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Lee Soo-hyuk joins Vampire Idol
by | November 18, 2011 | 87 Comments

javabeans: We’ve got a new addition to Vampire Idol, which I’ve decided I’m just gonna call VampIdol.

girlfriday: Like an antidepressant? VAMpidol? Can cause sudden mood swings, sudden death and lack of humanity.

javabeans: More like VamPIdol. Cousin to Midol. But for those really killer days when you just feel undead.

girlfriday: Too many compound titles swimming around these days. SunCloudMoonbeams and such.

javabeans: Right? It was bad enough when it was moon escaping sunrainskyclouds, but now we’ve got one embracing starmoonhellfire? Talk about confusing.

girlfriday: I like that there’s very little to differentiate between a sageuk or a hippie commune.

javabeans: Well, Lee Soo-hyuk will be playing another alien vampire idol. By the time VamPidol airs, you will have maybe already known as the songwriter dude from What’s Up.

girlfriday: I’m pretty sure that dude is a vampire in real life.

javabeans: Also Kim Min-hee’s ex-boyfriend. She went from Lee Jung-jae to him? I feel like a horrible shallow person for saying this, but still. Lee Jung-jae!

girlfriday: Well he’s a tough act to follow any way you slice it.

javabeans: Well he’ll be moving on to Kang Min-kyung (from idol group Davichi), who’s the road manager he romances. But does he love her for her, or for her healthy, gushing veins?

girlfriday: From the look of him, I’d go with veins. So if he’s just one of the Vampidolmates, then who’s the hero? Is Noh Min-woo still in this drama?

javabeans: I have no idea. The drama profile says yes, and there are no stories confirming his exit, but all the latest news articles conveniently leave out his name in the list of co-stars. Imma say he’s out to do Full House 2.

girlfriday: Then that means it’s open season on vampire princes.

javabeans: Too bad Heechul is in the army.

girlfriday: GAH. He would have been PERFECT!

javabeans: Does Lee Soo-hyuk have any fighting skills? Because he’s apparently playing “the top warrior from the vampire star planet” which… um.. I don’t know what that means. Biggest fangs?

girlfriday: Well he’s certainly got the biggest sumthin’.

javabeans: Better to battle the zombies with.



87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. V

    Is this guy in Tree with Deep Roots? He looks like cute masked assassin.

    • 1.1 V

      I forgot to add that he would make a great vampire, BTW. Him + Noh Min Woo = Too Much Pretty!

    • 1.2 Jolyn

      Yea I think thats him.
      Haha everytime I’m watching tree with deep roots,
      I will always take the chance to stare at him..
      He’s quite some eye candy 😛

    • 1.3 ...

      exactly what i was thinking! he’s a bit too feminine looking for me though.

    • 1.4 bd

      I guess I can see people who go for the adrogynous look finding him attractive, but he’s really a bit freaky-looking.

      • 1.4.1 jenny

        i agree. if someone told me he was a vampire i would believe it. he’s so skelety and feminine it freaks me out

    • 1.5 biankoy

      He is also the guy in the MV of It Hurts by 2ne1.

    • 1.6 Jo

      Yes, it is the guys from Tree with Deep Roots. He is the one with badarse skills (to almost match Ddol-bok’s)
      OMG. you have no idea how much I love this man. Ever since White Christmas, I am very unreasonably biased towards him….aughhhh I looooveee himmmmmm!

  2. Yuki (the one who fangirls A.N.JELL with her mom)

    Eh? No Min Woo’s out?! But he would’ve been the PERFECT for the role!

    *is in disbelief that he might’ve dropped this drama for Full House 2*

    I hope he’s still in =(

    • 2.1 jubilantia

      AMEN. He’s got the perfect blend of expressionlessness and beauty.

  3. michael

    Gah, I love her. so cute. she’s like Shin Min Ah in this pic

  4. kay

    yes! i like lee soo hyuk. and his voice is yum yum yum.

    • 4.1 Jossy

      Yes! I stumbled across this clip on YouTube of him most probably promoting/endorsing Chicken of some sort and obviously all I caught was ‘Chicken’ because I’m such a glutton the 8 times I looped the video.. Voice is saxy!

  5. Kiara

    What happen to her right arm?

    • 5.1 lambayyx

      nothing, lol. she’s holding the camera with her right arm

  6. YBisTOP

    He is cute..I love his actions and acting in Tree With Deep Root. His voice is super sexy.. deep and sexxxy.

  7. more


  8. HeadsNo2

    Oh! It’s nice to see this actor getting more work. It *might* be the work of a stunt double, but he has a lot of action scenes in ‘Tree With Deep Roots’, where he plays a martial arts master. He seems to hold his own in fighting scenes against Jang Hyuk, so maybe this casting is spot on!

    I have to admit, when I saw the title, I thought: “Perfect.” He has the perfect look to play a vampire.

  9. myweithisway

    His voice in TWDR…*daydreams*

    I don’t think he uses a stunt double in TWDR, in which case he’s going to amazing!

  10. 10 Linda165

    “Does Lee Soo-hyuk have any fighting skills?” Apparently he does. And he can fly too… or at least jump with style every 20 feet.

    So… he sings too?? With that deep, deep, deep voice of him? WOW!

  11. 11 Sol

    I’ve only seen him in White Christmas. I think he was fine in his role, and yes, he DOES have a really nice voice!

  12. 12 Laica

    He’s pretty badass… and vampire-like… in TWDR. So I’d say casting is spot on.

    If they’re looking for a lead, how about the lovely Park Shi-hoo? The guy looks like he barely has any blood in his veins.

    • 12.1 jenny

      hahahhahah hahaha so true about PSH

    • 12.2 Jossy

      Lmao every drama finale hes about as pasty white as my a** so fitting for a vamp drama… Tehee

    • 12.3 Banu

      XD.. soooo true.. maybe he can play his brother???

  13. 13 otk

    mehhh, he’s so skinny…

    I wasn’t a big fan of NMW but I prefer him compared to the stick-man here.

    Oh wells, I’ll still watch this show….heck I’m totally watching every MBN sitcom.

  14. 14 Arhazivory

    Wow. If this isn’t perfect casting I don’t know what is. I think the casting director was watching TWDR and suddenly it hit him….that’s a vampire! Seriously though, this guy is a little too pretty which is perfectly contrasted with his deep, smooth, sexy voice. Its good though because I’d have felt sorry for him if he had a girly voice to go with that face.

    Vampidol….hurry up! Curiousity has me tickled.

    • 14.1 Banu

      LMAO.. so true like if his voice was like Mickey mouse.. It would be like HELL NO..

  15. 15 Aya

    eww, pls to leave Heechul outta this ktwighlight nightmare

  16. 16 Ani

    Yeah, it’s crazy to give up Lee Jung-jae for Lee Soo-hyuk. Lee Soo-hyuk is ok looking in my eyes (I feel he’s only pretty when he has a mask on in TWDR or in certain angles) but Lee Jung-jae? Man, JJ is freaking hot. But hotness comparison aside, I think Lee Soo-hyuk will totally pull off the Vamp look.

    • 16.1 alua

      I don’t think it’s crazy….. but tastes differ I guess! 🙂

      • 16.1.1 Ani

        Funny thing. I actually was thinking of Lee Jung-jin’s face with Lee Jung-jae’s name. Hahaha. Lee Jung-jin is the JJ I was referring to, I just forgot to pay attention to the “jae” that’s different from the “jin”. I’m not a fan of Lee Jung-jae’s looks either, but his body is smokin’. But yes, it is all about taste/preference. I say Karl Urban, and others usually say *sigh* “who?” Sad day. XD

        • alua

          I would still rank Lee Soo-hyuk first, then Lee Jung-jin, and then Lee Jung-jae.

          Feeling really superficial now!!!!

          • Ani

            Hahaha. Switch it around for me a bit.

            Lee Jung-jin, Lee Jung-jae and then Lee Soo-hyuk.

            Wow, all are Lees. Hahaha. Yeah, I feel so shallow now.

  17. 17 come2noona

    When I see this boy on TWDR all I wanna do is wipe off the guyliner and feed him a huge meal. Poor thing… looks like a breeze would knock him over.

  18. 18 Fiercediva

    Ktwilight… BWAHAHA! 🙂 Is it wrong that whenever I see Kang Min-kyung, all I can thing about is that old video of her singing in a noraebang with pre-BOF Lee Min Hot?

  19. 19 doublen

    Uhu, Kim-Min-hee rocks! is he her donseng? andlee jung jae oppa? XD

  20. 20 mary

    Can they please have a cameo from our Vampire Prosecutor? 😀

    • 20.1 watcher&listener

      whoa!!! Im 100% with you. ^^

  21. 21 Lilo

    I’m looking forward to the pretty! ;D

  22. 22 danna

    damn Kim Min Hee has certainly had some hot BF’s…I had no idea that she had also dated LJJ
    I like LSH from what I saw him in White Christmas, though I do think he is a bit green, that said he really has been getting all the crazy roles…he played a drug addicted/depressed student there, then his charater in What’s Up is supposed to be a reclusive genius or something and then there’s the assasin in TWDR….and now he’ll play a vampire here…add a serial killer to the lot and his profile will be complete

    • 22.1 danna

      also he would make a perfec vampire at least by looks if his appearance in the 2ne1 MV is any indication

  23. 23 missjb

    Lee Soo Hyuk? oh the guy from white christmas? His character quite complex in that drama, though he doesn’t get enough much screen time, But i love him there…

  24. 24 soojin08

    If there’s someone who looks vampy, can act decently, and who’s actually an idol in real life. It’s Kim Jaejoong from JYJ/TVXQ.

    • 24.1 Cynthia


    • 24.2 Claire

      and he’s like a walking manga/anime character as well…

  25. 25 Choi Lee Soung

    Sorry, but I do not find this guy in the least bit attractive. IMO

    • 25.1 jenny

      me neither. he freaks me out

  26. 26 saranga

    i absolutely love his face. not in a fangirly way, but as someone who appreciates art and beauty… LOL. half kidding. i find his face so striking- it’s sharp, contoured, strong, yet fragile. it’s such an interesting face to look at.

    he has action scenes in tree with deep roots as a masked assassin and i thought he pulled them off effectively enough.

    • 26.1 kay

      i agree. his face is really beautiful in that non traditional sense. fragile but strong. so pretty, yet looks nothing like a girl.

    • 26.2 alua

      totally agree. very striking face.

    • 26.3 bd


      The guy has a weak chin/jawline (and doesn’t really have good cheekbones).

  27. 27 girlatsea

    Gah, I’d be much more interested in this if it wasn’t a daily drama.

    Question: Is he the actor in the 2NE1’s ‘It Hurts’ MV?

    • 27.1 kay

      yup. that be him.

  28. 28 Alixana

    This guy has such an interesting face. I love it. It is so sharply defined. Beautiful

  29. 29 Khrisstyne

    He’s actually one of my favorite actors. and Because he was in TWDR I wanted to watch it even more. I love his face… it’s different and gorgeous. He is a very good actor and now I will also watch Vampire Idol 😀

  30. 30 jyyjc

    Jaejoong could be in this. Or Kim jae wook but he’s in the army.

    • 30.1 alua

      Jaejoong yes. Kim Jae Wook doesn’t seem quite so vamipirish. (But maybe it’s just that I want him in another Antique Bakery or Coffee Prince role.) Too bad he only just went into the army.

    • 30.2 Julianne

      Ewww..Please stop bringing Jaejoong into this crap. It all started with freaking Twilight….Vampires are not “cool” at least not anymore. Sure JJ is as pale as all heck but that doesn’t mean he should be playing a vampire. Leave the kid alone already!!!!!

  31. 31 asianromance

    Wow, he was the guy Kim Min Hee was dating?!! He looked really weird and unattractive back then. I think watching him in White Christmas and TWDR has softened me towards him. I’m even starting to find him sort of beautiful.

  32. 32 momoisluv

    he is that guy from it hurts mv of 2ne1. cool.

  33. 33 alua

    Definitely looking very vampirish in that picture!

    • 33.1 alua

      hmm, image-googled him. very striking looks. perhaps not everyone’s kind of beautiful, but highly memorable and photogenic. quite a fascinating face really.

  34. 34 Suzi Q

    He was pretty good in TWDR. His face is very strange and feminine.
    He looks really pale and anorexic so he would be perfect vampidol. He looks like he could use a a blood transfusion as a vampire.
    I hope Noh Min Woo is cast. The both of them would make a dynamic duo.

  35. 35 Claire

    there are other idols that can pull off a vampire look…Kim Jaejoong of JYJ and TOP of Big Bang…

    • 35.1 cv

      Yes! I agree… Jaejoon and Top would definitely pull of the vamp look! hehehe

      • 35.1.1 Jossy

        If it’s top… Hmmm suck me dry babe… Lol

  36. 36 Kou

    My White Christmas tortured soul! I think that he really does have an unusual beauty. I didn’t see it until I watched White Christmas. In photos, he is striking but cold, detached. In film, he’s much more distinct and charismatic. His voice is also quite striking.

  37. 37 eech

    that guy from white xmas right.. eye candy.. woot.. hope no min woo will join the cast.. wanna see him as a vamp.. a hot one.. haha

  38. 38 DB5K

    I just recognize him as that guy in one of 2NE1’s MVs. I think there were also some paparazzi photos of him and G-dragon. And of course, now he’s in the drama Tree with Deep Roots. I’m curious, why would Heechul make a good vampire? In the past he was a total DIVA. With long curly red hair and bangs. And there were times when he was sarcastic or hot tempered. But mostly he acted like a spoiled princess. I think his nick name was like milky skin princess or ice princess. As he has gotten older, his personality mellowed out more. Now he’s more of a kooky, free spirited, egocentric eccentric. But he doesn’t seem like vampire material at all to me~~

  39. 39 Banu

    YESSS finally updated that Lee Soo Hyuk plays the lead..


    Looking forward to it..

  40. 40 mademoiselle

    This dude is looks creepy.

  41. 41 Aparna

    I am so glad you mentioned heechul. Because I thought of him the first time I heard about VampIdol. Vampire idol prince is so heechul. And this I say not because I am a fan-girl. Miss his wit and looks. But a girl’s gotto live with what she has. I was happy with no min woo. But I guess lsh should be good as well.

  42. 42 DC

    Yeah, he did a great job on White Christmas (everyone MUST watch that KBS miniseries though!). I will check this out.

  43. 43 Z

    I seriously read this article so I could find out whether that person is male of female. Oh androgynous kdrama stars, why are you so rampant?

  44. 44 Mia

    lol you guys are funny ^^

  45. 45 Minnetter

    oh gosh, Heenim would have been awesome for this role^^ too bad he already enlisted, he should have waited to go after Eeteuk… then maybe he could have tried out for this part!

  46. 46 canxi

    Lots of people are calling him androgynous, but I don’t see anything feminine about him. I’ve seen him around on the internet and have never mistook him for a woman…weird.

    I think he’s pretty adorable though. When he’s not in “top-model” mode and just wearing whatever he looks real sweet. Like here:

    • 46.1 Minnetter

      I like him in the photo you linked more than in the one at the top of the page. In that top one, he looks way too sallow and I’m expecting him to fall flat on his face in a dead faint. however if we’re going for the living dead look, maybe it’s the best approximation…

      • 46.1.1 t-berry


        such an adorable picture!

        *faint again*

      • 46.1.2 canxi

        Lol, yeah! I think that’s just a bad picture of him

  47. 47 Anh

    Pretty sure he’s the guy in 2NE1’s It Hurts MV. His face is memorable since his features are so unique. Like everyone said, he has a very sharp and defined face. When I saw him in the MV, I seriously thought he was a supernatural being. His look may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s definitely striking.

    I was all on the Vampire Idol ship until I found out it was 50(?) episodes. The only time I watched something that long is when the drama is wuxia. I’m disappointed No Min Woo might drop the drama though. I feel like he’s going the safe route in choosing Full House 2. They were probably thinking “Full House was a hit. If you’re going to star in the sequel, you’re bound to rise in popularity.” [facepalm] Just look at Goong S and Athena which were inferior compared to their originals.

  48. 48 jen

    i’m sorry but he looks deformed. just my opinion

  49. 49 BJ

    I hope they sparkle under sunlight!

  50. 50 watcher&listener

    I started to notice this guy after I watch 2ne1’s MV. For me he’s not a good looking person but a very unique one. I think if I walk on the street and see him, Im very sure that I’ll turn my head and look at him.

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