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Han Groo’s transformation in Be Like Today
by | November 5, 2011 | 18 Comments

Talk about a transforamtion for Han Groo, the badass teenage assassin from Girl K who made a splash with her tough, action-packed acting in her debut role.

She’s looking a lot more sweet and innocent, though, for her new drama Be Like Today — a whole new person, practically. Are we sure this is really darkly fierce Han Groo and not really her angelic twin sister? Hey, this is Korean entertainment; secret twins are a fixture in the landscape.

Speaking of long-lost relatives, maybe she’s also Moon Geun-young’s cousin while we’re at it. If you were only taking a passing glance at these stills, you might have mistaken her for Moon, no? In fact, Kim Gab-soo (who’s played Moon’s father twice) also stars in Be Like Today, though not as Han Groo’s father. Now that would’ve messed with my mind. He will, however, play dad to her love interest (Lee Jae-yoon), so a potential father-in-law relationship is not out of the question…

Han Groo plays a young woman with an optimistic personality despite facing abject circumstances, who is trying to get a job despite the uncertainties of today’s society, much like your average twentysomething. She said of this role, “When I first read the drama’s synopsis, I felt like there were a lot of similarities between myself and the character Mi-ho, who’s bright and positive despite her difficult situation, and had a strong desire for the role. Through Mi-ho, I’ll do my best to convey to viewers a message of hope, laughs, and emotion.”

Too bad Be Like Today is a daily drama since I rarely catch those; I was impressed with Han Groo’s presence and charisma in Girl K, which was striking especially in light of her inexperience. If she channels that kind of energy in all her roles, she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

Be Like Today follows the families of three married couples and airs daily on MBC, beginning November 21.

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18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Programmer ahjumma

    Here she looks like Sung Yuri, Frst time I though Lee Young Ae and in her last drama she looked like Ha Ji Won… in a way her chameleonic appearance is a plus point

    • 1.1 asianromance

      I agree! I wonder if her chameleon-like ability is also part of the reason why they picked her for Girl K. If you’re going to be an assassin, it’s useful to look like several different people!

    • 1.2 Lee Min-ho

      exactly what i was thinking! i actually thought it was a pic of Song Yuri at first.

  2. jenny

    i like kickass version better

  3. ck1Oz

    Wow. Checked pants. Eeks.

    • 3.1 D


  4. mary


    Is that Hong Chae Rin from Chun Hyang? :O

    • 4.1 jossy

      I thought so too, she with Mr checkered pants 😀

  5. Gu MiHo

    LOL… MiHo… It will forever remind me of GuMiHo… What’s the name of her love interest? Dae Woong?

    • 5.1 hana

      haha i was also thinking the same thing *maybe i miss gumiho so much*

  6. Selli

    I actually don’t think she looks like Moon Geun-young in these pictures, though in others, there’s a striking resemblance ^^
    I don’t watch dailies either, but all the best to her!

  7. YBisTOP

    No, she looks a lot like YURI from Romance Town!!! 🙂

  8. xiaoSxin

    Kim GAb Soo is the busiest celebrity actor I know in Korea

  9. KimLuvv

    I actually think she resembled a lot like Ha Ji Won in Killer K, and now she looks so much like cute Moon. This girl, at just the age of 19 has lots of potential, and I can’t wait to see her become the next Ha-Ji-Won, or Moon since they both work so hard, and can turn from one character to another in a second.
    Can’t wait! <3 :]

  10. 10 RckNRllNinja

    KIM GAB SOO!!!

    I love that man so much!!

    • 10.1 jenny

      me too!! KGS FTW!!!

  11. 11 mina

    honestly, i thought she was Jang NaRa!

  12. 12 Angielee

    finally…someone realized her resemblance to Moon Geun Young…..when I read the recap for Girl K and watched the videos…I always forgot that it was Han Groo and not Geun Young I was seeing in the pictures.

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