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First stills from Take Care of Us, Captain
by | November 1, 2011 | 69 Comments

The first stills are out from Take Care of Us, Captain, starring Ji Jin-hee as an airline pilot, which began its shoots on October 30 in Incheon. I do wish the stills told us more about the show, and they’re not even set in the drama’s airport milieu. But I suppose that’s the nature of teaser stills, made to keep us guessing.

The story follows the growth of his smart, enthusiastic young co-pilot, played by Gu Hye-sun. In Gu’s stills, her character Da-ji is looking at her younger sister Da-yeon in her kindergarten class, gazing on fondly as the doting unni.

Meanwhile, Ji Jin-hee’s scene was shot at a department store, sporting his “perpetual poker face” as the titular captain, Kim Yoon-sung. Aw, I’ll miss his lighter, playful side, which we saw in his two recent projects, Dong Yi and The Man Who Can’t Marry.

Lee Chun-hee, taking on his first drama since his marriage, plays an air traffic controller who gets caught up in a love triangle with the other two. His scene takes place at the early-morning marketplace. Because all air traffic controllers gotta eat?

Take Care of Us, Captain replaces Tree With Deep Roots on Wednesdays and Thursdays and premieres on January 4.

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69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin

    Chunderella!!!!! Will I be able to watch this drama soley for you?

    • 1.1 mary

      Chunderella <3 is shopping! Did he lose the morning challenge?

      • 1.1.1 djinni

        bwahahahha… oh, how i miss family outing

  2. seattlebabe

    Can’t GHS change her hairdo for something smarter like put her bangs to one side instead of scattered all over her forehead ? I’m getting sick of this using the bangs to look younger. Though her BOF hairstyle was ok since her hair was long on the side . Sorry to say this but she has a wide face and to have the longs bangs make it look even wider. Where’s her hair stylist ? I mean this is a different drama -give her a makeover .

    • 2.1 moll

      I agree – she has had way more flattering hairstyles in the past. I think it’s to make her look more mature, but in my mind, mature doesn’t mean a bowl cut…

  3. Winnie

    Yeah I totally agree. The bangs don’t do anything for her face–I’ve seen pictures of her without the bangs and she looks much younger.

  4. Brit from Blighty

    Very frumpy hair. And clothes. Every time. ?????

    • 4.1 asianromance

      I agree! I hate to sound shallow, but GHS really needs to switch up her look. The bowl-like-ness of her hairstyles from BOF onwards just makes everyone associate her with Gu Jan Di and her bad acting in BOF. Bring back her hair from her earlier days!

      • 4.1.1 Raine

        I know what you mean. She needs to try something else.

        • djinni

          as a hair dresser i can say…. her hair is KILLING me. i wanna hunt her down and give her a pixie cut. she can carry it with that cute face.

          • Birdie

            I hear you. Why don’t you tweet @koohs. Maybe her hairstylist has gone into a deep sleep….I am not a hairdresser and I feel like bringing a pair of scissors to her hair! The shame is she is so pretty with those big beautiful eyes.

    • 4.2 Drama Fangirl

      Did you guys ever consider she’s keeping that hair to appear cute and gauche and innocent? Hey, wait a minute….she’s been appearing as cute and gauche and innocent like FOREVER.

  5. Liana

    I don’t know, but when I see her dramas, she always acts the same . I loved her when she did BOF, but now, she annoys me . I hope that her character will be different in this drama .

  6. lovepark

    These stills are rather uninformative, but man, Ji Jin-hee looks hot.

  7. blokkoms

    Tbh, I preferred Ji Jin-hee’s stern(-er?) character in Dae Jang Geum than his character in Dong Yi: the latter role seemed overacted and farcical to me. But – don’t know if I really want to watch Gu Hye-sun’s acting, so I might just leave this one regardless.

  8. Venus

    I Hope we get to see a more mature role for GHS. Also the stylist should have gone with a different hair style or even hair color for GHS, I feel like we have see her with the same “Hair Code” for the past 3 yrs.

  9. Noelle

    Dang it! Will someone please remove that hair-met she has stuck on her head. New show new look. Time to get on with the times. Can’t be Jan Di for life.

  10. 10 Birdie

    JJH looks manly and handsome .

    What is Lee Chunhee holding in his hand- some fishes?? He sure eats a lot. His shopping trolley is full!

    I do not mind her acting. She has produced some great emotional scenes in her dramas. I agree that she needs a complete makeover. Short hairstyle/colouring can be sophisticated and sharp. The one in the photos here need a trim and styling. Her Eun Bi character will still be on until end of Dec. and this drama is airing beginning of Jan. Surely that itself is reason enough for a makeover.

    Nevertheless I am looking forward to this aviation drama.

    • 10.1 bluemountain

      I think she wears a wig.

  11. 11 come2noona

    Ji Jin- hee!!!!!!!!!! My man is lookin’ HOT!

  12. 12 isabelle

    1. Need new hair stylist
    2. Need new clothes.
    3. 1 and 2 above – really.
    4. Whats with the a kindergarden sister when she is a co-pilot? are you saying you are 22 or so and then you have a sister who is 5-7 yrs old? Are you kidding me?

    • 12.1 Birdie

      Well, we do not know much of her background. Isn’t it either her mom or dad died in a crash? That could be her step sister. We just have to wait until the drama airs.

  13. 13 luraaa

    No complaints about the comments on GHS’s hair (because she really needs to have a new one), but before this gets into a more heated discussion from her hair to her looks to her acting to her accomplishments, I suggest an obligatory puppy or kitty photo in every GHS post.

    And meh, the premise doesn’t really interest me one bit.

    But I still can’t believe that JJH is in Dae Jang Geum because I used to ship them when I was a young, carefree teenager.

  14. 14 hottestjen

    she is busy but i wish her hair was different it looks the same as the musical so it’s confusing.

  15. 15 Shiku

    Fan girls/stans coming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

    Talking about:
    – You guys (read antis) don’t know style even if it hit you over the head
    – GHS is so talented (writer, painter, actress, director) which is more than I can say about the negative commentors
    – It is the director’s fault as he is in charge of the drama
    – She owns her style as she is a talented writer, actress, painter and director.
    – Instead of criticizing her wardrobe before watching drama, wait and see the drama and you will see it goes with her role
    – You’re judged by your comments, so if you criticize her style just says you are an anti and hateful person who can’t appreciate someone with character.
    – Well, if you don’t like her style don’t watch it as no one is forcing you.

    Do I have everything covered? LMAO

    IMO I haven’t seen her act in anything but I really don’t like the bowl-hair cut on anyone so I wish she would change it.

    Jin Ji Hee on the other hand, looks so fine!

    • 15.1 ...

      her acting in BOF kinda put me off all her projects. i really loved that drama at the time, but looking back now, it was kinda painful to watch. especially the scenes with her in them.

      • 15.1.1 BambooBreeze

        I totally agree with you. At the time, I enjoyed BOF a lot although towards the end I started to really notice the strangeness of GYS. I remember the birthday party scene where she got dolled up and to me instead of looking drop dead gorgeous, she looked hilarious! Not her fault but …

    • 15.2 bluemountain

      JB, I really missed your cute OOH Puppies!!!!!!!!

      • 15.2.1 javabeans

        The fanwars killed the puppies. RIP.

      • 15.2.2 Jomo

        If the puppies can’t stop them, how about some rabid raptors? They don’t have to be rabid, just hungry.

    • 15.3 Different Strokes

      Shiku, I LOLed at your post. So funny. Let me add two more:

      -Antis will get their just desserts! Beware! What goes
      around comes around!

      -Antis are just jealous of anyone (read:GHS) who’s

      Oh, and repeat all these comments 100x, especially the writer, actor, director, painter part. LOL.

    • 15.4 Caryn

      You forgot one:

      The dress she wore at the awards was so ELEGANT.

  16. 16 Peppy

    urghhhh… THE! HAIR! excited for this drama but omg… its been 3 years already!

  17. 17 echan

    one more example of H.O.T ajjushi…… Hahaha… Ji Jin Hee is looking soooo finnneee…. Hahah

  18. 18 ...

    her acting in BOF kinda put me off all her projects (even love for daniel choi couldnt convince me…). i really loved that drama at the time, but looking back now, it was really painful to watch. especially the scenes with her in them.
    hope she’s improved…

  19. 19 MJ

    Man, after reading all your comment most of you all are on the bandwagon of anti-this, anti-that about Koo Hye Sun. You commentators are so bad nit-pickers.

    Other names for Koo Hye Sun:

    1. Koo Hye Sun
    2. Gu Hye Seon
    3. Koo Hye Seon
    4. Ku Hye-Sun
    5. Gu Hye-sun

    • 19.1 Sour Lemon Juice

      haha….do you know these people might direct, sing, act, and dress better than GHS? Otherwise, they must have been living in the darkness with twisted minds.

  20. 20 Drama Fangirl

    That first pic captures that sickly sweetening smile that she always puts on in EVERY drama she’s been in. Makes me want to gnash my teeth every time I see it.

    • 20.1 Birdie

      Does that mean you watched ALL her dramas? Must be a fan….

      • 20.1.1 nothing personal


  21. 21 YY

    I love JJH. He was my first Korean crush. I saw him in Jewel and fell in love. He was the epitome of the perfect man, swashbuckling and brave and honourable, ever ready to leap to the heroine’s defence. He looks thinner here, but still so beautiful. I’ll watch this drama for him.

  22. 22 arian_summer

    why all of you was to annoyed bout her hairstyle in FA, it wasn’t her fault to have a hairdo like that . if you read the caractere of Han Da Jin , she was an independent woman who had a dream became a Co-Pilot and ofcourse her style not just like a princess style.

    and what’s the problem with you , GHS is cute with or without a bang. and she never too care bout her appearance not just any other artist who always want to look pretty but have no BRAIN at all. if you don’t like her so close this topic and do something more usefull than you have to critic her as all of you were better than her.

    i was a korean drama addict and as my sight not just GHS who always with the same hairstyle in drama but many more actresse but why all of you always comment bad thing bout her.

  23. 23 Me

    Park min young for example…..with the same style for a long long long time……but they just hate ghs as personally…..i think they more like actrees who got plastic surgery……omg…..hye sun hwaitting, but please long hair again….

    • 23.1 BambooBreeze

      GHS is cuter than Park Min Young but PMY is a better actress than GHS.

    • 23.2 WitchSparks

      What makes you talk about things irrelevant to this topic? I get it that the fact that Park Min Young is Lee Min Ho’s love has made die hard Hye Sun fans go crazy but that doesn’t mean you’ll start bashing her anywhere & everywhere.

      Instead of putting PMY down it’ll be better if you put efforts into admiring Gu Hye Sun. AS an unbiased viewer, I can say that Park Min Young is better looking & way better actress then Gu Hye Sun. Don’t come up with surgery crap, that doesn’t work for me.

  24. 24 nothing personal

    Looking forward to this drama. The production team, I hope, knows what they want for each character including how they dress up and their hairstyles to fit their roles. We, the fans, can only wait and see.

    Bashing GHS’ hairstyle from only seeing a couple of photos is so beyond my understanding. I wonder if none of you ever had a bad hair day or had try to grow out a short haircut thus experiencing fly-aways and uneven hair length. Give her a break! Just be patient. These people are professional. They know what they’re doing. Respect that.

    And, lay off the acting part. She has proven several times that she can act by winning those awards from SBS and KBS. I don’t think they were by fans voting but by panels of judges. If we can act better than GHS, why are we here typing madly on our keyboards instead of getting dressed up and hairstyled for our next cue???

    Wait until the drama starts, then I will listen to your criticisms. But for now, just be nice. It’s almost the Christmas holidays. Don’t you want Santa to bring you a gift?

  25. 25 ais

    Wow thanks for these, I’m quite excited about this aviation drama.

    I pray for the day that antis won’t waste energy bashing Hyesun-ssi’s hair or acting or clothes. there’s a thin line between constructive criticism and being downright mean. If she doesn’t appeal to u, then ignore her! Why bash, seriously!?!

  26. 26 lasorda

    My god, she’s beautiful!!! The jealousy of her is somewhat understandable. Goo Hye Sun has it all, and much, much more…

  27. 27 marcher

    Well, I don’t know about being antis, but I LOVE watching good drama with a good plot and good acting, so I guess let’s wait and see for this drama… and I also want to see GHS’ laugh~ will it be the same or not? :p

  28. 28 cuteNuna

    totaly agree with you all girls.. i don’t understand why people always make bad comments about Goo Hye Sun.. i am not her fan but enjoy her perfomance in BOF and i am looking forward for this take care of us, captain drama coz it sounds has interesting plot beside that…it is JIN JI HEE..omo this man looks HOT!

  29. 29 JPS

    i luv JJH in all his projects— I’ll surely watch this one coz of him albeit I’m not a big fan of GHS! gosh so many new dramas & so little time! i also wanna watch Lights & shadows with my other crush Ahn jae wook! 🙂

  30. 30 Jin

    JJH for his age is one of the hottest man alive in Korean entertainment…he seems ageless…need i say more? 🙂 GHS even when she went to that awards night a few yrs ago she was wearing a kinda school girl uniform & sorry but i thought we can rant rave here so why are some ppl here disputing the fact that she needs a change esp in her hairstyle? don’t get me wrong she’s got it all but she needs to get out of that Jandi image, it’s time!

    • 30.1 Ahjumma

      It’s because they are overly sensative that anyone could find any faults with their idol that they adore and worship. For some people, certain people can do no wrong. They cannot accept difference of opinions. Very insecure people. I laugh when they think we’re jealous. Go figure.

  31. 31 Sidonie

    Oh ! This sucky actress is here again ?

  32. 32 ghsno1fan aka tru t

    Wow just wow.ppl are so mad and sad,did I say mad and sad yes.its pathetic how a group of ppl would go behind their keyboards bashing someone about her hair.do u critics change hairstyles every second??to bash her on her acting is beyond ridiculous.she has receipts to back herself and u,only negative talk that’s so far is not getting u anywhere.I am completely convinced now that these are personal attacks towards khs.she is not the most talented being on earth but amongst her generation and peers in line of her work,she is one of the best and you may not like it but you will deal.its funny how some are so mad that her fans defend her while u try at every opportunity to tear her down.u wud think dhe dtole ur partners.if she is not beautiful then talking a million times abt it won’t change her looks.she is comfortable in her own skin so let it pass.this is so tired.
    U folks have to admit that u HATE ghs because more and more ppl are fascinated by her,they are drawn into what she offers.DEAL with the fact that ghs is
    A painter
    A writer
    A pianist
    A director
    A producer
    A model
    A composer
    A philanthropist
    A singer
    No amount of ur BS will change that

    • 32.1 nothing personal

      Thumbs up!!!

      Antis and haters, bash GHS all you want until you turn red in the face but remember this, we, her loyal fans, will always be ready with our own words to lift her up and up and up. We have chosen to admire and be inspired by a superwoman and are very proud of it and we don’t care if we lay ourselves vulnerable to your attacks. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.

      Who do you have?

    • 32.2 Sidonie

      We don’t like her because her acting sucks.

    • 32.3 Shiku

      No ones tearing her down. Pple mainly commented that they wished she would change her hairstyle. Why r u so sensitive?

  33. 33 ghsno1fan aka tru t

    And the power of ghs to make ppl not to watch a drama cos her hair,lol this is the most insane thing I have heard my entire life.this is clear indication she rules ur lives. I just cantt

    • 33.1 Ahjumma

      Who said we won’t watch the drama because we don’t like her? This is not a one woman show after all and no, she doesn’t rule our lives but obviously she rules yours. Tell me the truth .. you’re 12 years old right?

  34. 34 min jee

    Yeah it’s a free world. Everybody can rant and rave. Just don’t get how people get so mean sometimes. I wish the comment box can capture the pictures of the netizens so the world can also see the physical attributes of those who criticize an actress physical appearance way too much.

  35. 35 maria

    These GHS haters must be so so so lonely that they try to vent their lonliness on somebody who has not done anything to them. Are your lives so miserable that you want company? Hu Hu Hu…” ohh pls. …pls…I need somebody to bash so I will feel better… Whaaaah!” Feel better?… Grow up!… So pathetic! hah!… I think they are GHS followers because they know how GHS hair has been for 3 years! Of course, why not GHS is so lucky to have all these attentions! The more the merrier!

    • 35.1 BambooBreeze

      Her fans just need to realise that not everyone loves her. No one can appeal to everyone … that’s just a fact in life. I don’t see anyone that doesn’t care for GHS put down the people that do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because our opinion differs from yours doesn’t mean you need to go on the attack and be so defensive. The people who need to grow up are people like you!

      • 35.1.1 ghsno1fan aka tru t

        Hahaha are u really serious???you must not have read atleast 95% of the comments here. We the fans don’t really care if ppl of your likes like ghs or not,really it don’t change facts that we believe and majority of the world know she is a talented young woman. People like you are entitled to your opinions and yes not everyone will like her but you sound like bandwagon haters.to not like someone cos she hasn’t changed her hairstyle in 3 years is never heard of. Tell me this is not pure hatred.if its not I don’t know what it to call this brutality towards ghs.many of u hate her cos of hairstyle than her acting,wow whats this world coming to??

        • BambooBreeze

          If you didn’t care than why are you so bent out of shape on how we feel? I don’t give a rats ass how her hair looks like. And I don’t think any of us hates her. How can we? We don’t know her! It’s just that it’s either her acting for some & her hair for others that people don’t like. This is getting boring. I shall no longer participate in this immature thread. bwahaha!

          • ghsno1fan aka tru t

            U are just too mad,we don’t care what u think.I am sure u are a hater cos clearly I was referring to haters and immature pple.have u heard of constructive critisism???no u decide to attack her appearance and overlook her other contributions and talk of her appearance. You are getting too boring to be addressed.#DISMISSED

          • Shiku

            I think u r being hypersensitive. People talk about hairstyles all the time for actors/actresses so does that mean if you don’t like a particular hairstyle you hate him/her? Check this thread where Thundie wrote about haistyles in k-drama land and you will see every actor/actress is fairgame.


  36. 36 canxi

    Ummm…I like her hair? Lol, I kinda like how she doesn’t change it up that often. If it was me, to cut it or add extensions or dye it for every project I have to take on would annoy the hellzz out of me. So, I mean if she wants to keep it short with bangs then I don’t blame her at all.

    As for her acting…I’ve seen her in BOF, but I dunno, I like her enough to watch other things she’s in and I didn’t even like BOF that much. I only watched it because I’m a fan of the Hana Yori Dango manga but it dragged way too much for my liking. Could have really ended in 16-20 episodes.

    I’m excited to watch her in The Musical (with my favorite Choi Daniel) and I’m excited to watch her in this too (with my other favorite Lee Chun Hee). I’m all about giving her a chance–I find her interesting.

  37. 37 Belinda

    Do recap this please!
    Do recap TCoUC.. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see ji jin-hee in a new character in small screen.. 🙂 (though i prefer him in sageuk, but then, i can only grasp the platter serve to me..sigh)

    this man, really, how could he be so adorable at his age?

    lav yu man! ^_^