Giveaway Winner: SM Town New York
by | October 19, 2011 | 48 Comments

Congratulations to the lucky giveaway winner: Reina! You’ve just scored yourself a ticket to Drool City Live, the magical place where fangirl dreams come true. We’ll be emailing you your e-ticket for the concert shortly, so that you can wave it in the air for a victory dance to your favorite Super Junior song.

Have a great time at the concert, and thanks again to Viola for making someone’s day. Make Dramabeans proud, ladies. And don’t forget the war stories complete with saucy pictures. SM Town: New York, here they come!


48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shara


  2. Charly

    Congratulations and have fun. i’m so jealous! 😀 🙂

  3. LK

    I’m so jealous, I want to meet SNSD and BoA so bad!

  4. Linda165

    Congrats to Reina!!

  5. Jennifer

    Congratulations Reina!!! I’m green with envy, but have a great time! And deff get some pics for us!

  6. Reinawannabe

    Jealous!!! But congratulating u reina

    • 6.1 Elina

      I love your “name” 😀

      • 6.1.1 Sumee

        Ha ha ha

    • 6.2 neener

      nice one!!!


  7. alasam


    @Reinawannabe -> best name ever

  8. Net-chan

    Oh congrats Reine :D! Well, I’ll go to NYC anyway, even without SM Town there… Hehe…

    @Reinawannabe>> Nice pseudo XD.

  9. Cynthia

    Congrats, Lucky you!!
    Take some pics to share?!

  10. 10 Jomo

    Thanks to Viola, Reina will be queen for a day!!

    • 10.1 Reina

      haha, you have no idea much I appreciate your play on words! 8D

  11. 11 neener


    Have fun at the concert! bet it will be lots and lots of FUN!!

  12. 12 peanut butter

    Congratulations and have fun for the rest of us!!!

  13. 13 LingLing

    congratulation! so luckyyyy!

  14. 14 Ayan Elmi

    Congrats Reina!
    You’re SOO lucky! say hi to Siwon for me!

  15. 15 come2noona

    Congrats! Have a great time ladies! Make sure to tell us all about it. I wanna see pictures!

  16. 16 Reina

    And its my birthday on the 27th! This is such an awesome birthday gift! Thank you sooooo much Viola! You just made my birthday! 8D And thank you so much to girlfriday, javabeans, and all the other wonderful recappers at Dramabeans!

    *fangirl shrieks foreverrr*

    I will be back with lots of gorgeous pictures! Once again thank you soooooo much! *life is made*

    *Off to devise an evil plan to steal taemin’s innocence*

    • 16.1 temari

      Congrats! Hope you have fun 😀 And good luck with Taemin 😛

    • 16.2 gummimochi

      Congrats Reina! And Happy early Birthday! I’ll see you at the concert! 🙂

      • 16.2.1 xiaoSxin

        Advance Happy Birthday! What an awesome gift!!

        See you all at the concert!!!!

    • 16.3 funnylittlefishy

      omg i’ll be there too, it’s gonna be le awesome! happy earlier birthday ^__^

    • 16.4 pipit

      Congrats Reina! Make sure you help Viola get a picture with Topless Siwon if he’s there ^-^

    • 16.5 pipit

      Congrats Reina! Make sure you help Viola to get a picture with topless Siwon if he’s there ^-^

    • 16.6 bbm

      Congratulations Reina… have fun…
      oh, and happy (early) birthday

    • 16.7 ck1Oz

      A girl on a mission and with the means and motivation.

      Love it 🙂


    • 16.8 whatis

      congrats!!! and Happy early birthday. This is indeed an awesome present!

    • 16.9 monsterlover

      congrats hope you have
      a lot of fun 😀
      happy early birthday

    • 16.10 YY

      Congrats, Reina! *clinks glass*…. I toast your success with my very own homemade brew of SAJ (Siwon-abs-juice) which I’ve been brewing for three whole days and nights straight. It is the finest juice extracted from the pores of Siwon’s mighty abs, using mind control. I first brewed it for Viola’s birthday, and I thought it would be a fitting gift for your birthday, and win, too. TO SIWON’S ABS! MAY THEY RULE THE UNIVERSE FOREVER! AND TO VIOLA”S GENEROSITY! MAY SHE DREAM OF SIWON”S ABS NIGHTLY FOR NINETY-NINE NIGHTS STRAIGHT!

      • 16.10.1 Jomo

        Oooooooh nooooooooooooooooooo!

        The return of the shudder loving SAJ!

    • 16.11 Jomo

      Pictures of the DB readers together, too!

    • 16.12 Cam

      Ohhh!! CONGRATS!! I wish you a Happy Birthday & you will

      have AWESOOOME time there in New York!!!

      How jealous I am! =/ But….I am happy for you, keke!!!

    • 16.13 nancy

      Congratulations Reina!!!!!
      I hope you enjoy yourself!!! Dont forget to take a lot of pictures!! Have an awesome birthday too!!!!!!!

  17. 17 mrs_d

    Aaawwww congratulations Reina! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun while stealing Taemin’s innocence. Rawr!

  18. 18 mel

    Congratulations!!! try not to lose your fangurling voice, get back to us about the fun you’re going to have and good luck on the Taemin project!!!

  19. 19 lovenwait

    As I was driving home from work under the rain I thought to myself “Maybe I’ll win and get to see Yesung this time.” 🙂 I guess there’s always a next time. Anyway..congratulations Reina. Take lots of pictures for us all to enjoy, pretty please? 😉

  20. 20 xiaoSxin


    Yes Girlfriday, Javabeans… we’ll make you proud!!! ^__^ N

  21. 21 kombatpigie

    congrats!!! hope to see some pics and read about your adventures.

  22. 22 Nahan

    Congrats Reina! I guess I’ll see you there. I’ll be the only black girl there (well…except my sister)

  23. 23 MJP

    Congratulations Reina!

    Also, since I didn’t enter the contest, I can finally say:

    Viola, my dear: *HUGS* *HUGGLES* *HUGEST HUGS*

    You are such a sweetheart.

    I wish I could have entered, but I have to stay here and take care of the family.

    Stop studying so much and come play with me on the OT!

    • 23.1 leonardswench

      LOL!!!! And here I’m telling her to study hard until the concert and then rock the heck out of the place to make up for all that brain-drain!

      Congratulations to Viola, Reina, and all the girls/guys headed to the concert — FUN FUN FUN!!

  24. 24 cattey

    Congratulations! Have fun and yes, please don’t forget the pictures!!! 😀

  25. 25 Rj

    Congrats and have fun, I know you will!! Lucky girl 8D

  26. 26 VanillaSalt

    Congrats Reina! Get Siwon, lots and lots of Siwon! :D”’

    • 26.1 Viola

      Vanillasalt, I think you meant to say, “Viola, get Siwon, lots and lots of Siwon.” 😛

  27. 27 Mel

    Reina…looks like the concert was a success! Did you have a great time?? And how did your Taemin project go? It didn’t look like uri Siwon was there… Too bad, too bad no sighting of his sixpack, but it looked like an awesome show!!!!

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