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Variety Roulette: Knee-Drop Guru (Murupak Dosa)
by | September 13, 2011 | 122 Comments

And now for our second installment in our Variety Roulette series, where we grab random episodes of random variety shows and hope they’re any good. Our inaugural post was on talk show Strong Heart, and this one will be another talk show and another one of Kang Ho-dong’s four gigs, Murupak Dosa, or Knee-Drop Guru.

The guest of honor? Drama star (You’re Beautiful, Beethoven Virus), former child actor, current leading man, he of the pretty hair and the boyish smile, Jang Geun-seok.

EPISODE 248. Broadcast on September 9, 2011.

girlfriday: So the premise of Murupak Dosa, or Knee-Drop Guru, is pretty simple. It’s just a one-on-one talk show, basically between Kang Ho-dong and a celebrity guest. Because it’s a singled-out interview that usually spans two episodes, you have to be a fairly big star to be a guest on the show. It used to be a small segment of the larger program Golden Fishery, but now it’s the main attraction.

javabeans: The title refers to the type of guru, or wise old sage, that people would go to for advice. They’d typically kneel and sit back on their heels, which is where the title comes from, although in the show they’ve modified that arrangement with that recessed flooring so everyone can sit comfortably.

girlfriday: Kang Ho-dong plays the guru, always dressed in that adorable and hilarious hanbok with the painted red cheeks, and he has two sidekicks — Yoo Se-yoon, and the Band Boy (the one-man All Lies Band). The guest comes in asking the question: “Is this the famous guru who sees all things before your knees even hit the ground?” And then they’re supposed to come to the guru with problems, which is just the basic framework for the personal interview.

javabeans: This show is really hit or miss for me. It’s such a simple concept that it all boils down to whether the guest is interesting and has good rapport with Kang Ho-dong.

girlfriday: And you find out so quickly whether a star you like actually has a personality or is just vapid. It can be disappointing in that sense too.

javabeans: It also is a real demonstration of Kang Ho-dong’s skills, because whether the guest is boring or sparkling, it’s up to him to keep the wheels moving, and in a seamless way. I admit that I didn’t love Kang Ho-dong at first — I thought he seemed kind of mean sometimes, and preferred Yoo Jae-suk’s emceeing style — until I saw him on Murupak and saw how good he was at what he does.

girlfriday: I think he’s the best at this kind of one-on-one interview style because he reads people so well. He’s lightning fast on the uptake, and turns every reaction, every tick, into something worth talking about. He is meaner, but I think it’s because he’s more incisive. I’m sad for this show because it’s the one that will suffer the biggest loss from his retirement, since it really is a one-man show, whereas the other programs have a second leg to stand on.

girlfriday: Jang Geun-seok peeks in the door, a little afraid of what he might find, but the trio greets him with a little musical parody of Jang Geun-seok-esque dances and poses which cracks him up. How adorable — he comes in and asks Ho-dong to pick him up. (He usually picks up the female guests.) Leave it to Jang Geun-seok to not want to be left out in that way.

javabeans: But then he’s embarrassed to show his little socks and wiggles his feet trying to cover them up, which is hilarious.

girlfriday: He hands them all presents, but then their faces fall as they open them up… it’s a Jang Geun-seok photobook and Jang Geun-seok paper dolls! Pfffft. I love that he totally, in all seriousness, thought they would make good gifts. This kid is hilarious.

javabeans: He’s so earnest, like, “They’re big in Japan!” Yeah, I’ve heard that before. Ho-dong’s reaction is great, because he’s disappointed and puzzled, and confirms twice that this is actually the gift he’s giving. “It’s all stuff about himself!” “But these seem so useless to me…”

girlfriday: Ho-dong asks if he’s not afraid to be honest, wondering if he can freely talk about any time or place they’ve run into each other. Geun-seok nods… until it dawns on him that he once ran into Ho-dong doing something he shouldn’t have been doing, because he immediately takes it back, “Wait, wait, WAIT!” Ooooh, I hope it’s juicy! Celebrity girlfriend?

javabeans: It’s clear that he’s super savvy about the business and his image, and knows how to say the right thing. It’s kind of impressive, and when he credits his sunbaes for setting the stage for his popularity abroad, Ho-dong remarks, “That’s so mature” in the tone of someone who’s shocked, like he was expecting something totally different. But then it’s equally impressive how candid he is about his NON-modest moments, too, which is this funny dichotomy.

girlfriday: They talk about how popular he is in Japan right now, and he sort of pretends to be modest about it at first, but then admits to stopping random Japanese people on the street to confirm his popularity. Ha.

javabeans: He is disproportionately popular there, to the extent that when Ho-dong mentions Kimura Takuya, Geun-seok offers to call him directly so Ho-dong can talk to him himself. Ho-dong has this look on his face that’s half-stunned, half-terrified, like he’s thinking, Wait, now? Without prep? What do I sayyyyy? And Geun-seok takes out his cell phone and hands it over, then crows, “It’s a LIE!” Hahaha. But for a few harrowing seconds, Ho-dong totally bought it — that Geun-seok is so popular he might actually have Kimutaku’s cell humber. Ho-dong demonstrates his own talent in cutting down some of that ego, though, with little quips like “But then you come back to Korea and nobody cares” — hehehe. Geun-seok also tries to lie about watching Murupak every week, every episode, and gets called out on it and sheepishly admits, “This is why I shouldn’t lie on this show.”

girlfriday: Ho-dong asks how he felt about Kim Yuna’s reaction to their dating scandal, and he suddenly gets depressed, recalling how much she hated being linked to him in the press, taking it personally. Hee.

javabeans: I love how Ho-dong slips in there with a winner: When Geun-seok says that he’s never seen her before in person, and that he really wants to, Ho-dong retorts, “Because you love her?” and Geun-seok is just stumped for a reaction because the attack was so swift. Don’t you love how he’s all, “You know how guys don’t really like me that much.” The others run with it, saying, “Ah, so you knew!” and Se-yoon says, “Well, I’m sure not everyone hates you” while making it clear that he means, “Even though I do.” He adds, “I’m sure you can find someone if you really try.”

girlfriday: It’s so hilarious. They all turn their backs to him at the same time, all the while handing out half-hearted words of comfort, like: “You always have Japan.”

javabeans: Geun-seok does have pretty sharp variety sense himself, because he totally lays on the sad act at first about Kim Yuna’s faux-rejection of their scandal, and it’s hilarious. He’s all, “YOU hated it…but I liked it!”

girlfriday: He says he didn’t mind the scandal because it was wholly untrue, and besides, “I was dating someone else at the time!” And then he SQUEES at his OWN confession. Hahaha.

javabeans: He’s so lively and bubbly, it’s like a 25-year-old grown-up with the energy of a 5-year-old. Ho-dong mentions Geun-seok contacting him before the show, which nobody ever does, especially since they’re so busy. But Geun-seok got his number somehow and invited him out for a drink, describing his thought process as a “trap.” Those words put Ho-dong on edge, as he’s wondering how on earth this could possibly make sense as a trap, and Geun-seok goes through this whole song and dance in explaining, and in the end I still have no idea what he means by it. Neither does Ho-dong, or the sidekicks.

girlfriday: I think he means that Ho-dong is implying a disingenuous friendship? Basically it makes no sense, but he feels victimized somehow, so blurts out, “TRAP!” and then can’t actually explain himself. So they finally get to his first “Problem,” and he says, with no lead-in or explanation: “I want to be friends with Lee Seung-gi.” Ho-dong just falls over laughing. It’s probably one of the stranger problems he’s ever encountered as the guru. But perhaps one he can fix right away with a quick phone call? Ho-dong: “Is this a trap?”

javabeans: He calls Seung-gi “Ho-dong’s right arm” and Ho-dong corrects him: He’s actually Seung-gi’s right arm. Geun-seok jokes, “Really? Then I came to the wrong place!” and mimes getting up to leave.

girlfriday: Geun-seok admits that he doesn’t have any friends his age with the same job to talk to, and plus Seung-gi is popular with both men and women (which he’s already established that he is not). He supposes that hanging out with Seung-gi will somehow rub off on him. Pwahaha.

javabeans: I love his story about wanting to befriend people his age. Other than Seung-gi, he explains how he recently texted this other person out of the blue, without having ever met him: Lee Min-ho. One of the comedians wonders, “Shinhwa’s Lee Min-ho?” which is sorta hilarious because it totally reveals his age. (He’s thinking Shinhwa’s Lee Min-woo, although funny enough, the statement isn’t so far off given the presence of Shinhwa Corp in Boys Before Flowers.) He’d gotten Lee Min-ho’s number from his manager, who used to be Min-ho’s manager, and sent an introductory text: “Min-ho-sshi! Hello~ I’m the actor Jang Geun-seok. I’ve heard such good things about you from my manager and wanted to be good friends, so I’m contacting you. When you get this, please get back to me. Hehe ^^”

girlfriday: And then he follows it up with a second text: “Min-ho-sshi… I like girls…” HAHAHA!

javabeans: His thought process cracks me up. Like he might have given the impression he might be coming on to him. After waiting 15 minutes with no response, he starts feeling down. First it’s worry that he did something wrong and offended Lee Min-ho, and then it’s sadness — so he’s sitting in his 46th-floor hotel room in Japan, watching himself being adored on Japanese television, and wondering at the loneliness of life. And then that graduates to anger, like Who does this kid think he is? “When did he debut? He debuted after me!” Haha. “Where’s the sake?!”

girlfriday: After spending 15 minutes cursing Lee Min-ho, he finally gets a response: “So, you like girls? Kekekeke.”

javabeans: Can you imagine what Min-ho thought getting that random text? So then, all of a sudden Geun-seok’s mood takes a drastic swing and now he’s on top of the world. “Ahh, my friend! I enjoyed City Hunter!” Ho-dong recalls that Geun-seok sent him two messages too, and wonders if he was going through the same self-doubting process with him. True to form, when Ho-dong explains that he’d left his phone at home that day (which is why he didn’t reply to the first message), Geun-seok pipes up, “But weren’t you in Jeju?” (Because you couldn’t leave a phone in Seoul and reply that day if you were in Jeju.) The guys point out that this proves he asked around, to know why Ho-dong hadn’t replied for 9 hours.

girlfriday: It’s hilarious how sensitive he really is. He admits it freely too (though blaming it on being blood type A). The fact that he knows that he spent 15 minutes waiting for Min-ho and 9 hours waiting for Ho-dong is so telling.

javabeans: Which is not even a long amount of time (the 15 minutes). He says he had to shoot his movie the day he was waiting for Ho-dong’s message, but could hardly pay attention to the dialogue because he was so preoccupied. When he got the call, “It felt like the car was flying.”

girlfriday: And then he tells the story of going to a Rain concert in Busan, which was the first time they saw each other in ten years. He got all excited that they were doing this dance he loves (which he demonstrates for a jaw-dropped Ho-dong) and got called onstage to dance. He admits that he was so thrilled that he danced in front of Rain: “He’s the Dance King, but I was like, ‘I’m the Shuffle King!’”

javabeans: How funny is it that Geun-seok smashes into his own photobook while demonstrating his dance? They even show footage of the concert, and yup, there he is. He explains how at first Rain was like, “Cool, look at him go” but the longer he went on, the more astounded he became, to the extent that Geun-seok was worried he’d worn out his welcome and offended Rain. “Thankfully, there were a lot of Japanese fans there.”

girlfriday: They’re embarrassed for him, just listening to the story, but it makes me wonder if people like Jang Geun-seok become the stars they are because they lack that… embarrassment?

javabeans: Sense of shame? It could be. It’s amazing how incredibly self-absorbed Geun-seok is, yet while being adorable all the while. (Example: Him wanting to meet Seung-gi. Is it because he admires Seung-gi, or is a fan? Nope, it’s because he wants Seung-gi’s appeal with both genders for himself!) It’s weird — you’d think you’d hate him for being so into himself, but he’s just so durned cute. It’s probably because he laughs at himself too.

girlfriday: I think it’s because he’s so delightfully clueless as to why everyone else isn’t as into him… as he is. It’s so funny.

javabeans: I think it’s also that he’s candid about his ego. A lot of people try to do the false modesty thing or play down their ego, but he’s sorta brash-as-you-please about it. He has this gift for making every situation about himself. Can you imagine seeing somebody else’s fans and deciding that the way to give them something special is to take a picture of yourself with them? (The story: He’d been invited to Rain’s after-party following a concert, and seen a crowd of international fans waiting around for a glimpse of him. That made him think that somewhere in the world, there were fans waiting for a glimpse of Geun-seok, so he wanted to do something for them. The answer? A sel-ca with them!) Yet he’s completely serious about his thought process.

girlfriday: And even Ho-dong, who’s encountered some of the silliest actors ever, is floored at the absurdity of receiving someone else’s photobook as a gift. It’s so awesome.

javabeans: I think Ho-dong is floored at the absurdity of Jang Geun-seok himself, frankly. He looks so confused at some of the cheeky things he says.

girlfriday: He looks at Jang Geun-seok half like an alien, half like a shiny new variety wind-up doll, wondering what crazy thing is coming out of his mouth next.

javabeans: He tells a story about Rain, framing it in terms of, “There’s one thing I have that he doesn’t…youth.” It’s only five years between them, but he explains that Rain can’t outdrink him, and the hangovers basically keep him down all day the following day. Geun-seok points out the virtues of having a younger, less damaged liver. Now, that I can relate to.

girlfriday: It’s hilarious. It basically amounts to: what I have that Rain doesn’t have is a healthy liver!

javabeans: (I have to admit, though, that as the show goes on, it starts to get tiresome hearing someone talk, without irony, about how great he is for an hour. Go figure!)

girlfriday: HA. Maybe he’s one of those people who’s only good in small doses. Or not playing himself? Jang Geun-seok says that people assume he’s come back from Japan with a big ego, but he tells them that he’s the same. So Ho-dong quips, “You hear that? Jang Geun-seok has ALWAYS been this way!” Hee.

javabeans: Se-yoon even advises him, “Geun-seok-ah! You can’t say these things with your own mouth!”

girlfriday: Sometimes when he talks you can literally see Ho-dong’s eyes glazing over, like what the hell is this kid talking about? But he’s just this ball of energy that keeps rolling along, totally unfazed by their lack of understanding. He really is, as Ho-dong says over and over, “A piece of work.”

javabeans: And that’s it for Part 1 of this interview. Note that we don’t plan to cover Part 2, because the point behind our “Variety Roulette” project is to dive into various shows by sampling one of its episodes, randomly and out of context. For those of you interested in catching the rest, it’ll broadcast on the next episode of Murupak Dosa, which airs tomorrow.


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  1. anna

    lol, was this really at “random”?

    • 1.1 javabeans

      It was indeed! I downloaded it before realizing it was the JGS episode. Sometimes things just work out like that.

      • 1.1.1 Rachel

        Is there anyway you can post an article on infinity challenge? It’s the most popular Korean variety show.

        • maria

          the roulette has to speak, i think.

      • 1.1.2 czak

        I hope you do one on Family Outing season one.
        I know that the show is already finished but before 2d1n, FO was THE variety show for me…

        Or maybe the knee drop guru with Kim HyunJoong…

        • Ani

          I really don’t think they’re going to do a variety showed that’s off the air. And people have been asking the same thing since the first Roulette recap about recapping Family Outing, and I’m pretty sure jb had warned once about “cutting a bitch” when people start asking/emailing the same thing over and over again.

          Besides, I think they’ve both seen FO. That’s my assumption since girlfriday seems to be a variety show addict, and jb knows about Jae-suk’s emceeing style and X-Man. It’s just not going to happen. Maybe we can get together an avid group of fans that wouldn’t mind recapping some memorable FO episodes? That would be cool.

          • Alex

            FO S1 was amazing; I’m in the process of re-watching episodes right now.

            Just putting it out there. but recapping old memorable episodes sounds like a fun task. I’d be up for it. xD

      • 1.1.3 Rossi

        Does that mean we should start praying or bribing to the Roulette now? B/c I’m hoping you will do WGM – the first season! …wait does the Roulette do retro? B/c that would be awesome!

        As always, thank you for providing me with entertainment and yet another way to not study =D

    • 1.2 MeeisLee

      At first I was like “Who’s this actress? She looks familiar…” Then I read “Jang Geun Seok” and was like “Oh… oops. I wonder if this was somehow chosen on purpose…” Oh, what a coincidence it is! I wonder if a variety show guest starring Kwan Ji Hwan will be recapped ;D.

  2. Yer Vang

    Oh I think I read about this somewhere. 🙂

  3. Yer Vang

    Oh I think I read about this somewhere. 🙂

    • 3.1 Yer Vang

      Wait, so is it Shinhwa’s Lee Min-ho or Boys Before Flower’ Lee Min Ho? Lol.

      • 3.1.1 peanut butter

        He means Boys Before Flowers. I know Shinhwa as Lee Min Woo but I don’t think there ever was a Lee Min Ho if memory serves me right.

        • Yer Vang

          Awh, how cute. He texted Lee Min Ho. ahah. Lee Min Ho probably thought it was a crazy fan ahah

          • Marina

            LMH must have been weird out, especially after the 2nd text…so it must have taken him 15 mins to decide whether or not to reply an dhow to reply to that.

  4. peanut butter

    Hahaha! Truly a piece of work! I’ve never seen any interviews of him but now i know he’s as crazy as his wardrobe!

    • 4.1 peanut butter

      By the way, I didn’t mean for this to be offensive. I was saying it’s cute =)

  5. Y

    I’ll miss Kang Ho-dong 🙁

  6. laya

    Oh lordy… I’ll never look at Jang Geun-seok the same way again. LMAO, he’s hilarious! Wait, so how much of JGS was Tae-kyung? O_O

    Thanks, JB!

  7. Ace

    LOL @ JGS! Anyone knows a link with subs? This I gotta see. I only knew that he wanted to meet Seung-gi and he was the “shuffle king” @ Rain’s concert from news here and there, but that he texted Lee Min-ho? Hahaha. I mostly associate him with Hongki and Heechul since they’re all close, but I don’t imagine getting tired of hearing how great Heechul is, from his own mouth, for an hour. 😉

    • 7.1 Ace

      Maybe it’ll be refreshing to see a Korean actor/singer/idol full of himself. Sometimes, I get sick of the way k-actors and idols act and talk humbly but you see them do something that’s totally the opposite of what they’re projecting in interviews.

    • 7.2 IstayedoutallNight

      haha no wonder heechul and JGS are close. both of them can keep talking about their enormous popularity with straight faces. i totally have to watch this now!

      • 7.2.1 Minnetter

        right? haha yes it’s hilarious, I wish JGS had been on the episode of Come To Play with Chocoball…. hahaha he’s one of the members of Chocoball too… but Heechul was hilarious in it showing his own brand of self-centeredness, and everybody else saying that that’s how they became friends because even though they are all self-centered and strange- mostly AB blood group, there’s loyalty between them. ( also… Hongki is a part of the strange mishmash of friends… hehe so Jeremy and Taekyung live on!)

  8. Melissa

    where do i watch it?!!!!

  9. sunandmoon

    I don’t think JGS was always this way. I remember how humble, mature, and poised he was in interviews in his Beethoven Virus days. Maybe this is his true self, I don’t know.

    Definitely an intriguing show, though!

    • 9.1 foraredrose

      Or he might be basing his interactions on the audience/tone of the show (which isn’t to say that he isn’t being his true self – you can showcase various sides of you).. I watched a recent YMP interview with him and Kim Ha Neul on Section TV and while he was witty, his manner of interacting wasn’t the same as on Knee-Drop Guru.

      • 9.1.1 Marina

        I agree, I get the feeling like he’s exagerating for laughs on Knee-Drop Guru. I think it’s probably parts of his personality but a lot of it must be for entertainment.

  10. 10 girlatsea

    Omg, I had no idea Jang Geun-seok had such a big ego. It kind of makes me like him even more!

    Yeah, I’m definitely going to miss Kang Ho-dong. Variety TV won’t be the same without him. :/

  11. 11 stars4u

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait to watch the episode!!!

  12. 12 jed

    JGS is really crazy as is! hahahaha.. i can’t help but laugh (and it was hard because i have to be discreet since all of the managers are coming in and out of the office) LOL. and yes is there any link with english subs? thanks

    • 12.1 Marina

      Haha…my supervisor sits near me and I had to contain the giddy giggles that were trying to excape me reading this so I don’t raise suspicion.

  13. 13 zie

    does this episode has english sub & where do i go to download it?

  14. 14 T

    If Korea ever remakes An Interview with a Vampire JGS should definitely play Vampire Lestat. He is suuuuuuch a decadent petty Prince lol. Thanks for review:)

  15. 15 letmeeatcake

    lol! So funny 😀

  16. 16 john

    I have no clue about this but is Golden Fishery off the air?

    • 16.1 Alvina

      TMK, Knee-Drop Guru IS Golden Fishery part 1, with part two being Radio Star.

      Back when it first started, it kind of used to be like Banjun drama (? kinda) with stars acting out social problems etc but the format changed because these other two segments became more popular…

      I really am going to be sad if the KHD situation affects this show 🙁

  17. 17 Cynthia

    Funny recap – thanks!

    This kid is coming across as rather bi-polar – he’s either really high or really low. I recently read an interview with him where he stated he went into a depression after his last Japanese concert schedule – something like hiding in his house for weeks with no outside contact.

    He obviously has a need for friends – maybe he doesn’t have many because he uses them? That text assuring LMH that he (JSG) wasn’t gay was funny, tho.

    And didn’t I read that this Guru episode was doubled for him, giving him the next week, also?

  18. 18 kang

    WOW DOES HE LOOK GAY-ER THAN EVER! he was a bad ass in you’re beautiful but now, yuck

  19. 19 Marg

    I’m sorry, I totally dig him, but that hair has got to go…dude is looking like a lady.

  20. 20 czak

    If he is good with drinking, he should contact HyunJoong and JaeJoong..
    he can be a part of those guys late night or early morning drinking session…

  21. 21 jen

    LOL i can see why he’s friends with Heechul from Super Junior and Hongki from FT Island

    they are all crazy and out of this world <3

  22. 22 Porcelain

    Asa! Another roulette the dice drops on!
    Thanks JB & GF!

    I watch this from time to time… Joo Jin Mo one make me cried… and I have no idea what they were talking about, but with a GQMF crying has gotta touch you…
    Recently the TVXQ one legit made me upset… its like they are moving on but yet they are still at the same spot waiting for that OT5 reunion and how Yunho was like, we are guarding the name while waiting for our friends… legit cried…

    This… is so funny… I thought JGS was AB, thats why he is part of Chocoball… but well Chocoball have non AB as well… as Heechul cast his network wide… hahaha… can you imagine the craziness that ensues when they gather?

    Remember some cuts of JGS and Heechul host Inkigayo back in the days… they are a riot… together with Mung Ji Hyo hohohoho…

    You guys cap some of the funniest expression… an expression that Ho Dong does when he is totally lost and is baffled, kinda like saying… “omg… what is this kid trying to do or say?! I am worried! This is going on air!”

  23. 23 carrot

    I actually like the last screencap – kang ho dong’s expression. heh.

  24. 24 aramint

    aaa… i always wonder how come he is heechul’s BFF…now i see it…hahaha..

  25. 25 Arhazivory

    lol. That was good. He’s one of the stars I know the least about, so this has given me a look into his personality. I remember the articles about him wanting to be friends with Seung-Gi…I’d like to see them interacting with each other. Seung Gi has a way of delivering dry remarks that show up a person’s character, so I can foresee a hilarious convo between them. XD

  26. 26 djes

    Hahah, interesting. I wonder if things can lead you to “Come to Play” Chocoballs edition.
    So now I know why JGS can join that group with Kim Heechul and the like, they’re basically the same, pretty man with big ego.

    I read about the text he sent to Lee Minho, hahaha. I wonder what was on his mind at that moment.

  27. 27 Yuaekito

    Want to watch the whole thing… its such a surprise!!

  28. 28 Lisa

    Hahahaa… Everyone shock with his goofyness??

    He is chocoball member = guaranteed crazy people!! XD

  29. 29 Eliza Bennet

    Thank you for this! I’m totally entertained by your comments on JGS and Ho Dong’s reaction to him.

    I think what JGS has in spades is acting talent and I love watching him on screen. In real life he sounds like he might be a handful but how adorable he looks in the screen caps. One can’t help but be charmed.

    And the photobook gift? That has got to be a variety trick or something. He can’t be that clueless since even if he sincerely thought this may be a good gift, he has a manager, assistants, people who advise him no? That is probably just a trick to get the viewers entertained.

    • 29.1 xine

      Yes I think so – I don’t know anything about this show but some of it sounds like it must be a set up for laughs?

  30. 30 Ani

    I hope one of these we would get Night After Night. That show was a hoot once upon a time. Don’t know how it’s fairing these days. Thanks for the recap ladies.

    • 30.1 jcl

      I liked NAN too, but it was cancelled a few months ago

    • 30.2 Alvina

      I know!~ I think they out of the blue cancelled that show.

      Ani, since you’re very much the variety show lover [as I am] what’s your current show?

      • 30.2.1 Ani

        Well, the producers were talking about “restructuring” or whatever after what happened to Daesung, but I wouldn’t think that would have been a reason to cancel it. Flagging ratings maybe? I’m sad because I love Kim Jae-dong and that was one of his shows that I actually tried to follow.

        I stay on top of watching Happy Together (because KBSWorld is awesome with subs), although the guests can be boring at times, but the main cast keeps things lively if that’s the case. Secret is another one. The secrets people reveal about the idols get boring but it was fun when Heechul was there, and the currently airing episodes with him are a blast. I love it when the guests, like Shim Eunjin, start revealing secrets about the MC, and the MC start panicking. HAHAHA. I also check into QoM every once in a while, and Running Man is a given. And the usual 1N2D. Star King here and there….. Actually, I like visiting iTheTimeBlog too and just watching whatever they have when I’m in the mood.

        Here’s a link:

        • aznative

          Thanks for this link. I look forward to seeing these variety shows.

          • Ani

            No problem, but the real gold is here:


            You would have to sign up, but Boo uploads as soon as episodes are aired.

  31. 31 oddworld

    Now I am 100% convinced JGS is gay

    • 31.1 Z


    • 31.2 Amy


    • 31.3 Cam

      ……..NO WAY. (shook my head)

      Hey, what if JGS would come back from the military service and he might change himself like as man?


    • 31.4 JuJu

      YES, I feel you, Cam.

    • 31.5 Christy

      I have a feeling he is..uhm gay! Hope he doesn’t turn flamingly gay though.

    • 31.6 t-berry

      yup..i see that too…….

  32. 32 umm

    Lol no wonder jgs is bff with heechul

  33. 33 meilani.randy

    Keun Suk is honest to the core..i believe that now..
    well despite his “unbelieveable ego” he really is a great star..he cares about his fans, never seen other star treats their fans like Keun Suk does..

    thanks for the article ladies..
    and please write artcles about 2PM show….the beastly boyz deserves to be in your blog…

  34. 34 mayadee

    I thought Jang Geun Suk was one of the members of infamous Jjokobol/Chocoball (A group which consists of AB Blood Type Korean Celebrities), and the chairman president is Kim Hee Chul, the ultimate 4D celeb. I remember Heechul said they often hang out together with other chocoball members such as Lee Hongki, Sangchu, Simon D, Ju Sungmo etc. So, I’m not surprised that he’s SO hilarious in knee drop guru. I think Geun Suk should try and become a guest in one of famous Korean variety show such as Infinity Challenge or Running Man. I’d love to see him also in Happy Together 😀

  35. 35 maldita

    Hodong should be happy he never had Geunseok AND Heechul together as guests in one of his shows. I have a feeling Heechul influenced Geunseok waaaaaay too much. Just reading all the things he said and Hodong’s reaction, it’s like Heechul twin.

    • 35.1 maldita

      Here’s the video of JGS shuffling in Rain’s concert:


    • 35.2 Porcelain

      Well Heechul ever said, people were saying he should not influence JGS or something and Heechul retorted? “What influence? That boy is ALREADY like that!”
      Hahaha I think it was one of Heechul old cyworld update before he turns into this twitter maniac…

  36. 36 Hipployta

    This is totally bringing that Chocoball interview on Come To Play to mind…he ABSOLUTELY fits in with that crowd. Heck I’m thinking back to when he hosted Inki with Heechul…awesome times. Considering how Ho Dong is when Heechul comes to Strong Heart with 20 other people I imagine JGS is really stunning him LOL. I would love for the Chocoball crowd to get him in an interview LOL.

    And now I miss Heechul…*goes to look at the daily photo his army unit posts of him on their website*

    ELFs/Undead/Petals UNITE!

  37. 37 Mindy

    He is just hilarious and witty. I think people will either hate him or love him.

    I watched the subs. Kuen Suk has always been this crazy, Heechul and a lot of the members from Chocoball already said that many times. In fact, i think beside Heechul, he might be the weirdest in Chocoball. Although he is crazy and random, he really treats his fans very well.

    I think he is allowed to be himself and show his personality more than a lot of other artistes ( esp Korean actors ) because he is the boss so one is going to restrict his behaviour.

    Looking forward to the 2nd part of the interview.

  38. 38 Bogo shipta

    Kang ho-dong has such a larger than life presence and personality. I love his lightning speed reflexes which is used so well on this show. I first got to know about this show when Rain appeared on Golden Fishery. KHD amazed me with his razor sharp wit and the banter back & forth was so good. I also learnt it is the show that is known for celeb slip -ups (ie them fessing up who they are dating, etc) and it is due to his ” interrogation ” style

    They almost got Kwon Sang woo once, before he admitted to being linked to his now wife

  39. 39 foraredrose

    Thank you for recapping this episode! Fate works in pretty awesome ways 😀

  40. 40 Marina

    Must download this episode when I get home!
    Seriously, JGS doesn’t seem like he’s 25 yrs old! He’s all over the place and giddy just talking about himself (and wanting Seung-gi’s appeal). He makes me feel like an old woman and wer’e almost the same age!
    I love his text to Lee Min-ho…I wish I could have seen his reaction to the random text from JGS, especially the 2nd one “I like Girls!”.
    I do have to say I wouldn’t mind receiving his photobook or the paper dolls as a present, especially directly from him 🙂

  41. 41 Christy

    He’s so full of himself it’s so hilarious and cute!

  42. 42 Z

    JGS is weird… hands down. He’s not all there in the head. I used to think it was just the clothes but, after reading this I’m convinced there’s something wrong with him. Who goes through such a range of emotions because Lee Min Ho takes 15 minutes to reply to a random text? I waited longer for my best friends to reply to me on the day I was giving birth!

    And, he thinks he’s a girl. He’s a couple of lightbulbs short of a full deck, or whatever the saying is.

    Great recap, though… thanks ladies.

    • 42.1 foraredrose

      I think it’s different if you’re contacting someone that you haven’t met face-to-face. While 15 minutes isn’t that long, it’s pretty reasonable to worry about if you sounded weird or said something wrong, particularly as there’s no face-to-face interaction. I do that a lot with e-mails that I send to people I don’t know. LOL that he blamed it on his blood type though 😛

  43. 43 mich

    part 2 of the interview that aired a few hours ago is already up (without subs)

  44. 44 SprinkledPink

    I just finished watching the episode. JGS hammed it up quite a bit. Some parts were funny, but overall I felt that he was trying a little too hard.

    Still though, interesting interview.

  45. 45 ahjummabunnylove

    I’ve laughed until my head feels light. The poor kid! I wonder how he’ll feel when he sees this later.

  46. 46 myweithisway

    I want one of those dolls, so cute!

    He’ll always be my first k-drama/idol love!

  47. 47 egg

    Oh i thought it was a common thing to give your own album/photobook/DVD as gifts when going on variety shows. It’s like a way to promote your work/persona (same thing with going on variety shows) isnt it?

  48. 48 Venus

    LOOOOOOL he is just full of himself….but deep down he is a very lonely and insecure person, who needs a constant reminder that he is love. I guess that why he goes through great lenght to please his fans. The kid got tons of talent there is no dispute about that, is just his 4D personality can be a little bit too much.

  49. 49 Andrea

    Love it! Wish I could see this (but sadly at work) but will check out the links when I get home. I love JGS. I follow his twitter posts (google translate is my friend) and yeah, he’s full of himself but love it because he’s hilarious. He posted a lot of pictures recently going thru Japan and finding billboards of himself and took pictures next to them. Not surprised that its hard to make friends in this business. Seems like most of the people around him are associates. I think he’s just living it up right now.

  50. 50 hunterbear

    Dosa? Nom.

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