Sigh. When will the parade of IV drips and killer schedules stop in dramaland? Actress Song Ji-hyo has been in and out of hospitals twice in the last two days, because of complications arising from an allergic reaction to her IV. (Because apparently, actors using IVs to handle their drama schedules is considered okie dokie and par for the course, as we’ve sadly seen before.)

She managed to get through the rest of her shoots for the week on her current MBC drama Kye Baek, but had to pull out of Running Man shoots due to exhaustion, landing her right back in the hospital. Now her reps are saying that they plan to officially request schedule cutbacks from the Kye Baek production team.

I’m just hazarding a guess, but the reason they’d go through official channels is because they’ve tried to ask nicely and failed. Hence, IVs and hospitals. For instance, she returned to set on the 17th after her first trip to the hospital, to be met with another two days of all-night shoots, lasting till the 19th. She was then supposed to go straight into shooting Running Man, but ended up back in the hospital instead. Because who on earth WOULDN’T collapse on that schedule?

It’s sadly all too common an occurrence for actors to collapse from being overworked on drama sets, but on the heels of Han Ye-seul and her breakdown from exhaustion, it seems to point to increasingly problematic on-set working conditions that continue to go ignored. Live shoot dramas constantly suffer casualties from accidents, natural disasters, and unhealthy working conditions, while actors who don’t rush out of the hospital to go back to all-night shoots are considered lazy or irresponsible. It’s becoming ridiculous.

What’s it gonna take for a real wake-up call, dramaland? Something worse? Because if anything else happens to our beloved Miss Mung, we’re gonna have words. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, and for some much-needed changes ’round these parts.

Via Sports Chosun, Star News,