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The Vampires come to television
by | September 13, 2011 | 58 Comments

Yup, Vampires, as in more than one. We’ve talked about Vampire Prosecutor before, but there’s another show in the works — a sitcom this time — called Vampire Idol. Can there be singing and judges?

First, the version we know about. OCN’s series Vampire Prosecutor, starring Yeon Jung-hoon (Jejoongwon, East of Eden) as the titular hero, has released a trailer (watch below) that’s pretty boss: slick, cool, and dark. I’m even warming to the fake blue eyes, which add that hint of ethereal coolness to his overall look.

But best of all is the interesting spin that this drama takes on the whole vampire/investigative genre: Our hero can actually use his vampire powers in his day job (heh), because one taste of the blood left at a murder scene allows him to see the moment of death and glean how it came about. Aw, it’s work AND a meal! Never say vampires can’t multi-task.

Then, there’s Vampire Idol, which has just cast MC/comedian Shin Dong-yup, currently the only actor attached. This one is set to air on general-service (as in, not specializing in specific genres or formats) cable channel MBN, and will be a 30-minute sitcom with 120 episodes.

This drama has two things going for it. First off, the premise: A naive prince from a vampire star comes to earth to become…an idol. It’s a school-set premise as he struggles to realize his goal. Omg. That’s awesome. It’s like Hello, Franceska, only zanier.

And then, there’s the pedigree of the producers. The former MBC PD at the helm worked the New Nonstop campus sitcom series (the one with Jo In-sung, Jung Da-bin, and Jang Nara). One of its writers wrote the hit old-school sitcom Three Men, Three Women, and the other wrote Soonpoong Clinic.

Vampire Idol is looking, naturally, to bring some idols to its young cast, and is reportedly also looking to bring on veteran actress Kim Sumi (of Daring Women, Hooray for Love, and 1N2D’s recent Actress Special).

OCN’s Vampire Prosecutor is set for an October 2 premiere, while Vampire Idol has yet to confirm its timeslot.

Via Mk.co.kr


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Maymay

    OMG! Vampires are taking over Korean cable TV.
    Too bad cable shows are too bloody for me.
    I’m a wimp for too much blood.
    Hopefully someone will watch this when it airs and let’s me know how bad it is. By ‘bad’ I mean how gory it is.

    Thanks for us know JB. πŸ™‚

    • 1.1 Stacy

      “OMG! Vampires are taking over Korean cable TV.”

      THIS. IS. SO. AWESOME. I really hope Vampire Idol is good, campy fun, while I hope Vampire Prosecutor channels its inner Nick Knight/Angel/Mick St. John/Henry Fitzroy (I could keep going but you get the idea).

      • 1.1.1 alan

        why cable isn’t so watched in korea? after all korea is a developed country and the average korean have a per capita between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars, then i don’t think cable is a problem for them in money or cash,right?

      • 1.1.2 Cynthia

        I like your vampire line-up, with the exception of “Angel”.
        I’m hard-pressed to think of any vampire show that was campier than that one. πŸ™‚

        As for the cable watching in Korea, I wonder how much of it involves censorship, both from state organizations and the public at large. (Not as far as violence is concerned, but anything of an overtly sexual display/action.)

  2. Lily

    Dang! Yeon Jung-hoon looks hot~

  3. Bluefyre

    Cool trailer! ^^ I like it.
    But vampires are so cliche these days *sigh* It’s all that Twilight’s fault. Bah. But Vampire Prosecutor is looking promising. I might pick it up! Thanks JB πŸ™‚

  4. JiHwan

    Hmmm… first wolves and now vampires… I guess Korean is getting a bit inspired by twilight. The trailer looks quite cool, but I’m not really feeling Yeon Jung Hoon. If Jae Hee was casted instead then I’d scream for joy.

  5. Cynthia

    How terrific is it that Korean TV is getting better by leaps and bounds!?!

    The real laugh in Vampire Idol might be in the irony that the true vampire in an idol’s life is the management company that has them dancing like trained monkeys – but that’s another matter, altogether.

    Short trailer is really interesting – am liking the twist in the blood aspect, and I can SO see Kim Yumi kicking butt!!

    • 5.1 MeeisLee

      “The real laugh in Vampire Idol might be in the irony that the true vampire in an idol’s life is the management company…” Bua hahaha ! That’s funny and true. I didn’t think of it like that but now that you say it I wonder if it could be filled with meta (MWS anyone?). That would be hilarious. I think I’m more likely to Vampire Idol for the zaniness that it could be. Vampire Prosecutor sounds interesting but detective shows are not for me. I’ve seen too many American ones.

  6. Alvina

    I love programming that dabbles in the supernatural (I think it allows the show a bit more freedom… which can be a good or bad thing) but these teasers….

    I’m getting queasy haha. I’m not a fan of the vampire fandom (I’m more of an LJ Smith-esque all inclusive fan) but it will be fun to see where they go with this.

  7. estel

    I thought I would hate Vampire Prosecutor, but to be honest after seeing the preview I’m totally excited for it. I hope it’s awesome a decidedly non-Twilight~ish

    • 7.1 MeiMei

      I hear ya! Looks MUCH better than it’s name and premise.

    • 7.2 MIka Do

      Definitely is far from the Twilight c**p. Blood – meal and work and pain, great acting and upbeat plot. There is a common thread to the whole show, but each episode can be watched as is. It worths watching. Is something like Vampire CSI in Korean key – which changes a bit the data.

  8. WhoCares

    Vampires have been on televisions series in USA and Hong Kong. Have you heard of “Buffy the vampire slayer” and “A date with a vampire series” ? Anyways, the overwhelming popular “Twilight saga” has cause many young teens fantasize being the vampires such as drinking blood, biting others’ necks. I’m concern if the Korean entertainment industry will make young teens become unrealistic with their fantasies.

    • 8.1 Minnetter

      I think there are few that haven’t heard of and/or watched either one of those.
      Your concern for the young peoples fantasies is perhaps valid, however I feel that you are underestimating their intellect and discernment abilities.

      As a preteen and teen I grew up with Buffy, and Angel. I watched Interview with a vampire, I read all of Anne Rice’s vampire series, I read many other vampire series (Including Twilight- which I hated). I read and watched as many things related to vampires, werewolves and wizards (I’m a big HP fan, even now) as I could get my hands on in fact.

      The thing is, I enjoyed it, I cried, I screamed in fear and I escaped from reality for the amount of time it took me to finish the book or movie. But the most important thing was that I realized that it was just a brief, temporary escape into an imaginary world and that I would be back in my backyard, sofa, or classroom when I finished it, and that life goes on pretty much as it had before I watched/read it.

      I don’t recall ever thinking that oooh ” I’ll walk in the middle of night to a hidden alley and wait for Spike (i thought his cheekbones were sexy as hell) to come and bite my neck and turn me into a vampire” or ” maybe I should go and stand underneath the full moon and wait to meet a werewolf” My vision of life and reality wasn’t skewed because I let my imagination run wild for a few hours a week watching/reading these things.

      I don’t think i’m the only one in the planet with the ability to know what’s real and what isn’t, so we can’t just block creativity because of a few children who may have personality disorders that prevent them from discerning reality from fantasy. If we were to do that, maybe we should start blocking your everyday romcom, telenovela, or soap opera, with their often times distorted interpretation of what it means to be feminine or masculine, to be in love or not in love, etc. If truth be told those are more dangerous because their premise is in “real life.” while the other more fantastical stories we understand as being a ” alternate reality/ alternate universe” to ours.

      • 8.1.1 Minnetter

        sorry about this monstrous text… I got carried away >_<'

  9. Sunmi

    While I’m not a fan of the Vampire extravaganza that seems to be sucking the very life out of entertainment, that trailer is sexy as all get out. Sign me up ten times over.

  10. 10 come2noona

    “Aw, it’s work AND a meal! Never say vampires can’t multi-task.”


  11. 11 Noelle

    Seems like it’ll be fun! Can’t wait.

    Vampire on the other hand sounds like a riot. The premise already has me busting a gut. Oh god Kim Sumi as a vamp (cross fingers) already puts a smile on my face. I’m currently loving her in Hooray For Love.

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    That poster is disturbingly hot. Vampire Idol seems like it’ll be all kinds of funny so I might tune in if someone decides to sub it. XD

  13. 13 ajewell

    You had me at Vampires, lol.

  14. 14 sara

    omg I am officially in love….why is it not october yet!!!

  15. 15 adeka

    Okay the trailer is pretty boss.

    I want to see this.

  16. 16 Emily

    I’m so looking forward to vampire prosecutor. I love media which depicts Vampires as what (I think) they should be- dark, dangerous, and sexy- neither completly evil nor good. I also love detective dramas. In short: CANNOT WAIT

  17. 17 ruthie

    if they’re gonna be doing a vampire series…can it be as good as TRUE BLOOD! not the wimpy Twilight~ishhh oh yeah talking about korean audiences..if its like true blood it wont probably pass the board lol~

  18. 18 twreckx

    Vampire prosecutor sounds like a cross between the American TV Series “Moonlight’ and the comic book ‘Chew’–Chew centers on Tony Chu, a police detective who is a Cibopath* (pronounced “see-bo-path”)
    –Chew info from wikipedia

    *A Cibopath can take a bite from anything and get a psychic sensation of what has happened to that object.

    • 18.1 mars

      I thought about Chew! A TV adaptation was supposed to be development by Showtime, if I remember correctly.

      If Vampire Prosecutor can be dark and as funny as Chew, I’m in. The preview looked pretty badass, here’s hopin’.

  19. 19 Claudia

    Awww, Jaejoong would look so cool in this. He wouldn’t even have to make a lot of effort to look like a vampire.

  20. 20 elsie

    The premise of this sitcom reminds me of Dexter. The bad guys using their evil powers to do good for the society while fulfilling their desires.

  21. 21 Liesel

    Really, I’ve had my fill of vampires. But Vampire Prosecutor actually looks cool. And if we’re going with cheese, it was good thinking of the PD of Vampire Idol to go all the way and make him an alien prince too. Har.

  22. 22 blueangel

    Looking scary and dark but kinda hot~

  23. 23 Ani

    Wow, that preview totally kills. Freaking awesome. What, is this going to be like Moonlight with Alex O’Loughlin, but you know, without the vision powers? More like Moonlight crossed with The Dead Zone plus the kickass-ness that comes with being a cable show.

  24. 24 kaedejun

    this trailer made me laugh out loud the first time i saw it. seeing yeon jung hoon do action and wipe off blood from his mouth was so cheesy and weird that it became COOL.

  25. 25 pipit

    Never thought Yeon Jung Hoon hot. But he’s so deadly hot as Vampire Prosecutor!

    I’m really looking forward to this one. May it be dark, a show off of vampire super ability, a revelation of how difficult it is being a vampire living among mortals and the challenge of having a relationship with a different race.

    Bring on the darkness!

  26. 26 elizabeth

    ever since Twilight, vampires are making a big comeback everywhere!!

  27. 27 EmmaAndNobodies

    this trailer was my first time finding him sexxxy. officially EXCITED!

  28. 28 Jo

    WHAT? NEW NONSTOP PD? OMG, that is the one that I totally obsessed over as a youngun. I absolutely loved that version!!
    Haha, brings back so many great memories!

  29. 29 Toya

    He looks better in the trailer than in the poster. It makes him look like the poster child of gay vampires. Like a Laurell K. Hamilton character. “You want me, u know u want me, now get in this bed, bend over and call me master.”

    Though…… as much as I detest her later writings (made her main character from tough ass kicker to the equivalent of the whore of Babylon in the name of plot development), LKH did do sexy bi vamps very well.

  30. 30 geanna

    my mom is so gonna squeal! she adores Yeon Jung-hoon to death!

  31. 31 Aquarius9

    You know who will make a great king of vamps? Cha Seung Won.

  32. 32 goldenflower

    I’m digging the cable shows. Just like HBO or Showtime, they are showing the nitty gritty, love it! If Vampire Prosecutor gets even a little bloody and intense as True Blood, I’m sold! It’ll be epic.

  33. 33 crazedlu

    HAHAHA. omgosh. that’s a pretty hilarious storyline. totally giving it a try. cast well!

  34. 34 kdj

    Hmm… I thought the vampire fad is over? And fallen angel is the new trend now… Oh wait, it’s still in the literature world, hasn’t cross yet to the televesion/movie world. I’m tired of vampires πŸ™

  35. 35 Leafy

    Hmmm, I don’t know if it’s just me but Yeon Jung-hoon in the poster totally reminds me of TOP.

    • 35.1 star

      it’s not just you, first thing I thought was TOP.

  36. 36 weissman

    looks really funny, I am looking firwrad to it.

    Next they will remake “My Favorate Martian”

  37. 37 Yasmin

    Ive actually come of the twilight train ages ago and so many same stories have come out that I lost that hype sense. I still read a few but I make sure that I know they are worth it before I start. Vampire academy, anyone?

    Anyway, these look interesting and they combine all my favourite genres, crime and vampires; and becoming an idol and vampires. I am loving the idea! Not sure about the 120 episode thing though! I reach my limit at 20 πŸ˜‰

    Thanks DB team for the update!! You guys are amazing!!

  38. 38 Celexa

    It feels like a cross between DEXTER and Moonlight. (The vampire Moonlight)

    • 38.1 nancy

      so ranom, but i love dexter too.
      I never thought there was anyone out there who would watch dexter and still like k shows!!!
      you are too cool!

  39. 39 nancy

    the trailer sort of reminds me like true blood, without all the sex though. but overall pretty exited for this!!

  40. 40 korean.craze

    when yeon jung hoon wiped his mouth and gave the side look at the end… looked almost like micky yoochun! :p

  41. 41 MissBeth

    What is the name of the song in this trailer? Does anyone know?

  42. 42 Cam

    Ooooooo…………WOW. O__o

  43. 43 sara

    please say that it’s not like Twilight or Vampire Diaries >_<

    • 43.1 MIka Do

      Nothing like, thank goodness!

  44. 44 Kaddict4ever

    Welcome to the dark side!!! Bring it on Vamps πŸ™‚

    Cannot wait – Jung Hoon looks yummy …

  45. 45 NANASSE

    OMG that’s soooooooo cool!!!!
    I need it !

    About Vampire idol it will be broadcasting in this December~~

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