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Vampire Prosecutor: Episode 4
by | October 23, 2011 | 57 Comments

I’m pretty sure I know what happens in this episode. I’ll get to it as soon as I stop staring at the pretty… I’m probably gonna need a minute…

In this episode, Tae-yeon faces his biggest opponent yet: not a hooded figure in a dark alley, but a well-dressed woman in a courtroom. It’s Lawyer vs. Lawyer today, which actually turns out to be quite the battle. I like that this show is doing the Law & Order thing of shifting focus to the courtroom, because sometimes the real fight isn’t always finding the killer, but bringing him to justice. It’s a nice way to switch up the weekly whodunit game, and also provide an interesting new foe for the prosecutor team.


We open with a chase. You’d think at first the nebbishy guy running from a bunch of dudes is in some kind of trouble, but then the cops arrive on the scene and he runs from them too. Up close, we see that he’s covered in blood.

They corner him and he panics, breaking a bottle to wield as a weapon. He fights back, but they manage to get him in cuffs and haul him away. It turns out he’s the prime suspect in a headline murder of a local pastor.

He’s known as the Bread Pastor, because he runs a bakery to feed the community, give ex-cons jobs, etc. Except apparently one ex-con decided to return the favor with a stabbing.

Tae-yeon and Soon-bum arrive at the crime scene, and Tae-yeon goes vampy to see a pretty straightforward case – the suspect attacking the victim, who falls bloody. Seems pretty open and shut, which makes Soon-bum giddy.

But they have some trouble in the interrogation room, where the suspect simply insists, all calm and collected, that he didn’t do it. Soon-bum: “My eyeballs are saying that you’re the killer. But your trap is telling me otherwise.”

The suspect smiles chillingly, “Then your eyeballs must be wrong.” Soon-bum grabs him by the collar, but the festivities are interrupted by a trio of lawyers. The one in charge introduces herself as Law Firm A’s Yoon Ji-hee, who’ll be defending the killer. So basically, hands off.

Tae-yeon stares her down, but she offers up a handshake and a smile, insisting that they ought to at least try for a fair fight. She tells him that he’ll come to hate her soon enough, so they should begin with smiles. Ooooh, sexy lawyer baddie? I like her. A worthy opponent for the prosecutor team. I hope she sticks around.

Soon-bum briefs the team on Yoon Ji-hee, whose nickname is The Eraser. She’s apparently built a high-profile career out of getting murderers off scot-free. He relays her most famous case, where the suspect was even witnessed running away from the scene of the crime wielding the bloody knife.

Tae-yeon: “And the verdict?” Soon-bum just silently makes a hand-rolling gesture, to indicate it was overturned. He shrugs for effect. Tae-yeon: what the fuck face. Hee.

To top it off, she’s taking this case pro bono. So she’s basically using this opportunity to up her profile, and nothing more? The pastor-killer just won the lottery, so to speak.

The coroner finds traces of flour in the stab wounds, so Soon-bum goes to check out the bakery. While noshing on a pastry, he finds traces of blood on an oven handle, and inside he finds the murder weapon – a bloody temperature gauge (like the size you’d stick in a giant turkey… if you wanted to stab it to death).

He gleefully wraps it back up to take away, when someone comes from behind and knocks him down. Soon-bum manages to stop his attacker and pull off the mask, and gapes when he recognizes the face of the first murderer that The Eraser acquitted – Nam Gun-wook.

Oh, iiiinteresting. So she’s basically got a killer to do her bidding because she kept him out of jail? He manages to get the best of Soon-bum and scurry away, murder weapon in tow. Damnit.

And then the suspect, we’ll call him Bread Killer, gets a note passed to him in his prison lunch: “The perfect scenario / Just as Lawyer Yoon ordered…”

It’s time for the trial, and the prosecution presents their evidence along with eye-witness accounts of the suspect’s bloody retreat. The defense presents their case – that the suspect isn’t so much the Bread Killer as the Bread Eye-Witness.

She knocks down the prosecution’s circumstantial evidence without batting an eyelash. The two eye-witnesses are discounted for their poor eyesight and alcoholism, and basically they’re back to square one.

They know they have to get their hands on the murder weapon, and go over the details of it again – it had an inscription on it, celebrating the opening of an orphanage in 1982.

Tae-yeon goes home and downs a shot of the dead man’s blood. He sees Bread Killer’s creepy face, a bloody handprint, a bloody footprint. He gasps and struggles from the pain, and then the camera pans over to show Soon-bum, sitting right next to him, happily sipping on some cranberry juice.

Hahaha. I love that he’s just sitting back, sipping on his blood-red juice cup, all, “It’s him, right? See, I told you so,” at his friend who insists on doing everything the hard way.

They head over to the gangster office of the guy who stole the murder weapon, and beat a few heads to track down their boss. Well, Soon-bum beats a few heads, while Tae-yeon sits back and looks pretty. I like that sometimes he just sits back like a thug boss. Or a princess. I can’t decide which.

Jung-in interviews the new junior pastor who replaced Bread Pastor, and finds out something interesting. Tae-yeon goes to the courtroom armed with his new witness, who uncovers a few hidden truths about the Bread Pastor.

There’s a nice quiet moment where Tae-yeon and Ji-hee walk in together, go through their separate doors, and then sit across from each other in the empty courtroom. When all is said and done, it’s just him against her.

Bread Pastor wasn’t exactly on the up-and-up, according to the junior pastor. He didn’t come by the title the usual way, and began in fact at an orphanage/church (the one that celebrated its opening with turkey thermometers, apparently). This first church was discovered to be funded illegally, with embezzled money.

But it doesn’t stop there. The junior pastor begins haltingly, “Every Monday night, he would have a few children brought up to see him…” Oh NO. Bread Pastor’s a child molester? Christ.

The defense objects to this seemingly irrelevant line of inquiry, but of course, it’s not irrelevant, as Tae-yeon shows with his next witness – a woman who worked with Bread Pastor back in 1982.

She describes what she witnessed: Bread Pastor in a room with four little children, each taking off their clothes. *shudder* Tae-yeon asks her if any of the kids is here in this courtroom, and she apologizes, as she points to the suspect.

He freaks out and lunges at her, and they have to haul him away. It’s tragic, but it’s a good day for the prosecution, now that they’ve established a clear motive for murder.

The Eraser declares that it’ll still be her victory to claim in the end, since they have no material proof that he did the stabbing. This time Tae-yeon walks out of the courtroom with a smile, knowing they’ve got her on the ropes.

Back at the office, Tae-yeon asks Jung-in why the files for the kids who were sexually assaulted aren’t in the orphanage’s records. He sighs, “If I’ve taught you addition and subtraction, can’t you manage multiplication and division on your own?”

Jung-in: “I’m a Lit major. I became a prosecutor because I hate math.” Heh. It’s nice to know that math hate is a deciding factor for lots of people’s line of work, not just mine. He tosses her his car keys with a curt, “Got a license?”

She smiles, murmuring to herself that he’s nearly a human being now. You don’t even know the half of it.

She goes to a second orphanage to find the records of the kids who were abused. The four of them ran away from Bread Pastor to this orphanage in the middle of the night. The woman remembers them showing up in the rain. One was wounded badly, and had to go to the hospital.

She finds their records, indicating that each of them was adopted in close succession in 1982. But while Bread Killer kept his original name, she finds that the other kids changed their names when they were adopted into their new families: Im Jong-hwa (Junior Pastor), Nam Gun-wook (murder-weapon-stealing thug), and… Yoon Ji-hee (The Eraser).

Dun dun. Now the connection is clear: this isn’t about becoming the next Johnny Cochran, but about good old-fashioned vengeance.

At the same time, Tae-yeon tracks down Gun-wook and puts him down in the elevator with a few swift punches. They find the murder weapon tucked in the oven, the exact same way Soon-bum had found it at the bakery.

The team reconvenes and they wonder what to do with their new info, but Tae-yeon doesn’t see why they’d mess with the case now, since they have the murder weapon sitting pretty right in front of them.

He orders the blood on the weapon tested, and they head into the courtroom.

Tae-yeon makes a comment to Ji-hee about being careful not to let her vengeance show, and she realizes that he’s found out the foursome’s connection. But his smoking gun is the thermometer, not the kids, and in his cross-examination of the suspect, he shows the murder weapon to the court.

They’re still waiting on the results of the blood test, even as he speaks, and the judge asks if what he’s insinuating can be verified. Tae-yeon answers yes, and then finally Dong-man runs into the courtroom and hands Jung-in the paper.

She looks up at Tae-yeon, but that’s not a happy look on her face. He reads the results for himself: the blood on the thermometer is the suspect’s, not the victim’s. Ji-hee smiles. Damn, they played right into her hands.

Tae-yeon realizes what’s happened, and lifts up the suspect’s shirt to find an old scar on his abdomen. He takes a deep breath, and changes his tactic. With a calm, empathetic smile, he asks the suspect what kind of man the Bread Pastor was.

And then he paints the picture, of the four kids who came to the orphanage, and the nice pastor who took them in, and gave them bread, and treated them like family. But they soon discovered his true nature, and felt trapped and powerless.

They tried to fight back, but he was too strong. And one boy, the suspect, was stabbed — he holds up the thermometer – “with this.” Two thermometers, two different crimes.

Then Tae-yeon starts to get amped up, describing the torture, the pain, the anger that must’ve welled up. He’s trying to get the suspect to break on the stand, but it’s getting out of control.

Ji-hee is objecting, the judge is yelling at him to stop, the suspect is wrenching his face in his hands denying and denying, but Tae-yeon won’t stop. Or he can’t.

Tae-yeon: Was the pain that insufferable? Enough not to be able to live with it? You gave your whole life to vengeance! You broke the shackles that imprisoned you for your entire life! Can’t you say that you were the one who killed him? I couldn’t forgive that bastard who stole my childhood from me! The man I killed deserved to die! Say it! If it were me, I’d have killed him too! So say it!

The courtroom goes silent. Well THAT’s awkward. Look who’s showing their vengeance now. But in the end it’s enough to break him. The suspect stammers through his tears, “I… killed him.”

As they wait for the judge to return with the verdict, Jung-in asks, “What you said earlier… is it true? When you said you would’ve killed him too, if it were you… Is it true?” Tae-yeon doesn’t answer.

The judge returns with the verdict… NOT guilty. He says the evidence is still circumstantial, and the prosecution has failed to produce any hard proof tying the defendant to the crime. And the confession was obtained by publicly badgering the suspect, and so, that’s that. He goes free.

In the parking garage, Ji-hee meets with Nam Gun-wook to clear their business and vow not to see each other again. She gets into her car, where Tae-yeon is sitting there waiting. Hi, Creepy. Geez.

He asks why she made him chase after the decoy murder weapon. She tells him that this was all about uncovering the truth behind what happened 30 years ago. He asks where the real murder weapon is, and she reminds him that she said he’d never find it.

We see in flashback that the actual murder weapon was a frozen-bread-dough-ice-pick – a molded replica of that same thermometer. He used it to stab the pastor, and then BAKED it into bread, which the junior pastor then gave away to the congregation. Holy crap. And gross, murder bread.

He can’t help but laugh at the irony of it, and she cops to the poetic justice, wanting to have the Bread Pastor stabbed with the very thing he used to buy legitimacy and cover up his crimes.

He gets out of the car, but then she stops him to hand him an envelope. She says she thought he was smart, but found that he actually had quite a hard time distinguishing truth from fiction, and drives away with the promise to meet again.

He opens up the envelope to find the record of their trial. He reads it with a serious expression as something dawns on him, and then he laughs and tosses it on the ground.

Flashbacks to the judge during the trial. Tae-yeon drives away, and we see the file issuing the verdict. It reads, “Judge: Nam Gun-wook.” Oh damn, two thermometers, where one turns out to be a fake, and two Gun-wooks, where one is just a gun-for-hire, a decoy to hide the real Gun-wook, in the judge’s robes?

I like this case.

The judge goes home that night, as the rain comes down hard. He feels someone watching him, and turns back to ask who’s there. Oh, don’t do that. Suddenly, a hooded figure grabs him.

Fangs come down, and he chomps down on the judge.

Tae-yeon sits at his vamp bar, wondering where his friend is tonight.


A much better episode this time around, with a more intricate murder and some proper twists. I like that perhaps Tae-yeon’s biggest foe isn’t a murderer or a vampire, but a lawyer who’s better than him. She just outsmarts him, which is pretty damn cool. You know, minus the murder and stuff. I hope she comes back, just to be a thorn in his side.

I also like episodes that set the world a little off-balance. Tae-yeon doesn’t win this time, despite having the capacity to, as a plain ol’ human prosecutor. He lets his emotions get the best of him, and plays right into the opposing team’s hands. Seeing him lose his cool is a great moment, because he’s usually so calm and collected, and two steps ahead of everyone else. It feels like we’ve seen a little more of his vulnerable human side, and I hope we see him blunder and lose his cool more often.

It’s also about high time we caught another glimpse of the Big Bad, and though it’s just another appearance of the mysterious hooded vampire, it’s better than having Tae-yeon just stare at his wall again for the umpteenth time. We know that he’s got a link to Tae-yeon and his cases, because both instances have connections to criminals walking away scot-free. So, murderous vigilante vampire? But then, if so, what connection does it have to his sister’s murder, which also points to a vampire?

Overall I wish we spent more screentime on the overarching mystery of Tae-yeon’s past than we do currently. I’m hoping the murder of this judge is a thread that gets picked up right away, and brings some of the big mystery to the forefront.


57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MadDino

    So excited to watch this episode. Thank you for the recap.

  2. laya

    😀 Gonna put this in my crime series collection along with CSI and Criminal Minds. 😀

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 2.1 Kiara

      Love Criminal Minds…its the only show I watch on tv and The History Channel lol.

    • 2.2 Shiku

      Me too. It so happens Wednesday my fave night with CSI and CM.

  3. Nabby

    Oh my gosh. This episode was brilliant. And I love Ji-hee.

  4. leah

    who plays yoon ji-hee?

    • 4.1 moll

      She reminds me of the actress who played Seung-hye in I Am Legend, but I’m not sure…

      • 4.1.1 hapacalgirl

        She is the same actress that played Seung-Hye in I am Legend.

      • 4.1.2 MsB

        It is her. She was brilliant and I hated her there but it showed her depth as an actress that I hated her so much!!

    • 4.2 birdscout

      She played the slightly crazy wife of a man who liked Dal-ja in Dal-ja’s Spring and one of the ghosts in the movie, Hello Ghost.

      • 4.2.1 snow

        that would be Jang Young-nam.

    • 4.3 Ren

      Jang Young Nam!! she’s been in a lot of movies/shows. she’s awesome right…i know because i’ve been trying to watch all her work for the past couple of months and i still have so much left to watch haha Watch out for her in mr. idol too! 🙂

  5. asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!!

    I have a huge girl crush on that female lawyer now! oh snap!

    • 5.1 paperhearts

      totally agree with you, she’s awesome.

  6. Cynthia

    Murder bread. Heh.
    That’s kind of like “icicle spear” – the vanishing/melting murder weapon. Clever.

    • 6.1 stratosphere

      Also reminds me of Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter.

  7. iii

    i know it’s not a romance drama…but i really want him to end up with Jung-in…but it looks like the chances of that just dropped … 🙁

  8. mysterious

    I missed the action in this episode. I’ve never been one for courtroom dramas. I like it when the characters are out in the field like with Criminal Minds. So I wasn’t really all that impressed. :'(

  9. d

    she’s Jae-in’s mom in Man Of Honor, still in comma i believe (im only at ep3).

  10. 10 mary

    OMG it’s the crazy ex-wife in Dalja’s Spring!

    *run for your lives*

  11. 11 Noelle

    THE VAMP TEETH ARE ON THE WRONG TEETH! that just bugs the crap outta me. It’s the same deal on True Blood. Doesn’t anyone realize that they are one move away from being “bunny fanged”? Why would a fang be on an incisor? Makes no sense.

    • 11.1 nell123

      Indeed. I thought I was the only one noticing. 🙂

      The TB fangs are all sorts of funny too: weird placement, weird shape, weird sound when retracted.

  12. 12 Lemon

    Wait, what was the female lawyer trying to do when she got the fake Nam Gunwook to steal the fake murder weapon and then replace it in its original place?? If she was trying to uncover the truth of what happened years ago, why did she have to do that and why did Bread Killer repeatedly deny Taeyeon’s allegations?

    Okay I feel really stupid. :/

  13. 13 allen

    Refresh10th and finally! the VP episode recap.

    wonderful ride… with this episode.my favourite so far.

    on random thought: seen that lawyer lady many a times…know she can carry her own.
    the creepy weird ex-wife from Dalja Spring, lawyer/other woman in I am Legend, the lady ghost in Hello Ghost and a much dark/creepy cancer patient in Lving death

  14. 14 aramint

    heh..this might be a bit out of topic, but when Tae-yeon lose his cool, it kinda reminded me when Hotch lose his cool as well..hotness overload… ^.^

  15. 15 Bim2

    Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… I hate the last twisted 🙁

    Because it means this case from beginning was a set up. Even our vampir’s prosecutor really try very hard to find the truth, it’s all ended with nothing. From the beginning, the lawyer very confident to win this case not because the prosecutor’s team never gonna found the murder weapon, but because the f*ckin judge, the one who will give the final decision, from the start were in their side 🙁


    But thanks for the recaps 😀

  16. 16 rinzky

    that defense attorney, she was one of the dance instructors in scent of a woman..

  17. 17 Jacky Ubiles

    Thanks for the recaps.

    Not sure if someone already mentioned this but, I have a feeling that Mysterious Boss = Mysterious Hooded Vampire

    • 17.1 bishbash

      u mean the bar boss?

      if so, you’re not alone thinking of that 😀

    • 17.2 Shiku

      That would be some twist if you are right. Would he be able to kill a guy who has been a friend/helper/vampmentor to him but was responsible for his sister’s death?

  18. 18 Yasmin

    That lawyers is seo hye rim’s assistant in dae mul!! She was kickass there as well 😉 I know cos I am in the middle of watching it now!! Brilliant series!!

  19. 19 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

  20. 20 kauaitone

    So does this mean that vamp lawyer’s vampy bar friend is creepy hooded vigilante vamp guy who made vamp lawyer vampy? Or maybe he knows the hooded vamp…and maybe the hooded vamp is trying too make a whole pack/bunch/army/school/swarm/any other word for ‘whole lotta’ of vigilante vamps. Get the baddies that the system can’t… heh. Now that I think of it, that would make a good movie…or has it already been done before…=S.

    Anyways…Good show…awesome recap!! Thanks so much!!

  21. 21 sara

    This is such a great show. I really like that each episode can stand alone (like US procedurals) but there is that bit of something that hints to a bigger story to tie it all together and to keep you watching for more clues, especially the mystery surrounding Tae-yeon’s sister and also how everyone else who knows about Tae-yeon’s “condition” is tied in. I liked the “perfect crime” part of this episode where at the end, Tae-yeon knows who did it, but can’t prove it, and I don’t think that he even wants to. I think the vampire part of him feels that justice was served in the end, and therefore he’s satisfied, regardless of what the prosecutor in him says his duty is.

  22. 22 beggar1015

    Hmm, no mention that (at least in the DramaFever subs) Jung In refer to the Mystery Man as “Professor” early in the show and that they also know each other.

    I’m hoping that we’ll get at least one flashback episode to show us how/when Soon Bum learned Tae Yeon is a vampire, and why he’s okay with it. I mean, if I found out my best friend was a blood sucker and that vampires are real, I’d be freaking out and questioning reality.

  23. 23 Shiku

    Awesome episode. Thanks for the recap. Surprisingly the bowl-cut hairstyle on the female prosecutor didn’t bother me too much.

  24. 24 Ren

    Can’t wait to watch this with english subs….and YES to every post saying how great the actress is! JANG YOUNG NAM is my FAVORITE actress ever so when i saw the preview for episode 4 last week i’d been anxiously waiting too see it. she is sooo talented and have played a variety of characters…especially lawyers. Aside from dal ja’s spring, i am legend, dae mul, hello ghost etc..she was also the divorce lawyer in Believe in Love..she is a total scene stealer she makes minor roles so memorable. she’s great 🙂 everyone watch out for her in mr. idol!! 🙂

  25. 25 paperhearts

    is it me or does Jang Young Nam look like an older Jessica from SNSD?

  26. 26 Programmer ahjumma

    The name of the judge and the gangster looks like a play between Kim Nam Gil’s name and his character name Gun-Wook from Bad Guy plus a slight resemblance : a revenge story with kids from an orphanage, some childhood scars and revenge over the years

    I was kinda bored at the beginning of the ep but till the end of it I was more than thrilled. I just hope (in vain I’m sure) that the vigilante vampire isn’t the same one that killed his sis. I’d love that in this drama vampire universe to be a lil bigger than 4-5 characters and 2 vampires

    I shipped The Prosecutor with Evil Bi*chy Lawyer more than him and cute prosecutor Yoo with whom we all can relate to her (she tries the best she can do in her work field, she’s cute, sometimes shallow and she mutters against against her boss once in a while) but Good Bad Guy in love with Lawyer Baddie? I want to see that! 😀 at least as secondary option 😀

  27. 27 Goyangi

    I just watched this episode and must say I like it a lot! It’s definitely a big improvement over the last episode (usually, I watch dramas really closely but I was totally multi-tasking while I watched the last episode.)

    I really like the actress Jang Young-nam. I hope we see her character again before the series ends. (From her last comment to Tae-yeon, it seems like that’s possible.)

    I’ve more or less put aside my criticisms of the series’ take on vampirism. I figure, it’s a decent show and I might as well try my best to enjoy it. I’d like the writers’ to cough up more information about the big vampire mystery, though. Quit being so stingy!

  28. 28 Lorlena

    Does anyone find this to be totally influenced by a movie from 1996- Sleepers? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117665/ Friends, case, conspiracy to free the murderer… It was a good episode, and a good movie!

  29. 29 Czmych

    I think that time is coming for the shower scene… Yes, I know, this drama is a serious-criminal-vampire-stuff, but nevertheless it is still kdrama, and kdrama has it rules… one of them is at least one good shower scene 😉

  30. 30 Mera

    Can someone please tell me what the dudge had to do with this case?I got confused with “Judge: Nam Gun-wook” part..

    • 30.1 Quiet Thought

      Something our prosecutor should have noticed . . . as a prosecutor, he should KNOW the names of the judges and be familiar with them. Anyhow, that judge is the fourth orphan from 30 years ago. The other guy named Nam Gun-wook was a decoy hired by the lady lawyer.

  31. 31 rashka19

    I love this show so far the only complaint I have is waiting for the next episode to come out lol.Iam just too dang impatient.
    I liked all the twists and turns of this episode especially the exwife of the dal ja springs actress.

  32. 32 Abbie

    Oh, yeah! Great episode! So many twists and turns! Loved it! That female prosecutor is badass! Hope she comes back!

    Tae-yeon is so hoooooooot. *drools on keyboard* 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  33. 33 KpopLuver

    I really enjoyed this episode!

    Can’t wait for the 5th episode!

  34. 34 Hana

    MORE VAMPIRES! less prosecuting. just saying 🙂

    this series is awesome only because it has vampires. Maybe it could do with some bacon, cus everything is better with bacon
    Do vampires eat bacon? i want to find out

  35. 35 iamTyrantPotsie13

    I have tons of questions in mind. Like Okay we all know Tae Yeon’s a Vamp,but how did Soon Bum knew about it? How did Tae Yeon first find out that if he drinks the victim’s blood he’ll get to know the last thought of the vic? Who’s told him everything? and the-friend-at-the-bar, why they can’t reveal any more info about him? Im dying to know who he really is. and Tae Yeon’s boss at the office? What did he know? Did he know something about the vamps? waaahh… too many questions but less infos were given every episode. not to mention about his sister. My minds gonna blow if i further think about the real story behind his sister. right about now, I just wanted to know all the simple details. I also dont want to think about why Tae Yeon seems not having the URGE to drink human blood. considering he’s a VAMP. Whao! I don’t even! Okay, I’ll just wait for the next episode on sunday. Hope they’ll reveal more answers to my bunches of questions. I love this DRAMA. I LOVE TAE YEON. Guess im a vampire Junkie. hahahaha. :))

    • 35.1 Anen annaway

      I think the vigilant vampire is tae min friend at the bar?the blood dealer ?it’s like he’s the one who bite tae min?or tae min sister?then at the season 2 finale ,it’s like park hoon or jang is the real badblood…

  36. 36 iamTyrantPotsie13

    Hope they give us more twist and thrill. I like this episode. so far this episode has been the BADASS. im expecting they can feed us more. 🙂


    Tae Yeon and Soon Bum's duo, they got a SWAGGER.

    Dongman's char is like a dose of Greg Sanders of CSI which ME LIKEYYYYY.

    and the Girl Jung Min, she's brilliant!!! 🙂

    • 36.1 Anen annaway

      Tae min always had that smile everytime he’s with Jung in,not all the time but mostly,and he was really Jung in her hero …

  37. 37 KpopLuver

    iamTyrantPotsie13 – those are exactly the same questions I have… I wish they would answer some of the questions! I want to… no… I NEED to find out!

  38. 38 john

    This is Nice Website where we can found complete updates on every episode on Vampire Prosecutor, how ever if you want to watch Vampire Prosecutor Latest episodes with English Sub then you can visit at


  39. 39 trebuchette

    As much as I was annoyed/irritated/disappointed/whatever with the case/YoonJiHee/unfair verdict, I felt that this episode was the best (so far). It really had a story behind the case, and for a moment, I was swayed with sympathy to the orphans.

  40. 40 Chriser

    They did this story back in 1996 with Brad Pitt and Jason Patric. It is called Sleepers. This is a similar setup. Just saying.

  41. 41 no1

    5 stars for this episode

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