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…on the other hand, Jo Yoon-hee & Park Ki-woong join Full House 2
by | October 14, 2011 | 59 Comments

girlfriday: Oh noes! She’s that horrid second lead from whatsitcalled, right?

javabeans: Yes, she’s that terrible whosywhatsit from that dismal whachermacallit.

girlfriday: GAH.

javabeans: But Park Ki-woong is cast as the other second lead. Now I’m torn!

girlfriday: Half awesome, half awful?

javabeans: Exactly. It’s not even half meh, half okay. It’s half BOOOOOO, half YAYYYYY!

girlfriday: I don’t really know Park Ki-woong’s work. Haven’t really followed his dramas.

javabeans: The Musical, Story of a Man. And this:

girlfriday: O.M.G.

javabeans: Is that not awesome? It’s actually what made him famous. That and My Tutor Friend 2 with Lee Chung-ah.

girlfriday: Ooh he seems interesting.

javabeans: Much more interesting than Hyori 2.0, who took a bland role in Lie To Me and made it even blander. But hey, maybe she’ll be much better as a femme fatale than she was as the dull-as-dishwater nice girl.

girlfriday: Femme fatale? In what universe? I can’t really imagine her being anything but dishwater girl.

javabeans: Oh, it gets even better. She plays a singer-turned-actress who then breaks out into superstardom…in Hollywood.

girlfriday: Pffft. Just because she looks like Hyori don’t mean she IS Hyori. Hey wait, so they really ARE reversing the roles?

javabeans: Not necessarily, since she’s still a second lead.

girlfriday: Oh, I thought this whole time she was cast as the new lead, and it nearly made my head explode. Well that makes a lot more sense.

javabeans: But not a lot more happy.

girlfriday: No, not likely.

javabeans: Now I don’t know what to think about this drama. I feel like one of those prison masks, you know, half tragic half comic. Wait, are those not originally from prison? Am I thinking of the right thing?

girlfriday: Hahaha. Your stint in the pokey has clearly affected you mentally.

javabeans: I think I mean Greek plays, prison tattoos, don’t I?

girlfriday: You mean the faces of drama, like Tragedy and Comedy, yeah?

javabeans: ThasswhutIsaid.

girlfriday: Uh-huh.

javabeans: I’m thinking Tragedy mask is gonna beat the living daylights out of Comedy in this one, sadly. (Sadly! Har har! I punned!) (I swear I’m not drunk.)

girlfriday: I repeat: Uh-huh.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fasiris Fay

    hahahaha this is going to hilarious.

    • 1.1 Fasiris Fay

      to be*

  2. bbm

    haven’t watched the musical yet, i really need to start watching that

  3. Elllen

    Smiling while reading your chats JB & GF.
    I’m keen to watch this cuz I enjoyed Full House.

  4. xine

    Video : Speechless!!

    • 4.1 polly

      Lol! Same Reaction here! Speechless! :/ The neck thing scared the shit outta me 😛

      • 4.1.1 ohemgee

        Park Ki Woong is quite the renaissance man…i thought i knew, but i had no idea.

      • 4.1.2 zeyy

        I soo tried doing the neck thing……..but guess what, I wasnt able to! lol

    • 4.2 Steph

      I died from shock and awe!

    • 4.3 Shiku

      Oh WOW! The video! LMAO

    • 4.4 Jo

      AWW, I love Park Ki Woong! AND that video!
      it made me squeal! He is so cute! And strange <3333

  5. tegami

    So far, Park Ki-woong has been, if you will excuse my french, a fuckin revelation in The Musical. And that’s the first time I’d ever heard of him or seen him in anything. Ever.

    It doesn’t even matter who the lead actress is, I AM SO GONNA WATCH FULL HOUSE 2 if he’s in it.

    • 5.1 Gabitis

      Sooooo with you there!

    • 5.2 will work for soju

      You should see him in Story of a Man. Pretty much all the characters in that show were my favorite, but Kyung-tae was the favoritest!

    • 5.3 student viewer

      omg YES kyung-tae 😀

    • 5.4 Hipployta

      Agreed…I love how he’s able to smile, eyes and all, as he says some cold-blooded mess. LOL…LOVE this guy. I had no idea that was him in that commercial. I remember when it came out LOL. I never got past episode 1 of When It’s At Night…and Story of a Man/Slingshot is still on my to watch list because of the pure evil vs awesome little guy shenanigans I hear about. Anyway back to the point that I love him in The Musical…

      • 5.4.1 Hipployta

        Wait…Kyung Tae…eye glasses hacker guy with OCD? That was HIM?! Wow…I love this guy

    • 5.5 MJ

      Beside the following:

      The Musical September, 2011
      Episodes: 16
      Category: Korean Drama
      Casts: Choo So Young,Kim Hyun Sung,Koo Hye Sun,Park Ki Woong,Choi Daniel

      Here is a list of Park Ki Woong’s Dramas and Movies:

      TV Shows:

      Golden Fish May, 2010
      Episodes: 100
      Category: Korean Drama
      Casts: Jo Yoon Hee,Kim Yong Gun,Park Sang Won ,So Yoo Jin,Lee Tae Gon

      Invincible Lee Pyung Kang November, 2009
      Episodes: 16
      Category: Korean Drama
      Casts: Ji Hyun Woo,Kim Heung Soo,Nam Sang Mi,Park Ki Woong,Seo Do Young

      A Man’s Story April, 2009
      Episodes: 20
      Category: Korean Drama
      Casts: Kim Kang Woo,Park Yong Ha,Lee Philip,Park Si Yeon,Han Yeo Woon

      Love Marriage August, 2008
      Episodes: 16
      Category: Korean Drama
      Casts: Kim Ji Hoon,Hwang Bo Ra,Kim Min Hee,Park Ki Woong,Yoon Se Ah

      When Its At Night June, 2008
      Episodes: 17
      Category: Korean Drama
      Casts: Jo Hee Bong,Kim Jung Hwa,Kim Sun Ah,Lee Dong Gun,Lee Joo Hyun

      The Scary One, The Ghost and I (KBS2, 2010)
      Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
      Seoul Warrior Story (MBC DramaNet, 2008)
      Drama City (KBS, 2007)


      Love Hunt Thirty Minus (2008)

      My Tutor Friend 2 April, 2007
      Category: Korean Movie
      Casts: Lee Chung Ah,Lee Young Ha,Park Ki Woong,Yang Geum Suk,Yang Jin Woo

      Someone Behind You (2007)

      Art of Fighting (2005)

      A Ghost Story (2005)

      • 5.5.1 Beng

        He’s also the Prince in Arrow: the Ultimate Weapon. He is a very good character actor, coz i really hated him there, which means, he’s also great portraying evilness.

        Love his cuteness!!! =)

  6. 3pleX

    Only in K-tra-la-la-la-la-land…………

  7. Arhazivory

    Oh? He’s that good? I can’t watch the vid cause I’m at work. -_-‘

    Oh man….what a lot of drama around this drama.

  8. Sere

    Oh omg, I thought Jo Yoon-hee was Min Hyo-rin in the first pic, haha. Even more hilarious? You mentioned LTM and I was like, “she was in it?!? WUT?” and I actually watched LTM. I had to check wiki and see who she was. Totally memorable performance…NOT. LOL

    • 8.1 Mimi

      Same thing happened to me! I had to scroll back up to see her face, then checked wiki ’cause I didn’t remember her face. Now I know… I think. 😀

  9. Jomo

    omg prison mask- all I could think of is Richard Chamberlain – pooooooor man in the iron mask…Why did they put him in an iron mask?

    Or was it Richard Chamberlain in pooooooor Man without a Country, and the guy couldn’t go ashore, or something? Was he also wearing a mask?

    Thank you very much for making my sad Friday a LOL Friday!

    With all the strangeness about this show, I’m thinking they should call it:
    Half Empty/Half Full House…you decide

  10. 10 missbess

    Oh man, that video is hilarious!

  11. 11 notoriousnoona

    is it ok to be annoyed and disappointed he took this role?

  12. 12 adette

    Oh man. That video will never not be funny. I LOVED PARK KI-WOONG. ESPECIALLY IN STORY OF A MAN OMG. I haven’t started The Musical yet.. is it good? 🙂

  13. 13 come2noona

    OMG that video! I am disturbed and amused at the same time!

  14. 14 So3

    I <3 Park Ki Woong! And I like Hwang Jung-Eum after CYHMH. So I can foresee myself doing second-lead shipping already *sobs*

  15. 15 Jenny

    I died of laughter when I watched that video, it was hilarious.

  16. 16 mel

    Full House 2–couldn’t they just find another title? But I guess that’s gonna keep the fans of the original drama curious and trap them to watching it. Lead Casting still unclear, well that femme fatale is fatal!!! I truly disliked her in Lie to Me..

    BUT Park Ki Woong is totally watchable in comedy and drama, I’ll take him anytime… Totally convincing in Chuno-Slave Hunter, loved him in My Tutor 2, Story of Man and the recent one-The Musical… Why 2nd lead? He’s great in anything…

    Hope this drama works out but hope that femme f-is out.

    thanks ladies

    • 16.1 houstontwin

      Yes! He was a fabulous pretty boy/bad guy in Chuno…really detestable (in a good way!).

  17. 17 Ming

    I really hope park ki woong gets a really cute role, cos he deserves it! He always gets all those cold roles like in story of a man and the musical (well, at least he gets to smile here). But when he smiles he looks like a baby and it’s the most precious thing ever <333

    On a side note,iIf no min woo and park ki woong are in it, I am so watching this drama!! Park dong ju <333

    • 17.1 Shiku

      Park Ki Woong wasn’t cold in story of a man, he was so adorkable.

  18. 18 Sherry VS

    Park Ki-Woong was also in When It’s at Night (2008)- played the deceptively innocent younger bro to Kim Sun Ah – and it did it well. My first “experience” with him- in Love Marriage (my 1st Korean drama…sigh) he was the frustrated young suitor 2nd lead and was alternately funny and poignant. Really like him!

  19. 19 Cynthia

    My mouth is still hanging open from that video. I don’t know whether to be horrified or hysterical laughing – it’s a toss-up.

    While watching ep 6 of The Musical, there was a night scene where PKW came out of a building and I immediately thought “WTH is Sal Mineo doing here?!” Whoa – flashback to the 60’s movies! Exodus, anyone? **crickets**

  20. 20 Sherry VS

    Ok, so now I’ve watched that fun little vid FOUR TIMES.

  21. 21 kaedejun



  22. 22 Carinne

    One thing: I cringe when I see gums smiling at me. As long it’s not at me I’m cool w/ the world. Or else, I go CSI and DDS on mandibles. o , 0″‘

  23. 23 Autumn

    LOL. Now I know how to impress the guys when I go clubbing.

    Why isn’t Park Ki-woong the lead? does this drama want me to suffer from 2nd-lead syndrome again?

  24. 24 Venus

    ok WTF!!!! is going on here really!…talk about CRAP….ok ok who ever is behind this drama NEEDS TO GIVE IT UP!!!….the idea is dead…come on!….aishhh is just..I can’t think..I mean HER?!..but wait..damn give up… srly even if she is not the lead, she is baddd…..

  25. 25 Joyce

    Video = HAHAHAHA Ab workout DONE!

  26. 26 anna

    lol i just saw the picture of No Min-woo below this post and thought Jo Yoon-hee and him look similiar.

  27. 27 luraaa

    No, Ki-woong oppa! Why?! I wasn’t planning to add this show on my watch-list but his casting has changed my mind (a little). I LOVED him since Story of a Man and I’ve been following him since then. I just think that he’s far better than a role in Full House. Oh well.

  28. 28 trucalling

    I’m happy about him to be in this drama, I loved him in story of a man and I enjoy a lot the musical keke

  29. 29 hannah

    lol, they played siblings before in Golden fish which is all i can fixate on

  30. 30 Cam

    How AMAAAZING!! I first saw this actor Park Ki Woong in that HOT & BEESST drama “Story of a Man” and little a bit “Love Marriage”, yups!

    Hahaha, I LOOOVE this hilarious video of Park Ki Woong, kekeke….^__^

  31. 31 ultramarineblue

    LOL i always wondered why he did that at the end of my tutor friend XD

  32. 32 Ani

    So sad he gets stuck in sequels to popular drams or movies. Oh… and he was in Chuno right? The one who got shot by that AWESOME slave who was all like Pew pew with his gun…. Yeah, was the only seen from that movie I’ve seen. HAHAHA. I say give Park Ki-woong some awesome fine roles and see where he goes from there.

    • 32.1 Ani

      *funny not fine

  33. 33 danni

    LOLing forever at that video. Park Ki Woong, you are indeed awesome.

    If Full House ever does get its leads secured and get a broadcast station, I’ll check in for it, if Park Ki Woong is still on board.

  34. 34 huama

    i’ll watch anything with park ki woong
    even if the actress sucks!

  35. 35 ONIE80

    freaky commercial! hillarious

  36. 36 hello_panda

    I am TORN as well! Park Ki Woong is so delicious in The Musical!!! I love his acting. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I equally loathe Joo Yoon Hee! She was such a b***h in Lie to Me. Maybe it is just me, but when it comes to evil characters, I rather have a truly malicious character who isn’t ashamed to be evil; rather than those two-faced “I am innocent” type. And that is EXACTLY what she is, the “sweet” ex who is “hurt and tortured”. Ugh, and he acting isn’t all that great as well. Okay…rant finished.

    I guess I’ll have to read the first episode’s recap and see everyone’s reaction and then decide. Thanks guys!

  37. 37 aX

    Full House 2… a DEFINITE miss for me! Sorry.

  38. 38 kopi_adik

    her?! really?! out of all the 2nd leads they can get and she gets chosen!

  39. 39 GETLOOSE


  40. 40 Melissa

    that lady looks like Lui Shi Shi…

  41. 41 vbs

    i dont like eihter of them so its a NO for me

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