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Kim Hyun-joong considering his next drama
by | October 10, 2011 | 168 Comments

Kim Hyun-joong has been plenty busy wearing his singer hat in recent months — he’s currently promoting “Lucky Guy” from his mini-album — but he’s got his eye on swapping that for his acting hat again, as he explained in an interview on October 10.

Kim described his plans for the coming year, stating, “I’ll release a new album in January, and after promoting it for two or three weeks, I’m thinking of going on an Asia Tour, perhaps a world tour. After that, I’m looking to act in a drama around June.”

That’s weirdly vague and specific at the same time. Is he just talking out loud, or does he have plans that he’s keeping close to the vest? While the plans sound inchoate, it seems he’s pretty decided on his attack plan, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what ends up happening after all.

I’m no great fan of Kim Hyun-joong the Actor, since his debut role in Boys Before Flowers was about the worst piece of acting I’ve seen onscreen. He was much better in Playful Kiss — still squarely in mediocre territory, but I’ll forgive a lot for a rumply, oddly hot perm, apparently. Frankly I wouldn’t mind if he took his time with his music career — his charisma seems better suited for his pop idol persona — but who knows, I might be persuaded if he decided to rock that perm again… (What? Pretty robots may have nice features, but they’re cold and unsexy. Rumply college boys are much more interesting.)

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168 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Oatmeal

    Whats wrong with the picture, his eyes looks weird. ><

    • 1.1 Lisa/Raine

      You know what’s hilarious? I think he’s most known for the surgical mysteries surrounding his nose rather than for his career. A close second might be his bad acting.

      And I agree. The picture is quite bizarre.

      • 1.1.1 laura

        There is no mystery about his nose surgery … HE said HE DID HAVE surgery on his nose … he said it around June while promoting his first mini album. There mystery solved.

        Quote: he said ‘ God gave me this nose … but the finish touch was with a doctor. ‘

        • Lisa/Raine

          People are still discussing it and debating if there has been further work.

          • Lisa/Raine

            I think it’s hysterical because it looked better before the surgery.

      • 1.1.2 hinata

        Nah.. I think its only for people like you who are obsessed about finding faults with him that you think his career is going nowhere.. While you are here taking a dig at his nose (and being so obsessed about it) he’s already leaving his mark in the industry.. He’s been creating milestones after milestones while u guys can keep trying to figure out the mystery of his nose.. His career is already uphill and soon he’ll be promoting outside Asia too.. He has already reached top 5 in billboards charts while u guys were still trying to solve the mystery behind his nose.. He is releasing a Drama next March-April and .. I guess u wont be able to watch it coz u will still be investigating about his nose.. So basically, while u keep worrying about his nose, we can enjoy his works coz whether his nose looks fine or not, we are more interested in the man himself and his career… u live in box or what?? Geez.. get a life !!

        • SS501FOREVER

          Go hinata!!!!! You are sooooo right!! Thanks a lot for sticking up for him! Thank god at least there is someone to stick up for him!!! These guys really need to shut up and go and get a life…and they also need to think about other people who may be fans of his and are checking this article….they sure are the ones who are cold hearted (especially the author of this article….she/he is probably the one who’s cold hearted not him since she has no feelings at all as to how his fans would react if they read this)…you guys, if we insulted your favourite idol and said he looked ugly and stuff then how would YOU feel? You would probably feel the same way we do when you insult the idol we like…

          • SS501FOREVER

            This guy is actually worked himself out so hard to reach where he is now today and he is still working hard to reach to the ultimate top. At least he is doing some work unlike you guys since all you do is sit and discuss how ugly he looks and trying to find fault with him.

          • Marielle

            Thanks Hinata, it is refreshing reading your comments. This world is getting to cynical and cruel. I applaud and respect his hard work on himself and his craft be it singing,dancing,modeling,acting.Joong just follow your heart!Aja Aja Fighting!

    • 1.2 Noelle

      Oh thank god I’m not the only one. That can’t be him. The face is all wrong. Unless he did a Mickey Rourke I think someone got a wrong photo.

      • 1.2.1 riin

        meh. dude is finally just growing up that’s all.. kkk 😀

      • 1.2.2 hinata

        All you beautiful souls.. I pray that you be blessed with beautiful face.. Coz if someone as good looking as Kim Hyun Joong can create such a negative response ( The only thing u can take a dig at is his nose which started all becoz there was nothing else to criticize him for.. he is the walking scupture after all 🙂 ), I just pity what people may be taking a dig at you for…

        Hope u have a good life with as much success and love that he has from his fans.. And I hope some of his politeness rubs on you.. *sigh*.. criticism is something good but being downright rude??

        well, its actually hilarious if u actually try to figure out why the person wrote it .. 🙂

        Anyways, I had fun reading through the comments and just decided to pop in my 2 cents too..

        Just waiting for his new Drama.. Hope he creates a Hat trick of Super Hit dramas.. and with his 3rd album a hat trick of Super Hit album.. He already had a hat trick for winning SIA 3 years in a row.. Well, he is Kim Hyun Joong after all.. 🙂

        • Bibette Sia

          hahaha….i agree with….there wll be more stones to be thrown at KHJ because he’s climbing the ladder successfully
          people can’t do anything but to destroy something fruitful,

    • 1.3 crzycpl

      Yeah, had to do a double take because the title did not match the picture.

    • 1.4 polly

      That’s coz JB picked the baddest pic of the lot!
      There are better pics of KHJ for the new album. This is just a badly photo-shopped pic with very warm color tones and harsh light changing the face contours making him look different.
      This one is a better pic…altho the eye shadow is a bit much but i guess its a thing of lot of K- stars.

  2. kim

    are you sure that’s kim hyun joong in the picture above?!?!?!! no wayyyyy?!

    • 2.1 Ani

      It should be him since it’s the one I’ve seen floating around for his new album. I think it looks weird too. It’s like a cartoon picture cover or something like that.

    • 2.2 gala

      maybe just a real bad photo-editing. it looks weird.

  3. tegami

    That person in the picture does NOT look like Kim Hyun-joong at all. There’s no way in hell that could be him.

  4. Saima

    eeekk!! He looks so different-not in a good way- the eyes, the bags under the eyes?!

  5. tegami

    Wow, it really is Kim Hyun-joong after all.


    I want the ginger hair from the BOF days back!!!

  6. Eliza

    I think he should stick to variety rather than drama if he does any tv apperances. He was one of my favorites on We Got Married. His 4D personality and deadpan humor had me rolling with laughter. I wish he was able to bring that side of himself to his scripted roles!

    • 6.1 rasu

      i agree! he was hell funny n cute in WGM…acting isnt for him prolly

  7. Nancy

    I’m so sorry but KHJ should just stick to singing…acting isn’t for him although he is such a cutie 🙂

    • 7.1 MeeisLee

      KHJ keep your singer hat on.

      All your acting fans are just blinded by your debatable hotness.

  8. Midori

    While no great acting chops, he used to be eye candy. Now with the new nose & hair he’s not even that.

  9. li~~~

    i like him much better as a singer even if he’s pretty mediocre in that too. there’s a certain amount of charm that goes a long way in pretty boy pop idol town. plus he’s got good producers and writers. please was a good song. and his whole first mini album was decent with the notable exception of the title track.

    and as much as i found playful kiss charming, i would prefer it he stay far away from the small screen. although if he feels he must be in tv, maybe he should try variety.

  10. 10 annaNuna

    NO thank you!!

    his acting is really bad, I have skipped all his part on BOF, as well as not a fan of Playful Kiss because of him…dead face….

  11. 11 Claire

    Er – they photoshopped something because that does not look like him at all.

    Never seen photoshop used to make someone UGLIER before

  12. 12 callie ♥

    i like his old nose better….he looks like a different person with this new nose…

    • 12.1 asianromance

      I miss his old nose too. I have trouble recognizing him after the new nose!

      • 12.1.1 Ani

        Now I’m confused, I thought he hurt his nose when he was a kid: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/06/kim-hyun-joong-admits-to-nose-work

        Anyways, I never thought he was good looking no matter what everyone said. Until… I saw the Love Like This song from his group. It’s the only song from them I’ve heard, but he had so much charisma and hotness in the MV that all I could think was “This boy was born to be an idol/singer/dancer, anything else requires work”.

        • Lizzie

          He hurt it, but since he had to treat it he decided to make a PS too since had this chance.

        • purplebasket

          Huh. That’s what they all say. They can’t all be like Chad Michael Murray who broke his nose and be more beautiful than he is.

          • Lora

            This is this second surgery.
            He broke it and then decided to raise it a bit. But it ended up looking unnatural (the noses in BOF and PK). And now he had it fixed. So he wanted to get his old debut nose bad.

            This nose talk is so odd. It’s like we are talking about accessories.

            Well, it it Kpop after all.

  13. 13 asianromance

    I hope he does a sitcom or something to brush up on his acting.

  14. 14 Steamy Bun

    lol I’m cracking up at the “I miss his old nose!” comments. Where other than Kpop world can you hear such a statement? (jk 🙂 )

  15. 15 Gabriel41

    I can’t wait until June for his new drama yeahhhhhhhh
    Hope that he picks up some good drama this time

    • 15.1 SS501

      He did. He’s acting in the new action drama, “City Conquest/Conquest for City” as the main lead, Baek Mir. It will start filming this year as soon as he finishes his Asia Tour and the rest of the cast is revealed.

  16. 16 Nana

    Lol….both writer and readers here are all bitchy to him…whatever

  17. 17 jen

    i say this in the nicest way…. please stop acting!!
    it just makes me cringe every time i watch him on screen.

    plus the role can just go on to someone with more experience and talent.

    though he does have charisma, but no facial expressions at all…….that’s why he keeps on playing those cold, chaebol stereotypes

    • 17.1 kdramalover

      Please, don’t watch his movies if you don’t like him – anyway I’m sick of all those guys who cry or make all grimaces – that’s not acting – it’s Asian show. Look at the expression of the eyes and voice inflection – that’s acting. I like him both as singer and actor. Concerning the picture – his no more “a beautiful angel” he became a real man the ONE that some of us real need to be happy. And BTW the appearance of an actor on screen depends on the Writer and the Director, so …

  18. 18 TWinkles

    I don’t care what anyone say, i luv him!! What a dreamboat!!!!!!!

    • 18.1 YY

      Me too! He’s so beautiful I could look at him forever. And his acting was much improved in PK. But I do miss his nose…..

  19. 19 ditzmaster

    um.what HAPPENED?? he used to be soo cute!! he needs his old nose back ASAP.

  20. 20 Lahlita

    Javabeans, I hereby DEMAND that you write about Kim Hyun-joong at least once a week. Your unveiled distaste for his acting never fails to crack my shit up. You crack up my shit. He really does produce some of the worst acting ever. That has to be a talent in and of itself, yeah?

    • 20.1 Noelle

      So he fails so bad he wins?

      • 20.1.1 Minnetter

        no that’s actually William Hung…

  21. 21 Ani

    Well, after not hearing about this guy since Playful Kiss, everyone is abuzz about his new nose. And I’ve read the articles and stuff, but it seems to me he did his nose sometime ago, not recently. So…. Anyone wants to clarify for me if he did his nose recently or not? Because despite the bad photoshop above, his other picture from the same album looks like him. Also, the dude makes it sound like his neighborhood hyungs broke it when he was younger and he had it fixed then.

    So when did he get a new nose?

    • 21.1 e

      he did get a new nose it was around sometime between after wrapping up playful kiss and before his new album (breakdown)
      im a fan but im definitely not blind his nose changed and its quite obvious
      he admitted it during his golden fishery guesting
      i used to hate the new nose but now it has kinda grown on me

      • 21.1.1 Ani

        Sorry love, but it seems like I’m going to have to take yammy’s word for it (comment number 24) since yammy seems to know more about it. And yes he admitted it on the guru show with Kang Hodong, but he answered it like it was something done some time ago and not recently. And like I said, comment number 24 from yammy makes more sense.

  22. 22 Zoe

    Oh, my goodness. Omo omo omo.
    I thought I’d gotten names mixed up…so, I blame photoshop for that. And camera angles. And weird shadows. Hell, don’t care for the clothing style either…

    Sorry, but…damn, you were so cute before! Acting-wise…well, you were cuuuuuute. >~<

  23. 23 LvK

    LOL It’s photoshop technique. Illustrator/Photoshoper used few different filter to create image like that. Nothing wrong with his eyes. I just make one like that myself.

    HJ should do action drama. Might suit him better than acting as the high school kid

  24. 24 yammy

    Triple S (the fan of the band KHJ is part of, SS501) here to answer all your questions:

    the nose job? eh… probably got it a while ago. like. back in early 2000’s try like 2007? 2008?

    that IS him in the picture. The weird alien-thingy is a figure KHJ drew himself. actually, it was one of his random doodles that keyeast, his new company, decided to use to be a cartoon image of KHJ.

    and yes, although i am his fan (since I’m fan of the group he is in), i DONT want him to act. stay the stage, leader dear. sing and dance. that’s what you are good at. come back with all the members of SS501. everyone, including the people here at dramabeans, would prefer that.
    and no, even as a fan, i could not bare to watch his two dramas.

    ^ this comes out of the love i have for ss501 and the sanity of everyone who watches korean dramas. 😀

  25. 25 Alvina

    … aww HJLeader. It’s no secret that even fans of SS501 would rather see you sing than act.

  26. 26 Lisa/Raine

    Wow, I didn’t recognize him at all. I’m still debating the likelihood of that actually being him…

  27. 27 Birthday Girl

    Eyebrows… expression… ugh.

  28. 28 mikimotoable

    agree with JB, his acting isnt really good..
    i have been following kpop for quite sometimes..in my opinion, he isnt a good singer either… but well.. i have to admit he’s good looking and has a strong fan base.. i think he should pursue modelling

  29. 29 Celexa

    I’m in for another KHJ project. I happen to like him in BOF and PK 🙂

    we all have to start somewhere and hone our skills… I’ll gladly watch him.

    • 29.1 cv

      I’m with you! I happen to like BOF and PK TOO! PK was good! Not alot of people can play a stiff person and yet still be charming at the same time.
      I hope he does do another drama. I’ll watch it!

      As for the picture, isn’t it to promote his new minalbum? I think it’s the lighting and editing.

  30. 30 HaNi!

    he needs to realise that he is a terrible actor. I cant even stand one episode of Playful Kiss, Boys Over Flowers is bearable due to Lee Min Ho’s acting. 0.o

  31. 31 seattlebabe

    Calm down ladies -JB has again stirred the hornet’s nest unnecessarily .Why are you spending all your energy on something that has`to happen yet ?

    Don’t tell me about this bad acting thingy.I don’t want to mention names but there are many actors whose mainline is acting from the very beginning are still seen with roles after roles . So why concentrate your arrows and darts on KHJ ?

    I don’t know why JB is so hot I mean burning with, seething with hostilities every time Hyun Joong is heard to want to go back to acting. What’s the bad blood about ? What has he done to you that he deserve all these bile? Your issues are actually resolved quickly and painlessly, don’t watch his dramas.There are many terrestial TV channels plus cable channels as well to choose from where alternative dramas are aired.

    JB should stop acting as if she has the burden of the world on her shoulder because of Hyun Joong .

    On the other hand , KHJ is actually useful to JB , she gets a lot of comments and discussions-I suppose from the same crowd. Hmmm, what a way to get viewers . Tsk, tsk talk of media practitioner who still need some crutches after all these years .

    • 31.1 Ani

      I believe jb is all for KHJ getting a new acting project (as long as he brings back his perm of course). This here is a blog. For opinions. Specifically the bogger’s opinion, which happens to be jb and girlfriday and the occasional guest bloggers. My question is: Why are you all hot and bothered about jb having some interest in the guy? And most of the commenters are more concerned about the alien looking being from the picture above that has little resemblance to KHJ, and about his “nose”.

    • 31.2 Shiku

      JB was just stating her opinion and its HER blog. She also does not need KHJ to get comments or views.

    • 31.3 mikimotoable

      wow to the last paragraph.. even without KHJ news, this blog is doin good

      told ya JB, fangirls are scary :p:p

      • 31.3.1 Linda165

        I think anti fans are scarier. Their comments are meaner and full of hate and bad intentions.

        • mikimotoable

          but it doesnt mean that everyone who says his acting is bad is an anti fans..
          this is drama blog, not fans site.. if KHJ fans want to read lovely comments about him, y’all should go to the fans site.

          Im no hatin him, perhaps i should revise my statement..fan girls are blinded by love 🙂

          • Linda165

            I didn’t say I was a fan. I was just stating a well known fact: anti fans are vicious little things. If you don’t believe me, go ask Tablo.

          • Linda165

            Oh, who am I kidding??!!! I am a fan!!!

            You go, you beautiful man and do whatever your heart desires.

            KHJ saranghe!! ♥♥♥♥

    • 31.4 snowee

      i think JB is more into Lee min ho 🙂

  32. 32 jusash

    I saw the post-PK new nose pictures back then.
    From old Pinocchio-sharp ==> fleshed-out new nose.

    It made him look more masculine, less delicate.

    Yes he looked different then, but you could still see it was Kim Hyun-joong.

    This picture above is really NOT KHJ at all (to me)….. did he do some more surgery, and with the eyes this time??o~O

    • 32.1 bebeswtz


      His nose is new… newer than his old-new nose… he got ANOTHER job done…. because he was in a car accident last year… he was in a car accident when filming for “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, and then another car accident last year, but I’m not too sure of when last year he got into that accident

      I hope that clears a bit of things up =)

  33. 33 Noelle

    HOLY SHIT! It is him! Why would he do that to himself? He was attractive and now it looks like he got more than his nose done. His chin and eyes look completely different.

  34. 34 MJ

    Kim Hyun-Joong the Singer / Actor looks so animated.

    Is he boosting sales for manga? ha-ha

    • 34.1 MJ

      That picture above cannot be the real Kim Hyun-Joong at all.

      The cartoonist did not do a very good animation job of Kim Hyun-Joong

  35. 35 Pat

    I think he had the old nose job touched up because it was lopsided and too perky. probably a cheap job when he was poorer. The new one is well done but he looks different, could be other stuff was done too. The album pics are just plain strange.
    Everytime I see a Korean actor whose face looks natural i am so pleased for the individuality of the look. ( i.e. JDG has really aged well, hope he leaves it alone.) Only character actors get to keep their real faces in Kdramaland?

  36. 36 KUDOS

    i forgave his acting because i thought he was cute. now he just looks weird.
    *sigh* kim hyun-joong… why??

  37. 37 Nisa

    I’m guessing people here do not know that he… has a weird persona 🙂 He basically just says what’s on his mind (which is good, it means he’s honest) and he probably just wants to act, give him a break. Let people do what they want. and that photo, obvious work of photoshop. How can anyone look so saturated and horribly highlighted on a natural photo, and his nose….. well, his nose, his choice. Hahaha he still looks good tho. Saw a photo of him when he was young and still in school, OMG SO CUTE. Should look it up. ^^

  38. 38 anantatoer

    who else googles KHJ pics after reading this post *raised hand*


    Make me want to give BBF a proper watch..just watch em randomly for Lee Min-ho’s sake

    Well I hope KHJ next drama is a good one, that’s all that matter to me.

  39. 39 sarang

    a. Who the hell is that?
    b. I don’t mind him pursuing more acting gigs, hopefully he grows and improves though. Would hate to see him stay the same level that he’s at. I want him to try a cute and fun character something Daniel Choi-esque.

  40. 40 crazedlu


    dude, how’d you find a pic like that? seriously, that pose is so kim bum. i’m pretty sure kim hyun joong is trying to channel some so yi jung up in there.

    anyways, meh. i’m pretty sure his next project will go to the crapper. dude just doesn’t have enough appeal or talent for me to stick around.

  41. 41 Songie

    Wow, i do hate the “scary fangirl” stereotype people throw around. Just so you know, it doesn’t apply to all of us.

    Anyways. KHJ Leader… He’s pretty much honest about everything, so i’d believe those plans he just laid out. I’d rather much prefer him to stay close to his music for much longer (and release an album with SS501! :DDD) than go back into another acting role. I think KHJ as a music artist is much more expressive than KHJ as an actor. But i’m all for growth, and more roles mean more opportunities for growth! 😉

  42. 42 Cynthia

    Whoa, folks! The pic is just a photo-shopped still from his newest album “Lucky” – he’s trying out a new persona for the gambler/high-roller concept and the MV and stills reflect the new, highly Photoshopped, graphic look.

    As much as the criticism is flying here about his looks and acting, this is a guy who is very careful with handling the direction he wants his career to go in – he seldom, if ever, miscalculates a move. He has his future mapped out and he works hard to achieve the level of fame he has. He’s obviously doing something right – his popularity increases by the day.

    As for KHJ’s acting – good or poor, it’s just individual opinions, isn’t it? JB/GF have done a fair job in critiquing his work (perm or no :)) and I don’t find them singling KHJ out for unwarranted criticism, unlike many of the comments up-thread. He shows improvement in each role, and isn’t that what really counts in Kdramaland?

    What I do find unsettling is the vehement reaction from so many commenters about his nose. Really, people? His nose?!

    Better to reflect on the fact that this kid runs himself ragged for charitable causes, donates 100’s of thousands of dollars to disaster relief and does it quietly (as quietly as he can considering that he’s in the media spotlight 24/7), and he’s devoted to his fan base, without exception. He seems to be polite, respectful and well-mannered and takes criticism in stride while keeping his sense of humor.

    Frankly, he should be working a Cyrano de Bergerac for this level of criticism. It’s just petty and I don’t think he (or anyone else) deserves it.

    • 42.1 bebeswtz

      HALLELUJAH TO THAT!!! Thank you!!!!

    • 42.2 kdramalover

      Agree, Fully agree.

      Those who are looking only to a picture and criticize the nose’s form of a fabulous singer and world renown actor are just superficial people who give their opinion based on nothing – they didn ‘t even see his teasers of his new album. They are so mean!

    • 42.3 Ditu3ka

      TBH I don´t care at all about his nose. Come on, we´re talking about K-dramaland here, any debates about plastic surgeries are meaningless :-))

      Yes I agree, I think his charm lies mainly in his personality. There´s no need to be so critical about his acting, I bet he also doesn´t find his own acting exceptional :-))

    • 42.4 JoAnne

      Amen, sister…in anything I’ve ever seen that was *him* – not sure how closely his team manages his personal comments – he seems like a genuinely likeable, good person. With more talent than any of us here, for certain, even if he’s not the best at singing or acting.

      • 42.4.1 Cynthia

        To the best of my understanding, one of the main reasons for signing on with KeyEast was to get away from being “managed” in any way. KeyEast advises and supports his choices and that’s about it. He makes his own decisions about what to do and where to appear, and most importantly, what to say.

        • JoAnne

          One more reason to like the dude, is what I say. And I do genuinely like him, as much as you can like someone you’ve never met. He just seems like someone you would enjoy knowing, and it has nothing to do with his looks. Although they don’t hurt.

          BOF was my second K-drama…I didn’t know enough to know his acting was bad, since so much was ‘odd’ to me at that point. (The kissing? So strange.) Anyway – I thought his stiffness was part and parcel of the character. The smile was genuine enough to win me over. I actually really liked him in PK/MK. When he tells her to forget him, if she can? Rawr. And toward the end, when he tells her to like only him, and kisses her in the rain? WAY MORE rawr.

          • Cynthia

            Amen to that.
            His BOF role was described as a “damaged, recovering autistic” personality. Given the fact that it was KHJ’s first big acting job, frankly I thought it was a miracle that he made it through to the end!

            Looking back on that drama, it’s amazing that the role of Ji-Hoo was equal to that of LMH’s amount of on-air screen time. A tremendous undertaking for a kid who had never acted. Typically, he turned it into a learning experience.

    • 42.5 Songie

      Thank you sista! As an avid supporter of KHJ from his singing years, i see him as a consistent, genuine individual. He takes criticisms as forms of motivation and guidance and often criticizes himself even. He’s a spontaneous personality, but he knows what he wants and defines it clearly. This man works hard and has a vision! He has enormous love for his fans (c’mon, two free concerts for fans!), but shows it so modestly and non-disposably. And in return, he’s well respected. 😉

      With that, i’m all for a new drama role. But if asked for a personal opinion, i’d like for him to stay a bit longer in his music (but that just be my bias Triple S side). =P *woot*

  43. 43 Christy

    Maybe that’s just a case bad lighting. See the harsh shadows?

    I can’t even remember his old nose but anyhoo I like his new look –he doesn’t look like a fragile kkot minam anymore.

  44. 44 barverley

    I had to do a double take. And I kept wondering if it was really him.. hahaha. It’s the hair & and the whole outfit — that makes me look completely different from his usual-pretty-boy-look.

    And everyone seems to be talking about his nose job… sighs. Still, I don’t know why, but I’ve very drawn to this picture. I like it. *Note: I really didn’t like him in BOF, but I enjoyed him in PK (much better acting/a little stiff…) 😀

  45. 45 Mirror

    The next Michael Jackson in the making!! Is he really KHJ, he looks so different!!

  46. 46 q

    it amazes me how the mere mention of kim hyun joong incites such extreme negative reactions. maybe you think you’re being cute and funny but really you’re being maliciously mean. i don’t think anyone of you would wish to be made fun of in this manner.

    • 46.1 Shiku

      I honestly don’t think anyone being mean. They are just wondering why he looks different from his BBF n PK days. They would also prefer if he keeps on singing as he isn’t a good actor.

  47. 47 Jaykah

    Bahahaha I thought I was the only one thinking the picture didn’t look like him! I think it’s just the lighting but still.. I was like err Kim Hyun Joong, where are you? lol
    I think I’ll stay on board for his next drama. Hope the plot is interesting but if it’s another college type of drama then I dunno.. Seriously I can’t get over the pic and how much it doesn’t look like him haha

  48. 48 3pleX

    Stop picking on his nose….

  49. 49 ank

    The photos for his new album are photo-shopped so they look like those classic looking pictures? Somehow with that LUCKY wording for the album, I am reminded with the cigarette brand Lucky Strike, which has classic looking print advertisement. There are better pictures of him for the LUCKY album concept though.

    And about the nose? His nostrils were loopsided before and shorter. Now it’s sharper looking, which I thought is nicer.

    Although his acting is bad, I still enjoy seeing the eye candy on screen. *shallow* Lols.

  50. 50 red

    noooo hes threatened to do another drama….clearly not a fan of his acting…but then again who is??

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