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Yoon Eun-hye bares some skin for Dazed
by | September 20, 2011 | 124 Comments

Actress Yoon Eun-hye poses in a lingerie spread for Dazed and Confused (What is it with magazine names these days?) and she’s never looked better. I don’t know that there’s really a concept, but it’s sort of a progression from nekkid to half-clothed, like she woke up really hungover one day and it took her five hours to put on a shirt. No-go with the pants though. Those things are tricksy.

What, like you’ve never had a day when you just couldn’t manage to put on pants, for the life of you? I hear that’s the whole reason javabeans started a blog — so she wouldn’t have to put pants on. Ever.

Yoon is currently considering a role in the Korea-China-Japan co-production Dong Jak Dae for her next project. It’ll be nice to see her try something new, since sticking to her safe rom-com zone hasn’t necessarily been the best strategy for her career. (Sure, it can partly be blamed on the Coffee Prince effect — every new project being measured to the greatness of that one drama — but really, her last three projects were humdrum on their own merits.) I’d love to see Yoon do something totally out of her wheelhouse, just to shake things up.

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124 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Maki

    Personally, I don’t find YEH’s face to be gorgeous or anything but her body is killer. She’s tall and curvy.

    • 1.1 muggledore

      is this even LEGAL in Korea???
      ahaha! love this girl!! she KNOWS how to kiss in her dramas!!! ahahahha!

      • 1.1.1 djinni

        i know right! i swear in all her dramas the kisses are like “omo, i saw tongue!” why cant all drama kisses be that good? must be in her contract… “YEH requires all on screen kisses to be smoking hot.”

        • muggledore

          then all other artist should have THAT contract!!!!!! ahaha!

          FISH KISS!!!

          *fist in the air*

          • france maverey

            www grabe talaga ka sexy

      • 1.1.2 MeeisLee

        LOL. You would think this would get banned immediately. But then again this isn’t a music show. It’s like people aren’t allowed to have sex appeal :P.

        But anyway, YEH looks great. Like first poster, I’ve never found her facial features immensely gorgeous but she really does have a killer body in these pictures. Funny, because I remember thinking some years back after I watched Goong that she had a weird shape. Doesn’t seem that way without clothes !

    • 1.2 Many

      She is hot sexy pretty and love her acting.

    • 1.3 Morgan

      Eun Hye’s facial features are absolutely gorgeous. She has beautiful full lips, and the best part about her is the fact that she actually looks Korean! With all of the plastic surgery kpop stars are getting done nowadays, they are starting to look like weird Korean/English hybrid barbie dolls.

  2. vegaspink

    Awesome!!! Miss her long hair!!

  3. jandoe

    she’s pretty, but the shows she’s chosen after Coffee Prince were all mehh to me so she’s pretty much out of my radar at this point…

    (although yes this photoshoot exudes her natural beauty)

    • 3.1 hahahakid

      I think in few yrs time she will completely out of radar if she still in rom-com genre, which is good cos her fans got no chance to downgrade other actresses, which they always do.

    • 3.2 umalily

      you wrote photoshoot and I read photoshop! lol

      She’s gorgeous

  4. Leaf


  5. javabeans


    • 5.1 Mawiie

      Taken out of context this sounds so wrong LOL

      • 5.1.1 thirteen

        Haha, I’m not sure of any context in which that would sound right… 😛

      • 5.1.2 maria

        although in some contexts, it would so RIGHT. hehehe

    • 5.2 sole moon

      Amen to that!

      • 5.2.1 Jilly

        As taught in the Lindsay Lohan School of Fashion.

        • abc123

          And then spread by Gaga

          • Jilly

            So, not a very good lesson then.

        • javabeans


          I know that’s allcaps, but I just feel very, very strongly about this. She does not represent me!

          Also, down with pants!

          • Jilly

            Lindsay Lohan feels strongly about pantlessness too, so you have that in common.

            Frankly, pantless is overrated. I prefer going bra-less.

          • aravisalice

            “down with pants”…good god, that made me laugh my lunch across my lap (very ladylike). And while I totally agree with the boo/hiss aspect on the pants issue, it was more the fact that your choice of words conjured up an image of a line of Kdrama actors dropping trou. Damn that wishful thinking.

          • aboslute

            braless revolution!

    • 5.3 msim

      “Pants” has a total different meaning on the other side of the pond…which makes this sentence even more naughty.

      YEH is naturally, and uniquely, gorgeous. Nothing more I can add without sounding too pervy. Rawr!

      • 5.3.1 Elina

        Same meaning here (I’m across the small pond behind your side of the big pond).
        With Lindsay Lohan thing, I started to think the ladies had gone really wild.

    • 5.4 sleepysnail

      could not resist this venn diagram

      • 5.4.1 girlfriday


        That’s going on my desktop.

      • 5.4.2 Baek

        ^^ I cracked up so hard at this, genius

        • Porcelain

          Also I dunno why Korean, I mean guys talk about “panty”? Or did I hear wrongly?

          I always had to check my hearing…did they meants pants as in underpants – boxer, briefs and the like…

          But then panty or panties I always think… cute frilly one that girls wear…

          Esp… when idol boys talk about it… half the time I am checking my ear and another half face-palming… muahahaha…

          • ✐ iZzie ✐

            No, you didn’t hear it wrong. “Paentee” was assimilated into the Korean language to refer to underwear (male or female). “Boxers” are called “sagag paentee.”

            It indeed sounds weird to hear from a guy referring to his underwear. First time I heard it like that was from Dokko Jin in Best Love.

      • 5.4.3 myweithisway

        thanks! So spreading it around!

    • 5.5 Cam


      ………Oh. My. GOSH. (shakes my head)

  6. Jen

    Wow she looks amazing. I love that long hair on her – she can look so different just by changing her hair.

  7. Lady Star

    She looks stunning!

  8. ck1Oz

    Uh…if I as a female think she is too gorgeous.How does KJH react to this @__@

    • 8.1 foraredrose

      LOLL I know right???? *_*

    • 8.2 pumpkinattack

      He took it to Kinkos to have a life-sized copy made. You know. For when she’s out of town.

    • 8.3 Oh Ji's Ho

      Who is this KJH? It has puzzled me for a while now. HAha.

      • 8.3.1 ✐ iZzie ✐

        It’s Kang Ji Hwan. YEH’s leading man in Lie To Me, and rumored boyfriend.

  9. Cynthia

    I find this girl to be a complete contradiction – on-screen she comes across (to me) as a total tomboy. It’s like she has more testosterone than some of her leading men and then we see stills of her like this.

    Frankly, the only role I’ve seen her in where she’s been totally vampy was in that MV with LMH and Nichkun w/Taceyon. It was a short, albeit dark, hidden stalker role and she killed it.

    Girl’s a chameleon.

    • 9.1 J

      I would really like to see her take on a similar role as the one that she did in the Cass Beer cf/mv, but in a drama or a movie this time.

      You’re right. She a chameleon. Her photoshoots are ALWAYS something to look forward to 😉

    • 9.2 Lenita

      that she is! though she hasn’t been able to put it to good use in films, her photo shoot acting is tops!

    • 9.3 Oh Ji's Ho

      Oooh, what video is that? Me want to see!

      I totally agree – she is a chameleon. She also does this thing where I am like ‘she is sooo cute, I want to pinch her cheeks’ and then she sexes it up like so no other! These are HOT pics…good on her for pushing the envelope in Korea.

  10. 10 Lahlita

    Beautiful lady. And she has a gorgeous toe-point.
    I’m done. Just pointing out the important stuff that makes the world go round, y’know?

  11. 11 Porcelain

    YEH is a bit like Scar-Jo to me. I will always remember her by Lost in Translation. But cannot bring myself to see her other movies.
    YEH meanwhile I always remember her by Goong and Coffee Prince. Even each of ther drama comeback was so hyped. I just never get around to watching them.
    Now THIS! Girl truly is a chameleon… Now what would I give to see a Siwon version… Muahahahahahahahaha… Crazy noona is crazy.

  12. 12 all4movies

    Wow, she sure can amp up the sexy when she wants to!!!

    Is there any guy out there who hasn’t fallen off his chair yet?

    • 12.1 Sukispop

      She definitely can. She looks amazing in these shots.

      I’m a guy, and I didn’t fall of my chair…but I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. 😉

  13. 13 Jilly

    Not a fan of her nails. Yep, even with a half naked Yoon Eun Hye seductively holding an apple, her nails are what I notice. I’m a girl.

    • 13.1 ilovebinderclips

      i’m a guy. and i did not notice her nails at all… the details were vague, but the overall impression was incredibly concise: my jaw is on the floor, stunned to submission.

    • 13.2 Beng

      i noticed the nails too. she should have colored it red or black or nude.

    • 13.3 cranky

      Girl who didn’t notice the nails or even care… Gods the LEGS! Who gives a shit about nails when her legs are on display?!

      • 13.3.1 Jilly

        Um, why do you ask a question you already have the answer to?

  14. 14 Infiniti512

    I appreciate that she hasn’t fallen prey to the knife. Maybe that’s why some don’t think of her as pretty but I think she’s gorgeous. Being comfortable in your own skin plays a large part in that

    • 14.1 luraaa

      She doesn’t need to go under the knife. That’s what I appreciate about her, compared to other actresses her age who went under the knife. I think she’s not the most gorgeous actress in the industry (say, compared to Son Ye-jin and Song Hye-kyo), but she exudes so much confidence and that’s what makes her a beautiful woman.

      She just needs meatier characters to play.

    • 14.2 msim

      I totally agree. Gorgeous!
      Her natural face is a huge part of her charm – it allows her to be more versatile – from tomboy to vamp, from ingenue to civil servant – she can pass for all of these.

      • 14.2.1 jj

        i love YEH, but she did go under the knife.

        when i watched my fair lady (in the drama her hair is mostly up).. i saw a scar along the back of her ear, probably due to plastic surgery. if you see her old pictures you can tell she does look different, you might argue that it’s because she lost weight, but losing weight does not shrink facial bone structure..
        most actresses aren’t “natural”, they get touch ups here & there.

        • blake

          I saw My Fair Lady too on high def but there was no scar whatsoever at the back of her ear.

        • bd

          Uhm, no.

          She looks exactly the same from her X-Man days.

        • favegirl13

          im sorry to burst your bubble but YEH has never done plastic surgery.

          from her baby vox years through x-man to now she looks.
          She lost her baby fat after baby vox and grew a couple inches taller but apart from that she looks EXACTLY the same.

          • libra80

            favegirl13….totally agree…shes the same from her baby vox up to now….shes gorgeous,ever..looking forward to her new drama,YEH!!!!thank you:D

  15. 15 J

    Gawd she looks stunning. I miss her in dramas 🙂

    I heard that she also shot a couple photoshoot with Big Bang’s T.O.P too while she was in New York. Now that’s going to be awesome too XD

  16. 16 joonni

    She looks gorgeous! And makeup always looks perfect on her.

  17. 17 jen

    her poses are always great!
    she’s one of the few that can really pose and not just stand there and look pretty

    • 17.1 Birdie

      I totally agree. She has the best poses for lingerie compared to the other actresses. Yes, there is some photoshopping, but those long slim legs are a killer.

  18. 18 ricky the royal highness

    *wolf howl*
    Whoa, look at those legs!

    Okay, she can be my second wife.

  19. 19 olsen

    Love that bra in the second pic!

  20. 20 LimaKid

    I remember watching Coffee Prince for the first time and then looking up YEH on the internet afterwards. I saw her model pictures and I was like “THAT’S HER???!!”

    She’s so freakin’ beautiful!

  21. 21 DN

    She seems to have lost her belly button in the last photo….

    • 21.1 Beng

      oh, you have a sharp eye!!! hehehe too much photoshop can sometimes do that =)

    • 21.2 May

      It has been air-brushed off, that’s why it’s missing.

    • 21.3 ✐ iZzie ✐

      But the belly button’s there. It’s just that her torso’s twisted, the belly button area is a bit dark and too close to the sofa. And it also looks like there’s a navel charm.

  22. 22 cv

    She looks good.

  23. 23 LLamagirl

    I love YEH! But….those ain’t her boobs. Like really, they don’t need to Photoshop her body to make her sexy, she already.

  24. 24 sarang

    Damn. Just damn. Does she not have a belly button though?

  25. 25 crizzyville

    wooot! wooot! Hotness overload! And those legs?! Gorgeous! Such an envy.. Though i must agree with jilly, the nails are somewhat not nice to look at. Long painted nails look bitchy/devilish to me, it doesnt go with the overall look.. Just my thoughts..

    • 25.1 Beng

      i think they are face nails, they should have chosen better ones =)

  26. 26 minayuki

    I never thought her face was attractive at all, but I must say, her body is gorgeous.

    Although it’s probably 99.9% photoshopped. Hehe.

  27. 27 bjharm

    you guys have nailed her best talent, that despite doubts on how good or bad she is as an actress, her biggest talent is the camera loves her.

  28. 28 midori

    Love that she looks sexy & healthy not just another bag of bones.

    • 28.1 sj

      really? she looks pretty skinny to me

  29. 29 Z

    She can make bombs for the rest of her life, I will always love her for Coffee Prince. These pictures are stunning. CP was one of the first dramas I watched so I didn’t know anything about her. I remember reading afterwards that YEH was known as being one of the prettiest Hallyu stars and I was like, “Really?” Then I saw a picture of what she really looked like and I couldn’t recognize her. It literally took me over a year before I could look at a picture of YEH and recognize her Go Eun-Chan character from CP.

    Also, while her dramas since then have been lackluster… I really enjoyed her “My Black Minidress” movie.

  30. 30 Noelle

    Wow. I’m speechless. She’s just beautiful and sexy as all hell.


  31. 31 LC

    Coming from a girl, I noticed the nails too — it would have been an added hotness if they were black… or any other colour other than white.

    But I have such a huge girl-crush on YEH. haha — such hotness — I’d die for her body 😛

  32. 32 aliya

    I like yoon eun hye… she good in acting also good being model. her body dam sexy. she prefect. she have something different with her character totally different. she is always be a cute girl and funny sometime but when I see his picture damn different and also see her acting with 2 PM.. totally different and I like Yoon Eun Hye

  33. 33 jajangmyun

    Missing her Basic House and Join Us photoshoots! I prefer YEH’s girl-next-door pics!

  34. 34 Purpleclouds

    Wow. But these kind of photos indicate she has no boyfriend at the moment cuz photoshoots like this will drive boyfriend/spouse wackles.

  35. 35 FunnyBunny

    GAH just kill me now why don’t you…. I totally want her body…..
    No not in THAT way!!!!

  36. 36 squishysushi

    she looks HOT. And those nails! Gahh…I need a good white nail polish like that!

  37. 37 collegegirl

    I love Yoon Eun Hye’s pictures!! She can always pull off something sexy and cute whenever she has different photo shoots ^_^ She is not the “Kim Tae Hee” type of beauty but I think she has her own charm that shines brightly and people cannot help but to like her ^_^ I also really miss her good acting in Coffee Prince! I hope she gets out of her safe zone rom-coms and go back to the times where in she devotes all her energy to internalize and embrace her character she portrays ^_^ I was not too thrilled with her last 2 dramas, but I’m really hoping that she picks up a project that would show her capabilities as a good actress because my friend and I were talking about how she can show, convincingly, the pain and hurt whenever there is a tear-jerker scene (Coffee Prince when she was crying in the bus and crying in the middle of the road).

  38. 38 beppu10

    Loving-hating (more of envying) her abs and legs!

  39. 39 bd

    Hmmm – a pretty risque photo spread as Korean photo spreads go and I certainly didn’t think that YEH would do one.

    Facially, YEH is more the girl next door type – pretty, but not flawlessly gorgeous.

    Her face can look a bit weird at certain angles due to its bone structure, but the girl has nice eyes and killer lips, as well a nicely defined chin.

    Add the long hair and legs and she can really bring it.

    In terms of overall package – Shin Min ah is pretty hard to beat.

    • 39.1 blake

      She’s done more risque shoots than this like the W magazine from 2 years ago and the one for Puma.

      Overall package? I beg to differ but then again its all subjective.

      • 39.1.1 bd

        Such things are subjective to a point (where it’s more like so-and-so is attractive, but not exactly my style).

        There’s a reason why SMA is considered the queen of jeans ads.


        • blake

          since when does being subjective have its limitations? You like what you like and other people like what they like.

          Why do you always like to make comparisons between actresses?

          If we look at it your way, I can make an argument and say there’s a reason why Yoon Eun Hye has a bigger salary than Shin Min Ah.

  40. 40 jhom

    damn hot i didn’t beleive she would go to this extent to be in the news and to be ine the fame of having projects recently the k- actress r changing all due to competitions

    • 40.1 Strawberry

      Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t need to do these kinds of photoshoot to get attention. She gets plenty on her own everytime that there’s something new about her.

      She probably did this photoshoot because it was something that she WANTED to do, to show a different side of her. And let’s face it, I don’t really see anyone complaining about it. In this photoshoot she’s sexy without being slutty. It just shows us how versatile she can be.

      So just to be clear, IMO I don’t think that she did this to be in the news or to have more ‘fame’ as you put it.

    • 40.2 blake

      Ummm its for Calvin Klein not Playboy. And she is not desperate for projects. She gets lucrative offers like no other take for example the new movie offer with Chow Yun Fat.

  41. 41 Yoon Eun Hye

    Calvin Klein Underwear never disappoint!!!!^^

  42. 42 gustave154

    Wow… I have nothing else to say…

  43. 43 Tania

    Love the pics…but on the last pic, where is her belly button?

  44. 44 Jelly

    wooooaaahh.. so hot. I agree, the nails looks fake…and where’s her belly button indeed?

  45. 45 Chocobo

    Oh man, this is just what I look like when I’m lounging around my house too. I love wearing lacy, itchy bras and oversized shirts, draping myself across furniture. Just an average Saturday morning, folks…

    • 45.1 Stardust

      LOL LOL!! Yeah I miss YEH on my screen! Hope she gets a better role to play soon! LOVE LOVE LOVE her since Xman days….

  46. 46 Yoori

    Her body and legs are bangin’ but her facial expression is the same in every shot …

  47. 47 jchaerin

    omg she’s reaaly fab!

  48. 48 Yume~

    http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/09/21/pic-homin-%e2%80%93-w-korea-10-part-3-2/ Yunho and Eun Hye had the same set XD Kinda erotic considering her photoshoot. hehe

  49. 49 pilambdatheta

    If this was all she ever did, it would probably be enough. Thank god there is so much more to Yoon Eun Hye than just making people involuntarily salivate. Her greatest contributions come when she is moving, speaking, acting, and exuding the natural charms that made her something special in a branch of entertainment that everyone strives for, but few ever completely enjoy. Yoon Eun Hye is loved because she is “Yoon Eun Hye.” One may be prettier, more technically solid, a better singer, dancer…but only one person is perfectly suited to be Yoon Eun Hye. I am thankful that she exists at a time when I do too…

    P.S. Thanks for new set of screensavers! 😉

  50. 50 Telly

    YEH looks awesome, and she has a killer body, but I think she looks a little “flat” to me (or maybe a little off?).

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