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…and now Jo Yoon-hee drops Full House 2
by | October 26, 2011 | 47 Comments

What is wrong with this drama?

More change-ups in the main cast, with recently added Jo Yoon-hee now subtracted from the total. I enjoy that the Korean press is just as addled as we surely are, with headlines like “Why in the world…?” and “What is the matter with Full House 2?” Good questions.

Officially, the reason offered by Jo Yoon-hee’s management is scheduling conflicts. Okay, so the second-rate actress (is that mean? Have you seen Lie To Me?) is dropping a mega-buzz project bound to increase her name recognition by a factor of, oh, at least ten, because the drama’s schedule conflicts with…what now?

Not that I’m bereaved over her dropping out, mind you — she was my least favorite member of the cast. It’s just that I think this drama has either got a frazzled PR exec in waaaay over his/her head, or has terrible planning. (In fact, I’m happier with the lineup without her, since Noh Min-woo really changed my mind about his acting skills when he showed he actually had some in Rock Rock Rock; Hwang Jung-eum is, I think, still technically limited but has plenty of charm; and Park Ki-woong seems to have hit his second wind in recent projects.)

Jo was to have played a femme fatale-ish character, an actress who shot to mega-fame after becoming a Hollywood star. Now maybe they’ll cast someone with enough screen charisma to actually carry that description. Even when we’re talking about fictional characters in a fictional world, inevitably real-world impressions carry over into the drama; it’s up to the show to capitalize on that meta or leave it lying there, wasted. Too bad Han Ye-seul’s too famous for this kind of secondary role. Or Kim Haneul, even if her version of that character (On Air) had me clawing at my ears with her shrillness. Hey, she was effective.

We should really open a betting pool for which actor/role is next to get all shook up. Any takers?

Full House 2 is all set for a March 2012 broadcast in Japan, but is still looking for a broadcaster back home. Wouldn’t it be funny if, after all this drama, it didn’t find one?

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. otchosais

    Full House 2’s casts are really….

    THEY are making my DIZZY! haaist

    • 1.1 otchosais

      ME* not my…

  2. Kou

    I vote for Kim Okbin. She needs to do a tv drama pronto. I would love to see her acting with Park KiWoong and I think she has enough charisma and always brings a certain gravity to her characters.

    • 2.1 orangy911

      I SECOND!! I miss her!! What has she been doing…

    • 2.2 danna

      except Kim Ok Bin will probably never take a second lead role in a drama now, after Thirst…I miss her too..*sob sob*

  3. Andra

    Not a fan of calling anyone second-rate…well at least not after watching dream high 😀

    But I agree, the drama didn’t lose anything with her dropping out.

  4. d

    ummm, as someone commented earlier, im gonna ignore any news abt this drama until d day it broadcasts, in Korea. seems even initial script reading is not a guarantee these days (re Brain). Sighhh, i still much prefer NMW as a vampire tho but i guess that ship has sailed… or maybe not? Kekeke

  5. Sara

    i’m happy she is not in the drama any more.at least they must choose someone who is more beautiful that NMW.even HJE is not as pretty as him

  6. ricky the royal highness

    Ooh, the drama behind the drama… sometimes it’s more interesting than the drama itself.

    • 6.1 ceire

      Very true.

    • 6.2 mary

      They should just get the Hong sisters on board and heap meta upon meta on the drama’s drama.

      Complete with appearances from “fake” people in the Hong Sisters’ world:

      Dokko Jin
      The Evil Seunggi
      AN Jell
      Hybrid cameo of MissRipley/MyGirl-lying-expert Joo Yoo Rin

      • 6.2.1 ricky the royal highness

        Oh, yes please!

        I need to feel passionate about potatoes again.

        • Shel

          Hey ryh, nice to see you pop up.

          • ricky the royal highness

            Hey, Shel 🙂

  7. ck1Oz

    For goodness sakes. I don’t even know whether to get excited for casting news these days. They change at the speed of light.

    For all the Koreans obsession about ‘face’ and reputation the PR team or producers are making a hash of it.

    I am still steaming over the whole Brain drama issue. It’s starting in a couple of weeks and I don’t have any character news to or filming stuff to do a viki page. Aish 🙁

  8. yong in

    oh my, i can’t keep track of all the comings and goings in this drama…
    i hope it finds a home soon. i want to watch NMW again.

  9. mandelbrotr

    I have almost no interest in this drama but am finding the casting drama very entertaining!

    • 9.1 Shiku

      Me too!

      • 9.1.1 BellaMafia

        me three!

    • 9.2 Cam

      Yea yea !!! (nods so excitedly) 😀 😀

  10. 10 carolies541

    Not that i care much about this lady~
    I’m only watching for HJE, she may have some limitation in terms of technicality but she got a charming screen presence.

    So far her characters in HK2, Giant, Can you hear my heart has been winning over me and she just rose to my favorite actresses list. =p

    NMW.. well i haven’t seen him in Rock3, he’s a bit stiff for my taste but who knows he’ve improved a lot~

  11. 11 dramafever

    Again?? Seriously Full House 2? God, this drama is so full of drama that I don’t even feel like watching it now.

    Anyways, I have this teensy weensy feeling that they may reel in Min Hyo Rin for this role. Unless they do that, I’m so giving this a pass.

  12. 12 Ace

    “Okay, so the second-rate actress (is that mean?…)”

    No, JB. I’ve said meaner things about any and all LTM-related stuff. And I still mean it.

    So KBS is not picking this up? If they did, well…how many drama behind dramas/productions do they have already so far this year?

    Anyway, I would be surprised if there are no further dramas behind FH2…

  13. 13 Raine

    I started CRACKING up when I saw the headliner for this post. The question is, who are they going to rope into this PR fiasco? Which actress is willing to jump into the fray?

  14. 14 samsooki

    Okay, admission: so I had no clue who Jo Yoon-hee is, and I did see Lie To Me (all of it).

    My first reaction is, “Wow, she’s is really pretty, who is that? She was in Lie To Me?? Which one was she???”

    My second reaction is, “yes, that’s kinda mean-girls-ish, jb.”

    Pretty girls shouldn’t be the target of mean-girls-ish behavior. I didn’t see Mean Girls, but I am assuming whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan was because of Mean Girls. Hee.

    Okay, nuff fooling. I want Full House 2, and I want it with a full cast. I want houses to be sold without owners knowing about it. I want owners of houses to become maids. I want hallyu stars to fall in love with such maids. I even want 3 bears songs.

    That’s what I want. Make it so.

    Thanks, lotsa love, samsooki.

  15. 15 Suzi Q

    I will believe that this drama will actually happen when they start filming it. This is making my head spin, who’s in, who’s out.

    Full House 2 won’t be missing much with Jo Yoon Hee’s withdrawal. She was SO AWFUL in LTM that I hated to watch her. I don’t think she could have pulled off portraying a huge Hollywood star.

    I wish they had Song Hye Kyo back. She’s been to Hollywood and she’s a big star in China and Asia. Wishful thinking.

  16. 16 just me

    I’m happy that she’s out of this drama!!

  17. 17 danna

    considering this is probably going to be a hate-worthy 2nd lead (hello?! have you watched Full House 1??) I dont even want any of my favorite or talented actresses taking on this role…which is why i wouldn’t have minded Jo Yoon Hee in this afterall, if she is not very good that is

  18. 18 Kou

    I was so excited when I heard about Kim OkBin and Poseidon, but we all know what happened to that drama. I might just be optimistic, but there seems to be a trend lately of high profile stars coming back to dramaland. I do feel very skeptical about the quality of this project since there is clearly some friction or miscommunication between parties, but no matter the case, the brand of Full House will guarantee interest from audiences.

    But Kim Okbin, if you are reading this, come back to dramaland! It doesn’t have to be Full House 2!

  19. 19 Carrie

    Wow, talk about drama before the drama. 😛

    How about Lee Min Jung, anyone? She’s got quite a commanding stage presence and charisma. Seeing her in Boys Over Flowers, I almost started rooting for her instead of the “one true couple”. lol She was also great as the lead in the family drama, “Smile, You”.
    I think she would do an amazing job as lead in Full House as she’s had prior experiences in Rom-coms already.
    She’s so cute. 🙂

  20. 20 Noelle

    Well with this latest drama of JYH jumping ship maybe this will lead to NMW to bail out and join Vampire Idol. Fingers Crossed!

  21. 21 Kim

    I just realized she’s the second female lead in the Lee Soo Young’s MV with Gong Hyo Jin and Go Soo.

    • 21.1 moll

      GO SOO IS IN AN MV?! -jumps to YouTube-

  22. 22 Sunmi

    Is this a drama or a dramatic-version of hot potato? You never know where the casting potato will land but you know for sure it won’t stay there for long.

  23. 23 Cynthia

    This is like Poseidon redux – maybe some projects just aren’t meant to be, particularly if FH2 is going for an update of the same script/plot. I mean, why bother? It’s only been like 7 years since the original, right?

    Whoever they pull to take the lead, I hope that the skew is to young and CUTE. SHK was not only lovely, but she had the “cute” quality needed to bounce off of Rain’s character. I was originally thinking Jung So Min (PK), but don’t know if she could pull off the “famous actress” part of the character.

    As far as taking bets, here’s mine. No name, but I’ll bet at this point the producers are going to be eyeing young, cute/pretty IDOL girls, who have done some acting, and give one of them the lead. (They did it for Yoona w/JGS)

  24. 24 sara

    I am confused 0.0 but aslong as No Min Woo doesn’t trop out I am finde 🙂

  25. 25 Kim Yoonmi (Surname first)

    They should rename the Drama Empty House.. maybe then the cast would be full… c’mon.. that joke had to be said.

    • 25.1 babybear

      or prolly burning down the house. i wonder if there’s a real script for it .

  26. 26 Jane

    I’ll believe full house 2 is back on when i see the first episode.

  27. 27 asianromance

    Since they’re not broadcasting till March, I suspect many more cast changes until we hit February. Maybe they will delay broadcast by 2 months and get some of the up and coming actors/actresses from high kick 3?

  28. 28 YBisTOP

    Uh-OH, this is just like flowerboy something where every actor dropped it. She is so pretty, she should have her own drama. 🙂

  29. 29 Daniela

    The Universe is trying to say something to the production team on this drama, and they are not listening.

  30. 30 Christy

    This Full House is going to turn into an Empty House..

    • 30.1 YBisTOP

      LMAO!!! This was funny.

  31. 31 aicy

    know what javabeans?i enjoy reading your column not only because its interesting but informative like it increases my vocabularies because sometimes i come across some words that are new to me.thanks for that.kudos to you for being proficient in english.im learning from you

  32. 32 vbs

    she feelt the pressure so she chicken out…lol..scheduling conflict my ass

  33. 33 jchaerin

    i just hope (against hope), that after all this hype, when this drama finally do come out, it would be worth it…

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