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2011 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the past year
by | December 7, 2011 | 455 Comments

It’s that time of year again: Polls, polls, polls!

To keep up the Dramabeans year-end tradition, here we are with the Best, the Funniest, the Crackiest, and yes, also the Underwhelmingest dramas of the year. (To see how past years shook out, take a look at the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, and 2010 Polls. Yes, I skipped 2008, which was a decidedly unpopular decision, so who am I to mess with tradition?)

As in years past, this also kicks off our annual Year End Review Extravaganza. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our wrap-up reviews summing up 2011’s offerings, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Past years can be found with this handy-dandy Year In Review tag.

But for now, it’s time for YOU to cast your votes and tell us what rocked your socks, buttered your toast, and tickled your fancy this year.



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.



















































455 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. DMKO

    Yah! Count me in, so many things to vote on.
    thanks JB and GF for another outstanding year of awesome recaps! You guys are the best!

    • 1.1 Winnie

      ^ Agree, thanks for the recaps!

      The descriptions are HILARIOUS-this is the most fun (funnest?) survey I’ve done πŸ˜€ Luckily Girl K wasn’t on the list of best dramas (probably cause it only has 3 eps), because I wouldn’t have been able to choose, 2011 had quite a number of good dramas.

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        Argh. I’m seriously disappointed that people think City Hunter was more badass than Girl K. *grumble grumble* Sigh. *pats self on the back* I guess that’s what democracy is all about. XD

        • Ninih27

          I don’t believe it either…

        • wanne

          where does people say City Hunter was more badass?

          i thought the poll says ‘FAVORITE action or thriller series ‘
          not ‘Best..’ or ‘Most badass’ thriller

          • Indi

            Yep, let’s be conformed with this logic, ’cause Girl K is definitely a win win in this category.

        • Ace

          Maybe most of them didn’t watch Girl K (I didn’t finish it). I felt that even if it was more “badass” than CH, it had less heart. And that counted more for me. I found Lee Yoon-sung way cooler too.

      • 1.1.2 Rachel

        I agree! So difficult for me to choose the best drama. But for me it’s gotta be Best Love. One of the few shows that made me both laugh and cry so hard.

    • 1.2 yakuna

      Javajavadoooooo love you guys the way you dissect the dramas for me makes me watch it all over again and enjoy it even more….many thanks!!!!!!

    • 1.3 zeyy

      we were spoilt for choice πŸ™‚
      it was soo difficult deciding in some of them!!
      best mane of glory!! omd! choi min soo, ji chang wook and yoo seung ho! but i decided on choi min soo! he pulled it off the best!

    • 1.4 sunzbery

      Agree… it’s been a pleasure reading recaps and review fm JB and GF! And good to know we all here have the same passion fr kdrama. Keep up the good work guys… Luv yaaa

    • 1.5 flowerboyramyunshop_fb

      can i just butt in ? the WHO WINS THE BEST OPPA
      was featured in TV DAILY πŸ™‚

    • 1.6 :)

      Sorry, you are guys not the best.
      This poll simply proves that most people who watch dramas have very poor taste and a very low IQ.
      Am I insulting drama viewers? No, just stating the facts. By the way, I also watch dramas so the same applies to me as well.
      The ratings are extremely skewed due to the fact that there is absolutely no voting criteria and there absolutely could not be one. What makes the BEST kiss? The amount of saliva used? The length of the strength of the sucking motion?
      When you announce voting for “awards” please be ready to choose a criteria because personal opinions vary wildly. Just to add an analogy here: according to most kindergarten students, Santa Claus exists. Does it make him real?

      Spy Myung Wol was the best drama of the year in my opinion.

  2. mud

    Man, I can’t believe it’s been another year. Another wonderful year of kdrama obsession =)

    • 2.1 jose

      my 4 favorites of this year :3
      – dream high !!!
      – 49 days !!!
      – city hunter !!!
      -vampire prosecutor !!!
      100 % love for them

      • 2.1.1 49daysFANATIC

        BUT ONLY in 49 days!!!

        49 days…………..still rules…

        -with it’s beautiful twists
        -it’s more realistic, heart-melting drama about life than secret garden
        -swapping 2 bodies with diff. identities not like secret garden
        -all major characters in the story has their own story and connected to one another in their lives………
        -There’s no Angel of death/ Scheduler of souls in other movies but 49 days have it
        – the 49 days is true ralated to buddihism
        -and simply,the best!!!

  3. Sophia

    i’m upset that “me too, flower” isn’t in the runnings for best kiss T__T

    • 3.1 danni

      Me too! I would’ve voted for that one, that kiss was HOT

      • 3.1.1 hazel

        I know. I totally agree with that, I think that was the best and hottest kiss in drama this year. actually its more like the hottest kiss out all the korean drama that I’ve watched. that’s what I think. Its sad that its not even included in the choices.

      • 3.1.2 reeen

        Me twentytwo! not going to vote in that category, then.

    • 3.2 Jomo

      Me, three.

    • 3.3 DarknessEyes

      True, i thought that one would be up there. DEFINITELY one of the best kdrama kisses i’ve ever seen…

    • 3.4 cv

      Yeah, me tooooo, The kiss in the restuarant was hot and looooong! ^__*

    • 3.5 M2F

      me 2 =[
      I would totally vote for jae hee and bong sun
      that kiss lasted about 2 mins!! that’s crazy!

    • 3.6 Francesca

      I can’t believe Dramabeans missed out the best kiss of the kdramaland this year πŸ™ >> Me Too Flower.

    • 3.7 sm

      Same here! That kiss (or series of kisses, rather) was the gold standard. I’m also sad there’s no option to choose Me, Too, Flower! as all-around favorite. Although I voted Best Love as my favorite, Flower has more heart, and it might come out on top.

      And the perfectly acted and plotted Tree With Deep Roots is my sageuk/thriller favorite. Again, no King Sejong option as favorite character? Or Garion choice as best villain? Sigh. Y’all just need to watch these dramas to find out what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚

      • 3.7.1 9to5

        Garion would have been my pick for villian as well!! i didn’t think any of the options were as badass as him, oh well, had to choose one still πŸ™

        • momogi

          Yeah, I second you both. So dissapointing that King Sejong and Garion not in the category of favorite character and best villain. They should’ve make it..

          Can’t you add them javabeans?

          • SL

            Me third. The show is very under-rated but is so intensely good.

      • 3.7.2 bd

        TWDR is no question the best K-drama of the year and may very well be the best K-drama ever.

        Lee Do/King Sejong in TWDR is one of the best characters ever written.

        Rarely is a character shown in 2 diff. ages equally well done (the debate the elder Lee Do had against his younger self was exquisite).

        TWDR is the best sageuk, the best serious drama and the best drama overall for the year.

        As for rom-coms, the best is ‘The Greatest Love”; tho I would have to give the best couple in a rom-com to “My Princess.”

        Dokko Jin is w/o a doubt, the most memorable comedic character.

        And let’s not forget the bromance btwn Lee Do AND Mu-hyul or does that not count since Mu-hyul is more like overly concerned and nagging “wife.”

        • Kgrl

          I have to agree. As much as I shipped Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won in The Princess’s Man (one of my top 3 OTPs this year in K-drama land). TWDP is better executed, brilliantly written, better acted, and more heart-stopping. The year hasn’t ended, but TWDR is probably going to be my pick for Best K-drama of 2011.

          I’m surprised JIW’s Flower Boy Ramen Shop is beating out so many top contenders in this poll. I do love JIW’s hilarious spoiled brat portrayal in it and the many creative parodies, but…I still love JIW’s Return of Iljimae better – it just made me feel more than this current one. No one can refute his rising popularity though. Proud.

    • 3.8 Nelka

      Totally agree :'(

    • 3.9 Drina

      Where’s my most favorite kiss of this year???
      Why DB didn’t pick Me Too Flower where Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Ji Ah open mouthed at each other in the restaurant?
      it’s one of the unforgettable kiss in Kdramaland…

    • 3.10 tinysunbl

      Same here! Me Too Flower kiss is one of the hottest in recent years in my book

    • 3.11 Arishia

      Me too!!!

    • 3.12 wanne

      Me too! i guess dramabeans havent seen it.
      you guys should really watch it. its on Ep6, definitely the best kiss this year!

      • 3.12.1 Twinkles

        OK, I need to go watch this kiss that everyone is going gaga over…….if it is hotter than cha chi soo’s kisses (esp the kim chee kiss) I’m going to die!!

        **runs off to watch episode 6!!!**

        • wanne

          Tell me about it, did you die? LOL. i seriously didnt expect that from YSY.

          • Twinkles

            ok, saw it, made me hot but didn’t die, thank god. I’m sticking to the kim chee kiss as my fav………

        • kdj

          me too… i just watched the kiss, and it’s pretty damn hot. But COLA KISS still up in my book this year.. Though I think LTM was a flop and that COLA KISS was the one good thing in that drama. I’m surprised not many has voted for it..

    • 3.13 sjsmn

      me too, really like me too flower, the kiss

    • 3.14 Momo

      Yeah, I voted for another drama now, but if M2F had been there I would have definitely chosen that one. No drama can beat that kiss for me this year… I’m not even sure if there was a drama before this year that had a better kiss scene… so M2F all the way! πŸ™‚

      • 3.14.1 Judyannlou

        Me too, just a thought maybe Drama beans is slightly biased. Why not group all the 2011 drama for best drama category and the regroup or categorized all best comedy drama, best melodrama, best action, best suspense etc and so forth. At least give the viewers a wide spectrum to choose their favorite dramas they believe in as best and want it to. There were some dramas that were purposely excluded likely the “Me Too, Flower” and only been included as underrated drama when in fact there were several positive reviews and interaction to several web sites. For a fair competition , though there is no award in this poll we should treat the dramas equally and fair butting.
        Even in this forum/thread there were nice reviews and recaps about the drama and even have huge positive interaction.

      • 3.14.2 Hope

        You all are so right. M2F has the hottest kiss in kdramaland ever. She kisses him back and using hands too, not to often to be seen in dramas. Don’t know why that is, but we all want more kisses like M2F…praying to the drama Gods very very hard. That boy kan deliver a kiss that is for sure “swooning”. Have to watch it again.

    • 3.15 goldenflower

      Ditto! I never imagined that Yoon Shin Yoon could kiss like that! Wowzers!

    • 3.16 Linda165

      I came to the comments section to write this exact comment! So me 16th!

    • 3.17 Artemis

      Me too, I actually had to look at the logo to make sure it was MBC and not cable. It was O.o awesome!!!

    • 3.18 Leona

      even though Me Too FLower would win in a few categories just because is closer in time and we remember it very well, actually the kiss is one of the best in klala land until this year … it has more heart than FBRS kiss and it’s more believable from both sides …how often we can see a heroine going back to kiss him just because SHE WANTS it and not the other way around?

      Ojakgyo brothers had a hot kiss just in the last episode… but there it depends more on the characters .. we giggled a bit when each of them back out a lil to inhale a gulp of air, however it was too innocent for my taste(almost kdrama standard press lips) , but in character for each one of them.

    • 3.19 Ace

      Just watched it, and even though I haven’t started watching this drama yet, I found the kiss to be hotter then any of LTM’s kisses. Yeah, it should’ve been on the list.

    • 3.20 vania

      you are right! tha kiss has better than flower boys ramyun shop

    • 3.21 Natalie

      Agreed. Best Kiss Ever!! I couldn’t believe it when it wasn’t there! Oh well

    • 3.22 tegami

      TOTALLY AGREE!!! Me Too Flower kiss at the restaurant in ep. 6 was SMOKING, FOREST-FIRE-INTENSE, HOT.

      I never expected Yoon Shi Yoon to have those skills! Any lingering perception of him as a young and inexperienced “boy” has been completely annihilated with that kiss scene. *fans self*

      At first when Jae Hee kissed Bong Seon, I was fearful for both actors because it looked like they were in danger of hurting themselves with the possible smashing of lips and teeth. LOL.

      But all jokes aside, this kiss was REAL. Unlike 99.99% of all the other kdrama kisses out there where the guy does most of the work and the girl just stands there bug-eyed and her arms tied to her sides.

      Which made me even more surprised to see when after they paused, Bong Seon KISSED BACK with, if it’s even possible, more gusto than Jae Hee. And I liked that neither actor was just staying still for the duration of the kiss, they were actually movin’ their heads around and you could tell… tongue action was totally there! XD

      WOOOOO!!! That kiss was truly a doozy…

      So I was dissapointed to see that it was left out in the Best Kiss category :c

    • 3.23 Sam

      yeah, I thought Me Too, Flower should/could have been nominated for more, but it’s unfortunate it’s still airing and not complete. I definitely think it’s the most underrated show this year.

    • 3.24 Divyrus

      BESTEST EVER! I mean, I actually couldn’t believe it! They kept on going!! Never stopped!! Definitely KICKS FBRS in its ass!
      Am sure JB and GF has not seen it! They would have included it if they had for sure!!!
      Man… too hot!!!!!!!!!

    • 3.25 Kaiah

      YES! That kiss belongs hereeee.

  4. Kim Yoonmi

    Eh~ You missed My Princess in Favorite Drama of 2011.

    My Princess, Best Love, I Need Romance, Baby-faced Beauty, Tree with Deep Roots, (probably Queen Insoo) are my top picks for this year. I’m allergic to melos…

    I have secondary choice dramas too, but I’m not mentioning those.

    • 4.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Oh and I Need Romance is missing from the big list too… ^^;; Is it subconscious bias that some dramas for the year are missing?



      is the actual list. Just strike out the ones that haven’t aired yet… Jeon Woo Chi (Still needs to find a network, I believe.)

      I think the real list looks like in alphabetical:

      49 Days
      A Thousand Days’ Promise
      A Thousand Kisses
      Baby-faced Beauty
      Big Heat
      Birdie Buddy
      Bolder By the Day
      Bride of the Sun
      Can You Hear My Heart
      Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose
      City Hunter
      Crime Squad
      Color of a Woman
      Dangerous Woman
      Drama Special
      Dream High
      Dream of 400 Years
      Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop
      Fermentation Family
      Glory Jane @ Man of Honor
      God’s Quiz (Season 2)
      Gye Baek
      Hair Show
      High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged
      Hooray for Love
      I Believe in Love
      I Believed in Men
      If Tomorrow Comes
      I Live in Cheongdam Dong
      Indomitable Daughters in Law
      I Need Romance
      Just Like Today
      Just You
      King Gwanggaeto the Great
      Late Night Hospital
      Lights and Shadows
      Lie to Me
      Little Girl K
      Live in Style
      Me too, Flower
      Miss Ajumma
      Miss Ripley
      My Daughter The Flower
      My Love By My Side
      My Princess
      Myung Wol the Spy
      New Tales of Gisaeng
      Nice to Meet You
      Ojakgyo Brothers
      Padam Padam
      Paradise Ranch
      Perfect Spy
      Princess Hwapyung’s Weight Loss
      Protect The Boss
      Queen Insoo
      Real School!
      Romance Town
      Royal Family
      Scent of a Woman
      Special Crime Squad MSS
      Special Affairs Team TEN
      Sweet Palpitations
      The Duo
      The Empress
      The Greatest Love/Best love
      The Great Gift
      The Musical
      The Peak
      The Princess’ Man
      The Servant
      The Women of Our Home
      Thorn Birds
      TV Novel – Bok Hee
      Vampire Idol
      Vampire Prosecutor
      War of the Roses (SBS)
      Warrior Baek Dong Soo
      Welcome to the Show
      What’s Up?
      When Women Powder Twice
      While You Were Sleeping
      White Christmas
      You’re So Pretty
      You’ve Fallen for Me @ Heartstrings

      Yes, some of them were only 1 episode… but some of them were hella funny at one episode. Princess Hwapyung’s Weight Loss, for example. (Though she really shouldn’t have married that guy… ditch him! Ditch him!)

      • 4.1.1 Ani

        Oh Crime Squad. I gotta admit that bad as that drama was, it holds a special place in my heart because of Ace Jihyo, Song Il-Kook, and Sung Jiru Ajusshi. <3

        • noi

          *sigh* Song Jihyo… I love her but Crime Squad, then… Gyebaek? *sigh again* But as much as I dislike the drama for the mediocrity, I totally like her. Ace Jihyo manse!

      • 4.1.2 moose

        they dont include them all cause … well, just look at the list. it wont work to just put all of that into the polls. and most of them are unheard of it (at least to international viewers) and therefore won’t win any of the categories anyways so there’s no point in including them.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Most of them did come into translation, particularly on viki and you can find them elsewhere. (In respect to the rules, I won’t list the places to find them). But just because you don’t know the title, doesn’t mean that they don’t count.

          If you want to make it fair, you have to list everything in an easy to find way. If people haven’t watched it… well make a survey of that too.

          That’s like saying because the Daily Show probably doesn’t show in China it doesn’t count as a comedy program in the United States. Makes no sense.

    • 4.2 Ani

      Baby-faced Beauty! Baby-faced Beauty! Baby-faced Beauty! It kind of got repetitive near the end, but damn if Daniel Choi didn’t keep me coming back for more. Especially after seeing his puppy love for his noona.

      I admit that the dramas that I did pick were ones that I saw in their entirety, or most of their episodes. So I had some major bias moments. Although I made sure JYP got his vote. He deserves it.

      I kind of noticed my votes for the most part did not follow the majority rule. Le sigh.

    • 4.3 reeen

      me too, flower is missing from that category as well. objectively speaking, it’s not even that great, but somehow it’s the only drama this year besides city hunter I really fell in love with.

      • 4.3.1 bluetsukky

        I think, the reason why they didn’t include M2F is because it’s still airing. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, although it’s still airing, is set to end this month.

        Got to check out M2F because of your good words about it. Heheh.

    • 4.4 anastasia

      Have you not watch The Princess Man?

      • 4.4.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Wasn’t good. I have a severe Makjang allergy. Considering it pulled a Winter Sonata minus the Kiss song version of it, hives was inevitable. So it was a no.

  5. blahibloop

    can’t believe i watched so many dramas in one year o_____o;

    • 5.1 elle loves kdrama

      I was just thinking the same thing. Now I know where my social life went! HAHA!

      • 5.1.1 DarknessEyes

        EXACTLY πŸ™‚

    • 5.2 Chels

      I just realized how many hours I must have spent and I’m slightly shocked. No wonder my family thinks I’m so weird. Seriously, it adds up to DAYS!

      “Hello, my name is _____ and I’m a k-dramaholic.”

      • 5.2.1 maria

        hi, ______!

        gahd, we should totally form a support group, holy shortpants this byear eneder marks the 6th year of addiction for me! O_O

        • seeyathecat

          Where can we meet.
          I too am addicted to k-dramas
          my family believes that i am strange and have a problem.
          I thank you all for being here and letting me know that I am not alone.

    • 5.3 lenrasoon

      lol me too but i’m unemployed so that’s my excuse πŸ˜›

  6. Nancy

    Too many good dramas and couples to choose!

  7. Arhazivory

    Lol. The descriptions of the categories has me lol. Can’t wait to see the results and looking forward to the year end reviews.

    But damn….I sure watched a lot of shows this year. :/ I’m wondering if I should push to at least start and complete Princess’ Man before Dec 31st. The more I hear about it is the more I want to watch it but I was thinking of leaving it to the good ol’ 2012.

    • 7.1 M2F

      Omg you need to watch it!
      it is one of my fav drama of the year!

    • 7.2 Divyrus

      Am with you!!
      I need to see Princess Man and 49 days!!! Both which I missed!!!! I wish I could see them both before all the end of reviews are out!!!!

    • 7.3 kbap

      Please watch it! It’s really good, and I love PSH and the girl (forgot her name, shame on me D:) They’re really cuuute together and so is Kyung-hee and her husband πŸ™‚

  8. Alvina

    omg, I cannot believe another year has gone by. These drama lists make me remember all of the greats that I’ve watched, cried over, laughed over…

    …most importantly, sharing the drama watching experience with you guys on dramabeans has been fun πŸ˜€
    Thank you!

  9. pop09

    i love new tales of giseang:))

    • 9.1 watchumlots

      Yeah, didn’t see the lead couple from New Tales of Gisaeng in the Couples category, or the Breakout category.

      • 9.1.1 Jans

        yup also Damo and Saran where are they..???

    • 9.2 noi

      and new tales of gisaeng should run for best kiss. underwater kiss! omo.

  10. 10 mnstpdu08

    It was so hard to choose!! I have been pretty satisfied with the dramas this year, the ones I chose to read the recaps for and watch anyways. =) The characters were also great. I’m forever in love with KSH, JIW and PSH just to name a few. I’m, however, disappointed with CJM’s dramas. As much as I love him, I just wasn’t motivated enough to watch them or read the recaps. I hope he has better dramas in the future.

  11. 11 Belphoebe

    Ok, for the selection under Best Posse. Did the flavor text, “I’m with the Stupid” in any way prompt the You’ve Fallen For Me choice ? Because I woulda put that in there, just for that flavor text. It’s so bad, it’s good.

  12. 12 kbap

    Yay! I accidentally clicked the wrong ones once, hehe… (I thought it said worst when it said best πŸ˜€ Need to get new glasses and keep on drama marathon-ing :D)

  13. 13 Birthday Girl

    K-KILLER GIRL!! and Flower Boy

    • 13.1 Birthday Girl

      Where’s λ‚΄ 곁에 μžˆμ–΄? Instead I picked Hooray for Love, still good but not as good.

      • 13.1.1 Birthday Girl

        oops I meant “Nice to Meet you” λ‚΄μ‚¬λž‘ 내곁에 [talk about too many titles]

  14. 14 sangay

    lol, was just reading last year’s review and oops, time to do this year’s voting πŸ˜€

    hmm … so hard to cast my votes for some categories. yikes, must be even harder to do recaps for them (not to mention the year end review) !

    thanks a lot for the hard work !!!

  15. 15 bluelime

    some of them were very hard to choose between, but i had a lot fun!! thanks!! =)

  16. 16 Fasiris Fay

    Yayyyy, love this time of year! πŸ˜€ So much fun!

    Also, its time for award season…can’t wait for the sea of red-carpet events to roll out! hehe ^_^

  17. 17 Chels

    Can’t believe 2011 is almost over! And I’ve got to admit, it was quite the year in Dramaland. It definitely had it’s fails, and it’s disappointments that still upset me (The first three episodes of Spy Myung Wol were so cute! Arrgh), but there were so many GREAT dramas and it makes me excited for yet another year of drama addiction.
    Did anyone else notice how good the kisses were this year? I had such a hard time voting or one! Between City Hunter, Ramyun Shop, Me too, Flower, Best Love and Lie Too Me how can you choose? Even Can You Hear My Heart had a decent kiss.
    Yay for open-mouthed kisses with mutual participation(kind of)!

  18. 18 nostalgicheroine

    Whoah. the whole time i just read the entry. its too hard to vote when you love everything. i’ll stare at it some more.

    thanks JB for the hilarious side comments. πŸ˜€

  19. 19 Sally

    You are incredibly witty! I love the little comments after the names of the dramas!

  20. 20 JoAnne

    wow – can’t believe I’d actually seen enough of these to make a vote, even! I’ve only been watching Kdramas since June, and without regard to how old something is…so I really didn’t think I would have seen enough of 2011 shows to even be able to make choices, but I have! I’m lacking in sageuk land, clearly, but trying to make up for that. History seems more appropriate for the winter…perhaps it’s the long hair and all the blanket clothing.

  21. 21 i3rasaila

    wow, so many drama this year. O_o
    Love 49 Days. πŸ™‚

  22. 22 antonia

    Best drama of the year and best drama ever!!! and winner of all the best categories in my heart: Can You Hear my Heart!!!
    Dong Joo saranghae <333

    • 22.1 kdramallama

      I completely agree. What a wonderful drama. I hope people who missed it go back and check it out! The romance! The bromance! The everything. I can’t get enough of this drama.

  23. 23 ...

    woo! it’s finally up! can’t believe its already another year… thanks so much for all the hard work recapping all these dramas this year! had so much fun reading your recaps, which definitely helped to compliment the watching πŸ™‚ hopefully next year will be just as good and even better!

  24. 24 Nadia

    I’ve just realized why these are called the “Beanie” awards… dramabeans, beans, beanie… oh gosh.

  25. 25 Aye

    I would not have watched the Princess’s Man if you hadn’t reviewed it. It is now my favorite drama for the year, and even one of my all time favorites! Thanks as always for great recaps and reviews all year round. (And for sticking that last category in so I can vote for my man, Park Shi-hoo!)

  26. 26 Alyn

    City Hunter and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop for all the awards! Except the overrated one πŸ˜€

    • 26.1 otchosais

      me too! I am torn between these two dramas! πŸ™‚

    • 26.2 Cam

      TRUE!! I can’t believe that City Hunter and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is soooo POPULAR cuz’ of their number of vote are HIGH ~~!!

  27. 27 Jomo

    I actually voted on all the categories!

    It looks like the most recent fav: FBRS will win a lot.

    Best snark:
    Park Ye-jin. Nothing says evil like a yeti with a bad haircut.

    • 27.1 Webfoot

      “It looks like the most recent fav: FBRS will win a lot.”

      Yeah, it’s the recency effect. Wish there were a way to make it fairer and surgically equate all the dramas in terms of recency.

      I love FBRS too, but its currency gives it a big advantage.
      On the other hand, wow, look at the number of times Best Love came in top or near the top? Considering that it was way back in spring/early summer?

      • 27.1.1 cv

        Best love was awsome!!! my heart goes “thump,thump” each time i think of this drama. ^^

      • 27.1.2 tarianantatoer

        BL or FBRS? I was torn between the two. Plot wise I think they’re even, both funny and smart romcom dealing with similar theme, in fact there are a lot similarity between the two. But in term of β€˜the funniest’ I think it goes to FBRS. Their joke is more amusing (all those poop talks) plus the back ground music fuses the mood add those with Chwa or Eunbi or Bawool comical expressions, it’s a win. The sound effect in BL is also awesome but nothing like FBRS. In BL we laugh at Dokko Jin’s antic but there are more than one character to be amused at in FBRS, Dokko-Jin still the crackiest tho, love him. Love both dramas.

        • ren

          BL ALL THE WAY WOOT LOL, I don’t think FBRS is as funny, honestly. Also voted a lot for Scent of a Woman and City Hunter πŸ™‚

  28. 28 Kaboy Ha

    Wew >.<

    I dunno what to say, "Really confuseeeeeee"

    But, I need to choose "Best Love" is the best ever, hahaha…

  29. 29 YL

    I LOVE year end review/ poll/ award times! ‘Tis when the snark flourishes. Hee. Thanks JB!

  30. 30 ank

    Thanks for this! I Lol-ed so hard on the “Mane of Glory”

  31. 31 elle.wu

    Funny as always πŸ˜€ thanks JB!
    my 3 choices for Best Drama are currently on top πŸ™‚

  32. 32 ninsarama

    dude! where are my Warrior Baek Dong Soo peeps?!??!! Yoo Seungho’s mane of glory!!! C’mon people!!!

    • 32.1 cherkell

      ::raising both hands and both feet:: YEAH, YOU GUYS!!! I know you’re all disappointed in the ending ‘n stuff, but how can you NOT vote for THIS: http://tinyurl.com/6scfluw

      I’m gonna go to my grave *still* claiming this was my favorite drama of 2011. WBDS FIGHTING!!! πŸ™‚

      • 32.1.1 YY

        Phew, was worried I’d be wookrolled again, but what the heck, I went ahead and clicked it anyway!

        • Mystisith

          LOL ! Now everybody gets anxious when cherkell posts a link . Wookroll psychosis. ahahah.

      • 32.1.2 aoiaheen

        I voted for this too. This and city hunter. And even with that ending and the draggy bits in the middle I still like it more than City Hunter.

        *Clicks on link expecting to be wook rolled*

        Ok, a sweaty JCW is just as good as a half naked one.

      • 32.1.3 Linda165

        I’m here, I’m here. But sorry, I had to go with PSH’s perfect ‘do. After seeing Disheveled Dong Soo, I’m having seconds thoughts thou πŸ™

      • 32.1.4 cherkell

        Hah. Probably not the time nor place for a wookroll — this is about My Precious Dongsoo-ya getting the proper respect for his gorgeous Jin Kazama-like Ultra Special Mane of Gloryβ„’…

        Not like the thought didn’t cross my mind, though. πŸ™‚

    • 32.2 momosan

      Well, the thing is that our vote is split on the mane of glory! Un, Chun or Dong Soo? You know me, I said Chun, but you young ‘uns probably split between the other two – because there were some serious manes of glory going on there.

      • 32.2.1 aoiaheen

        Yes, It was torture trying to decide between Un and Dong Soo.

        Dong Soo has got this wild thing going on that later turns into contained wildness. It kind of gives a hint of what to expect in his character.

        And Un on the other hand has gone from soft and beautiful to frizzy and then back to soft.

        Chun for me didn’t have that much of a mane of glory since he kept it hidden most of the time. To me, his was a beard of glory. AAHHH…. such a magnificent one! it made me change my opinion of facial hair on men.

      • 32.2.2 myweithisway

        I was going to vote Dong Soo over Un since I didn’t expect Chun to be a choice, but since he was, I had to vote for him! How can one resist?

    • 32.3 goldenflower

      *Raises hand*
      Yoo Seungho’s Mane of Glory!!

      • 32.3.1 aoiaheen

        One more hand here!

  33. 33 Jenny Hu

    woot! woot! love this

  34. 34 Jasmine Samimi


    • 34.1 Iviih

      Agree!! ^^ I love her so much.

  35. 35 SprinkledPink

    Maru and Dong Joo should have been included in the favorite bromance category. >.<

    • 35.1 ajewell

      I completely agree. I had to skip that category because it should’ve gone to Can You Hear My Heart. You just can’t get any more bro-mancy than that, lol.

      • 35.1.1 tarianantatoer

        ikr they fight, they make up and they sleep on the same bed LOL

        Btw imo Maru is also a decent candidate for best Oppa.

    • 35.2 come2noona

      The bromance in CYHMH was the best!

    • 35.3 dramabliss

      Absolutely! Would have voted for Dong Joo – Maru if they were in the running.

    • 35.4 x0mi07

      So true! Other bromances were implied, others were subtle. Maru and Dong Joo’s bromance was for real.

    • 35.5 Lizzie

      watch these mv ….



      their bromance was REAL…

  36. 36 rillakm

    How come me too flower!’s kiss from epi 6 is not in the best kiss list, and also not in the best drama, very upsetting πŸ™

    • 36.1 M2F

      i agree! i love their kisses

  37. 37 lovepark

    Looking back, I’m a bit disappointed in 2011. Maybe I wasn’t watching the right dramas, but nothing was spectacular and I haven’t watched as many as I would I have liked. Oh well, I did go back to some oldies that I haven’t watched, and those were good. Anyways, 2011 isn’t over yet with Brain (I’m really enjoying Shin Ha-kyun, so awesome) and all the cable drama offerings.

  38. 38 lenrasoon

    What was your favorite drama of 2011?
    “Tree With Deep Roots”, “The Princess’s Man” and “City Hunter”.

    DAMN that was so difficult, i like to mention that the dramas was amazing this year, so it was hard to choose and leave “Scent of a Woman”, “Best Love”, “Dream High”, “My Princess” (it was not an option anyway lol) and “49 days”.

    What was your favorite comedy of the year?

    “Best Love”

    the most hilarious drama this year for me.

    What was your favorite historical drama?
    “The Princess’s Man”

    King Sejong ilu but FORGIVE ME!! i’d never thought that 2011 would be sageuk dramas for me, i didn’t choose “Tree With Deep Roots” because i ain’t over yet, so i don’t know if the ending will top “TPM” ending.

    Which drama was the most disappointing?
    “Myul-Wol the Spy”

    Myul-Wol was a hot mess of a drama and real life but i would also add “Lie to me” and “Romance Town”, but seriously Myul-Wol was so messy that even the female lead tried to escape from that.

    • 38.1 suitfetish

      Myung Wol: definitely most disappointing, because it did have so much potential for awesome, and it got me excited during the first episodes–I laughed ALOUD, and that almost never happens.

      Lie To Me was disappointing because it looked like it had potential, but continually didn’t… it never got my hopes up, really.

      I went with Myung Wol, too.

    • 38.2 Cha Eun Ae

      Seriously if Tree With Deep Roots does not win best drama it will be a travesty.
      The only reason I think the numbers are low right now is people are not watching it yet. Princess Man was entertaining, but Tree, is not only highly entertaining, but it has intelligence and layers, as well as character complexity that I did not get in PM, as much as I liked that drama.
      Tree is the only historical drama this year that I would describe as riveting. Where PMs primary focus was the love story, Tree is the story of a mans passion to birth an idea and make it a reality.

  39. 39 Linda


    Lie’s To Me’s Noraebang scene!

    • 39.1 Linda

      *Lie To Me

    • 39.2 suitfetish

      And there was one in Protect the Boss, too!

      Liked it pretty well, missed all the others so I didn’t vote…

  40. 40 Einna

    YAY!!! It’s here! *rushes to vote*
    *scratches head*
    Ahhh, it’s soooo hard!!!

    • 40.1 KrazyDramaFan

      omg same here!!!!
      its so hard to pick JUST ONE!!!

    • 40.2 Cammaynn

      Yea, yea (nods) I AGREE with you, ofc.

      OUCH. (shakes head) >_<

  41. 41 Sonia

    Thanks jb and girlfriday for all the awesome recaps this year! <3

    Bear with me, but I have a small complaint. How come only two female leads were nominated for favorite character? :S

    PS: Aren't we all biased towards FBRS with all the sparks still in the air. πŸ˜‰

    • 41.1 Sonia

      I chose Sam dong from the list, but really I liked the following better than him:

      Scent of a Woman, Eun-jae
      Trees with Deep Roots, So yi
      Thousand Day Promise, Seo-yeon
      Miss Ripley, Lee Da-hea
      (I hated her at times but only the way you would hate your siblings if they did something wrong. You hate their actions, but want them to succeed anyways.)

    • 41.2 lenrasoon

      i totally agree about the female characters, i was so ready to vote for Princess Kyung Hye πŸ™ , and we had great female characters this year.

  42. 42 Ann

    Thank you Drama Bean – I expect the best drama of the year – My Princess Man especially the glorious acting of Park Shi Hoo…. He is perfect….

  43. 43 mandelbrotr

    I’m enjoying Flower Boy Ramyun Shop but I’m not ready to rate it until I see the end.

  44. 44 Daniela

    I love the descriptions! So funny. It has been more that 1 year since I discovered Dramabeans! I remember that in the last year’s poll, of all the options, I only knew like 3. This year I watched more dramas (And Im planning to watch more before January). This year, I had a tie for my best number 3 drama.
    I dont know in which category they could had been, but I wanted to vote for Milky couple. They define CUTE.

  45. 45 Swan

    It was so, so difficult to choose the best 3! I think this year was fun filled and packed with many good (and bad) dramas. But if I had to choose, I’d say Scent of a Woman is a great one! I think Me Too, Flower seems to be underrated but Yoon Shi Yoon definitely deserves some credit there – his acting skills has improved a whole lot! Man of Honor is a good one too, and I think 49 days has very good meaning behind it though the story did go a little off track.

    But overall, 2011 has been a great drama year! I had a really fun time!

  46. 46 donna

    wow… i like city hunter of my idol lee min ho…muah….minho

  47. 47 otchosais

    I VOTED!!!

    my votes usually came from:
    CITY HUNTER – 1st
    49 DAYS – 3rd
    BEST LOVE – 4th..

    most of I voted from different categories were from these dramas! πŸ˜‰

    I am torn between the best buddies and their dramas…
    but LMH’s city hunter is UNBEATABLE than anyone.. πŸ™‚

    • 47.1 lenrasoon

      people seems to love Ramyun shop, i think i’ll try to watch this before the year ends.

      • 47.1.1 otchosais

        its really GOOD!!! hmm, I JUST said CH is unbeatable if we look at it in over-all… but when it comes to “light-hearted scenes” and “comedic scenes” FRBS is the best too πŸ™‚

        the 2 dramas have different genre so I can say they’re the best in each of the genres they belong πŸ™‚

        • lenrasoon

          i’m already downloading hehe ^^

        • Lizzie

          Watch Tree with deep roots and you will see that CH isn’t unbeatable… CH had so many flaws, but people let it go because they had a pretty OTP…… gah, if it wasn’t lee Minho I wonder how this drama would be going in the polls…. it would FBRS…

          • otchosais

            we have different POVS on dramas.. I watched CH because of the plot/story… it has ALL!!! from drama, comedy, romance, being “good” and fair… I like the plot because it has a HEART and many can really relate because of the problems in the society that we have now… I haven’t watched Tree with deep roots so I can’t judge it and I don’t want to judge dramas I haven’t watch…

            for the OTP, yes, its given that they are LIKED by everyone,
            but now, we are having polls voted by many KDRAMA critics/addicts.. they know what dramas are really good not just because of the ACTORS but the story wise…

            to give an example, LIE TO ME.. many love the OTP their..
            given its KJW and YEH… but still, many were UNBIASED
            that the story is not well-developed…

            another is the old kdrama Marry Me, Marry, we all love JGS and MGY as the OTP but again, the story is not well developed…

            going back to CH, LMH acting in it is a PLUS as well as the real life OTP.. but again, it is WELL APPRECIATED since it has well-balanced story and all…
            I know, it has flaws too (since ALL DRAMAS HAVE) but CH succeeded to balance them.. πŸ™‚

          • otchosais

            and I think, FBRS also is like CH but with different genre and story,,,

            If its not JIW, LKW and the rest of the F4, we would not have this kind of craze now πŸ™‚

  48. 48 donna

    wow… i like city hunter of my idol lee min ho…muah….minho…..super dramatic

  49. 49 smokes

    Wah, it was really hard to pick “Whose talent was most wasted?” So many awesome actors, so much wasted talent. γ… γ… 

    I love your captions on every choice, btw. Love the captions, love the site, love your commentary, love that we get to vote for best mane of glory. Thanks for putting this together again!

  50. 50 maeri

    Just wondering, why isn’t The Duo listed as an option for “favorite bromance”? Especially since the show’s picture appears in the question?

    • 50.1 meh!

      another signs illogical from jb, sigh

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