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2011 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the past year
by | December 7, 2011 | 455 Comments

It’s that time of year again: Polls, polls, polls!

To keep up the Dramabeans year-end tradition, here we are with the Best, the Funniest, the Crackiest, and yes, also the Underwhelmingest dramas of the year. (To see how past years shook out, take a look at the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, and 2010 Polls. Yes, I skipped 2008, which was a decidedly unpopular decision, so who am I to mess with tradition?)

As in years past, this also kicks off our annual Year End Review Extravaganza. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our wrap-up reviews summing up 2011’s offerings, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Past years can be found with this handy-dandy Year In Review tag.

But for now, it’s time for YOU to cast your votes and tell us what rocked your socks, buttered your toast, and tickled your fancy this year.



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.



















































455 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 teruhyuu

    These were good! Reminded me of all the up and down in this year πŸ˜‰

  2. 52 Eeefu

    I want to vote Can you Hear My Heart in the Best Bromance category – this pair gets my heart.

    • 52.1 Celest

      I know right! I absolutely couldn’t vote in that category knowing that Dong Joo and Ma Roo were being left out.

      • 52.1.1 Kisa27

        omg i just saw your reply said the same thing

  3. 53 Nadia

    It was a great year πŸ™‚
    My picks-City Hunter, FBRS, Best Love.

  4. 54 dls

    Waah end of the year already… and yay for Beanie Award…
    lots of my fave drama are there…
    I haven’t watched all though
    hope for better K-dramas in 2012

  5. 55 ladida

    How can you ask us to choose only one favorite couple?! Don’t you guys know I have an ever-expanding list of OTPs???????

    Thanks for this, though!

  6. 56 DarknessEyes

    Aw, on the use of Idol stars, Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong and Yoochun were all on there, but no Junsu… sorry Cassie here πŸ™‚ But dang dramabeans! You made me make some hard choices… Why couldn’t we pick more than one??? πŸ˜›

  7. 57 queencircles

    I laughed so hard at the descriptors. Especially for the overrated drama category.

    CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART: Maybe I can’t
    LIE TO ME: Maybe I will
    CITY HUNTER: Maybe kinda shitty, hunter


  8. 58 xine

    yeay!!! This was great fun and LOVE your mini recaps/summaries. Too funny.

    Only thing was – the classic, funniest noraebang scene was missed out of the multi choice list:

    Jae Joong and Wang Ji Hye in PTB

  9. 59 Celest

    Wow, NONE of the categories I voted for were number one picks except for the categories: worst idol star, biggest waste of talent and best cameo appearances. It’s probably because I didn’t vote for any of the City Hunter choices (they ended up winning most of the categories they were in) or Flower Boy Ramyun.

    Best Drama hands down has to be Can You Hear My Heart. It had the best, most memorable characters, best character development, amazing script, cinematography, acting etc. Honorable mentions go out to 49 Days, Dream High, President (which I consider a 2011 drama since most of it aired on 2011), Princess Man, Girl K.

    I couldn’t pick any characters in the bromance department nor could I pick one from the “Best Character Department”. Really wish there was an ‘other’ option!

    But the biggest TRAVESTY for this poll is that there was no choice for the DONG JOO/JUN HA couple from Can You Hear My Heart in the BROMANCE department. They beat out every single one of those choices hands down.

    I can’t wait to read whether the editors’ picks for this year would be similar to the results of this poll or not. Thanks for this guys!

    • 59.1 Iviih

      I agree ^^ where is Dong Joo and Junha bromance?

      They had epic bromance scenes…

    • 59.2 Eeefu

      I wish Can You Hear My Heart pick up some awards in the coming MBC Drama Award evening. It has really done amazing jobs on so many aspects.

      It also has the cutest kiss and saddest kiss scene too.

      I am also surprised to see this drama listed under Most Overrated Drama. But then I tell myself: even the best loving star has his/her anti’s.

      • 59.2.1 Celest

        Yea, I couldn’t figure out my this was featured in the most overrated drama when its ratings were only okay, around 12% nationally and 15% in seoul. And among some of the more prominent k-ent blogs, only Softy and Thundie were making praises (sorry if I forgot anyone else’s!). It certainly wasn’t as popular in the drama community as City Hunter, Best Love, 49 Days, Princess’ Man etc. which are all in the running for best drama this year (imo).

        I also hope CYHMH picks up some awards this year. Nam Goong Min as Ma Roo/Jun Ha blew me away with his acting. Huge, huge props to Jung Bo Seok as Bong Young Gyu. JBS nailed every nuance of the character down. And not to mention Yoon Yeo Jung as Halmoni…and the kids! Actually all the main actors in this drama need to be praised.

        • Eeefu

          High Five to you!

  10. 60 Raitei

    It was difficult to choose for some of the categories since I didn’t really watch a lot of the choices or even read much about them. So, I had to stick with the dramas that I did watch and did like. :/

    That aside, the descriptions just about kill me. They’re sooooo funny. I think they are what made voting so worthwhile. You gals really a master when it comes to word play, puns, and witty captions. πŸ˜€

  11. 61 Noelle

    It’s my first poll!!!

  12. 62 asianromance

    Love all the subtitling!! hilarious!!

    For best kiss, I voted for Best Love, but my choice was really the episode 6 kiss in Me Too, Flower (the one that Bong Sun actually instigated).

    2011 had a ton of great dramas and some wonderful surprises (Dream High, City Hunter, Me Too Flower).

  13. 63 maricel

    Why isn’t heartstring’s main couple whithin the options??? I watched them in the pics and i read the alternaives like 4 times before realizing they weren’t there…or i am the one not seeing them? i also didn’t see the drama as the best of the year….It wasn’t the best but it might have been appealing for some…At first, it was for me…

  14. 64 Kisa27

    Yeah for another year passing by really good dramas. Also for bromance i did choose my second choice for my first one “Can YOU Hear My heart” wasn’t up there

  15. 65 jandoe

    in my opinion, FBRS is super overrated (irk) and it being in all categories is kinda yeeesh. butttt it’s your awards JB, and I respect that. All in all this is fun, lookin’ forward to the result and yearly overview !

  16. 66 Iviih

    My favorite characters aren’t on there πŸ™

    Where is my Dong Joo (CYHMH) and Se Ryung ( Princess’ man) plus king Lee Do from Tree with deep roots.

    These are characters I love too much.

    And you forgot Maroo and Dong Joo Bromance. T__T

    Also, I think I’m biased but for me Can You hear my heart (second Kiss) was the best kiss!! πŸ˜€ heheheh

    • 66.1 Eeefu

      I am curious – which kiss scene was that? which one was second πŸ™‚

      • 66.1.1 Iviih

        It was at night… Dong Joo was waiting for her in the stairs… so she kissed him first, then he kissed her, and then they looked to each other and kissed again, heheheheh XD

        I didn1t find any link, sorry…

        • Eeefu

          now i know. πŸ™‚

  17. 67 Minty V

    dang i had a really hard time deciding for FAVORITE BROMANCE… a lot of them are my fave parts in their dramas hahaha… but in the end i chose City Hunter and Ajusshi… the scene where ajusshi left home and CH was consoling him at Nana’a home — classic πŸ˜€

    and my favorite category is FUNNIEST NORAEBANG SCENE… priceless Dokko Jin singing heart-heart-heart-breakerrrrr… *off to watch again*

  18. 68 gusya

    Definitely a lot of good dramas this years, hence it was so hard to choose because i loved most of them, each had their own appeal to me ^___^ Hopefully next year will bring more great dramas!! ^^

  19. 69 Phi

    nothing against the artists, I’m quite surprise Lie To Me made to DB’s best drama list consider how bad you gave it big thumbs down during your baby recaps. I guess I just don’t quite understand the logic….

  20. 70 missjb

    i love you mention que sera sera in the waste of talent category for Eric. After watching spy myung wol, I watched that drama for him this year and Que Sera SEra has become one of my all time favourite! Hope he will choose the right project in the future…

  21. 71 anna

    lol i saw the poll and was like, watch as City Hunter wins everything category, well almost every anyway. RAMYUN is getting so much love too.

  22. 72 Fallensnow

    I CAN NOT believe that a year has flew by so quickly! (Where did the time go?!) But that also means the annual drama reviews are coming up πŸ˜€ I can’t wait – it’s been a good year all in all for K-drama ~

  23. 73 julianna

    I’m ashamed to say that I did not watch anything EXCEPT Vampire Prosecutor. OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?

  24. 74 nuri

    I was thinking that I watched so much drama this year to vote here, then, reading the list, I’m not even close. I want to watch everything, just need that the key to fourth dimension JB always talked about.

  25. 75 TiaC

    Yay for the end of the year poll, and happy to share my love for all things 49 Days, Best Love, Protect the Boss, City Hunter, I Need Romance, and FBRS!

    But just because I LOVED her character soooo much, I have to add an honorary vote for Na Yoon from PTB for favorite character this year. One of the sweetest moments of the year has to be when she is crying outside the shower after Ji Hyun kissed Eun Seol, and the shower keeps running hot and cold: “Cha Ji Heon is a bad jerk! Noh Eun Seol is a bad person!… Even the water is mean!”

    What the hell, an honorary vote for Myung Ran, too! And an honorary vote for Eun Seol, Myung Ran, and Na Yoon as best posse of the year – drunk dancing and singing in the apartment FTW!

    • 75.1 Z

      I second all of these. I expected this show to be in so many more categories (and to win so many more categories).

  26. 76 Laica

    Can we give Dramabeans the award for Funniest Voting Categories? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for an amazing year, guys. My drama-watching experience was enhanced many times over because of all your hard work and rib-cracking humour. <3

  27. 77 Shena

    Definitely 49 days and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!!!!

  28. 78 joujou

    Some of these were really hard. I did most of my answers for the drams that I have either seen or have already aired. Thanks so much. It was fun voting.

  29. 79 T______T

    why does baby-faced beauty get no love ):
    so underrateddddddd

  30. 80 Pig rabbit

    Oh man!!!! Did anyone had chills doing the voting…

    I was only able NOT to watch 5 on the list..

    Call me a K-drama addict.. yeah..

    Dokko-Jin was the best!!!! Heart break-break-break-breaker!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 81 saranga

    just finished voting, and i must say, i had a strong dream high bias! lol i think it was the drama i enjoyed most this year. so much that i still have the downloaded avi files on my imac… true sign of love. all because of kim soo-hyun. he was the best thing about the drama- he made that drama. without him, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

    ps. best oppa category was so hard!!! couldn’t choose between lee sang-woo and ba-wool. i’m convinced by now that i don’t like kim rae-won or soo-ae in their respective roles (i think they’re rather ill suited to kim soo-hyun’s style). but lee sang-woo is wonderful as soo-ae’s oppa. and in IMO he’s one of the few people in that drama with great screen presence. and ba-wool would make the CUTEST most adorable little bro ever.

    pps. i love these end of year posts, because i can go back and remind myself of all the dramas that have aired this year! dream high, city hunter were the definite standouts for me. scent of a woman, ramen, best love, protect the boss (oh, this could have been much better without choi kang-hee) were memorable.

  32. 82 Saa

    I would’ve voted for Wang Ji Hye’s noraebang scene if it was listed. =[

  33. 83 Jen

    fav character was the HARDEST to choose!

  34. 84 Stephy


  35. 85 kimjandi

    done voting!!! πŸ™‚

  36. 86 Raine

    Another year in K-drama, but it was my first and I’m really glad this was the year I came in on. What amazing drama we had! What amazing DBers we have.

    정말 κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ JB and GF and all your guests!

  37. 87 anne

    ahhh! my first time to vote. finally!! ^-^

  38. 88 charitee

    mang, for some of those, it was REALLY hard to choose just one. even for the one where we could pick 3, i was dying trying to lower it to 3. that being said, i just wanted to give UEE some major propz for her performance in Birdie Buddy. i think she’ll be shortchanged because not many people watched Birdie Buddy (for a number of reasons). i don’t think she should win an acting award or anything (since she had some acting issues at times). BUT she delivered her character pretty well and considering all the performances i’ve seen from idols this year (and UEE’s performance in 미남 in 2008?), she was one of the few that delivered it like an actual actress.

    ANYWAYS, 2011 was an awesome year in dramas and major thanks to dramabeans and its writers for giving us such amusing and insightful posts/recaps/etc^^

  39. 89 Fabmari

    HIGH KICK 3: Jung Il-woo, noona-killing since 2006
    Hahaha…he is upgraded to ajumma-killing in High Kick.

  40. 90 godninja

    dramabeans is on top of my stalk list, but i’ve never commented before. so what compelled me? answer: city hunter. i tell you that i had my life poured into it and i got dumped so bad that i now hate hate hate city hunter to hell. it had all the right things and it screwed up so freaking bad. city hunter got more glam than the crap is worth.

  41. 91 cheerios


    damn you, db! How do I choose?

  42. 92 bbm

    is it time already?? wiuuhhh time surely fly fast this year…
    i think most your category nominee comef from dramas that you watched… so my favorite bromance Maru n Dongjoo is not listed…
    can’t wait for the Year End Reviews…

  43. 93 melanie

    i hope next year will provide better dramas. i wasn hooked on a lot of dramas this year. while i liked city hunter, the endish middleish was just too draggy so that made me from to liking the drama. i really like flower boy ramyun shop though and so far, i am nit dissappointed and i hope it will remain that way. watched like 5 eps of lie to me and gave up because the story was awful. watched myung wol for 7 eps and gave up since the episodes did not live up to the cliffhangers. sheesh, some writers need to fully plan out a script and have a test audience to see how well the sotyr turns out. bad writing always destroys a drama. once i wathed a drama with 3 episodes left and gave up becuase the writing was so bad. i wasnt even curious about the ending and didnt bother to look it up online

  44. 94 lois


  45. 95 Kay

    Where did Heartstrings go? 0_o

  46. 96 Khrisstyne

    I feel like certain drama’s shouldn’t be up there because they aren’t done yet. Because if anything Flower Boy Ramyun shop will win in the almost every category it is in. Because it is currently airing and others that were aired early this year was forgotten. πŸ™ Don’t get me wrong FBRS is good though.

    I like this end of the yr voting though πŸ˜€
    So many good drama’s how can someone limit it to 3??

    • 96.1 crazedlu

      about FBRS… i know, right.

    • 96.2 otchosais

      but even I think IT MUST BE already included since we only have 2 weeks before it ends…

      if it is showing in KBS/MBS/SBS, FBRS will be included already in the awarding since I think, the rule is when a drama already reached HALF-WAY of the total number of episodes, it will definitely be included in the year it first aired… so DB is right when she included FBRS in the poll πŸ™‚

    • 96.3 Ace

      The same thing happened last year with Secret Garden. I commented that people shouldn’t have voted for it coz we didn’t know how it will end and look how that turned out. A lot of people who voted for it had a different opinion after the last episode. Though I agree that the chemistry rocked between the leads, Hyun Bin was consistently great till the end, the supporting characters were memorable even the worst mother in kdramaland ever, and the OST was unforgettable, I didn’t think it should’ve won a lot in the categories last year. So that’s why I kept my votes for FBRS to a minimum this year even if I’m loving it at the moment (I think I only voted for Ba-wool in best oppa)

  47. 97 AuntieMame

    When it comes to toilet humor, no drama beats out the new drama, “Vampire Idots” (ep. 2). OMG! It is the wackiest show ever.

    I’ve seen jajiangmein deliveries to all types of places, But, it has reached new heights in this drama.

  48. 98 crazedlu

    as meh as you’ve fallen for me became, i still think they were best couple.

    CITY HUNTER = overrated. =D!!

    dream high posse was the best.

    warrior baek dong soo, dream high, high kick.

    • 98.1 otchosais

      if CH is overrated, why MANY voted it as good? πŸ™‚

      • 98.1.1 Z

        That’s the definition of overrated. Something that the majority of people think is better than it actually is.

        Note: I haven’t seen City Hunter but I think someone has the right to consider it overrated without being attacked with the “so MANY people” nonsense.

        • otchosais

          many people voted for it because the drama is GREAT not that it is just nonsense or overrated,,,

          You should WATCH it first before you judge…

          how can you say it is overrated if you don’t have any idea what happened in the drama…


          • KnH

            For me it was sooo boring that I felll asleep when I was watching it. πŸ˜€ We are different but who cares? πŸ˜‰
            (I’m speaking about City Hunter.)

    • 98.2 sojumongi

      totally agree with City Hunter being overrated..it’s decent,has its moments, but not great.

      my fav 2011 dramas : Dream High, Best Love, Scent of a Woman, Protect The Boss (not finishied yet)

    • 98.3 Birdie

      Totally agree that City Hunter was overrated. There were some well-done scenes, not that well written but overall just okay. What disappointed most were the action scenes where people just fell like dominoes and I have watched a lot of action shows.

  49. 99 eunshil

    perhaps you should add “best death scene” nope, best “mourning scene” you know, with the tears and all

    • 99.1 Thatgirl


  50. 100 Thatgirl

    Lol! Most of my good votes went to City Hunter…. Except for the ones I’d REALLY had to admit was better…


    In the favorite Character category, I really couldn’t choose between City Hunter and his girlfriday Nana Bear… They were both AWESOME!!!!!! So I chose, Nana Bear, since she is my favorite leading girl of ALL TIMES!!! For me, no other leading girl worldwide can beat how awesome she is. And I voted for her because I really couldn’t decide if City Hunter was really as Awesome as I gave him credit for or if I was just being my usual self and being bias to Lee Minho.

    • 100.1 Thatgirl

      Yoonsung and Nana are my favorite couple of the year, even though them being a real life couple still hurts me. xC

      • 100.1.1 olsen

        I know, I know

        Even I had hard time deciding choosing between YS and Nana

        I miss CH

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