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The Musical: Episode 3
by | September 23, 2011 | 89 Comments

And the cute continues! And by “cute” I really mean Daniel Choi. Is it so much to ask for a refreshing and frank conversation about everyone’s relationships with everyone early in the series? Before people can start misunderstanding other people, and drive each other mad with assumptions.

Park Ki Woong – thanks for not being an ass throughout this episode. No really, I mean it.


“You Sing” by 길구봉구 from The Musical OST [download]

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In the darkness of her home, Eun Bi looks sadly at a family portrait of her, her grandmother, and her father. Her decision of letting them down also reminds her of Jae Hee’s kiss, and she quickly shakes her head away. Must! Wake! Early! And deliver milk.

At one of her stops, Jae Hee finds her, and they wave at each other awkwardly.

Breakfast time! – with Jae Hee serving up pancakes with whipped cream for her. (Danggit – I want that!) She swears that she’s going to go for training later that day, but Jae Hee knows she’s still feeling awkward after the kiss: “It can’t be your first kiss at 23.” She spits out her water, but Jae Hee blocks it with a napkin in front of her mouth first. He tells her to think of it as a smooch between middle school sweethearts; cue awkward laugh.

She brushes the kiss off as a mere greeting, and Jae Hee bows his head – he doesn’t just kiss anyone, much less just as a greeting, because he’s not that easy. But the kiss was his way of cheering and encouraging her on. With that explanation, hopefully the two can just move past it without any further awkward “Hahas.”

Yoo Jin meets with a musical director who appears to have embezzled funds from him. A lot of money went out, but no musical came out as a result to recoup the losses. He threatens the director to fess up, but the director has no fear. After all, can Yoo Jin prove that he was the one who spent all that money? He had gotten the funds from the previous Yoo – Yoo Jae Joon (who is not Yoo Jin’s brother, but his older cousin).

Jae Hee meets with Gu Jak to convince him to hire Eun Bi as an actress. Gu Jak is adamantly against it – he doesn’t even know this girl! She may not even be hot! But in the face of Eun Bi, he quietly says hi – it’s the only way to get Jae Hee to write songs for his musical.

Private training session begins. Jae Hee hands Eun Bi a vocal score for the theme song. It’s about the lead actress singing about the love that got away. It’s the first run for the song, but it’s enough to get Jae Hee’s heart racing. He grabs her hand and makes him feel his chest – he hasn’t been excited or stirred up by a song for a long time.

Eun Bi awkwardly pulls away. (I think that’s her “thing” for the episode – be AWKWARD.) Just then, Kang Hee waltzes into the room, since Jae Hee’s front door was open. I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow knew his key code. Eun Bi is stutters excitedly at seeing her biggest idol before her, but Kang Hee asks for her to leave so that she can speak with Jae Hee. Eun Bi is only willing to do so.

After some wine, Kang Hee wants Jae Hee to come back to the musical world with her instead, rather than giving it to Eun Bi and going through that musical competition. But Jae Hee doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore; it’s too loaded with meaning if people find out that the two of them are collaborating again. A glimpse in their history shows that Kang Hee and Jae Hee were lovers, before and after she got engaged to Sang Won. They loved each other passionately, but he left because things got much too complicated. No matter how lustily she comes after him now, he wants to move on and be free of any association with her.

At the Yoo Mansion, Jae Joon whines to his father that his embezzling might be found out and laid before the Musical Fund’s board of directors. He wants to cover it up, but his father tells him to shut his trap because Jae Joon is an idiot. When Yoo Jin arrives, the uncle tells him that Jae Joon made “mistakes” early on, and the best way to deal with it is if Yoo Jin accepts the blame and just salvage that fund. According to the uncle, it’s better to help save the face of the predecessors and move on, than to put the blame on the rightful person that deserves it.

So Yoo Jin goes into the meeting amid hostile glares. To explain for the large amounts of money gone from the budget, Yoo Jin says that he invested in the “potential” of the companies to create more musical productions. However his language raises the others’ suspicions; they know Yoo Jin wouldn’t invest like this and so what is he trying to cover up for his family? Yoo Jin promises that the musical competition they’re investing 10 million in will recoup the losses of 50 million. Sounds impossible – but Yoo Jin will make it happen.

That evening, Jae Hee and Eun Bi walk home after dinner with the rest of the company. Eun Bi doesn’t want to practice at his home anymore, finding it a bit uncomfortable with guests coming and all. Jae Hee says point blank that Kang Hee used to be a special person but she isn’t anymore. Therefore, Eun Bi should just forget about it. But she has another excuse – she must consider Bok Ja’s feelings! And with an awkward, earnest laugh, she dashes away. Jae Hee smirks to himself – he must have her all hot and bothered to have caused her to say all this. Arrogant much? Hee.

Eun Bi’s friend Kwang Suh arrives back in Seoul carrying a box full of food from her grandmother. He promises to drop it off at her home since she’s at her part time job, and she warns him about her house guest – but he hangs out before she can tell him more. “Warn” probably wouldn’t have been sufficient to describe the force of Bok Ja – because she starts inspecting the contents of the box. Next thing you know, she’s eating all the fruits from Granny, all in the name of “We live together, so we share everything!” Kwang Suh watches helplessly. (He looks like a young Kim Min Jong too!)

As for Eun Bi’s part time job, she helps out one of her sunbaes, who’s now a coroner, by cleaning the bodies before they do an autopsy. It’s actually illegal, and both could get fired, but it’s not the first time they’ve done this.

And guess who picks her up after work? Yup – Jae Hee. I swear, he must have an Eun Bi antenna or something, always showing up where she is.

They go to Han River for a serious conversation – he’s willing to give her a loan, as long as she stops taking on part time jobs that interfere with her training. He is also insanely grossed out by the fact that she washed the dead bodies with her hands. Aw. Wuss.

Eun Bi rejects his offer. She’s just trying to make a living, and she has an able body. It’s not like she’s in desperate need or anything, so she has no need for a loan. Also – she has her pride to protect.

One evening, Ra Kyung goes over to Yoo Mansion, where she has dinner with the whole family. Jae Joon “good-naturedly” insults Ra Kyung by saying that she has everything to lose by not marrying Yoo Jin. (Dude lacks TACT; someone SMACK him.) And then Uncle says that Yoo Jin should get married since he’s not contributing in any other way. (OK – now I know where Jae Joon gets his bad manners from…)

With restrained anger, Yoo Jin comments that Jae Joon should have gone to the conference and defended himself; it made Yoo Jin look bad to make “excuses” for his cousin. However, Jae Joon laughs it off, saying that Yoo Jin was the one so eager to take over the fund. Grandfather sits in silence, reading his book, ignoring Uncle and Jae Joon dissing his favored grandson.

Now in the countryside, Yoo Jin’s mother (yes – not stepmother, but mother with memory loss), casually tells the father to go back to the family business. Father thinks that she’s regaining some of her memories, but it’s actually just her regressing back to when they were first married, and he had left the family business to be a painter for her. Mother looks at a photo of her, Father, and a young Yoo Jin fondly… She simply doesn’t recognize the older Jin.

Later, Yoo Jin explains to Ra Kyung that his Uncle hates him and his father. His father was always better than Uncle, and Grandfather never acknowledged Uncle. When his father left everything behind to paint, Uncle finally managed to gain the upper hand in the family.

It’s the day of the auditions for the various musical companies! Gu Jak tells everyone not to be nervous, but it’s clearly HIM who’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Each musical company does an ensemble piece (with choreography) and a solo from the lead actress. For Gu Jak’s musical “Chungdamdong’s Gumiho,” the ensemble piece has all the men dancing around Bok Ja, and it’s a ridiculous, comedic little piece. It actually brings a smile to Yoo Jin’s face.

Bok Ja ends the song on an ear-splitting shriek. Um – really, she’s not out of tune?!

Then it’s time for Eun Bi to go up with her solo. Yoo Jin, Sang Won, and Kang Hee all slowly recognize her. Speech bubble above the boys’ heads: “What. Is. She. Doing. Here…?!?!?!?!” Speech bubble above Kang Hee’s head: “(Insert Evil Laugh)”. Gu Jak explains to the judges that Eun Bi is a young woman who falls in love for the first time, and then sings this song professing her love for the man.

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Yoo Jin is entranced. Kang Hee is amused, but in the arrogant sense. Eun Bi has given the performance of her life with her pure, clear voice. It’s set at a lower key than usual for female musical singers, which Kang Hee points out. She has the pianist raise the key a couple of times, belts out a few of the lines (show off), and then challenges Eun Bi to sing it at a higher note. After all, Eun Bi must be able to sing that high if she is to be a musical actress. What. A. Bitch. (Excuse my French.)

Eun Bi doesn’t back down, and she sings it at that higher key. Suffice to say, it’s terrible, and her voice cracks because she can’t hit the high notes. She becomes the laughingstock and embarrassment of the room. Kang Hee says it’s impossible to sponsor a song if it’s been made specifically for Eun Bi, because there is no way they plan on hiring such an “untalented” actress. Only, Yoo Jin is unfazed. He sees past this, and is still intrigued by her. And by the mysterious composer of this song.

Kang Hee takes a ten minute break from being a biatch and storms into the office, followed by Sang Won and Yoo Jin. Eun Bi chases after them; she wants Kang Hee’s autograph. Even though she was just insulted and embarrassed by everyone, she wants Kang Hee’s autograph. Yoo Jin has the grace to not even look down on her, and lets her into the office.

Despite what Kang Hee had said, Eun Bi cannot deny that Kang Hee’s biography didn’t have an impact on her. She was inspired about it, and dreamed of being in musicals because of it. All she ever wanted was to get an autograph from the person she idolized the most, and had hoped to leave a good impression with. Her tearful confession moves Kang Hee enough to sign the book.

Yoo Jin watches Eun Bi stumble out and sit on the stairs, despondently looking at the book. Ra Kyung happens upon Eun Bi as she’s going up to the auditorium, and asks if she’s alright. Eun Bi: “I sang happily in front of the person I respect the most.” Hmm – I like that she meets Ra Kyung on good terms.

That evening, Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung review the DVD of the entire audition process. He only wants to watch the 7th group – which means, Eun Bi. Ra Kyung watches Yoo Jin watch Eun Bi with intense concentration.

Yoo Jin can visualize the entire musical with Eun Bi’s song, and informs Sang Won and Kang Hee that he wants to invest completely in Gu Jak’s company. However, he wants to know who the composer is first. Kang Hee smirks – Yoo Jin might not like it if he finds out that the writer is none other than Jae Hee.

Jae Hee visits Eun Bi at her autopsy workplace, insisting that Eun Bi did well and that he wrote the song specifically for her, and no one else. She should henceforth ignore Kang Hee’s nasty comments. Eun Bi wants him to make the song more accessible for any actress to sing because that way, the song and the musical can get sponsored.

Gu Jak calls up Jae Hee right then, and informs him that Yoo Jin wants to co-produce the entire production. Yoo Jin’s one condition is that Jae Hee write all of the songs – ill-feelings aside.

So Jae Hee storms into Yoo Jin’s office. What does he want?


I got a taste of everything in this episode – music, dancing, history, character development, relationships, and more awkward laughs than I could have cared for. Plus – Jae Hee is a pretty direct guy, so he tries to minimize misunderstandings as soon as they pop up! Woohoo! One less drama to deal with.

I am not a musical person, being tone-deaf and opting to “scream nicely” all karaoke songs, so I find it interesting that Gu Hye Sun’s voice is kind of high, but of low pitch. She has definitely improved since the last two episodes, which makes me excited for what’s to come. On top of that, Yoo Jin is interested in her (as an actress) and the song. He looked down on her in episode one, thinking she was completely untalented, but now she just totally blew him away. At least he’s not a one-dimensional character where he’ll start of hating a person and continue hating them. He changes, and shifts to see what is most advantageous for him. While I still think he can be manipulative, I hope he uses it to bring down his Uncle and Jae Joon.

Kang Hee is also such a rich character. At the end of the day, Kang Hee tried to sing Jae Hee’s song for herself at a higher key, but it didn’t sound right. Way back when, Jae Hee had promised to compose a song that would be for Kang Hee alone, and become so iconic it would be synonymous with her name. I’m guessing she’s just jealous that he’s now done the same for Eun Bi. As Jae Hee noted, Kang Hee is a selfish person, and so I find her a compelling antagonist. I do believe that she is aware of Eun Bi’s talents, but is just in denial of them.

I don’t want to comment too much on Gu Hye Sun’s acting, though I saw a lot of comments about it. I have only seen her in Pure 19, and even then I didn’t care much for her (not when you have Suh Ji Suk on the screen!!). I do think that she overdoes the whole awkward-tomboy bit, but right now, I can easily justify it with the fact that she’s just nervous, and that she hasn’t met a guy like Jae Hee before who is so direct about his feelings and so willing to help her (while being her idol at that). She definitely plays “awkward” very well, but after a while, I hope she matures, because I don’t think I want to be rooting for an “awkward, spunky girl” for all 16 episodes.


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  1. Karin

    Yay I’m the first one ! Finally! and im watching the ep now and have been waiting for this post the whole time XD Great recap!!!

  2. swangetz

    Ah! Thanks for the recap. 🙂

    Honestly, I just checked it out because of Daniel Choi. But for some odd reason, I’m really starting to like it. Something about it is pulling me in… Well, Daniel Choi, is one thing. :)) But I think there’s more to it.

    Gu Hye-sun’s acting improved (a LOT, I think, compared to BBF), and I actually think she’s a lot prettier now.

    I’m not really 100% into it yet. So, let’s just hope the rest of the drama doesn’t disappoint.

    • 2.1 getoba

      Gu hye sun is not prettier. Gu hye sun is always pretty. In BOF it’s the Hair cut and the make up who was horrible.

      • 2.1.1 swangetz

        I didn’t mean to imply that she looked horrible in BOF. It’s just that she’s a lot prettier now than before. Again, IMHO.

        Wouldn’t you want to her to look prettier every time you see her? Catch my drift?

        Seriously, don’t take it to heart.

      • 2.1.2 ajewell

        I can’t disagree with you more, lol. I’m sorry, but she looks hideous. Short-hair does NOT suit her. Of course, if you think she looks pretty, more power to you… but luckily, we’re ALL entitled to our individual opinion. Personally, I’m holding out hope for a future makeover – she needs one terribly.

        • swangetz

          Yah, they really need to do something about her hairstyle. I wonder what style will look good on her…

        • MJ

          If you do not like the Koo Hye Sun’s character Jan Di dress and hairstyle in the drama BOF the blame goes to the production designer of BOF.

          If you do not like the Koo Hye Sun’s character Go Eun Bi dress and hairstyle in the drama The Musical the blame goes to the production designer there too.

          Note: In film and television, a production designer is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV programs, music videos or adverts. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.

          The production designer guides key staff in other departments such as the costume designer, the key hair and make-up stylists, the special effects director and the locations manager (among others) to establish a unified visual appearance to these two drama.

          • ajewell

            I never said it was the character. I’m pretttty sure I said it was Gu Hye Sun. I do realize that she’s not solely to blame (something I pointed out in another *relevant* post), but regardless, beauty is subjective, so not all of us are going to find her pretty. Knowing it wasn’t her idea to cut her hair doesn’t change what I see when I look at her. If she got a Mohawk, I bet people would still get defensive: “That look really flatters her – it brings out her eyes!”

            So no. There have been other actresses out there with similar haircuts, and they don’t look half bad – I just don’t think GHS is one of them. So for me, it’s a simple equation:

            GHS + Long hair = pretty
            GHS + Short hair = not so much

            As always, people are free to disagree. But it’s personal opinion, and one that can’t be debated or changed. If you think she’s pretty because the short haircut wasn’t her fault, then good for you. 😉

        • MJ


          You quoted: “I’m pretttty sure I said it was Gu Hye Sun.”

          Well here are other selling of her name.

          Ku Hye Sun (Korean: 구혜선, born November 9, 1984) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her role as Geum Jan Di in the hit TV show Boys Over Flowers.

          Her Other names: Ku Hye-Sun, Koo Hye Sun (Gu Hye Seon), Goo Hye Sun, Koo Hye Seon.

          Chinese name: 具惠善 / Ju Hui Shan


          • ajewell

            haha, umm… okay. I used the spelling the original poster I was responding to used (getoba), but yeah, it can be spelled other ways.

            By any chance do you frequent reddit? Because you remind me of one of those people with odd, novelty accounts who just start spouting out random facts for the fun of it. LOL.

  3. seattlebabe

    GHS acting reminds me of Coffee Prince lead actress YEH-perhaps the drama wants to show how she will blossom eventually and with the attention she will be getting from two guys.

    Its incredible how GHS can be a musical material given the range of her voice unless there are more hidden talent there . I’ve heard her sing in BOF and that’s it for me .

    I’m more fascinated with Daniel Choi -who I’m watching for the first time. I think he will not disappoint me .

    As for the story,character development ,pacing -looks promising to me though kinda familiar trope .

    • 3.1 ajewell

      Actually, I think that’s what’s bothering me about her character, and the way she’s being acted.

      In the very beginning, before she cut her hair and started physically looking like a boy, I didn’t get the “tomboy vibe” at all – if anything, I thought her character was embracing the “feisty dedicated dreamer” persona. But then the hair-cut from hell happened, and it’s like she had an identity crisis! Rather than embracing the traits that were supposed to make her Go Eun Bi, she’s slowly becoming a Go Eun Chan clone, which I really don’t like.

      In fact, I’m still not sure how she went from a promising young med student to a cross-dressing tomboy – especially since the dream she’s pursuing is a very competitive one, so you’d think she’d put a little thought and effort into her appearance. Particularly since beauty is so important in Korean Entertainment, and an androgynous female lead feels very out of place in this type of storyline.

      So, on one hand, though I’m not blown away by GHS’s portrayal of the character, I think the stylist and director share some of the blame as well. I mean, yes, the underdog motif is an important one, but appearances aren’t exactly a huge hurdle if there’s talent involved – so if anything, it just makes her personality shift feel pointless and forced. She dresses, acts, and looks like a boy because it’s a popular drama fad – not because it’s important to her character or the plot (the fact that she auditioned as a boy was to show her desperation, not to showcase how masculine she was; she could’ve just as easily worn a wig or a hat to hide her long hair).

      So to me, it feels like they’re channeling Coffee Prince and You’re Beautiful when they should be channeling Dream High, Fame, and You’ve Fallen For Me…

      • 3.1.1 asianromance

        GHS isn’t a bad actress but it really does seem like she has lost her way during BOF and is only just recovering, but slowly. Her Eun Bi does remind me a lot of Eun-chan in the way she acts and I can’t help but think “she’ll be perfect for a cross-dressing drama” or some Coffee Prince spin-off and then remember “oh wait…this ISN’T a cross-dressing drama. This drama is about a girl who is pursuing her dream of being in a musical.”

        At least GHS and Daniel Choi are adorable together!!

        thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

  4. howforwardsale

    The chemistry btwn Kang Hee and Jae Hee is pretty convincing…how will Eun Bi be able to top that?

    • 4.1 swangetz

      I don’t really like the Kang Hee and Jae Hee tandem, because I think she looks really old, but the chemistry is just… so… right! Haha!

  5. getoba

    “She definitely plays “awkward” very well, but after a while, I hope she matures, because I don’t think I want to be rooting for an “awkward, spunky girl” for all 16 episodes”
    said kaedejun.

    kaedejun drama is not a video game or a story written by you. I’m tired with people who always want the personality of character changed because they don’t like it. Gu hye sun character in this drama is very cute and interesting, she ‘s brave and nice. She work hard to succeed. I don’t want she became another person. You dont said that you want change in daniel choi character. why gu hye sun?

    • 5.1 swangetz

      It’s kaedejun’s personal opinion. Chill.

      I also want to see her grow. If she won’t, then what’s the point of her quitting school and pursuing her dream and all? IMHO.

    • 5.2 notevenfunny

      Uh, no need to take kaedejun’s review personally ._____.

      Of course kaedejun only made that comment out of his/her personal opinion. It doesn’t have to mean anything–I’m pretty sure kaedejun’s comment about GHS’s character doesn’t mean s/he automatically dislikes her character or the plot for that matter.

      No need to tell kaedejun s/he’s not the scriptwriter/director/producer/whatever so s/he has no right to voice out his/her opinions out loud.

    • 5.3 hyesun4lyf

      First of, thank you, kaedejun, for the recaps. I’m a GHS fan and I really appreciate your choice of drama to recap/review. I agree with you re the “awkward” acting. I really hope that future eps will turn GHS’ character into a more graceful and mature one. Even as a loyal fan, it makes me cringe during those moments. I’ve just watched the Ep 4, raw, and it has less of those awkward acting, tho’ I agree, she really does play it well.

    • 5.4 Bluefyre

      I don’t think it’s that heavy of a criticism at all. In fact, it makes a lot of sense. Daniel Choi’s character is doing fine at the moment of the story, Gu Hye Sun’s is getting iffy. Kaedejun is stating fact as well as her personal opinion. Take it or leave it. This is a recap written by a k-drama lover like everyone in here, not a Gu Hye Sun-particular fan. you don’t have to be so mean about it, @getoba
      >___< yeesh.

    • 5.5 Cynthia

      Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun.

      As for the comment posted by [email protected] her critique on the recap – my problem with GHS is the fact that she doesn’t change her approach to a character in any role she undertakes.
      Compare her role in BOF to TM and they’re IDENTICAL – and that’s not a good thing. It’s well known here how much GHS irritates the heck out of me with her one-trick over-the-top acting.
      That being said, I’m watching ep. 3 and her “crushed-by-her-idol” stairway scene begins and I’m thinking, “Finally! Some honest-to-God good acting by GHS is going on here!”
      I’m seriously pleased at what I’ve just seen from her, she gets up to end her scene and proceeds to go RIGHT BACK into her usual head-shaking, finger-combing, eye-rolling, stumbling down the stair, typical reaction to every scene she’s in!
      I just wanted to break through that third wall and reach into my screen to shake her silly! THIS is the stuff that drives me bananas about her.
      The Musical is a terrific production. Daniel Choi shines! I’m just hoping GHS ups her handling of her character, and soon.

      • 5.5.1 ...

        i completely agree with you. from the dramas i’ve seen her in, it seems like she’s only got one mode of acting which is ott awkward, but for me the worst thing is, she doesn’t even do the awkward that well… i sincerely hope she improves in this drama, but to cut myself annoyance and angst, i really don’t want to watch anything with her in it. even my love for daniel choi won’t sway me…

    • 5.6 kaedejun

      Hi @getoba!

      Just wanted to point out a site that you may find interesting: http://www.thewritersjourney.com/hero%27s_journey.htm

      It explains the Hero’s Journey, which is a writing narrative that is the basis of most works of literature, films, plays, etc. I would explain how each step of the Hero’s Journey would apply to this drama (or any drama for that matter) but it would make it this comment too long.

      Suffice to say, do check out the diagram for “Hero’s Inner Journey” and the need for the hero to “change.”

      Hope that clarifies why I want Gu Hye Sun – or Eun Bi for that matter – to change. Thanks!

      • 5.6.1 getoba

        Thank you for the link kaedejun but i already know joseph campbell (george lucas use it a lot to create star wars trilogy). I am director and scriptwriter in france. I don’t talk of the journey of the character of guhye sun, her journey to succeed in the world of musical. I don’t speak of matury who is always a good thing. I talk of the personnality of the character. If the character is nervous or funny or spunky or awkward i don’t want he beacame another person like he became not funny or not nervous but suddenly very cold. I liked the three first episode because of the personalaty of Go eun bin. If Go eun bin had a another personality is not the same drama, it’s not the same vibes. I want go eun bi become mature but not change personality. I want her awkward not normal. It’s the problem with female fan of drama, they always want the female character have their personality. If the female character is not strong or not nice or not independant or not intelligent or not normal like them it’s not a good character. a exemple is the character of jun so min in playfull kiss. We the men we accept the character created by the scripwriter and the actress. Excuse for my bad english.

        • ajewell

          It has nothing to do with females wanting feminine characters to adopt their personalities – if we wanted that, we’d be supporting Mary Sues and cardboard cut-outs, not interesting well-rounded characters. Our criticism of GHS is that her character is ridiculously naive, and is no where near on par with Kang Hee or Jae Hee, especially in terms of maturity, talent, and life experience (I won’t even address the obvious differences in their acting abilities).

          As the “hero” of this drama, it’s not unusual for us to want more for her character. We WANT her to grow and develop outside of awkward and spunky – to learn to stand up for herself when she’s being unjustly humiliated, and to stop acting like a doormat, willing and grateful to be stepped upon. And we want the acting to reflect that. That’s not sacrificing personality, it’s character development. As a director/writer in France, perhaps you’ve heard of it?

          That’s not to say we don’t want the same for Daniel Choi’s character, or anyone else – clearly, we want him to grow to love Musicals again, and learn to separate it from his destructive relationship with Kang Hee. And DEFINITELY we want Kang Hee not to be a bitter, vindictive, selfish witch. Characters change. That’s what makes dramas, books, and plays so fascinating to watch and read. But gender has nothing to do with it. I’m sure there are many male fans out there who feel the exact same way.

          If anything, I think it’s a shame that you want her personality to remain stagnant. That’s not doing Go Eun Bi, or her dream, any favors. All its doing is allowing fan-love to blind you to a character’s flaws – which isn’t doing you any favors in the long run either.

        • Danna

          There’s this thing called character growth and it applies to fictional characters as well as real life people and I think that’s what kaedejun is talking about and I agree with her..and as a woman its not just female characters that I wish could do this but male characters as well

        • Cynthia

          Well, you had my interest until I came upon this sentence from you: “It’s the problem with female fan of drama, they always want the female character have their personality.”

          Misogynist, much?

          If you are a “director/writer”, what in the world would possess you to issue such a dismissive and denigrating statement?! Particularly in a forum comprised of 99.9% women who love to critique drama using wit and intelligence and book no nonsense for a statement like that.

          • getoba

            Don’t worry it’s not misoginy it’s just a thing i seen in soompi and dramabeans. My two sisters wo make me enter in drama do the same things. They always the female character act in a situation like them. For exemple a lot people is upset about the way ku hye sun dressed and her hair in the drama. It’s the character in the drama not you. They dislike the character because of that, why?… Kaedejun said that ku hye sun play well the ankward… but she said also that she will start to dislike the character if she continue… why?… It’s a bad character who kill poeple…No… go eun bi is nice brave… work hard… follow her dream… i don’t understand… actually kaedejun wnt she became normal… why?… Jack sparrow is ankward i don’t want he change… the female character in protect the boss is ankward also…im ok for maturity… but i like she messed her hair and smile ankward if she is embarassed.

          • ajewell

            @getoba Again, most of our complaints about her looks are character related, not because we’re stupid, shallow girls, complaining, “oh-my-gosh-she-doesn’t-look-like-a-princess.” Even if I don’t find an actress particularly pretty, it doesn’t affect my love for the character if she’s likeable and relatable enough (and no, I’m not referring to gender-bias here; I’m talking about relating to a character who has dreams and goals).

            If anything, I think you’re being way too complacent; it’s like you’re incapable of seeing flaws in the character, either because you’re a rabid fan of GHS and believe she can do no wrong, or you’re too personally invested in the character and can’t view her objectively. It’s fine if you like her, of course, but you’re not going to change any of our minds because it’s our own personal opinion.

            And I doubt Kaedejun has a problem with awkward characters. Her main complaint (and many others) is that GHS just isn’t good at portraying that particular character-trope. Drama, she does wonderfully, but awkward and spunky, not so much. Again, that’s personal opinion, and one you’re free to disagree with… just be civil about it.

  6. Birdie

    The story got more interesting in Episode 3. The pacing and balance in the drama continue to be good.The breakfast scene is one of the better awkward straightforward scene (after the kiss) in dramas that I had seen. GHS is so pretty there. Good acting from all the cast so far-suit the characters they are playing.There is an innocence to GEB character which I find cute and charming, although there is a little too much head-shaking and hair-messing. But I think it is as written , a little comic-like because the writer has just put out the comic version of the MU.I look forward to GEB growth into a musical actor.

    The music is great. Does anyone know the name of the A cappella group? Have they done other songs?

    Thank you,Kaedejun for recapping this enjoyable,very likeable drama.

    • 6.1 Birthday Girl

      Agreed. Good episode. Good female lead. Good characters.

  7. Michelle

    I’ve been reading reviews for this show and I’m starting to think that I might actually like it. Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend when I have some time off of work.

    Thanks for the recaps, the comments always make my day and it’s nice to see someone else’s take on shows. Mainly because I usually miss something when watching k-dramas…but yea, thanks again!

  8. Cham

    I love,love, love this drama I hope it doesn’t disappoint me I’m kind of rooting for Kang Hee and Jae Hee even though she’s a bitch of the highest order, I think their relationship is more interesting than with KHS. Hopefully they’ll address Choi’s whole musical writing=love thing, because it doesn’t quite sit right with me that he’s doing the exact same thing but with a new girl. He gets a 10/10 for kissing though, that was the highlight of the episode from me :).

    I really hope that KHS singing improves, in BBF she had a pretty voice but it wasn’t really musical standard – so if this drama is headed towards a sing off for main actress she’s going down. (I also secretly want an episode where they actually show the musical (that’s what Oh my Lady lacked)).

  9. Noelle

    AGREE! I get the awkward now but later it would be pointless. It wouldn’t make sense either. So I got my fingers crossed that GHS can show that character growth convincingly.

  10. 10 come2noona

    Thanks for the recap!

    Several times during this episode I really wished I could reach through my screen to slap Kang Hee.

    GHS is growing on me a bit. Now if she would only stop messing up her hair and hitting her own head.

    Daniel Choi… too cute…*sigh*

  11. 11 charlene

    just searching for who could possibly recap this… AND THERE YOU ARE! right at the dot! Thanks.

    i hope you won’t drop it.

    The Musical inspires!

    • 11.1 Bluefyre

      Yes it does! You hit it right at the dot too ^^

      INSPIRING is the word 🙂

  12. 12 Biscuit

    More than being awkward, I can’t feel the chemistry between the leads.

    For some reason, I feel like GHY comes off like a boy. I can’t see her as a lesbian, but at the same time, I don’t see her interested in guys :/

    It’s like, every time she does her awkward smile and hair ruffling, I’m like “Is she flirting or just embarrassed cuz she’s not that interested in him……….”

    It’s not about character growth or anything. That’s when a person goes from point A and matures into point B. The awkward smiles and hair ruffling is just part of her personality that I think was a result of how GHY wanted to act as Eunbi and will stick to the end :/

    The plot isn’t that interesting, imo, but Daniel Choi is what’s sucking me in O___________O
    I’ve become a fan. *MINE*

  13. 13 cille

    “I have only seen her in Pure 19, and even then I didn’t care much for her (not when you have Suh Ji Suk on the screen!!).” << i never knew anyone else felt the exact same way as me, until now. THANK U kaedejun!

    also.. thank you for the awesome recap. i'm totally in love with "the musical", not because i am a bit musically inclined – but because the characters have many layers to them from the get-go… i must've watched ep3 like once a day since it came out last week and i'm still super psyched about it!!

    can't wait to read your recap on ep4!

  14. 14 AprilTenFan

    I was looking forward to (but also dreading) this episode because of the Jae Hee/Eun Bi kiss at the end of episode 2. I loved Jae Hee’s direct confrontation of the awkwardness. Well (and oh-so-rarely) done!

    I am more than a little interested in this drama because I love musical theater and have a mild, fangirl obsession with Daniel Choi. I can’t stop grinning at this combination of two things I love brought beautifully together.

    While I agree that there was some hot chemistry between Jae Hee and Kang Hee in the flashback scene, I could feel my anxiety rising as I watched Jae Hee try to deal with his conflicted emotions. (Great job, Daniel Choi!)

    I think Jae Hee might be throwing himself into his attraction for Eun Bi as a way to escape and finally get rid off his feelings for Kang Hee. Unfortunately, I don’t think Eun Bi is the woman who can get him over Kang Hee. At least, not yet. I have high hopes for their future because Kang Hee is going to have to do a lot of growing as a human being to get me to root for a Kang Hee/ Jae Hee pairing.

    Love this show! kaedejun – Thanks for taking the time and energy to recap it for us.

    • 14.1 Cham

      Agree – I defo think he’s going to relapse for an episode and fall for Kang Hee’s charms

  15. 15 pilambdatheta

    We will continue to the growth of ‘Go Eun Bi’ character like that of ‘Go Eun Chan’ and so many others before. One of the greatest things about drama is that there is time to let things out by littles as is the case with the character of Eun-bi and all others, of course.

    I’ve enjoyed seeing Goo Hye Sun on screen since (for me) her ‘tor de force’ as Gukwha in ‘Pure in Heart.’ If you weren’t entirely charmed by her in that one, it probably won’t be happening anytime soon. It was a character and a performance seemingly made for and made by this particular actress much like ‘Shin Miri’ or ‘Kim Samsoon’ were made for and made by Kim Suna. If you don’t tie your horses to the person or personage playing the focal role, the intent of the writers, director and players is lost to you. My genaral approach is to side with the “good guys” (lead actor/actress), rooting passionately for them until the conclusion while nearly despising and sometimes hating all others interupting them on their path to happiness. As is always the case though, the “bad guys” (usually the second leads), are tormented in some way that helps to explain their antisocial devience, or (most importantly 😉 ), are just too pretty to hate. We can expect to see a similar course run here. It doesn’t bother me in the least that there are very few known formulas in use and that we can immediately recognize which one is to be employed the instant that it rears it’s pretty little head. Such is K-drama. Pick the one that has the players who appeal to you the most and pick up more and more with each new venture.

    My first and favorite player has been Goo Hye Sun from drama discovery day one. I am thankful to spend time with her once again and am enjoying her work in ‘The Musical.’ It would be to see her bowl people over, win a bunch of awards, become a bigger and bigger star, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter to me or a good many of her fans. I get a smile on my face just seeing her at work and am looking forward the the array of projects that she has on the burner forlater this year. The fact that this drama is keeper doesn’t hurt either. May the rest of it’s ride fulfill the promise of these opening episodes.

  16. 16 earthprincess

    Great recap, kaedejun! With you there regarding Hye Sun’s awkwardness… Can’t wait for Episode 4!!

  17. 17 midori

    Thanks for the update! Who sings this song? I’m hoping someone who can read Korean could help…million thanks.

  18. 18 sandrouu21

    i love this drama. Just watched ep 4. why only one ep per week T_T

  19. 19 nhttuwe1rd

    Daniel Choi – sigh. There’s just something about him being “adorkable’ like Yoon Kye Sang as Dr. Yoon Pil Joon!

    Where am I going to meet guys like them?! =P

  20. 20 Ahjumma

    I enjoyed Boys over Flowers because it was entertaining but didn’t care for Koo Hye Sun’s acting. Thought it may be a one time thing. Haven’t seen Pure 19. But things have not changed in this drama. Her acting was ok in the first episode but it went way down for me in episode 3. She looks like she’s trying too hard and losing her way in the process. Thank heavens for Daniel Choi.

  21. 21 isabelle

    Love Daniel Choi , nobody else matters right now.

    his action was good , natural and un-pretentious.

  22. 22 bluebunny

    I don’t care about the negative comments on GHS that I’ve read before.

    Thank you for recapping this drama! It’s really turning out to be good!

  23. 23 Bluefyre

    For myself, the draw is that I see myself in Eun Bi. I resonate very much with the character. I also like Hye Sun’s portrayal of her so far. Granted there are some parts where she really annoys me sometimes (it’s like that itch that you can’t scratch kind of annoyance ^^), but so far I’m OK with her.

    Daniel Choi being there is a true draw for sure of course! Speaking of which, is that really him playing piano or…? I’m not that familiar with his list of accomplishments though I’ve seen lots of dramas with him already.

    Ok Joo Hyun, while doing a really good job with Baek…er, Kang Hee (LOL! Dream High relapse) is really annoying me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because she’s doing a really good job as Kang Hee.

    All the rest. WAY thumbs up. Even annoying Bok Ja. Hahahaha! She’s that stupidly annoying comic relief that’s so bad that you just resign yourself to it 😉

    It was probably the last 20 or so minutes of this episode that really did it for me. I mean, I really felt it. The nervousness for auditions, the performance, that bitter pain during the judging, what Eun Bi did afterwards was just one big OUCH, and then the scene on the stairs–! Ack! Tears!
    I’ll have you know that my eye make up was ruined (watched during lunch hour ^^), and I had to run to the bathroom with my hands covering my face while giggling because it was so good and the tears mixed with the eye products were stinging my eyes!

    Maybe because I went through something similar (though not 80 something failed auditions) that I had that reaction? Was it really that big or were you nonchalant about it for the rest of you? Because it REALLY stirred something in me. The Musical is really something else. I haven’t seen this kind of drama before, from Kdramaland or otherwise (Dream High, while being good as well, was too…juvenile. I need something meatier!). Maybe I should reserve judgment until see What’s Up as well, but so far–The Musical has found an avid follower in me.

    • 23.1 Birdie

      It is good to hear that GEB character and the auditions are realistic and heartfelt for someone like you who are actually involved in musicals as well. I really really like it a lot .

      • 23.1.1 Bluefyre

        Thanks 🙂
        Actually, I’ve only been in 2 large scale-ish musicals as cast member. I’m more of a violinist than a singer so I’ve been more focused on securing playing gigs in orchestras and such, but yeah–
        that latter part hit. me. right. here 😀
        I can’t believe Eun Bi had it in her to still ask for an autograph I thought she was gonna give her a piece of her mind. LOL. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what she would do! Hmm, I think I might rewatch Ep. 3 again (without pesky eye make up this time!) while waiting for Ep. 4.

        This drama sure does speed by doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel long at all. Or maybe that’s just me…

  24. 24 Bluefyre

    Oh yes…HOW could I forget? 😀

    Nomu nomu kamsahmnida kaedejun!
    Love your recaps!
    This one though was especially awesome!
    Keep up the good work and know that you are really appreciated!

    (nomu nomu…lol! Is it coincidence the musical is about a gumiho? 😉 )

  25. 25 Suzi Q

    Loved Daniel Choi in Baby Faced Beauty and High Kick 2. Didn’t know he was musical.

    I can see the chemistry between Jae Hee and Kang Hee,but can’t understand why Jae Hee is attracted to Eun Bi.

    Kang Hee’s singing is very loud and theatrical, while Eun Bi’s is very sweet and emotional. Totally different singing styles is dependent on the musical score the main character is suppose to portray. Kang Hee was just putting down Eun Bi because of jealousy. There’s the interesting love triangle, but the actress who plays Kang Hee is very talented, but appears too old for Daniel Choi.

    Really enjoying the music in this drama.

  26. 26 AuntieMame

    Pretty or not, GHS looks the same here as she did in Strongest Chil-Wo and Boys Over Flower.

    Acts the same, too. The voice trailing off towards the end of the sentence. The quiet slurring of the words to indicate her dutiful,but not totally willing, compliance. Her bravado, albeit false, indicated by her loud shouting.

    These, plus awkward, are her trademarks in all her dramas that I’ve seen.

  27. 27 ais

    Thanks for the recap! I don’t agree about everything u said but I respect your personal opinion. We all have our own opinion and taste, I’m just grateful that you take time to recap this wonderful drama.

    May the cuteness between ghs and dc continue. I’m hoping for a diva makeover 🙂 I soo love The Musical.

  28. 28 sarang

    I find Eun Bi so adorable, maybe even more than Jae Hee *hides*. I cried during that scene where she was asking for the autograph, that was a really bitchy thing for that bitch to do.

  29. 29 rambutan

    Good job, kaedejun! With you there regarding Goh Hye Sun’s “awkwardness”. I just wish Korean dramas demanded less “cuteness” from their female stars. I can tolerate it if the stars are in high school, but in their twenties…

    Daniel Choi is another story. He looks nerdy at first sight, but is utterly cute and SEXY. The twinkle in his eye when he smiles turns my knees to jelly. And thank goodness he is a very credible actor, too.

  30. 30 kdramalover

    Thanks for the recap. Episode 3 had a roller coaster of everything in it. The part that really made me feel for the characters was during the audition. The contrast between GEB and KH is very obvious…what makes it even more interesting for me is how the heck could HJ fall in love with such two different women? GHS’s audition scene was great, KH was wonderful as an evil jealous bitach.

  31. 31 laya

    Mmmmn. The guy playing Yoo Jin is the ex in Love and Marriage and the one chasing after Pyung Gang’s unnee in Invincible Lee Pyung Gang, right? 😀 I think I like him in a more grownup role here.

    Thanks for the recap, now I wanna watch it as well!

  32. 32 luraaa

    Thanks for recapping this series, kaedejun! And I loved you more when you said that you’ve only seen GHS in Pure 19 but not in BOF– at least there wouldn’t be a lot of people who might complain when you criticize GHS if you compare her acting here and in BOF. Because most people loved her acting in Pure 19 than in BoF.

    Anyway, I haven’t started watching this series yet, but I added it on my watch list because your recaps and the plot seems interesting. Well Park Ki-woong was the main reason why I’m gonna watch this series.

    Thanks again!

  33. 33 eunhye05

    I love reading reviews coz since this is a Kdrama some things may be lost in translation and like your recap I get bits of additional info that I otherwise miss while watching. I think this is still my favorite episode to date. There’s really no denying JaeHee and EunBi’s cute chemistry together. Though it’s still a bit awkward I think who have to consider that JaeHee may be her first crush?love? and we’ve all gone through that and know how awkward and juvenile it is in the beginning. 🙂 I think things will get even better as the show progresses. I’m not only rooting for her to grow and blossom into a Musical Actress but also can’t wait to see how she’ll soon be experiencing feelings and love for the first time (how JaeHee and YooJin will fit into that we’ll just have to see). I think GHS does a good job in being endearing and cute even if not everyone appreciates her acting. I seriously love her tomboyish character here. The audition and practice songs were really good. We have to give it to her, she’s really improved and I cant wait to see the final product of it all. I’m hoping though that she’ll blossom in appearance as well. GHS is gorgeous but this show definitely doesnt do her justice.
    I have a feeling Yoo Jin’s story arc will provide an even bigger conflict as we go along. That, plus BaeKangHee’s jealous ex-lover, bitchy Diva portrayal further spices up the mix.

  34. 34 well....

    i really like the drama >< however, it'd be great if i don't have the urge to throw something at Goo Hye Sun whenever she comes up on the screen :/

    • 34.1 well....

      btw, i wish that you could put a DL link to Goo Hye Sun’s song up there 🙁

  35. 35 clumzy

    Thanks for the recap.like this drama.but LOVE Choi Daniel.regarding Ghs.hope someone, the director or anybody could just tell her to STOP with her weird smile and annoying facial expressions..grrr..maybe she should go back to drama school or wherever they train actresses or just ban her from acting again until she’s learned new tricks…don’t ruin this drama for me Ghs

  36. 36 Lady Seoul

    Well said kaedejun, well said! Man, I am loving the series so much! I really hope it keeps up it’s pace. And thank god is the kissing scene w/ the antagonist and the Daniel Choi just the past! I saw a GIF of it in advance I got so worried he would go crawling back to her. But she is married, so I hope they don’t make to much scenes of him and her. That is just completely and utterly WRONG! Anyways, loving both the lead couples they both bring something to the drama. ^O^

  37. 37 Vivi the viewer

    Hi there !

    I deeply respect all your opinions about the way GHS is acting in the same way in BOF and in TM but I think that before criticizing her acting, you should understand the context of her characters:
    – First in BOF, she had to play a 17 or 18 year old girl who has a modest family background and has to accidently study in a school where only the elite and the wealthiest children can afford to go. Therefore, to avoid being bullied by those children, she has to act like a little fighter. And the four guys that became her friends never knew what misery was, so yes she has to be rude with them (especially with Gu Joon Pyo played by the talented LMH). In this context, I think that GHS wanted to portray a mentally strong modest teenager girl (although she was 25 in 2009) who needs to overreact towards wealthy teenagers boys and girls who think they rule the world and they are on top of people only because they have powerful families. That’s why for me, she was convincing in the role of Geum Jan Di.
    – Then we have TM, here she plays a 23 year old countryside girl who doesn’t have any musical basics (though she is gifted of being able to understand and memorize musical partitions which, for her, looks like being possessed by “musical ghosts”!!), still she wants to become a musical performer (really bold from her). We can see that in the first episode, she looks like a daydreamer who thinks that becoming a musical performer is the easiest thing, so she has just to brush away all her medicine books and study and start running after casting without even being coached by anyone (really really bold). Consequently, she failed 80 times in one year which makes her stop day dreaming (what a pity!!) but still keeping going on track and such boldness and perseverance lead her to find Hong Jae Yi (played by the wonderful CD that I’ve seen in BFB, a very talented actor!!) and there we are in the long journey of Go Eun Bi to the world of musical!! In this context, GHS is portraying a girl in her early twenties, not a teenager at all (even though GHS is 26) who naively wants to evolve in a new world for her: the musical. Therefore, she has to appear lacking of confidence in front of musical performer (even in front of inexperienced Christine or Sa Bok!!) and so overreacting sometimes in front of those people because she doesn’t know anything about singing and acting in the field of musical. And concerning the way she reacts to Jae Yi and Kang Hee , let’s not forget that Jae Yi and Kang Hee are supposed to be older than her, so she has to look like a young fan in front of her idol. So considering all of that, I found GHS convincing in her acting.
    – Finally, I see most of you compare GHS acting in BOF, TM and Pure 19. As far as I can remember, the context of Pure 19 is about a countryside girl who comes from North Korea which is a country who is very different from South Korea (I think that north Korean are less extravagant and less open-minded than south Korean) and because of a matchmaking, find herself traveling to South Korea to get married, but unfortunately, instead of being married, she attends the funeral of her future husband!!! (Poor girl!!) And right away, she has to deal with a new life in an unknown country with people she has never been acquainted to. So here GHS should act like a north Korean countryside girl (unlike her as Geum Jan Di or as Go Eun Bi who are south Korean) who is shy, naïve and a little bit introverted but has to stay strong in front of this new life. And I realize that the reason why all of you praise her acting in Pure 19 is that GHS portrayed a girl who looks like GHS in real life because as I can see her in her interviews or in her photoshoots, she seems to be introverted and very simple in the way she is dressing and talking.

    Anyway, I think that the fact that you dislike GHS acting in BOF and TM concerns the little details (such as her makeup, her hair or her dressing style. Even if you are a beauty onscreen but don’t show any acting skills, then you’re not worth being watched!!) , but if you try to focus on the story and on the context, you surely realize that she is not overreacting but she acts according to the background of her characters. The reason I say all that is that I do learn acting lessons and that’s what we are taught in order to be convincing and to fit exactly what the character should be. The result is that surely many of you don’t ever realize that unlike in BOF, where Geum Jan Di is as young as Goo Jun Pyo and in TM, where Eun Bi is younger than Jae Yi, in real life GHS is 3 years older than LMH and 1 year older than CD!!!

    Finally my last word would be that in order to show that she has talent in acting, GHS should try drama where she can act as a 27 year old or maybe older than that to silence those who think she lacks of talent and the only thing she can do is messing around like an immature person!!!


    • 37.1 hyesun4lyf

      Thank you, Vivi the reviewer, for that “recap” on some of GHS’ characters. I am not an expert on acting or reviewing plays or dramas or movies but, by you putting the character’s thoughts and actions in context and by kaedejun’s reference to a link regarding a character’s “journey”, I have now an increased understanding of how an actor, with the guidance of the director and to some extent perhaps, the scriptwriter, will try to interpret a character.

      I guess, in the coming episodes and recaps, I will be more open-minded with the faith that the scriptwriter and the director knew what they were doing and that the role of one GEB will go through that hero’s journey as a “round” character.

      I am really grateful to kaedejun for giving fans this opportunity to learn from one another and I find this kind of forum a good exercise of developing my tolerance on differences of opinions.

      • 37.1.1 Birdie

        Agree with both of you.Thanks , Kaedejun for recapping here . So, let’s continue to enjoy and discuss Eunbi’s journey into the musical world!

    • 37.2 drmjs

      @Vivi the viewer – that was very enlightening, thank you. TM is such a delight to watch. Good casting, solid chemistry. I am a kdrama newbie, my first introduction to kdramas was BOF. I liked GHS there and I’m liking her even more in TM.

      Thanks again kaedejun for your wonderful recap. The Musical fighting!!!

    • 37.3 pilambdatheta

      This is pretty much exactly how I’ve approached watching every single one of these characters and always figured that it was maent to be obvious to the viewer. I realise that we all come from different ages and backgrounds, so I’m certain that there is a back story for each individual’s beliefs, but when the actual creater of ‘Makino Tsukushi’ (‘Geum Jandi’) comes out and tells the world that this actress (GHS) is THE human embodiment of her character in both body and soul, no other opinion of her worthiness or abilty to deliver the character is needed. As for the eventual growth of all of these characters, her transformation will be realized in fits and starts much like that of actual people.

      Having just seen episode 4 without any subtitles, you will be able to note a different ‘Go Eun-bi” when she has dealings with her other potential suitor and antagonist ‘Yoo Jin’. Again, like many of us, there is a somewhat different ‘Eun-bi’ for for each of her relationships. Eventually all of her sides will blend into a character strong raise the level of all other boats in the water…

      Nice job of making things clearer, Vivi!!! 🙂

    • 37.4 ajewell

      Sorry, I don’t really understand the purpose of your post. Rather than truly defending her, all you seem to be doing is giving us background information on the characters she’s portrayed, and then, rather than defend HOW she acts, you’re defending WHY she acts as badly as she does.

      Basically, in summary, you seem to be saying she’s too old to be playing the roles she’s been given – and that next time she should play someone her own age. Which, actually, I’m inclined to agree with, lol.

      In any case, I know GHS can act: I’ve enjoyed her in The King and I, Strongest Chil Woo, and saw brief flashes of her talent in BOF. However, it seems like in all her modern roles, she just tries too hard. Drama and real emotions, she does beautifully – when she’s leaning forward, enraptured by her idol’s performance, she NAILS it; when she’s crying on the staircase after being rebuffed by Kang Hee, she’s doing what she does best. The problem then is when she’s NOT being dramatic or deep. When she has to play “naive” “spunky” “innocent”, she doesn’t feel genuine. Her smiles feel forced, her random innocuous gestures, overdone and unnatural; yet, when she cries, she strikes a chord, and truly connects.

      The problem is, there are many talented actresses out there that can do both. And THAT’S where the real criticism lies. Sure, her appearance and sense of style is annoying… but it’s not the big issue. We’re complaining about her performance, and how she’s portraying the character. And one reason we want that character growth, is because it will allow her to be more serious and confrontational – something GHS is actually talented in portraying.

      Just my two cents worth. You don’t have to agree.

      • 37.4.1 Cynthia

        You’ve hit all the salient points regarding GHS’s strong and weak points, and I agree with them all.

        Cutting it to the bare bones (for me) the real irritation and aggravation are GHS’s inherent MANNERISMS which she brings to EVERY production she’s in. I stated in an earlier post that I felt the PD(s) allow those to happen because those mannerisms make GHS WHO SHE IS, and for better or worse that translates into more viewership which, in turn, bulks ratings.

        GHS carries a lot of fame from BOF – a PD would have to be nuts not to bank on that irritating, and identifying, aspect of her personality.

  38. 38 kdj

    @ajewell : I totally agree with you! When she left medical school to pursue her dream, it doesn’t add up that she seems so clueless about her appearance. Sure she knows well that Korean entertainment industry is very competitive. For a person with that (allegedly) big passion and dream, why can’t she look the part? At least try! I say it’s not GHJ fault, bot more to the character writing & wardrobe. And yes I agree again when you said they should be channeling Dream High more, rather than Coffee Prince.

    I had this same problem with Best Love / Greatest Love. Ae Jung is a struggling D-list actress wanting to climb up the popularity ladder and got her fame again. Why on earth she dressed up like a hobo? Sure she knows appearance matters so much in Korean ent industry! Again, it’s the fault of wardrobe & writing, cause I cannot find any wrong with the acting.

    Both Ae Jung and Eun Bi IMHO are just the victims of bad wardrobe / character writing that don’t go well the heart of the story. Hoping that EunBi will have a great make over, unlike Ae Jung who stays like a hobo until the very end. Though in respective, Ae Jung got more than she hoped for. Dok Go Jin as a husband, perfect!

  39. 39 kdj

    @kadeejun : Very OOS, but can’t help wondering if we bare similar name irl. We have almost identical nickname, KDJ and KaDeeJun. The J in my name stands for Joenoes (pronounced JUNus, like the Jun in your). LOL

  40. 40 gumiho

    Vivi the viewer, thank you for your wonderful comment, even if I’m not studying drama, it was the same understanding I had. It was all about the character which I think they might not understand. Go Eun Bi is 23 years old here, countryside girl without any experience in world of musical which she is aspiring for to even have small space for it (since for now, she isn’t dreaming big yet!). And Jae Yi is supposed to be 35 yrs old here. So I hope people would understand characterization and it should be in script I guess, or else if the director does not want it, it should be edited or advised GHS not to act that way because in the end, it is still director’s call.


  41. 41 geena

    GHS qualifies as a pretty interesting character given the the many criticisms and praises that she gets per episode of this once-a-week drama. I wonder if both will double if she appears on the TV screen more than once a week…^-^. As for myself, I really enjoy watching and “spending time with her” even just for an hour/7 days. I don’t over analyze anything…it’s enough I have fun for that moment…I’m sure that’s what she’s doing while she’s filming this one. Just have fun… you will get criticisms or praises anyway….some deserved , some not. What does it matter? GHS aja!

  42. 42 Vivi the viewer

    Hi Friends !!!!

    I’ve seen that some of you agree with me and some don’t and I honestly respect all that because as far as I can remember, my acting teacher always told me that the more an actor gets many praises and critics at the same time whenever he’s acting, the more it helps him to have his feet on the ground and not overestimate himself but stay focus on work in order to improve all the time! (Perfect actor doesn’t exist… maybe only in our dreams!!!!!). Hope that this continues and may do good for GHS in her next projects (like “Fly Again”).

    Anyway, right now, I think that the most important thing is to see the show ‘til the last episode (because I think that all of us agree that this drama is a good one!!) and appreciate it (in everyone’s own taste!!) and then let’s wait for her new drama to come in January. And this time, I think that we all will meet again in this forum (I can’t wait for this time to come!!!!), so that we can share our opinions about this new project!

    The reason why I find GHS really interesting is that among all the actresses I’ve known (from every nationality), she’s the first that impresses me the most because in short time at a young age, she has proved that she can do everything concerning arts such as acting, singing, painting and directing (even if I think there is always some improvements to make) unlike some actors who only spend time doing photoshooting or commercial advertisements when they don’t have drama or movie projects!!!! (she really is workaholic!!!!!!! Anyway, she should think of having a boyfriend to share these experiences with!!!)

    So ‘til then,
    The Musical FIGHTING!!!! (Ooops, last time I wrote “fighting, the musical” which is not really Korean speaking. Sorry for Koreans who read this forum!!!!!)

    • 42.1 Christy

      I agree, she’s a renaissance woman!

  43. 43 huama

    can you make that song she sang at the audition as a mp3?

  44. 44 Jusme

    Really like this. The female lead has surprised me, she really can sing. I hope they have her mature a little as the series progresses. Please do recap of episode 4.

  45. 45 wormsoup

    kaedejun! i seldom comment but must really thank you for recapping the little gems of stories that are sometimes missed out. I’m enjoying The Musical so far, really loving Park Ki Woong in it. 😀

  46. 46 hifive

    HEY please do continue to recap this drama D:

  47. 47 Jen

    Sorry to say this but Go Hye Sun’s voice annoys me a lot. I’m not impressed with her acting skills either. I reckon that she had a better performance in Boys over Flowers. She can sing but her voice doesn’t suit to be a musical actress. I’ve watched a couple of musical performances before so I could differentiate. Her voice is terrible for this drama even when she sings properly. However, I started to love this drama because of the plot and it is starred by DANIEL CHOI. Maybe I’ll just skip the scenes when Go Hye Sun sings. I know my comment is quite offensive and blatant but it’s true. Every time she sings, it cause me an earache.

    I don’t like also her hair and the way she dress. Oh my, I know I’m being negative towards her. Actually, I like her when she was in BOF. I don’t know why but she drives me mad in this drama. =(

  48. 48 Christine

    Since when was a person’s heart on the right side of his chest?

  49. 49 Sarah

    Can we have a download link for Eun Bi’s song?? Please??

  50. 50 Sarah

    Never mind, I must be blind. I see the link in the comments. Thanks!!

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