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Meet the Bachelors of the Veggie Store
by | November 29, 2011 | 135 Comments

I thought we’d only have one bachelor in upcoming drama Bachelor’s Vegetable Store — played by Ji Chang-wook — but we get SIX? The more, the merrier. Bring on the pretty!

They are, in order of the photo below:

  • Ji Chang-wook, our hero (Warrior Baek Dong-soo);
  • Kim Young-kwang (White Christmas);
  • Lee Kwang-soo (City Hunter);
  • pop singer Ji-hyuk from six-member boy band Supernova;
  • new face and model Sung Ha;
  • and musical actor Shin Won-ho, who I swear could be a dead ringer for Ji Chang-wook himself.
  • Of those other five supporting bachelors, budding actor Kim Young-kwang has the biggest role, with actor/variety performer Lee Kwang-soo close behind. Both have a slightly offbeat charm; 24-year-old Kim Young-kwang (who had bit parts in My Fair Lady, Triple and The World They Live In) reminds me a bit of Lee Min-ki with his brand of gangly hotness. Kim will play the son of a wealthy family who teams up with Ji Chang-wook and comes to work at the shop, and enjoys a particularly close relationship with his single mother.

    Lee Kwang-soo, you may recall, had a comic relief role in City Hunter as the geeky tech guy, although he may be better known these days for his participation in variety show Running Man.

    Of the newbies, Sung Ha recently attracted quite a lot of attention after starring with Shin Mina in a CF-slash-music-video for HERA cosmetics, in which he alternately helps and stalks her, only to have her return the favor. After the video released, he shot to No. 1 in search engine queries.

    And those of you watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop may recognize Shin Won-ho — not from the show itself, but from that Skin Food Black Sugar CF that usually plays in the beginning commercial break. (Yet another reason not to skip ’em.)

    The producers are pushing the moniker VF 6 DoLL as the nickname for the sextet, which… I think is lame given that it doesn’t roll off the tongue. Or, you know, make immediate sense. I’m sure the netizens can come up with a better name, and one that’s organic to the show. But nomenclature aside, the drama will follow the six young healthy men with strong personalities who work hard and fall in love.

    But we need some ladies up in this hizzy, which brings us to Wang Ji-hye (Protect the Boss) and Park Su-jin (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho).

    Wang Ji-hye will play the main love interest for Ji Chang-wook, and I’m glad for that since I like her a LOT better than former pop singer Park Su-jin, who is a limited actress at best. It doesn’t help that she’s played hateable characters, like Kim Bum’s blah ex-girlfriend in Boys Before Flowers and Lee Seung-gi’s scheming noona-crush in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.

    Park Su-jin is being paired off with Kim Young-kwang, and like his character, she has also grown up privileged and unchallenged by difficulty. She’ll have some complications with the main hero, though, just as I suspect that Wang Ji-hye will probably have some love rivals as well. You just can’t cast that many hot young things, put them all to work in the same small store, and not tangle everybody up in youthful romance and angst.

    The drama is based on the true story of a young man who built up a large franchise from a single tiny vegetable shop in 1998, who is now 40 years old and the CEO of a company with 33 stores throughout South Korea.

    Bachelor’s Vegetable Store will be a cable drama broadcasting on Channel A. It’ll air on Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning on December 21.

    Via TV Report


    135 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
    1. Jomo

      * Gulp *
      I don’t think I will be able to handle this one with a sane mind, but I guess sanity is overrated anyway.

      • 1.1 Jomo

        OMG * Shin Won-ho β€” not from the show itself, but from that Skin Food Black Sugar CF – pretty pretty pretty jailbait.

        • 1.1.1 lal.

          Anybody want to see a topless Shin Won Ho? He gets stripped countless times in this Bean Pole CF with GD (;


          • come2noona

            That was so cute! I have a soft spot for uri G-Puppy…. I mean G-Dragon!

          • kay

            aww i was wondering who that cutie was when this cf first came out. he looks a bit like joongki to me. and gd is adorable as always.

          • JoAnne

            Ah! So CUTE – both of them!

        • 1.1.2 JoAnne

          how are you seeing the actual commercials, Jomo? I only see the American commercials. Wahhhhhhhh

          • Jomo

            They are in the downloaded .avi files for FBRS.
            I guess those get cut out in the streaming sites?

          • Jomo

            Skin Food ad with the boy


            • neener

              Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I can’t wait for him to act!

        • 1.1.3 JoAnne

          Also…I call dibs on middle top boy!!!

        • 1.1.4 DB5K

          Sung Ha looks almost too perfect *_* I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get emotionally attached to people that are perfectly beautiful. They are lovely to stare at and mesmerize about, but they just don’t seem very human to me, lol.

          SHIN WON HO on the other hand, <333!!!! ZOMG!!! He was simply TOO cute in those skin food black sugar facial scrub cf's~~ I hope that's his real voice, and not a voice over, because the voice was also ADORBS *squee!!!* The voice really reminded me of ZE:A's Dongjoon, whom I LOVE. I envy people in Korea that can watch commercials with such hotties on a daily basis. I'd be clamoring to watch more commercials if Shin Won Ho were in them, hehehe. He's not jailbait for me, on the contrary, he's an oppa. But I too can be classified as a pedonoona ever since Boyfriend and Teen Top debuted~~ they just seem to be getting younger and younger ^^

        • 1.1.5 kbap

          Anyone know where to watch the Black Sugar CF?? I must see that pretty boy πŸ™‚ I was thinking he looks like Song Joong-ki, or is it just me? Well, kinda… a little.

          I can’t wait for Veggie Store…so many cute boys πŸ˜€

      • 1.2 aoiaheen

        Hello Jomo! Thought I’d find you here πŸ™‚

        “six young healthy men with strong personalities who work hard and fall in love. ”

        Who cares if we remain sane?

        • 1.2.1 Jomo

          So to make this perfect, let’s have a cameo by YSH/Una (who still lives) as an old rival who used to compete with JCW in fencing.

          • aoiaheen

            OMG! I was thinking about the same thing! well… not the fencing bit, but the old rival one. Did we discuss this before on an other thread? Can’t remember.

            I just realized that “pretty” is not lacking in korea. When You’re beautiful got over I remember thinking, “What do I do till the next JGS drama”… then SKKS came on and I go, “What do I do till the next YAI and SJK drama”… and then WBDS came on and I go, “What do I do till the next JCW and YSH drama”…

            And now I get not 1 but 6 pretty faces. And If YSH comes as a cameo that will be 6 pretty faces and one gorgeous beauty. (Yes…. I’m partial to those soft features.)

            Korea is so nice to me πŸ™‚

            • Jomo

              You know what we need here, a, is that article about the real life guy who started the store.

              Do you still have that link? It would be a tremendous boost to see that again. YY would surely appreciate it as she prolly clicked on that link many many times because it was so interesting.

            • aoiaheen

              Ah! I remember! It took me ages to find it.

              Here you go….


            • Jomo

              Thank you.
              It amazes me he was able to get that done.
              Although you could argue when you have the right assets, anything is possible.

            • aoiaheen

              Yes. I truly admire the man. I agree that most of his assets are God given. He has put some work into maintaining those assets, but still… not everyone would be able to achieve what he has.

              And he must have had good friends to help him along the way. You know, with the vegetable oil and stuff.

            • JoAnne

              I know what’s happening here…and yet I allow myself to get sucked in anyway.

            • JoAnne

              You know how when they hire someone new that new person always tells every one that will be their senior ‘Please be good to me.’…yeah…I’m so going with that. Every time one of those pretty boys comes into view I’m just going to sigh ‘Please be good to me.’ and then…after a while I guess I will have to rewind to watch what I missed while I was staring off into the distance letting my imagination run wild.

            • YY

              That dang link, bane of my life. I am never ever going to click on it again. Ever.

            • Jomo


              I feel so bad that I have provided you with a bane.

              Here is somehting that may help:
              Ban Bane

              It’s like the antigens/antibodies connection.
              (Don’t google that.)

          • Linda165

            Please keep the hair, please keep the hair…

        • 1.2.2 Shiku


      • 1.3 Linda165

        Sanity is overrated, and frankly, not needed to freely enjoy this amount of hotness.

    2. Mystisith

      LOL !! Someone’s trying to replicate FBRS phenomenon. Not that i complain : I love flowers, boys and veggies… Just change the title to “Flower Boy Veggie Shop”. MIAM!!!!

      • 2.1 Leona

        This drama was in project way before FBRS… Yoon Shi Yoon was cast as the main lead just after Baker King.

        They want to replicate BBF and Coffee Prince, coz you know… they realized that we are pedo ahjummas (or at least half of this blog’s readers ) and love to watch them at work… or sorta

        • 2.1.1 Jomo

          This half reporting for duty, sir.

          • Mystisith

            Dammit!!! Someone blew my cover.
            Remember: we are clever young beautiful and funny women sharing artistic and constructive points about a particular category of asian males…

            • Jomo

              …who because of their superior intellect realize:
              —> Math solves nothing! Nothing!

              esp when subtracting/adding things like birth years…

            • Mystisith

              Major evidence added to the file : just check the pics of kim bum linked by bsmm on the “PAdam PAdam posters are out” post. comment nΒ°42 :I’ m still on astral trip mode, gosh…

        • 2.1.2 cherkell

          LOL I resemble that remark… πŸ™‚

    3. Sate Ayam

      Kkotminam ovaload! Bring em on, baby!

    4. Tha

      Mmm mmm good….

    5. Arhazivory

      Oh maaaaaan! This can’t air soon enough. I was all excited because of JCW and WJH but now I have 5 more reasons to squeal. πŸ˜€

    6. Ani

      Yay Kwangsoo. I am happy for him.

      I sure hope this drama meets our expectations. And looky here! It’s Ice Cream from PTB. Should be fun. I hope they don’t make Park Sujin a menace because I feel bad for her and the number of things people will start calling her, especially the things to do with her long neck.

    7. swui

      I’d be sure to watch out for this…since all the cable dramas so far seem solid.

    8. ricky the royal highness

      Ooh here comes the veggies all the noonas were talking about in the OT. Heh

      • 8.1 cherkell

        Sorry Ricky… we didn’t mean to keep you away from the conversation, but Channel A was keeping any production news way too quiet since the drama was announced. We just decided to formulate the storyline by ourselves until *real* news arrived. I think we did quite well there… πŸ™‚

        • 8.1.1 ricky the royal highness

          I was having too much fun reading and gasping at all the outrageous things & pictures all of you posted.

          Noonas can be very naughty sometimes. Made me laugh though πŸ™‚

      • 8.2 JoAnne

        That was the best OT ever. I could not stop laughing.

        • 8.2.1 ricky the royal highness

          HAHA True. That week was exceptionally saturated with noona love.

          I scoffed, laughed, gasped, scoffed and laughed myself silly again and again because of all those veggie posts.

    9. cv

      omg! I can’t wait to watch this drama! *fan self*

    10. 10 aoiaheen

      Such cute guys! So when JCW is not on screen, these guys will be on? *giggles in glee*

      How many days till the 21st??? Why does it seem like far too many?

    11. 11 QT

      six pretty guys on screen? I’m watching this ^^
      that’s a really nice picture of Gwang Soo you put there & I dont know if I can see him not being funny like in RUnning Man

    12. 12 Kou

      I’ll watch this for Kim Young Kwang. I’m curious about what projects and roles the White Christmas cast members choose to take. The transition from such a meaty, well-rounded project to mainstream roles interests me. I think that Kim Young Kwang has a certain man-child charm to him that translates well onscreen.

    13. 13 K

      Yay! Lee Kwang Soo! I love him. He’s incredibly hilarious in Running Man. Haven’t seen City Hunter though. But I think I might just try this.

    14. 14 ck1Oz

      Whoa I just went from 0 interest to I am watching this πŸ™‚

      Guess we know what will be happening on OT with FBRS AND Veg store.

      Can you Unnis like that many young hotties πŸ™‚ at the same time?

      • 14.1 aoiaheen

        We Unnis will try our best.

        Actually I don’t have to try. Liking many hotties at the same time comes naturally to me. (I don’t like to brag… but drooling is a particular talent of mine) Especially when they look like they do in the photo’s above.

      • 14.2 JoAnne

        With both hands tied behind my back…


    15. 15 cherkell

      I’m just breathing a sigh of relief that these Hot Young Boys were all finally decided upon — I mean, how many dramas go into their first weeks of shooting with only 1/5th of their characters cast or no press conference, hm? And the first time I saw the teaser pics of Shin Won Ho, I immediately thought “Oh no no no! They brought in Song Joong Ki as one of the Bachelors?!?” Wonho-sshi definitely has some of Joong Ki’s resemblance in his eyes. Sigh.

      With all that musical theatre talent in one spot, I’m praying for some singing and dancing in this series (or at least some awesome NGs that make their way to YouTube or Daum TV). Do these hotties really *need* a nickname? How about “V6 Bachelor Juice: Your Daily Dose of Pretty Vitamins in One Glass!” Naw, that’s too long… hmmm… I’ll have to give that some thought while staring at that picture for the next 12 hours or so. πŸ™‚

      Sucks that it’s too cold on the outdoors filming set, but hopefully that means the Brooding Shower Scenesβ„’ will have to be moved indoors instead. But yes… all this pretty on the screen at one time is probably going to make my eyeballs explode. Over and over and over and over…. ::looks into opthamologist insurance coverage::

      • 15.1 aoiaheen

        β€œV6 Bachelor Juice: Your Daily Dose of Pretty Vitamins in One Glass!” lol!

        Just V6 should do. Do they get that in korea? But V6 tastes horrible.

        “Sucks that it’s too cold on the outdoors filming set, but hopefully that means the Brooding Shower Scenesβ„’ will have to be moved indoors instead.”

        How sad! That means we won’t get to see JCW working in the garden? and “he’s [not] going to float slow-mo over to a barrel of cold water next to the garden ” ?

        Wasn’t that the whole point of the show?

        @YY we need another storyline. Yours is not feasible in current weather conditions.

        • 15.1.1 cherkell

          Yeah, but V8 (especially the Spicy version) is hella awesome in Bloody Mary drinks. Yum!!

          There’s hope for us yet!! According to someone’s Naver blog this morning, there was a bit of a ‘heat wave’ (19ΒΊ C is a heat wave?) last week in the Seoul area, and some outdoor scenes were filmed with shirtless Bachelors. No pictures were attached, and this person didn’t state *who* exactly was shirtless, though. Um… fdsaklfjaklsdfdaaaaaaaaahhhl!!!

          BUT I WANT PICTURES, DAMMIT!!! A basic tenet of law is that photographic evidence is necessary to confirm facts. I volunteer to further research this issue, and will not sleep or eat until some sort of pictorial (either static or videographic) shows our Bachelors in slow-mo, while a halo of light in the background accentuates their rippling muscles, and a cascade of water runs slowly down their rock-hard abs…

          … until they get too cold being outdoors and then need to move indoors to their respective showers (or a locker room; I’m not picky) in slow-mo, while a halo of light from the ceiling above accentuates their rippling muscles, and a cascade of water runs slowly down their rock-hard abs…

          24 days… 24 days… 24 days… πŸ™‚

      • 15.2 JoAnne

        …do you think they will all live behind/above the vegetable shop? And maybe have to all take showers together, kind of like a locker room?

        Please be good to me. Please be good to me. Please be good to me.

        • 15.2.1 aoiaheen

          Living together… showering together….If its cold, then they’d need to take hot showers, right? Imagine all that steam…. misting up the mirrors and glass panels.

          Please be good to JoAnne. Please be good to JoAnne. Please be good to JoAnne.

          • JoAnne

            Aw, Aoiaheen…so nice to me πŸ™‚

        • 15.2.2 YY

          So what if it’s too cold to plant veggies outside? They can always plant veggies INSIDE! You know, build a hothouse next to the shower. That way they can swagger sweatily and absily from hothouse to shower to hothouse to shower every ep. As they pass each other (cos some will be on the way TO the hothouse, some will be on the way OUT of the hothouse, they’ll high-five each other absily and grunt, in cool Engrish: “WHAT’S UP, YO”, cos they’re young and hip and cool and speaker Engrish.

          Those high glass walls would be really good for creating that halo of light effect that cherkell’s so obsessed with. Oh, and they can plonk a big tub of hot veggie oil right outside the shower room/rooms (can’t decide yet whether I want to see absy guys showering alone or together; my mind goes fuzzy just thinking about it, so I have to start thinking all over again, then it goes fuzzy again). That big tub of veggie oil will auto-replenish so it’s always like full (don’t ask me how) and bubbling. For those of you who’re worried the hot veggie oil will burn those silky skins, rest assured Jomo says it won’t cos….cos….cos Jomo says it won’t!

          They won’t need clothes since it’s indoors, so they can walk around in their natural states, and if they feel cold, they can just leap slow-mo into the hot veggie oil, or take a hot shower, or go inside the hothouse and turn the heat on high….oh dang, that’d kill the veggies….

          • cherkell

            @YY!! She shoots.. she SCORES!! We need to make sure the tub of auto-replenishing veggie oil is like one of those automatic pet watering systems I see on the late-night informercials. No muss; no fuss! And also make sure it’s a monounsaturated veggie oil in that tank… we don’t want our 6Packs getting heart disease in their later years. πŸ™‚

            FIRST ON-SET PICTURE!! FIRST ON-SET PICTURE!! Drink in The Pretty, chingus:


            • JoAnne

              …did one of them melt away from the hotness? Just leaving his puffy coat behind?

            • Jomo

              Oh, I didn’t mention that while the hot veggie oil doesn’t burn silky skins cos….cos….cos it won’t, it may melt the person.
              No problem here. Just like Frosty the Snowman, a quick step into the walk in fridge will reform him, as was.

            • cherkell

              JCW wrote “It’s Jason!!” (ya know, like the “Friday the 13th” serial killer? Those movies are real popular in SK). I keep forgetting this boy is such a young pup… who knows what goes on in the mind of a 24-year-old, ne? (Wait… don’t get me started…)

              Anyway. Picture Number Two tweeted from the set last night. Nothing much to see here… move along… πŸ™‚


          • Jomo

            That is abs tastic!

          • aoiaheen

            wow! YY! this story is even better than the last.

            I have a strange feeling with all these stories going on in my mind, when the real thing hits the screen, I’m going to be disappointed.

            “What??? JCW is wearing clothes? the 6 guys are NOT standing around naked giving each hi-5’s? How come they are not coating each other in bubbling hot veggie oil that melts but does not burn the skin??? Where’s the freaking halo of light and how come it’s not accentuating the sweaty abs of the 6pack??”

    16. 16 emma

      I knew that guy Shin Won ho was familiar. For some reason he looks like Song Joong Ki and Changmin (DBSK) mixed. Hmmh….

    17. 17 Danna

      I’m so allergic to Park Su Jin after MGIAG it’s not even funny….which is why I thank my lucky stars that this show has 6 hot men to buffer her ew factor, because it would be a damn shame to be missing out on JCW and my fav ice cream girl cuz of her

      • 17.1 Danna

        Also Lee Young Kwang was so awesome in White Christmas!!! Now I have to watch this!!!

    18. 18 gingeranna

      I think I prefer Park Soo Jin than “fishface” Wang Ji Hye, but who cares. I want to see pretty boys.

      Please dear drama producers, you haven’t yet made a drama about four pretty boys who decide to do stripteases because they don’t have enough money to survive. There’s even a movie about that, you only need to copy it and add some abs in the middle and I’ll be grateful forever!

      (Why is it that they’re always even?
      BOF = 4
      FBRS = 4
      This one = 6
      Oh wait. Is it ’cause they grow each time? Good. Very good. :P)

      • 18.1 Zoya

        Oh my! Do you think that Park Soo Jin look very prettier than Wang Ji Hye? It doesn’t matter with their looks, of course. \^___^ /

        Haha, this drama might be moooore interesting than BOF and FBRS because of SIX bachelors, oooo….that’d be exciting. πŸ˜€

        • 18.1.1 gingeranna

          Purely on the looks, yes. I’ve hated both so much in past dramas that I don’t know what to think! I’m a bit puzzled.
          Are we sure they’re going to be the good girls this time? Both?

    19. 19 Mystisith

      Dear Santa, for Christmas i want a funny drama about door to door flower salesmen. They would be cast by Dramabean registered members only (join you email please). Anything welcome : vacuum cleaner, wine, carpets, underwear, tupperware, baby rabbits, anything…
      One condition : entertaining, clever, funny and sexy demonstrations.. Production Teams should consider this, they would do a lot of money and wouldn’t even be criticised about product placement. And happy fangirls all over the world : It’s a win/win contract. To quote the main male character of Me To Flower : I SELL HAPPINESS. Now understand that the way you want πŸ™‚

    20. 20 Cam

      Gosh, I really love Ji Chang Wook, woooot!! ^__^ Wow, also, there are six cute bachelors who works at veggie store and fall in love with women…..that must be INTERESTING. I am loooking forward to this, especially for based on a true story, LOVE it! ;D

    21. 21 Cynthia

      VF 6 DoLL??

      Nu-uh. I’m gonna call ’em “6PACK” – (minus 1, cause Kwang Soo? C’mon – he’s funny, but HOT? No.)

      I’m definitely watching this one. And most likely re-watching certain scenes, ad nauseum. While smiling.

      • 21.1 Jomo

        YES! Perfect!

      • 21.2 cherkell

        *DINGDINGDING* And we have a winner!! Cynthia, you get first pick of calling one of the Bachelors “MINE” for the duration of the Show. With the exception of grabbing JCW, because that’s *my* job…

        I kinda think Kwangsoo-sshi is hot-ish, in a nerdy/goofy way. Who knows — he may surprise us all with his own ‘crate of vegetables,’ if ya catch my drift. πŸ™‚

        • 21.2.1 JoAnne

          I claimed middle top boy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy up there. I don’t know who he is. But at this point in the thread I’ve got both hands tied behind my back while he showers in the locker room with all the other pretty…so his name pretty much doesn’t matter.

          Please be good to me. Please be good to me. Please be good to me.

        • 21.2.2 Alvina

          Just for you, nerdy Kwangsoo:

          • Ani

            How freaking adorable!!! I think part of his problem is his freaking haircut. If they gave him a cuter/hotter haircut that fits his adorkableness it would be great. Yay RM’s resident Incriminator! Kwangvatar fighting~

        • 21.2.3 Cynthia

          Thank you for the approval!

          I shall call DIBS on 6PACK #6, Shin Won-ho – I’m a total sucker for that cute, noona-killer look of his!


      • 21.3 LimaKid

        Call me crazy, but i think Kwang soo is hot! (of course, not when he’s playing the nerdy type, but c’mon give the guy SOME credit) πŸ™‚

      • 21.4 YY

        What a great name! 6 pack and veggies acting together in one drama! This is going to be awesome! I really feel those actresses are unnecessary. Six absy guys planting veggies together is a great, great plot. In fact, I’d call it THE best plot of the year.

        • 21.4.1 Mystisith

          I’m about to get a new job. I want to become an Organic Farmer. My farm will be side by side with the veggie shop, and i don’t know why but i think my back is getting fragile already. Really need help from muscled oiled neighbors.
          Searching for roommates to share bills and landscape at the window. warning : only 1 shower, installed in the middle of the bedroom. ( If you ask why, i’ve just rewatched the great taiwanese drama Mars and then i remember the so many advantages of open spaces… ) πŸ™‚

    22. 22 Jomo

      Not for anything really related to this article, but PIE’s character name is Kim Young-kwang in Man of Honor.

    23. 23 kirara

      now this is what i call FUN! We get to watch six good looking bachelors in one show!!! I’m actually excited to watch this although this is my first info of the drama..

      Thanks for posting this great info!

    24. 24 Banu

      Ay ay ay! to hot for me to handle! Shin Won-ho >>from skinfood commercial..^__^ Yes.. sweet casting..

      • 24.1 Jomo

        With the release of this news, Skin Food’s stock goes through the roof!

    25. 25 Chels

      Haha, I almost Googled the Skin Food commercial yesterday to see who the guy in it was. No need! He is ridiculously adorable and I’ve only seen him in a thirty second commercial.

    26. 26 Alvina

      I dunno about you guys but totally watching this for Lee Kwang Soo.
      Ever since his CF days and his small explosion of comedy on Star Golden Bell (and then Running Man), I’ve loved this guy. If he does one of these
      (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV99NcF7v9k&feature=related) while doing a veggie run, I’ll love him even more!
      Mania fans ftw!

      Though, having all of the pretty makes me happy too!

      Side Note: Whatever happened to the reality competition Oh Boy! ? You cant stream tvN to my knowledge, and I cant find it online..
      Is it over? Who won?

      • 26.1 JoAnne

        I wanted to see that, too – hopefully someone will know something/have a link to watch.

      • 26.2 Marina

        I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it. I would like to know too!

      • 26.3 Ani

        Poor Kwangvatar! He is soooo freaking adorkable. I’m going to be watching this for him too. X)

        • 26.3.1 Alvina

          *high five* Ani. RM puppy ftw.

    27. 27 crazedlu

      AGHHHH! overdose of prettyyy.

      i’m still insanely angered over wang ji hye’s casting. of ALL the actresses, HER?!?!??!?! i mean, i’m glad it’s not park su jin, but seriously?? would’ve opted for someone cute looking. ji changwook always gets paired with really intense faces and one friggin stiff one (you know who you are, wooden samini). and really, i just don’t like wang ji hye’s acting. urghh.

      still.. ji chang wook!!

      come swiftly december 21st.

    28. 28 Saa

      Crossing my fingers praying to the drama deities that our cast is here to stay!

    29. 29 lychee

      oh my Gwangsoo !
      now i am even more excited to see this πŸ™‚

    30. 30 dancinfff

      Gotta support my silly running man Lee Kwang Soo and of course Wang Ji Hye after her performance in PTb. I was going to check it out before, now I’ll be sure to since Kwang soo is taking a part of it. I loved/love him in High Kick!

    31. 31 Yee

      That Sung Ha dude is a total cutie!

    32. 32 canxi


      ^Lee Kwang Soo is sooo adorable
      But WHO did your hair in City Hunter?! I want to punch them >:l

    33. 33 Amara

      Okay, in those pictures above, I seriously thought Ji Chang-wook was Kim Bum and that Shin Won-Ho was Song Joong-ki. o__O

    34. 34 aquarius

      Veggie shop, Ramyon store, kimchi stall, something kitchen, what more to come in K dramas? Korea go green, let us eat and eat… The PD- s are running out of ideas in names.

    35. 35 Jen

      Lee Kwang-soo is so awesome! I think I’m going to watch this just because of him.

    36. 36 Shena

      Young Kwang!!! <3 I dont want him to pair up with Park Su Jin, should've gotten a much younger and better actress.

    37. 37 Steamy Bun

      Okay, on first glance (and even preceding STARES) me and my sleep-deprived mind saw Kim Bum in the first pic; Lee Sun Gyun in the third; Jo In Sung in the fourth; and Song Joong Ki in the sixth. Wow, for a second there I thought I’d won some kind of crazy lottery!!

      On another note, I really do not like Park Su Jin. It’s not her fault, really. It’s just that she’s been annoying in everything I’ve seen her in. Actually, I guess she wasn’t terrible in her tiny role in Queen Seon Deok.

      • 37.1 Steamy Bun

        oops, I meant proceeding stares… I think…

    38. 38 RaeRae

      What is with cable taking over all the good shows?! There’s Flower Ramyun Shop, Me Too, Flower! and now THIS?! KBS, SBS, and MBC need to step up their game… this is so sad for them, and so NICE for me! πŸ˜€

    39. 39 jessie

      OMONA! *literally drools at the beautiful cast*
      I’m so in!! those whole kkotminam dramas seem a trend right now, and I’m not going to complain either! in 2012 there are better be a bunch of dramas like this for sure!
      Bring them on!

    40. 40 YY

      Latest ad:

      He’s BACK
      And this time
      He’s brought his FRIENDS with him
      All SIX of them


      Coming your way


      They’re HOT
      They’re WILD
      They’re VEGETARIAN

      Dicing potatoes was never this dangerous.

      • 40.1 Alvina

        oh my YY. You always tickle my funny bone haha. How do you come up with these ideas?!

      • 40.2 Jomo

        To that, I say in the bachelors’ stead: Ouch!

      • 40.3 Mystisith

        Dilemna : I wonder if the veggies will be eaten or just pet veggies like the tamed potato of greatest love. Really, you can’t eat your best friend isn’t it ? I’m sure the clients / ajhummas will mummify them to decorate their homes and to remember their loved one : One guy = one special veggie.
        Sorry, something’s wrong with my brain lately….

    41. 41 sunpatrol

      Wang Ji Hye in a lead role finally (kinda)! I really enjoyed watching her in Protect the Boss (usually i find second leads to be just..meh). Hwaiting!

    42. 42 girlatsea

      CRYING because I didn’t see this until just now.

      I cannot wait.

    43. 43 NTran

      WA-H? Ji Chang Wook is just a supporting role?
      Not main! I have neeb waiting for the drama jsut for him!

      • 43.1 cherkell

        Not to worry, @NTran… the picture above is kinda misleading, but JCW was most definitely cast as the Lead, Official Hero and Head Bachelor for this series. We won’t have to worry about a lack of screen time for His Hotness! πŸ™‚

      • 43.2 KDA

        Agreed, he’s why I’m going to check this thing out.

    44. 44 Claire

      haha Kwang-soo? i’m definitely gonna watch this…if he’s in this i think it will be a little bit comedic…and I think Kwang-soo is handsome! he’s just super thin and adorkable… πŸ™‚

    45. 45 KDA

      I can’t help but notice the incredible lack of comments on Ji Chang Wook anywhere he’s mentioned for a show he’s in!!! πŸ™ Even in the last show he even STARRED in, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, there was nothing.

      So, what’s the deal?

      • 45.1 JoAnne

        Oh, honey, go back a couple of Open Threads…We are just welcoming the new boys, because the King of Veggies KNOWS he’s in our hearts.

      • 45.2 aoiaheen

        But… but… didn’t you feel our overwhelming love for him yet?

        Why don’t you check out this post that cherkell put together in honor of His Veggieness.


        and after you’ve picked yourself off the floor, you should check out the comments on this post.


        It was a sad day indeed for all of us ajhummas and noonas when we heard that cherkell had “MINE”d him way back in 2007.

        • 45.2.1 Mystisith

          God . How the hell did i miss that session of Nov 3 ??? Did all Dramabeans members get nuts that day ? What did you put in your drinks ???? I must have laughed to tears for almost one hour reading the posts. I must save the page as a wallpaper : best antidepression medicine EVER.
          Now, it’s official : i’ve been wook-rolled and i like it. End of the world ?? pfft I Don’t Care !!!

          • cherkell

            Heh. I just got home from another stupid day of dealing with stupid lawyers in our stupid trial, and had an intuition that I should check in on this thread… y’all must have been talking about me, since my ears were burning all day! πŸ™‚

            Yah, I thought for sure me and my fellow Sisters-in-Lust (Kristal, where ya hiding, sweetie?) made it quite loudly known that our love for the 15th Wonder of the World That Is Ji Chang Wook was evident well-before and well-after WDBS wrapped. And I have a feeling that there’s going to be more excessive drooling here after the Veggie Boys make their well-lighted, oiled-down, perfectly-chiseled chocolate-absily appearances. Stay tuned…

            But thanks for remembering that he’s MINE. I learned some great sword-swinging techniques while watching WDBS, and I hope I don’t ever ever ever have to use them on any of my chingus… πŸ™‚

            • cherkell

              Geez, my eyes and fingers are failing me again. That should be WBDS… not the thing I wrote. My bad.

    46. 46 jueyoungee

      There’s a Chong Gak Nae veggie store in my neighborhood. Is this drama based off that store? How cool if it is!!

      • 46.1 JoAnne

        You must go there, take pictures, and share.

    47. 47 moidiom

      Yay, Jihyuk!

    48. 48 David

      GwangSoo fighting!!

    49. 49 cherkell

      Fellow Vegetarians, REJOICE IN THE WONDER THAT IS THE 6-PACK!! Released by Channel A overnight, His Hotness ends being stalked by the (lucky) ahjummas that frequent the local market, and in the frenzy, somehow gets his shirt ripped off. LIKE I’M COMPLAINING. ::swoon:: (I’ll be posting more shots on my Tumblr, so stay tuned!) Looks like this is gonna be one crazy drama, and I CAN’T WAIT!!! ::doubleswoon::



    50. 50 Mike

      I want to start a veggie store in Korea πŸ™

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