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Me Too Flower: Episode 5
by | November 30, 2011 | 91 Comments

There’s a little less funny which makes me sad but we finally get to look a little deeper into Jae Hee’s past. His careless, lighthearted façade ends up trapping him and Bong Sun’s belief in Jae Hee is shaken. We also see Hwa Young inch closer to becoming an icy-bitch queen that even Bong Sun’s blazing temper can’t touch. This is gonna be good.

Episode 5

The forced kiss results in a punch to Jae Hee’s face and Bong Sun reminds him that one lip-lock doesn’t change their relationship. They’re still strangers to each other. Oh, and that “kiss”? ‘Twas juvenile. Even elementary students kiss better than the awkward lip press she just experienced. (Kids these days. They grow up so fast).

Bong Sun threatens to file a police report on Jae Hee for his forced physical contact if he doesn’t get out of her car and he swiftly obliges. Maru, who had been watching this intimate exchange, calls out to Jae Hee in anger.

Maru and Jae Hee face off in the park and Maru begins to strip to show off how livid he is. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remove the tank top to reveal his washboard abs. Jae Hee wonders why men always feel the need to take off their clothes during a fight but compliments Maru on his terminator body (that’s still covered up!).

Maru tells him to shut it and make the first move. Jae Hee sighs and asks if Maru still likes Bong Sun. He calls him slow on the romancing and challenges that he would have kids with Bong Sun by now if he was in Maru’s position.

This riles Maru up and he launches a punch towards Jae Hee, who stops Maru by throwing sand into his eyes. Okay, that was dirty. Maru tears up and demands to know why Jae Hee won’t help him obtain Bong Sun’s affections. Jae Hee leaves him a small nugget of advice: The first step to a woman’s heart is being good to her no matter what. Clap when she smiles, pull her up when she’s down, and make her laugh.

Bong Sun replays the kiss in her mind when Maru barges in dressed in full SWAT gear. He calls her dirty-tempered, hasty, and abusive, which are the characteristics that made him fall for her. He’s her biggest fan and that she’s the light of his life. Cue Lee Seung Ki’s “Nuna, You’re My Woman.” He turns around to see that she left the room. Aw.

Bong Sun tells Dal to pack up her stuff and move back inside. Dal flashes a smile and shoots her a big heart. Can you braid each other’s hair and eat ice cream together already?

At Dr. Park’s office, Bong Sun complains about his tendency to wrangle private information out of her. He needs to stop messing with her head. Dr. Park replies that she was the one who said everything. He asks her what makes her so bad-tempered. Does she have to blame her father for her all problems?

She snaps that her dad deserves some blame. He’s a bad father and a bad cop who arrested innocent people for his own benefit. Her father constantly took bribes and when he was caught, he was forced to retire. A role model he wasn’t.

Dr. Park catches on to her bitterness and asks her if she thinks everyone should be moral. Does she want the world to be fair? She stares at him and he continues that she needs to realize that life sucks and it’s not going to change. What her father did isn’t out of the ordinary; he’s human after all. She can hate him all she wants but he’s still her father.

She bristles at his brutal (but true) words and stands up to leave. She stops in her tracks after Dr. Park tells her that she’s not the only one with family problems. People weren’t born to make world peace; they’re here to fight with each other and to learn how to sort out familial problems. She doesn’t have to feel ashamed when talking about her family to him.

She moves to walk out again which causes Dr. Park to mutter that her lack of progress in therapy will result in another failed promotion next year. Her blood temperature shoots up and she swings her bag at Dr. Park. The momentum propels her straight into his lap and he tells her this kind of physical violence is always welcome. Rawr. Unfortunately this earns him a head bashing and a bruised cheek.

A parade of sleek SUVs show up in front of Jae Hee’s company. A group of men carry a packaged box into the store and Hwa Young tells her assistant to make sure nothing gets out about the new product until the launching show. Later, Jae Hee sees the financial consultant from episode 4 having a secret meeting with another man. The man gives the employee a cake and they shake hands.

Jae Hee confronts the employee as he leaves the building. Jae Hee pins him to the floor and the cake drops out of its box along with a chunk of cash. The employee yells who the hell Jae Hee thinks he is. Jae Hee tosses the question back at the man; who is he to make salary cuts and swap company products for imported ones? He can’t find words to respond and Jae Hee calls him an idiot through gritted teeth.


Bong Sun sits in Dr. Park's office with the MBTI personality test. She complains about the number of questions and reads off a question. How does she interact with people? Is she a realistic person or an imaginative person? She scoffs and rolls her eyes, which causes Dr. Park to nudge her on the head like a schoolteacher. He tries to take the test away but Bong Sun hastily grabs the paper. It’s stupid but she’ll do it.

Dr. Park observes Bong Sun taking the test after skimming through his Cosmopolitan magazine. Anyone want to guess what section he was reading? Bong Sun tries her best to answer the questions truthfully and her answers roll around in her head even after she leaves the office. As she walks home, she sees Jae Hee slurping down ramyun at a local restaurant.

She recalls a question on the test about how she reacts during an unsettling conversation. Does she change the topic, joke around, or stay mute and think about what she should’ve said in the situation a few days later? She decides the last answer fits her best and she marches up to Jae Hee.

She launches into a tirade of interrogations. Why did he pretend to be her boyfriend? Was he jealous? Does he like her? Does he want to date her? Answer truthfully and quickly or else. He stares at her in bewilderment.

Alas, her verbal attack turns out to be another dream sequence. She shakes her head and sits at another table as Jae Hee calls out a hello. She mentions that Jae Hee has on expensive clothing again and wonders how a beggar like himself can afford to spend such large sums of money. He must be obsessed with brands and luxuries.

He plops down next to her and informs her that there are small, quaint villages in the Swiss Alps and in Great Britain. The villages are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and fruit trees. If you’re tired and upset, you can pick a fruit and sit down in the fields to breathe in fresh air. That feeling of relaxation and euphoria is something that nobody can buy. He concludes that money and luxury goods will never be enough to replace happiness.

His lecture annoys Bong Sun and she snaps that she’s not a child. Suddenly, Jae Hee reaches under the table for a dime. She shoots him a WTF face which prompts him to exclaim that a dime is a lot of money. He waves good-bye and Bong Sun stews at his patronizing crap. Just then, a waitress places a bill in front of Bong Sun. The customer she was with said that she would pay for his food.

At the station, she grumbles about her crappy life and continually rebuffs Maru’s attempts at conversation. She threatens to render him speechless unless he leaves her alone. He looks at her with sad puppy eyes and slinks away.

Dal sneaks into the country club and watches Jae Hee play tennis until she gets hit in the eye with a ball. Kek. At the same time, a break-in is reported at Jae Hee’s company. The diamond-encrusted bag has been stolen. Jae Hee rushes off, but not before making Dr. Park follow Dal to the emergency room.

The police team tries to figure out how the break-in happened when Hwa Young arrives. She pulls the chief aside to ask him to keep the robbery a secret. Bong Sun looks out the window to see Jae Hee waiting in front of the building. He later goes into Hwa Young’s room and informs her to release the news of the burglary to media outlets. It’s a great chance for marketing. Turns out he’s a businessman after all.

Bong Sun and Maru guard the crime scene and Maru mentions how cool the woman president seems. Bong Sun agrees, but slips in that she’s not too shabby herself. She declares, “I’m cool and really really cute too.” You are super cute, Bong Sun. Maru’s eyes flashes a smile in agreement but he loses his chance to reply when another team of officers flood in.

At the hospital, Dal tries to wring some information about Jae Hee out of Dr. Park. He tells her that he can’t say anything if Jae Hee didn’t tell her personally. Her lips puff out and she leaves in a hurry, but ends up walking into a cone. Hehe.

The two get out of a taxi near Bong Sun’s house and Dal postures that she can’t stop by her apartment in Kang Nam because she has to buy something. She bluntly asks how old Dr. Park is in banmal and he replies that she needs to learn some manners. They continue to bicker until Dal tells him to shove off and sticks a tongue out at him. Their immaturity is outstanding.

Bong Sun comes home to find Dal sleeping in her bed. She kicks the mattress and Dal wakes up to reveal her black eye, which causes Bong Sun to fall to the ground laughing. However, she stops mid-hiccup when Dal makes fun of the poster of Pink Chicken. Isn’t she too old for that kind of stuff? Bong Sun tells her to shut up and wash all the sheets she was sleeping on.

As Jae Hee works on shoe designs in his apartment, he recalls the memory of Bong Sun kicking his leg in the café. This sparks his imagination and he quickly draws two pairs of shoes. One is a mid-calf boot (perhaps with a shin guard attached underneath the leather) and the other is a white shoe that resembles the black ones police officers wear.

Bong Sun and Maru interview the store workers to weed out a suspect. Store girl presses for details but Bong Sun waves her off. As they converse, Jae Hee walks into the store. Store girl smacks Bong Sun’s arm to get her attention and points out that Jae Hee could be the thief. He’s always lurking around the store even though he can’t afford to buy anything. Bong Sun tells her that he’s not the kind of person who would do that.

She interviews the parking garage boss and he also points out Jae Hee’s actions as strange. He’s always asking probing questions the company and disappears for hours at a time. Yet the boss has no power to fire him. He wonders at the connections Jae Hee might have and Bong Sun ponders this new information.

She gets called into the security room and camera tapes of Jae Hee wandering around the company building play on multiple screens. Maru exclaims that Jae Hee must have been planning the robbery from the beginning and Bong Sun tells him not to jump to conclusions so quickly.

Bong Sun’s sunbae approaches Jae Hee and asks him to come down to the main police station. Bong Sun tries to stop the other officer by saying that there is no concrete evidence that points to Jae Hee, but her sunbae shakes her off. Jae Hee turns to Bong Sun and asks if he’s a suspect. When she fails to refute the question, he turns away and his eyes betray hurt.

At the police station, Jae Hee refuses to answer the sunbae’s questions about why he hangs around the store so much. The officer accuses him of stealing the bag and Jae Hee responds that he just has an interest in fashion. His answer is unconvincing so the officer asks for Jae Hee’s social security number. Bong Sun watches the exchange and finds herself conflicted over who to trust.

Maru calls Bong Sun to inform her that Jae Hee has a shady record. Apparently he’s killed someone. In addition, he’s had other instances of theft and spent some time in jail. She leaves the room and thinks about Jae Hee’s odd behavior in the past. The expensive clothes, his playful response to being handcuffed, his tainted shadow…

The sunbae asks for an alibi for the night of the robbery and Jae Hee spits out that he was with a girl. The officer tells him to bring the girl and Jae Hee calls Dal who rushes over to the station. The sunbae reports to Bong Sun that Jae Hee has a girl coming to confirm his alibi and Bong Sun’s heart sinks. Her disappointment in him grows larger and she leans against the wall for support.

Hwa Young comes to the police station and Bong Sun corners her. She tries to get Hwa Young to admit that she’s there because of Jae Hee, but Hwa Young plays dumb. Bong Sun accuses her of having a relationship with Jae Hee. Hwa Young icily replies that she has no reason to answer her questions and that she was unaware of Jae Hee’s involvement in the robbery. I’m not even there and I feel super uncomfortable.

Dal shows up at the police station, but she’s no longer needed because Hwa Young took care of everything. He hastily apologizes about the black eye and asks her to try and understand him. He stuffs her into a company car and says sorry again. I’m sure she’ll forgive you a thousand times if you make her your trophy wife, even if she doesn’t fully understand his situation.

Hwa Young tells Jae Hee to forget about today’s incident. It was just bad luck. Jae Hee half-heartedly remarks that his record is full now; manslaughter and robbery are very powerful additions. Hwa Young tells him that anyone who is rich has some kind of record; it’s nothing to worry about. He replies that many of them don’t kill people though, which causes her to slam on her brakes in frustration.

A flashback brings us to the earlier days of Hwa Young and Jae Hee’s friendship. Jae Hee had been backing out the company truck and hit a car behind him. A pregnant Hwa Young urges him to see what happened. He gets out and makes his way to the crowd behind his car, realizing belatedly that a person was also behind the car.

What he sees is so horrifying that he drops to his knees in shock. Hwa Young steps out and runs to the man, covered in blood, sobbing over his body. Jae Hee calls out “hyung,” unable to tear his eyes from the victim’s face.

In the present, Jae Hee sarcastically asks Hwa Young how he should word his crime in a way that won’t offend her. He calls himself a murderer who killed a husband (Hwa Young’s) and a father. Hwa Young shouts at him to stop talking. It was an accident. She’s fine now and she’s accepted the past. It’s time for him to do the same. He needs to let go.

He responds that he remembers every time he tries to forget. This is something that will haunt him forever and that it kills him inside daily. In return, Hwa Young tells him that his self-deprecating guilt kills her. At that the conversation drops and both become lost in their own thoughts.

The next day, Bong Sun rams Maru’s face into his lunch tray in retaliation for his quick condemnation of Jae Hee.  Didn’t she warn him about jumping to conclusions? His “why me” face never gets old. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s abused him so far. Turn into Pink! Then she’ll love you.

Bong Sun calls her sunbae, who tells her that Jae Hee left with a company representative (aka Hwa Young) last night. She mulls over this information and finds herself strangely angry at him. She proceeds to call him a player and a dummy until Jae Hee’s voice cuts through the air. He parks his butt next to her and takes a swig of her coffee while remarking how tired he is from all the questions he was bombarded with yesterday.

She replies that at least everything worked out in the end. He gives her a hard look and asks her if she really thought he stole the bag. She blurts out that she didn’t but her guilty expression suggests the opposite. She barrels on to say that she’s a police officer who can tell the difference between a criminal and a civilian. He scoffs and tells her to stop being arrogant; she’s not as knowledgeable as she thinks she is.

He gets up to leave but stops when she reveals her impression of him. He might be uneducated and ill-mannered, but he seems like a good guy. Also, he’s not as honest as he thinks he is either. She has yet to see what’s beneath his playful, jokester persona. His interior thoughts and emotions are unreadable.

Jae Hee asks if she’s annoyed by a confusing, polluted guy like himself.  Does she enjoy judging him at face value without knowing the full truth? She stays silent and he calls her no different from everyone else.


What a roller coaster of emotions. Jae Hee sinks a little lower into his black hole of negativity and the people around him can’t seem to pull him up, mostly because he refuses to let anyone in. He and Hwa Young can be so cold that they scare me more than Bong Sun and her fiery temper. Hwa Young in the police station was chilling. It’s amazing how well she conveys a sense of detachment and indifference to Jae Hee’s situation in front of Bong Sun.

We know that she’s probably freaking out inside, which makes her cool act that much more unbelievable. She only loses her control with Jae Hee because he is one of two people (the other being her son) that leaves her vulnerable. She still has the upper hand over Bong Sun because Bong Sun looks up to her but the scales are tipping back and forth precariously.

Bong Sun’s lack of faith stings Jae Hee more than anything else. He already believes that he’s a horrible person for killing a friend, and experiencing the ego-crushing interrogation at the station probably tore him up inside even more. He doesn’t want to admit that he’s the owner of the company, which makes him so suspicious that Bong Sun starts to re-evaluate her impression of him. His look of anger and betrayal at the police station kinda breaks my heart.

I’m still a little confused as to all the details of the car accident. I couldn’t tell if something that fell off the truck crushed Hwa Young’s husband or if he was driving in another car. The accident scene was a bit clumsy but I can’t tell if that was on purpose. Hopefully we’ll get a clearer understanding in upcoming episodes.

Also, are we going to see Dr. Park complicate the main love triangle? It’s kind of creepy because he’s Bong Sun’s therapist and I prefer his relationship with Dal so much more. I really wish we had a strong second male lead because Maru is so ineffective that sometimes I feel like he’s just there to look pretty. His dedication to this mean-spirited woman is sweet but he’s just so weak at challenging Jae Hee. Can we just replace him with Pink please?


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  1. Ani

    Ki-kwang looks so different her compared to when he’s being an idol. XD

    • 1.1 Ani


    • 1.2 zeyy

      that is exactly what i was thinking while reading this recap! his acting is definitely good enough to make me forget that he’s an idol!! 🙂

  2. sophie k

    I’m in love with this show! For the well-written conversation and the interesting characters. xoxoxo
    Thanks for the recap!

    • 2.1 cemplon

      i thought the same ..the director and the writer are genius!!!

  3. sophie k

    To add on, Yoon Shi-yoon IS miscasted for his age and baby face, but he nails the character so well that his interactions with Bong Sun/Lee Jia are believable to me.
    He’s miscasted, but yet, also perfect for the role.

    • 3.1 bjharm

      it is not helped that half the time every one calls him ‘kid’ it almost it one, the writers just have no idea he too young for the role or more like just never bothered to change the lines from the first male lead cast or two they doing it deliberately to try and like pretend there no problem. But as you say by now anyone watching should have accepted things the way they are.

      • 3.1.1 sophie k

        yeah i do agree the writer could have changed some of the lines from the start.
        but perhaps if she writes it in, the age gap issue might take the focus away from the depression issue, and that would be too similar to her previous drama What’s Up Fox?
        just guessing 🙂

    • 3.2 fan

      agree. Somehow HanGoEun also seems miscasted because YSY. But all casts are doing excellent job and drama is interesting enough (I love all three dramas on Wednesday and Thursdays). Lee Jia really fits the role!

  4. Cam

    Neat! How interesting 😉 Thanks for this recap!!

    Haha, that’s true, Ani, he’s really different in this drama – to opposite his real-life to still being an idol, mm.

  5. Tameryn

    Gooood Lord, Yoon Shi Yoon really NAILED his character in this drama. 😀

  6. Jomo

    Thank you so much for the recap!
    I am in love with this show, and these characters.
    Well, except, Dal who can go suck it.

    More thoughts tomorrow after I sleep!

    • 6.1 Jomo

      The recap and the comments on this drama are awesome!
      So much to think about and discuss!

      I think it would have been funny/interesting if KJW did take this role just because he would play against another “Maru,” as in CYHMH.
      Wondering – is that a common name, like Mike or Steve, in English, or is it unusual?

      The push/pull between the OTP is frustratingly real.
      They cannot ignore the other person, no matter how hard they try. It exacerbates and excites them and definitely draws them closer.

      My favorite example of that is when JH handcuffs himself to BS after they recover her stolen bag. We watch them swing arms like lovers, argue like old friends; both taking shots at the other as if they have been doing this for years.
      Then we see Stalky Bitc-HY is also observing them.
      She sees BS kick JH, they fall down together, get up and continue arguing. HY would NEVER EVER do that with JH. She’s way too cool and mature.

      This same writer wrote the mystifying Sam-shik in MNIKSS, another gold medalist in the Push/Pull Olympics:
      You tell me you like me? How do I respond? I knock down you bicycle, of course!

      It may seem counter-intuitive. It may make JH look like a jerk, but the only opinion of JH that matters is BS’s. She can’t stop thinking about him, and is always interested in seeing him.

      • 6.1.1 ladida

        Whaaaa??? This is the same writer who wrote MNIKSS and What’s Up Fox??? OMG I love her/him/hir.

  7. ultramarineblue

    yay!!! another great recap! So many awesome dramas at the moment but finals are coming up…

    Btw the preview for what’s up was released!!!

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    thanx for the recap!

    love the show!!

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    Thank you so much for the recap. I am enjoying it so much 😀

    • 9.1 Jomo


      May Tae and I invite everyone to our newly cooked up YSY Fan Club: TOAST!

      See how we did that? We had the Baker King create us and then grill us with his Jae-hee Oppa hotness!

      I never ever could have thought that YSY was anything other than very very pretty, but now, relunctantly, I am TOAST!!!

  10. 10 Carrie

    I feel so bad for Jae Hee, he had to endure all the pain and guilt over the accident ever since and now, he’s subject to many others knowing and being listed as “killing” someone.

    Aiyaa, and Bong Sun is just getting on my nerves. I get that she has problems but the way she treated Jae Hee is coming off the wrong way to me. Usually, I like the leading ladies in dramas regardless of their issues but she’s just not likable to me.

    • 10.1 ladida

      Actually, I’m having issues with Jae Hee. He is lying to her. He’s the one who’s mistreating her. He is accusing her of of being hypocritical, but she has been totally forthright in all her interactions with him while has has not. And he’s capricious: one second he’s all playful and teasing, the next he’s all angry and resentful. I’m getting whiplash from it. And he did kill someone. It was an accident and he is tortured and feeling guilty about it, but someone else is dead. Because of his actions. And it’s listed as manslaughter, which makes in clear that it was not his intention to do so.

      I sympathize for both these characters; Bong sun has abandonment issues while Jae Hee has guilt issues, and both are angry and have violence and rage control problems. I want them to be honest with each other ’cause I can see that they care about one another and they kind of “get” each other, and I want them to help and support each other.

      • 10.1.1 Jomo

        The lying will definitely be a problem later between them.

        Kinda like the Coffee Prince reveal.

        She will be relieved to some extent that the person she believed could be successful actually is successful, but PO’d in a big way that he tricked her, and hurt that he didn’t trust her enough to share his secret.

  11. 11 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap! I love this drama so much! I have to get up in a few hours but am reading your recap and watching episode 7. it’s going to be a brutal day!

    I think the husband was standing/bending down in front of his own car when Jae Hee backed into him physically…pinning him between the truck and the car. The truck is big and the husband was standing too close, so Jae Hee probably couldn’t see him in the mirrors.

  12. 12 bashful

    Thanks orangy911 for this cool recap. 😀

    I’m curious too by how the accident happened. How did the husband got between the 2 cars?

    Also was there not a scene where Maru asked Jae Hee to promise to stay away from Bong Sun, and to which Jae Hee said he can’t make that promise? I think that dialogue confirmed Jae Hee’s liking Bong Sun.

    Last but not the least, Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting in this episode was indeed very convincing and praiseworthy. Bravo Yoon Shi Yoon-shi! 8)

    • 12.1 Cammaynn

      Yea, RIIIIGHT!! Yoon Shi Yoon is really, like…… ‘Mane of Glory’ actor, ofc. (nods) Amen! 😉

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    Maru is a welcomed candy! me like hehe

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    Thank you for the recap. I love the angst of the main characters. I didn’t like Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Gu because he was such a goody two shoes there. But here I can’t help by pay attention to him.

  15. 15 junie

    Hey guys, I have been thinking what if Kim Jae Won did not get into accident, what if KJW is Jae Hee now…I guess the drama will look much more convincing and better….looking at the female casts…they look like mum/aunt to YSY. Just my thoughts…I would be glad to see KJW as JH.

    Anyhow, BIG props to YSY in his acting that cover up all the ‘juvenile’ facts in this drama…he is really good…

    • 15.1 Mystisith

      I was also very pissed of when i read about KJW accident cause i like him alot as an actor BUT i’m beginning to learn that when one door closes, another one opens. Even if i don’t like the idea very much i must believe in fate . 🙂 Retrospectively i can’t picture anyone else impersonating Jae Hee : YSY is JH. To the point that the gap between his young physique and the maturity of his intellect serves the story for me. The character has experienced homeless life and high status with tons of money and business responsabilities. He has seen death right in the eyes, helped raising a kid…. He has compensated his guilt of “taking” a life by living like bulimic all kind of different lives ( his part time jobs ). He is like a very old soul trapped in a teenage body. This is also why we spectators feel a bit uneasy dealing with him. What saves him is that insatiable curiosity exposed in first ep ( learning machine ? ) that makes him stick like glue to people. He craves recognition and affection. That’s also why he is so magnetic.
      Now all i can say is that i hope KJW recovers well. And that i’m sure future has something great in store. But, tchongmal, Jae Hee wasn’t meant for him.

      • 15.1.1 Jomo

        He craves recognition and affection. That’s also why he is so magnetic.
        Now all i can say is that i hope KJW recovers well. And that i’m sure future has something great in store. But, tchongmal, Jae Hee wasn’t meant for him.</i?

        I am so down with this comment!

        The second YSY stepped into the role, an alternate reality appeared. Everything shifted around him to accomodate his strengths and weaknesses. He is THIS JH and that is OK.

  16. 16 Revy

    Yay i was waiting for this recap since the subs for the ep sucked monkey balls. I love the way YSY conveyed JH pain. It was so well acted. Also i just love the banter between BS & Dr Park. Its so full of fire

  17. 17 Gram

    I’m so glad you recapped! I was waiting and waiting and worried you wouldn’t do the show anymore!

    Anyway, I really love this drama and find the emotions so believable. I actually think Maru and Dal would be a great couple, if he could be the one to get over her rich husband thing. She’s the fiery type he likes.

    And yes, Maru should be styled at least once, even if it’s just used to show that Bong Sun really likes Jae Hee (and will choose him over a look-alike Pink).

    I’m so excited for more episodes!!

  18. 18 anglvue

    eagerly awaiting your next recap 😀

    i’m starting to find bong sun getting on my nerves. i can’t decide if it’s the character or lee ji-ah’s acting. i want to like this drama, i really do but every time i try i find that bong sun is starting to get under my skin.

    i, too, miss the funnies. i’m starting to feel like the drama can’t decide if it wants to be a romcom or a full blown dramadrama. until then, i love yoon shi yoon but can’t fully enjoy the drama because of it. to add to that, i’m starting to feel like there’s no chemistry. am i reading too much into this? lol

    i have to agree about jae hee and hwa young being so cold it’s scary. he’s just a different person with her and it’s a constant reminder of his actions. he can’t fully be the person he is or the person without all the baggage like he is with bong sun. i also feel as though hwa young feels some sort of ownership of him because of what happened. well, we’ll see as the story progresses.

  19. 19 sm

    This is how I understood the accident happened: Jae-hee backed up, and Hwa-young’s husband got crushed between the two cars. Hwa-young reminds Jae-hee that it’s not his fault because she and Jae-hee had said goodbye to her husband and seen him walk off, so they couldn’t have known he was there.

    As for the last scene, Jae-hee, perhaps more ashamed and angry at himself than anything, bitterly accuses Bong-sun of thinking to herself, “What a near miss. How dare a guy with such a past come near me. I almost became entangled with him.” Bong-sun sets him straight that she believed in Jae-hee, that he’s a good person who’s living life diligently despite difficult circumstances and has a bright future. She’s basically confessing that she holds him much higher regard than she’s previously let on, but she’s upset, too, that he keeps testing her. Bong-sun challenges Jae-hee: she’s being honest with him now, unlike Jae-hee who might seem open and playful, but won’t show his heart, all wrapped up in inferiority complexes. But oops, that hits a sore spot – Jae-hee snaps back whether she assumed his criminal background would be something to feel inferior about. Bong-sun hesitates. Jae-hee plunges on, claws out: “I thought you’d be a little different, but you’re just like everyone else.”

    So raw, like many scenes in this drama. And you know Jae-hee was pained when he realized that Bong-sun was going to know about his past. After he was released, he was in a dark mood. But Bong-sun isn’t someone to walk away from him. I look forward to seeing Jae-hee lower some of his defenses.

    • 19.1 bjharm

      long as he still lying to her ie that he rich and the boss of the company there always going to be mistrust. She is a police office and can feel he still lying/untruthful to her. It is pretty clear she attracted to him, but whenever she starts to get close he cold walls/hurts her and she in turn gets fiery temper attack. Of course fighting is classic Korea way of getting the two lead closer and breaking down walls. It come to a point where she willing risk admitting she likes him, but he still deep in that dark place she can only from time to time light up with her place in his life.
      It pretty classic Korean themed really just made more dramatic by the pairs damaged minds, dim that down and you still have the basic rich guy jerk v spunky poor girl who going to slowly make the jerk a whole person and so on…

    • 19.2 momosa

      I think he already starting to do that (lowering his defences) – he explained the accident to Bong Sun that brought him the charges.

    • 19.3 mamadua

      Very well said SM, I also cannot wait to see Jae-Hee lower some of his defenses and being honest with BS.

  20. 20 Suzi Q

    YSY is definitely miscast because he looks too young to be Hwa Young’s love interest. She looks too old for him.HY is using emotional blackmail because of her husband’s accidental death to hold onto him.She should move on to someone her own age.Cougar lady is scary and creeps me out.She is like a stalker.
    Jae Hee is a cad because he hasn’t been honest to Bong Sun the whole time that she’s known him. BS has been wondering why HY’s dislikes her, and she is unaware that Jae Hee is living with HY’s.
    Jae Hee’s has a strange involvement with Dal too. Don’t get their romantic connection other than Dal’s a gold digger.BS is unaware that Dal is seeing Jae Hee.Maru is so sweet,but BS won’t give him the time of day.
    Jae Hee is a scumbag because of his dishonesty toward her.Why is he seeing all these ladies if he likes BS?BS is already depressed and romantically fragile. How can BS trust this liar after she finds out? She will feel betrayed again. So sad and pitiful.The shit gonna hit the fan soon.

    • 20.1 reeen

      I think something that didn’t get mentioned in last week’s recaps might be intentioned as a clue to Jae Hee’s contradictory behaviour. When Dal was evesdropping on the conversation between Jae Hee, the psychiatrist and Hwa Young the psychiatrist asks Jae Hee if he doesn’t have a split personality. Jae Hee kind of deflects by (almost proudly) agreeing and saying that it’s definitely the case. The writer of “Me Too, Flower” seems to be pretty interested in psychology, so I think Jae Hee might really be intended to have Dissociative Identity Disorder (split personality). If that’s the case, Jae Hee may not even remember what he does sometimes, because his identity is literally fragmented and – when triggered by something that reminds him of his childhood and later traumas – a different part of himself might take over. When he gets back to his usual self he can’t remember any of it or only remembers things hazily.

      It’s hinted at in his blackouts where he almost hits his employer. Even more so when he collides with the police car and relives the traumatic accident and is unresponsive to Bong Sun and Maru calling him, but shortly after he’s completely oblivious to Bong Sun’s concerned questions. He definitely has two different lives, one as the rich boy at the club (this is probably who will become interested in Dal) and one as down to earth Jae Hee (who is interested in Bong Sun).
      But then there’s even more incongruity. There could have been a personality switch when Jae Hee suddenly picks up the coin next to Bong Sun, explains how lucky he is and makes her pay. Doesn’t that seem like he’s suddenly the homeless boy again? Next episode there’s even more of the sudden mood changes…

      • 20.1.1 ladida

        I do think you’re right about his having multiple personas that he uses with different people, but I don’t think he actually blacks out or isn’t aware of it. Actually, I think it’s very deliberate on his part. He may be doing it as a coping mechanism, but it isn’t this thing that happens to him. It’s something he does on purpose. And the show has shown us that he does remember how he acts every time he is triggered: for example, in the scene you mention when he first has the flashback of his accident in front of Maru and Bong Sun, the camera shows us that he intentionally ignores and tries to divert Bong Sun’s attention away from his reaction, just like when he straight out lied to her and told her he only has a professional relationshop with Hwa Young.

        Both Jae Hee and Bong Sun have these identities that are somewhat scattered and detached, but I feel that Jae Hee’s is the one that is actually fragmented, like you said, while Bong Sun’s just a little chipped. But when Bong Sun’s differences in personality appear, they come from a place of honesty, not deliberate deceit.

    • 20.2 ladida

      I don’t think Hwa Young is using emotional blackmail to keep Jae Hee by her side. I think she feels entitled to his company and she wants more from him than he is willing to give, and she disagrees with (and doesn’t respect) the boundaries that Jae Hee has set for their relationship. But theirs is a complicated one: he is the cause of her husband’s death and her widowhood, yet she (seems to) has romantic intentions towards him. I bet she feels guilty and confused about that. And he feels guilty about the pain he’s brought her, but has no qualms about bossing her around. I mean, I imagine that he should have some more deference towards her, some more respect in the way he speaks to her and functions as her boss, considering their past. She IS scary, but I’m more concerned about how she will treat Bong Sun in the future than about how she treats Jae Hee.

      And I totally agree with you about JAe Hee’s dishonesty. Bong Sun may be overly blunt and outwardly hostile, but at least she’s honest. And what really gets me is that Jae Hee is dishonest, and then has the gall to feel hurt when a person suspects him, which is a direct result of his dishonesty.

    • 20.3 Jomo

      Suzy Q
      he looks too young to be Hwa Young’s love interest. She looks too old for him.

      I agree. Of all the age differences that influence the plot, her obviously more mature appearance compared to his is the most interesting. Not only because of the math, (Sorry to bring that up, GF) but because their attitudes towards life.

      The pool scene in the first episode told us everything we needed to know about their past and future. He moved about, smiled and laughed freely; she seemed calculating in her words and movements. When she looks at him, as if he were one of her possessions, you could feel her desire to capture and control him. ((*shudder *))

  21. 21 sm

    Just want to add that Yoon Shi-yoon is acting the hell out of this role. I was initially impressed that he was holding his own against the older cast, but in episode 6 he’s on fire, and by episode 7 he outshines his co-stars, especially the actress who plays Hwa-young, in nuance, expressiveness, and screen presence.

    Lee Jia is also hitting it out of the park, and as someone who has avoided dramas because Lee Jia is in it, I am glad I kept my mind open about this drama. It’s like Lee Jia was born for this role.

    • 21.1 anglvue

      agree! yoon shi-yoon is outshining all his co-stars. i’m a little iffy about lee jia though. maybe i just don’t really like her character in here.

      • 21.1.1 Judyannlou

        Well so far there are several viewers who have appreciated the acting of LJA as Bong Sun, and I do agree sm @ #21 that LJA was born for this role, as if this drama was mainly written for her to act this role. In fact she was the first celebrity announced to cast this drama. The drama “Me Too Flower” resulted to many websites that being followed by many viewers not only in Korea but also in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines as well in Thailand. There is also the famous thread/forum which is the Soompi wherein there several members who interacts positively about the drama, that it is hilariously funny, entertaining, amazing, awesome and etc. Yoon Shi Yoon is so perfect in the role despite his age and had a strong chemistry with LJA, especially on episode 6 where the viewers were awed by watching.

    • 21.2 momosa

      YSY is good, LJ is good too and I no longer think about the real age factor. Somehow Bong Sun’s step sister looks older than her and she’s trying too hard, slightly over the top acting, and and Pres is way too obviously a decade older.

      Things are getting too complicated now and it doesn’t feel like a comedy, romance drama anymore, rather more like heading towards melo.

      I don’t know much about depression but I thought BS has perfectly good reasons everytime she loses her temper (like the overprotective TV lady & her misguided son, like JH teased her over her bra, for eg.) – or maybe I have depression to agree with her actions.

      I’m keen to see how JH turns out, is BS really depressed, what’s is counselor ahjussi role besides being counselor and the deal with step sister & president.

      Can’t wait for next episode’s recap.

    • 21.3 mamadua

      I’m also the viewer who appreciated LJA, I have never seen her acting before this drama. She really potrayed BS so well, my heart goes to her more so than for JH’s.
      Looking forward to see more episodes and find out how this two damaged people going to work out their problems!

  22. 22 Rovi

    Ah, Ki-kwang-ah~?!!! when will you bare your body for everyone~?!!! Why is it always Si-won who does the abs-baring????
    (also, love his expression during the dream sequence when Bong-seon was hugging “Pink”. Care anyone tell me that someone in the staff/crew is a B2UTY??)


    Jo Min-ki is hilarious~! I haven’t seen him in any role besides being dad, king, and whutnot…

  23. 23 ninsarama

    i’m sorry. i know this is old news, but i just realized lee kikwang and yoon shi yoon played best friends in high kick 2. *SMACKING SELF IN THE FACE*

  24. 24 luvmydramas

    Yoon Shiyoon has really grown into this role, so much so that he has aged in my eyes to become just fine with BS. It has surprised me how fine the acting has become. Having watched a couple of episodes ahead of this one, even without understanding most of the the dialogue, it becomes very very interesting. The upcoming events and story are becoming much more intense. Can’t wait for more!

  25. 25 Anonymous

    Yoon Shi-yoon has definitely grown into the role. First four episodes I didn’t think he was successful at portraying JH’s dual personality. I thought he was good at portraying the cheeky and seemingly carefree side of JH and also successfully capture JH’s dark edge. However, he is not so successful at portraying the millionaire JH. It’s not so much because of his baby-face, it’s that he lack a certain air of self-confidence, drive and maturity that I will expect a successful businessman like JH to process. Keep in mind that JH is not even a chaebol, he is a self-made man who built his empire from scratch. I guess an older actor will really be a better fit for this character but no sense moaning over it. I do think that he has grown into the role especially in the last two episodes.

    Bong Sun is my favorite character and I think Lee Jia has done a wonderful job so far, both at portraying BS’s abrasive side and her vulnerable side. I haven’t really watched a lot of her dramas but this is the most honest performance I’ve seen from her. Especially the part where BS let her guard down and her vulnerability surfaces, BS(LJ) is wearing her heart on her sleeve and my heart just aches for her. I think LJ really improves a lot in her acting so I hope this drama will be a turning point for her in terms of acting skill.

    Chemistry wise, I think LJ and JH have managed to strike up a comfortable chemistry. It’s not sizzling but they are convincing as a pair who are strongly attracted to each other. I love both characters so I hope that they will both find happiness and peace, whether together or separately, preferably together. I like JH with Dr Park too, not as a couple which just seems mismatched to me, but I enjoying their bickering and therapy talk. I think Dr Park is more like a big brother to JH and I love how he has become a source of support for her.

  26. 26 Sate Ayam

    By far, best drama I’ve seen in a while.
    I don’t get why some people think YSY is too young for this role because I find it fits him so well. I don’t know his age, I never watched his dramas before. I first saw him in this drama and I think he nailed it. Forget about age. Look at the acting.

  27. 27 amelia

    how i wish maru pulled a hanna montana over bong sun. that would be real 2nd lead competition.

    looking forward to when everyone knows each other’s relation with each other… i so want to see Dr Park’s evaluation of jaehee after what happened in episode 7.

    • 27.1 ladida

      Maru…pulling a Hanna Montana? Yes, yes, you genius. That’s brilliant and now I want it to happen!

    • 27.2 Jomo

      I would go for that, but he can’t be in two places at one time!

    • 27.3 Jomo

      You know, amelia, your comment made me think.

      Jae Hee IS Hanna Montana in this!

      We have one actor playing two roles:
      The idol and the cop –
      One a confident professional star
      One a less confident growing professional.


      We have one character playing two roles:
      The rich designer and the valet parker –
      One a seemingly confident professional star
      One, seemingly, a less confident growing professional.

  28. 28 Mystisith

    This show is soooo goood ! How i enjoyed the Terminator references ! I knew it that the writer is also a fan of the saga. The scene where Jae Hee’s walking on the store, his frame successively captures by the CCTV. The way he entered the police station to fill in a complaint ( i could almost hear the I’ll be back line ). The crazy woman assaulting her psychiatrist ( Dr Silberman : get out of this body ! ). So funny. And finally the accusation of jae hee on that poor rookie cop ( who volunteers to check if he’s a real guy or not ? Not me, really, forehead piercings look awful on me, thanks. ) Except that the one who’s hiding something scary under that skin is indeed himself : BS was very right at the restaurant; He exsudes something dark and threatening.
    At first i worried for BS but i think she deals better than JH with her depression. Yes she has anger outbursts, she kicks, yells, bites and handbag punches ( a new trend in dramas apparently ). Well at least she interacts with people, expresses her dislikes.
    Jae Hee is. calm. like. a. bomb. Selfdestructive piece by piece. I don’t want to be in the area when it explodes : Judgement Day here we go.
    He thinks he’s in control of his 2 personalities, switching at will from one to the other, but it’s bullshit. He’s really burning in his own Hell and only Bong Sun can save him i think cause she knows the land. I don’t want him to end as the martyr who redeems himself by immersing in molten steel if you get the analogy. ( Or who dies and gives his heart to her because she gets in an accident and he would feel the need to prove he actually harbors one : writers you’re warned GRRRR !! ) : I want a happy ending in the Disney style, not the everyone dies à la Cameron. 🙂

    • 28.1 Mystisith

      oh ! and i forgot. I really want to know what Doctor Park is reading in Cosmo : maybe the horoscope, or an article entitled ” why women are attracted to men that make them laugh or get them infuriated “.

    • 28.2 ladida

      Wow. I did not catch all those references to The Terminator, but yeah, your analysis is awesome. We have these two people who are angry and lonely and depressed, but one is lying to himself and everyone around him and pretending that he isn’t while the other is introspective and always questioning and exploring herself. Both Bong Sun and Jae Hee have these exterior personas that mask their vulnerabilities: Jae Hee’s is a carefree, cheeky image that hides his guilt at having killed his hyung and his rage at having had a harsh and impoverished childhood, while Bong Sun’s is this prickly, sarcastic personality that keeps people from seeing how caring and observant of other’s feelings she really is. The thing is neither persona is actually false, it’s just that they are using one to veil the other, instead of presenting themselves to the world as a whole.

      I love how complex these characters are, and I especially love that the same amount of time and care and consideration is given to Bong Sun’s turmoil as to Jae Hee’s.

      • 28.2.1 Jomo

        Totally agree with”
        “I love how complex these characters are, and I especially love that the same amount of time and care and consideration is given to Bong Sun’s turmoil as to Jae Hee’s.”

        And going along that thinking, how applicable the OST is to BOTH of them!

        Because I have too many tears, because I’m afraid of love
        I can’t take a single step towards you even though you’re right in front of me
        If you really love me, run to me and hold me
        I can’t see you because I have too many tears

    • 28.3 Anonymous

      I think there’s a very important difference between BS and JH right now regarding their personality issues. It’s that BS now KNOWS she is suffering from depression and receiving treatment. That’s very important you know, the first step towards healing is to recognize that you have a problem and then seek help to deal with it. JH doesn’t know or refuse to admit that he needs help. He is holding it inside him and pretending to be okay when he is not. This makes things worse. This may explain why BS seems to be recovering while JH is getting worse. Or maybe I am reading too much into the drama. 🙂

      • 28.3.1 ladida

        Totally agree. Notice how when the doctor told Jae Hee he had a problem Jae Hee just dismissed him, but when he told that to Bong Sun she actually took the time to examine herself and figure out if she really was depressed.

      • 28.3.2 Mystisith

        Totally true. He has to get rid of denial then he will catch a helping hand. ( mine ? 🙂 ) More likely Dr Park; Now that i properly think about it he didn’t have quite a fatherly figure ( except the leather craftsman ) or a hyung isn’t it ? And BS will be the ointment on the stitches.

    • 28.4 Jomo

      Two things:
      LOL at
      “handbag punches ( a new trend in dramas apparently )”

      I have been calling JH’s two sides The Prince and The Pauper.

  29. 29 amelia

    oh yeah, i almost forgot.. when i watched this episode.. jaehee’s words at the end felt like such a mirror of lee ji ah’s real life situation. perhaps, that’s why she chose this drama to work on. possibly as a statement to the public about herself being a widlely misunderstood character. very much a healing process for both her character and real life self.

  30. 30 cv

    Thanks for recap!

  31. 31 mamadua

    I just want to thank Orangy911 one more time for a great recap!!! Waiting patiently for more……
    I surprised my self with liking this drama more than I like FBRS, MTF has a deeper meaning and touches my heart more….

    • 31.1 reeen

      Same here. While FBRS is all sweet fluff and amusing to watch, this drama is truly gripping. It seems to me that the characters have more depth and are truer to life than the usual KDrama characters. (Something that probably was also what made MNIKSS so successful. I definitely have to check out the other dramas by this writer.) And that’s definitely helped by great performances by Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Jia and Jo Min Ki. I’m really glad Orangy911’s engaging recaps convinced me to try watching MTF. To think that I almost missed it…

    • 31.2 ladida

      I’m surprised, too. I really enjoy FBRS, but I’m more excited for the new episodes of this show, and I just love Bong Sun so much. I want her to be happy, and I want to see her go on her journey towards happiness (i.e. standing up to her father, learning more about her mother, being an unni to Dal, and, of course, making out–ahem–I mean, loving and being loved by Jae Hee.) I just haven’t seen a kdrama heroine who is openly depressed and angry at people she feels have wronged her before. [Spoilers!] That scene where her mother tells her that she had thought of suicide and Bong Sun just asks, “So why didn’t you?” really got to me. And then it’s followed by her eating her mother’s food and imagining Jae Hee there with her and it just gives me so many feelings! [End of spoilers.]

      And I especially enjoy the fact that the attraction between her and Jae Hee is apparent right from the start, without either of them denying it to themselves. Which is why I’m confused as to what rich-boy Jae Hee is doing with Dal when he wants to run away with Bong Sun.

      • 31.2.1 momosa

        Exactly, I’m confused too – why rich boy hanging around Dal when he wants to run away with BS.

        What makes Dal so cute – I can’t see the cuteness besides outright unredeeming frankness of being material and thinking of him as nothing (as valet parker) & scenes where she kept prodding him about his fake watch & outfits really drive me nuts (like why so much time on these!).

        I can’t remember what she did that is so cute! Someone please refresh me….

  32. 32 Dkd

    Dr Park’s face is so lovely (L)

    • 32.1 reeen

      I think I have a bit of an Ajusshi crush on Dr. Park 😀 The expression on his face when he said Bong Sun was prettier when she’s drunk was just priceless.

      • 32.1.1 Mystisith

        Remember : For the therapy to be efficient the patient has to ” trust and fall in love with ” the therapist. That’s why Dr Park plays the cheerful nice guy with BS – Don’t be fooled !! – Does he have a softspot for her ?? Really can’t tell. He’s the thread connected to every other characters in the show. I wonder who will be paired with him at the end : maybe the icy witch 🙂 She sure does need help…

        • reeen

          I don’t think he actually has a soft spot for Bong Sun. If he does it’s definitely not in the romantic way, but in his role as her mentor. From the synopsis Dr Park is supposed to be a bit of a womanizer. I doubt that telling Bong Sun she’s pretty is still part of her official therapy, but I don’t think he means anything much by it either.

          But hey, I’ve never heard of a therapy that includes going out to drink with patients and advising them on love matters. And trust, yes, but falling in love with your therapist? I don’t think that’s intentioned either… 🙂

          Anyway, I love how well the actor portrays him as a slightly eccentric ahjussi psychologist. I think out of all the characters I find him the most believable, followed closely by Bong Sun.

  33. 33 Drina

    Saranghae for the recaps, my dearest Orangy.. Waiting to read the next episodes recaps ASAP. Fi9hting!

  34. 34 threeangels

    Thanks for the recap 🙂 LJ is so believable & her acting is so raw that i’m sure ev’ry can relate to her @ 1 point in time in their lives. Her vulnerbility is what makes her character come alive on screen & makes her heart ache and symphatize with her. Her playing bs is the best role she could of taken & it should make all those who questioned or criticized her acting just shut their mouths up! Ev’ry deserves a second chance cuz we all make mistakes in life (in reference to her personal life). Ysy has come full circle in his acting as jh omg he’s so good i wish i was bs receiving his love and anger @the same time. Ysy really makes you feel jh pain and loneliness and guilt and depth of his heart for bs all at once. I wanted to reach out and pop him one in ep.7 but it just shows how good of a portrayal he’s proving as jh. I hope that he sees thru the evil and manipulitive ways of crazy psycho pt direct. and I really hope nothing comes of him and Dal romance side and I pray 4 a happy ending btwn bs & jh plz 🙂

  35. 35 Hipployta

    My little hearts loves this drama to pieces…I’m patiently awaiting subs for episodes 7 and 8 while reading up on all the wonderful things that happened *sigh*

  36. 36 Abbie

    I wasn’t expecting that kind of past from Jae Hee. It’s surprising and sad. Sad in the way that he killed his friend and hasn’t forgiven himself, even though Hwa Young has. I do wish he’d come clean about being the owner of the company.

    I like Dr. Park and I like his relationship with Dal, who I find annoying and bratty.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  37. 37 Kaa

    I’m really enjoying this drama, really.
    Lee Jia’s character is super cute and “true”, it’s very easy to like and support her. She’s funny (even if she doesn’t know it), and strong no matter how many weaknesses she can have. But it’s kind of sad how lonely she is, all she wants is to be loved, but there is no one around. When Dr Park said that all family has problems and that she’s not the only one, I was kind of: “yeah, true, but still, it’s sad”.
    I love her relationship with him though but I don’t feel romantic vibe from that couple.
    I’m loving so far Yoon Shi Yoon’s character: maybe he looks a bit too young for the role, but actually it doesn’t bother me at all. I like the way he embodies Jae Hee, even though I must admit that I’m a little tired with the accidental-murder-of-a-friend/relative (I’m thinking about My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Someday for example). His relationship with Bong Sun has won me over, they are so cute together (I LOVE when he has fun annoying her on purpose). Sometimes, his face looks like a mix of Gong Yoo (when he smiles) and Lee Chun Hee (not that I mind, of course…!), but maybe I’m hallucinating ^_^.
    I don’t have any interest in Han Go Eun’s character, either because I dislike Hwa Young (You know, it’s sick to stalk someone all day long like she does. Someone, tell her that love has nothing to do with possession already.), either because I dislike the way Han Go Eun portrays her. Maybe a little bit of the two. And Dal is a brat that I still don’t know if I like her or not, but I hope her relationship with Bong Sun will soften a little on the way.
    Anyway, I think it can be a great show. I’m so looking forward as much as I dread to see the moment when Bong Sun realizes that Jae Hee isn’t the one she thinks he is (like an owner of a luxury business…), because Jae Hee’s lie will deeply hurt her and makes her lose confidence in him. It will be heartbreaking to watch.
    I can’t wait to read the next recap, thank you so much orangy 🙂

  38. 38 margie

    this drama is really good…i mean really good…enjoying this a lot!

  39. 39 sjsmn

    you people right. At first it seemed they all miscasted. But they are so good at acting, they are all doing good job.
    very good actors.

  40. 40 bee

    this drama really touches my heart, ep 7 and 8 were wonderful 🙂 waiting to hear your recaps on it!

  41. 41 wind

    This is one of the rare K-dramas that I feel so anticipated every week to watch.
    I love Ji Ah as BS. Her acting skill is truly touching, it reaches out to my heart. The scene when she was young, and saw her mother came out of the motel was heart breaking. Or the scene when Pink sang to her but then he disappeared and she was left alone, was also very good. I feel so sympathy toward her. I hope she will soon find her happiness because she is a GOOD person, she deserves it!!! BTW, I hope they would add in another attractive male character to compete w/ JH for BS’s love. [SPOILER] The real Pink appeared in ep. 7, so I wonder are they going to make him actually like BS later on [/SPOILER].
    YSY acts well, but I don’t know why that I can’t feel his love / liking toward BS. On the other hand, I clearly see that BS is falling for JH. Anyway, I just watched ep. 8 and I think they were really cute. I hope they would have a happy ending.
    Don’t care to much about Hwa Young b/c she looks kinda too annoyed. I mean, can’t she really smile w/ her whold heart for once?
    BS’s stepsister is okay. I hope she would turn out to be a decent person later on.
    P/S: I want to know more about BS’s ex-boyfriend.

  42. 42 Soso

    I kind of love/hate this drama. What I love…I think Ji Ah is doing a good job of portraying Bong Sun. She makes me believe in the tough exterior, but a softy on the outside. It took me to episode 6 for me to finally be able to get beyond Yoon Shi-yoon’s baby face, but I’m there finally. Still I can’t help wishing they had an actor who looked the age. But he is doing a great job and I’m just thankful that he’s got some acting chops. What I hate are the secondary characters. The annoying sister and the creepy stalky Hwa Young seems like caricatures and I don’t see any depths. Why is the sister so annoying and so disrespectful? Why is Hwa Young so obsessed with JH? It isn’t convincing; therefore a little sick and then you add the physical difference of a clearly in her 30s woman obsessing with someone that could pass for a high schooler and I just feel overall ick and discomfort. I continue to watch b/c I enjoy BS/JH scenes and I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops. Thanks for the recap!

    • 42.1 momosa

      My sentiments too!

  43. 43 Drina

    I wondering why I only hav Orangy to recap the story of this drama? I’ve been Googling for days buT I couldn’t find another blog or site that care to write the recap of episode this drama better than DB, and it frustrates me,, it seems that patience is something lacked in me,,
    Are there any other site ouT there that aware of me too flower, guys?

  44. 44 RaeRae

    I’m just loving this series! Even as it gets serious, I’m still fascinated and eager for more! I was loving Flower Boy Ramyun Shop…but Chi Soo’s constant denial over the last 7 episodes is starting to get annoying! This drama is so easy to watch, and I love the leads!! YSY plays his part so well!!

    Glad he’s back! 😀

  45. 45 sjs

    Can’t wait ep9,
    baby uuuuuuuuuuu ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ohhh my heart, uuuuuu
    my love
    You people now what I’m singing….

  46. 46 giddy

    Jae Hee spending time with Dal is irritating to me, too, but isn’t out of guilt for hitting her with the tennis ball? I don’t think he fancies her at all with the way he keeps shoving her in cars and getting rid of her.

    YSY totally rocks this role–the age was unsettling at first, but I figured he was a younger friend of HY’s husband? At first it seemed like HY was interested in Jae Hee, but then it’s more like wanting to hold on to him to control him for the company (he’s the genius designer). And now that we know about the basis for their relationship, even moreso, it’s like making him payback for the hurt he inflicted on her because of the accident.

    Can’t wait for the tide to turn and Jae Hee and BS start some smoother sailing in their relationship. Like others, this is my drama of choice, even over FBRS.

  47. 47 Drina

    I’m in love with BS and JH pairing..
    I could see their feeling toward each other. EsPecially BS, how I adore her,, she’s too sweet and cuTe and fragile. I woNder what will she do if she finds ouT abouT JH true idEntity… I’ve just watched the raw of episode 8,, i hope the english sub will come soOn, i really cAN’T Wait! Argh, watching Kdrama when it’s airing is such a torture:'((

  48. 48 DarknessEyes

    I don’t think the accident was Jae Hee’s fault at all… well, at least according to the few details they’ve given to us. I mean, why was the husband standing there anyway? That’s so stupid. It’s obvious that Jae Hee wouldn’t be able to see him…

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