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Running Man: Episode 64
by | October 16, 2011 | 35 Comments

EPISODE 64. Broadcast October 9, 2011.

The clock rolls back to the previous night after the Couples Race and it’s dinnertime, Running Man style. For this mission, each team must buy ingredients and cook up their dishes within a one-hour time limit. Sigh, nothing is ever easy in Running Man Land.

Jae-suk asks their guests if they know how to cook and their answers are reasonably impressive, from Tae-yeon’s omurice (omelet over rice) to Yoon-ah’s spicy chicken stew. But Jessica’s answer of kimchi tuna fried rice sets off their suspicion radar. They press her about how to make it, and she says, “You add in kimchi, tuna, and…” and does a mixing action with her hand. Uh-oh.

Each team gets to choose one member from the opposing team and Team SNSD picks Haha, much to his own and everyone else’s genuine surprise. Their reason: they saw a previous episode recorded at Haha’s house and were impressed with his cooking skills. And Team Running Man chooses Jessica ? Huh? Didn’t you just hear her 30 seconds ago? About the mixing?

It looks like the pairing off between the members and guests is still a line the RM staff will continue to tug at. It’s getting pretty excessive because even the act of buying ingredients at the market is fluffed into a date. Haha picks Tae-yeon (his face turns a fierce scarlet, mind you) and bright-eyed Jessica calls out Gary without hesitation.

In the car, Haha asks in serious tone if the girls are scheduled to stay until the next day, wary from the last time they had girl idols as guests. Tae-yeon tells him not to worry and he can check if they’re still Girls Generation or Grandmas Generation in the morning. Heh.

Food shopping for both of our dates! Jessica is uncertain about what to goes into fried rice and she looks to Gary for help, but no luck – he’s clueless too. So she thinks for a moment and pipes, “Sugar?” And I love Gary’s WTH face. He’s no connoisseur, but he knows enough that fried rice does not equate sugar.

Haha relishes in his shopping date with Tae-yeon, calling her, “honey,” and making up cute nicknames for each other (his is ‘Ppoong Ppoong,’ a sound of flatulence, to which Tae-yeon responds, ‘Then I’m ‘Ppoong Ppoong girl?'”). In any case, they look far more confident wandering the store than the other team.

Soon after, they meet a third couple and what do you know – it’s Kwang-soo and Yu-ri, who came just for kicks, with two kids in stow. It’s cute how all the couples role-play as if they live in the same apartment building and serendipitously ran into each other at the mart. Gary claims that they’re moving out, and when Haha comments that Yu-ri looks a little under the weather, Kwang-soo hints, “Our third…but don’t tell anyone!!” Hahaha!

Back at base camp, the others joke around and pretend like they’re on an MT (an overnight camping trip, usually co-ed and fairly common for students/young adults). Jae-suk offers that they should cook together and Seo-hyun, the sensible one, argues, “It’ll be more efficient if we cook separately.”

The pairs return with just 30 minutes remaining, and it’s time to get to work! On Team Running Man, Jessica works on cutting the spam in any which way and Jae-suk plops the seafood into cold water. I recall a time he “cooked” on Family Outing, and his techniques haven’t changed one bit. When Suk-jin starts to argue, he shouts, “We don’t have enough time!”

Can I have Haha come to my house to cook for me? His jaeyook bok-gum (spicy pork stir fry) looks absolutely delicious despite worried looks from the SNSD girls. I’ve seen a whole new side of Haroro – there is always something about a man who can cook that captures my heart.

Team Running Man’s seafood soup isn’t faring too well and Chef Jae-suk intervenes, putting in whole unpeeled radish slices for ‘stock’ and red pepper flakes to make it look more like soup, which it does several minutes later. How does this happen? It’s like he has a magic touch to make even the most inedible things appear yummy.

The dishes from each team are put to a blind taste test from the RM staff members which include our favorite maknae FD and Jae-suk’s doppelganger. They ask after his name and he says, “It’s Grasshopper.” And when they ask him how long he’s had that name, he says since the first grade. Keh, this guy was made for variety.

How adorable is Gary’s manager who eats with his chopsticks trembling and can’t even turn his back to face Yoon-ah? He gets so flustered that he tries to run away and gets berated by the cast for not finishing.

The 10 votes are revealed one by one and the teams are tied 3:3. Then, the next three votes are for Team SNSD. They win a night in the camping car versus the boys who get stuck sleeping in the storage truck. What’s worse is that the RM staff didn’t even bother to clear the storage out earlier. Aww.

So the ladies fall asleep right away whilst the boys are left to clean out the truck so it looks reasonably comfortable. Now it’s a matter of deciding who gets to sleep furthest inside where it’s warm. Suk-jin attempts to pull rank and argues that the mat-hyungs should sleep at ease, but the rest of the boys won’t have it.

Ever the main MC, Jae-suk proposes a round of rock-paper-scissors and if karma would twist her own story, it boils down between Jae-suk and Suk-jin. The latter loses out to sleep by the door and they climb in, settling in for the night.

The next morning, Mr. PD knocks on the back door to wake up the Running Man cast. Jae-suk is the first to stir awake to find out that the camping car has disappeared. The boys are clearly upset – wasn’t it enough to switch out their female guests the first time around? Oho, but this is Running Man! They don’t ever pull the same trick twice.

We see the camping car pull out of the base camp and drive off to another location. The girls are so worn out that they remain in dream land during the entire car ride. So it’s a rude awakening when Mr. PD blows his whistle and tells the girls to get going. You know, except for Tae-yeon and Jessica who require a few more sharp whistles to get their butts out of the car.

Jessica whines that what kind of program treats them in this manner: feeding them and housing them up. Hyo-yeon adds, “It’s pretty good!” The captions read that they took care of her pretty well. Aww, is little Ms. Princess missing her diamond-encrusted pillow? Here, let me get that for you.

The ladies line up to be paired off with a Running Man cast member in the order they woke up. Seo-hyeon gets paired with Jae-suk and Yoon-ah with Gary still in his slippers. The boys are relieved that the girls haven’t been switched or replaced during the night and happily head on inside to receive their missions.

Yu-ri nervously waits for her partner, hoping for Jong-kook, but it’s Kwang-soo who hops out of the car, ecstatic to be paired with Yu-ri again. She’s not too disappointed, that is until Kwang-soo starts spraying cologne all over himself. He further digs his grave when he mentions he didn’t recognize her morning bloated face. Yea, you’ve pretty much blown all your chances with her now.

The last three girls, Hyo-yeon, Jessica, and Tae-yeon get paired with Suk-jin, Haha, and Jong-kook respectively. Tae-yeon worries that the others will have a head start, but never fear – you’ve got confident Spartakooks: “Don’t worry. I’ll catc–just get rid of them.” Now with everyone paired off – time to hear the mission!

It’s a Hide-and-Seek race and the last couple standing is the winner. The catch? One couple is the seeker so let the Pajama Race begin!

Jae-suk and Seo-hyun run into Haha and Jessica, teasing them about holding hands to keep their paper chain bracelets intact. He adds that they should be careful about zombies running amok and Haha walks away with Jessica. And then, Jae-suk and Seo-hyun zombie walk behind him…in jest of course.

But Jae-suk and Seo-hyun are lead away to meet Mr. PD, and it’s exactly what I suspected – they are the Seekers for today’s race. Jae-suk’s face falls at the news as Seo-hyun cheerily replies, “Sounds fun!” Jae-suk reminds her that it’s extremely burdensome and tiring task: having to betray your teammates without revealing your identity.

To top it all off, they’re forced to hang a bell on their shoes (to which they hide underneath their laces) and they head out with a strategy to act just as scared as the others. Jae-suk asks if the other unnis can tell when Seo-hyun lies and she confirms it, but vows to do her best anyway.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed Jong-kook and Tae-yeon scan the location from an aerial viewpoint for any suspicious behavior. The Capable One strikes again as he correctly deduces today’s plot: the Seekers are two of them. He also spots Jae-suk and Seo-hyun and clocks their awkward behavior and follows behind them. So the Yoo Hyuk Couple grab the chance to lure the Spartakooks team toward their doom…

…Which is when Suk-jin hisses at them in a whisper, warning Jae-suk and Seo-hyun that Jong-kook is hot on their trail. The diversion marks Suk-jin and Hyo-yeon as their new targets and they’re easily eliminated. Hyo-yeon: “So this is what [betrayal] feels like…” Yes, welcome to Running Man.

The Kwangvatar Couple run into the Spartakooks Couple and are teased about being paired together again, “Did you text each other the night before so you’d wake up simultaneously?” Both couples conclude that neither pair is the Seeker and Kwang-soo mutters that he’d like to eliminate Jong-kook anyway, Seeker or not.

Yu-ri steps in after seeing Kwang-soo get ordered around by Jong-kook, and with a burst of courage he stands up to him. The very next moment, he backs away, his tail between his legs. She continues to give him words of support, but Kwang-soo, you’ve got to be the man to step it up! Be bold!

They’re soon joined by the Yoo Hyuk Couple and the others don’t see any bells, which leads them to suspect Haha instead. But Yoon-ah pinpoints their strange gait and immediately runs away with Gary who says, “They can walk without making a sound? That’s incredible!”

The Yoo Hyuk Couple follow Gary and Yoon-ah, intending to eliminate them when they run into all the other couples, even Haha and Jessica for the first time since the start of the mission. Jessica asks them to shake their shoes and she bluntly calls out that they’ve got bells on them. Which means one thing as shock spreads across Haha’s face…and their bracelet is torn, eliminating Haha and Jessica from the race.

The other couples dash inside to hide from the Seekers who pull out their hidden bells from their shoes. They wait until it seems safe enough to venture outside and Kwang-soo calls out to check to see if Jae-suk is still there. What the? Do you expect him to answer you with “Polo” if you cry, “Marco?”

Gary and Yoon-ah take a courage leap downstairs but they’re quickly taken out and head to jail. This time it actually looks like a jail.

With just about 15 minutes left, the Yoo Hyuk Couple gives chase to catch the Kwangvatar Couple and soon enough, they’re caught. And then there was only one team remaining…

Jae-suk and Seo-hyun corner the Spartakooks Couple in a building, feigning innocence. Jong-kook suggests that they should eliminate the others before coming for them. But it sums up the present situation – everyone else is out. Um, time to panic! So they circle inside the building again and again until they’re out the door, with just five minutes left.

Jae-suk and Seo-hyun catch up to the retreating team and it’s a hussle of tickling Jong-kook, and attempts to tear off the paper bracelet. Seo-hyun resorts to brute force and she wins for the Yoo Hyuk Couple, a mere 48 seconds left on the timer.

Woah, did the maknae just take on her leader…and win?!


35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yvonne

    woot~ go seohyun

  2. milkmustache

    lol, poor taeyeon. I was hoping for the seekers to be seohyun and jong kook. since this episode kind of ended with a cliffhanger, will there be another episode with snsd? o_o

  3. min

    loves seo hyun in this episode! she is so sporting, fearless when against spartakook and outstanding performance!

  4. LK

    Maknae is so fearless and full of confidence! Without a doubt, she’s always ready for a challenge and she’s definitely the type that doesn’t like to lose! I’m so sad for Hyo, having to be paired with Sukjin. Being with Sukjin is never a good sign!!

  5. Cynthia

    The more I see Seohyun, the more impressed I am by her. Her personality has developed by leaps and bounds – I’m totally convinced that her stint on WGM with Yonghwa was the catalyst for her coming out of that shy shell she had. She really is destined for greater things than SNSD – she’s smart, talented (unreal pianist) and determinedly moral.

    Really loved seeing the girls interact with the Running Men – they all were lots of fun for this episode and it’s always amusing to see how grown men are socially backwards when dealing with girls!

    Thanks for the recap – and the Diamond Pillow Etsy link!

    • 5.1 Meghan

      You can talk as much as you want about WGM being fake, but for Yonghwa and Seohyun, they really did make a change in the other person’s life for the better. Seohyun has completely come out of her shell, and whether that’s just her getting older, or Yonghwa’s influence, we won’t really know, but I like to think it’s a mix of the two.

      Now, all we need is Yonghwa and Seohyun to be on an episode of Runningman together! How amazing would that be? They both proved to be excellent competitors… ahhhh but I’m dreaming again as that will never happen. haha.

      • 5.1.1 estel

        I like that idea! If everyone sends telepathic signals towards the Running Man PD hard enough, maybe it’ll actually happen!

      • 5.1.2 Cynthia

        I, for one, would LOVE to see them team up together for Running Man (or anything else, for that matter!).
        Yonghwa has been on RM several times already and is really competitive – he and Seohyun would be a win-win for the show.
        Then again, I’d love to see Nichkhun and Victoria as a team – they’re just as competitive and funny, to boot! They’ve also both been on RM at different times – Nichkhun is one of the few to take on Spartagooks, and win physically over him (Thailand RM).

        Shoot, this makes me want to go back and watch my favorite WGM eps! (Who says it’s not real?! I keep telling myself that it’s ALL real – no one can make those reactions up!)

        • mel

          @Cynthia–WGM rewatch fest…. totally agree with you regarding having Yonghwa and Seohyun as well as Nickhun and Victoria on RM!!!

          • sandra

            Ohhh i dream about that too, it could be a Ex virtual Spouses theme !!! Yongseo and Kunthoria in RM

          • Cynthia

            And let’s not forget the best couple WGM ever produced – THE LETTUCE COUPLE.

            Truthfully, there hasn’t been a pair that produced more laughs than Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo – or more reality in a relationship. Talk about competitive personalities – I thought I die laughing watching them do the “Nobody” dance during the blind date for his SS501 members with the Wonder Girls. Absolutely classic.

        • happy

          Me too..loving your ideas!wanna see the WGM couples playing for RM..but since they broadcasted in different station, maybe it will quite hard..?? well, who knows..i hope some day for a special episode..HEHE!!

  6. kopi_adik

    it was really a wise decision for Seohyun to do We Got Married… totally opened her up and made her more comfy doing variety shows now!

  7. Yuki

    Yongseo couple would make the Ace Couple on RM. Sparta-Kook is no match for either of them. Think about it, RM PDs.

  8. mel

    agree with @Cynthia and @kopi_adik and everyone that maknae Seohyun really started to shine more brightly since her stint with Yonghwa on WGM, she’s truly shining now and that’ll no doubt take her beyond SNSD, yes she’s destined for greater glory, she’ll have no trouble reaching her dream to be a diplomat…

    poor unni Hyoyeon with Sukjin “..this is what it feels to be betrayed,”–SNSD’s resident Hercules easily downed by baby, Jessica and Haroro shocked frozen–didn’t see that coming, then Gary and Yoona who actually kicked maknae but couldn’t get away, Kwangsoo and Yuri, and finally Spartakook and Taeyon–yes owned by Jae Suk and maknae Seohyun!!! I’d like to see NGs of these this two epis….. probably more fun than the actual episodes.

    thanks JB and GF for the laughs… epis 63 and 64 with a bunch of grown men can turned groveling fanboys for SNSD was awesomely fun!!!

  9. mikejonas

    To clarify, the girls chose HaHa not because they saw a previous episode of RM with him cooking, but because they recorded a show with HaHa (the HaHa Mong Show, Episode 4) about a year ago, where they went to his house and he cooked alongside them.

    • 9.1 gummimochi

      That explains it. Thanks for the correction!

  10. 10 Sparta-Kook-gal

    Did anyone notice, Gary oppa swapped sleeping place with Suk Jin ahjusshi? How schweet of him >.< though I wish it was Kook Jong oppa showing his caring-respectful-side….

    • 10.1 kiotzo

      i noticed… peaceful gary is so nice

      • 10.1.1 Cynthia

        I really got a case of the giggles watching Gary trying to figure out the remote-control camera inside the truck – could he have stared any harder into the lens? Heh!

  11. 11 Ani

    Can we dare to hope for the full RM cast in the next episode?

    • 11.1 kayl

      I think so :L
      Ji Hyo was in the previews x’D

  12. 12 bd2

    This ep was better than the previous one, mostly due to the silliness btwn the “couples” on the grocery shopping trip, but as well as a game that allowed for better interaction, more bantering among the cast and guests.

    (It seems YJS saved the seafood soup by using some of the tricks he picked up from his time on FO. lol)

    In the previous ep. the games weren’t that interesting and they also weren’t conducive towards bantering.

    The best part ep 63 was definitely the mall shopping trip and the teasing/bantering that occurred while driving (such as YJS’s “woman language translator”).

    Just saw the China eps and similarly, the activities that allowed for the most interaction were the best (such as the language barrier food errand).

    Not a real big fan of the K-pop scene (prefer the indie/rock scene), but it’s interesting to see a side of people’s personalities.

    Seo-hyun is definitely all business and full of sense – and despite being the youngest, it seems that she is “the perfectionist.”

    The most endearing SNSD member was definitely Tae-yeon – she just has that natural charisma and her facial expressions in response to HaHa’s antics were priceless.

    Kinda feel bad for Hyo-yeon – seems like she always ends up getting the least amount of airtime.

  13. 13 Combray

    Jessica’s laziness was so much more endearing this time around lol, she didn’t even try on her first stint on the show lol.

    I wish Sunny was there, she’s so smart and capable watching her on shows like this is awesome.

  14. 14 djinni

    go maknae’s!

  15. 15 maldita

    I never knew Robot Maknae had it in her. Go Seohyun!

  16. 16 shoujo


    snsd jessica was NOT complaining because she is expecting better accomodations, rather snsd jessica and the rest of the girls are kind of complaining that the running man show made them eat dinner and then sleep right after – eating dinner and then sleeping right after is the very culprit for the snsd girls having bloated faces in the morning. they were kind of complaining because the show went into filming right after the girls woke up – bloated faces and all.

    • 16.1 gummimochi

      Gonna have to disagree with you here. Jessica may have said to be funny (which is totally possible ’cause it’s variety and she’s pretty funny) but her comment still refers to how the RM treated them – be it positive or not is our interpretation on our end.
      All I’m saying is that she got food and a roof over her head for the night, and for RM history (and variety in general), that’s a pretty good deal.
      Ah, and the cameras are almost always rolling on variety – it can be a curse sometimes!

      • 16.1.1 Cynthia

        True, that. She really did come across as a whiny, prissy princess – maybe she’s just a crabby morning person?
        Wait…that’s me. 🙂

        Gummochi’s comment: “Tae-yeon worries that the others will have a head start, but never fear – you’ve got confident Spartakooks: “Don’t worry. I’ll catc–just get rid of them.”

        Had to laugh – the English sub translated it as “Don’t worry. I’ll KILL… — just get rid of them.”
        Heh. Freudian slip, perhaps?

        • Cynthia

          Sorry, gummimochi – left out a few letters from your “handle”!
          Mea culpa!

        • Combray

          LOL that’s just Jessica, she’s the lazy ice princess. I don’t think she’s that whiny irl though, she just normally refuses to do things if she doesn’t want to. And she was much funnier this time around, in her first RM ep (with Nichkhun, in the science museum?) she was much worse and not at all as endearing as she is here.

          And definitely not a morning person, one time SNSD had to leave for a schedule early in the morning and the managers all had them bundled into the car and then they realized Jessica was missing, so the manager had Hyoyeon go up to check. So she went and then she found Jessica asleep in the bathtub with her toothbrush in hand lmao.

      • 16.1.2 Anon

        Actually, I have to agree with shoujo. Firstly, after Jessica mentions about how they are fed and housed, she goes on to also mention that this causes them to have bloated faces, like pigs. Her complaint, if you can call it that, is that dinner followed by bed, be it good or bad, has caused them to have bloated faces.

        I’ll agree with gummimochi that whether she views such treatment (dinner +bed) as good or bad, is up to the individual. This is because she makes no mention of this in a strongly positive or negative light. She merely states that it has caused the bloated faces, and that this aspect of it is negative. But I doubt that it was to reflect a desire for better accomodations. And that is not even the main point of shoujo’s comment anyway.

        I’ll agree it’s a good deal (look at 1N2D!), and that Jessica may have said it to be funny. But ultimately, that does not take away from the fact that her complaint with the treatment is the fact that it causes them to have bloated faces.

    • 16.2 bd

      “Bloatface” is the price one pays for variety; Hyori paid the price many a time on FO.

      It does crack me up when female celebs don huge glasses right after they wake up thinking it distracts from the bloatness and being sans makeup.

  17. 17 zodd

    Overall enjoyable ep.

  18. 18 Zahra

    where can i get the sweater that they used during the dinner time?

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