What is wrong with this drama?

More change-ups in the main cast, with recently added Jo Yoon-hee now subtracted from the total. I enjoy that the Korean press is just as addled as we surely are, with headlines like “Why in the world…?” and “What is the matter with Full House 2?” Good questions.

Officially, the reason offered by Jo Yoon-hee’s management is scheduling conflicts. Okay, so the second-rate actress (is that mean? Have you seen Lie To Me?) is dropping a mega-buzz project bound to increase her name recognition by a factor of, oh, at least ten, because the drama’s schedule conflicts with…what now?

Not that I’m bereaved over her dropping out, mind you — she was my least favorite member of the cast. It’s just that I think this drama has either got a frazzled PR exec in waaaay over his/her head, or has terrible planning. (In fact, I’m happier with the lineup without her, since Noh Min-woo really changed my mind about his acting skills when he showed he actually had some in Rock Rock Rock; Hwang Jung-eum is, I think, still technically limited but has plenty of charm; and Park Ki-woong seems to have hit his second wind in recent projects.)

Jo was to have played a femme fatale-ish character, an actress who shot to mega-fame after becoming a Hollywood star. Now maybe they’ll cast someone with enough screen charisma to actually carry that description. Even when we’re talking about fictional characters in a fictional world, inevitably real-world impressions carry over into the drama; it’s up to the show to capitalize on that meta or leave it lying there, wasted. Too bad Han Ye-seul’s too famous for this kind of secondary role. Or Kim Haneul, even if her version of that character (On Air) had me clawing at my ears with her shrillness. Hey, she was effective.

We should really open a betting pool for which actor/role is next to get all shook up. Any takers?

Full House 2 is all set for a March 2012 broadcast in Japan, but is still looking for a broadcaster back home. Wouldn’t it be funny if, after all this drama, it didn’t find one?

Via Star News