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Variety Roulette: Strong Heart
by | September 5, 2011 | 182 Comments

So 1 Night 2 Days is ending soon, which happens just as I was getting into this whole variety world, which is so close and yet so far from the world of scripted television. (Even allowing that yes, variety can be scripted too.)

With the overwhelming number of variety programs out there — seriously, a ton — it can be pretty daunting trying to find out what show does what and when, and what its themes and formats are. So Girlfriday and I thought we might take a crack at all the variety shows out there and pick up random episodes in a series we’re calling Variety Roulette: No preplanning, no following special guests, just pick an episode and dive in.

We plan to take a look at as many different shows as we have time for, and are starting off with one particular hit talk-show offering, SBS’s Strong Heart. Keep your eyes peeled for more installments to come in the future! What shows or what episodes we’ll pick, we have no idea. We’ll go where the wind takes us.

EPISODE 93. Broadcast on August 30, 2011.

Emceed by variety kings Kang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi, this is a Tuesday program that takes the humble talk show and juices it up by a factor of twenty. The panelists in this episode, broadcast last Tuesday, include: The members of boy band Super Junior, here just days before Heechul’s enlistment in army duty; newish actors Im Soo-hyang and Sung Hoon, co-stars from New Gisaeng Story; and drama veteran Choi Min-soo.

javabeans: I’ve actually seen little bits of Strong Heart here and there, but never enough to get a sense of the show — I’ve always been confused as to the format, and why there are so many guests, and why the seating is the way it is. So this is the first episode I’ve seen in its entirety. And while I can’t speak to the quality of the episodes as a whole, I think I got lucky with a pretty entertaining episode to mark my initiation to the show.

girlfriday: Strong Heart is basically like Talk Show: Thunderdome.

javabeans: Seriously, I caught the intro to the previous episode (it looks like this one’s a continuation) and it’s got Iron Chef-like music and bombast. I half-expect the opening announcer to declare, “Allez cuisine!”

girlfriday: There are two MCs, Kang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi, and a set of regular “cast members” who do little side bits and add to the conversation and give big reactions — the comedians in the back row, the Super Junior boys (not the bucketfuls in this episode — just Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong). And then you invite a slew of guests to sit in the main seats and tell a bunch of stories, and the studio audience votes on the best one. The entertaining part for me is when the MCs give the guests crap for telling lame, unfunny or self-aggrandizing stories.

javabeans: I notice that with Korean variety programs, there’s no introductory bit to get you up to speed. They just assume you know the format and dive in — the opposite from American reality shows, where they’ve built in a framework that gets repeated episode after episode until you can pretty much recite, say, Tyra Banks’ entire judging spiel as she reveals which one of the two beautiful girls standing before her will have to go back to the house, pack her bags, and leave, and which one is still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.

girlfriday: I used to have this DVR sweet spot for how to fast-forward through that kind of bullshit.

javabeans: Right? “You’re fired.” “The tribe has spoken.” “Please pack your knives and go.” “You’re in or you’re out.” They got to be so ridiculous that they actually went from annoying back around to funny again.

girlfriday: Because when people say things in that tone of This is a catchphrase, it’s friggin’ hilarious.

javabeans: Like with all those D-list copycat shows. Shear Genius: “This was your final cut.” (Groan.) Stylista: “You’re not the right fit.” (Uh, ouch? Isn’t that kind of insulting? Especially since I recall there was a plus-sized girl on that show. Oh crap, I’ve just outed myself as having seen it, haven’t I? FOR SHAME.)

girlfriday: I’m ashamed by association.

javabeans: Like you have no skeletons in your pop-culture closet of shame.

girlfriday: I have NO idea what you’re talking about. *hides 80% of dvd collection*

javabeans: There are upsides to each approach: While I appreciate not having the same old spiel hammered into my head for hundreds of episodes, there’s also this weird feeling of displacement I get from watching a show like Strong Heart for the first time. I generally get the premise, but the little things that the show takes for granted that you know are sort of lost on me. For instance, I get that there’s some sort of competitive aspect to it, because after a couple stories are told, there’s that split-screen and one guest gets blasted with…is that air? Smoke?

girlfriday: Hot air? (hur hur)

javabeans: Netizen mouthfire?

girlfriday: Well THAT would be frightening. It’s thankfully limited to studio-audience-surrogate mouthfire.

javabeans: I enjoy how the whole first part of the show is spent roasting Leeteuk, aka Teuk hyung, aka leader of mega-boy band Super Junior. At first you’re thinking, “This is amusing.” And then, one after another, the Suju boys take turns tarnishing his image by outing his little quirks, and it becomes hilarious.

girlfriday: I love stuff like this, especially when it’s the younger ones ganging up on the hyung.

javabeans: Donghae tells a story, for instance, about how before Suju, they were in a different boy band together called Smile, of which “Teukie hyung” was also leader. Donghae was just 17 and still in high school — he looks like a baby in that photo! — and after a rowdy World Cup match that Korea had won, they’d run into three older guys and tensions sparked. (Two guys were built “like Kang Ho-dong” and one was built “like Eunhyuk” — shorthand meaning two burly dudes and one wimp. Ha!) Donghae’s temper got the best of him and he talked back, and ended up getting beat up while Teuk was trying to take on the lone wimp. Later at home, Teuk had burst out all emotionally, “I’m sorry your hyung couldn’t protect you!” He disappeared and showed up a few hours later, and when the manager asked where he’d been, he mumbled, “Sa…saum…” which means fighting — or it does until he finally completes the word, which turns out to be “Sauna.” HAHAHA.

girlfriday: The stories make him sound like a hothead, except he’s all talk, no action.

javabeans: Right? Like when Yesung recounts the story about driving in Teuk hyung’s car and getting into a tiff with a car of seven men and women, who’d hit his car in road rage. Leeteuk had gotten out of the car, growling that they were all dead…until the three women recognized him, and suddenly he was all smiles and polite bows, a la Dokko Jin. Yesung was confused and asked what that was about, and Leeteuk had grumbled, “If only those women hadn’t recognized me, they would’ve all been dead!”

girlfriday: Heechul calls him a genius, but in the sly self-preserving way, where you sell your brothers up the river to save yourself. They ask Choi Min-soo what he thinks, and he laughs, “All artists are con men.” Heechul quips, “He’s not an artist who cons… he’s a con man that does art!”

javabeans: I love Heechul’s other example of Leeteuk’s “genius.” On a previous episode of Strong Heart, they’d made a deal beforehand to say nice things about each other. But when Heechul had been praising him, Leeteuk had welled up with tears and even exited the stage, ostensibly because he was so overwhelmed with emotion. Therefore: No Heechul praise, and lots of Leeteuk sympathy. Haha.

girlfriday: I think that story says more about Heechul than Leeteuk.

javabeans: There’s also Shindong’s story (see? it’s a pile-on) about how Leeteuk’s actually really weak to the power of suggestion, so he and the others were teasing him before a performance, saying, “This outfit looks better. Actually, now that one looks better. No, the first one. Now I like the third.” Leeteuk had gotten angry but the guys kept going, until finally he lashed out by grabbing Eunhyuk by the throat and making him cry. Awwww. Leeteuk admits that he chose not to grab Shindong or Sungmin because one’s bigger than him and the other knows martial arts. Eunhyuk points out that even in this flash of anger, he’d had the foresight to calculate which one of them was the weakest, HA.

javabeans: And then later, Kyuhyun tells how he was the newest entry to the group and had a hard time with Leeteuk, who wasn’t very warm to him at first. The guys point out that Leeteuk’s really good at picking on the weakling, which seems pretty true. Oh man, he’s getting an image beatdown, but even then Leeteuk works his “variety genius” and says calmly that he’s not upset to hear all this, because it’s proof of how close Suju is — and that if they actually felt that way about him now, they wouldn’t be able to say so.

girlfriday: It’s Choi Min-soo’s turn and he offers up a free Q&A, where he’ll answer any random questions that people have. Seung-gi asks if it’s true that he once turned down a Spielberg film. He says it’s true–Spielberg came to Korea to meet with him for Gladiator, but Choi Min-soo turned him down. Ho-dong asks if he ever regrets it from time to time. Without reservation, he blurts, “I TOTALLY regret it!” Hee.

javabeans: It’s the comic timing that makes this moment. He’s telling this story like the cool, movie star stud he is, and it misleads you into thinking he’s going to dismiss it all with some wise adage or insight. And then comes the punchline and he’s all honest and dorky, berating himself for being crazy enough to reject Steven Spielberg.

girlfriday: Choi Min-soo totally has this half drunk rocker, half mountain guru way of talking, and he spouts all these edicts, which is usually Ho-dong’s job. (I especially love when Ho-dong’s edicts go awry, which is often.) Seung-gi turns to Ho-dong and chides, “Are you taking a break today?”

javabeans: I do love one of his comments, where he holds out an arm and indicates its length: “People have this road, right? And if they walk back and forth this much, they get bored. So let’s say we increase the angle. It’s a little harder to walk back and forth now, but it’s worthwhile. So you raise it higher. Now when you get to the top, you feel like you’ve won over yourself. Even higher [holding his arm vertical], it feels like the top of the world is yours. And this is all just in difference of angle. Now let’s take the opposite case. If you lower the angle, the path becomes easy. Lowering it more, it’s super comfortable. [Holding his arm nearly vertical downwards] If you get too familiar here, you fall. In life, you need balance.” It helps that he says it in this matter-of-fact way, not in the puffed-up “I know I’m saying something cool” way.

girlfriday: Siwon tells this really elaborate story about Athena that pretty much amounts to: I wanted to show off my abs and/or some part of my half-naked body, but was foiled at every opportunity because of the production’s adherence to realism. PFFFFFFFFFT! Okay, what? Are we talking about the same drama? Dude, this guy’s like the Korean Matthew McConaughey. I’m suddenly less interested if you’re just GIVING it away.

javabeans: It’s hilarious, this basic admission that every Siwon role has to come with an abs scene. It’s just part and parcel. Why else would you cast Siwon? And he’s fully aware of this, and expecting this, and preparing all the while to keep his body in tip-top form. I can’t believe the drama was like, “Sorry, we’ve had lots of Woo-sung abs and Seung-won abs, no need for Siwon’s!” As though too many abs detracts from the drama’s believability factor.

girlfriday: They ask what Cha Seung-won is like, and Siwon says they can ask themselves because Cha Seung-won is sitting around, waiting for their call. His ringtone is from Best Love! Aw, how cute. He says that Seung-gi was really nice to do the cameo and even though the shoot took all day, he never once complained. Seung-gi: “I complained at home.” Heh.

javabeans: Everyone perks up when he comes on the line, sitting up a little straighter, amazed that he’s actually on the phone with them. I love the meta of this moment, which totally reminds me of the reactions when Dokko Jin calls in to SeBaKwi (the World Changing Quiz show).

girlfriday: Ho-dong asks which hoobae Cha Seung-won thinks is better looking — Seung-gi or Siwon? He goes about describing how they’re both pretty in different ways, and then ends with: “I’m the handsomest!” Hahahaha.

javabeans: It’s the perfect way to win the laugh, and also answer the question diplomatically, ’cause basically Ho-dong’s rustlin’ up trouble by asking. Ha.

girlfriday: Ho-dong tells him that Choi Min-soo is here, and immediately Cha Seung-won’s voice changes, “Ah, hyung-nim!” Isn’t it weird how even in a 30-second phone call, you can hear the difference in an exchange between two alpha males? They get very terse but keep strict rules. Choi Min-soo tells him that another sunbae is there (Song Kyung-chul, who is older than him), and tells Cha Seung-won to greet him first. Seung-gi asks why Gu Ae-jung never came on Steel Heart, and asks Cha Seung-won to come visit instead. Choi Min-soo suddenly calls out: “Seung-won-ah! I love you!” all while chomping down on a choco pie. Oh my god, why is he so funny?

javabeans: It’s totally the randomness of everything, combined with his star power and his comic timing, right? Plus there’s also the fact that my point of reference when thinking of Choi Min-soo (and I suspect this is the case for a lot of people) is always his star turn in Sandglass, where he was a badass gangster. He’s the ultimate man’s man, the macho Korean star, the antidote to the pretty boy… and then you have him on Strong Heart cracking jokes and goofing off with idols and it’s just so hilarious and dissonant.

girlfriday: It’s time for Teuk-ki Gayo, a segment that used to be more elaborate with people showing off weird abilities or doing impressions and then dancing as a last resort, but this time Super Junior dances and they just do a big round of embarrassing photos. Wow, that one of Leeteuk looks like it’s CG’ed. Do people’s faces do that?

javabeans: It looks like they caught him mid-roller coaster ride. You know what’s funny about this segment isn’t even the old photos of idol stars, but their reactions to them. I find myself being impressed with the guys who just show the photo proudly, like, “So what if I looked like a dork?” Whereas some are so embarrassed that they immediately hide them.

girlfriday: It’s Im Soo-hyang’s turn, and she’s someone I don’t know, but I can tell right away that she’s going to be in that category of really dim actors who come on this show and tell ego-puffing stories and then become joke fodder. This kind of stuff is Strong Heart’s bread and butter, because it’s almost guaranteed that the jokes will go over their heads. Some manage to turn it around and make fun of themselves, though, which is awesome.

javabeans: She’s from New Gisaeng Story, which is why I think she’s now a household name. Er, maybe not that popular, but much more well-known. She’s not very funny or very sharp, and I keep thinking the whole time that she looks like Park Han-byul except with distracting eye surgery.

girlfriday: She fails pretty hilariously at this story where she attempts to explain the difference in line delivery, choosing to use the phrase: “…Kang Ho-dong is fat,” “Kang Ho-dong… is fat,” and “Kang Ho-dong is… fat.” (There is no perceivable difference in her performance.)

javabeans: It’s inadvertently funny in that her point is to show different acting techniques…except because they all sound the same, it actually proves she’s a bad actor. But she completely misses that implication.

girlfriday: Young-chul determines that the end result is that all three are annoying. HA.

girlfriday: Ho-dong makes Soo-hyang and Heechul do a staring contest, which is one of Ho-dong’s favorite activities that he likes to make people do whenever any minuscule hint of romantic interest is implied between two people (a stare-off to see who laughs or turns away first, indicating feeeeelings). It goes on for a while and Heechul starts to turn on the greasy charm, and then out of the blue Choi Min-soo snarks at Heechul, “You know in the monitor, you look like Kim Sumi.” It slays the whole room.

javabeans: Especially since Heechul picks up that joke right away and shoots out an eerily spot-on Kim Sumi impression, with her raspy grandma voice. Yesung proceeds to tell a story about his father and how they used to not get along, but after his father got into a serious accident, he had a sort of epiphany and decided he’d try harder to mend fences, and now he’s moved his parents up to Seoul and set up a shop for them to manage because Dad can’t work at his old job anymore. It’s one of those stories designed to wring tears, which is why I sort of chafe at it. The thing is, I like the aura of this Yesung kid (I don’t know much about him outside of this) and I don’t get the sense he’s being sly or manipulative, but the story in this show context is pure manipulation. For some reason I’m fine with guests preparing funny stories, but something about preparing a story that’s designed to tug at the heartstrings feels disingenuous. So I find myself half-tuning out, lest I cringe instead at the uncomfortable feeling I get from the manufactured sympathy.

girlfriday: This happens quite often — the mom/dad tear-inducing story prepared to wring tears. Most of them are exactly like this one, but a few do actually manage to be different and genuinely moving. Though that’s the rare case. It’s often, as with most stuff on this show, all in the delivery.

javabeans: Well, I do feel that he’s sincere about his feelings. It’s just the delivery isn’t so sharp. But it’s better than inane, I guess. Why does that Im Soo-hyang chick annoy me so much?

girlfriday: Because she’s annoying? Along with her co-star, who’s equally empty.

javabeans: Touché. But Sung Hoon at least has a better story. Hers is that vapid thing that some girls do, the “Oh, it’s such a burden being so pretty!” thing. For instance, her big “complex” (insecurity) is her gaze, which everyone tells her is too sexy. Oh boo frickin’ hoo.

girlfriday: The Strong Heart term for her kind of story is 지자랑 [self-praise], which the MCs freely call people out on.

javabeans: Ha. Apt.

girlfriday: Ho-dong’s favorite thing to ask actresses is, “Have you always thought you were pretty?” which is kind of a trap for that, either way you answer.

javabeans: I love that. So. Much.

girlfriday: I guess that’s why I like this show. It’s snarktastic.

javabeans: I know! I feel freer to admit the things I dislike if it’s part of the format! For instance, Sungmin tells a sorta cute story that then, I think, goes awry. It starts out with him saying how he really wanted to get closer to one of his co-stars on President, and you’re supposed to think he meant a woman like Wang Ji-hye, until he admits it was Mr. President himself, Choi Su-jong. Who is like an A-list drama star.

girlfriday: And a dude.

javabeans: So that’s cute. And then the conversation skews to how the boys never liked him in school because they were jealous of his popularity with girls, and he demonstrates with Im Soo-hyang and gets waaaay too touchy-feely for my comfort, and actually comes across as a creepy stalker dude, except that he’s really pretty.

girlfriday: It’s disconcerting because it’s greasy and weird, but coming from this kkot minam who looks twelve.

javabeans: Unsolicited back rubs are not okay! But I guess we’re supposed to find it innocuous, since Im Soo-hyang says he has the aura of an unni more than an oppa. Then he’s called over to sit by Choi Min-soo, and he’s hilariously timid and awkward, like he’s afraid the scary man is going to do something…scary. I love how his Suju-mates Siwon and Eunhyuk are both giggling and cringing for him, and the caption reads, “I can’t watch…” My thoughts exactly.

girlfriday: I love all of Heechul’s little comments, like when Sung Hoon stops in the middle of a story to turn to him and say, “I really like you.” Heechul just mugs for the camera and sighs, “Looks like another article’s coming out.”

javabeans: Heechul’s awesome. He has really sharp comic timing, and knows when to make a jab, and when to take a hit himself.

girlfriday: Plus he’s just got that “I am fabulous” air going on at all times.

javabeans: But he is. So it’s okay.

girlfriday: He’s the only kind of diva I like — the kind that can make fun of himself.

javabeans: Let’s just hope the army doesn’t beat it out of him. See you in two years, Heechul!


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  1. Caitlyn

    This was so funny, variety roulette is an awesome idea! I look forward to future instalments. A good episode to start with too!

    • 1.1 jossy

      Its variety recaps – Bokbulbok style!
      I love this recap, was meaning to catch this particular ep cause of Choi Minsoo and the Suju lot but you guys have done a great merit.. tehe..

      Awesome recap and I too, hope Heechul returns from the Army with his diva ‘tude intact.

  2. rfpchar

    yes job well done girls even though it’s new to me…If I’m not wrong, this is the first time you girls recap Strong Heart show…looking forward for more..:))

  3. bevz08

    wow!!! im happy!! even if i cant watch them i can read the recaps now!!! Thanks guys!

  4. Y

    I saw Strong Heart on tv before but totally didn’t get its appeal. This recap makes me feel like giving it another chance.

    Yay for variety roulette! Looking forward to discovering more good varieties.

  5. ck1Oz

    OMG 🙂 I love love Strong Heart and the subs we have sucks.SO thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    • 5.1 Angielee

      would you like to watch this episode with subs???it’s on youtube from the user name sup3rjunior13 =)

  6. jcl

    I love Heechul! He’s so awesome and witty, plus he’s like friends with everyone. The previous ep. it was revealed he’s close with choi min soo.

    Actually what hooked me on this show is the first ep with G Dragon, he’s also another amazing storyteller. He did a great routine to Boom’s Boom Up and you have to see him tell the story of when he saw Sean of Jinusean after a show, Hilarious!

    sometimes I think the show is a bit manipulative and other times there are too many guests, there are eps where some of the guests don’t say a thing which is wierd. All in all, it’s a fun show and a nice mix of pop stars and usually drama stars.

  7. Jliem

    Thank you so much for this episode!!

    Seriously, I’m SO GLAD you picked Super Junior’s special out of all that could have gotten it. ^^

    Background story: Yesung is known as one of the most filial idols out there. His relationship with his parents are well known and his parents are almost as famous as Super Junior among fans. He’s a known mama’s boy as well. ^^
    He’s also a very peculiar behaving boy so he might come off as awkward a lot of times but his brand of eagerness is actually quite endearing once you get to know him. Also his brand of weird octopus dancing and philtrum obsessing. ^^

    Anyway, I really really hope you girls will recap the previous Super Junior ep. 92 as well but I guess that’s probably a stretch. But in your spare time please check out that episode, and also the Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Donghae Strong Heart Summer Special. It was a particularly good episode. As expected whenever Super Junior guests on shows. Overall, most of Strong Heart episodes are worth checking out though.

    It would be also good if you girls decided to check out [regardless of whether it’s for a post or not] Come To Play. Some noticeable episodes include Super Junior and Wonder Girls, Super Junior alone (a must see), and Old Idols (SES Eugene, Sketchies Jiwon, g.o.d. Ho young, HOT heejun, shinhwa dongwan, Finkl joohyun).

    To tell you the truth, I didn’t notice Super Junior until recently, when I discovered them through OSTs but they are variety gems individually but ESPECIALLY when together. I found myself, despite my misgivings, falling for their sense of natural humour and dorkiness, but most of all, their strong bonds between each other.

    Another Super Junior old shows that must not be missed (you don’t need to recap it but it would be a sad thing in life if anybody who has anything to do with Korean TV never watched them in their lives) are Explorers of Human Beings EHB, or Full House.

    • 7.1 Jliem

      also.. you can’t forget Yesung’s brand of turtle petting as well. (explored in Super Junior Come to play with philtrum)

      • 7.1.1 akane

        You forgot BUG COLLECTING!!!

        Isn’t it hilarious when DBSK is all serious about their sports and Super Junior are like… this is what I did in school…

      • 7.1.2 akane

        I also recommend Super Junior Intimate Note (One of the best variety episodes I have ever seen.) Other good intimate episodes include Shinhwa’s. Fly to the sky Intimate note was also touching.

        Here’s an EHB preview just to tempt JB&GF to check it out.. ^^

        Another old show I would recommend (X100000 times) is Manwon Haengbok (or Happy Shares Company). It is HILARIOUS what people can do when hungry.
        All episodes are funny but episodes featuring Super Junior are particularly lol worthy. (Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin, and Shindong). Son Ho young and TOP also were in an episode which was funny.

        • JD

          second SUJU’s intimate note. I downloaded it just to put it in my mp3 player to watch again and again!!

    • 7.2 djes

      well put! Super Junior boys are variety gems. While their music maybe…not so much ( I love them, no hate here ) but they fit the best on most variety shows.

      And your recommendations! Very good. Javabeans and Girlfriday, if you guys have time, should check them out. ( yes, no need to make a post for that, just enjoy it! :D)

      Variety Shows are mood booster for me. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I watch old ep of variety ( randomly on my folder ), I can laugh and feel better.
      Talk about cheap medication for stress problem!!

      • 7.2.1 akane

        Oooh. I love anybody who likes Super Junior!!!
        You’re right about variety shows being a good medication. Whenever I’m feeling down, I watch an episode of Intimate note, or FH or EHB and suddenly I’m laughing so much I’m forgetting what I was even sad about.

        Seriously though… as for their music, you should give them a chance. They are a lot more than their electronic title songs. If you listen to their albums, most of their songs are not dance songs. They are one of the most diverse idol groups in terms of music out there, going from pop, to rock, to trot, to ballad, to funky. And all members are serviceable at singing (I know they don’t have that reputation but if you look for clips where they are serious, they ALL sing decently. It’s just that they are not serious most of the time due to hang ups). Maybe you should try listening to their full albums (the 5th one, 3rd one, 2nd one or their sub-units albums as well).

        A video to make you laugh: ^^

        • akane

          Also, 3 members of Super Junior won 4 times for Immortal Song 2 in just 14 episodes… That does say something as well.

          • Porcelain

            *Waves* Hello ELFs… Ok… I hope I am not being crazy…

          • akane

            lol. You’re not being crazy… ^^
            Or if being crazy means being entertained by adorkable boys… then the world should be a mental institution. 😀
            Btw, ELF is already plural. It stands for Ever Lasting Friends as a fanclub name. ^^ (But of course, it works as singular too.)

          • Angielee

            sorry…did I miss one win???all I know is that Yesung won for their second legend which was boohwal and then Kyu won the last 2 legends one for his rock song with jungmo and then the last one with his sister…was there another new episode??

          • akane

            no… heechul won 1st place with hongki for their duet too. ^^

          • Ming

            I think kyu should have won the episode where he sang with kim min jong too… He sang so well. It was entertaining yet professional at the same time. He knew exactly how to build up the atmosphere, such that at the climax of the song, practically the whole theatre was singing along. He sang with so much confidence and they were actually singing to each other, and not alone. This is how a duet should be done. They were communicating through singing, unlike some others who just concentrated on how perfect they were, failing to capture the audience’s attention. Everyone don’t be offended, but I think kyu’s performance was way better than jaebum’s.

        • miss ha

          Yes, please go listen to Kyuhyun sing (he’s the maknae of Super junior) on his 110903 immortal song 2 performance: or Maybe check out “Storm”, their fifth song on their fifth album on youtube. I used to scoff at Super junior’s popularity and write them off as just being idols who can kind of dance but now I am now a big fan of them!

          thanks for the video links and recommendations of previous variety shows, Akane! (i haven’t seen some of them cos I just rediscovered SUJU this summer. 🙂

          • akane

            ur welcome… ^^ dont hesitate to ask for more… there’s LOOOOOTS of suju to catch up… (6 yrss of busy busy work. ^^)

  8. Jas

    PLEASE recap strong heart!!!!!! These episodes are almost never subbed so I can never watch it!! But thank you for recapping this episode– I understand so much more when you give details and explanations!! Thanks again 🙂

    • 8.1 jojo

      You can watch subbed versions of Strong Heart (including Eps 92 and 93) on Drama Crazy…

    • 8.2 Lisa

      for Strong Heart ep. 92 n 93 you can go to Sup3rjunior dot com, they already made the sub ^^

  9. ajewell

    Such an awesome concept! Can’t wait to see what other variety shows you do next!!

    I’ve watched a couple episodes of Strong Heart, but never managed to get hooked. I guess it works best when you know all the guests, and can take an active interest in the stories they’re telling… I really only watched it in the past as a 1N2D fan, since I knew Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi were the hosts. Of course, if the entire cast of 1N2D was on it (including past guests, and some of the cast) I’d be there in a heartbeat!!

  10. 10 jojo

    Ep. 92 and 93 were both two of the better episodes. (I’m a SuJu ELF) I follow the show, but most episodes are not that great; there are other good ones, including eps. 27 & 28 (I think) Rain and SuJu members were on. Shindong is a regular and he does a lot of impersonations (male and female) which are hilarious.

    I, too, find the seating awkward. Most of the actresses wear such short skirts, that they can’t sit down without covering their legs with that god-awful yellow blanket that’s provided. Women can look sexy in slacks or a pair of tights but some don’t seem to know that.

    • 10.1 Porcelain

      *Waves* Hi Hi Fellow ELF 🙂

  11. 11 djes

    oh i like this post! ( no button,eh? 😛 )
    I fell in love with K-variety, and now watching as many as possible – so now I kinda know tidbits of each shows.
    Strong Heart is indeed interesting, especially if they have guests as good as Heechul, but unfortunately not many of the episodes are subbed.. I understand, it’d be hard to sub this kind of talkshow – you missed the jokes, no interesting guest stars/stories.

    And, yes, Heechul is awesome. He’s fabulous and really has good timing and good sense of humor. If 4D Idol of the 90s is Eric, the one of 2000s is Heechul. He’s weird in his own way, and even sometimes he can be rude, he has this special charm that people just cannot hate him.
    I second your last line, “See you in two years, Heechul!”

    PS : I’m sooo looking forward what show will you discuss next! Thank you!!

  12. 12 adette

    Heechul enlisted? I don’t know why, but every time I try to imagine him in the army I just start giggling 😐 what?

  13. 13 akane

    Thank you so much for this post!!!

    I hope it will lead you to watch more variety shows with Super Junior in it. They are very funny when together.

    You should try Shin’s PD show Super Junior vs Mblaq. Absolutely hilarious as well.

  14. 14 crizzyville

    strong heart at dramabeans?! Wee! Jb u continue to amaze me.. My heart is happy for this.. Will u be recapping this from now on? I hope so.. Now, i’m off to read..

  15. 15 Lordj

    i wish jb and gf will recap older episodes of 1n2d and maybe FO1??? *crosses fingers*

  16. 16 Jolyn

    Im a Yesung super fan 😛
    And he actually said this story in other shows before. I know what you mean when you say that there are always one or two of such stories on Strong Heart and sometimes I get the tiny feeling that they were requested from the artist.
    Yesung is a really unique and funny guy, and he is Really Dorky!
    Its seldom that we see him drop tears (the most recent being this and on immortal song 2) and thats why I treasure such moments alot (Its his true feelings :P)

  17. 17 indigowine

    Gotta say, Heechul /is/ the sharpest and most sarcastic of them all.. if he didn’t like something, he will say it.. but nowadays, i think he grew up cause his timing of taking a hit for himself is tremendous.

    Good work, Heenim!

  18. 18 dramaville

    i am so not ready for 1n2d to end! i started downloading and watching it when you guys started recapping the show. i have not watching kdramas since i started watching it.

  19. 19 1234


  20. 20 hipployta

    Love Heechul…I even used to tune into Young Street and Radio Star for him. You guys should check out 92 too. I enjoy Heechul variety but his 100 pts of 100 appearance last year was awesome because it turned into Chocoball party. I discovered SuJu from him on XMan. I’ll miss him.

    Leeteuk is a slick one…you notice it every episode of Strong Heart …but some of those stories are totally old and retold to win.

    • 20.1 Ani

      It’s funny since I’m not a fan of Super Junior – I don’t drool all over them, but I don’t hate them too. I just don’t know enough about them outside of their Sorry Sorry success. But I do know that I really like Heechul. He’s funny and has what is considered in the kvariety world as “an awesome variety sense”. Shindong was another favorite of mine just for being funny on SGB and Happy Together, until he got that double lid surgery and now I can’t look at him because it looks so weird. Even weirder when he wears the guyliner. XP

      I loved Heechul on New X-Man. He was epic on so many levels. He didn’t have that spark on FO2, but that show was up for failure from the get go.

      Some of the Super Junior boys do have excellent variety skills. It would have been nice to see Heechul and Boom on the same Strong Heart episode for Boom’s return. Now that would’ve been epic.

      • 20.1.1 Hipployta

        I wasn’t a fan of either version of Family Outing but I did watch the Adam Couple episode and a few ones withe Heechul and Jo Kwon being extra silly.

        Heechul has brilliant variety sense…a blue chip as I recall him referring to himself on that one Strong Heart LOL. I have followed him on MANY variety shows. I miss X-Man LOL and that one where you had to guess the top 10 responses…that one episode with him and Han Geng *sigh* Heechul with his greasy flirting…”I was born to make women fall in love with me…it’s not my fault. My Mom and Dad made this face!” BWAHAHAHA…Super Junior Full House.

        The only thing that annoyed about Heechul for a LONG time was his insistence that he was just a pretty face who couldn’t sing when in fact he can. I’m glad Jungmo and Hongki got him to sing again.

        I won’t lie…I’m more a Petal (Heechul fan) than an Undead (SuJu fan with Heechul bias). I miss Han Geng though LOL. I do have their title tracks on my iPod like Don’t Don, U, Sorry Sorry, Bonomana, Superman, and Mr. Simple but for SM I’m more a f(x) and Shinee fan….for whom I own their entire albums and repackage albums LOL.

        Victoria and Key are my biases there LOL.

        As far as SNSD…they’ve grown on me…but aside from Genie I don’t have any of their songs on my ipod. Though they do get the occasional You Tube spin.

        Until this moment I didn’t realize how much variety I’ve watched over the years. You’d think my Korean would be better rather than at this beginner level.

        • Ani

          See, you totally lost me once you started mentioning stuff like Undead and Petal. I didn’t even KNOW there were names for fans for each member or names for fans who liked the group with a bias towards a particular member. I know who SHINee and f(x) are – I like Amber, and I like and know who Onew is thanks to SGB and HTS3 – I just never knew what there company was…. Although, it makes sense since f(x)’s Krystal and a girl in SNSD are sisters – something I also didn’t know until she was on HTS3 .Not a fan of Jo Kwon though. He just rubs me the wrong way somehow. How he was on FO2 completely killed any chance of me liking him. Sorry. But hey, look at it this way, that’s one less fangirl to fight off with a stick.

          I love anything that’s funny no matter what language it’s in, which is why I’m more versed in kvariety than I am to kdramas. But I suck at keeping up with kpop. It’s when they’re featured on variety shows that I have an idea of who they are. Heck, Yoo Jae-suk’s obsession with idol groups (specifically girl groups) is what kind of helped me figure out who was who in the kpop world.

          • Hipployta

            Let me introduce you to SuJu’s evil Maknae (who I love the most after Heechul and Han Geng) Kyuhyun

            Ha ha…I’ll admit my f(x) love started with We Got Married because Victoria is the BEST and that’s how I first heard Nu ABO. Nichkhun is alright too but she rocks. Khuntoria <3 I like Jo Kwon from his time with Ga In on We Got Married…as I said I'm not really a FO person.

            Yes SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krystal are sisters. They do a performance of Tik Tok for SM Town LOL.

            My kpop bias is Big Bang followed by 2NE1 so I guess I'm a YG girl but I have my groups in other companies. Like Brown Eyed Girls with Nega, f(x) and Shinee in SM, IU in Loen, 2PM and Miss A in JYP, and Beast in Cube. I'm still a Uhm Jung Hwa fan (Chodae is my jam) and of course I love Rain. I'm drawing a blank on everyone other than Baek Ji Young at the moment…LOL. I like watching Hyun Joong Leader dance LOL.

          • Hipployta

            And to introduce Key of Shinee. So on Star King he was supposed to eat a donut sexily.

            The first take was SO SEXY they edited it out and had him do a second one that was more “tv appropriate” and you can see everyone is like “Ohhhh”

            Then they showed the reaction people had to the first one which was like “KKYYYYAAAAA OOOHHH” and Jonghyun beating a chair while Minho covers his face

            I still really want to see the too sexy for tv version


          • Ani

            Uh. Wow. Yeah. *scratches head* So I’ve seen 100 out of 100 Points (also known as Oh My School), so I know who some those people are (including Key, but I remember him more from SGB). I watch variety shows, so I have seen that Intimate Note episode, so I also know other members of Super Junior. It’s not that I’m completely oblivious of kpop idols – including BEG, missA, 2PM, etc. I just don’t know all of the names for some groups (like BEG? I only know 2 names, and just 1 song from them), their companies, their underwear preference, and other things if it has not been mentioned on a variety show.

            P.S. I know all the miss A members names through Min’s variety participation. 2PM has guested on variety shows so many times that I got their names down… Sort of… And then etc.
            P.P.S. Thank you for the information, but trust me when I say that I like to take it a step at a time… Preferably through variety shows, because I don’t have time to follow them otherwise. Heh.

          • Hipployta

            If you watch SGB and OMS and so on you should be all over those kpop names LOL. As far as BEG Narsha did G7/IY and Ga In was on We Got Married and was THE couple with Jo Kwon in Adam. Miryo and Jea showed up there too.

            2PM had like 3 idol variety shows so I’m sure EVERYONE knows their names but if you’re not really interested in the music I imagine you wouldn’t know groups.

            Wasn’t Min great on OMS? Between her and Jo Kwon, JYP has the reigning monarchs of kkab

            Like I only know about ZeA thanks to Kwanghee appearances on Strong Heart and being so crazy even though had a reality show too. I know Infinite only because of dance stages even though they are the next big thing and finally won a music show.

          • Ani

            My favorite couple in We Got Married was Jewelry’s Seo In-young and Crown J, and especially Hwangbo and Hyun-joong. Ga-in and Narsha are the big names I know from BEG, so I know the Adam Couple (though not a fan of Kwon and Ga-in, so I don’t follow them) and I know the Khuntoria Couple (although I’ve only bothered with a few of their episodes… They just weren’t funny enough for me).

            ZE:A – Kwanghee is a given, Dong-jun from DTS2
            SNSD – too many; stand out Taeyeon(?) for Win Win, Hip Hop Girl, Sunny cause she’s Kim Jae-dong’s favorite, and then Intimate Note Episode, Yoon-ah who contributed to the meh-ness of FO2 for me
            FCuz – the kid on DTS2
            SHINee – Minho for DTS2 and OMS, Onew is funny, Key is shy, Leader for crying and Hyonemoo made fun of him
            Big Bang and 2NE1 – Know all thanks to Daesung for FO and NAN
            FTTS – Brian Joo and Hwanhee on Intimate Note, and Brian in HTS3, OMS, SGB, etc.
            2AM – through Chungmin’s stories on SGB and National Heroes; also guested on Haha-Mong show
            Homme – 8ight’s Lee Hyeon on DTS2 and the awesomeness of Chungmin
            DBSK – Running Man, X-Man, etc.
            Supreme Team – Simon D for OMS and HOT Brothers; E-sens guesting on OMS
            KARA – all current members; Haha-Mong Show, RM, HTS3, OMS, Intimate Note with SS501 (members of which I only know Hyun-joong and the song Love Like This)
            Superstar K kid – Choir member in QoM
            And many many more including some memorable Maknae on Maknae Rebellion(?) and old school folk like HOT, god, Sechskies, Shinhwa, FinKL, SES, etc.

            So yes, if they’ve been on a variety show that I have access to English subs, and most importantly were not (1) edited out AND (2) were funny to boot, than yes, I think I would remember them, even if I don’t remember their names or know a single song from them. Like Jewelry? I only know 1 song from them: Vari2ty/Variety. FCuz? Nope, I do not know a single song – although it was sung on an episode of DTS2.

            P.S. Wow, now I feel like a dork. I’m gonna stop here.
            P.P.S. If jb and girlfriday recap another show with kpop idols, I’m never going to mention not knowing them and/or not being a fan ever again…. Maybe X/
            P.P.P.S. Reading over this… I sound like a total ass. Oh well. *shrugs*

        • heppee

          I had my craze over super junior like a few years back.. still like them, but not like last time where i went crazy and lost sleep to watch videos of them.. (guess i cant be considered a true blue ELF) my fave was han geng, and because of him, ended up liking heechul too.. miss the 2 of them! so happy to see another one who misses the couple too! (:

          i think heechul is so different and amazing in many ways.. TOTALLY agree that he CAN SING! i always felt he can sing.. hope he does well in army and return with a BANG!

        • Ani

          My short answer is: If they’ve been on a variety show that have subs floating out there (WGM, RM, FO, FO2, NAN, Haha-Mong Show, X-Man, New X-Man, QoM, Intimate Note, Infinity Challenge, HOT Brothers, OMS, DTS2, HTS3, SGB, Win Win, Come To Play, Maknae Rebellion, etc.) and I’ve seen said show, than I would most likely know or remember an idol if they’ve (1) not been edited out and (2) were funny or did something that made them stand out. If I don’t remember their name, chances are I’ll remember the group they’re in and what they look like… Chances are I wouldn’t know a single one of their songs (e.g. FCuz) or know only one song (e.g. Jewelry’s Variety/Vari2ty, or SS501’s Love Like This, 2AM’s I did Wrong, Homme’s 1st [and only?] song) that I’m aware of, but just remember that one instance of awesomeness from a particular member of a particular group.

          • Ani

            Oops. Sorry, double post of the same thing. My first post didn’t appear on DB so I reposted a shorter version. Apparently there was just a delay, and that’s why my post didn’t appear. X/ A very long delay since I opened and closed the window and refreshed the page. Heh.

          • Kes

            Eh, you don’t sound like an ass, I think that’s pretty typical. I only started to recognize Super Junior from watching the shows with them exclusively, and then I still need things to attach names and traits to.

            One note; tf Key is shy, I am Marc Anthony. XD He is a total diva. Even if you’re not a SHINee fan/idol fan, you might enjoy their season of Hello Baby; the SNSD season only mildly interested me, and T-ara’s was too scripted for my taste, but I thought SHINee’s season was really fun to watch.

          • Hipployta

            You don’t sound like an ass…kpop is built around personality these days and based on that girl you KNOW your kpop LOL.

            I started watching WGM because a friend LOVED HwangBo and Hyun Joong and used to write fanfics for them on her LJ LOL.

            Yeah I know Seo In Young from variety too like Oppa Band and Strong Heart but I don’t know any Jewelry songs LOL.

            However Key is not shy. The Almighty Key is that diva. Shinee Hello Baby is the best!

            “Go wake up Eternal Second Place Appa Minho”

            Oh Key…lol

            I got into kpop from dramas (and variety). Some of those OSTs really caught my attention. I still listen to music from the Soulmate OST. *Oh Lasse Lindhe*

  21. 21 Cynthia

    Thanks for the SH recap! You picked a good one – Choi is one of a kind – who would have thought he’d be so funny, especially with his role in WBDS?!
    Heechul will be just fine – he’ll be a desk jockey for the next 2 years – getting through basic training will be the test.
    My favorite SH to date has to be the KING of KINGS episode, especially the phone call to “Yonsamma” with Kim Hyun Joong – you woulda thought that the Pope was on the line, given the obsequious reaction from everyone there. KHJ brought it back down to earth discussing his friendship with BYJ – they talk about drinking and women. Guy stuff!
    Thanks again for the recap – it was fun!

  22. 22 Gloria

    Super Junior+Dramabeans=dream come true…

    • 22.1 miss ha

      yes! 😀

      thanks jb and gf for this!

  23. 23 angel

    Ah I really loveee this post. Thank you so much javabeans and girlfriday. It’s really refreshing to see such random posts on Korean variety. Variety Roulette FTW! 😀

  24. 24 joonni

    I love how you guys took on a this recap of a talk show! I always wondered how it could be done, especially since so many things are going on all at once, and a lot of the fun comes from timing and reactions. You guys are brilliant!

  25. 25 Kes

    Heh, I love strong heart. It could be awful, because some people aren’t good story-tellers, but like you said–the good stories get praised and the bad ones mocked, so it’s all good.

    About Yesung; he is one of SuJu’s best voices, but he’s also their biggest failboat. That kind of awkward charm means that I really doubt that he was trying to be manipulative…most likely he knew he had to have some kind of good story, and he went over his little hoard of stories and either decided or was told that this one was the best.

    I love how much Donghae loves Strong Heart. On his second appearance Eeteuk said that every time it comes on tv Hae talks about ‘Uri Hodong-hyung’, like the earnest 5-year-old he is.

    Heechul is definitely awesome at variety. In an earlier SH ep, his talk was a series of reactions as people got more and more hilarity and disbelief out of his 4d-ness. In the end, another guest said “Great artists are recognized only after their deaths. After his death, Heechul-ssi will be known either as a genius or a crazy bastard.” Heechul immediately said, “Just wait, I’ll be huge in the 22nd century.” XD

    …I really like Strong Heart and SuJu.

    • 25.1 heppee

      which episode is that? i’d love to watch!

  26. 26 akane

    So… This is slightly out of topic but I’m so excited JB&GF are writing a positive Suju related article after a loooong time that I’m positively jumping up and down hyperventilating and I need to channel that excitement somewhere… I feel like I NEED to share Super Junior brotherhood or I might explode… I don’t even care if this comment doesnt get approval. I just need to blow out and I apologise for it.

    Clips of what Super Junior do on their free time (uploaded through their twitter):

    Refreshing game: whoever sleeps will get splashed and have to answer “how do you feel?” with “it’s refreshing”
    It goes from a bottle of water to hardcore bucket. XD

    Embarrasing game: they have to act like rookies and promote

    Rock paper scissors game where the one who loses have to pay for all (only kyu’s is recorded but eunhyuk lost frequently):

    Sports soccer volley game and Refreshing Game pool version:

    Clips of what Super Junior do at their live performances:
    fool around. 🙂
    Watch part 8 of it as well. ^^ It’ll put a smile on your face.

    Clips at what super junior do at their concerts:
    Seriously, who else do acts like this. ^^

    Puff the magic dragon (there’s funnier clips of this but this is the official Seoul version)
    Evil magnae bullying Hyuk in vegetables costumes.

    Also: Kyuhyun is known as the “evil magnae”
    HILARIOUS clip of why it is said so.

    And he really loves leader Leeteuk. (honestly, I’ve lost count the number of times he talked about the ramyun story and the no bed story. Radio Star show, good morning show, Intimate note, Super Junior Foresight, etc.)

    Leader + magnae love =

    Evil magnae “acting” for fans benefit with Leader. LOVELY

    Super Junior’s Engrish:
    Engligh relay game “telephone” game

    Super Junior Full House. English Village episode (ep 10: they get taught in english ep11&12: they get to apply what they learn. The result is pretty obvious: hilarious FAIL with things like “my friend is short. Looks like monkey” and “NO. Im LONG!!!” XD)

    Super Junior Laughing: ^^

    But Super Junior is not all Laughter.
    Shining Star and heartbreaking tears because Hangeng left:
    Fans singing Marry U and making Super Junior cry:
    Super Junior Disbanding hidden camera:
    (ever since that day, Marry U became a special song for ELF and Super Junior. Elf always sing it at concerts and 5th anniversary, etc. )
    Hangeng and Siwon crying

    And also this clip to show that Yesung is really a genuine kid who gets mostly bullied by his dongsaeng:

    Ooopsies… I might have gone way overboard with this… I got too carried away. I’m submitting it because it’s a pity not to but um.. you dont have to post it.

    • 26.1 Lisa

      Muahahahaaa… I love your comment!!!!

      • 26.1.1 akane

        XDDD lol. glad u enjoyed it… XD It’s been a while I got to unleash my love for Super Junior with people being biased againts idols. XD it was relieving. 🙂

    • 26.2 akane

      oooh!! you guys posted it! thanks so much. ^^

    • 26.3 akane

      By the way… I made a mistake… for full house english village episodes, it’s ep 7-9, not 10-12.. T___T I’m a fail.

    • 26.4 Porcelain

      Good job bb… I havent watch some of this clips… but seriously put Suju anywhere near English and they will slay the language… Always dies after watching them in action coz I lol too hard!

      • 26.4.1 akane

        Lol. agreed. ^^ Super Junior + Engrish = Priceless. ^^

        Miley Cyrus “Party in the Yoosa” XDD

        There’s lots more clips where Suju butchers english up but I didnt want to come off as crazy and listen the thousands of clips I have of them. Their “You are so gorgeous” pops up a bit too often. 😉

    • 26.5 Minty V

      @akane, i clicked most of your links… the funny thing is i have watched all of them before hahaha and actually have downloads of some of them… guess that gives me away as an ELF…

      JB and GF, thanks for the article… i love Strong Heart and have watched most of the episodes since 2009… aside from SuJu, i’m also a fan of Kang Ho Dong and Boom… next SH episode, Boom is coming back! the original of Boomkigayo and Boom Academy 😀

      • 26.5.1 akane

        Woohoo!! lol. I guess that DOES make you an ELF *Huggie* or at least an ELF-in-training. ^^

        Have you watched their Happy Shares episodes (for 4 different members)? or their appearances on Yashimmanman YSMM (4 episodes)? or all their star king episodes? or their appearances on chinese shows as SJM (there’s about at least 10 different shows out there)? or on 3 women of color? Or their wake-up show? or their happy day 2 appearances? Or their Idol Show? Or their mini-drama? or their Adonis Show? Or their ep on Change? or their special; on 1000 songs? or etc. etc. etc. I’m getting really carried away… Suju has lots and lots of shows that are worth checking out.
        Anyway, all of those are really really funny. ^^

        Let me know if you need to find them with/without subs… Youtube deleted most of it so it’s a bit tricky now.

        • Lisa

          it looks like i have watch all the list you made, lol
          except happy shares on Hyukkie part, tried to find it but failed, do u by change have the link?

          Lol, i never really expect to find this much ELF in Dramabeans XD

          Btw @DB n GF, Strong Heart usually had coupled episodes for each topic/theme.. So Ep. 93 is the continuation of ep. 92.. And I agree with most of the comments here.. Suju in variety shows are always hillarious, you might want to check their shows for some fun ^^

          • akane

            OMG!! HUUUUUUUUUGSSSSSSS!!! An ELF on DRAMABEANS!!!!! (honestly, it’s rare to find idol fans here… especially 2nd generation idol fans onwards)

            Yes.. I have hyukie’s episode.

            here’s the link. (the rest of the 2 episodes are on the same channel and in the playlist)


            And just because I can… The Happy Shares episode with Kangin, Heechul and Shindong and Hoyoung, Hongki, etc.


            Also, there’s lots of clip where Suju makes appearances in other people’s episode. You might want to watch them too. I miss old shows like X-man and Love Letter or HSC. Good old times.

        • Porcelain

          You are hardcore bb…

          Its really hard to get some of the old school… they have not even debuted a decade and I think some of the stuffs they did when they have done when they debuted are obsolete to find already…

          But glad I watched most of them… just there is too much fanmade/fancam stuff that I can’t follow all…

          I loved Happy Shares – something with hungry celebrities that is really cute, old school Yashimanman, X man – I still mourn it…. Heroine 6 etc… Their own show, Adonis, Mystery 6, Full House – you are so gorgeous… EHB… Suju Miracle and Suju Foresight is not that bad either…

          Recent times, Initimate Note… my goodness the boys in drags… and the birth of Heesica…

          Ah not able to reply on the above comment, ELFs or ELF… I guess it both works.. just to have the mass of us, I normally call ourselves ELFs…

          Guess I am butcher of English grammar too!

          And another comment, really the difference between Petal and Undead? I never understand the difference, I go like… ok Heechul whatever you fancy calling us… He know we love him and I believed he loves us too… I am an all accepting fangirl 🙂

          • akane

            sorryx2… but I have no idea what “bb” means… I hope it’s not a bad thing right?

            Yes.. it’s really hard.. Youtube be damned for deleting everything… T___T. most of them can STILL be found online but on some random sites that are tricky to find… Like super junior on jiwhaza and siwon in that show (and doing that double kick thingy in the red uniform), or the 3 kibum “of course” clips in X-man, or heroine 6 clips. The easiest way I guess is to download it from fan forums or ask senior ELF who been there all along (like me.. XD but I was stupid enough not to save the vids). I love how you know all those old shows.. I miss them.

            Intimate note was the funniest thing EVER. I also liked their sorryx2 come to play episode.

            In order to keep up with fancams, you need to follow sup3rjunior everyday.

            Petals are different from Undead. Undead are ELF who are Heechul biased. Petals are fans of Heechul only but not of Super Junior. I’m an ELF.

          • Porcelain

            Oohh bb = BABY… just this things you pick up from fandom. Hope you don’t mind… everyone is a chingu or dear and bb to me haha… maybe coz I am so anciently old for fangirling standards…

            Ahhh I followed way too much fansites and recently got into tumblr… I have no life no more… not healthy at all… on top of crushing work…

            But our bbs make me laugh… I laugh and cries with them so thats all matter… and yes I am an ELF… top biases KangChul… both in army… what is this… but these days… maknae is killing me… Why Kyu why so cute?!

          • akane

            Lol. I didnt expect you to reply at all… let alone so quickly. XD

            Usually, when I see BB, I think of Big Bang. 🙂 and lol no I don’t mind… how old is anciently old anyway… Seriously, as long as you’re young in spirit. ^^ Just like Suju. They seriously haven’t changed much.

            Uh oh.. Tumblr is MAJOR trouble. That’s why I dont follow it. XD I already have no life as it is. 🙂

            So, you’re a noona for all of Suju members? I also laugh and cry with them, probably more than them at times. I dont care if people say that’s pathetic, they are worth it.
            Seems like your type of idol are the witty smartmouth ones huh? 😀

        • Minty V

          LOL akane… i have 2 500g hard disks dedicated to pics and vids of SuJu, DBSK, Big Bang, SS501, 2NE1 and FT Island… along with some of my fave kdramas… i’ve watched SS2 and SS3 in Manila hehehe… that makes me more than an ELF-in-training 😀

          i became interested in kpop when i first watched Star King (yay Ho Dong ahjusshi MC) in 2007 when Charice appeared there… a bunch of funny, dorky, talented crybabies called SuJu immediately caught my attention… and the rest was history…

          and Kang Ho Dong is also my fave MC since that day… he is such a cool dude…

          • akane

            Oooh!!! Most of the bands you listed, I have been obsessed with at one point or another. ^^
            LOL. That probably makes you a very very very lucky ELF… I’m amazed you got to go there… Suju doesnt come here where I live. T____T But I’m looking forward to SS4.
            How was SS2 or SS3?

            Oh… that faithful SK episode was really a standout. I remember crying when it came out because we were still hurting from Kyu’s accident. Sob. His duet with Charice was really one of the most memorable ones I’ve watched.

            Kang Ho Dong sshi is really amazing isnt he? I love him too!! Plus, I have this feeling he is quite fond of Super Junior and that makes me love him more…
            My favourite MC objectively is Yoo Jae Suk though… and my biased MC is Shin Dong Yup. I really like him since the EHB days and now that he’s MC’ing lots of shows, I like him more. ^^

          • Minty V

            @akane — SS2 and SS3 experience is awesome, truly daebak! in SS3 i managed to hold Teukie’s and Sungmin’s hand for a fleeting moment… i dont know how i got through those nights without fainting hahaha…

            i like MC Shin Dong Yup too… and snarky Kim Gura especially on Intimate Note and Radio Star…

            btw, would you have a link to a Radio Star episode with SuJu as guests? They mentioned the story of Teukie’s attack on Eunhyuk there too… it was a fun episode…

          • akane

            Kim Gura and his chin!!! ^^

            Omomomomo… Haha… I’m SO INSANELY jealous you got so near to them… let alone touch them… That’s it. I’m going to SS4 no matter what. ^^

            Yes, I have the links.
            Here’s the full episode

            and here’s just the cut of the fighting part


          • Minty V

            akane — thanks for the links! watched them again and still find it hilarious hahaha… just the sight of Shindong and Sungmin laughing makes my day… they are my fave bff… they are not showy nor do fanservice with each other but you know their friendship is deep…

          • akane

            You’re welcome… Sungmin is usually rather reserved because he is careful but he said he became really close with Shindong because they were friends (of the same age) so when Super Junior just started and the members weren’t close to each other yet, they gave support to each other and they had lots of serious talk between the two of them. Deep friendship. ^^

    • 26.6 student viewer

      YES. nice to see so many ELFs on db.
      thnks for the linky list.
      ive been so happy with mr. simple but kinda depressed these days so this is helping 😀

      • 26.6.1 akane

        You’re very welcome. ^^

        I love Mr. Simple very much because it is not about love like 95% of idol songs but it is about feeling good about yourself and leave stress out. XD Perfect to cheer yourself up.

    • 26.7 Angielee

      love love love this hahahha….ELF<3SUJU…i think i've watched mostly all of the things from here…but i'll be clicking each and every link still in case i've missed some or just want to rewatch hahahah

      • 26.7.1 akane

        Nice………. it doesnt hurt to rewatch Suju. You’ve probably watched most of the clips there… ^^

        This is just initiation for non-ELF into Super Junior world… XD

        Once you’re in, you’re in. 😀

    • 26.8 Hipployta

      That SuJu Intimate Note was EPIC wasn’t it…evil Maknae STOLE the show around the campfire…Heechul was about to hit him (and then did) so many times for the disrespect LOL

      • 26.8.1 akane

        EPIC nicely sums it up… Evil magnae TOTALLY stole the show… I can’t count the number of time I replayed the ending and STILL laugh hysterically.
        Poor magnae has violent hyungs but he asked for it. “even though we don’t know who wrote it…”

      • 26.8.2 Minty V

        OMG that part hahaha… but Kyu never admitted it was him! isn’t the biggest charm of the rolling paper is that it’s anonymously written??? :D:D:D

    • 26.9 kyunie

      I’m an ELF too and also dramabeans loyal visitor. LOL. I’m glad meeting ELF here. you know who my bias is by looking at my Name. KKKK. Evil magnae is adorable. I’m watching Saturday Freedom (Rerun) now at KBSWorld.

      • 26.9.1 akane

        Nice meeting ELF here… ^^
        I never thought there would be so many…. 😀

        Evil Magnae is THE BEST!! The last clip I’ve seen of him was the BTS for his commercial Masita ^^ He was adorable in it. ^^
        Lucky you.. having KBS World… I have to contend myself with bad streaming.

    • 26.10 Nimmu

      YAY! This is so awesome~! Can go on a spree of suju videos.

      • 26.10.1 akane


  27. 27 anais

    OMG – I so want to witness the dynamic between Choi Min Soo and Cha Seung Won. So interesting!

    I find following the Korean on Variety Shows to be heck of a lot tougher than following drama dialogue. Not only is the delivery faster, since the variety guests are just talking rather than reciting lines, the vocabulary is much more sophisticated. Even with subtitles, I found myself at times unable to really get the juicy bits.

    But back to CMS and CSW – OMG!

  28. 28 elizabeth

    well for a supposedly variety roulette, you picked a pretty good ep with the superjunior pretty boys.

    i like the comment you have of Heechul – i am fabulous air all the time. A very confident person but can take hits for himself too. I used to think he is wierd and cocky but after knowing how he stood by his friends, I think he is quite a great person.

    Yep Im Soo Hyang is really not very likable along her co-star. I didnt think her eyes were sexy at all. I just thought they were sleepy with no spark.

  29. 29 Kes

    BTW, are you on the prowl for variety recommendations? I don’t watch very many, but there are some that are good. Family Outing is great to watch old eps of, although I think you’ve mentioned watching that one before. Running Man is also good to watch without background, because it seems like they do something a little different with every guest, so each ep/set of eps is fairly self-contained to watch without confusion. (in keeping with the suju theme, Siwon did a guest spot that was absolutely hilarious. They made fun of his big expressions and gestures the whole time, with sound effects that make me howl every time)

  30. 30 asianromance

    Thanks for recapping this! I’ve always heard of Strong Heart but never really knew what it was all about!

  31. 31 olsen

    Thank you!

  32. 32 Jenn

    Family Outing Season 1, anyone? 🙂

  33. 33 Noelle

    That Kim Sumi line was genius. The more I look at the guy I see her LOL.

    Love the new segment!

  34. 34 Porcelain

    Kyaaaaa… The variety viewer in me is damn happy… but the ELF in me is happier… Thanks for choosing to recap this ep. Most of SH episode are in pairs… Esp 92 is really good too… This ep Choi Min Soo and his chocopie slay me… so cute!

    Sigh, its ridiculous that I love these boys more than air… I know they are not perfect with flaws…But it is that really make me a fan… they make me laugh and I like what they do, be it their albums,drama or variety and … and they are really a group that has really been thru a lot, so seeing them here. Recording this for their comeback promotion, with what is going to be their album in a long while… I think recording took place when they just make their comeback about 4 weeks back… and cut with the clip they won the weekly music show just the weekend before Heechul enlisted… my tears… But I have no worries that my bb will ace in his training 🙂

    And I think I have a somewhat of a Kang Ho Dong fetish, with the exception of Knee Drop Guru and IN2D which I catch as and when I can, I think I have almost 2 years worth of Star King and never missed an episode of SH. May not really understand Korean, but get by with translation, and seriously, it’s… informative!!! Haha have to make excuse of why I spend so much time in front of my laptop…

    I am really excited which variety you will take on next… I love this Roulette already! Bring it on!!!

    • 34.1 akane

      I’m really happy to see so many ELF on this article come out of the closet… 😉

      Where were you guys on this site before??

      • 34.1.1 Porcelain

        Always around… generally started with K Movies… which is a total different ball game from K Drama… got sucked in as well… Then the thing with OST… then come K pop in general…

        With Siwon in drama these days… I pop up a lot to comment hahahaha… neon disco soccer… ok I am lame… still not getting over that ubersexual cover!

        • akane

          Haha… UBERSEXUAL concept was quite the bang wasn’t it…

          I got in k-drama first, then k-movies, then OSTs. as for Kpop, I was always in it since HOT… ^^ (well my mom was anyway)

  35. 35 ichiu

    Yay! Dramabeans is covering Strong hearts! I actually just finished watching ep 92 and 93 yesterday. However, ep 92 wasn’t subbed all the way. Javabeans/Girlfriday, could you please retell the story Choi Min-Soo said in the ep before this? I believe it was a horror/ghost story and I love those the most from strong hearts!! Alot of them actually gives me chills..

    Thanks for working on this Vshow!

  36. 36 Mawiie

    Thanks for the recap! I remember that there was a Gumiho special on Strong Heart last year to promote the drama. GF would have love it 😉

  37. 37 pluto147

    Perhaps u can consider recappin “Infinity Challenge” ? It has yoo jae sook and Haha in it. I believe it is on par with 1n2d and even funnier than strong heart, though this is from the perspective of not obsessed by idol fan. 😀

  38. 38 Arhazivory

    How ironic…I watched my very first episode of Strong Heart this week. It was episode 7-8 with Eun Ji Won and MC Mong. Haha. Had a good amount of laughs and touching moments. I also fell in love with the three Super Junior members and Leeteuk in particular. I think I’ll search for more subbed eps that have guests I know. Any of them with Ji Won or Mong or anyone from 1N2D is an automatic watch of course. Hahaha.

    Anyhoo, I love the idea of a Variety Roulette. As a n00b to the variety scene, this’ll help. Hehe. Thanks ladies.

    • 38.1 rumbalumba

      2nd half of ep 18 was Sugeun.

      i remember that because he was on one of the farther seats, and he was like “this is the first time where i’m doing a program with Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi that i have to sit this far.” he goes on to say, “This is not where i want to be seated. It’s supposed to be there (beside Hodong and Seunggi)” and everyone was like “ooooooohhh” hahaha. everyone knows it’s a joke but at the same time, they know 1N2D’s power and how big it is.

  39. 39 Ani

    wow, I’m surprise Strong Heart is coming to a close. I’ve seen some episodes when I’m lucky enough that some popular idol group is on so idol-fans would sub the show. But no subbing group has officially picked it up. Or at least that’s what I remember since looking it up since last year. The group that I know do sub it release an episode a month…. Or is that the Night After Night (another kvariety) subbing group?

    Anyways, I love Heechul too. He’s the only idol I actually try to follow because he is really really funny. I’m gonna miss hearing about his crazy antics. But good luck in the military. See you in two years man.

    Jb and girlfriday? Happy Labor Day. And thanks for the awesome Labor Day surprise. X)

    • 39.1 akane

      Actually, there’s an official group called strongheartsubs who sub ALL the episodes..

      But you have to register to their forum to get the links.

      • 39.1.1 Ani

        I looked it up. I think they are the ones who release an episode a month. But I guess for fans of the show it’s something worth waiting for.

        • akane

          oh.. so that’s the group? oopsies.

          I guess it would be worth it.. ^^ For my part, I’m lucky enough that I’m learning Korean so in general, I dont really need subs… But I am always on the lookout for them because I love spreading the Luuuuuuurve. ^^

    • 39.2 Ani

      Also, CHoi Min-soo is becoming one of my favorite variety guests these days. He even killed it on Running Man. Man, anyone who can make the Capable One look like a total dork is freaking awesome. They should do an episode of Strong Heart with just Alpha Males in the Entertainment Business. Now THAT would be awesome.

      • 39.2.1 rumbalumba

        he’s a good actor, but he tarnished his reputation by beating up an old man. and i know he lived in the mountains to repent for his sins, and that’s why he turned down Gladiator. but man, why would you smack an old man? no matter how angry you are, it’s a haraboji.

        • Ani

          Heh, everyone has skeletons in their closet that they want to bury. I don’t know what situation he was in that he did that, and I don’t really know a really good situation where anyone can hit an elder – seriously, I’m totally against hitting elders – but I think if you’ve repented wholeheartedly, than everyone deserves a second chance. We have a saying for things like that in Samoa that I hear elders say it a lot when someone is apologizing or has repented: “Fa’agalo ia”. It’s like saying “forget about it”, but carries the meaning that all is forgotten and that you’re pretty much starting with a clean slate. I’d say the same about Choi Minsoo. Fa’agalo ia. It’s a new day for a fresh start.

          And yeah…. Today’s broadcasting is brought to you by the letters G and z. Gee-zee. HAHAHAHA. Unless you’re from NZ or Britain, than it’s more like Gee-zed.

    • 39.3 Ani

      I also just noticed I said SH is coming to a close. I misread jb’s comment and thought she said Strong Heart, but in reality she said 1N2D. HAHAHA. Fail.

  40. 40 akane

    By the way… This is the rollercoaster clip with Leeteuk’s face.

    It’s from Introducing Friends show (where Leeteuk danced as Dolly the Dinosaur.. Very cute. ^^)

  41. 41 akane

    Um… Since I’m at it… Might as well share something else..

    This is another HILARIOUS episode of Strong heart featuring Leeteuk’s sister Park In Young.

    I CHALLENGE you not to laugh watching this. ^^

    Clip 1

    Clip 2

  42. 42 szillion

    I had been a silent reader of this site but seeing this post just made me too happy to keep quiet. I love Korean variety shows and especially those with Super Junior in it…

    The summer special of strong heart was one of the best strong heart episodes. And the post above regarding Lee Teuk’s sister.

    Exploration of Human Body is one of the funniest show. Is so educational yet hilarious.

    And I agree… Heechul is a variety genius. Lee Teuk too. He managed to turn the table around at the end after them ganging up on him.

    Missing heenim already!! Come back quickly!

  43. 43 CKDexter

    Uh, I’m confused by Choi Min Soo’s Spielberg story. Gladiator was directed by Ridley Scott. I’m pretty sure Steven Spielberg was never connected to the project.

    Was Min Soo just confused? Or exaggerating to tell a funny story? Hmmm…

    • 43.1 greyskies

      Gladiator was a Dreamworks production, which is Steven Spielberg’s company.

      • 43.1.1 CKDexter

        Ah, I see! Thanks for the explanation.

  44. 44 rumbalumba

    i don’t really like Heechul at all. sometimes, his comments are really off. not in this ep, but in other shows.

  45. 45 girlatsea

    I used to really dislike Heechul. I think it was because I didn’t get why he was so loved and I refused to like him thought he was too arrogant. And then one day, I was watching him on a variety show (it might have been SH, I can’t remember) and I just got it.

    He’s the most hilarious person. And I just love how he doesn’t give a f**k about anything/anyone. He’s himself. And he’s just so, for lack of a better word, COOL.

    It’s kind of hard to find that type of person in the entertainment industry (much less in real life). Everyone’s too busy trying to please everyone to be themselves. He doesn’t concern himself with that and that’s why I love him. I kind of wish I had that attitude towards life.

    I’m not really a Super Junior fan but I’m gonna miss him! ;_;

    I love Strong Heart! Thank you for recapping this episode, I’ve been meaning to watch it but haven’t had the time!

    • 45.1 girlatsea

      I refused to like him [because I] thought he…***

    • 45.2 Ani

      Not a Super Junior fan too, but I fell in love with Heechul in Bad Family, and then when he entered the variety scene? Explosive. I was surprised to find out that this awesome funny dude was actually the most hated Super Junior member and he was so hated that he received a lot of hate comments from Super Junior fans. That’s also why he didn’t have a corner on the Super Junior fan/home page. He had to remove it due to the attacks. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore, but a lot of fans hate how he is so full of himself. But I find that’s the part of him I like most. HAHAHA. I like someone with confidence, but not so much that he seems all uppity about it, which Heechul isn’t.

      P.S. I also think another reason the fans hated him, which was mentioned on Intimate Note, is that the other boys are scared of him. When the fans noticed this, they thought Heechul was abusive to the rest, and attacked him further. Poor misunderstood guy. X/

      • 45.2.1 akane

        Just so you know… Fans love Heechul very much. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he is one of the most loved members among the general population AND fans. What he was talking about was about 3 years ago. After 6 years, the bond between the members is stronger than anything I have seen, even Shinhwa. Heechul usually brings up that story again and again but it’s really way in the past. Please don’t misunderstand.

        • Ani

          Well, yeah I bet. I mean I frequent Allkpop enough to know that much and that Super Junior and their fans have come a long way. Heechul would not have gotten to DJ on his own and in ads and stuff if he still had a boat ton of people who hated him. His popularity has gone up, but when I first got into variety shows and learned a bit about Heechul, it really was sad to learn that once upon a time he was hated. Heh.

          • akane

            Well Allkpop isn’t exactly the most accurate source for news but I have to give it to them… They seem to like Heechul. 🙂
            Sigh. It IS sad that Heechul was being misunderstood and even now, somehow misunderstood by people who don’t bother to know him better. Super Junior has gone through a lot these past 6 years. And ELF also matured overall compared to the past.

      • 45.2.2 heppee

        oh yes, i used to think alot of ppl dislike him too.. but his “full of himself” attitude is what i like most about him.. being so genuine and brutally blunt sometimes and he’s always hilarious.. but i think he really has a very sincere and sensitive heart, just that people who don’t know him won’t notice.. only when you get to know him, you will notice those subtle things he say/do which are very sweet and thoughtful..

  46. 46 jessics

    u can watch the my gf is a gumiho episodes…its featured on two eps (37 & 38 i think) its so funny

  47. 47 pauper

    May I suggest you to “dive” into Happy Together? Particularly the episode with Baby-faced Beauty cast. It was Ryu Jin’s first variety show and hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe him. He was beyond hilarious!

    • 47.1 rumbalumba

      or the episode with Uhm Tae Woong??

      • 47.1.1 pauper

        Refer to comment #49.

        Utter failure (-_- !!)

    • 47.2 mel

      am a big Ryu Jin fan–where can I see that episode…?

      umm, also a huge SuJu fan… thanks JB and GF for recapping how crazy dorky these boys can be…

      YES to the Variety Show roulette…

  48. 48 lovin it

    1N2D isn’t ending soon!
    it’s been my alltime fav for 4 years!
    liked it from the verrrrrrrrrry beginning!
    it’s the only one i watch on time :O

  49. 49 pauper

    Oooh, I like that episode. A glimpse of Uhm-force variety novice days.

    Or the first-generation idols episode with Ji-won. *attempting to entice GF & JB*

  50. 50 Combray

    One thing you missed out on in the format is that each episode is part of a 2-part arc. Part 1 is usually the funnier parts, then part 2 is when they get serious, hence Yesung’s story. When Kyuhyun was on the show for the first time, he talked about his nearly-fatal car accident, etc.

    The competitive aspect is just the guests trying to one up each other and basically win the strong heart award.

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