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Song Joong-ki for GQ
by | November 22, 2011 | 88 Comments

Here’s Song Joong-ki in a decidedly strange spread for GQ. Normally I’m a fan of quirky, but this one’s just plain weird. For one, they’ve got the torso and legs of a woman standing there like a headless prop, which drives me batty. (Objectify much? Seriously, Mr. Scarecrow got better treatment than her.) And secondly, is it just me, or does he look AFRAID of what might be under that teeny tiny bikini?

I know, you’re thinking I look for this stuff. But seriously, this one just fell in my lap. Doesn’t he look afraid of what headless female torso represents? Unless she’s actually headless, in which case I’m clearly reading too much into it and he should be afraid. Maybe the zombies got to her.

Maybe someone can photoshop me a retraction — a head on our female model and some equal opportunity nekkidness up in here? The things a girl’s gotta do to right the wrongs in her day…

Via Chosun Ilbo


88 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsScorpion

    HE totally looks scared..hhahahaahhaaaa

    And what’s up with the other two photos?????


    • 1.1 lilly^_^


  2. sjkwifey

    WOW, a photoshoot with Song Joong Ki which don’t actually like. It’s all just a little bit weird o_O

  3. come2noona

    I’ll save you!!!

    *swoops in, covers eyes and leads poor poor SJK to the safety of her own home where there are no scantily clad headless bodies*

    • 3.1 Ani

      No scantily clad headless bodies just a scantily clad noona – er, come2noona?

      • 3.1.1 Raine

        ke ke ke

  4. Niema

    I just imagine him thinking “Oh honey, you need some meat on them bones.” It makes it funnier to me =)

    • 4.1 Raine

      Thank you for saying that! I thought he was scared he might break her by breathing on her.

  5. Arhazivory

    This is….truly weird.

  6. Oh Ji's Ho

    I have no words for the first picture. It is utterly befuddling. Can we please discuss what appears to be a solid gold bowtie in picture two. Wtf, Korea? Wtf?

    • 6.1 ghsno1fan aka tru t

      Lol but the gold bowtie

    • 6.2 tOoNsKiE

      It’s a time saver. A pin-on bowtie. A bit on the heavy side, but it goes well with an award show getup. It matches the trophy.

  7. kristi

    The photo that accompanied the interview was pretty decent:

    photo #4

    and an interview with SJK is always worthwhile:

    GQ Men of the Year special

    • 7.1 Sisa

      lol, if you can read it!

    • 7.2 Birthday Girl

      i am a fan of Mr. Scarecrow

  8. Cam

    Hahaha! That’s so toootally weird but…FREAK out. (shakes head w/ beams) πŸ™‚

  9. kristi

    PS. scans credits: SJK’s StarZone on Daum

  10. 10 danna

    He totally dose look scared of her body…LMAO…and that was exactly what I though when I saw the pic the very first time

    • 10.1 bd

      He’s not even looking at the model so he’s scared of something else.

  11. 11 Lahlita

    Truth to power. Joong-ki is right to be afraid. Women are not deserving of acknowledgment, amirite? And the first photo does a very good job of backing up decades of scientific data which have proven that vaginas are evil, thorny Penis Flytraps.

    • 11.1 cheekie

      LOLL.. funniest comment of the day.

    • 11.2 Ami

      Fucking true!!!

    • 11.3 tOoNsKiE

      Must be a vagina dentata.

      • 11.3.1 Raine


    • 11.4 Raine

      I’m snorting over here. You seriously had to use the word thorny? HAHAHAHA!

  12. 12 anais

    Maybe the boy has the good sense to know how messed up the entire photo shoot is. I like to think he possesses finer sensibilities and more discretion than whoever styled this derivative shoot.

  13. 13 Mystisith

    YES : skeleton girls are scary and unerotic as hell, and they need help : a good meal for a start.
    Now for the artistic part, I will pretend that poor joong ki picked up the wrong stage for his photoshoot and ended being an hostage.

    • 13.1 bd

      A bit on the thin side but not skeletal like some idols or actresses these days.

  14. 14 nheony

    Yup… this is definitely one weird spread for GQ. I wonder if he’s thinking about using that rose branch as protection… I just noticed it still have the thorns… *must not think about it*

  15. 15 Cynthia

    Poor Song Joong-ki – how in the heck does he keep getting stuck with these ridiculous fashion shoots?!

    Boy looks totally befuddled by this latest turn of events. He’s just too much of an innocent sweetie to pull this weirdness off. Seriously, I wonder what the photo “story” was supposed to be about?

  16. 16 Aya

    mmh, female objectification, body shaming, hyper sexualization, gender inequality, infantilization, internalized blaming… delicious!

    • 16.1 Aya

      oh, and ofc, the all-round-joker “oppa can do no wrong!!1!”

      • 16.1.1 msim

        Spot on, Aya!

  17. 17 delta777

    I remember reading recently how SJK wanted to win the “couple award” w/ a woman…even though he gave an outstanding drama performance in Tree w/ Deep Roots…and liked him even more. I don’t think he looks scared, but uncomfortable at the absurdity of the shoot and not attracted whatsoever to what is GQ’s ideal of desirable.

  18. 18 Alvina

    Hahaha, dont judge because I did this quickly :/

    Fixed it: http://i43.tinypic.com/9thkao.jpg

    • 18.1 Sisa

      Ohhh, sexy!!!

      • 18.1.1 ella zala

        i said the exact same thing…. and ROFL-ing after


    • 18.2 girlfriday


    • 18.3 come2noona

      that’s awesome

    • 18.4 Noelle

      LMAFO! I needed that.

    • 18.5 Lahlita

      Darn it, Alvina, you owe me a new computer monitor! I just spat Pure Quality Deer Park 100% Natural Spring Water all over the place.

      • 18.5.1 Ami

        wow that is rare water!

    • 18.6 Danna

      OMG I’m laughing like a loony in the library and everyone around me is staring at the pic as well

    • 18.7 gia

      love this

    • 18.8 momosan

      LOL! HAHAHAHAHA!!! – oh my – that made my day a WHOLE lot better.

    • 18.9 Shiku

      LMAO! You made my day.

    • 18.10 mmisso

      I was just gonna cut the girl off completely.. but having yoo ah in there is WAYYY better.


    • 18.11 JAM

      quick! where’s the ‘like’ button!! πŸ˜€

    • 18.12 Jomo

      Did not see that coming!

    • 18.13 KANGly

      wahahahahaha! Love it! Thanks!

    • 18.14 Czmych

      Damn, you get the prize!

    • 18.15 cv

      LMao!! Holy cow! Thanks for the laffs! Awsome pic! A+

    • 18.16 dramabliss


      Daebak. Just DAEBAK!!!

    • 18.17 msim

      I don’t think he would look afraid if indeed his friend was standing there.
      The opposite of afraid actually…
      Pervy thoughts have entered my brain.
      Not that I mind.
      At all.

    • 18.18 JD


    • 18.19 neener

      OMG!! did not see that coming!!!!

      I LOVE IT!!!!

    • 18.20 Anne

      Hahahahaha…… You just made my day….. πŸ™‚

    • 18.21 anais

      Truly awesome! You rock.

    • 18.22 Alvina

      haha, sorry for messing up your computers and scarring some of you. Should’ve added a NSFW warning or something haha.

    • 18.23 Ami

      It makes my constipation gone and brighten up my day sunshine!

    • 18.24 Choi Lee Soung

      Now that is scary…
      Need to cleanse my eyes…

    • 18.25 D

      my eyes, my poor eyes…


      sreiously, that was even i was lol-ing throughout the whole train ride.. muahahahahahaha

    • 18.26 ricky the royal highness

      Ba Ha Ha Ha…
      My buttocks vibrated like it never before! EPIC!!!

    • 18.27 tOoNsKiE

      LOL! I’d be scared too! πŸ™‚

      Whatever happened to Moon Jae Shin? πŸ˜€

    • 18.28 Raine

      Alvina, you get a blue ribbon and a weekend get away with Joong-ki for that photo. Hell, lets throw in YAI too.

  19. 19 -K

    To be honest I’m more worried about that poor defenseless branch.

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      LOLLLLL Earth friendly is in the house !!! Let’s see how far we can go with the “what i’m more worried about is ——” I love absurd and surrealism…

    • 19.2 tOoNsKiE

      I’m more concerned about the bikini bottom that’s about to be ruined after that branch, that’s suspiciously bent to hurt someone, hits it. That’s a work of art, people! (The bikini, I mean. That one fits well, and it’s difficult to find a bikini that fits just right.)

  20. 20 Noelle

    He looks so confused at what he’s looking at. The second pic is his reaction after figuring it out.

  21. 21 gia

    ground ground baby, the chick is for you, you don’t have to scare….

  22. 22 Jomo

    I still think you go looking for this stuff.

  23. 23 Czmych

    The scarecrow had a black eye, the girl has no head, whatΒ΄s next Joong-ki?

  24. 24 Z

    With you on this one. The spread is just plain weird… and quite insulting. Also, does that scrap she’s wearing even qualify as a bikini?

  25. 25 cielo009

    Are we even sure that’s an actual lady? I”ve seen a lot of skinnier male idols that can pass off as a girl. Maybe that’s why Joongki looks so afraid, lol

    • 25.1 tOoNsKiE

      any chance that’s a ladyboy there with him?

  26. 26 sup_super_supper

    Very disturbing photo there at top. I’m guessing, since he’s holding a pruned rose bush branch, he’s wondering what sort of pruning and/or trimming needs to be happening under the bikini?

    More likely, viewers are supposed to just sigh giddily over the innocent man-child? Since he’s clearly so pure and untouched that he just doesn’t know what to do when confronted with scary woman-parts. Possibly then he should be clutched to matronly bosoms. Bosoms are okay, y’know. It’s the downstairs part that’s the fear factory.

  27. 27 KDR

    Just thought I would share this gem I found online..

    • 27.1 KDR

      It gives a WHOLE new meaning to Sungkyunkwan scandal!! =P

      • 27.1.1 KDR

        Actually someone posted this up here itself.. and I found it somewhere else.. lol..

        • Choi Lee Soung

          OMG It’s already gone viral??

          • Raine

            Ah, the lovely world of the k-drama addict…

    • 27.2 Alvina

      wow, pictures travel fast I guess? I literally rushed through it. If I knew it’d be online, I would’ve made it prettier lol

  28. 28 Y

    Damm that model has great abs! She must not be eating!

  29. 29 mary

    Joong Ki is channeling Yoon Kye Sang in the 2nd pic. πŸ˜€

  30. 30 alwayshungry

    Poor girl. What a horrible modeling job. I hope she at least got a photo and maybe a signature from our cutie.

    Sigh…art is so subjective but I think this time everyone sort of reached a general consensus this isn’t tasteful art. Even if you take out the feminist complaint of objectifying the female body, the picture itself isn’t very appealing. Awkward, I would say it’s kind of just awkward.

  31. 31 tOoNsKiE

    With the way he’s bending it, SJK looks like he’s about to flick that branch onto the bikini like a cockroach that mistakenly wandered nearby.

    That’s gotta hurt, Joong-ki-sshi.

    Weird shot, I agree.

  32. 32 Raine

    It looks as though SJK was photoshopped into the picture with the headless woman/mannequin/emaciated creature.

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