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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 361
by | November 25, 2011 | 50 Comments

EPISODE 361. Broadcast on November 20, 2011.

girlfriday: It’s Part 2 of the Kimchi Special, and the boys have gathered at basecamp… except for Jong-min, who’s got the farthest distance to travel.

javabeans: I love how they call come in carrying big parcels of kimchi. Tae-woong announces, as though he’s the mom, “Mom brought kimchi for you!”

girlfriday: They get hungry while waiting, and so they offer up a deal: two packs of ramyun for a 2:2 game. At first I thought they were saying the winners get the ramyun, but no, they mean they’ll play for the airtime in exchange for food. I love that when people are hungry, all pretenses get stripped down — we entertain, you feed us. Will work for food.

javabeans: I know, right? Su-geun frames it as, “You know you want to give us this deal, because we’d be soooo entertaining. If you don’t, it’s really your loss, not ours.”

girlfriday: The PDs stir with interest, but Na PD holds out for a while, and Su-geun asks if he was a thug in his youth, what with that kind of confidence. Now that he mentions it, can’t you picture Na PD as that mastermind kid who never really had to do any fighting (a true leader needn’t get his hands dirty) but won all fights anyway?

javabeans: Because he’s evil genius mastermind!

girlfriday: They settle on the payment of one bowl of rice (tough economy ‘round here) and then the boys discuss what game to play. The teams are already split: Seung-gi/Ji-won vs. Tae-woong/Su-geun. Su-geun boldy suggests jokgu. What? Have you forgotten about Dog Feet? They give a leisurely chuckle and Tae-woong says he’s spent every night playing jokgu with Su-geun. Oh man, is this gonna be like Ji-won’s infamous ping-pong con of, when is that — ‘08? ‘09?

javabeans: Oh man that was epic. All that build-up, and then… fizzle so flat the flatness was epic.

girlfriday: And let’s not forget the epic head-shaving that followed.

javabeans: Maybe Ji-won’s like, I’m already rocking the shaved head, so… The thing is, Su-geun is way better than Seung-gi in jokgu, but Tae-woong is way worse than Ji-won. And when Tae-woong mentions spending every night with Su-geun, Su-geun mimes downing shots, so maybe jokgu wasn’t really so much the focus of that.

girlfriday: Perhaps to everyone’s benefit, they decide on badminton, and Su-geun suggests the prize/punishment: the losers get slapped with a bucket of water.

javabeans: Who carries around the equipment for a full badminton court anyway? It’s so random and therefore hilarious. “You could play rock-scissors-paper with your hands…or hey, we’ve got this badminton setup.”

girlfriday: The lighting director comes out as the referee (I love that it’s just assumed that this is his unofficial side job on set.) and he seems more concerned with sportsmanship than the rules of the game. “Shake hands!” “No taunting allowed!”

javabeans: He’s so cute. I love that the whole humor of him being the ref is that he’s the antithesis of ref-dom. He’s nice and soft-spoken and basically ineffectual. I love that the game basically amounts to Seung-gi and Ji-won giving it away to the other team through their own errors, not because the other guys are good. I love the slo-mo Ji-won roar of frustration.

girlfriday: Su-geun and Tae-woong win the five-point game in no time, and then Ji-won turns to Seung-gi: “Do we BOTH need to be slapped with water?” Suddenly it’s 1:1 for the ultimate loser title. The caption: “Yesterday’s brothers… today’s rivals.” Heh.

javabeans: They start the play, and Su-geun shouts out from the sidelines, encouraging the players like a coach. Except he’s totally advising both players, so I’d be wary of that advice, just sayin’.

girlfriday: Now THIS is a good game. Suddenly they’re both playing better, tensions are high, and Ji-won starts out losing, but manages to tie the score 2:2. The ref calls deuce, and Su-geun joins Ji-won on the field for the Deux dance. Aw, this is really starting to feel like an old-school 1N2D.

javabeans: Is that really that old Deux song? My ears totally perked up — old school kpop song! Do they know that deuce and deux mean different things?

girlfriday: Ji-won wins the next point, exclaiming that he’s won the match, but everyone points out that he needs another point because it’s deuce. Ji-won: “Since when is there deuce?” Su-geun: “You just danced the dance. Everyone saw.” Hahaha.

javabeans: That’s hysterical. Like, you can’t back out of that one, dude.

girlfriday: Ji-won actually manages to win, and Seung-gi lies on the ground in defeat, while Su-geun practices his water-bucket-tossing form. Hee. How does this guy manage to turn everything into a physical gag? It must just be ingrained. Seung-gi kneels and awaits his punishment… Su-geun winds up… and delivers the most awesome water-bitch-slap ever.

javabeans: Well, you know how practice makes perfect. Is it wrong of me that as soon as Seung-gi lost, I felt a flash of nervousness for a return of Seung-mi and the pervy director?

girlfriday: I hope for Seung-mi’s sake she’s retired from the biz for good.

javabeans: I think I’m loving the giggle fits over from Tae-woong and Ji-won even more. They totally lose it, and then Tae-woong adds to the moment by dumping his bucket directly over Seung-gi’s head and puts it on him, like a cap. The boys get their snack reward, and Seung-gi does his usual CF reaction, but it’s got a little extra pep today so I’m guessing the crab kimchi Ji-won brought really is that awesome. Tae-woong tastes his and he makes the same “Wow!” exclamation, only he’s sorta copying Seung-gi teasingly — although the joke’s on him because the out-of-character outburst has him more embarrassed than anything.

girlfriday: Jong-min finally arrives bearing tubs of kimchi, and it’s time to share with the class what everyone made today. He gives Seung-gi a taste of the same kind of kimchi his grandma makes, and Seung-gi sighs, “This is better. My grandma learned it wrong.” Oh no you d’in’t just tell your grandma that her kimchi is wrong!

javabeans: I think somebody’s going to be doing a lot of bowing and scraping in the near future!

girlfriday: Right? Perfect son, my ass!

javabeans: Does granny like diamonds, Seung-gi? ‘Cause you might have to buy her diamonds.

girlfriday: They taste kimchi after kimchi, and Ji-won keeps pushing Su-geun to try things first, always wary of weird new tastes. Su-geun asks why he’s always gotta be the first, and Ji-won’s defense? “You always pick up stuff off the ground and put it in your mouth!” Haha.

javabeans: I think he’s also wary of Seung-gi’s tastebuds, because he wonders, “Why does Seung-gi have the most mature palate out of all of us?” And when Seung-gi assures him it’s good, he eyes it suspiciously. Heh.

girlfriday: Then it’s time for Ji-won to bring out his crab kimchi dish, and the rest of the boys go as crazy as he did when he first tried it. There’s this hilarious moment where he’s holding up a mouthful to feed to Su-geun, and then keeps pulling away to explain the dish, as Su-geun waits with his mouth hanging open like a dog. It’s like a totally unintentional comedy routine.

javabeans: I love how Seung-gi sits there perplexed, trying to find the appropriate words to describe how delicious this is, and on either side of him are Su-geun and Ji-won frantically stuffing their faces like they can’t get enough, fast enough.

girlfriday: The boys get so carried away that they end up devouring it like animals. Suddenly there’s panicked shouting from the PDs: “What are you doing? Stop eating!” and the boys practically growl back at them. It’s not unlike trying to interrupt a pack of hyenas in the middle of dinner. You might lose an arm.

javabeans: Right? They start out “tasting” kimchi, which really should only be a mouthful here, a bite there. Only, this is special magic kimchi, all stuffed full of goodies like fish and crab and protein, and they’re downing it like a meal.

girlfriday: They all agree that Su-geun’s kimchi is the best as far as traditional straight-up kimchi goes, and there’s something I love about the way Seung-gi says to the plate of kimchi: “You’re first place,” like he’s slightly angry about it. Also, I talk at things too, so maybe it makes me feel less crazy?

javabeans: It’s so cute, like he means it. Like it has feelings.

girlfriday: It’s Tae-woong’s turn to bring out his kimchi, which happens to be the fishiest. The smell alone sends Ji-won shrinking back in fear, and even Su-geun starts making faces, and the two of them trade wary looks behind Tae-woong’s back. It’s so very grade-school. They egg Seung-gi on to try it, since he’s got the most ajusshi taste buds, so he bravely gives it a try.

javabeans: It’s hilarious, because it’s just kimchi. What are you afraid of? Hee. And yet Seung-gi’s so careful and wary, like it might hurt him.

girlfriday: Seung-gi swears it’s not that fishy, and even Su-geun doesn’t believe him. Ji-won: “What you call ‘not that fishy’ has nearly killed me on more than one occasion!” Heh. And then… comes the big one — the whole-fish kimchi made with Tae-woong’s kissing fish. Ji-won and Su-geun hear the name and practically start to cry from fear. Tae-woong gamely tells everyone to close their eyes as he plates the kimchi with the whole fishies.

javabeans: He totally builds up the moment, too, saying that he’s confident this one will have all the others beat visually, making you think it’s this gorgeous dish.

girlfriday: Then he counts one-two-three, open!  The reactions are priceless. Everyone freaks out, and Ji-won physically moves away, whining, “It made eye contact with me!” HA.

javabeans: They all recoil in horror. Question: Who’s more childish, the grown man who shudders at the sight of a fish, or the grown man who tricks his teammates into looking at it, and then cackles at their reactions?

girlfriday: Tough call. If you add in the kissing fishies, it might be evenly matched.

javabeans: They resume filming with the dinner and sleeping bokbulbok, and hand over main MC duties to Jong-min. We know he’s not going to be anywhere near smooth, and yes, he does sound like the joke version of a bad teleprompter reader, but he manages to get through it. Man, this just makes me realize how good Ho-dong was, because aside from being smooth in his delivery, he actually made me think that he was coming up with the words, not that he was reading intros prepared by writers.

girlfriday: Seriously. He’s the only one to ever make intro prompts sound like words out of his own mouth. Na PD announces that the dinner game will be a series of analog games, and asks them to divide into two teams. Su-geun jokes that everyone will want to be on Tae-woong’s team, and Seung-gi jumps in to say that they can be a team then. Aw, poor Tae-woong.

javabeans: Heh, Su-geun’s joke backfires on him and he protests, but you can’t back out now.

girlfriday: Na PD tells them today’s game is Go-Back-Jump, and all the boys slouch and sigh. They’re like, we watched that episode on tv, and we STILL don’t fully understand that game!

javabeans: I totally get confused too. I’m playing along with them, and sometimes I think they’re wrong but I don’t hear the PDs call error and figure I don’t know the rules correctly yet. Na PD ups the ante with a game upgrade. The game basically requires you to count, and on multiples of 3, you have to shout either Go, Back, or Jump (and the game reverses or skips accordingly). Now they’re adding in yet another number to keep track of, with multiples of 10. Jeezus, like my brain wasn’t already at capacity trying to keep up.  

girlfriday: The best is when Tae-woong gets stuck on 10, and then has this momentary blackout for what he’s supposed to do (a cutesy poshong-poshong!) and screeches: “kwarang-kwarang!” instead. It sends everyone to the ground in laughter.

javabeans: He’s thinking madly, “What nonsense word was it?” and shouts out whatever comes to mind. It’s funny because it’s so completely wrong. Not even close. But when it counts (for a pot of ramyun), it’s Tae-woong’s team that wins again, and he tells the others to apologize to him for doubting his game skills. Hee. You know what might work, Tae-woong? Make ‘em do it for food.

girlfriday: But Seung-gi’s team makes up for it when it’s a pot of ramyun plus a bowl of rice on the line, with two mistakes from Su-geun back-to-back. This game has a hiliarious way of making the players seem like doofuses, because nobody fully understands the rules at any given point.

javabeans: Then it’s the strawberry game, only with kimchi names this time instead of fruits. Tae-woong looks deeply chagrined at this, his kryptonite. Well, that and multiplication. And soccer. And running.

girlfriday: So… all things?

javabeans: He’s a flawed superhero. Maybe just hero.

girlfriday: They start and Jong-min somehow manages to get through two turns flawlessly, and everyone oohs and aahs. He’s so happy that he made it… that he forgets to call out the next person’s kimchi name and just flashes a huge smile as the moment passes him by. It’s hilarious.

javabeans: Omg, that’s so cute and giggle-worthy. He looks soooo proud of himself and totally forgets. Seung-gi: “You can’t praise him, because then he forgets to continue!” The guys are surprisingly improved from the last time. And yet…the weak links are still Jong-min and Tae-woong. They’re on opposite teams, so they naturally receive a lot of the calls, from the opposing team. The team with Tae-woong, Su-geun, and Ji-won wins a big prize — MEAT — and Su-geun cackles as he eats, while Seung-gi and Jong-min look by sadly. The screen literally fills up with HA-HA-HAs and Tae-woong joins him, and then it’s this total Austin Powers moment. Then Na PD raises the stakes by putting the rest of dinner on the line, and they guys change their game monikers from kimchi to fish. I love that Ji-won raises an objection to Seung-gi and Jong-min for choosing whale and squid, which aren’t fish.

girlfriday: And that he surprises everyone by picking a one-syllable name, which he never does. When it’s anyone else, it’s just a choice, but when it’s Ji-won, you know he’s got a whole strategy planned. It means he’s going on the offensive.

javabeans: They actually get pretty into it, with a monster 17-chain round replete with sped-up footage, chimpunk voices and all, and they change names again to animals. They introduce their names in the intro round — stuff like “I am anaconda” and “I am Tyrannosaurus” (ambitious there, Seung-gi) — but then it gets to Jong-min and he goes, “I am I am!” Everyone busts a gut and Su-geun argues that he’s lost if he can’t even introduce himself properly before the game begins.

girlfriday: They point out that Su-geun basically spends the entire game not getting called on once. Replay shows it’s really true — he just goes back and forth, back and forth, watching everyone else play. But then as soon as it’s pointed out, Jong-min calls on him and he flubs immediately. Turns out anaconda’s not such a good choice for a tongue-twister game, eh?

javabeans: I love that they call Seung-gi repeatedly, and he practically chokes on his tongue saying Tyrannosaurus eight times fast, but he manages. Ji-won: “He’s tough.” After dinner, the crew heads outside where it’s raining and they’ve got some kind of elaborate mat-vault-padding setup planned. It’s not ideal to film in the rain but Na PD wants to use it somehow, for some kind of game, “Because it cost a lot.” Ha.

girlfriday: Haha. Such a dad. I paid for it! It must get used!

javabeans: Jong-min does a bunch of fancy vaults, but Su-geun can’t even clear the apparatus so that won’t do. Seung-gi says he wants to do something physical, and takes a running start…to use it as a Slip N Slide.

girlfriday: And… now I’m jealous.

javabeans: They decide on an utterly ridiculous game, where you run and slide on your stomach across the pad, then shout, “Roll!” At which point Na PD rolls this huge trash can, and you have to slide into the can. They dub it the cabbage-rolling game.

girlfriday: It amazes me the stuff they come up with on the fly. They soap up the runway for extra sliding power, and then proceed to launch themselves into a trash can in the pouring rain.

javabeans: They make it to three rounds, and finally Su-geun fits into the trash can. But clearly he’s taller than the can so part of his body is still sticking out of it, and the members proceed to argue about whether it counts or not while Su-geun lays there in the trash can. The other boys take their shot and fail, so he’s declared the winner. And everybody gets busy sucking up to him, trying to grease the wheels for their next mission.

girlfriday: It turns out that the kimchi special is over, and they’ll be spending tomorrow in an autumn leaves special. Su-geun gets to decide everyone’s destination, including one lucky winner’s 1500-meter trek up a mountain. Happy trails.


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yana

    i always love you jongmin…

  2. Ace

    So great!!!

  3. froggy

    thank you~ it was a wonderful episode

  4. gray

    The show Always make me happy!

    I love it to the max!! More than A SINGLE MEMBER! I LOVE THE SHOW THE MOST

  5. Arhazivory

    Thanks for my Friday nightcap. XD That was a fun episode. It was also the episode that almost drove the Airens crazy. lol.

    • 5.1 roombagaroomda

      ikr. they blamed Taewoong and 1N2D whatta joke. they said the old 1N2D hyungs would have taken thep unishment because Seunggi was sick yet these new 1N2D hyungs were out there splashing water on a sick Seunggi. what a load of bullcrap.

      • 5.1.1 Julianna

        I agreed that the Airens’ reactions were really over the top. Blaming things on Seung-gi’s hyungs/colleagues is really not helping things. Besides, the blames are totally unfounded. *sigh* Fans can get too crazy at times.

      • 5.1.2 Ani

        Man, I totally had to google “Airens Lee Seunggi” to figure out what the hell it was. Why does everyone insist on having fancy fanclub names? *tries to hide her Dumbledore’s Army merchandise*

        But fans are scary sometimes…. Ok, a lot of times.

        • roombagaroomda

          stupid and blind, not scary.

          • Ani

            Hahaha. Stupid and blind can be a bad scary combo when given to a group of die hard fanatics.

      • 5.1.3 topper

        Yup agree with you, he is becoming a liability and affecting the other members, overhyped.

        • Adeline

          As expected, people are criticizing Seung Gi through no fault of his but just because a few of his fans “over-reacted”. Seung Gi has always done his best for the show and any criticism against him is really unfair and unwarranted.

          But don’t worry Seung Gi, you have my support forever. Love you and Jong Min in the show.

        • Arhazivory

          lol. Saying he’s a liability is too extreme. Seung-Gi has absolutely nohing to do with how his fans react. -_-‘

          • topper

            Well his stupid and blind fans comes with him.

          • Fave

            Right on Arhazivory. Glad you are so mature and discerning unlike some people. Thank you.

            And btw, people who call others stupid and blind are really the pot calling the kettle black.

          • roombagaroomda

            ^LOL guilty as charged of blaming Uhm Taewoong and 1N2D. stop overreacting, Fave.

        • Tishi

          Hahaha! Aren’t you becoming like one of the fans you’re criticizing? Remember that when you point a finger to others, the other four fingers are pointing right back at you.

          Seung-gi is the only one of the five who has an active and large fan base, so expect a lot of people to react. Tae-woong is a childish mat-hyung and Seung-gi is the more mature maknae. It’s perfectly normal for people to compare the two of them, more so that Ho-dong is not there.

          It’s better for people to just enjoy the show. It ends in a few months, so let’s appreciate the hard work the members are all giving to make it awesome.

    • 5.2 looolaaaa

      heh, those who got crazy over that punishment must’ve been newbies who haven’t seen 1n2d even once. this show is as fine as it is, maybe even better now that everyone is on the same level.
      blaming the hyungs and the producers is just simply ridiculous.

      • 5.2.1 rhea

        I’m airen, and crazy!! But because the laugh LOL!!

        Indeed, they already dipped in ice water, sea in winter, what else could be wose?

  6. PuppyLove

    Can puppy please be clone and mass distributed in time for Xmas?

  7. funnibee

    LOL. So funny. Love it!

  8. iila

    fun fun fun!!! too bad a certain international channel didn’t air this epi last week. but I found it really amusing that the PDs decided to bring back the games, or more like its upgraded version.

    and badminton match brought me back to the old uljin trip where the losers had to catch some crab king. it was seunggi vs mong… and seunggi also lose haha.

  9. Ani

    I love how Jiwon, Taewoong, and Suguen pretty much were laughs gallore in this. And I swear everything Jongmin does I always go “aaaaaaaaaaaw, poor guy”. And the cabbage roll was one random game. Hahaha. Lady Luck just hasn’t been on Seunggi’sside these days. XD

  10. 10 stars4u

    ooohhh my! Tae-woong and his kwarang-kwarang! He had me laughing till I felt my face turn as red as his face. Another cho-ding is born! The members’ reaction to the kimschi Tae-woong brought were really priceless!
    Jong-min was so hilarious in this episode!!

  11. 11 olsen


  12. 12 George

    Downloaded and watch this episode but was skipping through a lot of the dull moments. The 1st part was better. Had to get some laughs from my other download from the Sunday variety lineups.

  13. 13 gray

    @roombagaroomda @julliana:
    HI, I am , if I may said, an airen^^
    I think there are only a bunch of those shortminded airen, believe me, those who love the show will love it til the end. In the vast sea, there is only a group who is misleaded, let them be, the real fans know which the best

    I can’t wait to watch itu subbed! LOL!! Wanna see Jiwon’s face when he see fish!

  14. 14 ann

    I’m an Airen too! I came to love Seunggi because of this show , so I dont understand the bashing. I love the show the way it is celebrities doing real things and taking a break from fancy celebrity world. Im sure gonna miss this alot when it goes off air, plus wherelese can you see Seunggi acting silly but here. It reminds me that he is still human afterall.

    • 14.1 rhea

      Hi Ann (which Ann?)I love seunggi because of this show too

      Please don’t mistaken and think all Airen are the same, we love the show VERY MUCH, and we support everything of the show (unless it being overboard), and I don’t think those acts are overboard (comparing to last episode), when will we see the brotherhood like this? They share the same laugh and else

      Plus…I’m drooling over the crab kimchi, will someone give me a bit please?

  15. 15 Erika

    Seung Gi and Jong Min, love both of you in the show !

  16. 16 laksa johor

    they should make a boat special.

    when these people get on a boat it’s bloody hilarious. i mean tae woong has never been on a boat yet. it would be EPIC! *hoping Na PD will do this anytime soon*

  17. 17 jade214, funny!, though, i really missed kang hodong…

  18. 18 gray

    @topper @fave:
    Not all of his fans are stupid LOL, only them who choose to blind is.

    Oh right, there is no ‘real boat’ since taewoong, please please PD Na, make a boat special!!! I wanna laugh much hahaha

    • 18.1 topper

      Tae Woong oppa will definitely be epic on a boat trip.

  19. 19 anna

    OMG those games, IDK, I think even if I understand Korean, I would never be able to figure it out either! And since I don’t understand Korean, it just makes my head hurts even more.

  20. 20 Golden

    Jiwon, Suguen,Jong Min and Seung Gi forever! Parts of this episode seems like old times. Sigh, missing Kim C, Mong and of course Hodong so much.

    • 20.1 roombagaroomda

      and what has Uhm Taewoong done wrong? because he splashed water on Seunggi? then by all means stop watching the show completely. we don’t need fans who act like their star is the most important person in the world. it was a punishment, that’s all there is to it. he is in no way excused to being punished. “omg omg but Mong and Kim c would have taken the punishment for Seunggi! omg omg his hyungs are so bad they know he’s sick yet they punished him! boo UTW!” seriously, stop overreacting. Seunggi is not gonig to die from a splash of water nor is he going to the emergency room because of it.

      and to the fans saying UTW is using Seunggi’s name on articles, you guys don/t even have proof of that. you assume UTW’s agency are the ones behind “UTW beats Seunggi as CF King” etc. articles yet you can’t provide evidence and then you hate on him? what a boatload of crap.

      the fans just make a big deal out of the smallest of things, which is powerfully stupid. you know, he could tried to win the game, no? “bu..bu..but Seunggi purposefully lost so that he can entertain people!” effing conspiracy theories. he lost. that’s all there is to it. should i say allt he other hyung back then purposefully lost to Seunggi to further Seunggi’s image? fans are grasping for straws just so they can blame someone. hate those kind of fans. being a fan is different from blindly bashing other people because “omg they hurt my precious Seunggi, they don’t appreciate Seunggi’s efforts, omg they didnt take the punishment for him.” do you guys know how stupid that sounds?

      • 20.1.1 Ani

        Whoa. I hardly doubt Golden was saying anything bad about Uhm Taewoong. Golden is just commenting on how this is reminding her/him a lot about the good old days with the old cast. I mean I love the addition of Uhm Taewoong to the cast, and I can appreciate how Hodong’s absence has really given the other guys a chance to step up to the plate and fill in the big shoes their hyung left. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do what Golden did and reminisce about the awesome that has passed. MC Mong will continue to be one of my favorite 1N2D characters along with Jiwon. Just because Golden left out Taewoong’s name doesn’t mean it is a bash against Taewoong. I always only spazz about Jiwon, it doesn’t mean I think less of the other cast members. So save yourself the trouble and don’t overreact and read more into a comment than what is said.

        • roombagaroomda

          there’s nothing more evident than leaving out Taewoong’s name and saying the “old 1N2D lineup” is better. she’s one of those LSGi fans no doubt.

          • Golden

            Look who is over reacting now. Lol. I don’t blame UTW for anything, just don’t feel anything for him. Is that such a big crime? Btw, I am a Jong Min fan but of course, I like lsgi too.

          • beachkay

            shut up roombagaroomda!!!!

          • Tommy

            Come on roombagaroomda, I just see the only person over react here is YOU. Personally, I don’t like UTW too, my favorites in order are MC Mong, G1, LSGi, LSGeun, KHD, Kim C, KJM. UTW is a good actor but variety isn’t for him, I respect him for try to be funny and hardworking in the show but don’t like him. I know bunch of people don’t like him as entertainer too, it’s normal.
            And the way you talking about LSGi and his fans give me the feeling you angry toward them for some reasons like you can’t defend your opinion, then you come here and badmouth them, distort their words. Whether they right or wrong, if you’re mature, you shouldn’t react like that, you’re becoming a annoyed fan like the ones you badmouth, as least they didn’t come here.

          • roombagaroomda

            @Tommy i don’t distort their words at all. see the Airens’ reactions on this episode. it’s not even funny how they hate on Taewoong.

            and yes, that’s one of those ‘defense’ of Airens. “i don’t hate the guy, i just don’t like him at all.” before this episode no one even told that about UTW. suddenly, all these people “dont hate the guy but do not like him” either. i wonder why.

            and i dont like Jongmin as well since he tries too hard to be funny and it shows. but i don’t bash the guy, or leave out his name or whatever excuse some fans do to mask their hate.

            people just need to watch and enjoy the show. it’ll end in 12 episodes yet somehow some fans need to still complain and whine like someone killed a family pet. this is an entertainment show. fans react over the most insignificant things, which may haven’t even bothered Seunggi in the first place. not only that, but LSGi is already an adult. he knows what he’s doing, he knows what 1N2D is, and what he’s getting into.

  21. 21 rhea

    LOL, I think I know who do you mean, yes..there are some annoying fans who suddenly hate taewoong out of reason, because he is splashing water to seunggi, and they are accusing that is the reason why his cold doesn’t get better. I do know, who do you mean. Forget it, that ahjumma who feel so proud of herself might be think seunggi is his only child, who is fragile and can’t be hurt at all

    I do agree with you, let’s stop whining & complain..the show will end in about 12 episode( PD Na said, they only need 6 more shoots) so let’s cherish and keep this show as our precious.

    PS: I think that over reacted ahjumma commenting here, but change her name, maybe because she can’t defeat you? LOL

  22. 22 yuoi

    After those comments on UTW, I’ve stopped visit those blogs: I still love SeungGi but dont feel Airens at all anymore. I couldnt believe my eyes reading that. And also I wondered at that moment what Seung Gi would think if he knew about it: he deserves better fans for sure. If SeungGi is not that close to TaeWoong it doesn’t mean that TaeWoong is ‘jealous’, or ‘boring’ or whatever BS they say.
    I’ve watched Win Win with eng subs where members appeared, and want everyone to watch it. There is so much love, and puns, and love again. They say such good things about TaeWoong, especially Jiwon, that everything that was written on that blogs seems even more meaningless. Especially, ‘jealous’ thing: TaeWoong just doesnt need those things SeungGi has, he’s happy with what he has already.
    Hope, Win Win MC’s prediction will be right and TaeWoong will get Best Newcomer award at KBS Entartainment awards ^^ he’s doing so good in the last episodes <3

    • 22.1 Flake

      I watched the show too. Jiwon, Sugeun & Jongmin were full of praises of Taewoong. If Seunggi was there too.. 🙁 I hope Airens watch this ep & get to know Taewoong’s character before they bash on him…..

  23. 23 Flake

    I am sure both Seunggi & Taewoong are nice guys. Seunggi won’t blame Taewoong for the water splash as this is part of the punishment & a variety show. If Seunggi do not want to accept this punishment, what will people think of Seunggi? Has it ever occur to you that Seunggi might be the one accepting it willingly & ever persuading Taewoong to do it??? I know Seunggi has a cold BUT has he ever complained?! If he didn’t complain, who gave all of you who bash Taewoong the rights! Please people, just enjoy the last few eps of 1n2d…………. The members are living happily & we as viewers are arguing over this small matter?? I am sure the members want us to enjoy the show happily too!

  24. 24 Flake

    I had a super good laugh during the indoor games part!!!!!!!!! 1n2d please don’t end T.T

  25. 25 anonymous

    I’m sorry for butting in^^, yeah…a few fans now a bit blinded and can’t understand what means joke or entertaining, thay are being too protective over seunggi 🙁 This make me sad, but I’m sure there is only a bunch of it who think that, many airens that I know (the large groups from the past) are not agree with that act too. Don’t worry, you always can find someone to rely on…I’m just worried for everyone who called themself Airen, but do not know how to act as one, and by this, I mean the butthurt one. I’m still owing respect for the old Airen

  26. 26 mmmaggie

    I’ve been so busy that I didn’t get a chance to watch this ep til last night, but this — this is the episode that officially made me a fan of Kim Jong Min. Javabeans, Girlfriday, you guys were right. He was just so earnest during the games. I was crying with laughter and actively rooting for him. Great, great show.

    Seung Gi fans, Tae Woong fans, Su Geun fans, Ji Won fans, Jong Min fans, MC Mong fans, Ho Dong fans, Kim C fans… I think we need a group hug here.

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