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Running Man: Episode 62
by | October 2, 2011 | 39 Comments

Sssshhhheeeee’s baaaccck! Ace Ji-hyo‘s back to bring the heat in Beijing Race Part 2! This time, Ji-hyo’s got someone on the inside working for her. Last week’s loot is safe, isn’t it? Stolen you say?! Oh no, not this wild ride of “Did you take it? I didn’t take it! What about you?” again…

EPISODE 62. Broadcast September 25, 2011.

The morning mission starts bright and early at 8 AM and the first person to arrive is… Haha? We’re just as confused as he is. He’s soon followed by Jong-kook who pulls rank that he’s in first place, as always.

Variety-hungry Haha suggests to Jong-kook they should have a bit of fun and Kwang-soo is greeted by this ridiculous pose. Maybe it’s too early in the morning for him to process the absurdity of the situation, but he follows suit anyway. Poor, innocent Kwang-soo.

The mat-hyungs (oldest) aren’t fooled for a second and they sit down for breakfast. And Gary comes in wearing the same tee from yesterday. He tries to explain that he hit the sack right after filming but the others don’t believe him one bit.

Morning mission time! We’ve seen this before: get the guest to say a phrase or perform an action within a time limit. If they succeed, everyone gets breakfast with an incentive for the cast member who succeeds first. They vary in difficulty from telling Jae-suk he talks too much to calling Kookie cute. The mother of them all? Kwang-soo’s phrase: “What’s wrong with him?”

The timer’s ticking, so on with it then! It takes some time for Yeon-hee to catch on, but once she repeats Ji-young’s aegyo, she knocks the others out with ease. Kwang-soo’s mission seems to be the least obvious so Haha gives her a hint – she has to slap him. So she does and immediately they say it needs to be harder. So she hits him again. Harder.

They clear Yeon-hee’s room with 10 minutes left and head to Joo-hyuk’s room. To wake him up, Haha instructs him to dance and he does so adorably that I forget he’s actually a big-time serious actor. He gets snagged in a few of the phrases too and I love how Kwang-soo sneaks into bed with him and Joo-hyuk responds, “This kid is so inexperienced…”

To make it worse, he tries the same tactic he used with Yeon-hee (munching on an apple while sitting next to her) and she waves it off, saying that definitely doesn’t work. Joo-hyuk shoots the rest of the phrases out like a speed demon – breakfast for everyone!

They’re all too distracted at breakfast to notice that the waiters and chefs repeat the phrase in Mandarin, “Be careful of your money.” Hmm…

On the bus, Jae-suk comments that Yeon-hee used to be a trainee for SNSD and convinces her to show them a simple wave dance move. Boys will be boys and they set up a fictional scenario for their two actors: for Yeon-hee to perform that dramatic head turn the drama heroines do whenever their lover calls their name. So Joo-hyuk calls on her in a squeaky voice. Ha! Who knew you could be so funny, Joo-hyuk?

Mr. PD surprises the cast by taking a break for the Running Men to buy some souvenirs. They leave the money behind, completely unaware that bandits soon swarm the bus and swipe the cash in their absence.

Who’s the ringleader behind this heist? You guessed it – Ace Ji-hyo, who literally flew into Beijing right after filming wrapped up for Gye Baek in Korea. She looks absolutely exhausted here, with dark circles under her eyes. It also saddens me that I know that filming a drama and a variety has taken a physical toll on her body while watching this episode.

Her mission is simple: keep the money safe and tag out the Running Men. The twist – she gets to choose an accomplice and we see her on the phone, “I’ll see you soon.”


The Running Men arrive on the movie set and are alerted that a cast member has stolen the money. Haha is in complete shock– he’s got the suitcase in his hands, and is dumbfounded to find that the moolah is replaced with blank stacks of paper.

Naturally, the cast starts pointing fingers at each other – who’s done it this time? Yeon-hee thinks that being suspicious of each other is great fun and Jae-suk reminds her that this is what it’s like – trying to figure out which member betrayed them each week.

Jong-kook is sure that the place is too large for just one thief and the others shoot it down: given the number of people, it’s too easy if there are two thieves. But we know he’s right – so who’s the other person?

Just then, they see Kwang-soo whiz past them, chasing after some extras Ji-hyo sent to distract him. They conclude that it doesn’t really matter if they eliminate him anyway. They corner him, citing that he’s been acting pretty strange today. Big Nose Hyung grabs the corner of Kwang-soo’s name tag and rips it off of his back.

Kwang-soo isn’t the culprit so they apologize right away, turning on Suk-jin for betraying one of their own, but Incriminating Kwang-soo explodes, “You’re always sorry after you eliminate me!”

Yeon-hee is absolutely adorable. As soon as the cast begin to suspect her, she comes skipping that she’s found the money, fake suitcase in hand. She finds out the truth quick enough, but she’s so enthralled by the mission that it doesn’t dampen her spirits. When Jae-suk finds her in a corner, she says, “I don’t want to roam around anymore. It’s time to start the battle of wits!”

Gary wanders the streets, asking the vendors if the props are real, and spots a mysterious figure hunched over on the side of the street. Curious, he peeks and immediately recognizes Ji-hyo. Too bad she takes him out in 5 seconds flat.

The suspicion falls back onto Haha (shouting that it’s NOT him this time) and Jong-kook has an insight: Ji-hyo must be here because Mr. PD told them that the thief is amongst them, but that’s something they’ve always known. He’s so on point that Jae-suk wonders if Jong-kook plants a bug to listen in on the RM staff meetings.

Next on Ji-hyo’s target list is Haha and she chooses her opportune moment and takes him out with ease, along with Jae-suk just over a minute later.

The double elimination puts the remaining five Running Men on high alert. Suk-jin offers himself up as bait and he enters the street, waiting for the culprit to appear. Then, Joo-hyuk suddenly appears on the side streets claiming he suspects Suk-jin. He takes Suk-jin out to reveal a clean tag. It’s not Suk-jin, but why did you tag him out Joo-hyuk?

Jong-kook attempts to gather everyone together, but given Jong-kook’s past track record, Ji-young doesn’t believe him for a second. To which Jong-kook exasperates, “Believe me! I’m the most truthful person here!” Ji-young, however, takes matters into her own hands and rips off Joo-hyuk’s name tag. Nope. Hmm…so who is Ji-hyo’s henchman?

In jail, the eliminated members try to answer this very question – even if Ji-hyo’s an Ace, this mission is too hard for her to complete on her own. They tug at some possible leads and Joo-hyuk draws his own conclusion: it’s the Ji ladies, Ji-young and Ji-hyo working together.

The two remaining ladies, Ji-young and Yeon-hee, are convinced that Jong-kook is the robber they’re looking for and plan to eliminate him. So Mr. PD asks if that means they don’t suspect each other. They pause to look at each other but dismiss the possibility.

Meanwhile, Jong-kook is roaming the streets by himself and spots Ji-hyo hiding inside. Wait, why aren’t you running away from her??

That’s right… the recipient of Ji-hyo’s phone call and therefore her accomplice is Spartakooks himself. He’s not exactly thrilled to be the thief again – after all, he was the criminal once before in Thailand. But Ji-hyo offers that she’ll split the money with him and he’s in.

But there are two rules he needs to keep: (1) he’s not allowed to eliminate anyone (2) he can’t lie. Which means every word out of his mouth about Ji-hyo and about the entire mission was the truth. He meets up with Ji-hyo in secret and says they’re almost there and he can’t eliminate the ladies (because he’s known to abandon his Spartakooks image when it comes to women).

Back in jail, Jae-suk recites some traditional proverbs that sum up today’s episode: Ji-hyo is killing two birds with one stone by letting the members fight amongst themselves. These sayings go over Gary’s head who mentions another proverb (which refer to when a crow falls onto a boat that something unrelated will happen) to fit his own understanding: that you’re freaked out when the crow falls. Heh.

Ji-hyo pays a visit to the jail and they’re surprised she came straight after filming. She replies that it’s Monday but tells Gary, “I didn’t come here for you.” Aww.

Jong-kook returns from his secret meeting to see Ji-young alone. She thinks Jong-kook has gone rogue, completing his own mission while pretending he’s not. He vehemently declares that he’s being truthful and wanders the streets looking for Yeon-hee. When they’re in the clear, Ji-hyo pounces in for the kill and Ji-young is eliminated.

What a tiring day for Jong-kook as he continues to repeat the same words over again to a disbelieving Yeon-hee. She resolves to just turn herself in, thinking he’s the one who’s stashed the cash. He buys some time for lurking Ji-hyo to slowly move into position…

…and scares the living daylights out of Yeon-hee. She coolly accepts her elimination (which makes Mung Ji-hyo and Spartakooks winners of the Beijing Race) and comments with a smile that Running Man is really quite enjoyable. You’re absolutely right – Running Man is fun for us to watch too.


39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    poor gal .. we love to see her… but everything has a price… and this time is her health
    Song Ji-hyo is a rising star… and she works even harder to be the best one

  2. Yurinaa

    Wooooooow niiice

  3. rukichan

    I really have to hand to Song Ji Hyo. Despite being visibly exhausted and practically going through the mission with half-lidded eyes, she still delivered as expected of an Ace. *claps*

    This episode was so funny. Tbh, I didn’t expect Yeon Hee to be this fun. I mean, she’s like the anti-thesis of Ji Hyo. Whereas Ji Hyo – despite her ‘Mong’ nickname- is always blunt and calculating, Yeon Hee is just sweet, full of smiles, and generally trusting. But that’s not to say she isn’s scary. It’s like she gets these moments of lucidity (i.e. telling Jae Suk that she’s bored, so she thought she’s off to play mind games instead, and coming up with a legit plan to eliminate Jong Kook – both of which she says with an innocent smile on her face), and suddenly she’s not as innocent as she appears to be. Lol!

  4. facephase

    YAY! Was waiting for the recaps even though I’ve watched the subbed video~

    When I knew that they gonna have the money bag stolen blahblahblah ala Thai Special ep, I was skeptical. But thank God they insert a new rule for accomplice KJK.

    I love it when he’s not able to lie and whenever he blabbed abt Ji Hyo being the thief, I cringed…wondering if the rest of RM cast will catch on. lol

    • 4.1 abc123

      Ikr. The stealing of the money bag is like expected. But I found it funny when KJK was telling the truth, no one believed him at all.

      I also like it when LYH was just amazed at the RM production when SJH appeared, she didn’t even put a fight and surrender herself.

  5. eleveneleven

    song ji-hyo is truly admirable <3 go running man!! thanks for the recap~

  6. purplesheesh

    I love you Ji Hyo, I hope you can come back soon. SNSD’s stealing the RM spotlight and I am not enjoying it. :'(

    • 6.1 ruthie

      ikr! but hey, just think about that it takes 6 members of SNSD just to fill in SJH position! then thats a tough shoes to fill it! i hope she comes back soon and the drama schedule will be lighter for her!

  7. mary

    I feel so guilty about enjoying Ji Hyo’s presence too much on the show specially because this shipping causes her (or the show’s staff) to be overworked.

    But I love Mong JH. She’s the awesomest awesomesauce lady in variety-show land!

    RM fighting!

    (Thanks for the recaps gummi!)

  8. lil

    It was awesome !Ji HYo ya you’re the best 😀

  9. Cynthia

    It was difficult watching this show, knowing what’s about to happen to Ji-hyo and feeling terrible for her.

    That being said, I was so looking forward to a final girl-wrestling knockdown between Yeon Hee and Ji-Hyo and the ripping of the Velcro! Yeon-Hee took the classy way out – at least she had fun.

    Thanks for the recap! Next show should yield some really big laughs with SNSD – I can’t even imagine the fangirling that HaHa will be showing..

    • 9.1 indigowine

      what /is/ going to happen to Ji Hyo?

      • 9.1.1 chance

        She’s talking about how SJH was in and out of the hospital due to exhaustion, after shuffling back and forth between filming this and her drama. It’s the reason why she was missing from the filming of RM’s SNSD special (which aired today).

        Anyway, this was a good episode. SJH totally slayed the members, even though she was dead tired. She truly is an Ace.

    • 9.2 Cynthia

      Just watched the SNSD ep raw.
      I was right – it was beyond funny, beginning with the “pick-a-partner” game. It’s amazing how totally bowled over these guys are when it comes to females, and this is the Dream Team to them!

      It’s really hysterical when JS begs the girls not to drink any night-time tea, if offered. We all know what happened the last time tea was offered to the pretty girl idols …

      The oddest pairing? Seohyun and SpartaKook, by far!

      • 9.2.1 qwerty8

        Thanks for the recaps! I’m falling behind one episode but I couldn’t resist to read this recap haha

        Song Jihyo is amazing. I love her!

        • qwerty8

          oops. this obviously not meant to be a reply for this thread /)-(\

      • 9.2.2 qwerty8

        [I supposed to reply with this lol]

        I’m a fan of both Running Man and SNSD so that was –almost– a Dream Team for me too. If only Jihyo was there, SNSD girls especially Jessica would totally unnie-whoring over her lol …just like the last time Jessica guested on RM. Her clinging on Jihyo was so cute.

        The pairings were so adorable. I’m glad that SNSD didnt hold back and simply be their usual fail (lol), bratty, and dorky selves. I always adore their group dynamics when they antagonizing each other and then turn on the womance (or whatever the female equivalent of bromance is) mode the next time. It’s really been awhile since their last variety appearance.

        Seohyun and Spartakook could be a match made in heaven, actually. Both are kinda known for being the most competent and health-conscious!

  10. 10 hipployta

    Actually the SNSD special happened because Ji Hyo was ill. All of those ladies are filling in for her.

  11. 11 Ani

    Song Ji-hyo, Mung Ji-hyo, ACE Ji-hyo fighting. We’ll miss you for a while, but be healthy and we look forward to your return. Love love love you Running Man.

  12. 12 wopey

    why is ji hyo called the ace? (i’m new to running man)

    • 12.1 boey

      Because she gives Commander Spartakooks a run for his money when it comes to completing the missions and outwitting the opponent.

      Back in the earlier episodes of Running Man where bells Hide-and-Seek was the main feature, the Mission Team (usually consisting of the jailhouse regulars Jae Suk, Suk Jin, & Gwang Soo, plus Ji Hyo) often relied on Ji Hyo to complete the mission and defeat the Chasing Team (usually against Jong Kook, Gary, Haha). They started calling her the ACE then because of the numerous times she saved her team and defeated Spartakooks.

      If you started watching from the first episode up to the latest one, you’ll be surprised at how different Ji Hyo’s character has become since then. 🙂

      • 12.1.1 ruthie

        and this is the reason why she is so loved by the public! she is a one tough cookie!

        • boey

          So true! She has really cemented her position as the next generation of women who can control and subdue the mighty Kim Jong Kook.

          Lol, Lee Hyori and Park Ye Jin would be so proud~

          • Cynthia

            Hah! I was just watching some old Season 1 eps of Family Outing – Hyori is beyond funny! Honestly, some of those episodes with her make me laugh myself sick with the funny – and she’s so unabashedly “The Queen of Cheaters”!
            No holds barred with that girl during the games. She’s out for blood.

            Can you imagine a team with Hyori and Hwangbo?! OMG.

          • Ani

            Lee Hyori and Hwangbo? Epic. But I have to admit, despite Lee Hyori’s tactics, Park ye-Jin was still my favorite of the FO female casts. She’s just so unpredictable and the whole Savage Ye-jin side of her was so unexpected. I especially love how at the monkey-bar-fighting games, she always kicks Lee Hyori’s butt. HAHAHA.

            Song Ji-hyo just pwns the men on Running Man.

    • 12.2 megan

      because she’s good at what she does. a hard person to deceive and beat. this recap alone explains why Jihyo is “ACE”.

  13. 13 ralu

    she is truly the ACE of the show, but i feel bad when i think that i can’t stand running man without her………………she should be resting now and take a long and diserved pause, she has done everything she could for Gyebaek and RM, I don’t want to be selfish, so Ji hyo please come to RM when you are well enough.

  14. 14 indy

    Running Man is so AWESOME!!!

  15. 15 maria

    im really loving running man now from all the recaps ive read! is there any place i can watch this with subs?

  16. 16 noi

    Ace Jihyo is amazing after all! Tons of thanks for your recaps~ 😀

  17. 17 Kim

    sinchaa, I hate this episodes, maybe i was forgot this is just a game (acting and scripted), how can they ripped name tag of innocent people and let the evil one still alive (scripted or not) ???
    Gwang Soo, Suk Jin (the stupid ones, haha)

    i was very stupid for become angry after watching this (this is just variety show, why am i acting so childish)

    i just feel, “mad” when watching this episode (it means Running man editing team have done great job)…driving me nuts

    and I think they need to “stronger” or “cheerful” guest coz Yeon Hee she is cute but sorry looks weak and don’t have any expressions as Variety star……as the ending, it will be better if the guest got crazy and defeat than give up easily

  18. 18 Sieg.Hart

    Can anyone tell me how do the running man win when Jihyo doesnt even have a name tag to begin with?? lol Could this be a loophole in the production team’s planning?? cos it would make it near impossible for Jihyo to lose considering nobody would tear Jongkook’s nametag off including Jihyo herself..

    • 18.1 Lin

      Ji Hyo has a name tag under the disguise, she uses the rattan hat to cover it, then she wore another cloth over.
      The closing also show her name tag.

      Jongkook is the spy’s accomplice but he can only say the truth. They win together. haha

    • 18.2 xfantasiix

      frankly I think even if she DID have a name tag (which wasn’t covered) she would still have one…she literally took everybody out in 10 seconds flat…maybe less…

      ACE Jihyo Hwaiting 🙂 ~~

      • 18.2.1 xfantasiix

        sorry – i mean she would have *won*

  19. 19 lawrence

    OMG Yeon-hee asked if she has to “take it off?” That was so funny!!!

  20. 20 nigel

    can I know where is the location the film at beijing? the chinese village looks cool.

  21. 21 cYONG

    i love this part 2. I cant stand watching rm without ji hyo the ace and the half of monday couple.
    Tq for the recap!

  22. 22 FeeniX

    HELLO!! Please reply me! What’s the name of the sobg at the end of this episode 62?? The song when SNSD was shown. Please reply and Thank you

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