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  1. ricky the royal highness

    Hey all!

    So ridiculously pleased at the latest episodes of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!

    Happy Weekend πŸ™‚

    • 1.1 ricky the royal highness

      I can’t stay. I’ll pop in once in a while though!

    • 1.2 luv_KimRaeWon

      that’s one drama whose recaps i await and read with a lotta interest..guess it will be the one that gets me addicted tp dramas again..

    • 1.3 luv_KimRaeWon

      btw, hello Ricky TRH..any relief on the assignment front?

      • 1.3.1 ricky the royal highness

        These past few days were hectic. The fact that almost everything needs to be submitted this week didn’t help. Thank goodness I started earlier so I wasn’t as frantic as some of my friends were.

        • luv_KimRaeWon

          but college life must be fun, right? i miss it now:(:(.. at tht time i wanted to earn and now i want my student life back–

        • Celexa

          Hi YRH! I’m so glad college is behind me! Hang in there… winter break is coming soon!

          • ricky the royal highness

            Oh yes! I’m waiting for the month-long break!
            But I’ve got to go through finals first. Not looking forward to that, definitely.

        • Raine

          Ricky! Fighting! Vacation is coming!

          • ricky the royal highness

            Yes, Raine! So excited.

    • 1.4 Shel

      Hey, TRH, sounds like you’re crazy busy. Makes me a little jealous, I’m starting to get a hankerin’ to go back to school. I think it’s a midlife crisis, lol. But right now, I’m homeschooling a High Schooler….hopefully we can get her in public school in the next year or two.

      Not even positive what I would study….

      • 1.4.1 Sethe

        Hi Shel!

        Always great to see you here. Also, hi Ricky (also great to see you here πŸ˜‰ )

        Wasn’t MJP thinking of going back to school, or going to additional school, not too long ago? Wonder whatever happened with that…

        Not quite the same thing, exactly, but I graduated with a BA in English, and then went back to school to take the required pre-med courses for med school… I was a SO MUCH better student in my post-bac classes… truthfully, I totally wasted my high-priced undergrad education. I would’ve been a million times better off if I’d just gotten some life experience first (for about 15 years) and then gone to college… but I guess some things some people can only learn by going through them…

        • Sethe

          Um, and by “some people,” in my last sentence, I mean me πŸ™‚

          • Jomo


            I finally “found” my perfect job at 27. I think I needed all those years post college to find out what I didn’t want to do!

            There is nothing wrong with trying out the world in college, it’s just that the tuition is so out of control you can’t afford to waste the money.

            Because of my circumstances and major (I had scholarships), and family situation (we were poor), I only paid $750 – $1000. a year for univerisity tuition.

            That’s all changed now.

        • Shel

          Yeah, I totally goofed off for 5-6 years after high school. Took a few classes, but wasn’t serious. Ten years later, I decided to get serious, but was supporting myself, so totally slow process as I had to work full time. Got to my senior year, re-met hubby, got married, moved to another state where out of state tuition was ridiculous (and we were paying $1K/mo in childsupport/alimony), got pregnant, etc etc etc. Never did finish.

          Now, I don’t even wanna do that (accounting), lol. So, as soon as I figure out what I wanna be when I grow up, I’ll enroll at the small University here.

        • MJP

          MJP got an instant teenager, that’s what happened.

          And she also found out that 1.5 hrs is not that much time for free time.

          So, currently schooling is on hold… For now…

          May be a good thing too with the economy. I may have to get educated for a job that makes money rather than a job I like. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to do it.

          • Shel

            Hi MJP, glad to “see” you here. When I got married, I got an instant teenager as a bonus. But, he was a pretty easy kid for the most part. Much easier than my almost-15 yr old daughter. But, there is definitely an adjustment period.

            Good luck with all that…

            I did accounting for the money, too. I think now I may just take a tax prep course and work for a tax accountant friend during the busy season for some extra cash. So far, Mr Shel’s line of work hasn’t slowed down at all (we all have to have our electronic gadgets), so we’ve weathered the recession fairly well.

      • 1.4.2 cmrprindle

        Hi Shel!

        I’ve thought about going back to school as well…and I also don’t know what I want to do with the degree. It’s one of the main reasons I haven’t gone. I don’t want to go back and pay money for classes just to go to classes. Heck, I don’t have that kind of money! lol.

        Happy Weekend!

        • Raine

          I got as far as a master’s and I’ve decided that its enough for now. I sort of want to get ph.d just cause I love school, but who has that kind of time or money?

          • JoAnne

            Have always said that if I won the lottery I would quit my job, buy an apt in NYC, and get a PhD in Philosophy at Colombia.

            Once I finished that, I would come back home, open a yarn/coffee/book shop with my friends, and live happily surrounded by all the things I love.

            And travel. Every year, a month in a different country, plus I would buy the cabin we all rent for a week each summer, so we could go there whenever we wanted. Except in the winter, of course, because then you can’t get to it…

          • Shel

            The yarn/coffee/bookshop sounds lovely as long as you have hot choco for us non-coffee types. :0) I love needlework and books, so I’m all over that.

            I still don’t even have a bachelor’s, though. I’ve been fortunate that hubby’s job supports us fine. I do a little work at home doing resume verification work for an HR outsource company, but it just pays for vacations and other extras.

          • Raine

            Unni – that sounds delightful, especially the traveling part. I like how cozy your dream sounds.

      • 1.4.3 MJP


        Is this Crankypants you’re talking about? The teen years can be difficult.

        Teen MJP is a real challenge, totally no communication. Imagine two hole months of this. Showing unconditional love to a teenager is hard work.

        And today Wee MJP asked when Teen MJP is leaving because he wants his playroom back. He doesn’t like going down the basement to play with his toys. But trust me, the living room is totally filled with evidence which suggest Wee MJP is NOT playing down the basement much.

        • Shel

          Yep. She’s only Crankypants for about a week a month. But, she is very melodramatic and makes huge deals out of nothing on a fairly regular basis.

          But, I love how much those two kids love each other. The Boy can’t afford the time or cash to come home for Christmas, so all she wants for Christmas is a ticket to go see him and his wife. He was 17 when she was born, and just adorable with her from the get-go.

          • MJP


          • JoAnne


          • Shel

            Lol, she should try that on him.

        • ahjummabunny

          Happy weekend!

          • MJP

            ahjummabunny Love!!!!!! *HUGS*

            Hi! Happy weekend to you!

            Any plans for the weekend?

    • 1.5 whatis

      been loving Flower Boy Ramyun Shop too!!! But the only thing is… whenever I look at Cha chi-soo’s hair.. I’m thinking, “Just feels like there’s CONSTANT wind blowing at Cha chi-soo’s hair, and his hair ONLY”

      • 1.5.1 Carinne

        Cha Chi-soo’s hair is getting famous as Justin Bieber’s past hair style. With Bieber’s hair gone, now Chi-soo’s hair rise to the Prince Charming statuesque level.

        All those teaser photos of Ramen Boy choco abs by the pool, but when the pool scene came to play the editor pretty must cut all those delicious movements out of the frame. I felt sheeply cheated. I did notice all those tattoos covered up here and there from 2 co-stars though in earlier scenes.

        • Jomo

          What I love about Cha Chi Soo is his mouth.
          He is styled all over so that his lips become the focal point.

          Everything is pushing our eyes forward and down.
          To make us look there, he touches his lips when he thinks, or puts the nametag on them. I get weak thinking about it…

          He is a sensual actor, that JIW, and I am a sucker for it!

          • come2noona

            Meeeee tooooo!!!! I can’t stop staring!

        • ricky the royal highness

          Bieber & Chi Soo in one sentence! Never thought that that’s gonna happen.

          I agree, his lips have a magnetic presence (and this coming from a straight guy). I’m thinking that maybe it’s because there were a lot of close-up shots of those lips.

          • JoAnne

            I’m most appreciative of his comic timing and his willingness to look like a fool. I truly love to see that in beautiful people. It makes me like them so much more!

          • ricky the royal highness

            Yep, so true!
            Don’t you just hate it when pretty people act like they are too special to even suffer from embarrassment?

            We must give credit to Lee Ki Woo too. He acts so muy loco in this drama, it’s ridiculous. I don’t know who is more insane. The chef or the high school boy? Or maybe it’s the Crazy Chicken, for putting up with that two-timing So Yi?

          • JoAnne

            They are all awesome boys who deserve our affection and laughter! Yay FBRS! Fighting! Go Eun Bi!

      • 1.5.2 Raine

        whatis – I just barked with laughter reading that. Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything.

    • 1.6 cmrprindle

      Happy Weekend, YRH!

      • 1.6.1 ricky the royal highness


        You’re one amazingly sweet Noona! Thanks for dedicating your fan fic to me. It was a total grinning-from-ear-to-ear moment for me.
        And I want MORE! MOAR, MOAR, MOAR!!!
        What’s gonna happen between Min Jae & Min Ah?
        The fact that she just smiled when he asked to be called oppa opened up a million possibilities.

        Good story, that one!

        Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to you!
        How was the celebration?

        • cmrprindle

          YRH, you are too kind. I re-read the story this morning and it is full to bursting with mistakes! I posted way too soon w/o enough editing on my side. Repeats, missed words, no translations for non/new-kdrama fans! Bad fanficcer is bad πŸ™

          But I’m glad you liked it, even in its sorry state. πŸ˜€

          My birthday was good, thank you πŸ™‚ In theory I celebrate for a month, but I don’t think I’ll be feeling celebratory for that long. Seems like a waste this year. But that’s fine! I have pretty cards. I received many birthday wishes, and my Kindle is (hopefully) in the mail πŸ˜€

    • 1.7 MJP

      Hi Ricky The Royal Highness, *HUGS*

      Glad you are able to stop in now and again. I’m off to read for the moment, but I’ll stop by to type some more stuff later.

      • 1.7.1 ricky the royal highness

        MJP *hugs*

        I can’t remember when was the last time someone hugged me in real life. I’m pretty sure it was my mum.

        • Shel

          That’s kind of sad. :0( Here’s another virtual hug for you…
          *HUGS* I remember I had a guy friend in college who said that he read somewhere that you need 10 hugs a day for good mental health. So, he went around giving people (mostly girls, lol) big bear hugs. I’d figure it was a ruse to get to hug all the girls, but he wasn’t the type, lol. He was adorable and I could always count on a hug from him.

        • MJP

          I confess that I haven’t ever hugged Teen MJP. But a friend of ours hugged him and his classmates (girls) seem to hug him. You make me wonder if I shouldn’t hug him. He seems pretty stand-off-ish with us.

          I hugged the floor associate at Sears this week because she found a full size flannel penguin sheet set for Teen MJP which I had been looking for ( but could not find in stock). I looked for that sheet set for two weeks!!! I warned her twice that I was going to hug her. She opened her arms wide for my hug.

          I know how important hugs are, so I’ll see if he wants a hug from me every now and then.

          • JoAnne

            Good luck, MJP…sometimes those chilly ones crack if you give them no escape from the warmth! I don’t know the circumstances of how he came to you but maybe he’s afraid to relax, and what little you’ve said sounds kind of like he’s pushing to see if you’ll get rid of him.

            Don’t worry..not trying to get you to talk about such personal things out in the open here – just offering encouragement for the hug! I know it’s putting your own heart on the line, too.

          • MJP

            JoAnne and Ricky TRH and Shel,

            I asked him at dinner tonight about me hugging him and he said he would not be comfortable with that. He only likes hugs from girls the same age…

          • JoAnne

            You’ll find something, MJP…and now he knows at least that you would WANT to hug him…I think that might be almost as good as the real thing to a person who appreciates a hug!

          • cmrprindle

            …some people are anti-hugg-y stuff, MJP unnie. My mom is anti-touching in general, as is one of my “brothers” and a dear e-friend. It’s definitely out of affection for me that they allow me to hug them as much as I do, which isn’t nearly enough in my book. But JoAnne’s right, you’ll find a way to show him that he’s not only wanted, but that he can be close to you, even if it’s not physically expressed.

        • ricky the royal highness

          @ MJP & Shel

          Hugs are not big here, especially among and to guys.
          Thanks for the virtual hugs though!

          • MJP

            Ricky TRH,

            When are you going to come to the U.S.A.? You could tour the continent and receive hugs from all the noonas!

            I can see the headlines now… Ricky The Royal Highness’ World Tour Hits The U.S.!!!!

            Just watch this video and imagine you are the man in the video.


          • ricky the royal highness

            Ba Ha Ha Ha… *Buttocks vibrate*

            I love that video!

            And about your teen, I dare say I gave the same answer when my mum asked me the same question. πŸ™‚

          • Shel

            What a fun video! Too bad I wasn’t there, though, lol. I loved the attack from the back hug, especially. :0)

        • cmrprindle

          YRH! We must e-hug you more to make up for the lack. *HUGS!*

          • ricky the royal highness

            I’m NOT an anti-hugger. So that was good πŸ™‚

  2. luv_KimRaeWon

    Happy Friday every-one..

    missed out on some OTs the last few weeks. I’m temporarily cured of my drama obsession i guess..
    once it hits back, i’ll watch a 1000 day promise and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.. i keep reading the
    recaps here and FBRS seems like a hoot to watch.. a 1000 day promise isn’t my cup of tea, but Su-Ae
    and KRW are enough to make me sit through it.

    btw, any fans of Drunken to love you? that show isn’t bad..Rainie’s cute in it too..somehow I
    couldn’t watch it coz I’m just not in the mood for dramas right now..

    ain’t it gr8 news that Lee Dong Wook is coming back with anotehr drama so soon?

    and Jae Hee.. reading the news abt his comeback made my day..pls JH, make it worth the wait..
    i love you..

    • 2.1 Raine

      You can’t be THAT cured if you’re still keeping track πŸ˜› Welcome back. I’m stoked about LDW in WR.


      • 2.1.1 Alvina

        I agree. πŸ˜€

      • 2.1.2 MJP

        LOL! I thought the same thing. Totally not cured if you’re keeping track!

    • 2.2 cmrprindle

      Happy Friday, luv_KimRaeWon! What’s been keeping you from dramas and/or the OT, if you don’t mind sharing?

    • 2.3 cv

      FBRS is hilarious but reading the recaps is even better! JB and GF picks out little things that I don’t even see. Could be cause I don’t know korean so it’s easier for those who does understand point they are getting at?
      Arrgh! I can’t believe it’s not Monday yet! LOL

      • 2.3.1 xine

        I SO agree CV – the recaps here are a vital part of the experience – I would miss all the more subtle humour and references without our guides and possibly wouldn’t have bothered to watch at all if it hadn’t been shown how much more this is than appears on the surface.

        The reason being that I have real trouble with the lead actress. I saw all the posts early on about how awkward she was and how many people didn’t care for her acting and I smugly thought to myself puhleeese – how shallow, being swayed so much by someone’s looks. But I realise that’s not it! And I had real trouble watching because of her. But recaps have kept me in there and enjoying.

    • 2.4 JoAnne

      What? Wait. A Rain drama I haven’t seen? Drunken to Love You, you say? (Mad dash off to Google.)

      • 2.4.1 JoAnne

        HEY…that is not nice. WRONG RAIN πŸ™

      • 2.4.2 Raine

        Unni – you pour soul. I feel your pain. I still haven’t this weeks FBRS. I’m going to do it tonight. How’s the Korean going??

        • JoAnne

          Good, Raine – I can’t tell you how to say that it in Korean yet, LOL…but I can tell you where I’m from, ask where you’re from, greet you, part from you, thank you, excuse myself, catch your attention…plus name several body parts, colors, countries, family members, articles of clothing, items of food, and assorted random things.

          I know when some one’s crazy, when someone’s in love, when someone’s wondering what to do or where to go or what someone else is doing or where someone else is going…random stuff like that so far.

          • Raine

            Heehee I know how to say “Are you crazy” but I have no idea how to spell it. Can you say “Wow, he has a nice butt?” Cause that’s important when talking about Mr. Raine. πŸ˜›

            But that’s a good amount of knowledge, especially if you’re reading hangul to do it!

        • JoAnne

          Raine – No, they very conspicuously left the word ‘butt’ out of the body part flash cards. And other important words. Yes, I’m reading it in Hangul. I’m just about to get into prepositions, things are moving along quite well.

          The main problem I have is that some of the study material teaches formal language and some teaches polite language so there’s a bit of hesitation sometimes before I connect that THIS word is THAT word…and especially because some of the material uses McCune and some uses ‘regular’ romanization. I should have thought about that…but I console myself with thinking that even if takes a bit longer upfront Ill be more comfortable with whatever I’m seeing, in the end.

          Depending on what system you’re using, ‘Are you crazy?’ is Mich’iso? or something very similar. I think.

          • Raine

            미쑰써 Like that? I like reading all the words I know in hangul to get used to seeing it. I can read Park Shi-hoo and Rain’s names REALLY fast. ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

            And I know what you mean. Japanese has different ways of romanizing things, especially how they elongate vowels. I like when they write the vowels with the character equivalents rather than the English pronunciation equivalents.

            γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ† – thank you
            Characters used: あ- a; γ‚Š- ri; が- ga; と- to; う- u
            The U elongates the vowel but they often spell it:
            Arigatō, which drives me NUTS. Arigatou. If you’re studying the language, you should get that the う always elongates the characters with ‘o’ in them.

  3. Raine

    Happy Friday OTers!

    I’ve been watching the Camry commercials and the more I see of them, the more I want to see Lee Min-ho as a bad guy in a film. I love how he keeps maturing as an actor. You can see it clearly as he plays light/dark Lee Min-ho. Rock on, pretty, pretty, boy. Noona wants to see you cast in a meaty, villian role.

    I’m watching SKKS for the first time. I know *GASP*, how could I not have watched it yet. But I’m finally doing it. I’m on episode 7 and I’m definitely in the Sun-joon camp. I KNOW that Yoo Ah-in is ridiculously hot and has great chemistry with Park Min-young and he’s amazing in the role (no seriously, the man can act the crap out of anything), but I love the friendship and the trust growing between Daemul and Sun-joon. LURV. Moar please. Moar!

    • 3.1 ricky the royal highness

      I love the fan fic you helped created at Dino’s site! Those
      Kdrama heroes, Potter reference, talking cat, aliens and frenemies seriously made me laughed like crazy.

      • 3.1.1 MadDino

        I’m so glad you’ve liked it! I must create another one.

        • ricky the royal highness

          Your idea to create a fan fiction where people continued after someone else is brilliant! You don’t know what will happen to the original story. It’s spontaneous & thrilling!

          I’m a regular stalker of your asylum, MadDino!
          I just never post a comment πŸ™‚

          • MadDino

            The idea was based on stuff I’d done with my friends. I just had to figure out how to implement it on a blog. I was afraid that no one would actually contribute. Having so many add to the story made me so happy. Now I have to figure out how to write humor instead of melodrama.

            I actually figure that most people that follow me on Twitter are stalkers or robots. I wish you were a robot. πŸ™

          • ricky the royal highness

            I WANT to be a robot!
            That way, I don’t have to sleep or eat to survive. And that means more time to catch an episode or two. Heh

            I’ll start commenting on your blog from now on. To show you my support! πŸ™‚

          • MadDino

            Good point. I wish I were a robot too. I notice you added to the story. So awesome.

          • ricky the royal highness

            I decided to utilize the smudge of a writing talent in me to move the story along. πŸ™‚

      • 3.1.2 cmrprindle

        What? What is this? K-drama, Potter and cats? Oh my! Where can I find this fanfic of awesome?

        • MJP


          Why are you slacking on your blogspot. Nothing written for 1.5 months? Tsk, Tsk, Tsk……

          • cmrprindle

            Aieee. *hangs head* I know I’ve been a slacker, MJP unnie. I was looking at the blog the other day thinking much the same. In my defense, however, the piece of the nano-novel that I wrote is going up (warts and all since one is not supposed to edit a nano-novel), and the essays I’m writing in nano’s stead are going to go up as well. I’m think around or right after Thanksgiving a fair amount of content will be on the blog on a regular basis. And pleased to comment! I imagine the essays at least will spark, um, commentiness. Yeah. :-/

        • MadDino

          First fan fic here.

          I just started a second one that is a murder mystery.

          If you want to join in.

          • cmrprindle

            *squeals with delight!* Woohoo! I’m in the midst of a Batman/Ugly Betty (yes you read that right) re-read, but this is floating to the top of my fanfic reading list. πŸ˜€

        • Raine

          cmrprindle, I’m totally going to check out your writing. I’m a novice writer who hopes to get something in the paper…maybe in humor. I love humor.

          • cmrprindle

            Oh, wow. Golly. *blushes* Um, well, some random stories are posted to the blogspot linked to my name, and if you saw the post I did for Ricky the Royal Highness last week, you have the link to my fanfiction. I write under that same name on as well, but I don’t think it has any greater number of works there. And you have to be a member of to leave me a review there, if you were inclined to do so.

            But, yeah. wow.

          • Raine

            CMRprindle. I actually am on FF and FP. Or was a long time ago. Haha, I haven’t written anything in a long while.

            I didn’t see the post for Ricky, but I’ll check his page out.
            I started a fanfic for Wicked, but never got past 2 chapters. I actually reread my writing and its terrible. It was 7 years ago though. I’ve been through college since then…

      • 3.1.3 Raine

        Isn’t it fantastic? And so much fun to include ourselves in it too and make our men DO WHATEVER WE WANT THEM TOO. Too bad Deeno restricted it to PG-13….:'( Heehee.


        • MadDino

          You say that like it’s a bad thing?

        • ricky the royal highness

          Ha, I have a feeling you’ve got plenty of ideas, Raine. Heh

    • 3.2 luv_KimRaeWon

      i never watched SKKS u reminded me of it..on my ‘must watch’ list now..yeah..i’m not completely cured.. i look for the FBRS recaps 1st thing after getting up on Tue and Wed mornings:)

      • 3.2.1 Raine


        SKKS is really good. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I need to catch up on FBRS

    • 3.3 Nadia

      Lee Min-ho looks so cool playing that bad twin brother. That commercial plot has potential of a good drama πŸ™‚

      • 3.3.1 Raine

        He looks sooooo good. So make him a badguy. I’m stoke that PSH is going to be a badguy!

    • 3.4 Shel

      OH, there’s another LMH Camry vid? I’ve only seen the first one….

      • 3.4.1 Shel

        Found it. So, of all the places in the US, or even in CA they could have filmed that, they pick what looks like Indio????? They shoulda come up here where we actually have trees and stuff. They coulda had him driving down Pacific Coast Hwy instead of I-10. Geez.

        But, the story is cool so far….

        • Shel

          OK, I know it’s not I-10, that’s a major freeway. But it’s out there somewhere. I remember LMH being here last summer and someone said he was filming something in Death Valley, which is just stupid in the summer. But, maybe he was out in Palm Springs…this sort of looks like around there…and that’s not far from Death Valley.

          • Raine

            LMH in the US…and I missed it! GAR!

    • 3.5 nonski

      Hi Raine, I am with Sun-joong all through out the drama. Enjoy watching coz you are watching one of the awesomest dramas ever made.

      • 3.5.1 Raine

        Ya I’m a sun-joonger too. I think the other two are ADORABLE, but sun-joong and yoon-hee have amazing chemistry AND friendship. I love that.

    • 3.6 Shel

      SKKS is the first show I saw YAI in. Actually, it was one of the first Kshows I watched at all. He and Joong Ki made me fans for life. Adored both of them in this….

      • 3.6.1 Raine

        I know, they’re great, the bromance is great, their individual acting is great, their interactions with the OTP characters are great….le sigh. LOVE watching this. I’m doing it slowly to savor.

    • 3.7 Sethe

      Hi Raine!

      Have to both agree and disagree with you. I’d LOVE to see Lee Min-ho as a villain… I do think he’s great for a young actor, and has huge potential. But do you not think Jun-pyo (BOF) was a villain at all? (I know it’s small potatoes, but he truly made me hate him the first few episodes, before I realized how things were going to turn out.)

      Also, Sun-joon was upright and all that, but who could resist the tormented/secretly noble/badass with the troubled past and dark secret/hot-as-hell Jae-shin? Not me, anyway πŸ˜‰

      • 3.7.1 Raine

        Sethe – GJP drove me crazy. I didn’t really like the character although LMH was wonderful. I’d like a meatier villain honestly. A clever villain WITH a conscience so that you can hate him more. Psychopaths are just evil, but when they have a sense of right and wrong (like suyang in TPM) it makes it soooo much juicier.

        Sun-joong…and then you have sjk and yai as eyecandy and good entertainment (great actors)

    • 3.8 cmrprindle

      Happy Friday, Raine πŸ™‚

      Well between the two of us, you’re totally winning in the finally-watching-dramas-everyone-else-has-already-swooned-over department. SKKS has been in my queue for *ages* and I haven’t even started downloading it yet. :-/

      • 3.8.1 Raine

        cmprindle, it was worth the wait for me and i’m really enjoying watching it and reading the recaps after each episode. i have a bunch more on my list though…when will i get to them? especially with all my projects on my blog…haha

        • cmrprindle

          lol! I shall add your SKKS vote to the overwhelming list of yay-sayers πŸ™‚

    • 3.9 Alvina

      The camry commercials are everywhere! And agrees about Yoo Ah-in. Great actor for sure.

      An aside, by how awesome would it be if they did a k-drama version of MARS with a focus on the twins?

      • 3.9.1 Raine

        So true. We’re always talkin’ bout how they should make Best Love or something into Am. shows. But what about the OTHER way around. I’d love to see how Bones would translate culturally.

  4. Jomo

    Happy Friday to all the Peeps!

    Totally love Me, too, Flower right now. Wish the subs were faster. I love that they are addressing depression.
    I love the lady cop.
    I love the windows that can be clear or not. (My company has those to block [or not] the big computer room down in IT.)

    My daughter’s mono is slowly leaving her tired and hurt body. I don’t like when my kids are sick…

    • 4.1 aoiaheen

      Hello Jomo! How are you? I hope your daughter feels better soon. It’s awful when someone in the family is sick. Nothing seems interesting till they get better.

      • 4.1.1 Jomo

        It’s Friday and that makes me giddy!
        Ojakgyo Brothers on the week-end!!!

        I am deciding which Drama to marathon next
        I saw the Yoo Seung-ho/Yeo Un is in Flames of Ambition, and that baby Ma Jun plays his character’s younger version.
        So drama math means I should watch that, right?

        • aoiaheen

          I wanted to watch Flames of ambition too, just for Yoo Seung ho. It’s just that he looks so young in that, i feel like my image of him as the mature Yeo Un will just disappear. And then, how can I drool over him as Yeo Un when I’ve just seen him as someone who could be my kid had I been married at 16?

          It’s hard enough as is, when I see the shoulder padding that Yeo Un is forced to wear to make him look like he actually has the muscles that come from wielding a sword. Thankfully Ji Chang Wook doesn’t have that problem.

          • Jomo

            Yeah…I realized I am not as interested in recapturing how I felt about the actor as much as the character he played.

            Una is a well crafted and well played sad and mysterous man boy who I wll always always be in love with for the rest of my life.
            I can only think of one other character that I fell for like that: Lee Jung Jae as Jae Hee from Sandglass…

          • aoiaheen

            Yes Una is my all time fav too. I haven’t felt this much love for a character before.

            I love Jae Hee too. He too has sooo few lines. His eye do so much of the talking.

            btw, did you get the DVD’s of sandglass yet? I’m at episode 20. I want to know the ending, but not sure if i should actually watch it, because I read a comment on thundie’s about “the terror in his eyes” I don’t know who the “HE” is or why there is “terror” in his eyes. But it doesn’t sound good.

          • Jomo

            I did. I was all set to do a rewatch when OB hit!

            As far as Sandglass, I’m not telling.
            You must watch the end. At least I can tell you it makes sense.

          • aoiaheen

            Alas! no shortcuts ! πŸ™‚ I am going to start watching OB today to feed my Joo Won addiction.

          • Jomo

            aoiaheen – If you need to, you can FB me when you hit the bumpy parts of SG.

            I will hold your hand, and offer you shots. I will send you a Joo Won to wipe your tears and piggy back you to a happy place. Maybe I will rewatch the last few this week end, too.

          • aoiaheen

            A Joo Won piggy back ride? *goes off into dreamland*

            I’ll take you up on that offer.

    • 4.2 luv_KimRaeWon

      reg Me, too flower..LOL funny?or realistic and light??

      • 4.2.1 Jomo

        It is funny, but that is not the main attraction.
        M2F is drifting into some serious territory as the lady lead has been identified as someone with depression.

        But the OTP is compelling. YSY may not be the best actor, but I cannot wait until he re-appears on the screen. He is good at the non-speaking interaction, really good.

        There is enough ambiguity with how everyone intereacts I feel like there’s a puzzle that needs to be solved. I like that.

        • luv_KimRaeWon

          sounds interesting.. think i’ll decide on whether or not to watch it after a few more epis.

    • 4.3 Shel

      I hate when my kids are sick, too. I hope your daughter feels much better soon. I know mono takes awhile, though.

    • 4.4 mrembo

      Hi Jomo and the OT family! Haven’t been on here for sometime. But just wanted to say, Jomo, that I have/had mono since June, and it’s an uphill battle. sigh. I hope your daughter feels better soonest.

      In other news, I am in New Orleans, and it is awesome! Not seeing much of the city because I have to do conference stuff, but I have of course been to Bourbon street at night (uhm, very interesting;) and I hope to do Cafe Du Monde’s famous beignets and coffee before I leave.

      Excited about FBRS and MoH, but haven’t seen latest episodes because of the crappy hotel wireless connection.

      Y’all have a splendid week, won’t you? πŸ™‚

      • 4.4.1 Jomo

        So sorry. It isn’t like anything else with its tenacity, is it?

        [mom mode on]
        I hope you are taking care of yourself and getting pleny of sleep.

        It seems that the kids (mostly) who get it are doing way too much in way too little time. It’s nature’s way of telling you to slow the heck down!
        [mom mode off]

    • 4.5 Sethe

      Hi Jomo!

      Yeah, mono seems like it can linger for ages… such a strange disease. Truly hope your daughter gets back to full strength soon.

      P.S. Any drama that addresses depression is one that I want to watch… going to get right on that one πŸ˜‰

    • 4.6 cmrprindle

      Happy Friday, Jomo the Wise!

      I’m happy to hear your daughter’s feeling better. My mother always says that the world can be falling apart around you, but if your kids are okay then you’re okay–and if they’re not okay, it doesn’t matter how good things are b/c you’re not okay.

      • 4.6.1 Jomo

        cmrprindle’s mother is wise!

        You have to pretend to be all cool and stuff in front of them and then you fall apart when they get better.
        Watching sad dramas and crying my face off helps.

        I hope all is well with you!

        • cmrprindle

          I’ve always thought my mom was pretty nifty, Jomo tW πŸ™‚ Sometimes a little nutty, but a nifty woman indeed. And of course as I get older, I realize how much she’s done for us and for me, and it’s just amazing.

          All is indeed well, thank God. We have had a busy but very good weekend and with the short week to come, we’re looking forward to sleep.

    • 4.7 MJP

      Hi Jomo, *HUGS*

      Happy Friday!

      Sad to hear your daughter has mono. I’ve heard it is really rough to go through. Thankfully, it’s curable.

      Say, I wanted to ask you… What software do you use for making your home videos? I am currently researching Pinnacle:

      Pinnacle Studio HD v15 makes it easy to edit like a pro with intuitive new features, ultra-fast performance, and a massive content collection. Quickly import videos and photos from a wide range of devices, then edit scenes and create professional-looking HD movies with over 1,800 included effects, titles, and other content. Export complete projects to today’s most popular formats or burn them to DVD. The unique new Archive and Restore tool conveniently backs up projects to preserve your work.
      Pinnacle Studio HD v15 (PC):

      β€’Import video and photos from video cameras, digital cameras, phones, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and more
      β€’Edit HD video on your computer with ultra-fast performance when using AVCHD and H.264-based formats
      β€’SmartMovie automatically edits your videos to fit the music and creates photo slideshows
      β€’Montage feature makes it easy to create picture-in-picture animations
      β€’Automatically back up your work with the new Archive and Restore tool
      β€’Add stunning music and effects
      β€’Use stop-motion capture for amazing animations and fast-motion effects
      β€’Fix shaky camera shots with the same technology used on major motion pictures
      β€’Use the included DVD menus for a professional look
      β€’Easy one-click uploading to YouTube, including high-quality widescreen and HD formats
      β€’Export your movies to DVD, Flash, DivX Plus HD, QuickTime, QuickTime HD, AVCHD, AVCHD Lite, PS3, Wii, Xbox, and more
      β€’Choose from over 1,800 2D/3D effects, transitions, and other content
      β€’Preview in real time using the player window or full-screen mode
      β€’Includes Pinnacle Hollywood FX Volumes 13
      β€’System compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7
      β€’System requirements: Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.8GHz, 1GB of system memory, DirectX9 or 10 compatible graphics card with 64MB, DirectX 9 or higher sound card, 3.2GB of disk space and a DVD-ROM drive to install software

      Do you know, can you add words to the screens (i.e. subtitles)?

      • 4.7.1 Jomo

        Happy Friday! Hugs back.
        She is slowly getting better. Still gets tired fast.

        I used iMovie. Does Pinnacle have a mac version?

        iMovie does words on the screen, too.

        Btw, I gave up PIE as MINE.
        I thought about what I needed from my MINES, and decided they are NOT supposed to be husbands. I have a husband. He never goes away. Ever. I don’t need more of them. My fantasy life should be free of social convention, right? [ Listen how I rationalize the addtion of Yoo Seung-ho]

        • MJP

          Hmmm, so when did you start seeing PIE as husband material? That is a serious setback.



          He does look good with kids though…


          But then I think Yoo Seung-hoo also looks like a husband.

          • Jomo

            Sigh – —
            I did see the YSH with baby shots in that incredible ovary exploding series of photos.

            He looks very natural and at ease for someone so young. I think he was only 17 there!

            It wasn’t so much I did not see him as a fantasy husband, it’s that somebody wanted him more.
            He will always be on my bumper and in my heart…

            When should we expect your first film? Hm? Hm? Hm?

          • MJP

            Who did you give PIE to?

            I’m curious…

            As far as a homemade movie, I need to pick the software then learn it. Hmm, I don’t want this to end up like my fan-fic story about us DB’ers, an idea saved in a Word document… Or like my going to college, an idea saved in my mind… Or like my sewing, an idea burnt out by lack of knowledge and poor sewing ability…

            Did I happen to mention I am a member of Procrastinators Anonymous? We always intend to meet once a month, but something always comes up! πŸ™‚

          • Jomo

            lisah –
            See her thanking me below. She was a better fan than me, anyway. You know with my tendency to look elsewhere when I see something shinier.

        • MJP

          iMovie won’t work for me as I only have a pc and Cannon Powershot camera.

          Thanks for the information!

      • 4.7.2 dramabliss

        I have started to do iMovie projects, too, because I have a Mac. Maybe if there is a Mac version of Pinnacle, I’ll try that one, too.

        For starters and short projects, you might be interested in using Animoto.

  5. aoiaheen

    Hello Everyone!

    I just finished Baker King last night and I must say I understand why the ratings were so high.

    Plus it had the most amazing ending episode! I loved Joo Won and Eugene and everyone actually.

    I even sympathized with the evil mother. I thought Kim Tak Gu a little too optimistic about life, though.

    Have a happy friday everyone!

    • 5.1 Jomo

      Glad you got a happy ending! πŸ™‚

      Not sure if TG is real – more like the hero TYPE.
      Hope the mother rots in her cold mansion for the rest of her despicable life…

      • 5.1.1 Shel

        Lol, Jomo, don’t sugar coat it. Just tell us how you really feel. :0)

        • Jomo

          …her and her head of puffy auburn tinted evil brain roots…

          • Shel

            Sounds like my husband’s exwife, lol. :0)

          • Jomo

            LOL! Pictures?

          • Shel

            LOL, I’ll ask The Boy (stepson) if he has any current pics. Hubby said that she always dyed her hair red, and did it often enough that it mostly looked like red straw. She still dyes it reddish, but now she’s adopted a kind of ahjumma style (she’s my age, 50-ish).

            When The Boy was a teen, I used to wanna pull her hair all out for the way she could lay a guilt trip on that kid. She’s mellowed a bit, and now lives in a different state so I only see her once every year or two. The Boy says that she’s almost becoming an adult these days. I’m skeptical, however….

          • MJP


            Did it look like this?

  6. V V

    Happy Friday to everyone!!!
    I am counting down to Dec for What’s UP!!!!

    • 6.1 cmrprindle

      Happy Friday, V V!

      What’s “What’s UP” about?

      • 6.1.1 myweithisway

        GASP you don’t know What’s Up?

        It’s about musicals and it’s set in an university.

        BUT the BEST PART?

        It stars Im Ju Hwan!!! (Team Park Kyu FTW!!!)

        • cmrprindle

          Y’know, I’ve watched so few dramas overall…I have no idea who that is, myweithisway. lol. I’m only a k-drama addict in my mother’s eyes πŸ˜‰

  7. Nadia

    Happy Friday beaners!!
    I’m watching Ojakkyo Brothers and LOVING it. It is oddly addicting just like BKKTG[maybe bec. of Joowon] but i love everything about it.
    Uee is completely owning her character and her relationship with mom is win.
    And there’s Ryu Soo-young!!!!!!!!

    • 7.1 leonardswench

      Exactly! Of all my current drama crack, OB is the crackiest!!

    • 7.2 Jomo

      The BK folks are making MOH so I thought THAT would be my crack, until I started OB. OB is way more compelling to me.

      My deduction from this is that Joo Won is the actual crack, and the dramas are just the crack pipes, or the drug delivery devices.

      • 7.2.1 aoiaheen

        I think so too. You know why? Ma Jun is the type of character I usually hate. I mean he is scheming, manipulative and has no pity at all. He lies, he cheats, he bribes, he sabotages and on top of it all he kisses without permission.

        BUT I LOVE HIM!!!!

        • Jomo

          He really went from being the kind of character I HATE to the kind of character I would watch forever and ever.

          Although I still don’t like the kid who played him as a child!

    • 7.3 Alvina

      Uee and Joo-won were the only ones I could stand on that show, other than the brothers.
      But I stopped watching it. However, everyone’s praises want me to start back up haha

      • 7.3.1 leonardswench

        I think one of the things I’m LOVING about the show is the complex brother relationships … you can’t turn around and screw up in life without three brothers finding out, LOL, and it makes for all kinds of good plot.

    • 7.4 cmrprindle

      I keep catching bits of Ojakkyo Brothers at the most random times on KBS World (I think) but since I’m never sure when it comes on, or where the heck I am in the series, I can’t follow along. That being said…it’s always really compelling! lol. I guess I’ll be adding this one to the queue πŸ™‚

      • 7.4.1 ahjummabunny

        mvibo has it from beginning to end- well kbsworld timing anyway. I keep saying I’m going to see which episode is playing on the weekend replay and watch from there because the show looks great.

        • cmrprindle

          qu’est-ce que ce “mvibo” Jumma? A site I can— Nevermind, looked it up for myself. lol. This is tres nifty! Thanks, Jumma!

          • cmrprindle

            …I realized while talking to my younger cousin, many hours after typing this, that I misspelled “c’est”. Argh.

      • 7.4.2 Shel

        I might have to add OB to my list…..

  8. soserious

    happy friday everyone.

    was anyone a fan of Lee Ki-woo BEFORE FBRS? if so when? I fell in LOVE with him in ‘Bad Woman’ but i can tell you he’s never looked as hot as he does right now. sizzling body after that army duty… i can play that scene over…and over…and..

    i know we would never look forward to mondays in any other case, but FBRS actually makes me want the weekend to pass by faster. not TOO fast, but fast-er.

    • 8.1 luv_KimRaeWon

      i NEVER even heard of him..and seeing the pics in recaps makes me think i missed out BIG time.

    • 8.2 Jomo

      He was in The Classic, too. Film.
      Very touching tall man.

    • 8.3 MojoJojo

      :: raises hand:: YES! I first saw him in The Classic and cause I was shipping the OTP, I kinda dismissed him as the skinny funny dude. lol Then I saw him in Lost and Found and He was Cool and realized dude is FIIINNNNNNNE! lol.

      I haven’t started watching FBRS but from the screenshots ::fans self:: I know it’s gonna get watched soon.

      • 8.3.1 mrembo

        Love your name! Mojojojo is one of my fav cartoon characters – cracks me up:)

      • 8.3.2 Alvina

        I liked him in Lost and Found (but liked Jo Han-sun better πŸ˜‰ )
        I’ve seen him in other things but FBRS made me see what everyone else was talking about

    • 8.4 Hipployta

      I remember him playing Rookie in Outrageous Women…I thought he was hot there too LOL

    • 8.5 kaleido

      LKW is also in A time to Kill and The Star’s Lover… loving him right now in FBRS..

    • 8.6 JoAnne

      I have only seen him in A Love to Kill – he was the rich and unwanted fiance competing with Kang Dok Go (my beloved Rain) for Shin Min Ah. I realize that pretty much everyone hated him there, but I didn’t. I felt bad for him, almost from the beginning. I didn’t like his HAIR…but I could see past that to the cute guy even then. I must say though that he has surpassed my hopes for his post-Army chest by a LOT. It’s just so broad, and shiny, and perfect….gah. Love a tall man.

      • 8.6.1 Shel

        Tall is good. ;0)

        • JoAnne

          OMgosh, have finished Ep 6 now and he’s just…ok. He’s SO MUCH husband and dad material I just want to cook dinner with him, curl up and watch a movie, fall asleep and have him wake me up to go upstairs and then…

          Yeah, then the chest takes over.

          • JoAnne

            Wait. I didnt mean he was just ok. I meant he was just….(lost in thought)(collect thoughts). OK, he’s SO MUCH…etc etc.

          • Shel

            He is exactly the right size. I looked him up and he’s almost 6’3″. Makes him almost 4 inches taller than me…. Rare in an asian guy. And put together very nicely, too. ;0)

          • JoAnne

            He’s um…10.5 inches taller than me. hee – actually, that makes for sore necks and backs if you do a lot of standing up kissing. Which I know because in high school I dated a guy who was a full 12 inches taller than me. Eventually he just gave up and if he wanted to kiss me he lifted me up. I was pretty much fine with that…

          • Shel

            I always thought that looked fun, but I’d have to date someone nearly 7 feet tall for that to happen, lol. Only one guy ever attempted to pick up my nearly 6 ft self and he was a ferrier/blacksmith. He only had a couple of inches on me, but he wrestled horses for a living, so I was a piece of cake, lol. Picked me up and dropped me into the pool, fully clothed, the butthead. He liked my little sister, and she decided he was too much of a player for her. He attempted to kiss her once and she bit his lip, lol. I gave him a terrible time about it, hence the dunking.

    • 8.7 Raine

      That scene was soooo much eyecandy. And I’m a sucker for huge guys. I had a boyfriend who was a marine, 6’4…heehee.

  9. Shel

    Hello! Happy Friday!

    Still recovering, so there’s still drama time. Yay! But, I think real life starts again this week, so I’m gonna get in as much as I can before then.

    Been following FBRS, MOH, 3…I mean 1000 Kisses, TWDR. LOVE the Flower Boys and King Sejong, enjoying PIE and PMY in Man of Honor. 1000 Kisses….jury still out on that one. I’m not sure I’m up to 50 episodes of that, we’ll see if I hold out until the end.

    Marathoned Que Sera Sera and enjoyed it a lot. Although I wanted to just shake Eric’s character until he got a clue. But, in the end, he figured it out. Slow learner…

    In real life….things are pretty mellow. Had a military family in transition staying with us for a week while they prepared to move back east. Health-wise I wasn’t really up to it, but they have a daughter that is good friends with mine. They were lovely to have around, very helpful and their three girls were very sweet. I have so much respect for my military friends and all the inconveniences they put up with. Seemed appropriate to be hosting them over Veterans Day, as Dad has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • 9.1 cmrprindle

      Happy Weekend, Shel!

      Glad to hear you’re doing even a little better *hugs!!* And it was very generous of you to open your home to another family. Do you guys do this sort of thing regularly? Semi-regularly? Just curious πŸ™‚ Feel free to pretend these lines never appeared. (I wonder if the site supports SPOILER tags.)

      How long is your drama list/queue?

    • 9.2 Shel

      Actually, we do it often enough to be called the “B____ Bed and Breakfast” or sometimes ” B_____ Halfway House” by our friends, lol. We built this house ten years ago on a shoestring, doing much of the work ourselves with help from my dad and some friends. We purposely made the upstairs loft a guestroom, as we have a HUGE extended family and we live by the beach, lol. As we were approaching our construction loan deadline, it looked like we were going to be paying some penalties for going overtime. I mentioned to my good friend….she mobilized a ton of people from church…all people who knew what they were doing, btw…an electrician, a general contractor, a tiler, etc. Three weekends in a row they worked, gratis, while other people brought meals to feed them all.

      A couple of months after we moved in, my bishop (think pastor) asked if someone could host a Dept of Defense family who needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks gap between when the dad had to start work and they could get their housing. After I talked to the mom, I agreed, even though they had six (mostly older) kids. They are still some of our best friends, she teaches piano to my teenager. After that, it was our Bishop who was retiring from the Air Force….(our clergy doesn’t get paid, so they have regular jobs) his family was going on ahead and he had to give 90 days. Then a military family who was transitioning from military to civilian life and thought they were moving out of state, only to be offered a good job here after they’d packed to move. Then a friend of a friend who was coming from Jordan to teach Arabic…etc etc etc. And twice this year, military families changing posts. Oh, and my personal favorite, THREE families (19 of us total) for the weekend while they tented their triplex for termites. That was a blast, and now I know my guest limit, lol, we had just enough pillows, blankets, beds and airmattresses (for the adults).

      If we didn’t know them before, we were great friends afterwards. (Except in that one case……what a shrill, unpleasant woman). We feel very blessed to be able to own a home here where the cost of living is so crazy, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of others, so we’re just paying it forward.

      OK that was long. Sorry….

      • 9.2.1 cmrprindle

        No need to be sorry! That’s quite the story, and a good one to have! Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

    • 9.3 Shel

      Pretty long, lol. I’ve actually downloaded at least six series that I haven’t had time to watch, including All In, Dream High, 9 In 2 Outs, Chuno, Kim Soo Ro (purely for JiSung), Return of Iljimae, WBSD, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho….that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.

      Right now I’m following two many airing dramas, so it’s hard to find time for “extras”, except when I was too sick to do anything else. Now I’m sewing/knitting/shopping like mad to get Christmas in the mail to my Law school kids that we won’t see and my family in AZ.

      • 9.3.1 ahjummabunny

        I’m watching all in now. It takes a bit too long to get to it’s point so it keeps getting paused half way through an episode and replaced by high kick/more charming/anything else! I’m also watching Goodbye my love. I realized I have a distinct dislike for kim han eul. My sister says it’s because her voice doesn’t match her face.

        • Shel

          I liked Kim Haneul in the KJH movie, My Girlfriend is an Agent, but I’m not a huge fan of hers.

      • 9.3.2 Jomo

        Me and Kim Soo Roo


        • Shel

          I LOVE me some JiSung. I watched the Running Man ep that he was on, he was a hoot. He’s such a cutie, and apparently very smart.

        • JoAnne

          Jomo, that’s kinda how I feel about it, too. I tried really hard.

          • Shel

            Yeah, I”ve started it like 3 times, but never finished it. Only got a few eps in. It’s probably at the bottom of my “need to watch” list, only on there cuz of JiSung

    • 9.4 Jomo

      Hello Shel!
      Que Sera Sera rocked my world.
      I loved Eric and I loved her.

      We are a military family in all our glory. Just heard rumors they may close the base (again).

      • 9.4.1 Shel

        They closed Ft Ord here not long after we moved here. But they have a military community in the old housing area for the Defense Language Institute and Naval Postgraduate School students. Housing here is really stupid expensive, so most of them live there.

  10. 10 neener

    Happy Friday everyone!!!! how was your week??

    is anyone watching gye baek?? I just want to know if it’s interesting and does Song Ji Hyo appear a lot??hehehehe! I just want to see our Miss Mong in the dramaland!!

    • 10.1 Shiku

      Hi she appears quite a lot actually in fact they could even rename the show after her.

  11. 11 Kayleigh

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you to everyone who helped me complete my Dissertation on Korean dramas and their international audience.

    I passed and now have a Masters. Woohoo!

    Anyone else who’s interested in K-drama academicaly, PLEASE investigate, it seems to be becoming quite the news topic. Check the link:

    • 11.1 mems

      Congratulations Kayleigh!

      I don’t want to sound nosy, but I would love to read your dissertation, if you don’t mind. I just think it’s pretty amazing how you bring your kdrama love into the intellectual world.

    • 11.2 Jomo

      Wow! Congratulations!

      I would like to write a master’s treatise (Is that a thing?) on Kdramas.

      • 11.2.1 Kayleigh

        Thanks. If you ever get the opportunity, do it for sure!

    • 11.3 luv_KimRaeWon

      actually i watched a part of it on BBC. they spoke abt Kdramas and also abt not into Kpop but apparently it is also a big phenomenon..
      they also said the tourist influx has increased due to the Kdrama craze.. and i thought I was the only one who wanted to visit S.Korea after getting obsessed with the dramas.. there are ppl who actually do it and the number isn’t small

      • 11.3.1 Kayleigh

        Fascinating, isn’t it? I think the existence of blogs like dramabeans and all the fans who use it prove just how international “Hallyu” has become.

        The BBC report also makes some v interesting points about the industrialization of the pop industry and notions of propaganda…

        • luv_KimRaeWon

          ‘The BBC report also makes some v interesting points about the industrialization of the pop industry and notions of propaganda’..
          yup, i noticed that too..i want to watch it completely ..hope i find it online..will check your link at home..

    • 11.4 mrembo

      Congratulations again Kayleigh! Still very envious that you turned your love for kdramas into an academic thesis. If I had known about kdramas two years ago…

      • 11.4.1 Kayleigh

        Thank you!

    • 11.5 ahjummabunny


      • 11.5.1 Kayleigh

        Thank you, too!

        • Cynthia

          Kayleigh! Congrats on your Masters – it was fun participating in your questionnaires. I was looking forward to reading your completed thesis but never got it. Any chance of a belated email copy?

          • Kayleigh

            Send me an email. I thought I had sent an email to everyone, so if I missed you out, please het in touch and I will send you a copy.

    • 11.6 Sethe

      Hey, that’s fantastic! Congratulations!

      I will certainly check out the link you posted — thanks πŸ™‚

      • 11.6.1 Kayleigh

        Thaks for your well wishes

    • 11.7 girlatsea


      And thanks for the link you posted. It’s really interesting. It’s kind of funny because, without realizing it, we’re kind of becoming a part of something really big.

      These kdramas are what brought me into Korean culture and language. And it’s become a huge part of my life.

      • 11.7.1 girlatsea

        p.s. It didn’t post my whole post. :/

        And maybe it’s because I live in an area with such a big Korean population or because I go to school with many Koreans but I don’t see Korea = Kdrama or K-pop.

        Along with Kdrama and K-pop, I see Korean food, fashion, the language etc. I’m fascinated by the culture as a whole.

        • Kayleigh

          Thank you. It’s an interesting topic. Though I certainly don’t think that much of what occurs in Kdrama land truly reflects life in Korea, I have learnt a lot about Korean culture by watching Kdrama and I suspect that’s the case for many, and as the link suggests, this seems to have made Korea of greater interest in general around the world.

    • 11.8 cmrprindle

      Congratulations Kayleigh! That’s fantastic!

      • 11.8.1 Kayleigh

        Many thanks!

    • 11.9 myweithisway


      Congrats! It was great reading your finished thesis =)

      Am stealing some reading material from it for my senior thesis =D

      • 11.9.1 Kayleigh

        Thanks! And thank you for your help. I hope my bibliography helps you with your thesis

    • 11.10 Raine

      Kayleigh – welcome to the master’s club!! Too bad its totally not cool for people to call you Master Kayleigh. I tried for a little while and it didn’t work out too well. That and no one seem so to know that MM means Master’s in Music…

  12. 12 Mei

    Happy Friday! I still have work tomorrow, though πŸ™ But whateverrrr! I just want to request everyone to please not use very OFTEN….those acronyms for drama cos…I never get any of them. All I know is SKKS. Yeah, silly me, I know. Lol.

    • 12.1 trixicopper

      There really ought to be a list somewhere! πŸ™‚

      • 12.1.1 Sethe

        Yeah, someone should really make a glossary, right? All the dramas and all the actors/actresses… I haven’t been around long enough to do such a thing justice (just about a year, really, since I discovered kdramas), but what a fantastic project for someone’s thesis, or whatever…

        • JoAnne

          I can usually figure out the dramas…but the actors by initials often lose me unless I knew from the start what we were talking about. I mean come on, there’s not that many different combinations of 3-word names….the overlap can be huge! I’m learning, though.

          • ahjummabunny

            I have trouble with both. I don’t think there should be acronym we should use one or two words. For instance if I say Tree or Scent- you know what I’m talking about right? One that drove me crazy is cyhmh!!!! I hate that acronym.

          • cmrprindle

            I, uh…5th this motion to have a drama and actor acronym glossary.

            The other thing to do is use the literary/journalism device of saying the whole name once and using acronyms after. The downside, though, is that you’d have to use the whole name every time you started a new thread or mentioned the name in a new thread, if it hasn’t been mentioned before. Which is fine for, like, “Me Too, Flower” but a pain the pertuttie for “The woman Who Still Wants To Marry” and “Mary Stayed Out All Night”

            Maybe we should just petition for dramas with shorter names :s

          • JoAnne

            to Ahjumma….Can You Hear My Heart ding dong ding dong just a few seconds….

            but who the heck is PIE

          • ahjummabunny

            I’m not sure that pie is an actual acronym but it pie always refers to chun jung myung. I hate his name by the way but I like his lips. I always want to kidnap him. He’d be the guy that I would take advantage of if he got drunk while around me. Poor thing.

          • Shel

            LOL, ahjummabunny.

            He can look sadder than just about actor out there, but I LUFF his smile. What a cutie.

  13. 13 jerry

    am i te oly 1 watchin me too flower here?
    hope u guys recap it sooner coz MARU n YSH r awesome n m dyin to know wat tey r sayin.
    happy weekend guys

    • 13.1 Jomo

      ME TOO!
      Love it!

    • 13.2 Dorotka

      Me three!

      But missing a lot what they are saying (glad that Orangy911 decided to write the recaps)…

      …and still missing KJW as the main lead…

      • 13.2.1 Jomo

        After the end of the second ep, I only saw YSY in the part.

        I think once a replacement takes over, the writers and PD start to alter things so the actor’s strengths come out.
        It would be a different story with KJW. And that’s OK. When he gets better, he will be in something else wonderful.

        • Dorotka

          I don’t mind YSY acting, it’s just that he looks so young… and I just can’t help seeing KWJ’s face instead… and the still at the end of the episodes, where I’m convinced is still KJW!!, is not helping either…

          BUT… have you seen the last episode?? And the ending? This will definitely help to get over KJW :-)))))))

          • Jomo

            Go big or stay home, baby!

            I am so in lust with this guy!

            What about the mirror scene between JH and Lady CEO? whatEVER they were saying didn’t matter. It was like a sex scene the way they filmed it. I told May that the PD knows how to push our buttons.

          • Dorotka

            Well, I more had the impression that SHE wanted the scene be sexy and HE refused… though have no idea what they were talking about…

            But the last scene… could it be that Bong Sun was throwing Jae Hee out of the police car saying “we are strangers to each other” and after “that thing” πŸ˜‰ he said “we are no more strangers”???

          • Jomo

            What is his game, any way?

            What does he want from her? Does he know?

            And as far as the CEO and him. When I read the subs from ep 3, I was surprised at what they WERE actually saying to each other.
            It looked like they were discussing their relationship and stuff, but it was business. It’s amazing how much is going on between the words there.

            It is very 1970’s French You know – where nothing is about what they say, n’est-ce pas?

          • Dorotka

            I think that they were talking business in episode 4 as well… but the unspoken… πŸ˜‰

            BTW Where did you get subtitles??? I got just for episode 1… and haven’t yet had time to watch it…

          • Jomo

            If you donate money to Darksmurf, you can get to all the shows that are subbed below 90%.

            So, for example, Ep 3 of M2F is at 19%, so the names are still strange, but you get the gist of what is going on.

          • Dorotka

            Thanx for sharing.

            What he wants, I don’t know yet. Perhaps a kindred spirit, given his background…
            But what SHE (CEO-lady) wants is pretty clear for me (even without the subtitles) πŸ˜€ And I don’t blame her πŸ˜‰

  14. 14 May

    Happy Friday everyone πŸ™‚

    Excited for Me Too, Flower as well! That is one good show and LJA is doing an awesome job portraying her character.

    Jae-hee and Bong-Sun ftw!!

    • 14.1 Jomo

      The Pink Chicken! I forgot about how cute their interaction is. He is a very reluctant fantasy partner.

      • 14.1.1 May

        Ah Pink Chicken. How I wish you were real and how I wish Bong-sun can hug you all day long.

        I guess it is a good thing she has Jae-hee πŸ˜€

    • 14.2 ahjummabunny

      am I the only one watching a thousand days promise??? I just started but I plan to marathon and be all caught up. Are there comments about Kim rae won????

      • 14.2.1 Jomo

        I am! The subs are so slow I can’t keep up with the recaps here.

        Plus, can it possibly be any drearier?
        The only ray of angry sunlight is Lee Mi-sook.
        I may wait until the whole thing is done and marathon.

        Even once the episodes are on Dfever, I hesitate to watch since I have so many other shows going on right now.
        Another thing is I would rather rewatch JIW’s mouth on Flower Boy.

  15. 15 nonski

    Happy OT everyone! wow, nice to be back after a while of just popping in and out of here. πŸ™‚

    Currently i am overly crazy with Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. FBRS reminds me of the feeling during the Crack High when every Monday is much anticipated. I would scour the net for bits and pieces of info and gah! i screencap a lot, and that’s a real lot. I am atm a Kang Hyuk shipper, along with Alvina and Ani, two of the main rowers around DB. Tho, Chi-soo I am so anticipating how he will charm Eun-bi this coming weeks, well, winks aside.

    Another very favorite and fanatical drama I am in is Ojakgyo Brothers, a family drama airing on weekends at KBS. Joo Won and UEE stars as the main OTP of the drama. A very well written drama. A love that there is a very lively discussion at Softy’s Cadence on the going-on’s and what if’s of this drama. Just only yesterday, when the preview of episode 31 was released, there was so much hype at the blog. OBnians went gaga over the preview. The same feeling goes to this drama, that you’d probably trade in your day for another Saturday.

    This dramas keeps me awake til wee hours in the morning just to finish downloading the torrents once out. I can’t yet find a link that will allow me to livestream. For FBRS, I watched the raw for the nth time before heading to DB recaps, making me understand what i just watched. On the other hand, Ojakgyo Brothers is transcapped by Softy in a very detailed way that makes understanding the drama so easy.

    • 15.1 Jomo

      I for one, and not worried about the little duck with sneakers around his neck and coffee in hand.
      In SH, I trust!!!

      • 15.1.1 nonski

        hey Jomo! so much hype about the preview, tsk tsk tsk… thanks and it won’t be long till we see episode 31

  16. 16 Lisah

    Happy Friday Everyone!
    Just had to pass on the word that Jomo is great, Jomo is great, Jomo is great BECAUSE Jomo is GREAT πŸ™‚

    • 16.1 Jomo

      Yes, I am. I am great as PIE.
      (Now in my very best Elvis voice)
      Thank you. Thank you verrrry much, lisah.

    • 16.2 May

      Jomo is great indeed! πŸ˜€

    • 16.3 leonardswench

      Yes, she is, and she even let a new man onto her bumper this week ….

      • 16.3.1 Jomo

        Oooh! Let’s keep this PG, lady! πŸ˜‰

        • ahjummabunny


        • aoiaheen

          lol! too late!

        • leonardswench

          Is PG possible with Jomo??

          Let’s think ….

          hmmm ….

          I’m going with NOPE. πŸ˜‰

          • Jomo

            You know I’m bad, I’m bad, sham on!
            Everybody sing!

            When I was a little child, I was meek and followed rules.
            I lived a life afraid of doing bad things (as defined by church and schools.)

            I grew up well in neighbors’ eyes, hiding out behind my fears.
            Then, one day I realized the fun I missed in all those years.

            Nowadays I more forgiving of the wrongs they say I do.
            Life’s too short to live it hiding. See those rules? Go break a few.

            (Ah… yes, Catholic girls start much too late!)

          • leonardswench

            HA ha ha ha, SSOOOO true!!

          • dramabliss

            Go, Jomo girl, go!

      • 16.3.2 May

        “adding to the bumper” is so awesomely wrong πŸ˜›

        • Lisah

          Yet so very VERY right . . . . and yes, Jomo is sweet as PIE πŸ˜‰

  17. 17 P-tokki

    Had an awesome Friday today: 2 film classes today, and spent the night out with friends. But. I am freaking out. I need to watch episodes 21 and onwards of High Kick 3. Somebody please lead me to a website that streams the subbed episodes! Thank you so much! Heh heh. Hope everyone had/is having a good Friday!

  18. 18 oi

    hi everybody

    just would like to share an interesting post/comments on the use and meaning of the word “oppa”

    • 18.1 aoiaheen

      Very nice post. Loved reading the comments of the readers.

    • 18.2 ricky the royal highness

      I’d totally fall over with happiness if a girl calls me “oppa”!

      In fact, I’ve been trying to ask my younger sister to call me that for ages. But, alas, “oppa” is only used when she’s mocking me. Oh, the nerve on that evil manipulative girl!

      • 18.2.1 ahjummabunny

        hello rth! everything is good right?

        • ricky the royal highness

          Yes, of course, Bunny!
          Nice to hear from you πŸ™‚

      • 18.2.2 Shel

        I would call you “oppa” if you asked me, YRH. Oh, and if I were about 40 years younger, lol.

        • Jomo

          Let’s ALL call him OPPA!
          How does he know how old were are?

          • ricky the royal highness

            I figured it out from all the talk about daughters & sons, Jomo.

            It’s okay. I’d rather be the dongsaeng & let all the Noonas in the OT dote on me. Heh

          • Shel

            I’m still 17 at heart, does that count?

          • ricky the royal highness

            Then your heart can call me oppa. Haha

          • Shel

            M 17 yr old self needed an “oppa”. My BFF at the time, a guy 2 yrs older than me, left the country for a few years about then and I missed him. :0(

          • ricky the royal highness

            I’m guessing you reunited with him afterwards?

          • Shel

            Yes, but it was never the same. We’re still friends, we keep in touch, and I still adore him. He’s one of the really good ones, polite, kind…the guy that made sure every girl at a dance got to dance at least once (sometimes he had to recruit help), brought me goodies and the latest jokes when I was laid up with two popped out kneecaps for an entire summer. And then, when I started the next school year in a wheelchair would pick me up from my classes, take me to my next class and jog off to his. He married an wonderful lady, who doesn’t mind that we’re friends, but we live pretty far apart.

            I always thought it was funny that we were BFFs, since he had SEVEN sisters and surely didn’t need any more estrogen running his life, lol.

          • Shel

            We had been buddies for almost ten years when he left for South America. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if, when he came back, I wasn’t dating the bozo that I was dating at the time. (Not that I knew he was a bozo at that point). But, you can waste a lot of time on “what ifs” and I adore the man I ended up marrying, so I’m lucky.

          • ricky the royal highness

            Wonderful story!

            My best friend is a girl (I have another guy best friend but I’ve known her longer so she’s kinda the best best friend) and sometimes I wonder about our future. I think I shared a story here about us in the OT when you were not here yet. It was something along the lines of “is it possible to be best friends with the opposite gender, without involving any romantic feelings?”

            The future remains blurry…

          • Shel

            It is possible to an extent. But the lines can get blurry if the BFF starts seriously dating someone else. Especially if the someone else isn’t too keen on them having a BFF of the opposite sex. Went through that with a close friend in college…when he started getting serious with a girl, she told him to stop being friends with me. He told her that he couldn’t stop being friends with me any more than he could tell his brother to stop being his brother and that she was just gonna have to get over it. She tolerated me after that, but it was never the same. I only had the situation in reverse once, and BFF kept telling me the guy I was dating was a jerk. Turns out he was right, lol.

            However, one of my closest friends in college, 20 years later became my husband, so you just never know. :0)

          • Shel

            Actually more like fifteen years. I started doing the math and went….wait, I’m not THAT old….

          • ricky the royal highness

            I guess I’ll have to wait for 15 years to find out. πŸ™‚

        • Shiku

          Or we can call him ‘ahjussi’ ? LMAO *runs into hiding*

          • ricky the royal highness


            *holds sniper & tracking system*

          • Shel


      • 18.2.3 Raine

        I totally would…except your younger than me. You can noona me tho!!! πŸ˜›

  19. 19 Katy

    Happy Friday everyone!!! I liked oi’s link on oopa article and a comment made me laugh, oopa-loompa! That was funny when reading comments from the link! Nice:) happy weekend and drama watchings!!!

  20. 20 Alvina

    Hello OT! Another day, another chance to study for an upcoming o-chem exam. Joy -_-

    1. Watched a movie called Dostana yesterday. To anyone who has watched it, was the ending supposed to suggest that they had feelings for each other, or simply that they were grossed out by the kiss? β€˜cause, I mean, it’s not fair if John Abraham is hot, smart, AND gay πŸ™‚ But, seriously, that movie was pretty radical for a mainstream, blockbuster Indian movie, no? Also went to a Tollywood movie with a friend. It was pretty nice but, call me old-school, what’s so wrong with formula? I mean, 90s were cheesy as heck, but it also defined Indian cinema to the world wide audience. Yet, now I guess they’re ashamed of the portrayal? Art of all types changes, reflecting the times, I guess. I suppose if I want cheesy and predictable, I can always check out Nollywood (Nigerian films) lol.
    2. FINALLY finished BBJX. I don’t understand why people kept saying that the ending was so sad. I mean, yes, I’ll agree that the drama as a whole was pretty tear-inducing, but the ending gave us a chance for hope. It’s a historical, so I was kind of expecting the sad ending. Maybe I was too prepared because of all the comments and went in steeling myself to the pain? I cried when the 13 brother got jailed, and then near the end, but the actual ending left me pretty happy.
    3. ^^ If more t-dramas and mainland dramas were like that, I’d probably watch more. Unfortunately, while the storylines are fresh and unique (and devoid of j-drama’s tendency to have bittersweet endings), they tend to be over-acted. Case in point, my love/hate relationship with Rainie Yang. Grrr.
    4. My kpop groups for the day? Clover and Norazo.

    • 20.1 mems

      Hey Alvina, I actually did a presentation and a long essay on Dostana for a Bollywood film class I was taking. The ending’s supposed to be ambiguous, so you can take home either interpretation…only reason they left it like that was

      1. because this was the first mainstream Bollywood movie to approach the topic of homosexuality, they didn’t want to turn away the (vast) conservative Indian audience from the film and topic by actually making them gay.

      2. to let the audience digest the fact that being gay isn’t a big deal – the message the audience would take home with them.

      • 20.1.1 Alvina

        Ahh!!! That’s what I thought; about them wanting to touch on the topic but not wanted to go ~there~.
        The kiss was radical in itself.

        The fact that it was the hit it was seems crazy to me. I think people are intrigued by films that push the boundaries through a comedic touch.

        That’s amazing that you wrote an essay on it. πŸ˜€

  21. 21 mirabeau

    HAPPY FRIDAY everyoooone ! πŸ˜€

    What is everybody watching these days ? I have so much work these days that I did not get into any of the currently airing k-dramas, except for FBRS – I mean, who wouldn’t ?

    So, instead, once in a while, I’d watch a few episodes of oldies. I watched “What’s Up, Fox ?” (by Mrs. “Sam-soon” Writer) and LOVED it. I’m kind of suprised that no one ever raved about it on the web, because I fell head over heels for this drama.
    Oh, and PIE now joined Gong Yoo, Park Shi-hoo and Lee Min-ho on my list of K-actor crushes. I’m scared to watch him in “Man of Honor” and have my impression of him deflate, now, though… What do you guys think ?

    Oh, and currently starting Autumn in My Heart – gotta HEART Moon Geun-young playing the young counterpart, she’s aluuuuvable <3 Still haven't reached the adult part yet, I hope it's not too terrible…

    • 21.1 Jomo

      What? Not rave about What’s Up Fox?
      We have raved, I’ll tell you.
      It is my favorite romcom of all time, and Park Chul Soo is THE first lead to beat as far as I am concerned.

      [Strong opinion alert]

      AimH’s goal is to make its viewers as unhappy as possible. There is nothing fun about it. Oh, wait, there was that FIVE minutes where you didn’t feel squicky (That is a Thundie word, maybe?) or sad, or want to yell: JUST SAY IT for CRYING out LOUD!
      Don’t think I didn’t like it because it was sad. I love sad.

      Won Bin is wonderful. The Hand Towel is gorgeous. Then there’s that catatonic girl with the blue lips – SHK. Shudder.

      Everyone needs to watch it to the bitter end in order to appreciate all the good dramas.

      If you really want to go back in time to enjoy that director’s early stuff, WATCH FEELINGS 1994.
      It is wonderulf wonderful wonderful. Lee Jung Jae is the blue print that Song Seung Hyun was chosen to replicate.
      He was so cute and buff and sweet and sad.

      • 21.1.1 mirabeau

        Ooooooh ! I’m SO glad to hear I wasn’t mistaken on the quality of Park Chul-soo as the male first lead ! I LOVE HIM SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU[…]UCH it drives me %^*^^ΓΉ*m (i.e. incoherent).
        And I love, love the show. You know how people sometimes characterize a show, saying “if he was a boyfriend, he’d be…”. Well, when I was watching the last episodes, I just wanted to hug the hell out of What’s Up, Fox ? It’s like my baby, and whoever comes up to me to criticize it shall die Γ¨.Γ© Eaten by korean alien idol zombies/vampires, preferably.

        Thank you for your advices on Autumn ^_^ I shall not get too invested in it but simply enjoy the ride – and the pretty landscapes, and some actors. I read the synopsis already, so I kind of know where it is going, and I dislike it, but yeah. It’s like the Seasons dramas, I guess. You need to see them at some point if you want to call yourself a real Kdrama aficionado – despite them being senseless and clichΓ© nowadays.
        I’m just watching AiMH because I heard about it on Koala’s blog – but, yeah, I’m not expecting to go positively crazy over it. On the other hand, hey, cutie-pie MGY, hot Won-bin, and Grand Hand Towel ! I miss My Princess’ Hand Towel A LOT.

      • 21.1.2 mirabeau

        (Oh, and I’ll make sure to check out Feelings. I guess it will be hard to find online, though. Do you have any links by any chance ?)

        • Jomo

          OK, but prepare to fall in love with Lee Jung Jae.
          It is not currently avail streaming, but should be!

          In this DB article, they link you to the thread that has the downloads and the subs. Javabeans subbed it.

          • mirabeau

            Thank you so much for the link ! Man, I just realized it but… This drama is as old as I am. Dang, I feel much younger suddenly. Well, let’s dive into the unknown (a.k.a. the early 90’s) and see where it leads us πŸ˜€

            (Also, I don’t mind adding another name on my “Korean actor crushes” list, don’t worry ^_^)

    • 21.2 TiaC

      Oh AiMH. I have to warn you mirabeau that this drama just gets infinitely more painful as it transfers from the young-‘uns to the adults. And by painful, I mean the pain that comes with head-desking every three minutes because you don’t understand anything that’s happening. Why do any of these characters LIKE each other, let alone ‘love’ each other so deeply that they cannot part for five minutes without crying? Why don’t they see that all this crying could end if they all just left each other? Why can’t I reach into my screen and protect Won Bin from all this ridiculata? But this drama does have one of the most unintentionally funny endings ever. Almost made up for the massive migraine I suffered from all the head-desking.

      • 21.2.1 Jomo

        LOL! So true!

      • 21.2.2 mirabeau

        Well, that’s not very reassuring haha. I already had plenty of migraines these days from the all-nighters I pulled recently. Ah, university… So yeah, I’m probably going to go through it for the sake of the music (Forbidden Games, Image… GAH. Love.), the pretty landscapes, Won Bin… And I shall sacarstically mock the rest.

    • 21.3 trixicopper

      I think it may depend on your definition of terrible. πŸ™‚

    • 21.4 Llamaesque

      Somebody here recommended What’s Up, Fox? as a show with good skinship, and after watching it I must agree they hit the nail on the head =X

      I totally loved watching it–the leads were great, the love story was sweet, and it was full of random funniness. (I especially loved how they kept cutting to the plastic girl parts floating through the universe…heehee.)

      I’m hoping Me too, Flower will be as good when I finally get around to watching it…

    • 21.5 ricky the royal highness

      Oh, mirabeau, my French princess!

      How are you? How’s high school? Or are you starting university?

  22. 22 PancakenMuffins

    I’m not sure if this was already posted on a different thread but I found a shorter trailer for “What’s up” the quality isn’t that great but it’s still something πŸ™‚

    I really can’t wait for this to air.

  23. 23 KDrama Fan

    Hi there.

    Hope you’ve all had a good week.

    I’m just back from 5 days in Seoul and 10 days on Jeju.

    It was a great trip.

    Highlights include: climbing Mt Halla (MNIKSS), Namsan, and Bukaksan; cycling alongside the River of Woe/Han River; hiking some of the Jeju Olle/trails; visiting the Jeju waterfalls (1N2D); meeting the locals and eating all the yummy food.

    I was all set to see TV actors and other celebs constantly on the look out for the big wagons they ride around in but the closest I got to see them was advertisements and the KBS building on Yeouido.

    All set to go again next year. Until then I’ll be trying Maangchi’s recipes and checking out Dramabeans.

    • 23.1 Stacy

      LOVE Maangchi’s site! I ended up downloading all 3 cookbooks and printing them out – probably would’ve been cheaper to order them when I think about all the ink I used.

  24. 24 JoAnne

    Happy Friday Beaners!

    Just about half way through Ep 15 of Greatest Love…I told Raine and Shel earlier this week that I never thought it would happen but I’m totally on board with Dokko Jin ending up with Ae Jeung now. In fact…last night I got to see the scene after he ‘kidnaps’ her back to his home and they have a meal and then he stands up and gets her to face him and then plants a BIG one on her and I was so thrilled by that!

    I keep thinking this is one I’d really like to see re-done as a US version – it would have to be shorter (a movie) but the themes are so applicable here.

    Everything else has been on hold while I watch this…but I’m partially through Chuno and Manny as well. Don’t know that I will get far with them this weekend…a young friend has informed me that I ‘MUST’ get caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, and I have to start thinking Christmas-y thoughts, too. Making things tends to require me to watch tv I can listen to, not actually read.

    • 24.1 ahjummabunny

      May I recommend, watching korean dramas until you can just listen to them? I’ll suppose you acquiesced and recommend that you watch korean dramas until you can just listen to them

      • 24.1.1 JoAnne

        Jumma …that’s the goal, I’ve got books, I’ve got websites, I’ve got CDs, I’ve got my little penmanship paper (ahhhhhhhhh the ‘wheah’ dipthongs I can’t remember them to save my LIFE) and I’m learning, but slowly. I think because I spend far more time watching than I do studying! So far if I listen to the dramas what I hear is

        mumble mumble verb-ieyo mumble mumble-hamnida mumble mumble kumawo mumble mumble saranghae mumble oori-mumble let’s go!

        • ahjummabunny

          lol I’m feeling great because I’m realizing when I’m listening to songs I actually know what I’m listening to and I’m not translating. Some dramas have more complex language than others but in general once you’ve seen a few you can get the hang of it. I’m even able to predict some sageuk next words but I don’t feel comfortable enough to watch a sageuk raw. I think the songs helped me improve my vocabulary. I’m not studying in the strict sense. I practice with my cats.

          • myweithisway

            I wouldn’t watch a sageuk raw either but I’m just too hooked on TWDR to stop myself, especially since they do the (relatively) quick uploads on youtube in HD at sbsroot1

        • Raine

          That’s totally what I hear except I have NO IDEA what those ending means. But I’m at that point in Japanese. It’s better than just hearing. “BLAH BLAH BLAH”

          As for Grey’s, I haven’t watch the current season and I was addicted to it when I watched it, but now I can’t remember why….

      • 24.1.2 Shel

        I put on Playful Kiss or Coffee Prince or something else I’ve seen enough times that I don’t have to catch every subtitle to know what’s going on.

        Or, an old movie “Roman Holiday”, “Arsenic and Old Lace”, “Father Goose”.

        I actually get more done if I stick with the radio, though, lol.

        • JoAnne

          I move faster when I listen to the radio too! In fact I find it difficult to work (at work) when I’m listening to music that makes me happy because I..uh…start to type along with the rhythm. Which would be fine but the beats don’t necessarily line up with the syllables and tend to make me misspell things, or get lost.

          • Raine

            Haha, I can’t concentrate with music when I’m working cause I start analyzing it or singing harmony and get distracted. But when I clean, I sing REALLY LOUDLY and dance with whatever appliance I’m using! (Think Mrs. Doubtfire)

          • JoAnne

            I had no idea you had white hair and an ahjumma perm…

        • ahjummabunny

          I love arsenic and old lace! I think it was my first cary grant movie. I like to see him with kate though as in bringing up baby and holiday. I don’t know that I could only listen to arsenic and old lace it has too many action funny scenes ( slapstick?)

          • Shel

            Nah…I always end up watching that one, too. Same with Bringing up Baby. A couple of other faves for listening while I sew are “So I Married An Axe Murderer”, “Joe vs the Volcano” and “Princess Bride”.

    • 24.2 JoAnne

      Oh, I forgot…

      I was watching something on Youtube and following random suggestions and came across this kid TenchiJK. He’s cute in a particular sort of college-kid way, goofy but I’m guessing he’s smarter than he ‘acts’ and well – just check out the link. He’s got other videos, you’ll see them all off to the side if you’re interested.

      The Oppa Manual

      Easy Korean, Lesson 1

      • 24.2.1 Raine

        He seriously sounds like how I speak sometimes when I get angry. I get all ghetto sounding even though my family speaks very proper English.

        And he’s pretty darn hot…but totally a dongsaeng LE SOB

        • JoAnne

          Raine, isn’t he ADORABLE?

          • Raine

            Totally adorable! And its ridiculously hot when he blurts stuff out in Korean. Ridiculously… I really hope the kid is at least 18 or I will feel like a total lech.

    • 24.3 TiaC

      JoAnne, I absolutely agree with you about Best Love being perfect for an American remake. I remember watching this drama and absolutely loving it, partly because I think it has the same tone and characteristics as some of my favorite American shows. I use this show as an example for my friends of how awesome K-dramas can be, and I usually end up describing this one as a mix of “30 Rock”/Tina Fey entertainment industry satire with the heart and whimsy of a Brian Fuller show (“Pushing Daisies”) and the well-crafted dialogue of “Gilmore Girls.”

      • 24.3.1 Raine

        Omg, Gilmore Girls. LOVE Gilmore girls and I really liked Pushing Daisies. I was disappointed when it got cut.

        And I agree. Bring Dokko Jin to America!

    • 24.4 Shel

      Love CSW and Dokko Jin, but absolutely HATE his hair. He and JSG I just wanna take a pair of scissors to. Except I don’t know the first thing about cutting hair, lol.

      Loved Manny at the beginning, but hated it at the end. Didn’t have a particularly sad ending, just kind of pointless. I like the guy that played the Manny, he’s on High Kick now and he cracks me up.

      Haven’t seen Chuno yet…it’s on my (very long) list, you’ll have to let me know how you like it.

      Yeah, Christmas…..should probably do something about that.

      • 24.4.1 JoAnne

        I’m taking it easy this year, but daughter has requested cute slouchy hats in every color to go with newly short hair, I have an afghan to finish for her dorm room, and last year I took up paper-cutting so the people who didn’t get 3-D trees LAST year get them this year, plus I have 3-D snowflakes to send off to decorate about a million college rooms and my own front window. Later I have to think about amaretti, biscotti, and chocolate-dipped potato chips. The only one of those things I can do comfortably while watching subtitles is the afghan. Ok, maybe the hats once they get going, it’s a very simple pattern.

        • Shel

          Choco dipped potato chips? Really? I can see my hubby loving that.

          I’m probably going to send money to the law school kids, with a small gift. I think I”m gonna knit them winter scarves….they moved to the Rocky Mtns from Phoenix, where my DIL didn’t even own a pair of actual shoes….all sandals and flipflops. Major adjustment for them. I hope they don’t kill themselves driving in the snow.

          Trying to come up with something cool for my “sisterwives” and all my pseudo-grandkids (10 of them…age 6 mos to 16). And my parents…that’s always a major dilemma. My sibs and I draw names, so I only have to come up with something for one of them.

          We usually go pretty low-key, I’ve never been a big Christmas spender, but I do like making gifts. My crafty daughter is already gearing up to start on some things.

          • JoAnne

            Shel: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

            You need a sturdy chip, like a kettle chip, and um, chocolate chips. Or the melting chocolate for making candies.

            I have the best success melting in the microwave – on the stove in the double boiler it tends to harden up and get really stiff really fast. Seizing, I think they call it…

            Anyway, just melt the chocolate to a nice drippy consistency – thinner than pudding, thicker than mexican hot chocolate – and dip away. You want it to cling in a nice thin layer to the chip. I usually leave half the chip undipped.

            I let them set up on a cookie sheet lined with parchment in the fridge but once they’re set, they’re pretty stable, and can be stored at room temp in whatever container you like. I don’t know how long they last because they never last long enough to test!

          • Shel

            Yum. I’ll be trying that for gifties. Thanks!

      • 24.4.2 ahjummabunny

        jang geun seuk definitely needs a makeover- also in the head. I saw his graduation picture on allkpop and he actually looks like a man. I mean, I used to go around telling young men on campus to grow their hair and I’m regretting it now. Cha seung won’s hair in city hall was great- best love too much.

        I love suh ji sok’s mouth ( guy from manny). I hated his character in manny he was too wishy washy and I think he violated the trust of his employer. It grossed me out. In general I’m anti work dating though.

        • JoAnne

          I am on the fence about Suh Ji Sok’s mouth…his lips are very dark, which is distracting to me. I think he looks a bit like a grown up Kim Hyun Joong, though, don’t you?

          I am not that far into it so no dating yet.

          • ahjummabunny

            hmm they do have similar mouths! I wouldn’t say their other facial features are similar. Kim hyun joong looks like yamapi too, that could also be all about the mouth. I prefer darker mouths to those fuchsia colored mouths we sometimes get after what I’m assuming is make up on some other drama males.

          • Shel

            Hmm…didn’t notice that before, but I think you’re right.

          • JoAnne

            Jumma, he does look like Yamapi. In my opinion, grown up Yamapi is actually better…shhhhhhh

        • Raine

          In Beethoven Virus he looked like a man. It was GREAT.

  25. 25 mandelbrotr

    Hi All, Happy Friday! I was so looking forward to the OT this week. I found a site devoted to TV Tropes and of course it includes our love, kdrama. Here is a sample through Coffee Prince, Therein is Disappeared Dad, Love Triangle, Piggyback Cute, Umbrella of Togetherness amongst others.

    • 25.1 skelly

      mandelbrot, thank you so much for this link! I was not familiar with this site, but it is fabulous and I can tell I will spend hours wandering through it.

  26. 26 Llamaesque

    Apropos of nothing: I have a complicated relationship with Twilight (I really liked the first book and movie, but it was all painfully downhill from there), but as I read about the new movie in the series I keep having flashes of what draws me to Kdrama. From the NY Times review:

    “Being dead, in truth, gives the male vampire a great romantic advantage, because it allows him to engage in the kind of old-fashioned dash and derring-do β€” with one arm around the girl and the other smacking away foes β€” that might be laughed or scolded off the screen. (The age of the chivalrous superhero ended when Christopher Reeve hung up his Superman cape in 1987.) One of the complex pleasures of the ‘Twilight’ movies is the absolute sincerity with which they’ve revived the unironic romantic male lead, an ideal that works (when the movies do, anyway) because it’s Bella who actively, even desperately, desires Edward. He’s her choice, not that of her parents or anyone else.”

    If you replace the words “dead” and “vampire” with “Korean,” this is a perfect description of Kdrama. In place of the irony and winking hipsterism so common in American entertainment, there’s earnestness and chivalry and swoony declarations of love.

    But on the other hand, the gender roles in Kdrama can make my skin crawl–just like the ones in Twilight. The flip side of all this saving-the-day is needing to be saved, and allowing someone to save you, neither of which are scenarios I particularly appreciate. Yet I totally have drama fever and can barely tear myself away from whatever show I’m currently watching (Lovers, right now!). Weird.

    • 26.1 JoAnne

      Llama…I know what you mean about the gender roles and have given it a little thought over these months. I think I lose myself in the dramas so much BECAUSE the gender roles are so defined, and the female roles are so different from my own life.

      I’ve been raising my daughter on my own since she was 14 months old. She’s now almost 19. I say ‘on my own’ with full knowledge and appreciation that there were many times I would have failed at the task had I not had family and friends willing to back me up when necessary – but no father/husband at all. When we split, it was absolute.

      Many women do this, and I don’t say it because I think I’m so remarkable. But when you look at the task, it IS remarkable, for everyone of us in that situation.

      I have not dated in that time. (No one night stands, either.) Plenty of reasons, none of which I really want to go into – but the point is that there was no guy coming to rescue me. I didn’t get to put my head on someone’s shoulder when she was being mean to me; I didn’t get to say ‘your turn’ when it was time to be the bad guy. I didn’t ever ask anyone to help beyond ‘I’m going out of town next week, can she stay with you?’ to my parents, or ‘I have to work early/late – can she ride with you to practice/school’ to my friends. There was just me, and just her, for almost every thing. And we were fine, honestly…we have friends and family and she’s off at school now and I have work and hobbies and all that…

      but I watch KDramas because sometimes it’s nice to see a guy rescue a girl.

      • 26.1.1 Llamaesque

        Joanne, I completely understand where you’re coming from. (Even if the only creature I’m responsible for caring for is my cat.) There’s an old-fashioned appeal to being treasured and protected, even if it’s not something we would necessary want or actively seek out in our own lives. I just finished watching the lovely Heartstrings, for example, in which the male lead is great and supportive but ultimately treats his girlfriend a lot like Edward treats Bella–as a child to be coddled, not a grown up capable of being an equal partner in life.

        So I guess it’s a two-edged sword–and my relationship with Kdrama is more complicated than I thought πŸ˜‰

        • Jomo

          Let’s face it, the reason women enjoy and have enjoyed the romance of these stories is because there are NO heroes out saving us in our daily lives, and there never were.

          We yearn for what we don’t have.

          Women have never had easy lives!

          • JoAnne

            That’s true – there were many times over the years where I saw how much husbands (and omg, the boyfriends) COMPLICATED my friend’s lives and made them so much harder. There were many, many days I was grateful for my simple, uncomplicated, tiny family of two.

            It was really just later, when parenting got hard as she went through a several-years-long arc of illness and troubles, that I realized how much I would have appreciated someone to just go through it with me. In that kind of time…a parent or a friend is not sufficient.

      • 26.1.2 cmrprindle

        but I watch KDramas because sometimes it’s nice to see a guy rescue a girl.

        JoAnne, in so many ways you’ve described mine and my mother’s life and I think, also, part of the reason why I like k-dramas. *HUGS!* Thank you.

        • JoAnne

          *HUGS!* back to you, CMRPrindle!

      • 26.1.3 Shel

        It is nice to see a guy rescue a girl. And while I’m not a fan of treating a girl/woman like an idiot/child, I do love a guy who treats his woman like he treasures her and wants to protect her. And I got lucky that way.

        On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with a girl rescuing/protecting a guy either. Real love makes it work both ways.

        And kudos for raising your daughter on your own, I know it’s tough. I can’t imagine not having my husband to pass her on to….”she’s YOUR daughter now” when she’s being a pill.

        • Shel

          And for the record, I hated Twilight. I though Bella was a whiny mess and couldn’t figure for the life of me what either guy saw in here.

          And if I have to pick, I’m Team Jacob all the way.

          • Jomo

            Me, too. Both points.

            It is an easy choice:
            Cold no blood marble man
            Hot blooded wild animal

          • Shel


      • 26.1.4 mihinikki

        Joanne, I really admire you for protecting your daughter all those years. My mom was the same. When my father died she was 41 and she decided that no guy was worth risking her kids over. If anyone hurt us she thought she might actually kill him and go to jail. Yes, my mother’s hardcore. All 5 ft, 1 inch and 120lbs pounds of her! However, she is happy for those who do find a great guy.

        Anyways, I think there’s no shame in our love for the chivalry and romance. In Kdramas the hero loves the woman down to her soul. It’s not about the hook up. There are no “open” relationships, booty calls, sexting, STI’s, or any other impurities between the OTP. It is true love pure and simple, where the guy is expected to love, protect, and honor his lady. Even the heroes who begin as total ratfinks end up being gentlemen. And I think this seemingly unrealistic standard set by kdramas might actually help some women to hold out for a man with integrity. I know I want someone willing to die for me like Naeuri in Damo πŸ™‚

        • JoAnne

          Thank you, Mihinikki – your mom sounds fierce!

      • 26.1.5 Shel

        JoAnne….another thing I respect is that you were willing to protect your daughter at all costs..including a personal life of your own.

        I have a sister with kids….3 kids, three different guys…..she has a new guy every time you turn around….her kids get all attached to him, then she kicks him to the curb (or he ditches her). It’s tough on the kids. Only the oldest has a sort-of involved Daddy, which eventually the younger ones are gonna figure out and be questioning. She has health issues, also, so my 70s-ish parents spend more time parenting than she does.

        Never once in her life, has this sister ever thought about anyone else’s welfare before her own. So, kudos to you for loving your daughter enough to do everything for her. I know it was hard. But I’m sure she’s an awesome kid because of it.

        • JoAnne

          She is an awesome kid, Shel – but I honestly believe most of that is internal to her and that I didn’t have much to do with it, LOL…because she chooses opposite of me on almost everything! But she’s true to herself, she loves fiercely (if infrequently), she’s funny, she’s beautiful, and she’s brave. That is sooo much more than enough for this mom to be proud πŸ™‚

          • Shel


      • 26.1.6 Raine

        Unni – now I admire you even more. I grew up with both parents and it was hard on them with the three of us. I can’t imagine doing it alone.

        So far, in my life, I’ve never been rescued. A lot of my male friends say I’m too alpha and dominant and not feminine enough (I have curves, I’m decently pretty, I dress nicely). I just don’t take BS from anyone. And I’m really smart and opinionated. Apparently, that’s not cool But I don’t want to have to be a simpering female with no backbone in order for someone to look at me twice.

        Anyway, your daughter sounds like a lucky lady to have you as a mom. To go through that and keep going despite all, that’s love:)

        • JoAnne

          Thank you my little dongsaeng πŸ™‚

          My favorite ex-boyfriend said he loved me BECAUSE I was smart, opinionated, and self-sufficient. He said it would take a strong man to have me for his woman, and that he found it a struggle to keep up sometimes, but totally worth it. I loved it when he said that, because he was saying ‘be yourself. That’s what I love.’ Yes, I know he was complimenting himself too. The thing is…he was the smartest, strongest, most reliable guy I ever was involved with, and he is still part of my life, and totally the standard to which I hold all men. Of course, he says he measures his women against me, too. No, we’re not getting back together some day. That ship has sailed. We each have a marriage under our belts and I think we’re each confirmed singles at this point, LOL.

          • Raine

            I haven’t found one of those yet. Most of the men down here really like their subservient, scantily clad, dim-witted women of which I am NONE. (Well, scantily clad only in the privacy of my home…and perhaps dimwitted in the morning when I wake up and can only grunt a response.)

            You and your daughter sound like me and my mom. I find as I get older, we get closer. Now is such an amazing time in our relationship. We used to snipe all the time. We were the ONLY ones in my immediate family who did. But that part of our relationship has eased and I’m so thankful for that. I live with her now (housing in Miami is ridiculous) and it used to drive me insane, but we actually seek each other out for company everyday now.

    • 26.2 leonardswench

      A friend just shared this blog about Twilight (WARNING __ SPOILERS __ SPOILERS __ SPOILERS)

  27. 27 Jadielaw

    Doing a rewatch of Phoenix/Firebird and enjoying it so much. Leo Seo Jin and Eric Mun are luvvly to look at and I find myself rewinding so many scenes just to look at their handsomeness (in suits) again.
    I just have a question if anyone can help me. The scene where Leo Seo Jin says ‘d/tangsheen’ to Lee Eun Joo at the hotel in Jeju and thus gave the game away that they were married before. The translation on my dvd says ‘honey.’ Is this correct? Isn’t ‘d/tangsheen’ just a polite way of saying ‘you’ to spouses/acquaintances? Why couldn’t Eric have just interpreted it as the latter (acquaintances) and not that they were married before?
    Anyway, loving this ‘meaty’ drama after all the fluff I’ve been watching recently.
    Another point. They still smoke in this drama. Was it in 2005 that smoking was banned in dramas?

    • 27.1 dolee

      You’re right. It seems ‘you’ as a second person pronoun referring to a (current or ex-) spouse was inappropriately translated as ‘honey(=yeobo)’.
      It is regarded as a polite expression only when β€˜d/tangshin’ is used as a third person pronoun.
      For instance, ‘King Sejong, you were a great king who truly loved the people and invented hangeul that is accessible to the weak, the people’.
      When it comes to a second person pronoun, it could sound rude other than between couples or very friendly relations. Especially it should not be used for elderly people. I have rarely found people using β€˜d/tangshin’ in common conversation. It feels like ‘a theatrical title’ preferred to be used in drama.
      A bit off topic, but it is quite upsetting thing to watch someone slapping another in the face or male lead forcefully grabbing female lead’s hand and dragging her along or people yelling at each other insanely or unrealistic mother-in-law from rich family on tv shows. People here might be more hot-tempered than people of other countries, yet they are exaggerated too much on tv shows. It just feels like ‘a theatrical gesture or plot’ to upset even domestic viewers.
      I don’t guess most Japanese overact shouting certain ethical lessons and behave like animation characters.
      Likewise, kdrama seems to be also full of theatrical and dramatic elements. Sorry, I wandered really off the topic. β€˜d/tangshin’ is a bit awkward expression especially for young generation anyway. πŸ™‚

      • 27.1.1 jadielaw

        Thanks for helping to clear that up Dolee. So it seems it is the next step up formality wise after the casual ‘noh’.

  28. 28 Carinne

    TGIF Peeps,

    Who here is gonna watch Breaking Dawn Pt.1 this weekend? I think I’m gonna wait till Thanksgiving weekend when most of the Twihard fans are out of my hair to catch it w/ my aunts and cousins. Funny thing, I caught up w/ my neighbor yesterday and we spoke of the latest gossip about Stephanie Meyer. Lord give Stephanie more strength to pull through exhausting times.

    Into the mood sharing a tune today…

    Young Blood by The Naked And Famous

    Off I go catching up on my TWdrama playlist.

    • 28.1 Alvina

      I have an exam on sunday, but all of my room mates are heading to the film. It seems to be one of those, ‘We love to hate on it’ types that come along every couple of years.
      I actually didnt think much of the book when it first came out. That is, I liked it but I didnt think it’d become that famous. It reminded me of LJ Smith series’

      Anyway, mind sharing your playlist?

      • 28.1.1 Carinne

        Sure, a short list though… all currently airing types…

        In Time With You
        Ring Ring Bell
        Office Girls

        I still have a few new 1911 Chinese historical movies to watch. Something about the Last Emperor of China and the rise of Communism still aches my beating heart.

        Highly recommend Dogani aka Silenced when it’s out on dvd. I wanted to rip the arms off my theater chair every time I was moved and felt the abusive pain in this film. o(γ… .γ… )o

  29. 29 skelly

    Sigh. I have beocme horribly addicted to A Thousand Kisses. I can’t believe I have fallen for this show. I tried to explain it to my husband – the birth secret, the cousins-marrying-sisters, the face-slapping, the water-throwing (and he can hear the screaming and yelling, LOL) and he just gave me this look. Frankly, if I was listening to me, talking about this show, I would give myself The Look, too.

    And I didn’t even mention about the little boy pulled between two grandmas like a piece of taffy.

    • 29.1 alua

      I’m not horribly addicted to it (in part because there are always scenes I skip) but I find myself wanting to watch the episodes that haven’t yet been subtitled.

      That boy being pulled between his grandmas was terrible. And even worse was that idiotic, hypocritical dad being so immature to decide he would put his son in the middle of his own issues. How can you be so cruel? Although I’m pretty sure that that happens quite frequently to children of divorces.

      Loving Woo Bin. He is just the sweetest, kindest guy. And not giving up despite the fact that no one is on their side.

    • 29.2 Shel

      I”m addicted to this one, too. And I hate melodramas. And all the water throwing and slapping. But, I’m enjoying the oldercousin/young wife storyline.

      I think someone needs to “off” the exhusband and slap his silly wife/mistress. And Woo Bin’s mom and sister, too. Ok, a lot of them need to be slapped. Unfortunately, the only slapping that gets done is to the people who don’t deserve it.

      I love Grandma and her sister, they’re my favorite characters, even though I think Grandma worries too much. I think she’ll come around, though, because she really wants her granddaughters to be happy.

      • 29.2.1 skelly

        Yes, Hooray for Bokja Grannie! At first she got on my nerves, but now I love her – she’s the character who consistently says what I am thinking, LOL!

      • 29.2.2 alua

        Oh yeah. A lot of them need to be slapped. Hard. And yelled at. And be told that they are superficial, cruel (to the point of being inhumane – Woo Bin’s mom especially) and seriously need to mind their own business.

        And don’t get me started on Woo Bin’s ex. She’s totally deluded. I don’t understand how she can think that her behaviour (given she is pretty open about being vicious – she is not being ‘clever’ at all) will regain her Woo Bin’s favours? She also needs to learn the line between “personal” and “professional” life.

        As for the silly wife/mistress, I just don’t get why she wants the ex-husband so badly?!?

        I feel mixed about the grandma (although I love her sister – such a drama queen but when it comes to it, she’s essentially willing to accept anything). But I agree – grandma will come around. And Woo Bin’s dad, I think , will as well – he’s putting up a facade he’ll at some point see that what his wife is doing to Joo Young is cruel beyond what can be justified.

        • Cynthia

          Good evening, everyone! Just caught up to OT – have to admit that I’m totally hooked with ATK (yeah, like maybe 3 kisses so far?!).

          The yelling, screaming, water and juice tossing, slapping, hitting and just general disrespect are fascinating – it’s like slowing down past an accident in traffic. You really don’t want to look but just can’t help yourself.

          I still don’t get the big deal about cousins marrying sisters. I mean, we’re not talking about backwoods Appalachia here (think Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13 year old cousin here in the States).

          I’m definitely enjoying the 2nd couple much more than the Woo Bin duo – and I love the MIL/Mother. That’s one skillful actress.

          My only question at this point is how in the heck are they going to spin this out for 50 episodes?!

          • Shel

            That’s what I’m wondering. Cuz if someone doesn’t get a clue soon, I’m gonna be losing patience with it. I can’t believe it’s gone on this long already.

            That chick who plays WooBin’s ex just looks evil. So does his sister, for that matter….do you suppose those actresses can pull off nice people roles?

          • alua

            I wonder. Seeing from the RAWS of ep. 28, [SPOILER alert] Woo Bin/Joo Young get married quickly. But I’m guessing we’ll get the lead-up to the grand reveal of the stepmother’s secret (taking up a few episodes) and surely some vicious tampering from Woo Bin’s ex (perhaps something to make Joo Young think he’s cheating on her??? I hope not, I’d hate a story line like that). But what else? I can’t come up with anything worth another 20+ episodes.

            Woo Bin’s sister is awful but I keep thinking she isn’t quite as evil as the ex. Even if she might not come round to liking Joo Young, I get the impression sometimes that if she knew that the ex cheated on her brother, she wouldn’t be BFF’s with her. There was a scene quite early on in the series when that ex (very briefly) made some disparaging comments about Woo Bin’s sister, and I could very well see her doing that again, Woo Bin’s sister overhearing that and realising the ex’s true colours.

          • Shel

            I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why Woo Bin doesn’t just tell his sister why they broke up. And his mother, for that matter. Except that it would take about 10 eps off the drama length, lol.

  30. 30 foraredrose

    Happy Friday everyone! Have not posted on here in a while, but hope everyone is doing well πŸ™‚

    After my Dream High marathon last weekend, the only drama I’m going to be watching is Material Queen – but I might watch Ajusshi the movie!! πŸ˜€

    Have a great weekend~

  31. 31 cmrprindle

    If I don’t post now, it’s likely I never will…lol

    Happy Friday/Weekend, OT!

    It’s been a bit of a wild and crazy one, work-wise, and full of exhaustion in my personal life. Lots of getting home late the last month or so. People are starting to presume that I’ll be here when they call after hours >.< A little too much dependability, maybe.

    I have to make a confession: Cute Spanish Guy (CSG) totally did a wrist-grab on me when he was on his way out to lunch and I didn’t mind! It was all in fun. I ran into him and our IT guy on the stairs as they were going out to lunch, and I joked that they were abandoning me. I went for the door to let myself into the department I was visiting and he grabbed my wrist as my other arm swung back, play-pulling me out with him. I’m telling you, I didn’t even realize it was a wrist grab until I finally went out for lunch about 15-20mins later. Mostly I was in dreamy awe of how strong he was, and purposefully wasn’t being (it was a definite hold on my wrist but not at all painful). It doesn’t help that he wore a short-sleeved shirt for the first time yesterday so I got to see his arms.

    I have really got to stop.

    Anywho, there’s my confession. lol! We are so not meant for each other, but he’s delightful to look at.

    How is everyone? I haven’t seen one of our oppas/hyungs on lately, but for the life of me I can’t remember his name to ask about him πŸ™ Oh! Samsooki. Yup…time to go back to work πŸ˜€

    • 31.1 cmrprindle

      Oh, also? Totally listening to the “Dramabeans OST” (aka the music JB so generously shares every week for the OT) at work today. Win!

      • 31.1.1 MJP

        Samsooki! Samsooki! Sam-sook-i! OI!
        Samsooki! Samsooki! (Mrs.) Sam-sook-i’s Boy Toy?
        Samsooki! Samsooki! Bringing us Joy!
        Samsooki! Samsooki! Sam-sook-i! OI!

        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?
        W h e r e a r e y o u S a m s o o k i ?

      • 31.1.2 Raine

        I download them too! I really like the songs posted!

        Samsooki’s writing is amazing and I LOVE his recaps. Come around!

    • 31.2 zgznoona

      Ok, I wasn’t planning on writing this week, and limit my self just to read. I didn’t want to get hook here, but you go and tell us that CSG did a wrist-grab and I went all Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!
      Even if he was just joking…. Aaaaahhhh!!!!
      I’m so excited for you
      In any case I hope your work load decreases so you have some time to rest, I’m sure you need it.

      • 31.2.1 cmrprindle

        Omigosh zgznoona! We had a surprise party for my aunt’s 50th (she’s really my cousin, but I refuse to call her and the other elder cousins Cousin SoAndSo) and I was a zombie from about 2pm when we got to Hosting-Aunt’s house until 2am when I finally went to sleep. Ugggggh!

        Please, God, may this be a sane week. Amen.

    • 31.3 ahjummabunny

      omona! A wrist grab?????
      How was your birthday? Have a good weekend.

      • 31.3.1 cmrprindle

        I know right!

        Birthday was good, weekend’s been crazy πŸ˜‰

        Tres bon

    • 31.4 MJP


      Take him home now.

      • 31.4.1 cmrprindle

        Oh if only I could, unnie! He’d be so nifty. And the accent. And the lovely skin.

        Must. Stop.

        *HUGS* You’re a wonderfully bad influence, unnie, in all the right ways πŸ˜‰

    • 31.5 ricky the royal highness

      A work-place wrist-grab!!!

      Now, I should try that.

      • 31.5.1 cmrprindle

        Time it right, YRH, and the girls will totally melt. They’ll wander starry-eyed right into a wall and forget how to turn handles on doors πŸ˜‰

    • 31.6 Shiku

      Oh wow, wrist-grab hehe. At least your wrist is still intact.

      Why can’t CSG and Prindle get together?

      • 31.6.1 cmrprindle

        My wrist smiled for at least any hour πŸ˜‰ And he’s pretty strong so, like, I know he actually could have hurt me even though it’s strange to think about because I can’t imagine him ever hurting me. He’s one of my guys, y’know?

        CSG and CMR have too many ideological differences to make it work, although so far we’ve had good discussions about them. *shrugs* I’m also pretty sure I’m not his type, although that statement shouldn’t be trusted since I’m also pretty sure I’m not anyone’s type :s

        • JoAnne

          CMR…has KDrama taught you NOTHING?

          Ideological differences? Not each other’s type? You might as well go for the blood test now, girl, because you are MARRYING that man.

          Here’s hoping his mother hates you at first sight…that’s also a good sign! (wink)

          • cmrprindle

            ROFL!!! Omigosh, JoAnne! I’m all but rolling off the bed here.

          • Raine

            Hahahaha sooooo true. And he’ll most likely be rich and insanely good-looking and a ridiculous kisser.

    • 31.7 Raine

      Wrist grab story = win cmrprindle. That was a playful wrist grab which is hot. It gets all nasty when its a power thing. Guh.

  32. 32 cv

    TGIF everyone! It’s been a great week——ATWDR—awsome! Can’t wait until the next episode…they just had to ended there! man! I so not like waiting!
    FBRS—my goodness, I want to see all the cuties at the shop!

    Waking up Love— getting goood so far. I can’t believe it’s only half way through the drama.

  33. 33 doublen

    I just watched “Life Special Investigative Team” with uhm Ki Joon. HE IS SO AWESOME! I saw him in few dramas, but he didn’t play major roles (and I didn’t watch Dream High). He is so talented! He is not only good in acting, but also famous musical actor (his voice is awesome, btw). His play is so quirky. There are actors who are just good-looking but luck charm and talent (Uh-uh-uh, towel guy), and there are some who are getting better year after year (Lee Dong Wook and Lee Min Ki are one of them), but there are some who are truly talented. Uhm Ki Joon, Ryu Seung Bum, Hwang Jung-min are one of them (ok, maybe I am putting Uhm with real heavy weighters, but it is not about popularity). I guess it is about being able to transform and merge with your character.

    • 33.1 myweithisway

      Hiya! I’m watching Life Special Investigation team too! It’s so quirky, just what I need to brighten my day =)

  34. 34 swinter

    hi, love the new cable shows

    • 34.1 MJP


  35. 35 myweithisway

    Miss stalking the OT.

    Anyways, been watching TWDR and I’m so addicted to it that it’s not even funny anymore. I’m constantly checking my email to see if SBS has uploaded the next ep on youtube and cursing to myself when there’s no update. *sigh* It helps that WBDS is also on there, so I have something to watch to distract me.

    Okay now back to stalking TWDR’s yt channel =)

    • 35.1 ahjummabunny

      lol! mywei chon chon hi! If you gobble all the episodes at once you’ll regret it later. I’m thinking of skipping . . . I just laughed at myself nah, I can’t skip the two new episodes.
      I keep thinking how lucky I am to know of this drama’s existence. I have to say jang hyuk isn’t winning me over in this drama but I’ve always been somewhat on the fence about his acting. I like his looks, and his voice but I think his turn as oh joon has ruined him for me.

    • 35.2 JoAnne

      This would be one of the acronyms I can’t figure out…what drama is TWDR?

      • 35.2.1 amee

        Tree With Deep Roots. ^^

      • 35.2.2 Raine

        Unni, sometimes I have to go to the recaps page to figure it out! Or I actually google…haha.

  36. 36 MJP

    Hello Everyone, *HUGS* to All!

    I started to write about “My Life” in the comments section here, but I just stopped myself (and deleted about 7 paragraphs). I decided to stay on topic a bit and focus more on dramas than myself.

    What I am watching:

    Korean Dramas
    Me Too, Flower (Very good)
    A Thousand Days Promise (Excellent)
    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Very Good)
    Vampire Prosecutor (Very Good)
    Poseidon (Meh, Watching for love of the excellent cast, behind)

    Japanese Dramas
    Mitsu no Aji (Good acting, Crazy story and characters, Not sure why I am watching it, hoping everyone will breakup)
    Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de (Hilariously cute)
    Yokai Ningen Bem (Very Good)
    Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (Good, also has momentum issues)

    Taiwanese Dramas
    Ring Ring Bell (Excellent)
    In Time with You (Good, lost it’s momentum somewhere)
    Office Girls (Excellent)

    Looking Forward to:

    Skip Beat/Extravagent Challenge (Taiwan)
    Padam Padam (Korea)
    Inborn Pair (Taiwan)
    Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai (Japan)
    Ekiben Hitoritabi (Japan)
    Color of Woman (Korea)

    • 36.1 alua

      “In Time with You (Good, lost it’s momentum somewhere)”

      Agree with you on that. I think it lost its momentum when Ariel’s character started acting like a fool and taking back the cheating-ex she had been separated from for five years. Especially when she realises that the guy is reading and deleting her phone messages, gets all pissed about it (because it is super creepy behaviour) and takes him back just because he helps her with her mom’s accident. (Why did she not call her brother? Should that, after Da Ren, have been the second male to reach out for help, especially since family was concerned? I didn’t understand that – and made the whole situation seem even more fabricated.)

      • 36.1.1 Dorotka

        I have more problems with the current/ex-boyfriend (Li Wei) – since introducing his character, I feel like watching 2 different dramas (styles) cut and glued together… somebody should cut him out completely… πŸ™‚

        Loved Da Ren’s outburst at his mother and sis… shame it lasted so short…

        • alua

          That guy is so creepy. Totally disrespectful of personal space (before she takes him back), very controlling. So many red flags go up when you watch him.

          But I think we actually are pointing to the same thing: ever since he reappeared and Ariel accepted him, it seems to be a different drama. Things don’t fit anymore – things characters do, don’t quite make sense.

          I’m all for cutting him out completely!

          Da Ren needs to be more assertive. That outburst wasn’t nearly enough (I barely remember it, that’s how little it registered!).

  37. 37 amee

    I feel really out of place since i’m not watching any dramas at all lately ;__; I’m waiting for me, too flower and ramyun shop to finish airing so i can marathon them! Heartstrings and Protect the Boss have forever been on my “currently watching” list, but I haven’t picked up an episode of either in weeks. My friend convinced me to watch Vampire Diaries, and that’s all I have been obsessed with lately *__* Even if you’re not really into vampires (like me), I really recommend watching it. The cliffhangers make me a flailing wreck all the time.

  38. 38 bsmm

    *DIES* the teaser for padam padam is finally out!

    kim bum is looking so divine with those wings. gaaaah december 5, please come soon!

    • 38.1 MJP

      I know! Bummie Angel!!!!!

    • 38.2 belle

      KB is truly to die for!

      For those who are still hung up on the lovely SoEul couple of BOF until now, I have a treat for you:

      It’s KSE’s most recent interview. According to some netizens who translated parts of the interview, when asked who she thinks is the best partner among all her leading men, she answered KB (squeals in delight). My fangirl heart had just gone wild. The SoEul legacy lives on! πŸ˜‰

    • 38.3 cmrprindle

      One of the best parts of that is all the different nationalities that have commented (about KB). πŸ˜€

  39. 39 Stacey

    Hi everyone! Hope you all had a happy Friday everyone πŸ™‚

    I’ve been loving Flower Boy Raymun Shop! I dont think I’ve ever laughed so much at a drama πŸ˜›
    Eun Bi is awesome and oh so punny. And ofc Chi Soo and Kang Hyun are ridiculously cute! I think my favourite male character so far has to be Ba Wool. I love his scenes with Eun Bi. Especially when he said “if So Yi is my goddess, then noona you’re my hero.” Seriously, how adorable can you get?! So Yi is such a stupid girl!
    *waits for Monday’s episode*

    I’ve also started watching Me Too Flower. I’m only one episode in so far, and it’s alright. The plot’s not quite kicked in so I need to see more before I can decided whether to stick with it or not.

  40. 40 sm1leitsamy

    does anyone know how to download kdrama with chinese subs and put them onto CDs? what program and from what site can i do this?

    • 40.1 MJP

      I wish I knew. There is this great site of Korean dramas, just for China. But… I don’t know what software people use to copy it while they watch it. I’m currently researching different types of software. I’m finding out the hard way that the people who know how to do it, don’t talk about it.

      Here is the article that started me off and researching.

      And the Chinese website where you can watch them online:

      • 40.1.1 sm1leitsamy

        thanks for responding ^^ yeah i don’t really understand the logistics of doing this……. but i wanted to make some CDs for my mom for xmas! haha she loves kdramas, but doesn’t really know how to use the internet.

        i’m going to ask this question again for the next OT, but thank you :DDD

    • 40.2 Turtle

      This could be tricky… is your mom gonna watch it on a computer or TV with a DVD player?

      Watching on computer:
      Just burn the movie files and subtitle files to a DVD

      Watch on DVD player:
      You need to use a program such as Roxio to create a movie in DVD format. Not sure if Roxio supports subtitles. I’m sure there are other programs that can do this, but I haven’t needed to do this in years so I’m not sure what the best program for this are anymore.

  41. 41 JoAnne

    Watching Ep 5 of Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

    I love Papa Cha!

    • 41.1 Raine

      Me too! He’s great. It’s nice to see a nice papa for once, even if he is kinda wussy. πŸ™‚

  42. 42 laya

    Annyeonghaseyo, everyone. I realized that “annyeong” must be like “aloha,” it’s both “hello” and “goodbye.” right?

    Trying to make up my mind whether to go to the Komikon today (komiks are the local comics/graphic novels).

    How’s your weekend?

    • 42.1 laya

      Still watching POTW off and on… since I’ve already finished Dong Yi, I’m thinking Bae Soo Bin is now playing his own foster great-grandnephew (since Dong Yi is Jeongjo’s great-grandmama). Also, Ryu Seung Ryong is again an art connoisseur (as in Personal Taste). I adore the great cinematography and all the talk about art, but boy, is it a little heavy on the heart at times. But then that’s sageuks for you. I should be glad it’s short, yes?

    • 42.2 cmrprindle

      Laya! *pounces!* hihi! Sorry I’m late with my greeting…by a lot. Meep!

      Where did you end up going for your Saturday morning? And weren’t you moving back home? How’d that go? Do share, if you’re still up to it and don’t mind πŸ™‚

      • 42.2.1 laya

        /pounc’d upon. Eeep! Hello cmr! πŸ˜€ Ah, this is what comes of different time frames. I didn’t go to the Con after all. I ended up doing some more packing so I can start sending all those boxes home… I am wondering how come I managed to accumulate so much stuff! I’ll be going in January when my lease runs out. πŸ˜€ It’s two hours by plane and three days/two nights by ship… my parents live in a city that should be familiar to people who know who Manny Pacquiao is. πŸ˜€

  43. 43 Jules

    I’ve just about finished Full House and am still not sure how I feel about it.

    It’s like… my incredible superficiality is warring with my need for sympathetic characters and a believable (or at least vaguely believable) plot. Which side is winning has yet to be determined.

    I… okay… Rain + Song Hye-Kyo = Pretty. But Rain’s character (Young-Jae) = verbally abusive a$$hole. Perhaps it’d help if I started thinking of Young-Jae as a ten year old boy who doesn’t yet realise that telling a girl she’s pretty/talented/funny/awesome and bringing her flowers is a better way to woo her than telling her she’s a bird-brain and that he’s only proposing to her because no-one else would want her…?

    Anyway. Aside from Ji-Eun, what I loved most about this drama? Was Ji-Eun’s earrings. I kind of want to take screencaps and go on the hunt for something similar (yes, I loved them that much). πŸ™‚

    • 43.1 dramabliss

      I think Full House is over-rated.

      Yes, Rain + SHK = Pretty but the plot got pretty repetitive – the narrative dragged on for about four episodes. After all that bickering, why one measly kiss in the end?

      And all that tooth brushing. Oh my, the loads of toothpaste they consumed in that drama.

      • 43.1.1 Jules

        Oh, it’s definitely overrated (imo).

        It was quite repetitive and surprisingly passionless, despite the chemistry between the leads and yet… I have a pleasant feeling about the drama, despite all the problems I had with it (and despite not being able to remember much about it, though I watched the last episode just yesterday – generally not a good sign).

        LOL @ the tooth brushing. I guess it makes sense, given Young-Jae’s obsession with cleaning…

    • 43.2 belle

      Oops, I posted a fresh comment instead of replying. Anyway, my reply’s #43. πŸ™‚

    • 43.3 JoAnne

      Young-Jae as 10-year old boy is a perfect description. He does grow a lot though and he realizes that his instinctive responses are inappropriate pretty early on – it’s just a case of ‘old habits die hard’ I think. It takes him time to realize that what he feels for her is love.

      I hated the best friends and thought that was COMPLETELY nonsensical, and I thought they could have cut about 4-5 hours of the show and improved it immensely. I liked the second lead quite a bit although he should have loosened up some, and I loathed Young-Jae’s first love although by the end of it I understood her a little better. I did like the pretty a whole lot, though…any time the OTP was on screen and interacting, I was a happy camper.

      • 43.3.1 Raine

        I think that’s an accurate description Unni! They should’ve just cut the friends out right after they screwed her over.

        I wanted more kissing through. At least a desperate one. It would’ve caused tension that could’ve saved us one of the ‘moving out’ trips. And cause Rain can kiss:)

        • JoAnne

          Sigh…Rain kissing. There can never be enough of that.

          • Raine

            Yes, the suggestion was a selfish one. Mr. Raine, come back from military service, okay?

      • 43.3.2 Jules

        Oh, god, I hated the best friends with a blinding, seething passion. Hated. I posted a rant on their behaviour in the previous week’s open thread (and don’t even get me started on Ji-Eun’s seeming acceptance of all they’d done to her. ugh.).

        I found Hye-Won to be incredibly selfish, though I think I could’ve understood her actions had she not known about Ji-Eun and Young-Jae’s feelings for one another.

        And I agree that the leads had great chemistry – I just wish we’d seen more of them as an actual couple, instead of a few snapshots of their life together towards the end of the show. (I’d also have liked more kissage. just sayin’.)

        • Raine

          AGREED! I’m not getting any kissage right now so at least let me see Rain get some…and then I can pretend it was me.

  44. 44 belle

    Hi again Jules! I’m totally with you on Rain’s character being a complete a$$. I’ve gotten started on the drama about a month ago, yet I still couldn’t move on from episode 4. IDK, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue watching it. However, most of my friends have been raving about it and are constantly convincing me to finish it.

    I need your opinion on this. Do you think it’s worth it?

    • 44.1 Jules

      Hi there, Belle!

      Hm, that depends. How high is your tolerance for a$$hattery? *g*

      Honestly, I did enjoy the romantic tension between Young-Jae and Ji-Eun and I did end up liking the drama in the end. So as to your finishing it? Hm, I’d say… yes. But I shouldn’t push it to the top of your list of dramas to be watched. (this is, of course, just my opinion; taste is subjective and what I like, twenty other people could hate. and vice versa. ;))


      • 44.1.1 belle

        LOL I guess my tolerance for “a$$hattery” is pretty high. I was able to put up with Playful Kiss (no offense to fans of this Kdrama, or if you happen to be a fan, then I apologize. I just don’t think it deserved that much credit).

        I’ll probably get back to watching Full House when I’m no longer busy since there’s just too much on my drama watch list (both Korean and American) right now.

        I must admit that Rain and Song Hye Gyo looked adorable. If it weren’t for Rain’s sh*tty character, I’d drool over him. LOL. Thank you so much for responding. I’ll let you know about my thoughts once I finish it. πŸ™‚

  45. 45 Shel

    Happy Saturday! It’s a beautiful day on the Left Coast. Sunshine, big fluffy clouds and about 60…perfect with a sweater.

    Had a lovely morning with my honey, playing tourist and eating breakfast outside in a great breakfast cafe on Hwy 1.

    Now I”m Christmas knitting like mad while I rewatch/listen to SKKS.

    • 45.1 cmrprindle

      What are you making, Shel? And how many of them? Will we get pictures later (please)?

      • 45.1.1 Shel

        Making scarves for The Boy and his wife, who have moved from Phoenix to the Rockies and are pretty sure they’re gonna freeze to death. I also have my friend making DIL a sweater (this friend takes old sweaters and makes them into new sweaters…hard to explain, but maybe next week I’ll put some pics up so you can see what I mean). Then, as I was working on The Boy’s (grey alpaca, cable knit, it’ll be very nice with his long black wool coat), one of my sisterwive’s hubbies mentioned that he’d always wanted a Dr Who scarf. Dunno if you watch that show, but google it, and you’ll see. So, I dug through all my yarn, bought a couple more skeins and I’m gonna attempt to get it made before Christmas…but I dunno, it’s pretty long. It’s very simple to knit, just really loooooong. I already finished a baby blanket for my little sister, who is expecting a baby girl any minute, but it’s already in the mail.

        • cmrprindle

          I am familiar both with making new sweaters out of old ones (the one person I know of who does this tends to very fey-looking designs that’re just lovely) and also with the Dr. Who scarf. That is a lot of knitting, Shel. A lot. A lotta lot.

          May your blanket get to your sister before the baby πŸ™‚ Though I’m sure she’d prefer it the other way around.

        • JoAnne

          Shel…the scarf will go much quicker if you master the backwards knitting so you don’t have to turn at the end of a row…I could show you but I can’t explain it, but if you aren’t familiar there should be Youtube videos for it. (Made a Dr. Who scarf for office-mate a couple years ago.)

  46. 46 JoAnne

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Dokko Jin World Cup! Do Gu Ae Jeung! Tears of happiness…

    • 46.1 Shel


    • 46.2 Raine


      • 46.2.1 JoAnne

        And, done! Wah! What a sweet, funny, touching story. It didn’t drag on, the misunderstandings ended quickly, the second leads got together (!), it had cute kids, and oh, did I love them together by the end. Big smile here.

        • cmrprindle


          I still have finished! *runs and hides*

          • JoAnne

            You bad girl! I even have fondness for that g-d ‘Naaaaaaaa Dokko Jin yaaaaaaaaa’ he was always saying! It was a really sweet show that managed to say quite a bit about the nature of celebrity: the sacrifices and rewards, the personal cost, the relative value of a person’s level of fame – how that can be leveraged, how it can be lost, etc.

            This one made me an enormous fan of Gong Hyo Jin, especially since I didn’t like her too much in Sang Doo. I kinda like Cha Sung Won now, but don’t find him as ‘sexy’ as everyone seems to. In places, yeah, but that’s not his main draw for me. I thought he was funny and I could tell he was taking a poke at himself and I LOVE THAT in an actor. I am also even more firmly convinced that this particular story would translate well in an American market with very little tweaking.

            So get to steppin’, girl.

          • Raine

            This was the first thing I saw Gong Hyo-jin in and she won me over so when I watched her in Sang-doo I saw that part of her still.

            I really really love seeing Dokko Jin with the baby. I love watching men with kids. It totally wins me over.

  47. 47 beggar1015

    So I was just watching the first few minutes of Gladiator

    No, wait, it was the first minutes of Gye Baek

    No, it was Gladiator!

    No, it was Gye Baek!

    What a total rip-off. Even the music was Gladiator-ish. Is that a word? Well it is now.

    • 47.1 Shiku

      Gye Baek is a rip-off of Gladiator especially since Gye Baek is based on a real person and the battle you saw was famous and recorded in history.

  48. 48 Raine

    OMG! I just posted the most nerve-wracking entry on my blog about Park Shi-hoo. It was so much work and when I look back on it, it doesn’t look that complicated. Who knew blogs were this much work. Javabeans, you are a goddess. How do you do it? HOW?

    • 48.1 cmrprindle

      *nods* Isn’t that just the way? You work so hard, and then you go back to it and it looks effortless. But all the links and cross-referencing…even formatting can be a pain in the butt! But go you, Raine! And go JB for doing this, not every week or even every day, but, like, every few hours!!!

      JB, Girlfriday and everyone…you guys rock.

      • 48.1.1 Raine

        I know what you mean. And they have real lives too and real jobs and still manage to keep up.

        So people, don’t pressure them for more when they already give SOOOOO much.

        I write a few things a week and I feel bogged down!

  49. 49 aliceinKDramaland

    I don’t know if this is right place to ask : Does anyone know name of the song or music in the beginning of episode 6 Que Sera Sera? is the same music in the end of episode 9. I downloaded OST but I couldn’t find that one. Thanks

  50. 50 thunderbolt

    If you have watched a fair number of kdramas, see if you would like to attempt this:

    Warning: It’s not easy! πŸ˜€

    • 50.1 Raine

      Thundie, you wicked, wicked wench. But it was so much fun. I’m masochistic.