mouth full of tooth picks was priceless xD Song Jihyo’s team had the best idea of holding their plates close to their mouths and shoveling it in as fast they can. But KJK’s team’s methods were funnier. My only wish is that Ssam D had more air time, I love that guy~~~~

    I feel like for this episode, the spies had a really easy time since there were so many guests who were unfamiliar with the game and because they were divided into 3 groups. All they had to do was eliminate their team members who trusted them. I wish we could have seen more interaction and talking between the hip hop crew members and Running Man crew members. I think Ssam D and Dynamic Duo have so much comedic potential that was just left undiscovered and unused.

    • 19.1 L

      I agree. I wish the special lasted longer. I think the eliminations were too easy this time. No one even suspected anything.

      During the Ring Ding Dong game, I was afraid that someone would hurt themselves with the toothpick LOL

  20. 20 anna

    The end is so so so so cute! Their marriage is love. I wish them thousand years of happiness. 😀

  21. 21 zodd

    Fun Fun episode. Ending was great too!

  22. 22 MeeisLee

    OMG, I have to have to have to watch this episode! I love all the guests (except one who I don’t think I know) :D! I was listening to some old Yoon Mi Rae songs sometime ago! Her and Tiger JK are the cutest family :). Any fans of Supreme Team should go listen to Simon D’s new solo song “Hero” :).

  23. 23 Sakura

    I literally fell off my chair when Simon D asked if they would be given SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong when they picked the letter ‘ding’. I was already thinking of that song and was wondering if the staff would be cruel enough, and apparently they are. XD

    Oh gosh, the ending was just too sweet for words. <3

  24. 24 Shin mi rAe

    I love this show. I only get it on youtube.can you guys point me to where i can watch running man with english subs?

    • 24.1 Claire or

  25. 25 Bijing

    Love JK and Tasha..kisses to them from an ahjumma from the Philippines..

  26. 26 allybally

    my favorite episode ever. I officially love HAHA!
    this episode was just so entertaining, I love it!

  27. 27 Stardust

    The eating with hearing the sound is so ridiculous and hilarious! They must be very very popular songs or how can they pass it right ? Ding…ding… lol…

    Thank you for your wonderful recap! =D

    • 27.1 Stardust

      The PDs are really getting better and better… Just when we starting to think what other challenges are there…..
      Very creative! hehehehe I love how their faces fall if the running men outsmart them kekekeke

  28. 28 ^_^

    I watched this yesterday and I couldn’t help but aww over Tiger JK being all cute and tell Tasha to eliminate each other at the same time…but Tasha was hilarious “You realize after this, you’re coming home with me” lol

  29. 29 chance

    Lololol! Word is, the song that they would have played had a team chosen ‘Oh’ was going to be…

    SNSD’s ‘Oh!’. XD

  30. 30 [email protected]

    anybody know what the name of song.. when gary lost his way on next mission location then Gary admits that he’s unsure of the roads and Ji-hyo reassures him that they’ll meet the right gil (road). At the mention of this, Gary explodes in jealousy and asks if Ji-hyo likes Gil, the other member of Leessang. Oh you two…. on that scene.. there was a song played on the scene… anyone know what the name of that song.. please send it to my mail [email protected]… thanx So much ^_^

  31. 31 ShandeeCloie

    This episode is just so funny! Does anyone know the songs used in here? It would be nice to know what they are! Thankyouu!

  32. 32 Raptor

    I have watched this ep a gazillion times and enjoy it every time I do

  33. 33 Agitsna S

    I Love Running Man & Simon Dominic

  34. 34 sel

    “I was just on the first stair of the basement!”

    “You did well. 😀 My dongsaeng!”

    *Strange bunny stance and hug*

    HAHAHAHA omg that was the cutest thing seriously. I loved that. How often does Jong Kook’s extreme cute come out.

    Everyone was great this epi. More Suk Jin would’ve been nice, but ah well. Also Simon D for that matter, he’s a blast too. The JK romance was adorable too LOL. What a great old episode.

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