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The Musical: Episode 11
by | November 25, 2011 | 33 Comments

We’re back in business! Episode 11 aired last week, but heads up if episode 12 does not air this coming Friday. I heard that it might delay again thanks to a sports game…

Anyways – for episode 11 we have angst! And a totally new girl who’s pretty awesome too for Jae Hee. It’s not his sister (danggit!) but she’s close enough. As for Eun Bi, well it’s time for her to suffer for rejecting Jae Hee’s advances…As a character, she’s flagging, and I’m hoping we move past all the angst soon as the last five episodes come up for this series. I honestly do believe that these broadcast delays are not helping the pacing of the storyline anymore.

So after a week’s hiatus, we’re all back to square one – a musical with no funding, and the lack of a lead actress. Jae Hee agrees to selling his “soul” to a record label for 3-4 years, helping a girl pop group make it all the way to the States. Gu Jak has a hard time reaching Jae Hee after this, and Bok Ja overhears that “Chungdamdong Gumiho” is pretty much a sunk ship.

As for our wonderful rich boy Yoo Jin, he visits his grandfather’s library and opens up a large wooden cupboard that encases a musical box. It triggers memories of his mother, who had said he could take it once he marries. He envisions his parents in the room with him, fighting over where Yoo Jin would live after marriage (either apart or with them), when he finally slams the music box shut, trying to shut out all thoughts of his parents.

Despite Eun Bi’s words about believing her mother loved her when she left, Yoo Jin can’t help but be angry at feeling like he was abandoned. His grandfather comes in to interrupt his thoughts and talk business expansion in China.

Unable to forget about music boxes, Yoo Jin visits a store that specializes in music boxes, whether they be small revolving cylinders in a case, or large pianos that play music by itself. He’s here to purchase a gift – for Eun Bi. The store owner tells the two of them about the healing and calming powers of a music box. On the contrary, when Yoo Jin’s father tries to calm down his hysterical wife with her favorite music box, she ends up going in a frenzy and throwing it to the ground to shut it up.

Yoo Jin takes Eun Bi’s hand and holds it against a small music box so that she may feel the vibrations. He looks upon her dotingly, and I’d like to think that he means to be her protector. However, the purchase makes Eun Bi feel a little guilty, as she’s unsure of what to make of the gift. Yoo Jin reassures her that if she doesn’t like it, she can freely return it to him. That doesn’t help ease her curiosity over the intention behind giving the gift though.

As for Yoo Jin’s girlfriend, Ra Kyung, well – she’s getting cheered up by Joon Hyuk. He hands her some gourmet coffee – luwak – and excitedly tells her all about it, even though she knows what it is. His eagerness makes her smile a bit, which cheers him up ten times more. He’s made it his personal goal to make her smile at least once a day. While he may be sweet, his actions are quite burdensome.

Jae Hee heads over to a cafe to meet with the pop group’s producer. He looks around disinterestedly, when suddenly a woman comes up to him with a tray of coffee and some snacks. She’s Ahn Sung Ha, and she seems to know him. Jae Hee has no clue who she is though, and is very disinterested in the whole business arrangement. He looks around the cafe, listening to the music, and Sung Ha just sits their quietly, waiting for him to speak.

She knows that he’s listening and enjoying the music (and hence not talking); she also knows that he might not like hearing the ceramic cup clink against its saucer, and places her cup on a napkin instead; and she also knows his taste in snacks. He starts sensing that she’s kind of familiar to him, but he still can’t place it. And she’s not helping him figure it out!

Eun Bi practices the solo song with Kang Hee watching in the studio. Eun Bi has some trouble reaching the high notes, which makes Kang Hee stop her and start over. “Pay attention to your breathing!” That instruction reminds Eun Bi of when Jae Hee was training her in his home over her breathing, and she stops singing, lost in thought.

At the end of a work day, Ra Kyung suggests that they all go out for drinks, which is surprising coming from her for her coworkers. They get drunk enough that Ra Kyung spills all her boy troubles to them. They’re not much help, telling her that her life sucks because she has a perfect man cheating on her, and a pauper completely in love with her. They’re no experts on love, but they do tell Ra Kyung to stop living like a fool. That’s the least she can do.

Gu Jak finally gets a hold of Jae Hee, who tells him to do exactly what he says. The money issue has been solved, and Jae Hee sold himself for it. All he asks is Gu Jak to leave him alone for the next four years. There’s a bitter smile on his face as he says all this.

And then we have a mopey scene for both Jae Hee and Eun Bi! Eun Bi practices herself to death, not quite getting the choreography for “Count Monte.” She contemplates calling Jae Hee, but then throws her phone aside. As for Jae Hee, he curls up on his sofa watching Eun Bi’s audition tape, and thinks about how she rejected him nicely due to her fear that with the end of “Chungdamdong Gumiho,” everything will end between the two of them.

He sits outside his stoop for fresh air, moping still. Suddenly Sung Ha shows up, talking on the phone, not seeing him. “I guess he can’t remember because I had braces back in high school,” she tells the person on the other line. She sees Jae Hee staring at her blankly, and then says, “I think he heard me but is blank still.” She hands her phone over to Jae Hee, who regards it suspiciously. Who’s on the other line?

“SIS?! How come you’re…?!” Suddenly he looks at Sung Ha with a new pair of eyes. Noona had to give him the answer huh?

He invites Sung Ha inside, and she hands him her high school photo, which helps him remember her. He thought she went to college in America; she did, and they even saw each other in the States! Dude – this guy has the worst memory ever! If you’re not Kang Hee or Gu Jak – or even Eun Bi – he won’t remember who you are! Funnily enough, we find out that he had a hippie hairstyle, and Sung Ha had a cute short bob back then. Jae Hee with long hair like in the musical Hair!? I’d like to see that. 🙂

A high school friend, Mi Sun, with her ADORABLE son joins the two of them as well, and she immediately tells Jae Hee to not break Sung Ha’s heart again. (EHHHH!?) Mi Sun then pipes up that a former classmate is rich and famous in New Zealand now, and Sung Ha notes that it’s better than someone they know. Mi Sun: “Hong Jae Hee is broke?! Stay away from him – you’ll only waste your life!”

Sung Ha stays behind late into the night to hang with Jae Hee, and he samples some music ideas for the girls’ album. Though she is now a producer, she hasn’t lost her musical touch. Jae Hee wonders why a talented pianist quit her passion, and Sung Ha admits that she couldn’t quite find a musical style that fit her. She tried writing music but was unsuccessful, so she quit and became a producer instead. Jae Hee notes she practiced too much; Sung Ha notes that Jae Hee was a lazy genius, practicing only an hour before the test to make sure he knew the music.

Jae Hee: “You know too much information… I must kill you now!” Sung Ha: “I should kill you since you forgot me!” Jae Hee: “Did you just touch me!?” Geez – what a pair of juvenile rivals! I love it.

After a sleepless night thinking about Jae Hee, Eun Bi wakes up early the next morning to deliver milk. She sees a guy standing outside of Kang Hee’s home and thinks that it’s Jae Hee. However, the guy’s girlfriend arrives and Eun Bi’s smile falters to see that it’s just a stranger. She heads over to Jae Hee’s place instead, where she sees him walking Sung Ha out. They’d been up all night together.

Jae Hee spots Eun Bi on her bike, and Sung Ha notes the pained stares that these lovebirds give each other. Awkward… Jae Hee sends Sung Ha off, and then wordlessly, Eun Bi turns back on her bike. She loses herself into her thoughts, thinking about how happy Jae Hee and Sung Ha looked together outside his home, and doesn’t see the car that comes out of nowhere.

Eun Bi takes a tumble on the ground, but thankfully comes out with only a scrape. Through Bok Ja, Eun Bi also finds out that Jae Hee no longer goes to practice, that he had to sell himself to a record label company just so “Gumiho” could still continue having practices. The sleepless night, compounded with the accident and her depressing thoughts, make Eun Bi fall sick with a high fever.

She’s not the only one though – Jae Hee forces himself to catch some sleep in a way to also avoid thinking about Eun Bi.

Bok Ja is so busy at work that she doesn’t hear Eun Bi calling her on the phone. Eun Bi considers calling Yoo Jin as well, but calls Jae Hee instead. He sees her call (and he’s even labeled her as “My Dohwa, My Eun Bi”) but stuffs it under his pillow and ignores it. Nooooo! She’s dying!!!

At the studio, Yoo Jin arrives in the hopes of seeing Eun Bi, since she’s always the first one there, but it’s empty. He hears footsteps approaching and smiles in anticipation… only to see Ra Kyung. At least he has the grace to cover up his falling smile with another one when he greets his girlfriend. Since both have some time before their respective meetings and schedules, they grab a cup of coffee together.

They later overhear a couple of the other cast members calling Eun Bi to see where she is, and guess that she might be sick. Of course, that becomes a big concern to Yoo Jin. He calls up Bok Ja to see if she’s heard from Eun Bi, and then finds out their address. Without telling Ra Kyung much, he just dashes out of there to be superhero to Eun Bi.

Yoo Jin gets a landlord to open the door for him when no one answers, and they find her curled up on the floor, sweating feverishly. She murmurs that she wants to be taken to the hospital, and Yoo Jin carries her out in a blanket and into his car. Ra Kyung, who’s followed him secretly, gasps at the sight of Eun Bi looking so sick, but her shock quickly changes to anger and jealousy as she watches Yoo Jin take care of another girl.

Jae Hee finally wakes up and checks his phone, and sees a video voicemail from Sung Ha instead. She wishes him a good day, noting how funny it is that he’s going to have to work closely with someone he had forgotten for the next few years. What? You’re not going to check up on Eun Bi and why she called?!

Eun Bi is diagnosed with a severe fever, and the doctor wants to run some diagnostic checks on her. Ra Kyung arrives at the hospital with an ahjumma and a chauffeur in tow; it looks like she brought her battalion to wage war against a sick girl. The ahjumma is to watch over Eun Bi, and the chauffeur is to take Eun BI home; as for Yoo Jin, he’s leaving with her now. He’s not angry with her – in fact he seems to understand why she’s doing this.

They drive off to an outdoor cafe, and she finally becomes forthright about her feelings. Does Yoo Jin sincerely believe that Ra Kyung never wavered during the years they had been together? That she had never been tempted to stray? She decided to stick it out with him and stay by his side through and through, which is a lot harder than choosing to leave him. And now he just goes off with another girl? She tells him she won’t leave him, so basically Yoo Jin must make his own choice. Yeah! An ultimatum!

Eun Bi wakes up with the ahjumma by her bedside, and she vaguely recollects that it was Yoo Jin who had taken her to the hospital… and has now left her. Using the chauffeur’s phone, she calls up Kang Hee to apologize about missing practice and for being sick. Kang Hee is very understanding, and lets her know that the whole cast is getting 4 days off anyways, so she can go and rest up. When she hangs up, the foreign producer she is with notes that Kang Hee was uncharacteristically nice and kind, and must have been talking to “the pretty one.” (Probably meaning Eun Bi.) Yay – even outsiders can see through her fake graciousness.

Bok Ja and Kwang Suh pick up Eun Bi at the hospital and then send her off to her grandmother and father in Daegu; ever since they heard about her condition they’ve been begging her to come back. Cutely enough, Bok Ja links arms with Kwang Suh and asks what they should do together next, which freaks him out completely.

As Eun Bi boards the train, she finally gets a call from Jae Hee (who had been waffling between calling her and not calling her). But when Eun Bi finally answers, Jae Hee hangs up. AISH – patience is a virtue, people!

Well – it doesn’t matter anyways, because Cool Girl Sung Ha arrives at his home for another meeting anyways.

Ra Kyung meets up with Joon Hyuk again, and this time he surprises her with flowers. She ain’t smiling. Over tea, she frankly tells him that she felt comforted by him, but wants nothing to do with him. She’s going to marry Yoo Jin, so she can no longer accept him being nice to her because then, she’d just be leading him on. Joon Hyuk doesn’t care, and he can’t stop himself. So Ra Kyung brings out the big guns: even if she weren’t dating Yoo Jin, she’d never be able to date Joon Hyuk.

He knows that she’s talking about their different lifestyles and wealth, and reassures that things won’t be difficult for her – or for him either. All he wants is for her to smile, so she shouldn’t worry about not being able to make him happy. He leaves with a happy kick in the air. Ra Kyung looks at the bouquet of flowers and dumps it in the trash. Must be frustrating to have a suitor who can’t get off your back and just wants you to be happy, huh?

Eun Bi arrives at Daegu station and is greeted by her father. He’s clearly concerned for her well-being even though he doesn’t express it in so many words. At least he’s not chewing off her head about being in a musical anymore. I’m sure Eun Bi feels a little awkward to see her father being all considerate, buying a bunch of groceries, rather than yelling at her. Her grandmother mentions in passing that she should send some extra soup to “Mr. Laptop’s” home. Omigod – can Eun Bi meet Yoo Jin’s parents already!?

After a recording session with the girl group in a studio, Jae Hee heads home for some marathon DVD watching. Sung Ha joins him and seriously looks like she’s ready to be his wife, wearing his apron as she cooks him dinner and presents him a stack of DVD’s from his favorite director. Jae Hee’s as excited as a little kid in a candy store, and wonders if she is this nice to all the songwriters.

No dear, just to you.

Back to Gu Jak and the state of “Gumiho’s” production: Joon Hyuk finds Gu Jak drinking himself to stupor and begs him to get himself together. The only way to repay Jae Hee is to put on the musical, not drinking all the time! “Gumiho’s” progress is really slow nowadays… -__-

Sung Ha cooks up a teriyaki bowl for each of them so that they can eat as they watch a movie – how thoughtful. By the film’s end, Sung Ha is sniffling and dabbing at her eyes, and Jae Hee is.. rubbing at them. She hands him a tissue and, like a man, he denies crying. Pfft – then he should just blow his nose.

Sung Ha: “Will you come to me? Or should I go to you? I think it’s good for you that I stay with you. That’s also good for me. Do you want to come to me, or I go to you?”



I love the character of Sung Ha. She doesn’t seem to be as awesome as Jae Hee’s sister (because no one can defeat a sister that controls his money, wouldn’t hesitate to beat him up, and get on his case), but she’s spunky, emotionally honest, and quite smart. She’s not manipulative (like Kang Hee) and she’s emotionally secure (unlike Eun Bi). I find her a better rival for Jae Hee’s love against Kang Hee than Eun Bi would be. It’s clear though that Jae Hee still has lingering feelings for Eun Bi, and sees Sung Ha as an old friend. However, she is an interesting new player to this love triangle/square.

And speaking of honesty, finally Ra Kyung steps up and stakes her claim on her man. It was a much needed jolt of reality for Yoo Jin. The scene where Ra Kyung sees Yoo Jin pick up Eun Bi from her home was one of her best scenes, because all the conflicting emotions played out on her face. She’s a nice person, and so she was clearly worried to see Eun Bi’s state of health. But she’s also a woman who’s starting to feel insecure about her man, and so she’s rightfully hurt, jealous, and angry that he would lavish so much attention on another girl.

It’s only frustrating that Yoo Jin doesn’t realize what his actions signify right off the bat. And actions speak so much louder than words.

I’m glad she also told Joon Hyuk straight that she wasn’t interested in him. It’s a bit frustrating that he’s so stuck on to her (because I would find that quite clingy), but if he so wishes to go after her, then he’s just bringing the pain upon himself, and it won’t be anyone’s fault anymore.



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  1. Jerrie

    been waiting for this:>

  2. koohs4lyf

    Episode 12 is preempted by an awards show which means we have to wait until next week to watch it. T T

  3. Lorlena

    En Bi is starting to annoy so much… she is becoming the “confused damsel in distress” and she even started good… Now I think Im for Sung Ha… Well see in the next ep. how they will use her character etc…

  4. tintin

    Thanks for the recap! I am happy to see Choo So Young getting several projects to work on this year and will suspend my own reality about the possibility of ‘Jae Hee’ not recognizing a face with such cute dimples. 🙂 Looking forward to the return of the series…

  5. MeiMei

    Thank you so much for the recap. To be honest, I was really excited when this drama started but somewhere along the way, it just got so boring….

    I blame the one a week screening which just ended up dragging out things for so long. We have now been watching this/ trying to follow the story for THREE months with yet another 5 episodes to go!! Will Eun-bi get together with Jae-hae? Will Gumiho be a success? Who knows… I lost interest halfway through October!

    Maybe I’ll get back to it after it all ends and marathon it right from the beginning in one sitting….

    • 5.1 V

      omg yeah, took the words right out of my mouth.


    • 5.2 Czmych

      You´re right… it´s difficult to be interested in drama which airs only once a week and not even that, ´cause it is now like every other week.

  6. ydoodler

    This show has so much potential but it seems kind of dry. I’m going to keep watching but it just doesn’t touch me. I actually like the new girl and I think she fits Jae Hee. She’s a cool ex because she’s not being clingy or crazy (yet?) Yoo Jin needs to make up his mind. I really hope Ra Kyung doesn’t turn mean because she’s really sweet. I wish Yoo Jin would be as open to her as she is to him. Truthfully, I would be happy if Jae Hee ended up with Sung Ha, Eun Bi with Yoo Jin (she’s probably going to support him when he finds out about his mom) and Ra Kyung with Joon Hyuk. We’ll see.

    • 6.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      While your pairings make sense, I’d be disappointed if JH does not end up with EB – I just like them together. There’s too many possible pairings… it’s too confusing now.

  7. V

    WTF AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!…omg i just wanna pull all my hair out and be done with it.

    wtf how many more delays are we gonna get for this one-episode-a-week drama until we reach the end. its like torture…kfjgdkjfg omg I need to get a life and quit dramas.

    or I could ignore them for a while until they’ve all aired and finished so then I could do a lovely dramathon without all this torture.

    *gets jack daniels to chill down*…….

  8. Sukispop

    Thanks for the great recap, kaedejun!

    The introduction of the cool and cute character, Sung-ha, was like a nice shot of refreshing energy to this good but ‘slightly getting tiresome’ storyline.

    As I watched Sung Ha, I realized that I’d seen this actress before in another drama…again, with Koo Hye-sun. It finally dawned on me that Choo So-young, the actress playing Sung-ha, was a love rival to Koo Hye-sun in the really long(but still good) drama, ‘Hearts of 19’. Choo So-young played Yun-hu’s girlfriend, Kang Shin-hyeong.

    I really like the character, Sung-ha, and think she’ll be a much more compelling love rival than Kang-hee…who just really needs to get over it! And, honestly, I felt a better chemistry between Jae-hee and Sung-ha in this one episode, than I have in these past eleven episodes between Jae-hee and Eun-bi. I still want Jae-hee to end up with Eun-bi, but hope as Eun-bi becomes more honest to her feelings for Jae-hee, that their chemistry will be more apparent and compelling.

    I really like this drama, and find myself looking forward to the next episode to come available with subs. 🙂

    • 8.1 ghsno1fan aka tru t

      I agree wit everything you said.I do however think Eun-bi was scared to declare her feelings to ja hee for obvious reasons,she didn’t want to be favored (and pride)and remember kang hee gave her a lil warning and knowing how much she idolised her she wasn’t ready to go against her,whilst inside she had bottled the feelings up,and it has been evident in this episode how she feels for the guy.

      I feel her r/ship with yoo jin is the sisterly/brotherly type of rship,atleast to her.she has given him a shoulder to lean on cos she has also gone thru the family issues and has survived them. I think yoo jin will end up with ra kyung.

      Sung ha, I think is so much into ja hee but he has not really paid attention to her cos he considers her a friend.it looks like ja hee is a one woman man and a loyal one at that.I think the sung ha and yoo jin characters are imperative in exposing the feelings of eun bi and ja hee more clearly.

      Well I don’t know,but I just lurve this drama,nothing is clear with only five episodes to go and it makes me stand on my toes wondering what’s next.the suspense is killing

      • 8.1.1 Sukispop

        And I agree with everything that you’ve said, especially about Eun-bi which I think you’re totally spot-on about.

        I also agree that what Eun-bi feels for Yoo-jin is sisterly, and as kaedejun mentioned Yoo-jin’s feelings are likely more about just wanting to protect Eun-bi. He is obviously drawn and/or attracted to her, but I don’t think that it’s romantic in nature. To me, he just seems to feel comfortable and open when he’s with her, which is probably something kind of new and foreign to him…even when he’s with Ra-kyung.

        And, no, I don’t think Jae-hee will develop romantic feelings for Sung-ha, either. His sense of comfort and playfulness with her is likely the same that he felt with her, back when she wore braces. Her feelings have always been one-sided, but that won’t stop her from trying her hardest to win his heart.

        kaedejun’s right- airing this drama only once a week, and the delay(and possible future delays) are not helping this drama at all.

      • 8.1.2 yumi

        Thanks for the recap.


        The once a week schedule and the delays are hurting the drama’s momentum.

        Episode 11 broke a (maybe two) K-drama rule(s).
        -It is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone on a K-drama fall/ sneezed/ cough and was not immediately taken to the hospital.
        -It is the first time I’ve ever seen the hero miss an opportunity to rescue the heroine.

        I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just saying I’ve never seen it.

        I hated the separation of the OTP (I’m sure not everyone agree that Eun Bi and Jae Yi are the OTP. Some folks seem to prefer other pairing.) But on seeing episode 11 I began to think it was a good thing.

        Eun Bi (for whatever reason, abandonment issues/refusal to put all her eggs in one basket) has never demonstrated a strong emotional attachment to Jae Yi outside their love of musical. It seems like, even to herself she has not allowed herself to consider wanting him/loving him as her man.

        it is only during this separation she seems to understand that he is important to her and she misses him.

        I’m beginning to question Eun Bi’s emotional intelligence and her inability to pick up on clues. I do think she does not see Yoo Jin as a romantic partner but she should have a clue of how he and people in general feel about her. Her emotional denseness was also frustrating in the beginning of her relationship with Christine when Eun Bi was being exploited. Also during most of her interaction with Kang Hee.

        Also as frustrating as it was to watch Jae Yi miss the opportunity to rescue Eun Bi and to watch him not follow her when she rode off on the bicycle, I had to respect him respecting her wishes. Usually persistent heros and crazy ex-girlfriends refuse to take NO for an answer and decide that because they want a relationship, the relationship will happen.

        Jae Yi has taken Eun Bi at her word and decided to let her go.

        Let’s hope Eun Bi realizes how much Jae Yi means to her. Now what she has a viable and sane competition I want her to get off her duff and go fight to get him back.

        Let’s hope that there will be no more preempted shows and THE MUSICAL can move towards the finale with reasonable momentum.

  9. koohs4lyf

    I’ve invested too many hours already in this drama that I will see it to the end. It’s too late for me to turn around now.

    5 episodes left and I look forward to see how all the love angles will pan out. I would also love to see the Gumiho musical gets redeemed in the end.

    I don’t see KH playing a crucial role anymore as she seemed to accept the fact that she and JY are no more. She, I think, has become a true mentor to EB.

    But as to who will end up with whom…that is the question. With few episodes to go I wonder if that speculation made by some, that a timejump is in the horizon, will happen?

    • 9.1 yumi

      This is one of the few drama’s where I feel the time jump is called for.

      It would allow allow Jae Yi to work off his indentured servitude.

      It would allow Eun Bi to develop and mature as an artist.

      It would allow Gu Jak to grow up.

      I don’t know what it would do to Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung.

      Perhaps it will allow Yoo Jin to reevaluate his life and spend time with his parents.

  10. 10 Sisa

    Yay! Finally a recap. I was wondering what was going on, since you guys are always quick about everything. I really appreciate your promptness and creativity that all of you bring to this site!

    Finally the things that needed saying are said and we’re moving forward. Hopefully Yoo Jin figures out what he wants, even if it is Eun Bi. I sorta like that pairing more than Eun Bi and Jae Hee, who i wish would just get with Sung Ha. She’s more stable and sure of herself, which will balance him out.

  11. 11 Rae

    I haven’t commented much before, but I had such high hopes for this drama, with Kang-Hee trying to manipulate Jae-Hee, and her husband manipulating her, and Yoo Jin’s grandfather controlling him. I thought it was going to be a major chess match here. But there’s just zero chemistry between the two main characters, and Eun Bi definitely lost her pluck and pretty much lets herself be controlled by the circumstances that everyone sets up. It’s no fun unless she fights back!

  12. 12 Noelle

    I was waiting so impatiently for this. I’m so happy for this, thank you!

    Love Sung Ha. She is this much needed middle ground while Kang Hee is an extreme and Eun Bi on the side of having no balls, metaphorically speaking.

    I’m so tired of the two of them that I can’t help but root for Sung Ha because she already seems better.

    Bok Ja’s own love interest? YES PLEASE!

    Ra Kyung finally nutting up was so awesome. However, I do hope Yoo Jin leaves her so she can be with someone who actually wants to be with her back. It doesn’t have to be Joon Hyuk but anyone else would be better for her.

    • 12.1 Noelle

      Also Someone Like You is strangely a perfect song for all these relationships. HA!

    • 12.2 howforwardsale

      I also thought that Sung Ha was a happy medium between Eun Bi and Kang Hee. Even looks wise she’s a perfect blend of professional sophistication and youthful cuteness. And she’s also in the music business. Sigh, this spells perfection which means she will definitely not steal Jae Hee’s heart.

      Meanwhile still on the good ship Yoo Jin… he brought the skinship and knight in shining armor tactics too. Its just too bad

  13. 13 Duh-duh

    This show should just stop with the romance and actually produce the damn musical things.

    The show was fun before because the gumiho musical was very interesting with Eun-bi’s progressing of becoming a musical actress. Now this is just as other millions of melodramas. Get on with it, please.

  14. 14 Thatgirl

    Once again, as I have said before, Eun Bi is becoming the other WOMAN!!!! ARGH!!!!!

    This episode was the most satisfying EVER!!!! There are no words to describe it!!!!

    I love that, Ra Kyung has always had a back bone, but was just too nice and polite to show it. So in this episode she decides to make her backbone known and clean house!!!! xD

    I love that, though Jae Yi loves Eun Bi, he has enough self respect to try and forget about her. She’s totally not worth moping around for.

    It’s funny, in the last episode I wasn’t sure who I wanted Eun Bi to end up with, but now, I want Jae Yi with Sung ha and Yoo Jin with Ra Kyung. Though I’d also like her to be with Joon Hyuk.

    BTW, whats up with Kang Hee and her husband. It’s like they’re barely in this drama anymore….

  15. 15 Kimmi

    i know a lot pf people wants EB to be with JH and that EB and YJ are more of a pair of siblings …… I disagree (or maybe it just my love for YJ that wants him to get what he wants hahahaha) every time i watch i cant help but wait to see EB and YJ on screen together! so please dramaland make this fangirl happy and put the 2nd lead with the first lead female. <3 hehehe

  16. 16 haafa

    waaaaaah!! she confessed!?!?!

    im more incessantly annoyed and pissed at the fact that they decided to push ep 12 back. -.-

    been waiting just a wholeee week just to see another glimpse of the 2 leads and what will happen to them.
    couldn’t they have warned us earlier or sth? sighh.

    suchh torture. and i have my exams coming up in a week to. hell to this.

    does anyone knw exactly when ep12 will be broadcasted?


    • 16.1 sheila

      dec 2

      • 16.1.1 haafa

        right, thanks a lott.

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    I agree that the delays are not helping this drama.

    What happened to Kang Hee’s story line? Are they making her a lesser character and not Eun Bi’s rival?

    Suddenly, a new woman,Sung Ha, is added, and she is moving in too fast on Jae Hee, who is really dense. Even though she is not as outwardly manipulative as Kang Hee, I think she will try to pull the strings on Jae Hee, but quietly.
    The story line switched from second lead to third lead. Not a fan of new change. Kang Hee was a more interesting character than Sung Ha who is boring me.

    I hope Eun Bi wakes up to and admits her true feelings and stop being such a dope before Sung Ha steals Jae Hee away from her. It has been too many slow episodes. They dragged it out for too long and only 5 more to go. No more delays!

  18. 18 vadce

    I must be watching a different drama from everyone else….

    To me it’s obvious that the OTP is Eun Bi and Yoo Jin!! They’re closer in age, have similar family issues and more importantly, romantically they’re on a level playing field. He’s only had the one girlfriend since high school and she hasn’t had any romantic relationships because she was too focused on med school.

    Jae Yi is way more experienced. His relationship with Kang Hee case in point and Gu Jak’s reference to all the girls he went out with after that relationship ended. (Ep 7) Also, if I’m not mistaken he’s in his mid thirties if I’m following the time line correctly. He was in the States for six years right? Kang Hee definitely is supposed to be around that age as that’s the argument she used for taking the Count Monte role and I don’t see her being interested in a cougar relationship.

    Given Eun Bi’s supposed to be 23 I can’t see her keeping Jae Yi’s attention even if she were interested. I see Jae Yi and Eun Bi as more a mentor/brother on her part. I’m sure she loves him but I don’t see her being “IN” love with him. Her falling for YJ definitely can see that!!!!!

    I agree with the other posts that Sung Ha is a better love match for Jae Yi than either Eun Bi or Kang Hee. Not only is she in the music business but she knew him in high school and has an ongoing relationship with his sister.

    While Ra Kyung is nice and all that I can’t see her and Yoo Jin lasting. They’re not in love anymore, it’s more a rut. They’re in a sister/brother mode more than anything else. She’s trying to desperately hold on and he’s totally indifferent. It’s been that way from Ep 1. It’s always her that reaching out to touch and hold him, NEVER the other way round, even before Eun Bi was in the picture.

    I’m totally invested in Eun Bi and Yoo Jin and feel that they have more chemistry and sexual appeal as the OTP.

    I agree with an earlier post that a time jump would resolve a lot of issues.

    However, I see one or two things happening before. Like maybe Eun Bi’s illness comes back to haunt her and she strained her vocal chords forcing her to not sing for 6 months. Thereby making her go back to school and get her degree, before auditioning once again when the musical fixes all it’s financial problems.

    For some reason I would like her to become a doctor and then become a great musical actress like Jae Yi predicted. Unrealistic, I know as they already filmed all the episodes but, I can dream.

  19. 19 halom

    Ohhh something start to move ..so boring

    high hopes for this drama!!!!oufff
    Eun Bi and Yoo Jin should stay like sister and brother
    Sung Ha steals Jae Hee away from Eun bi !!!

  20. 20 juzz

    Thank you for the recap 🙂

    yayyyy Jae Hee and Sung Ha (: (: (:

    love their chemistry together

  21. 21 juen

    eun bi is miscast. no wonder the show is in the doldrums. In addition, not only does koo hye seon not have a singing voice for musicals, unfortunately when she speaks she sounds like she has a frog in her throat.

  22. 22 mizbri

    i thnk twas perfect casting, w e voice i believe tz to show hr growth n besides it is relevant to the whole story since sh is not supsd to b perfect but shw hr determination despite the impefections… i jus luv koo hye seon! im nt yt desided on who i wnt hr to be with tho, i jus hpe thy ol continue to luv hr….

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