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Song Hye-gyo for High Cut magazine
by | October 4, 2011 | 59 Comments

With a new movie pending release and promotional activities revving up, Song Hye-gyo is back on magazine covers like this one for High Cut (not that she was ever really off those covers, since she’s sort of a regular fixture, movie or no movie).

She looks, as usual, gorgeous, and sports a look that I’d call the worst kind of aspirational — the kind that makes you think you could rock an unconventional look, only to realize that it only works on her and that you look rather more like Little Orphan Annie meets Carrot Top (although arguably those aren’t two separate looks). So, in short: Don’t try this at home, folks. Not without the supervision of a seasoned professional.

Song’s upcoming movie, Today, is an introspective dramatic film about a woman who loses her fiancé, forgives the teenager who killed him, and then finds that perhaps her forgiveness came too easily and at too high a price. What happens to make her feel that way is the mystery that the film will unravel.

It’s a different type of role for Song, who has had some commercial successes but has never really attracted critical acclaim. Regarding that, she said, “Commercial success is also needed, but rather than forcing myself to do a project I don’t really want to do, I think that acting in something I can really sink myself into is more genuine for the viewers.” For her sake as much as ours, I hope she continues to take roles that excite her, because that’s what I find lacking in her acting — passion. If she could tap into that, her career could be on a whole different plane altogether.

Today releases on October 27.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mimi

    BEAUTIFUL. I hope hyunbin and song will get back after his service.

    • 1.1 zoe

      Totally agree with you! It was the only couple i adored and really hoped d relationship worked well 🙁

    • 1.2 ckdarkraven23

      agree 😀

  2. Yer Vang

    Prettyyy as usual. Song and Rain 🙂

    • 2.1 kim

      they really look good together

  3. sunshine

    loookiiiing goooooooood!

  4. diorama

    Not feeling the curls, really. She only just manages to pull it off, but I think only Jang Shin Young could have rocked it.

  5. Jossy

    She’s gorgeous… *pouts* lol
    I want that blue dress!! Its purrdy!

  6. theedie

    I’m not particularly fond of the super curled look. Here they’re sort of teetering on the edge of ajumma perm, but somehow she can pull them off.

  7. Marie

    I think she beautiful curls or no curls, I too wish she would get back with HB they just felt good together. I think her eyes look sad since the breakup, it could be just me.

  8. luraaa

    She was able to pull off that mushroom hair in World that they live in, so I think she can pull off any look and she’ll still look gorgeous.

    I just can’t help but like her despite her lack of (quoting JB) passion in acting. Although I really like her role in World and I think its the best character she’s played that suits her ability. And I do hope that she’ll improve.

    That said– why is she so gorgeous?! I read a Laneige magazine last week and I’m seriously considering in trying their products because of her.

  9. Birdie

    She is beautiful as usual. Those photoshoots always make the models look a lot fairer .

  10. 10 d

    this spread shud come w a disclaimer ‘this hair doesnt work on mere mortals, period’.

    Love SHG, i hope she gets better in her future projects! As fr HB, well i wish them both happiness, together or separately..

  11. 11 qwerty8

    She’s so stunning!

  12. 12 JD

    At least she rocks it better than Shin Mina who sported god-awful curls in Gumiho

  13. 13 YY

    What I’m worried about is this will start a new trend among the guys….imagine Hand Towel posing with abs and a head full of luxuriant curls….

    • 13.1 YY

      ….Or Park Shi Hoo sporting curls all over that long hair in Princess’s Man!

  14. 14 Roxy

    Curls or no curls, she looks gorgeous.

  15. 15 Jessie

    a true GODDESS indeed *kicks park min young*

  16. 16 miss_shady_xv

    shk she looks gorgeous even hair is curl.she looks barbie doll..i hope her movie become successful..

  17. 17 Cynthia

    She really is a beautiful girl – that 2nd photo of her in that blue sweater dress is beyond gorgeous!

  18. 18 Eliza Bennet

    She is so beautiful, a sight for sore eyes.

  19. 19 Gisell

    She really looks like a doll. Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning. ^^.

  20. 20 Jaykah

    I’m not loving the hair but nonetheless she looks good with it and looks stunning as usual.
    She has always been the prettiest actress in my books and continues to be, she gets better looking every time I see her.

  21. 21 D

    @ Jessie

    to each his/her own, but what’s with the (unnecessary) kicking?

  22. 22 pepermintjen19

    Few can pull that awful curl but with SHK, it seems like its no problem given the fact that your one of korea’s beauty…

  23. 23 bakedshrimp

    Eeek! Why the ahjumma curls?!

  24. 24 KANGly

    So beautiful! She never ages….

  25. 25 TC

    Makes me feel nostalgic. She was in the first k-drama I watched from beginning to end — Autumn in My Heart. Since then, I’ve seen her in four other dramas, the last of which was the one with Hyun Bin.

    Like the others, I hope she and HB get back together and that she continues to grow as an actress.

  26. 26 Lisa/Raine

    She looks beautiful here but I would like to know who the photographer is. He really knows how to capture a frame!

  27. 27 Minnetter

    the hair she’s sporting now, is how my hair naturally curls… so that means I have ahjumma hair naturally? ::goes cry in the corner::

    • 27.1 Lisa/Raine

      Ahjumma hair or not, if you rock it and look hot, then power to you! Hwaiting!

    • 27.2 msim

      Me too Minnetter – I have a deaful of those.
      It’s naturally gorgeous – when I read anti-curly comments I take it with a grain of salt.
      Curls rule!

      • 27.2.1 msim

        Oops! a * head full* of those.

      • 27.2.2 Lisa/Raine

        Curls are gorgeous! Wear ’em proud sista!

  28. 28 linn


  29. 29 Noypi

    I hope she and rain could cameo on FH2 :)))

  30. 30 Queenie

    she could hav the most awful head of hair (ie in this photoshoot) and still look BLOODY gorgeous. aargh. i love her. her and hyun bin. cant wait for her new roles! x

  31. 31 joonni

    I saw “Flashdance” recently and loved the heroine’s hair. Song Hye Gyo’s hair looks similar to that and also looks great. I love the blue dress in the second picture!

  32. 32 hugo

    I like the “don’t try this at home” advice. 🙂 This works ok for Song Hye Kyo because her beautiful face is standing beneath those curls. I once had a girlfriend who shared a similar luxory. An extremely pretty face can offset many poor choices of hairstyle. That being said, Hye Kyo, don’t ever do this again!!! 😉

  33. 33 Noelle

    I actually just started watching Full House. I love her. She’s cute, sexy. She’s rocking the Dal Ja Springs hair.

  34. 34 LindeB

    gorgeous and everything but please don’t pair her back with hyun bin. he is wholesome she is something else. (not in a good way) so please leave hyun bin alone. he’s better off without her.

    sure, she has a pretty face but what good would it do if you have an awful reputation. beauty is only skin deep.

    • 34.1 pn

      she deserves someone better…..

  35. 35 Carinne

    I love the one piece dress. Is that all wool? I wouldn’t want to wear it, I look at it and I feel itchy, however I love the style.

  36. 36 Cam

    She’s still pretty (from these pictures), of course.

    I hope she will find another man that made her so happy in her beautiful future and forget about old ex-boyfriends (like Hyun Bin) in her past, whaattever.

    Anyway, I pray that Hyun Bin will be probably together with my best-top actress Ha Ji Won when he will be back from his military service, woot woot! =D

  37. 37 Foxxypnay

    Some really harsh comments around here which were absolutely unnecessary. I’m not a hye gyo fan but I think no one can argue that the woman is pretty. I’m a big Hyun bin fan, and comments like that gives fans a bad rep. Just so uncalled for. It speaks more of the person who wrote it than hye gyo. Remember, what u think of the world and others is a reflection of who are. And please, leave other people’s vagina alone.

    • 37.1 marisa

      I agree. One can be critical without being utterly nasty.

      I think she is sooo gorgeous it almost hurts to look at her. But since I am a realist I wish her acting was on par with her beauty.

      I don’t know why anyone would start posting about a woman’s lady-bits. It’s just so rude.

      p.s.: adore the curls.

      • 37.1.1 Jomo

        Tee hee – Love the expression “woman’s lady-bits.”

  38. 38 pugz

    I smell a shipping war. I love Hyun Bin to bits but this article had NOTHING to do with him…please leave all underhanded comments in that alternate universe…Also wanted to say that though I’m not digging the curls, SHG is looking fresh and beautiful.

  39. 39 marvi

    I saw SHG in person this year at a media event—I’m a journalist—in Seoul for a beauty brand she’s endorsing. She’s exactly as pretty as her photos, quite petite and skinny.

    Her handlers and bodyguards are a little OTT though. We were only allowed to take photos stealthily. She stayed for 15 mins tops. She came in, went straight to the stage, no hi-hellos, straight to business answering canned Q&A about the brand, then left just as quickly. We were pretty disappointed.

    All the beauty editors were wishing it had been Hyun Bin instead, since he also endorses the brand. Too bad he’s in the Army. 😀

  40. 40 Opal

    Tsk….tsk…do you know her personally to judge her ?. Your comment can be considered as a slander. It’s not her fault her co-stars fallen for her as all said she has this inner beauty and she only dated LBH and Binnie.

    • 40.1 Opal

      Sorry that is Crystal whose jelousies are so obvious.

      • 40.1.1 shine

        @ opal: 101% agree.

  41. 41 Hypatia

    On a different note- the scarf is definitely alpaca wool! I am sure of it… 😛 now THAT we all can rock this winter!

  42. 42 hyunbin

    because of her, i started to love watching korean drama. she’s indeed beautiful which almost of her co-stars dating her. that’s a power of being beautiful! that’s why my hyunbin was mesmerized by her beauty

  43. 43 Amethyst

    Love those curls on Song Hye Kyo and looking forward to the new film Today.

  44. 44 Amethyst

    I think its more like these people ENVY Song Hye Kyo

    Envy occurs when someone begrudges another individual for his or her possessions or attributes, or when an individual longs for the other’s possessions and attributes”.[8] Another definition of envy is “a person or a group of persons and some possession, capacity or trait that the subject supposes the rival to have. Envy involves both an envier (subject) and the party who is being envied (rival)

  45. 45 Jen

    she’s not a man made beauty for those that is passing crude remarks here.

    she’s a natural beauty n its shown on her kids n growing up pics. what she did is just lost weight n baby fats.

  46. 46 mikkie14

    i don’t think song hye kyo did a surgery, she is all natural… i have seen her baby pics and it really looks like her.

    she is not only beautiful, she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen ( i deeply mean it). i even want her face in my next life. ahahahaha…. (how i wish….)

    some people are really harsh. it is ok to speak your mind but make sure that what you are telling is the truth….

    i like and trust Hye Kyo unnie….. be strong Hye Kyo unnie! Do not mind Cristal’s comment, she’s crazy!

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