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Eugene drops drama project Color of Woman
by | November 13, 2011 | 29 Comments

It was only recently that newlywed Eugene announced her next TV project, a cable drama titled Color of Woman, but she has now dropped the show.

The reason cited is that Eugene’s younger sister was recently involved in a serious car accident back in Guam (where Eugene lived prior to becoming an entertainer), and Eugene has been worrying herself sick. Younger sister Yoo-kyung was reportedly standing behind her stopped car on a hilly road, and slippery conditions caused the car to slide, pinning her underneath it. Her spine was fractured in three places. Eeek.

According to Eugene’s agency, the star is still in shock and has been unable to sleep or concentrate. She had met with the drama’s producers for a concept meeting, but after consulting with them, both sides have agreed that Eugene would back out of the show.

Reps from Logos Film, who are producing Color of Woman, said, “We are extremely disappointed to lose Eugene as our lead, but we wish her sister a fast recovery. We are currently in the search for an actress who can play the role of confident careerwoman Byun Sora, and will select someone who can meet fans’ high expectations.”

Color of Woman is described as a comic melo portraying the rivalry between two careerwomen at a cosmetics company, with a frank look at romance. It is planning to premiere in December on Channel A.

Eugene’s sister has been admitted to a hospital in Guam and received emergency treatment, and plans are being made to transfer her to a hospital in Korea. Best wishes to both Eugene and her sister.

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29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. foraredrose

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! <3

  2. Deeliteful

    eeck! that sounds sooo painful! Hope for a speedy recovery!!!

  3. Ani

    I hope she gets well soon.

  4. Uca

    Now it’s because the younger sister, not younger age. -,-
    God. Sad to hear such news. I hope the younger sister has a fast and well recovery.

  5. Toya

    I hope her sister gets better.

  6. observantzani

    This is sad. Sad for her sister getting into an accident (hope she gets better soon) and sad for Eugene missing the opportunity to play a good comeback role.

  7. altins

    I have an older sister, and we’re close.
    And once I also had an accident, and my sister very very worried.
    I think I understand what she’s going through.

    Sister is the best friend that a girl can ask for.

    God bless your sister, Eugene..

  8. craziluver

    Oh man.
    Kim So Yeon please. I’m pretty sure. I’d love to see her in more mature dramas

  9. neener

    I hope her sister recovers fast….

    too bad she can’t play the role though…I’d love to see her act again…

  10. 10 Arhazivory

    I can understand pulling out of the drama. Right now, the important thing is to be at her sister’s side. Man, what a horrible accident. I pray that she recovers soon.

  11. 11 Viki

    Omg, I feel for her family! Hope Yukyung will have a speedy recovery!

  12. 12 asianromance

    Wow! What a horrible accident! I’m wishing her sister a speedy and full recovery!

  13. 13 alwaesboo

    oh my gosh! i’m so sorry for eugene!! ): i hope her tae young is giving her all the strength and support that she and her family needs!

  14. 14 lei

    really awful thing to happen. thankfully the drama is not airing yet making it easier for eugene to pull out and be with her family. praying for a speedy recovery for eugene’s sister.

  15. 15 sleeplessinwgtn

    Godd on you, Eugene. Family comes first before anything.

    On someone’s wish to see Kim So Yeon, I second the motion. And if it’s her, please do not give her an ugly hairdo. Her natural hairstyle is so awesome. Missing her from Prosecutor Princess.

    • 15.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      I meant ‘Good’, not ‘Godd’ 🙂

      • 15.1.1 danna

        I third that motion…and can we have Kim Ha Neul as her rival..that would be awesome!

        • Stranger

          yah….I really like Eugene, Kim Ha Neul, Ha Ji Won…better than those bitchy young actresses.

  16. 16 Cam

    Ooo…..Family always FIRST before everything, of course. I hope that Eugene’s younger sister will be all right & get well and full recovery soooon. 🙂 Stay positive

  17. 17 Julianna

    I hope that her younger sister will have a speedy recovery!!!! ^_^

  18. 18 danna

    aw man that stinks for Eugene…i hope her sister recovers and well….at least this didn;t happen during the drama production, imagine the stress she would have been under then

  19. 19 DarknessEyes

    this is so sad…. I wish her sister a full and speedy recovery…. good to see that she’s taking time off to spend with her sister. fighting!

  20. 20 Kiara

    What a wonderful older sister. Family > Money and fame.

  21. 21 cg96

    I’m glad they’re going to transfer the sister in a hospital in Korea because according to my aunt who lives in Guam, the doctors there are not that experienced.They would rather go to a different country in Asia to seek for medical help not unless if it’s an emergency then they don’t have a choice but to go to a local hospital.

  22. 22 Beppu

    Aww, that’s sad news. I pray for her sister’s speedy recovery, and strength for her and her family.

  23. 23 zinnias

    Agreed. Life, healing and health to Eugene’s sister.

  24. 24 Kgrl

    Hope Eugene’s sister can have a speedy recovery.

    I’d be happy with Kim So Yeon or Moon Chae Won – confident with a touch of elegance.

  25. 25 Lady Seoul

    So this is why Ms. Yooky left. (shes a teacher at my school) I knew she fractured her back, but I didn’t know it was this bad. Her wedding is even postponed. T_T I’ll pray for a speedy recovery!

  26. 26 Alma c0sain

    I h0pe ur sister will rec0ver s0on s0 that u can g0 back again in a new drama.i miss ur acting so bad! s0 i h0pe that u and lee min ho c0uld be pair up in a drama, im waitng 4 that 2 happen,

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