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The Musical: Episode 9
by | November 4, 2011 | 48 Comments

Isn’t Joon Hyuk cute when he’s so happy? But this episode was all about Eun Bi. While it was great, what annoyed me the most was how self-sacrificing she is. I wish she could have stood her ground and trusted the people around her a little more. I wish that she didn’t worry so much about the people around her and think that she needs to give up her dreams for other people’s sakes.

And let’s not get into another fight about Gu Hye Sun’s acting! Because this time – it’s all the writing’s fault for creating such a character.

It’s drinking time for Gu Jak and Jae Hee. Why? Because they’re now saddled with a total ditz of a performer in Jessie – the idiotic pop idol that Chairman Investor wants them to have in the musical. At least Gu Jak gets some good news from Joon Hyuk – they got a $500,000 investment upfront, which Gu Jak spends immediately on booking a nice theater.

Meanwhile, Sang Won discusses with other production managers about “Count Monte” as Ra Kyung takes photos to log the entire process. She’s pretty much ignored, so she takes a break outside the office. There, she overhears two actors arguing: one of them, Ho Young, is telling the other that he’s quitting Count Monte and will pay back the contract fee. The other actor is suspicious as to why people are dropping off like flies. Ra Kyung brings this odd occurrence to Sang Won later on, who then tells Kang Hee.

Kang Hee’s already got her suspicions, as when the choreographer comes to her private studio for practice, he accidentally puts in a CD for “Chungdamdong Gumiho” instead of a jazz CD. His excuse is that he was toting around his old bag, and the CD must have been left inside. The truth is, he’s also choreographing the “Gumiho” team at Gu Jak’s restaurant.

I LOVE that he’s double dipping right now. It’s just further proof that you can’t replace passion with money and prestige.

Eun Bi gets a call later that evening from none other than Kang Hee. She wants to meet. Dun dun dun!

The next morning, Eun Bi sees her at Kang Hee’s private studio, which is inside her mansion. In this private studio, Kang Hee admits that she would have gone for “Gumiho” but because Frank’s condition was that she appear in “Count Monte,” she chose “Count Monte,” and thus influenced Yoo Jin and Sang Won’s decision to drop “Gumiho.” She would have done “Gumiho” for the sole reason that it was Jae Hee’s work, but a role like “Count Monte” won’t come often. She’s an actress who is getting older, and like in film, she will only be offered a wide range of roles up to a certain age.

Kang Hee tells Eun Bi to get out of Jae Hee’s shadow, and to truly start from the very bottom. Just because she has the main role now doesn’t mean she’ll have another act lined up. She wants Eun Bi to be her understudy for Count Monte.

Whoaaa! That’s a big offer, and major sabotage right there!

Eun Bi is smart – she wants to know if Kang Hee is sincerely proposing this for her benefit, or if it’s because she wants to get Eun Bi away from Jae Hee. Kang Hee laughs; Jae Hee doesn’t matter in this at all. However, she should keep in mind that if Jae Hee changes his mind, he won’t always be there for her to support her. Eun Bi: “Your heart can change too.” If Kang Hee suddenly dislikes her, she might make Eun Bi’s life a living hell. Therefore, at this point, Eun Bi is only going to trust in herself, and she rejects the understudy position.

As she leaves, she sees all the milk cartons thrown out to the trash – all of the cartons that had her messages written on it, all of them thrown away carelessly. Eun Bi bows at the closed door, for what may be the last time, and walks off. Yes! Cut ties with Kang Hee!

Gu Jak meets with a CG animation representative and gets overly excited over all the possible effects that could occur (even if they have nothing to do with the musical). Luckily Joon Hyuk is there to rein him in and asks for an estimate on the cost before signing a contract. Even Jae Hee thinks that Gu Jak is being overly excessive.

Yoo Jin’s assistant comes in with the contract for “Gumiho,” stating that no one can put the show up anywhere without his permission. This statement – or loophole, if you want to look at it that way – could potentially squash down the production again, but Yoo Jin doesn’t even want to use it. He’d rather “talk to Jae Hee” first.

Meanwhile, Ra Kyung’s publicity firm is taking on the project of publicizing a top star and a chaebol’s wedding.That only makes Ra Kyung think about her own wedding and when it would happen, if it happens at all. On top of that, her boss makes her the head of this project, instead of a coworker who’s better at weddings, because she wants Ra Kyung to view it as a “practice run.”

Later in the evening, Gu Jak goes to Jessie’s studio to see her and the Chairman. All Jessie is worried about is whether he kicked out Eun Bi just yet. Gu Jak tries to convince her that the system of “alternates” is really good, because it allows Jessie to work on her other stuff and have days off, and they get to keep Eun Bi. But Jessie wants someone who’s of the “same level” as her (i.e. another top star). Gu Jak has a hard time convincing both her and Chairman of letting Eun Bi stay.

It doesn’t help that Eun Bi has also just informed Jae Hee that she’s quitting. He’s so angry that she keeps on quitting just when things get hard, and aren’t smooth sailing. On top of that, he created the role for her. He wanted to see her on stage. He wanted her to help create this role he had written. And Eun Bi’s argument is merely, “If I stay, Jessie goes. And if Jessie goes, the investor goes.” It’s a valid statement, and the production does need the money. She’s also doing it so that her fellow cast members’ dreams won’t be dashed away again.

However, it’s a weak argument because it’s unfair for the two men who are actually fighting for her to stay, and it’s just so weak-minded of her. I thought all she ever wanted was to be in a musical, and she was going to do whatever it takes to star in one! She feels that she’s not talented or popular enough, and is willing to let an idol star step all over her. How disheartening.

Jae Hee does his best to keep her, to hold on to her, but Eun Bi wants nothing to do with him. She leaves his home, tears streaming down her face, but resolves to just get over it. Ha – like feelings can be flipped on and off like a switch.

And then who should she see, but Yoo Jin! He had come to Jae Hee’s home for a talk, but luckily he saw the person he really wanted to talk to: Eun Bi.

They go to a nearby park, watching some boys breakdance. Yoo Jin notes that they must be happy, but Eun Bi thinks he means they look foolish, doing something that’s purely self-satisfying but unproductive. Yoo Jin admits that he would have thought that way once, but not anymore!!! He knows that he made a selfish decision with Count Monte because he would benefit from it. Asking people to understand why he made the decision would be doubly selfish.

He really wanted to put up “Gumiho,” and he knows that they’re going to continue with it. He could stop it legally, which stuns Eun Bi speechless, but he’s not going to. “The desire for you to do well is greater than the desire for me to produce it myself,” he says. He actually really wants to see someone put it onstage earlier, and he wants her to work on it and cheer her on. He even pats her on the shoulder!!

Too bad she quit. Though she doesn’t tell him that.

She wonders if Yoo Jin is under that much pressure from his family that he can’t even do something he desperately wants to do. He just waves goodbye with a smile.

In the car, he makes a phone call – to his mother!!! After promising to not contact his parents, he’s actually doing it! Unfortunately, her number is no longer in service, so he calls up his father. Jin Young is surprised to hear his son’s voice, and he makes up the excuse that his mother is actually away on a trip. He gets distracted when he hears Sun Hee thrashing about in the bedroom, and Yoo Jin himself nearly gets into a car accident by talking to his father.

Jin Young rushes upstairs to stop Sun Hee from smashing herself against the wall, and she screams and passes out in his arms. Grandpa also hasn’t completely cut off his son, as he keeps tabs on him and Sun Hee. He hears about Sun Hee’s deteriorating state, and grumbles about how Jin Young was so stubborn for staying with a sickly wife.

When Ra Kyung goes to check out a wedding hall for her clients, she gets a call from Joon Hyuk. He needs her to hurry outside to her car, or else she’ll get a ticket. Ra Kyung dashes out to see Joon Hyuk fielding off a cop and protecting the car of “his angel.” She comes out in time and pulls the car away.

To repay Joon Hyuk, she takes him to an expensive restaurant and asks him to order as much as he wants so that the bill equates to the price of a ticket. He opts for coffee instead – that way, she will need to meet him for coffee ten times to fully repay it. He admits to liking her, and that it was complete coincidence that he saw her and her car.  Ra Kyung is a little nervous around him because he’s so intense, and she bluntly tells him that she has someone to marry. But Joon Hyuk interrupts: “First coffee of 10!”

Eun Bi sees Bok Ja during her day job working at a shoe store, and they both notice one of the customers with callouses and bumps on her feet because of bad shoes. Eun Bi thinks it must be painful, and sad, for people to wear shoes that don’t really fit them, and Yoo Jin comes to mind.

Rehearsal time for Count Monte – and Kang Hee begins her solo song. She then takes some steps forward, and the foreigner director stops her in her tracks. She may have walked in a 15 degree angle this time, but now her steps are too wide. The rest of the cast mutters behind her; sure the director is being insanely picky, but most importantly, what is the diva Kang Hee going to do?

She merely shuts up, and does it over again. Yoo Jin is impressed with her professionalism – no matter how embarrassing it might be, she will practice until she gets it right, even practicing the steps in her private studio with the steps taped out.

To help her make a decision about what she should do with her life, Eun Bi escapes to watching one of her favorite musicals (which is, Aladdin?). Jae Hee waits for her outside of the theater (having found out about her whereabouts through Bok Ja), in his car, in the rain. However, he’s in for a surprise when Yoo Jin shows up behind Eun Bi. She had asked for his help in getting the tickets to the show!

This was her “go-to” musical for whenever she needed help in putting her mind at peace. Yoo Jin is just happy that she chose to ask him for the tickets, when she could have gone to Jae Hee because he had written this musical. He offers to give her a ride – he’d like it if she can repay him by buying him a cup of coffee. He then uses his coat, and they dash through the rain to his car.

Jae Hee merely watches quietly in his car. Sulking? Hurt? Betrayed? Definitely not happy.

At the coffee shop, Yoo Jin tells her he knows about Kang Hee offering Eun Bi the understudy role. However, his real preference would be to see her as Do Hwa.

Gu Jak tries for a second time to convince Jessie about sharing the role with Eun Bi, but is completely unsuccessful. So Eun Bi tells him that she’ll tell everyone she’s going to quit “Gumiho” for herself, not because of Jessie. That way, no one can argue to her about staying. I love that she tells him this as they’re getting foot massages, so Gu Jak is so distracted by the pain he can’t even respond properly.

The next morning, Gu Jak brings Jessie to Jae Hee’s place so that she can get some lessons on singing. Jae Hee ain’t too pleased, so Gu Jak has to break the news that it was Eun Bi’s decision to leave. Of course she wasn’t forced out by Jessie – oh no!

Yeah – Jae Hee ain’t fooled by that.

Eun Bi really is walking her own path though – she goes to see Kang Hee at her private studio. She’d like to accept the role of being the understudy.


Like I said before, this episode was all about Eun Bi. However, I’m so sad that she hasn’t taken a more active role in being Do Hwa. She just let Jessie come in and walk all over her. It was similar to how she let Kang Hee come in and dictate how the role of Do Hwa should be for “Gumiho.” I do think she hears Jae Hee say that he created the role specifically for her, and yet she’s not truly hearing him. She’s not understanding that she needs to trust him and that he doesn’t want to produce the musical with anyone but her. It’s like she has no faith in him. Rather, she’d just take the responsibility all upon herself and quit for the sake of the team, when there is no need for her to do so.

I don’t think she should have quit just because of Jessie – despite the investment money. Yes, they need the $4 million, and yes, Gu Jak is an idiot for spending so much already. However, I thought Eun Bi’s goal was to be on a musical no matter what. In a way, I sometimes wish she were a little more selfish and not so self-sacrificing for other people’s dreams, especially when the producers of the play (Gu Jak and Jae Hee) are letting her be selfish. They don’t want her to leave!

But aside from Eun Bi, I’m really glad that Yoo Jin has stepped up. Not only has he finally touched her (in real life! not imaginary!), but he’s become human and is encouraging her. I enjoy watching how his character changed from being cold and decisive, to someone who wants to cheer a friend on. He’s still objective about everyone around him (for example, he still views Kang Hee in a positive light despite being aware of her manipulations on making him drop “Gumiho” for “Count Monte”), and it’s this ability to be clear-headed and yet human makes him quite an ideal guy.

Let the ship-battles begin! Because honestly, though I didn’t care before who the OTP was, I have to admit – Yoo Jin and Eun Bi are good for each other. They don’t have to be romantic, but they certainly do help the other become a better person.


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  1. jjangnisa

    yay! am i the first?

  2. MJ


    The comment section in what you said about Eun Bi that she hasn’t taken a more active role in being Do Hwa. She just let Jessie come in and walk all over her. It was similar to how she let Kang Hee come in and dictate how the role of Do Hwa should be for “Gumiho.” She should have not quit just because of Jessie – despite the investment money. Eun Bi should be a little more selfish and not so self-sacrificing for other people’s dreams, especially when the producers of the play (Gu Jak and Jae Hee) are letting her be selfish. They don’t want her to leave!

    I raise my glass of Watermelon & Flax Oil Smoothie to you because I agree on what you say in the comment section of Eun Bi. Cheers!

    Am I the first one to comment?

  3. Sunny

    I wish Eun Bi was more selfish too. It was severely annoying to watch the show all the way through. Eun Bi needs a confidence boost. I feel if she were more confident she’d understand Jae Hee’s words.

    Also, I wanted to throw my pillow at Gu Jak. How does he let his emotions get in the way of important decisions!!!! How does he not care about the money and the price it’s going to cost to put all those cool CGs into the production of the play?

    On another note, I think Eun Bi leaving is exciting. I would love to see how her relationship with Yoo Jin will progress. 😀

  4. Marg

    I’m definitely a Yoo Jin and Eun Bi shipper. They seem like the better fit. Eun Bi is more comfortable around him and seems to open up to him more easily than Jae Hee. And they seem to push each other forward to grow and be better.

    Jae Hee, on the other hand, comes off to me as a bit possessive and controlling. Plus, he has a tendency to pressure Eun Bi, which irks me.

    • 4.1 sophia

      totally agree

  5. Suzi Q

    Instead of a pillow,I ‘d rather throw a rock at Gu Jak. He so delirious about getting the investment money that he lost his brains.

    I ‘d like to throw another rock at Eun Bi too. She wanted to become a musical star so badly she gave up her medical studies. Now, she become a doormat for Kang Hee to walk all over her. Kang Hee carelessly threw out all those milk cartons, so Eun Bi should watch her back.

    Don’t know exactly why she has so little faith and is running away from Jae Hee. I’m conflicted because I like Yoo Jin and Eun Bi’s relationship. Story was starting to bore me, but now it’s getting more interesting.

  6. Birdie

    Thanks for the recaps. I have to say I disagree about Eun Bi. I do not think she is weak. I find she does think things through and not jump into decisions easily.She is trying to think independently, and not be dependent on Jae Hee. At this point the relationship is uneven. When one makes a decision in life, one has to consider others beside oneself. The writer does make her characters realistic. Doing stand -in for Mounty Cristo is not bad for a newbie.

    Yoo Jin and Eun BI connect at a better level. They are better for each other and seem to be comfortable enough to be frank with each other.

    • 6.1 nothing personal

      Totally agree. That shoe scene was the turning point for EB. She realized she is tired of wearing shoes that does not fit her. Metamorphosis!

      Watching that musical is kind of like EB going back to where she first started. Finding her passion again. With the help of YJ, she came to that decision…she needs to work from the bottom and learn the ropes from there.

      Episode 10 RAW has just been uploaded in Dramacrazy! Time for me to watch, yay! Well, after work that is.

    • 6.2 kay

      i also agree with eun bi’s decision. it’s not just about her, but a lot of other people’s dreams are also involved, as well as the huge amount of investment money that’s already been spent. they have tried convincing jessie multiple times, and i like that eun bi was waiting for gu jak to try one more time before she really quit. and being kang hee’s understudy isn’t a bad deal at all. and yup, i’m totally rooting for jin and eun bi.

  7. juzz

    thank you for the recap, and I am totally agree with you 🙂
    i just watch ep 10 with no sub, i’ll be waiting for your recap 🙂
    thank you so much

  8. Noelle

    Im already annoyed. I really want to thump her on the head for being a dunce.

  9. TiaC

    Is anyone clear as to why Eun Bi accepted the understudy role in Count Monte? I was so excited when she turned down the role the first time, especially because she understood Kang Hee’s motivations for the offer and the potential dangers involved with accepting it. I am sincerely hoping that she didn’t accept it simply so that she could make her excuse for dropping out of Gumiho on her own terms more believable, because that is too much, even for a typical k-drama noble idiot. Even if it isn’t, she doesn’t even seem all that excited about performing the role, so again I ask, why is she doing this?

    And I am totally on team Eun Bi-Yoo Jin! It seems as though their relationship is much more substantive, having revealed more of themselves to each other than anyone else. Eun Bi’s relationship with Jae Hee could definitely result in some fun sexy times, but I really don’t see anything beyond that (I am NOT speaking ill of fun sexy times, believe me, but it simply isn’t enough to ground an OTP).

    • 9.1 anicasreign

      She accepted the role, even if KH decides to be a back-stabbing diva, so that she can prove her ability in a role she really has to work for. I think it’s important for her character to work for something so that she can really feel she deserves it, and that it wasn’t brought about by someone who might be in love with her. This is her way of being independent. She chooses her own path and the risks involved.

      • 9.1.1 sam

        true..and definitely agree.

  10. 10 ais

    I love Eun-Bi!! Not yet sure what ship to join though.

  11. 11 sam

    So glad we’re on the same page. Eunbi is plain dumb, blind, and idiotic for going back to KH’s side. KH isn’t going to take her under her wings once Count Monte starts. It was an ACT! EB should be grateful for any FIRST ROLE offered, and not pick and choose like she has stage credibility, bec of right now, she has none.

    I love JH… but even he doesn’t deserve EB now. I unship all ships.

  12. 12 Jade

    It’s sad to see Eun Bi lack so much confidence. She’s told to get out of JH shadow and start from the bottom. She seems to forget that she EARNED the roll she was in. That she practiced, auditioned and beat several other girls -with more experience – for it.

    I like her relationship with YJ, but it annoys me that she seems to have no loyalty toward JH. Whatever his reasons he has proven to be nothing less than a friend and to have her best interest in mind. He is even looking for $$$ to have the show made FOR HER. Even if she feels nothing romantic toward him, how about friendship, appreciation and loyalty. She treats him as though his feelings (which he puts out there any chance he gets) do not matter. It’s all about her and her lowself steem. How does she really want to make it in such a cut throat enviroment?
    I watched ep. 10 raw and though I can barely understand anything that is going in, things don’t look very promising. It’s starting to upset me. Or maybe I should find out what is really going on before I form an opinion.

  13. 13 Joyce

    With every additional episode, I find myself getting more and more frustrated. I feel like The Musical started with a bang which has slowly and painfully sizzled out. It doesn’t make sense to me that EB, after two years worth of work and finally obtaining a position in a musical, would just let things go without a hard fight.

    Of course even though the episodes are slowly killing me, I still need to watch to know the ending.

    • 13.1 Alvina

      I feel the same way. I think up until 2 episodes ago, I was in love with this drama and couldn’t wait for the next episode.

      But now, I’m only hanging in here because I REALLY like Yoo Jin and want to see how the story ends.

  14. 14 tomcat

    Everything that Eun-bi has done is consistant with her person. Her ambition is one thing, but Go Eun-bi, the person, is not the type to cast anyone aside merely to satisfy her own dreams and ambitions. The lessons being taught in this little ditty are all being taught via the school of Go Eun-bi. The permafrost has been melted from Yoo Jin, and the lesson continues. The hopelessness felt by Jae-hee and his abandanment of his career has subsided, and the lesson continues. The calculating coldness and fires yet to be extiguished in Kang Hee regarding her former lover, and the re-directing of her heart from that lost love to the husband who obviously loves her will be another one of the lessons imparted.

    It is Eun-bi who is the water carrier here. Once every flower is planted in fertile soil and a beautiful bloom grows from each tiny bud, she will be the last one to take a drink…

    • 14.1 nothing personal

      Nicely said. Very prophetic AND poetic. Thank you.

      This drama which is really NOT a musical at all is very unpredictable. The writing is unique and wants us to think beyond what we see. There are dramas that are easy to understand and enjoy without thinking too much with lots of eye-candies and then there are dramas like this which will need one’s patience and the willingness to challenge one’s mind to go one step further, to analyze and dissect and in the end have the satisfaction of having gone on a journey with the character. What a journey it would be!

    • 14.2 carpetfibers

      I love how you put this– and I completely agree. I think the first two or three episodes the writers had some difficulty putting Eun Bi to paper, but as the show has progressed, Eun Bi’s character has become more and more clear. She has a dream– but she wants to do it right and not compromise her integrity to do it.

      I’m actually kind of glad she broke free from Gumiho. I felt that as long as she was part of a project domineered by Jae Hee, her placement there would be questioned by others and herself. She is an amateur and she had a lot to prove to herself and others. I think being with the Count Monti musical will teach her the things she needs to know so that she can stand on her own and make demands of her– with actual merit.

    • 14.3 ghsno1fan aka tru t

      This is nicely put and well said.I really think this is how this piece has been written

  15. 15 juzz

    Hong Jae Yi goes to Daegu in hopes of convincing her to come back. When he meets he tells her, “Is it your mind or is it your heart? If you do the musical, I’ll do the musical. If you won’t do the musical, I won’t do the musical, so you decide. If you decide to get hit by lightning, I’ll get hit with you”. (The Musical, Episode 2)

    I think this statement is very deep and so powerful from Jae Yi

    • 15.1 kdfan

      thanks for recalling this. makes me realize that despite all the rooting for yoojin for eunbi, it is jaehee who recognizes his deep connection with eunbi most. thats his drive for doing anything he can for eunbi. as much as he will persuade eunbi to stick to musical, he will also go along with her wishes. i dont think he is being selfish at all. yoojin and eunbi connect because of their similarities but the chemistry is not as strong as with jaehee. but it does feel at this point that it’s not clear which guy she will end up with.

  16. 16 Moomincandylalala

    Thanks Kadejun!
    As Joyce said, this show is getting more and more frustrating – and yet I keep watching hoping the show will just flow and stop feeling so… constipated… I like how characters are portrayed showing the weakness and ugliness of human nature -selfishness and greed mostly… RIght Gu Jak is annoying the hell out of me, although everything he is doing makes sense, his mind is clouded by the $$$$…
    But Eun Bi, this Noble idiocy crap has got to stop. and also also her lack of self confidence – Jae Hee recognized her, it’s got to mean something! I am really feeling sorry for him now.
    AND Yoo Jin is the only person that I don’t want to punch

  17. 17 Locturne

    It seems a lot of people are frustrated with Eun Bi, but while watching I thought that for once, there was a real dilemma, and not a problem created out of thin air. I can totally understand Eun Bi’s reasons for quitting. She isn’t confident about her skills – and it’s true so far we’ve been shown that they’re not great, but that Eun Bi just has more passion than others – and she knows she has benefited from Jae Hee’s favour to come so far, and depending on a man’s liking for you is usually not the thing that makes you really proud. If I were in her shoes, I’d feel bad about the fate of the whole production depending on me in such circumstances. Now, as some of you said, it’d be good for her if she was both more selfish and more self-confident, but it’s definitely not a case of noble idiocy for me. As she says to Yoo Jin, even when you’re sacrificing for other people, you do it for your own peace of mind, and in her case, I think she’s preserving her sense of self-worth.

    On another note: I know this was supposed to show BKH’s indifference, but honestly, what was she supposed to do with the milk bottles? Store them away? or hang them up on her walls? ^^;

    • 17.1 Birdie

      Agree with you totally about Eun Bi.

      LOL About the milk cartons- realistically why would BKH keep them in the first place? Those milk cartons if not washed properly, stink. We keep them and take them back to have our deposit reimbursed.

    • 17.2 kay

      haha i agree with everything you said. and really, what other way is there to discard milk cartons? should kang hee have cut out the messages and scrap book them? LOL

    • 17.3 nothing personal

      I think it that time was recycling day ^^

  18. 18 Sean

    …..EunBi’s unpredictable!!!

  19. 19 junie

    Me too! I love the relationship in between EB & YJ which is more exciting and meaningful than being with JH. I’m on their ship now. However, I think the ending will just let us down, because no matter how I guess EB will end up being with JH, instead of YJ..

  20. 20 Christine

    For now, I’m a Eun Bi and Yoo Jin shipper… They seem more free and open together than Eun Bi & Jae Hee. But unless this drama is like Dream High, I think Eun Bi will end up with Jae Hee… ._.

    Would like to throw needles at:
    1) Gu Jak
    2) Eun Bi

    Gu Jak is turning into a selfish money-loving guy now -_- Please… I liked the old you better!

    Eun Bi is WAY. TOO. UNSELFISH. It irks me SO MUCH to watch all the K-dramas with the innocent, unselfish, blablabla girl -_- I mean, come on. She sacrificed so much to become a musical star… And then Kang Hee comes over, steps on her, and she gives up just like that? OR is she actually up to something? I hope for the latter 🙂

  21. 21 carpetfibers

    I actually agreed and liked all of Eun Bi’s decision in this episode. I get why people want her to stand up for herself, but I think she did– she recognized that she couldn’t be happy with herself or proud of herself is she forced everyone else to sacrifice for her. And I think some of that stemmed from a lack of self-confidence, which is understandable. I mean, sure, she’s progressed hugely in terms of ability and talent, but when you stack her up against a professional like Kang Hee, she still falters. She has an innate ability to make an audience feel the emotions she sings about, which is amazing, but she still lacks the practice and professionalism that time and experience will give her.

    And let’s face it, she’ll grow more with Count Monti than she would with Jae Hee essentially coddling her. I like that in the end, Eun Bi recognized that she could learn more from Count Monti than from Gumiho. I also think she chose to go with Count Monti for herself, not because it was the only option.

    On a side note: Sound Mixers/Editors, what are you doing?!?!?! This is not the first episode that background noise or music has not been mixed properly. In the park scene between Eun Bi and Yoo Jin, the ambient car noises in the background were just as loud as the conversation. And there are times where having a ballad in the background KILLS the emotion of a scene, not deepen it.

  22. 22 gem

    Yoo Jin has always been such an interesting character from the start of the drama. And since the workshops, I’ve been rooting for Yoo Jin and Eun Bi. friendship or whatever it may be, these two already formed some sense of relationship. Between Jae Hee and Eun Bi, it’s still too awkward and so much tension.

    Just watch episode 10 without subs and am just so excited to know what on earth they were saying because they really looked good.^_^

  23. 23 Blooish

    Newbie here! Hi to all reading this recap. Thanks kaedejun for this wonderful recap.

    For this episode I find that Eun Bi has taken all that Jae Yi did for her in vain. I mean the REASON Jae Yi decided to do musicals again was because of HER and no OTHER reason at all.. and there she goes just quitting because she thinks it would be best for all.. but what about the feelings of the ONE person who believed in her and supported her from the start??? I really feel sorry for Jae Yi. He has done more for her than anyone did and yet she continually disregards all of his efforts.

    I have already watched episode 10 and by the looks of it that episode is going to be either disappointing or spazzworthy for some. Though for episode 11 I sense that there’s going to be a big change in the story.. well I am hoping there would be one (crosses fingers & prays)

    I agree with most you that Eun Bi does have some great chemistry with Yu Jin. Yu Jin is so adorably cute when he smiles because of Eun Bi.. but I still can’t shake Jae Yi and his feelings for Eun Bi.. I’m torn between the two.

    • 23.1 Locturne

      But the thing is, she feels he’s supporting her because he likes her, not because she has talent. And if she believes she doesn’t have talent (and she does have reasons to have doubts), why should she accept his favour? How would that make her different from Jessie and her pharmaceutical company guy?
      Honestly, Jae Hee sometimes makes me uncomfortable, I mean, superficially, we see just a cute guy in love, but I thought: what if I was working with a guy whom I liked but nothing more, and he kept making advances on me, and at the same time helping me professionally… I think that’d make me really uncomfortable.
      Anyway, that’s why I found this episode really interesting, because there was a valid dilemma. And it was the same with Kang Hee, she’s not the evil bitch vs the poor innocent lamb. Though they both know that there’s the problem of Jae Hee at the base, BKH’s arguments totally make sense. It’s true Eun Bi depends on JH, and it’s true being BKH’s understudy in Count Monte is a great opportunity. I liked that the drama showed us Eun Bi wasn’t a dupe as to BKH’s motives, and yet decided to go for it in the end, because that’s what she thought was the best. Actually, I think how one feels about this episode might depend on whether you are more invested in the “fight” over Jae Hee (in which Eun Bi may not even want to take part), or in Eun Bi’s progress as a musical actress (or just as an independent human being ^^)

      • 23.1.1 Blooish

        well.. I guess if you would look at it in Eun Bi’s perspective JH does tend to just go with how he’s feeling for Eun Bi.. and not really thinking about how it may make Eun Bi feel.. but I don’t think he’s the kind to make advances on someone he likes just because he’s helping her.. he’s just very vocal about how he feels just like a true artist would do :P.. and he really did see potential in Eun Bi way before that’s why he decided to help her in the first place and just happen to fall for her in the process.

        And yes you’re right I guess in this episode Eun Bi decided to just really focus on her musical career and start fresh.. move on from being Do Hwa and start from the bottom.. that way when she finally gets to where she wants to be in the future she could proudly say to anyone that she got to where is because of her perseverance and hard work and not because someone famous pulled some strings to get her to the top…

        and I think now that Eun Bi would be starting from the bottom BKH may actually help Eun Bi as long as JH won’t get in the way. Because JH is still the biggest catalyst for BKH *b!tchiness*

        I really love the fact that this show makes us think as to why the characters dealt with things the way they did.. too bad it’s already a finished drama so there won’t be any extensions for this.

  24. 24 laya

    Thank you for the recap! Man, is this going to be another alternate couple ship for me? I really like the Eun Bi-Yoo Jin pair better than Eun Bi-Jae Hee.

  25. 25 lin

    me too… I hope EB with YJ… like queen of reversal drama where first lead woman match with second lead man…

  26. 26 well....

    i only watch this drama for yoo jin at this point.
    eun bi and jae hee annoy me too much… and let’s not start with kang hee :/

    • 26.1 sam

      I also keep watching this drama week after week b/c of YJ. He seems to grow more and more in each episode. EB and JH don’t annoy me anymore. I’m just bored with their characters, especially JH. On the other hand, I think EB’s character is becoming more interesting now as it is uncertain where she will stand when it comes to her being a understudy for Kang Hee.

  27. 27 abby

    I don’t like the fact that EB is quitting the role that was prepared for her, but on the other hand the growing attention given to her by YJ tickles me. I guess the real drama just starting for all the characters. Conflict beginning to arise and that’s the beauty of a drama without conflict there’s no way that we will enjoy . So I’m sitting very tightly watching this drma every week. The first thing I do when I finish the day is to sit comfortably and watch EB and YJ, the singing parts of these two characters just blown me away. Good Luck. good job.

  28. 28 Miya

    Agree with you on Eun Bi’s character, after 2 years of trying to get into musicals, she’s just throwing it all away. JH did so much for her to finally get a part, but she’s not really thinking about that. It’s a little frustrating!
    On couples, I really like this show for doing things differently. Think about it, if YJ was the main guy and JH was the second guy, what would people be saying? I think people would be saing that JH should be with EB because he has been helping her with her musical career and is always there for her & saying saying YJ hasn’t done anything for her (or something stupid like that). But they have swapped the roles, and so people are saying different stories and saying YJ is better.
    This is just my opinion!

  29. 29 Fafa

    thanks for the recap.

  30. 30 Jy

    why so sad.. EB fighting.. T_T
    Thanks For recap

  31. 31 Stacey

    Im totally on the Yu Jin/Eun Bi ship!! I think they complement each other nicely. Jae Hee is way too controlling and I don’t really see them as more then good friends. Also, it’s been nice to see Yu Jin smile more 🙂

  32. 32 edz

    _what is the title of the background song of episode 11 part 2…please answer.

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