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I Need Romance gets a Season 2
by | November 24, 2011 | 66 Comments

Good news, bad news: Cable rom-com drama I Need Romance is getting a second season on tvN. Yay for more thirtysomething fare, more cable dramas, and more I Need Romance. Sadly, it won’t be starring the original cast — Jo Yeo-jung, Kim Jung-hoon, Choi Jin-hyuk, Choi Yeo-jin, Choi Song-hyun — which is the bad news. But it makes sense, given that the show ended with enough closure to make a sequel with the same characters a bit redundant. I mean, if that couple went through any more onscreen tribulation, they’d lose the few audience members left in their tiny camp.

Producers at CJ E&M are calling Season 2 a reboot with all new characters and all new storylines, just in the same spirit of the first season. So basically, a group of single thirtysomething girlfriends navigating the dating scene in Seoul. I liked a lot of things about the first season, namely the frank and funny sex talk, the realistic and messy relationships, the offbeat best friends with crazy love lives and boyfriend revenge plots. It also packed a punch visually, with great HD cameras and a strong sense of style, which I hope will be the one thing that carries over to Season 2 if we can’t have the cast.

As long as we’re switching things up too, it’d be fun if the group of friends were mixed in gender, or a little more varied in terms of career status. The massive differences between the virgin and the wild child were fun for the jokes, but it’d be nice to be a little less broad with the brushstrokes in terms of characterization. Though I’d love it if they cast the same trio of ladies (especially Jo Yeo-jung), I’m excited to see what new characters they’ll come up with for Season 2.

I Need Romance Season 2, or as I will call it, I Need MORE Romance, will air on tvN next year.

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66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Azzy

    Hmm I’ll probably check this out cuz I enjoyed the first season so much…

  2. trixicopper

    I loved INR until the last episode. It was so out of the norm for a Kdrama. I couldn’t delete it fast enough, the ending made me so angry.

    Really Show? You had 3 ways to end this(2 of which I would have been fine with) and you had to go THERE? I’m still bitter. 🙂

    Unless it’s a different writer. Or the writer got a brain transplant, I’ll pass. Probably. 🙂

    • 2.1 sol

      i agree with the ending, but i’ll still watch the new season just so see what other kind of mind boggling decisions they come up with…

    • 2.2 Sylvia

      When I heard about the ending – or rather who the main character would end up with – I stopped watching the series. And I’d actually loved it up until that point.

      I just… have no idea how that could ever have made sense to anyone, after the beginning.

      • 2.2.1 luv_KimRaeWon

        did the same..the ending made me dislike it

    • 2.3 Duh-duh

      Totally, the ending just turned me off.

      Really, really ? It was brilliant until the ending.

      • 2.3.1 obivia

        Exactly. That ending was just stupid. Stupid! And yet realistic because we are often so blind when it comes to the truth. So blind and stupid.

      • 2.3.2 elise

        Couldn’t agree more…unfortunately the ending cast a pall over what was otherwise a great drama. Sure more variation on career status for S2, but I would appreciate not mixing the genders because these days that invariably means pushing the gay agenda.

        • Seri

          I would like a mix in gender. I would love to see how although such the screenwriter portrays the sex talk between mixed gender friends in Korea. I know it varies in different friendship groups but it’d be interesting.

          If he is gay (which I doubt with too much homophobia controlling the rating hunters…) then it’d be nice if it was not what society expects gay people to act like and the screenwriter writing a more realistic character probs by interviewing the gay community ect.

          • Sylvia

            I don’t really know where “mixing up the genders” comes to “gay” here, because to me it just meant “the main characters will be a group of guys looking for ladies instead or a group of ladies looking for guys”.

            Korean TV as a whole seems way to conservative and homophobic to have a main gay character. The supporting positive gay roles lateley were already a huge and contentious thing, afaikl.

            But that said, I would LOVE to have a main character who is gay, and who actually gets to have a romantic storyline that isn’t tragic or screwed-up or one-sided pining from afar.

            Just another human being looking for love.

        • Sylvia

          Pushing the gay agenda…?

          I’m sorry, I really don’t know if you can mean that the way it sounds. I hope not.

    • 2.4 tari anantatoer

      Not a good experience for me too, I feel like a yo-yo, the bummer for me is she didn’t convince me whom she really falls for, not enough clues for me. The kind and cute new guy is being discriminated just because he’s rich (the only mistreated chaebol in kdrama history and he’s not the wrist-grabbing kind) and just like that she’s back with her cheated ex.

    • 2.5 Sol

      Omg I know right, I was SO pissed. And it was so out of nowhere too, like in the last 10 minutes of the drama. I would have been perfectly okay with her ending up alone, her ending up with who she did was just so backwards.

  3. ^_^

    I liked the first season so I’ll definitely check this out….first Dream High 2 and now this, 2012 is shaping up the be great

  4. Banu

    I liked the first but hated the ending.. anyway.. I hope they find good actors like in S1..^__^

  5. moomincandylalala

    It would be be fun if they reversed it and did it from a group of guys pov!

    • 5.1 Birdie

      LOL I think it is a great idea. There are not enough of romance from the guys perspective especially older guys.

      • 5.1.1 moomincandylalala

        And if they got SH to sign as one of the men and gave him a happy ending? He can always come back to Korea… That way writers will redeem themselves from that wretched ending hated by so many

        • omauree

          If there going to be season 2 I want Bae Sung Hyun to be back. I am really pissed off with the writers.

    • 5.2 KANGly

      I’d watch that in a heartbeat!

  6. Amyable

    Absolutely hated the ending. It was like a kick in my gut, that ending.

  7. Zoee

    OMg I was screaming with joy when I saw they where up for a second season, but ones i read new cast…Bla…I am still going to check it out. Hopefully the ending will be more satifying.

  8. Isabelle

    I liked the male cast i should say

  9. babylove

    That means I need to watch the first season. Lol

  10. 10 TiaC

    I have to say, I didn’t quite HATE the ending (*hides her head behind her hands*). As much as I love Sung Hyun and their sweet little romance, I actually wasn’t completely shocked or mortified that she got back with Sung Soo.

    I’m actually glad that the cast is being rebooted. I was pretty wary when I first heard rumors about a season 2, because I think that the trio’s stories were pretty much wrapped up, and I cannot STAND manufactured conflict for conflict’s sake. As much as I’ll miss those crazy girls, I’m now excited for the next season.

    • 10.1 Ani

      Yay. I didn’t quite hate the ending too. Once I saw our resident Chaebol’s flaws, I just went meh. I was against Sung-soo, but his actions kindof reedemed him in my eyes. Kindof… As long as the heroine is happy and as long as he cherishes her from now on is what matters.

  11. 11 Jackie

    I feel iffy about this. I liked a lot of the old cast…

    You really liked Jo Yeo-jung the best, GF? I found the other two girls more intriguing and loved Choi Yeo-jin’s characterization. I think those two have more dating adventures in them, too. Ah, well. Hope it’s good.

  12. 12 malta

    I liked the breezy tone of the first one so hopefully they will keep it. What they should do is keep Choi Jin Hyuk and follow his character, the hotel heir with a voice of gold (!), as he finds love cause he was single at the end of season 1.

    Get on it tvN!

  13. 13 dooboo

    I actually liked the ending of the first season. o_o
    It was refreshing to see the girl not end up with the guy she’s “supposed” to be with.

    • 13.1 Ashley

      YAY! I agree completely! And honestly… She had more in common with the man she ended up with. There was much more to build on there for a stable long term relationship. The other guy was “perfect” and all that, and I DID feel bad for him, but honestly, I wanted her to forgive her boyfriend and move forward with him.

    • 13.2 canxi

      Me too! I thought I was alone. I thought this drama was all about loving someone despite all their BS, forgiving them, and moving forward, like Ashley said. It was nice. And refreshing.

      • 13.2.1 yanange

        I also didn’t despise the ending, for me I felt she was more in love with her ex than the new perfect chaebol. Yes he cheated on her, but she was still more in love with her ex than with the new chaebol. 10 years is a lot of time to be with someone, I am not saying that being in a relationship is about compromise but I do think that one overriding theme about INR is that, it is a portrayal of realism. Imagine if you get the female lead ending up with the chaebol, wouldn’t that make INR a typical k-drama with a cinderalla ending?? That to me would make the writer seem even more silly in a way. (Though I know you could argue the opposite, such as how the girl always have to forgive the guy and how the girl always for in love with her first man etc etc.) But I think the realism that got displayed in the INR didn’t make me hate the ending at all!!

        I would love to see INR 2 in 2012 🙂

  14. 14 Lucka

    I loved the whole drama… i mean seriously! i just felt sooooo bad for Bae Seung Hyun.. but in the end of the day – that was the most realistic Kdrama i’ve seen. 🙂

  15. 15 Carinne

    I echo GF’s good and bad vibe. Next year, but which month?

    S1 had its glorious moments, and then… poof! Maybe the magic is within the unfulfilled ending of S1 which S2 will make-up and trot protagonists alike to cheer for S2 cast on to a better place.

    Count me in. I just need to decide which martini to start S2 on. Any suggestions? Who else wants to chime in on this drinking escapade?

    Random: Whatever happened to those gominam talent search project? I merely recall the stickiness of the last dude, a model, who didn’t mind stripping nekkid for his audition, and the shuffle king who spoke Mandarin.

  16. 16 aardvarksmile

    I loved the first season: the characters, the situations AND the music, especially the song about Yolanda 🙂
    I will definitely miss the old cast. It would be great though, if there were at least place for the pHOTographer in the second season…
    Santa, I’ve been an awful good girl!

  17. 17 mnstpdu08

    I’m looking forward to it! I really enjoyed the first one. I totally agree with you that it made more sense to have a new cast. It definitely had its closure although, not the best.

  18. 18 vasou

    Nuh… It won’t have the hot photographer 🙁

  19. 19 xerigal

    Great angle. I would love to see new cast and new story lines to keep it enjoyable and not stale.

  20. 20 gulsan

    I haven’t yet watched I need Romance. But I will make up for it as soon as possible since I want to see Kim Jung-hoon who has become so manly 😀

  21. 21 kit

    i absolutely adored this. and by the end, resigned myself with being part of the smaller camp.

    hope it’ll just be as gripping!

  22. 22 Ashley

    I am probably the only person in the world who was really, really glad she ended up with her boyfriend of ten years. The other guy was wonderful, he really was, and yes the boyfriend did something really awful, but from the way the series was going it made more sense to me that she and her boyfriend patch things up. He had some growing up to do, and they HAD been drifting apart, but part of working out a relationship that you want to last forever is making a conscious effort to repair rifts and forgive wrongs, even if he had commited a pretty major one.

    Besides, it was REALLY nice to not watch her ride off with the millionaire who is going to completely change her life.

    • 22.1 Linda165

      Me and you both. We are part of that tiny camp GF was mentioning 🙂

    • 22.2 mrembo

      Yep. Part of the tiny majority who didn’t mind, or, *the horror*;) liked the entire series, including the ending.

    • 22.3 jangerr

      Count me in too! Really happy with the ending. It definitely made so much more sense.

      The second affair started off on the wrong footing completely! She started it to spite her ex! Granted, she was finally attracted to the second guy, he being so cute and good and all, and he did make her heart skip a beat but she didn’t really love him. At least not enough to want to give up her lifestyle, her career and her friends for him…

      • 22.3.1 Ashley

        YAY! So glad I’m not alone!

    • 22.4 Ani

      Yay. People who didn’t hate the ending.

      • 22.4.1 yanange

        I liked the ending too!! I think love is a combination of forgiveness and understanding. Not that cheating is tolerated but I do think when you are truly in love with someone that perhaps you can forgive cheating and learn to understand why those actions occurred.

  23. 23 Linh

    I love the 1st season and I am glad they don’t use the same characters. Love the ending of the first season too. I can’t wait to see what they do with the second season.

  24. 24 windjae

    i love the first season i definitely check this out cuz i need more romance

  25. 25 neener

    haven’t watch this…but will definitely check this out later..

  26. 26 dancinfff


    I also stopped watching when i heard she ended up with her ex. I think it was kinda obvious she was going to end up with her boyfriend of TEN YEARS. I figured it out when they went on that date and she totally ignored the Bae Sang Hyun and sat with her ex. It’s hard to forget something you had with someone for ten years. I think if Sang Hyun wasn’t so quick to ask her to marry him, things might have worked out in his favor. Just my opinion (:

    Great series, love the freshness also.

  27. 27 Suzi Q

    Liked the series up until the ending which sucked.She should have shown her ex the door.She should have moved on, but she went back to the cheating ex.Stupid woman.What a waste of time watching this drama.

  28. 28 kdlover

    Love love I need romance!! I thought the ending was good..very realistic.

  29. 29 GirlHero

    The ending was befuddling, then again I thought the relationship with the other young rich guy won’t
    pan out so well either (seriously, his family wanted her to change her name & background). That was whack if you ask me. So i guess the lesson was if you’re a 30-something korean working woman you shouldn’t sass so much about your choices, go directly for the (love)leftovers/ scrapes and pretend that’s happiness.
    Otherwise you end up alone, despised by society and probably eaten by mad murder-trained dogs
    (if you’re lucky a hot vampire prosecutor will drink few drops of your blood and figure out who the master mind killer* is, but the horrible
    part, worse than death, would be getting dissected by a femme fatale mortician/pathologist Dr who will never experience first hand what it’s like to be you given
    her propensity to cause heart tremors simply by crossing her legs, and strategically offering sneak peaks of her rather humongous boobs).

    Anyways, the world in korean drama is totally whack, yet addictive. That simply cannot be said about the real world, it’s probably the lack of ost music. I think that each time you get dumped or fired, an appropriate ost song should play in the background to signal to you that down the road there is a hyun bin looklike chaebol waiting to fall in love with you (in fact, you’re destined lovers who met for the first time in the hall of a clinic or some other tall building and fell in love instantly but couldn’t express it well because you were still fetuses in your moms’ bellies ).

    I quickly escaped from thanksgiving (un)festivities to read dramabeans because I’m an addict, and ended up rambling like a lunatic. I have to go back!
    Happy thanksgiving everyone ! Javabeans, I love you! and if I weren’t so desperately irrevocably a girl I might just woo you, then marry you and then force (no, persuade)
    you to write recaps for every kdrama & movies I ever watched. No, that’s not creepy at all, hmm… I just like your recaps 🙂 Sorry, girlfriday, i used your post to
    confess my love to Javabeans, if it weren’t for the song joong ki, go soo, lee dong wook of the world, i might actually try my luck with the gals at db. Again, happy
    thanksgiving, peace and love.

    PS: *the master mind killer is
    a. ask the hot vampire prosecutor, he drank the blood after all. He knows staff, his eyes glow blue.
    b. someone who is trying to cover up the real story of betrayal and greed behind the victim birth secret
    c. Milbon, the victim was working on a great cause with king Se Jong ( omg I have a major ahjussi crush on han seok-kyu as king se jong)
    d. a reincarnated turkey out for revenge against the people (including present victim) who ate him in previous life

    • 29.1 mrembo

      He he! Your comment (all of it) made my day! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

    • 29.2 Sylvia

      I love you. 🙂

  30. 30 sara

    for me I need romance was the worst drama ever. that guy and that woman were stupid till the end >_<

  31. 31 Sol

    I LOVED this drama up until the last episode. Then they had to screw it up with her going back to her ex… I mean, what? I understand why she couldn’t choose the cute rich guy of course (although it pains me) but was going back to her ex her only option? So what, if you can’t end up in a cute unrealistic romance you MUST make do with a cheater ex and that’s it? Just because they were together for 10 years she can’t move on and has to put up with it? WTF It would have been so much better if she ended up alone, being her own woman and moving forward. Gaaaah.

    That said, I’ll probably end up watching season 2 anyway. I just hope they don’t screw it up again lol

  32. 32 whatsthescenario

    I too was very excited to read about a season 2. Maybe they will get the ending right in the next one. Like most have said, I was very unhappy . Not just because of her final choice, but I think the request from the young rich chaebol bf on behalf of his grandparents was completely out of character for him. In honesty, he didn’t seem the type to be caught up in appearance and backgrounds…otherwise, he would have married the other rich chick. But oh well, that’s over and done with. I look forward to the next series.

  33. 33 canxi

    I really liked the ending of the first season, actually. Sure Choi Jin Hyuk’s character was WONDERFUL, but she didn’t love him like she loved her ex. Not all romances end; some of them get into really deep s**t and still manage to move forward. I really think that’s what it was all about and really like that about this drama.

    I was really happy she decided to go back to him. Not because she’s 30 and she had to and not really because they were together for so long, but because she really really loved him. A lot. I mean, sure his dumb a** figured out he loved her a bit late and almost lost her, but I didn’t hate his character at all–I really liked him too. And thought they were good together. They’re both a bit childish, so for me the ending was nice; knowing that they’ll grow together as a couple.

    I don’t think I would make that choice myself, but for her I think it was the right one.

  34. 34 kamkar1

    I will pass on this one. The ending hurt my pride as a woman. I did not care if she ended up with the six packs or not but to go back to your ex who has repeatedly cheated on you it was a real blow to my pride.
    If she was living in a different situation; she was not working or did not have a career, or she was financially in hardship I would understand it a little but she went from one relation to another and back to the vomit.
    I remember I was in high school that one of the girls tried to get back to her ex who has cheated on her with her best friend so my teacher took all the girls to the yard and told us to stand in a circle then she dumped some ugly stuff in the middle and told us this was a delicious meal eaten before and is a vomit; do not ever eat back your own vomit.

  35. 35 Foxy23

    Why is it that ur comments are all witty and funny??? GirlHero ur just plain hilarious and imaginative! I LOVEE INR but the ending was quite disappointing. I even had a discussion about the ending with my husband. I just don’t get it when women always settles for less, second rate garbage when clearly she deserves more, if not the best. It’s the “better than nothing,” mentality. But anyways, I will prolly watch S2 just to see how the story unfolds.

  36. 36 Thara

    Since they gonna cast new actors, why not Jo In Sung and Yoon Eun Hye? They two gonna make a great chemistry and passionate kisses 😛

  37. 37 omauree

    I’ve watched this drama because of Kim Jeong-Hoon but end up falling in-love with Choi Jin Hyuk. Yes I know that if she will end up with Choi’s character it will be again a fairy-tale-like korean drama and ending up with her ex is much more on the realistic side. But thinking about the ending I’d rather choose for her to be alone and contemplate about her relationships and enjoy being SINGLE. Being with a guy for 10 years and cheated on you twice must be very tiring.

  38. 38 Iweke

    Loved this drama until the very end although it’s a somewhat copy of Sex in the City (Asian Version). Let’s be real about this drama. She threw away a good guy to get back with her cheating ex-boyfriend…really? That’s how it’s going to end?

    What kind of message does this send to women? Throughout the drama, you find yourself sympathizing with the character but in the end she’s not the independent, self-thinker she makes herself out to be. She’s insecure, stupid, a user, and a dummy.

    To make it worse, the directors come up with ” I Need Romance 2″ but with a different cast. Who does that? Do you think when Sex In The City came back for the 2nd version they switched the cast? HELL NO! The different characters is a BIG TURNOFF. Will not watch season 2.

  39. 39 Iweke


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