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Scent of a Woman: Episode 15
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No more secrets, just acceptance. It takes us 15 episodes to arrive here, at the message packed in this drama (and this episode in particular): Live with love, build your happiness on that, and make the most of the life you have while you have it. The message is universal and oft-heard, but still packs a punch when you see it lived out in characters you’ve grown attached to and rooted for over this many hours.


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Yeon-jae tells her mother about her cancer, and Mom’s initial reaction is denial. She insists that they march right over to the hospital to confirm that she was misdiagnosed, and the longer Yeon-jae resists, the louder she insists.

But finally the truth sinks in, and Mom screams and sobs. She’s calmer on the drive home, but now she’s taken on a worrying stoic silence, and goes to her room without saying a word to Yeon-jae.

Ji-wook drops by during lunch hour to see Yeon-jae, who tells him that she’s concerned about both Mom and Eun-seok. The latter name still gets a rise out of Ji-wook, who’s a little jealous, to her amusement, but it’s mostly for levity’s sake that he pouts. He pretends something’s on her face to lean in and deliver a surprise kiss, keeping up a cheerful face until Yeon-jae goes back inside.

Yeon-jae shows up at Eun-seok’s door again, and fills him in on telling Mom about her cancer. But since Mom hasn’t fully registered it yet, Yeon-jae asks Eun-seok to deliver the results of her upcoming treatment to Mom, to help her accept the truth. She adds, “Don’t quit being a doctor. You asked me to live. I will live. Until I die, I’ll live diligently.”

Mom thinks back to Yeon-jae’s behavior of the recent past, now that they make sense. She comes home and confronts her about how long she’s known, angry and hurt that Yeon-jae has kept it secret for over two months. It’s a tough position, because both women have a point: Yeon-jae was afraid her mother would take it badly, but on the other hand, now Mom feels foolish and horrible. Yeon-jae’s decision inadvertently turns her into the bad guy, the bad mother who carried on blithely while her daughter was dying.

Mom has accepted the cancer part of Yeon-jae’s condition but she still doesn’t accept the death sentence, and says that this is different from when Dad fell ill. Now there are new medicines and therapies, and all Yeon-jae needs is some surgery, some chemo, and she’ll be fine. Yeon-jae gently tells her mother that it’s no use, that she’s beyond surgery. “But I’m okay, Mom.”

Now it all sinks in, and Mom falls to the floor, beating the ground and crying about her poor daughter. Yeon-jae grabs her and holds her close.

She talks to Ji-wook in tears that night, and although he’d like to be with her, he abides by her wishes and doesn’t press the issue. When he asks about her treatment tomorrow, she tells him she’ll go with Mom, and he doesn’t argue.

Eun-seok still hasn’t returned to work, and his boss tells him he’ll have to make a decision about his future today: Either go to MD Anderson or resign, but he can’t stay home and remain in limbo. He returns to the hospital and contemplates his doctor’s coat as he remembers Yeon-jae’s words about him being her doctor. And so, he tells his boss that he won’t be going anywhere. Yay!

Mom goes to her husband’s grave, sighing that he ought to have thrown some heavenly weight around to prevent this fate for their daughter. She cries out her grief, feeling miserable, but stops herself to say, “But I should still live, shouldn’t I? Since I’m her mother.”

Yeon-jae heads to the hospital alone since Mom isn’t around to come with her, and brightens to see Eun-seok there. She tells him that her mother hasn’t yet come to terms with the news, but to her surprise Mom walks into the lobby, smiling now.

Mom sits with Eun-seok to hear about her condition, thanking him for taking care of Yeon-jae and saying she’s glad he’s the one treating her. Mom confides that she’d had a terrible time with her husband’s illness, unable to do anything but cry daily: “And I became a mother who couldn’t be a source of support. That hurts my heart.” She starts to break down and admits she’s scared now too, but gets a grip on her tears and says, “But I have to be strong, because I’m her mother, and she’s my daughter.”

Aw, I knew Mom had it in her — I’d hoped we’d all been underestimating her strength, which seemed likely because Mom has been surprising me with her awesomeness in recent episodes. It’s so gratifying to see her rise above her weakness.

After the consultation, Mom comes out, her composure back in place, hugs Yeon-jae, and tells her the results: Her condition hasn’t worsened since the last treatment.

Stroking Yeon-jae’s hair, Mom says, “You’ve suffered a lot” in a way that shows she’s willing to be that emotional bedrock now and share in the burden of being strong.

Ji-wook presents his business proposal to the company executives to expand the company. President Kim — always at odds with Ji-wook even on a good day — quibbles that he’s too busy dating to have given his work much thought, but Manager Noh says that the Wando tour was so well-received that it’s been awarded a prize from the ministry of culture and tourism. (He then gripes to his team that he’d never thought he’d take Ji-wook’s side, but sighs that he has to in order to make up for his treatment of Yeon-jae.)

Ji-wook gets a call that jolts him to full attention (his feet literally snap together), and meets with Mom at a cafe. She confirms that he knows about Yeon-jae’s cancer, asking if he ever considered breaking up with her. He says that he won’t break up because he loves her.

Touched, Mom holds out her hand and pats his. She thanks him.

She’s been ignoring Teacher Kim’s calls recently, but accepts one today and meets him at a restaurant. He’s worried at her lack of contact, and when Mom starts speaking, it has that ring of finality: She tells him she was happy to date him, but she has to end it now. She’s thankfully frank, telling him that Yeon-jae’s very sick, and it feels inappropriate for her to be off dating. She apologizes and thanks him for making her feel like a woman in her own right, not just another ajumma or Yeon-jae’s mother.

Ji-wook drops by the house to show off the award he got for his Wando package, which is cute in a little-boy way. He also has a gift, and presents her with a new phone — to match his. He calls her to demonstrate, and when her phone rings, the caller is named “Mine.” Aw. How’d he get his hands on my Lee Jung-jae couple phone?

Ji-wook also tells her he’s planning to take her and Mom to Jeju Island next weekend, since this must be hard on them and they deserve a nice break. Yeon-jae has been quiet for most of this conversation, but now she steps forward and hugs him while he’s still mid-sentence. He teases, “Thinking about it myself, I really am sweet.” Ha. And modest!

Enter Bad Chaebol Daddy, who worries over Sae-kyung’s disappointed hopes. He calls a meeting with Ji-wook, and Chairman Im is actually quite calm and reasonable this time; he says he won’t retaliate or otherwise injure the company over his relationship. Thank goodness for that, although I suppose the generosity of this gesture is rather tarnished by the previous retaliation attempts. However, he has a condition for this deal, and requests that Ji-wook and his girlfriend stay out of sight of Sae-kyung. He clarifies: “Leave this country.”

OH GOOD LORD. Scratch that whole reasonable part. He’s not even your own kid and you’re trying to send him abroad? Puh-lease. Ji-wook, if you entertain this cockamamie proposal for more than a second, I swear I’m throwing something at your head.

Chairman Im is actually offended when Ji-wook rejects this (phew!), as though Ji-wook’s the upstart for not agreeing to uproot himself and his girlfriend and skip on over to another country because some dude with a pissy daughter asked him to.

Sae-kyung enters the office to rein Dad in — I’ve never been so relieved to see her — and says that she and Ji-wook were never suited for each other. To make sure Dad backs off, she adds that she didn’t want Ji-wook so much as he’d pissed her off. Wait, so am I supposed to like her for this? Because my eyes, they seem to be rolling back into my head of their own accord.

Afterward, Ji-wook asks Sae-kyung why she helped him. I guess basic human decency is out of the question for these chaebols? Sae-kyung replies that he’s got it hard enough already, and that nobody was there to support her love, so she can imagine how he feels. She adds that this doesn’t mean she’s actively supporting Ji-wook and Yeon-jae’s relationship, which in my book is a relief; you really don’t want that sourpuss on your side, tainting you with her bad juju, do you?

Teacher Kim asks to meet with Yeon-jae, happy to see that she’s looking healthy, and tells her that he heard she’s ill. She asks him to help her mother through this, but he says that Mom broke things off. He understands why she chose that, but he assures Yeon-jae that he doesn’t mean to give up on her.

Yeon-jae takes Mom out for dinner (overriding Mom’s homemade menu of healthy foods), where Teacher Kim awaits them. Mom excuses herself and walks out, and Yeon-jae chases her out to tell her that she doesn’t have to give up dating because of her. She actually wants Mom to date and remarry.

Mom interprets things differently, and her hurt bubbles over again: When Yeon-jae chose to keep her condition a secret, she basically insinuated that she’s a useless mother, someone unable to be a source of support in her time of need. And now, she wants her to date on top of that?

Yeon-jae: “I want for you to be happy.” Mom: “How can I be happy? How do I have the right to be happy?! When my daughter’s on the verge of death, what’s the point in me being happy?”

Teacher Kim appears and takes Mom aside. He explains how Yeon-jae was the one who sought him out, asked forgiveness, and gave him Mom’s contact information, urging him in his suit. He muses that the older he gets, the more he feels that life isn’t a big, grand thing — and that happiness consists of the little things, like living with the ones you love.

He entreats her not to feel guilty: “Being with you doesn’t mean I’m taking you away from Yeon-jae. Think of it as adding one more person in this world to love and treasure her.”

That night, Mom comes into Yeon-jae’s room and opens her arms, telling her, “Come here.” Mom embraces her, breathes in a sigh, and smiles.

Mother and daughter visit Dad’s grave, joined by Teacher Kim, who pays his respects.

Eun-seok’s friend is surprised at his decision not to go to MD Anderson, and is hilariously put out that their boss didn’t recommend him to go in Eun-seok’s stead, instead choosing the doctor he hates the most. He calls Eun-seok crazy for passing up the opportunity.

Eun-seok asks how Malbok is doing, and his friend calls him “my lone companion” and affectionately describes one of his cute behaviors. It’s good news, since they’ve bonded; Eun-seok smiles and says, “That’s great. Wanna return him to me?” Haha.

Yeon-jae calls to ask Eun-seok if he’s going to the milonga dance night that evening. He hedges that he’s embarrassed, but agrees to go. She tells Mom she’s got a date with two men tonight, which makes me wonder if the two men know they’re sharing her.

She arrives at the studio and meets the others from her class, who haven’t seen her in a while and have moved on to the next level in her absence. As the dancing begins, Eun-seok arrives and leads Yeon-jae onto the dance floor. Ji-wook arrives in the middle of their dance and immediately pouts childishly, but smiles just as quickly.

After her dance, he teases her, reminding her that she promised not to dance with another man before his arrival, which had totally slipped her mind. Yeon-jae giggles, admitting she’d always wanted two men to fight over her, and both men retort in unison, “We’re not fighting.”

When she steps aside to chat with Veronica, the men ask each other to take good care of her — one as doctor, the other as boyfriend. Ji-wook asks if there are cases when patients live longer than expected, “like a miracle.” Eun-seok answers that they happen, but they’re rare.

I love the friendly vibe that has developed between the two men, where jealousy only plays a joking role — like when Ji-wook informs Eun-seok of their upcoming trip to Jeju Island, and pointedly asks if he’d like anything as a souvenir. Ha. Eun-seok just invites him for a drink upon their return.

Teacher Kim asks to speak with Yeon-jae, telling her of his intention to propose to her mother and asking her if that would be okay. Tearily, she nods and asks him to stay with her mother “for a long, long time.” Thus she takes a particular interest in making Mom look pretty for her date and urges her to stay out late. Ha, I just love the parent-child reversals in this show, and how cute Yeon-jae and her mother are now that they’re not at odds.

The older couple goes to a temple and makes wishes. Mom only has thoughts of Yeon-jae’s health, but Teacher Kim has two wishes: one is for Yeon-jae, and the other one is to be able to spend the rest of his life with Mom. Seeing her hesitantion, he tells her he’ll wait for her response.

Jeju Island. Mom marvels at the wonderful view, thrilled to be here, and asks how to thank Ji-wook for planning this. He replies that she can just dote on him forever, ha.

Mom asks how they’ll handle room assignments and Ji-wook promptly replies, “Of course, Yeon-jae and I will…” and then makes a show of deflating, “use separate rooms. I’ll use this room by myself. It’ll be so, so lonely. All alone.” Ha. He even sighs pathetically for added effect.

They go out to enjoy the day, taking photos and walking along the beach. Mom watches fondly as the couple frolics on the shore, and thanks Ji-wook again for the trip when he joins her. He suggests that they go on trips every weekend, but she tells him that he and Yeon-jae ought to go as a couple, since time is precious. It’s bittersweet, this relinquishing of her claim on her daughter, but also really touching.

Ji-wook softens that blow by telling Mom about how he’d wanted to move in together, but Yeon-jae had declined: “To her, Mom is number 1.” As proof, he shows Mom the cell phone photos he’d taken of Yeon-jae’s bucket list.

Mom flips through the photos, revealing a few more wishes that we haven’t seen before, like item 11, “Receive a proposal to make every woman in the world envious.” Item 12 is “Do volunteer work in my free time.” Item 13: “Get Mom remarried.”

That one is the one that breaks the dam and makes Mom cry, and quite possibly changes her mind.

Yeon-jae hunches over in pain that night, but she hides it from Mom as they get ready for bed. It’s only after Mom’s asleep that Yeon-jae heads to the outer room, curling up in pain. Ji-wook can’t fall asleep and hears something, and rushes to her side. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she shakes her head and shushes him, not wanting to wake Mom. She tells him it’ll pass, which indicates she’s used to these spells.

Unable to do anything else to help, Ji-wook takes her in his arms and holds her. In the morning, Mom wakes up in an empty bed and finds the two cuddling on the couch together, which brings a smile to her face.

Taking a morning walk, Mom watches older couples walking hand in hand, quite possibly thinking of her own future, when she’s surprised by the appearance of Teacher Kim. They look at each other in shock over the coincidence, and Teacher Kim explains that he comes here every weekend. Adorably, when she asks if that’s true, he admits that no, actually, Yeon-jae had tipped him off. Hee.

He joins their party, but Yeon-jae invents a transparent excuse about having plans with Ji-wook, giving the older couple an excuse to be alone. She hastens away with Ji-wook, leaving Mom sputtering and fooling no one.

Now it’s Mom’s turn to walk along the beach and receive flowers from her man, while Yeon-jae and Ji-wook have a date of their own. The quartet reconvenes for lunch, where the men operate the grill and Teacher Kim wonders if Ji-wook is finding the situation difficult, with Yeon-jae so sick.

Ji-wook answers no, because it would have been harder not having her with him. Teacher Kim can relate, ruefully telling him that he’s stumbled upon that realization quite young.

As the sun sets, Ji-wook and Yeon-jae sit on the beach, and she shows him the necklace she’s wearing, from their Okinawa beer-drinking outing. He asks, “You wanted to kiss me then, didn’t you?” She declines to answer, but her sheepish expression clearly reads, Busted!

He thanks her for being with him, just as the strains of “Por Una Cabeza” start playing on the outdoor speakers. It’s the tango anthem, and he looks mighty pleased with himself (he’d planned it, natch) as he leads her in a dance.

As the song ends, she tells him, “I love you.”


This was a quiet episode, but quite moving for the lack of angst. Actually, I’m relieved that they pulled back on that; when the bad chaebols made their appearance, I nearly blew a gasket at their ridiculous, smug entitlement issues until that was thankfully quelled. If that’s the last we see of Sae-kyung and Co., I will be ecstatic.

Being so used to the rhythm of kdrama series, I was expecting all this heartwarming development to end in some kind of crisis, like Yeon-jae falling into her final decline by the end of the episode. I was relieved when that didn’t happen (I’m anticipating tomorrow’s finale with equal anticipation and dread), and found that that actually makes the episode stand out more to me. More than any other episode, this one really highlights the drama’s whole purpose of showing us what it means to live, regardless of the certainty of death. Mom’s totally right when she cries that she can’t be happy when her daughter’s dying, but Yeon-jae has just as much of a point in urging Mom to think of the life that she’ll lead after she’s gone. As she tells Eun-seok, she’ll keep living until she dies — an obvious statement, except for the fact that it’s a concept that many living people seem to take for granted, such as Yeon-jae before her cancer diagnosis.

I like that we’re given an opportunity to let Mom rise to the occasion, rather than assuming the worst of her and not giving her the option. That’s what chafed with me when Yeon-jae kept hiding the truth (although I sympathized with her fear), because it was like she’d decided Mom was going to be a certain way, that her hysteria was a foregone conclusion. It’s nice to see how much she was wrong on that front, and that Mom got a chance to be the kind of mother she wished she could be the first time around when Dad was sick.

Oh god, tomorrow’s gonna be a doozy, isn’t it?


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    Agree – I love that they put the beautiful tango scene as the last scene of this episode and this is one reason why this drama will stand out different from quite a lot of other kdramas.

    This episode is filled with the message “live life to its fullest” – I can truly feel the tranquility of YJ’s heart after her mom accepted her condition. It is only after her mom’s acceptance that YJ said her “I love you” to JW and the look on her face? I think she wasn’t even thinking about the bucket list anymore but was just feeling very blessed to be able to dance with her loved one and in a way, she felt life is complete.

    • 2.1 cv

      Yes, live life to the fullest… I’m glad that they are living like there is no tomorrow…but a part of me still wish they would have a happy ending… a miracle happened…she is saved…. I wish that very much….I hope it’s possible, please! (sigh) I can always dream. I just so hate sad ending, even if the storyline is awsome. blah!

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      To me this was a beautiful episode. if only they ended here, with the tango scene, i would be happy. I’d rather they didn’t show her death, but just how she lived…i’m hoping for a meaningful closure for the end, not just bucket of tears…

    • 2.3 MeiMei

      I thought that the tango scene would have also made a neat ending… because even though I know she’ll die, I just don’t have the heart to see it. So the perfect day with the tango scene and the ‘I love you’ and the mom/teacher relationship progressing and the end kiss would have made a satisfactory ending for me.

      BUT… seeing that a proposal is on her wish list and Ji wook knows it, I assume/hope the last episode would include that (awesome) and maybe a redo for her wedding dress photo. Just wish it ends on a happy note and let the viewers imagine her fulfilling the last wish of her dying in a the arms of the person she loves instead of showing it.

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    • 7.1 asianromance

      I agree. Scent of a Woman doesn’t seem to fit this awesome drama. I know that this is a title of an already famous unrelated movie, but other than that the title feels really generic. Seems like the title of some 40+ episode romance drama, something along the lines of Thorn Birds or Wife’s Temptation.

      • 7.1.1 yumi

        I don’t remember the title being actualized in the drama. Maybe tomorrow.

        Unless it relates to the quote from the clip of the OTHER Scent of a Woman that was used in this show.

        • ori

          I think it refers to the tango scene in the movie Scent of a Woman. It’s pretty famous–in fact, the only thing I remembered about the movie.

    • 7.2 Sabrina

      i think it’s called scent of a woman for two reasons:

      1) the tango – the song they danced to at the end of this episode, for example, comes from the movie, scent of a woman.

      2) the message of not giving up – in a way, that’s how i perceive the movie scent of a woman. the lead, beautifully portrayed by al pacino, was a blind man who set out to lived his life dramatically then commit suicide. but by the end of the movie, he finally decided not to kill himself, and instead, lived his life happily. this is a really bad summary of the movie so i’m not doing the movie any justice, but both the drama and movie aims to bring out the same message to the audience – which is, to enjoy life as best as you can til the last of your breath. that no life is too short or too handicapped that it is not worth living.

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    I’m also glad that the chaebol shenanigans were toned down. They’re the flies in the ointment for this drama. I’m glad that it seems like the final two episodes will be focus on Yeon-jae and the message of this drama.

    Yeon-jae’s bucket list– makes me tear up every time!

    Poor Yeon-jae’s mom- isn’t it enough that her husband died from cancer? Can’t the powers that be give her a break?

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      I think it’s cuz I wanted more for her and everyone around her. I don’t want the last episode to be a series of mini clips of her doing stuff on her list before the end. She and Eun-seok… they really deserve so much more. *sobs*

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        I’ve loved the pacing of the writing up to this point, but now I’m getting the feeling of compression to wrap everything up by tomorrow. I don’t want SOAW to drag, yet here we have a plot that originally gave her 6 months to live, then cut it to 4 and now she’s down to 2 – and they’re taking that remaining 2 and turning it into 60 minutes?

        I wanted to see more of her sad Bucket List being fulfilled and more one-on-one with Ji-wook. I don’t want “Stairway to Heaven” angst but I do want some more meaningful conversation between the two (preferably while having pillow-talk).

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      i kind of feel bad for sae-kyung also, they’re handling all the characters quite well… the theme of living your life to the fullest is so full and deep and resonant throughout the characters, but i feel like sae kyung’s part of a sphere in the story that’s detached from it,and therefore doesn’t really it nor belong in the story that’s being told. quite frankly, the story would still work if it was just yeon ja, ji wook, eun seok, the mom and the teacher.
      maybe i’d feel less bad for her if she hadn’t been touted as a lead character, because she’s being managed as a minor character, truly.

      well, anyway, apart from that detached sphere, i’m really loving this drama. it gives me the genuine warm and fuzzies. 🙂 aaahhh my heart’s gonna break tomorrow. my heart and brain are separately vying for life for yeon jae (which she and her loved ones totally deserve, imo), and death for yeon jae (which would make more of an impact for me, narratively, and would more acutely and deeply resonate in the post-yeon jae lives of her loved ones than a close call would.)

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    I am very glad with this episode. I was bracing for heartache and shared tears, but it shows that goodbye does not have to be painful. By knowing goodbye, they can treasure each second even more and be there for each other even more.

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  27. 27 obivia

    “He entreats her not to feel guilty: “Being with you doesn’t mean I’m taking you away from Yeon-jae. Think of it as adding one more person in this world to love and treasure her.”

    I love the teacher–such a humble and beautiful sentiment.

    BTW, JB… would you… (kneeling) have any of the main instrumental songs? Like the one that goes with the female voice going “oooohh..” (it’s a bit waltz-y?). I love it to bits.

    • 27.1 mntnh

      It’s called “Yeon Jae’s theme”, this should be the one you’re talking about:

      It’s lovely isn’t it? When we were still in the first few episodes this piece kept lingering in my mind (taunting me I might say!) and I was so glad they released the soundtrack with it. It’s awesome. In fact the entire OST has been on my repeat list for the past two weeks.

      • 27.1.1 obivia

        Awesome, thanks!
        Actually, I just realized that JB already posted it–how could I be so silly.

        • obivia

          Oh wait, I was thinking of Bluebird. You totally found the song for me… YAY.

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    Thanks for the recap!
    I`m crying again, it feels like I`ll be loosing some tonight, but still, i`m hoping for a miracle.

    Great drama, this one is first on my list!

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    ahh, its breaking my heart.. wish she would live much much longer.. 🙁

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    I saw the episode yesterday-without subs-I was so eager to see what’s happening next. Now with your recaps, the picture is complete. Thank you so much for enabling us to enjoy fully this great drama.
    The story realy breaks my heart, it’s so simple, so human ( except the chaebol parts) and the principal actors are great. Kim Sun Ah is at her best.
    I’m sorry the drama ends today, but on the other hand, I can’t take more pain for the moment.

    I need a funny, foolish comedy!!

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    Anyway, I would just like to say that I agree with everything in your recaps. This drama has a certain spell, not seen in others. Especially how the whole process of denial, anger, and acceptance etc seems to be really present with every character.

    No matter what the finale will bring, I’m pretty sure the writers prepared us well for the ending.

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    Thanks for the recap!

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    • 34.1 yumi

      Didn’t she already get one of those and took a pass?

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    So scared for tonight.

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    As the parent of a child who is, thank the stars, a cancer survivor. I really feel for YJs mom. The day he came over and told me he had cancer is not one I would like to relive. I liked how the show had mom react. It hit home with me. Things like that really do make you grateful for the time that you have with the ones you love.

    Anyway, I’ve stocked up on tissues for tomorrow. Now I just have to work up the nerve to watch the finale. 🙂

    Thanks JB for another awesome recap!

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    but today for the first time i try this felling , this episode made me cry , the relation between the mother and daughter is very touching , it is true that this episode is very sad but it is different from the other drama that you don’t want to watched again .
    this drama it is very powerful it make you fell real felling .
    thanks for the recap

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    Thanks JB for recapping this =)

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    i was so relieved–and majorly surprised–the episode didn’t end with YJ collapsing! i really enjoyed this episode. i had been very reluctant to watch it. i was expecting cheap angst and tons of heartbreak. there was enough heartbreak but it was legit. the writers didn’t go all melodrama on us, as i’d feared. and wow! the message this drama gives, as JB said, is really inspiring! it makes me realize and wonder about exactly how much we all take the simple gift of life for granted.

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    At least this episode isn’t too sad. I bet the last episode will just be a tear jerker and not happy ending at all. 🙁

    Oh well, can’t not watch it since I’ve come this far. LOL
    Last episode, better be goood,even if it’s not how I would envision it to be like.

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    her mom rocks!… i asked this before but, is her mom the same actress who portrayed the very ebil madame shin in nappeun namja/bad guy?… if so, can i know the actress’ name?… she’s impressive…

    • 43.1 anotheraddict

      Hi Minty V~ I’m reposting the response I wrote to your q. in the ep.14 thread~ hopefully you’ll get the info this time:

      I just looked up her name for you– it’s Kim Hye Ok. I’ve seen her in tons of dramas, but never knew her name. According to the d-addicts wiki, she’s been in 45(!) dramas– including Bad Guy– and eleven movies. Kudos to her!

  44. 44 flowerpot

    An ode to Scent of A Woman

    So, this is really it.

    We’re really down to the final homestretch and just like Yeonjae who has a heavy feeling in her heart while watching the days of her life tick away, I too have the same feeling of burden weighing deep in my chest over the fact that a few days from now i would have to say goodbye to this drama that has meant a lot to me.

    Perhaps, it is the underlying story in this show that had ingrained it into my consciousness more than that of others.

    It might be due to the fact that it deals with things that are all familiar and dear to all of us like life, death and love that makes it harder to say goodbye and which makes it difficult to let it go.

    But more than that, i think it is the way in how the scriptwriters wrote this show and how the actors portrayed their roles that brought a sense of realness to these characters as if they really exist in real life and that makes us feel like we we really know them and that they are people who are really close to us that makes it hard to say farewell.

    I cried when Hee Joo died because i felt as if i also lost a little sister.

    I smiled at Eun Seok’s rediscovery of his sense of compassion because he is a great doctor and i know that with it, he can become even greater.

    I hate Saekyung with a vengeance with no need for explanations and I think Sookyung is a mother with faults but one who shows her love for her daughter in such a unique and heartfelt way that i can’t help but worry for her now that she knows of Yeonjae’s illness.

    I cheer for Yeonjae to beat cancer because she has so much left to live for.

    My heart skips a beat whenever i see JiWook show his love for Yeonjae because he does it without boundaries and without limits that i wish everybody could find a love like that at least even once in their entire lifetime.

    Life is a drama. Live it.

    Fun and crazy, i’m all about the good times baby… 🙂

    Have a peek into snippets of things i spazz on and get a glimpse into the thought bubble of everything that is my obsession…

    Text Post Wed, Sep. 07, 2011
    Posted 3 days ago
    An ode to Scent of A Woman

    So, this is really it.

    We’re really down to the final homestretch and just like Yeonjae who has a heavy feeling in her heart while watching the days of her life tick away, I too have the same feeling of burden weighing deep in my chest over the fact that a few days from now i would have to say goodbye to this drama that has meant a lot to me.

    Perhaps, it is the underlying story in this show that had ingrained it into my consciousness more than that of others.

    It might be due to the fact that it deals with things that are all familiar and dear to all of us like life, death and love that makes it harder to say goodbye and which makes it difficult to let it go.

    But more than that, i think it is the way in how the scriptwriters wrote this show and how the actors portrayed their roles that brought a sense of realness to these characters as if they really exist in real life and that makes us feel like we we really know them and that they are people who are really close to us that makes it hard to say farewell.

    I cried when Hee Joo died because i felt as if i also lost a little sister.

    I smiled at Eun Seok’s rediscovery of his sense of compassion because he is a great doctor and i know that with it, he can become even greater.

    I hate Saekyung with a vengeance with no need for explanations and I think Sookyung is a mother with faults but one who shows her love for her daughter in such a unique and heartfelt way that i can’t help but worry for her now that she knows of Yeonjae’s illness.

    I cheer for Yeonjae to beat cancer because she has so much left to live for.

    My heart skips a beat whenever i see JiWook show his love for Yeonjae because he does it without boundaries and without limits that i wish everybody could find a love like that at least even once in their entire lifetime.

    I can’t help but feel overwhelming emotions of tenderness whenever i see Yeonjae and Jiwook together because their love is the kind that is supposed to last a lifetime but couldn’t.

    To say that i’d miss this drama is an understatement.

    I will be pining for it, longing for it, remembering it for a long time and i have a strong feeling that it will make other dramas that i’d watch after this pale in comparison because of the high standards that it has set in terms of how it has stirred my emotions.

    I will truly miss a lot of things from Scent of a Woman.

    I’d miss the spazzing that goes on in the soompi forums and on tumblr where i found a sense of belonging and camaraderie from everyone that share the same passion for this drama that i have.

    I’d miss reading the recaps from dramabeans website the day after the drama airs and scouring each and every one of the comments to laugh at some, shake my head violently in disagreement at others and nod my head in understanding at most.

    I’d miss watching the show live through livestream and reading through live comments and recaps as they come violently and furiously from one to the next that my head is almost spinning because i can’t keep up.

    I’d miss Hye Won and how good of a friend she is to Yeonjae that even if she was quick to judge her at first, she’s made up for that mistake by more than a thousandfold by being so supportive to her and to Ji Wook as well afterwards.

    I’d miss Ramses and Veronica and the tango studio and how just seeing Jiwook and Yeonjae together there already brings butterflies to my stomach because i know what’s next to come.

    I’d miss Kang Ji Wook. A guy who can show his real feelings without fear and who is not afraid to cry in front of the woman he loves because he is man enough to admit that his tears are not a sign of weakness but rather an evidence of how much love he feels for her.

    I’d miss his one thousand and one facial expressions, the look of sheer happiness on his face when Yeonjae calls him or meets him, the dumbfounded expression on his face when she does something that surprises him, the look of desire that passes over his eyes when they dance the tango or when he goes in for a kiss, the blissful smile he has on when Yeonjae is in his arms and how peaceful he looks just being with her that somehow it’s as if you can tell that he’s found his heaven just by having her in his embrace.

    I’d miss Yeonjae and her courageous battle for her life and for the person she loves.

    She has truly inspired me in a lot of ways and even if she’s had moments when she had shown her vulnerability and her humanity, there are more times when she made her life count in ways that are beyond imaginable.

    I applaud her selflessness in making sure that in her last few remaining days on earth she had tried to make sure that that life not just remain valuable to her but that it would also leave a lasting impression and a positive change to all of the people that she will be leaving behind.

    I’d miss Kang Ji Wook and Yeon Jae together.

    With their love that’s formidable and so strong and that chemistry so combustible that no one can contest that no other two people belong more together and is more deserving of a life lived that ends in happily ever after.

    But most of all, I will be missing seeing my OTP Kim Sun ah and Lee Dong Wook, together.

    The fact that i long for them week after week after week and the fact that even just a simple gesture from them can make me smile definitely makes the waiting worth it. They have as much chemistry as their onscreen characters and it amazes me to see how they can work with such a heavy storyline and yet the moment the cameras are off, they are always shown to be having fun together and just basically caring for each other.

    Yes, there were moments when this show had hurt me. In more ways than one by the amount of heartbreak and angst and sometimes disappointment that it has brought me. And yet like a lover who makes amends, along with the bitter comes the sweet and when it makes up to me, it makes it up to me in more ways than one.

    Saying goodbye had never really been my strongest suit.

    I’ve known since the beginning that there will come a time that all this has to end but now goodbye seems more imminent than ever.

    I can’t help but feel sad about the things i’ve mentioned above which i will also be leaving behind as this show comes to a close.

    But in my heart i know that like Yeon Jae’s illness, sometimes, goodbyes are also necessary in order for us to grow.

    Though others might laugh at how i am so affected since Scent of A woman is just a drama anyway, it has truly changed me and it has left me with a valuable gift that i would treasure forever…

    The realization that we should live life without regrets and that we should live everyday with the intention of becoming great people not just for our sake but for the sake of others whose lives we’d also touch as well…

    So Thank you Scent of a Woman, Thank You Kang Ji Wook. Thank You Lee Yeonjae.

    For the lessons that you’ve imparted and for making me want to make the most out of my life and for reminding me that everyday is a day that should be lived to the fullest.

    Now, if you guys can just hold me while i cry and sob and undergo therapy once this show is over?

    Group Hug?

    • 44.1 flowerpot

      This is a blog entry that i made last Wednesday to make saying goodbye to this show easier. Just wanted to share to all of my fellow SOAW addicts who have been with me in ranting and raving over this show since it started. Apologies for the mistake in posting as there were some parts i reposted. I hope the message still gets across though. 🙂

    • 44.2 cv

      flowerpot, you won’t be the only with tears when this show is over. *hugs* It won’t won’t be so bad.

      Awsome drama… but I really don’t want yeonjae to die! Noooo!

      Reality check… most likely she will die, but I hope they have after story for je wook and her mom where they live happily even though she’s not there with them. LIfe does go on and I hope the drama shows that also.

      • 44.2.1 saripah_supinah

        i cried bucket of tears when i saw the finale of beautiful life ( jdorama with my beloved kimutaku ) and that is one of my fav drama of all time.But this drama surpass all previous j-and k drama with sad ending that i love ( beautiful life, snow queen). This drama is very heartfelt and warm and beautifully constructed that i love every bit of it. I agree with flowerpot and somehow i wish the last episode would delivers, love to see how the writer end this drama though. Hope SOAW wont disappoint us.. Kyah!!! im so gonna have a marathon of all episodes once this is over…

        oh, and thanks much Javabeans for the amazing recap!!

    • 44.3 mntnh

      Aw flowerpot *hugs*

      You won’t be the only one.


    • 44.4 zsa

      group hug coming your way!!

    • 44.5 maku

      Flowerpot: I Hugzzz You! <3

  45. 45 insignificanti

    flowerpot: thanks
    you have aptly summed up my thoughts and feelings…

  46. 46 TammieR

    I have no courage to face tomorrow’s episode. *sob* *sniff* *sob*

    I think I’ll watch all the other Sunday shows to gather up the courage to face this. It’s times like these I wish my friends knew I was a closet KDrama addict and one of them was too so we could watch it together and cry our eyes out…

    I’m gonna need PTB big time this week to cheer me up!

  47. 47 alodia

    Group hug!

  48. 48 insignificanti

    I am gonna do a KSA drama marathon to ween off SOAW
    even shopping does not help fill the void i am experiencing in my heart…

  49. 49 Joy

    Can I just say though there were many a wonderful and powerful scenes in this episode, the most memorable has to be the one where Eun Seok and Ji Wook stared at Yeon Jae while she was talking to Veronica. It definitely shows just how much one woman has transformed the lives and mindset of two men and really drove home the point of this drama. Teacher Kim was pretty freaking awesome too at managing to say only the most perfect things at all the right moments; I loved the line where he said he could be that additional person to love and treasure Yeon Jae. But of course, how can you talk about all of the above without mentioning MOM? If only Korean drama’s Moms are like that then the world would be a better place (though of course there will be no conflict and therefore no drama, harrumph). I have to go shut up now and call my mom, because I know I will be an utterly incoherent slobbery wet mess by tomorrow.

    • 49.1 yumi

      That moment of both men watching Yeon-Jae was beautifully framed and beautiful shot.

      I kept wanting both to be in focus at the same time, yet the switching focus between them seemed appropriate.

      At the moment they were watching Yeon-Jae tching was so happy, beautiful, and full of life it’s impossible to imagine the world without her.

      • 49.1.1 mntnh

        Joy and Yumi,


        That scene was so bittersweet. Perhaps more sweet than bitter, but I can’t help gasping, along with the two men, that Yeon Jae at that moment looked truly beautiful. In fact I felt YJ looked absolutely her radiant best in this episode, you just can’t believe that she’s going to leave soon.

        *sobs again*

        This show is so beautiful.

  50. 50 ck1Oz

    Thank you I was waiting for the recap.

    This drama is wrecking my heart because I make it a point to avoid sad dramas.My heart’s in pain for the last couple of week.

    Beautiful episodes beautiful moments.We have all been the recipients of god-awful ending episodes.I am happy beyond relief that the writing,directing and acting has been consistent all series.

    Dear writer-I hope you give a good ending ( I am not expecting a miracle),please don’t cop out to insane public pleas.

    OH MAN even tissues won’t work tonight.Need to hide myself somewhere to watch ep 16.

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