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2011 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the past year
by | December 7, 2011 | 455 Comments

It’s that time of year again: Polls, polls, polls!

To keep up the Dramabeans year-end tradition, here we are with the Best, the Funniest, the Crackiest, and yes, also the Underwhelmingest dramas of the year. (To see how past years shook out, take a look at the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, and 2010 Polls. Yes, I skipped 2008, which was a decidedly unpopular decision, so who am I to mess with tradition?)

As in years past, this also kicks off our annual Year End Review Extravaganza. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our wrap-up reviews summing up 2011’s offerings, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Past years can be found with this handy-dandy Year In Review tag.

But for now, it’s time for YOU to cast your votes and tell us what rocked your socks, buttered your toast, and tickled your fancy this year.



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.



















































455 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 101 kd101

    JB, I roll off my chair reading your side comments on most disappointing and most overrated drama!!

    And thanks to your beanie awards, I am quite happy with my nasty academic schedule this year because apparently not being able to watch many dramas has its own advantage – I don’t need to scratch my head silly, choosing my most favorite one from those hoard of categories, hehehe..

    This is such a good year, drama-wise, and I cannot thank you enough for your hard work, your excellent-as-always recaps, this year.

  2. 102 suitfetish

    This is a really interesting lens on what shows I loved for what reason…

    So far I’ve only read the RECAPS of Scent of a Woman (and some clips), but I voted for it on one of the categories, since I didn’t think the others were better.

    I loved City Hunter and Dream High as dramas more, but loved the way the My Princess couple were more. (Bromance goes to Ajussi and his canceller of credit cards, Best Character to SONG SAM DONG. My gosh. From loveable puppy to intense emo-kid to motivated superstar? Kill noona now.)

    And Lie To Me got best kiss (so far), though it was a complete waste in all other areas. Yoon Eun-Hye, that much you are doing right…

  3. 103 alodia


    SCENT OF A WOMAN: Poopy-seok and Eun-jae do the tango

    Who is EUN-JAE??? Must be a typo, right?

  4. 104 butterbacon


  5. 105 Jans

    sad to say but there still people who loved Myung Wol the Spy and I hope DB girls won’t be unfair for those who love the drama we loved to vote as one of the best drama of the year too ,but for us is not disappointing drama ..definitely the best one. thanks …

  6. 106 Marteki

    UGH! from the comments i see I have to go watch me too flower and princesses man. I wanted to ignore those but I get a feeling that would be very wrong…

  7. 107 Eli

    I swear it was like a month ago when last years polls were up! times has gone by soooooo fast! i hope next years dramas will be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 108 almontel

    I wanted to vote for You’ve Fallen for me for FAVE series but it wasn’t on the list, so here’s my list:
    1. You’ve fallen for me aka Heartstrings
    2. Best Love
    3. City Hunter
    4. 49 Days
    5. My Princess
    6. Can you hear my heart

    I was again looking for Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong hwa for the Piggiback ride but not on the list…

    my fave right now is Flower Boy Ramyun shop!!! awesome!

  9. 109 Kyuri

    I was a Beanie Awards virgin too this year. 😉

    My rankings:
    Flowerboy Ramyun: Why Hello, Lee Kiwoo!!! Where have you been? (oh yes, muscling up in the army). Lee Chungah expresses so much in her quiet looks and exasperated screams. Their chemistry is to swoon for, and Chisoo needs no mention here.
    Dream High: Taec–Youthful hotness personified. IU and her adorableness. A better version of Glee, certainly. Could not stop humming the theme song for months.
    And DOKKKKKKO! Best Love was the drama my hubs and I laughed and cringed the most in/with. Kong Hyojin is a gem and I would vote for her for fave character.
    Last but never least: City Hunter. Lee Minho rocks my socks (although not in real life… He’s kinda a diva if you meet him in person). And how could you not start girl crushing in Nana Bear? Her pluck and spirit were contagious, even thru the TV screen.

  10. 110 Haruni

    Me Too, Flower! should have been on the list of best kisses! That had to be the best kiss of the year!

  11. 111 Jin

    I never understood why King Sejong was one four kings thru the 3000 years of Korean history to be venerated with addendum of “the Great”. Now I begin to understand and acknowledge that Korea never deserved someone like him. How could he love his people that much, how could a man accept so much suffering, how was he so right. Korea has soooo many problems with injustice with corruption and yet we have a fighting chance because he paved the way laying the foundations so that we have over a 98% literacy rate and with that literacy rate country where everyone has access to education. I was there was a way to tell him that he was right that his sacrifice was not in vain. That he was successful. beyond his wildest imagination.

  12. 112 zazuki

    waiting for the eoy reviews:DD

  13. 113 LeeBebeolli

    My top 3 have to be:
    Best Love
    49 Days
    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    I also loved

    As much as I gave City Hunter my best shot, I don’t see the hype in it :\ Doubt i’ll give it another chance any time soon.

    Lie to Me was a total fail! Hands down!
    So was Spy Myung Wol (as much as I love Eric and it kills me to say so)

    I’m loving A Thousand Promises but I don’t think it’s good enough to be up there for me.

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is so addicting I just wish the couple pairing was the other way around :\

    To sum it up, as I look back on this year of 2011 dramas, Best/Greatest Love gives me the best memories. It was so sweet and funny, left me wanting for more.


  14. 114 peekabooo

    Where is my MU HYUL and KING SEJONG for best bromance?

    Where is Garion (Jung Ji Kyun) for the villain?

    Would you add the following categories, pretty please, please???

    1. Best BADASS CHICK of the year (i’d vote for So-Yi – TWDR)
    2. Best OST / music (i’d vote for The Princess’ Man)


    • 114.1 sm

      Mu Hyul~~ <3

      The bromance between Kang Chae-yoon and Cho Tak is also adorable.

  15. 115 YY

    Warning: Contains SPOILERS!!!!!

    My list:

    Best Drama: 49 Days – thought-provoking, moving and
    uplifting, different from the norm,very

    Most Fav Actor: Kang-ah – his quiet strength and
    unwavering, unspoken love for the
    girl he loves won my heart.

    Most Moving Scene: When Kang-ah almost, but not
    quite, touches JiHyun’s hand at the
    close of the drama. No kiss, but it
    made me cry….

    Most Emotional Scene: Myung Wol the Spy – the fake
    confrontation between Eric and
    MW on set, which suddenly veers
    into reality as Eric pleads,
    MW pulls the trigger, and Eric
    howls in anguish. I had chills
    watching that scene.

    Most Despised Scene: Myung Wol the Spy – when Eric
    slaps MW across the face. It
    was the most disgusting thing I’d
    ever seen on Korean drama.

    Best Abs: PSH, of course!!!! They should have called it
    “The Princess’s Abs”.

    Best Recovery: PSH, again!!!! He lies there, slashed in a
    thousand places, and omo! he lives!

    Best Voice: Grandpa’s gravelly growl in My Princess

    Best Angst: Hand Towel wins….eye rolling, head jerking,
    deep sighing – he’s the master of it all!

    Best Stillness: Yong Hwa in “Heartstrings”. Indeed, he’s
    The Man of Still.

    • 115.1 tarianantatoer

      Best Abs!!!!?? squee I was looking for this category
      Can I vote? Best abs of the year for me goes to…

      …umm it’s a tie between Wookie


      and Pillar


      I’m such a perv I know *hang head*

      • 115.1.1 YY

        OMG! tarianantatoer, I’m clawing my way out of a mountain of drool *gasp gasp*….

      • 115.1.2 aardvarksmile

        heh… The Sunflower Pillar *hangs head too*

    • 115.2 Linda165

      I love your picks except for best voice. I know Grandpa is your Oppa, but my pick for best voice is Pyung the masked assassin from TWDR. It just melts me.

    • 115.3 Mystisith

      Best Voice : Yoon Shi Yoon as Jae Hee in Me too, flower.
      How can a guy with such a cute face and delicate manners have a voice so manly, so deep, so hypnotizing, so soothing, so hilarious, so eargasmic…

  16. 116 asparagusoup....

    so rewarding that the dramas ive watched are doing good in the voting….thanks dramabeans…

  17. 117 nickynisa

    my top3 dramas. city hunter, dream high and tree with deep roots…
    fav sageuk: tree with deep roots…

    others… too many… can’t decide.. have to think it over n over again.. will be back to vote later… hahaha

    • 117.1 nickynisa

      done… didn’t vote for all….
      some of my picks..

      fav action: city hunter
      best kiss: city hunter
      bromance: warrior baek dong su.. *yeo wun n dongsu’s bromance is love XD *
      fav character: samdong *i really love kim soohyun as song samdong… kim soohyun saranghae XD*
      overrated drama: best love. *this story is hillarious but obviously its overrated*
      fav family drama: can you hear my heart *i like ojakgyo brothers too… but can you hear my heart has more issues n brought more tears, i voted for can you hear my heart instead of ojakgyo brothers*

  18. 118 Miica

    I still think Hara was the worst idol in the drama, but she’s not even in this poll.

  19. 119 Nadia

    YAY!! City Hunter is leading in most of categories.Best drama,Best couple,Best villlain,Best piggyback,Best bromance. This is the first time that a drama i like is leading in any poll ever 🙂

    • 119.1 otchosais

      me too!!! happy that CH leads! TRULY and DEFINITELY and UNDOUBTEDLY the BEST! <3

      • 119.1.1 Lizzie


      • 119.1.2 AnotherFan

        No No

  20. 120 pozi

    can’t stop laughing by reading your description,”
    Love is… supporting your home-shopping habit”,”I’ll love you even if your hair is prettier than mine”, thanks for your hard work.

    but you forgot to mention DIN-DONG(the greatest love) in the category…..

  21. 121 Haruni

    I’m surprised the Me Too, Flower kiss isn’t under best kisses! By far, the best kiss of the year!

  22. 122 LimaKid

    These were so freakin’ hard! I’m supposed to choose between Dokko Jin, Nana Bear, and Sweet Sam Dong for favorite character??


  23. 123 jae

    Favorite for 2011:
    49 Days for it’s unique story
    Best Love for it’s acting
    My Princess, Romance Town & LTM for their cute OTP
    Dream High for the younger actor’s breakthrough
    Ramyun Flower for it’s 4 Flowers and their hottness
    Beanie Awards dan DB for the most entertaining award & blog of Kpop wave… ^^

  24. 124 LimaKid

    Idk how I feel about FBRS being on this list–granted, I haven’t watched it yet, but I keep thinking dramas like Best Love and Dream High would have gotten more votes if they were still on air like FBRS is.

  25. 125 olsen

    My first time voting
    So excited!

    “Jung Il-woo, noona-killing since 2006”

    “CITY HUNTER: So hot they had to do it again in real life”
    So true

    it’s sad that we all are reminded of YEH’s big waste of talent in Lie to Me 🙁

    Oh well, my chorus for this year is still CITY HUNTER


  26. 126 matz

    there were really a lot of great dramas this year 🙂
    choosing one out of all choices for the poll was so haaaaaaaaaaaaard!

  27. 127 kit

    i crey i love you guys

    pretty sure i can deal with protect the boss losing out every time except when the cousins are involved. best bromance ever omg.

    i must say, looking back, this was actually quite a good year for dramas.

  28. 128 sambenx

    I vote.. 😀

  29. 129 angel

    Any category Best Love is in.

  30. 130 angel

    reword: ALL categories Best Love is in…

  31. 131 sugarpunch

    omg. u had me laughing soooooo hard at the most overrated drama of the year. Lie to me: maybe I will???? and City hunter: maybe kinda shitty, hunter… OMG LOLLLLLLLLL.

  32. 132 nonski

    i am a die-hard Best Love fan… will be forever in my heart and external, so reflective in my votes. 🙂

  33. 133 meh!

    some comments show that u didn’t even finish the 1st episode, illogical!!
    sigh 😛

  34. 134 dramalove

    not only “Me too, flower, but also “OJAKKYO BROTHERS”
    (Ojakgyo Brothers) kiss is not included too(((((( T__T
    For me it is the BEST KISS of the YEAR!!!

    And in the category of FAVORITE LEAD ROMANTIC PAIRING for me… it’s OJAKKYO BROTHERS: Uee and Joowon!!!
    They are the BEST!

  35. 135 Buki

    Sorry Me too flower fans, their kiss might be longest, but can’t beat Flower boy ramyun kiss in intensity, Il Woo is hell of a kisser! – and that was even one side kissing, just wait for a mutual kiss!

  36. 136 hi

    where is ME TOO FLOWER in ur list?

  37. 137 jade

    Javabeans, those taglines are hilarious! =))))))

  38. 138 evebay

    More difficult than I’d thought. Breakout – I’d have gone for Wang Ji-Hye in Protect the Boss and completely redefining 2nd female lead – people often seem to want the best for the male 2nd lead, but for once the female 2nd lead really was the standout. And Park Yeong-Gyu (Daddy Cha) for favourite character.

    Most of my votes from the choices probably went to Best Love/Protect the Boss. I might have considered Flower Boy Ramen Shop but since it reminds me so often of bits of Best Love/Protect the Boss it was best to stick to the originals.

    More acting choices from Tree would have been helpful choicewise, but there are a lot of good performances in the options. Of that really long list of Kdramas this year (which was tremendously useful as an aide memoire) I’d probably only have added the really excellent White Christmas.

    The worst – multiple choices for most disliked dramas would have been great! 🙂 Then I wouldn’t have had to choose between 1000 Day Promise/Lie to Me/Can You Hear My Heart/49 Days/Heartstrings.

    Just started watching K-Drama this year and seem to have spent most of this year doing so. A big thank you for this site – it’s been a fantastic guide for my initial choices and the writing is wonderful.

  39. 139 Alice20

    This is my first year voting, and it’ll be the first year that I’ve watched enough dramas to actually read through all the reviews. Thank you, Dramabeans, for being a wonderful website where we can discuss our dramas (even our crack dramas) intelligently and at length. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but this has become my favorite website on the internet, and I find myself checking it daily for new recaps and posts. Thank you guys for the wonderful environment you have created and maintained here. Looking forward to another year of goodness to come. 😀

  40. 140 zoey0881

    perhaps my top 3 are:
    49 Days
    City Hunter
    Vampire Prosecutor (I just hope the ending is kickass as the rest of the episodes so far)


  41. 141 kimbaba

    OMG, what happened to the bromance from “Can You Hear My Heart?”

  42. 142 jujuu

    Where’s the kiss for Me Too, Flower??

    My favourite dramas for 2011 are The Princess’ Man, City Hunter and 49 days (and possibly Deep-rooted Tree. Can’t judge now since it’s not over yet)

    Unlike everyone else I find FBRS overrated

  43. 143 pistachione

    I’m sorry but I really hate City Hunter. hmp! And the worst thing it’s almost always leading in the surveys above.
    I’m doting for Best Love, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Scent of a Woman. I hope they’ll garner more recognitions here and in real awards. weee…

    • 143.1 otchosais

      why do you said so? CH rocks though for majority..
      Try to give its plot a chance.. 🙂

      • 143.1.1 pistachione

        I only watched it until ep. forgotten..hehe..because fell asleep. I think I was just halfway of the entire drama.
        I mean I really like LMH, but I guess, action is not just my forte.

        • wanne

          yeah, different people different taste.

          me on the other hand stop watching Best Love and Flower Boy Ramyun because i couldnt stand overacting/exaggerated expression.

          • pistachione

            yeah! that’s exactly how I reacted too! exaggerated!
            I’m so worn out from a very stressful environment at work that I wanted to watch a drama where I don’t need to use my brain cells and all I need to do is laugh and giggle. hehe..

            But I always respect each person’s individuality and preference. So go for it!

          • otchosais

            but some scenes in Best love is exaggerated too 🙂

            since it is needed in comedic scenes i guess..

            feel free to TRY again CH..
            its not the usual action only drama..

            I am not loving action dramas too, but I gave CH a try
            and I am happy I did it.. 🙂

  44. 144 aardvarksmile

    I would like to give an award to I Need Romance for the best soundtrack. The latino pieces by Pink Martini and some 90’s stuff (2-1 by Elastica) made my summer. I loved that the same songs applied in different moments were a witty comment to characters’ actions. And it was something else than cute pieces by idols or whiny ballads that are all so difficult to tell apart.

    It was definitely OST of the year for me.

  45. 145 Naghme

    Answering to above questions was so difficult because I wanted to choose more than one option in some questions…….

  46. 146 oftheshore

    Protect the Boss for best bromance, please! It was just so incredibly fun to watch:)

  47. 147 jazz

    it was difficult for me to vote.. i love most the dramas~!

  48. 148 Ljce

    LOL @ CITY HUNTER: So hot they had to do it again in real life

  49. 149 Artemis

    Me too, Flower is missing in so many of the categories. Buhuuuu! Yoon Shi Yoon is awesome in that drama!

    Best kiss of the year, hands down!!!!

  50. 150 Yu-ree

    GO 49 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO YI KYUNG & YI SOOO 😀

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