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2011 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the past year
by | December 7, 2011 | 455 Comments

It’s that time of year again: Polls, polls, polls!

To keep up the Dramabeans year-end tradition, here we are with the Best, the Funniest, the Crackiest, and yes, also the Underwhelmingest dramas of the year. (To see how past years shook out, take a look at the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, and 2010 Polls. Yes, I skipped 2008, which was a decidedly unpopular decision, so who am I to mess with tradition?)

As in years past, this also kicks off our annual Year End Review Extravaganza. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our wrap-up reviews summing up 2011’s offerings, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Past years can be found with this handy-dandy Year In Review tag.

But for now, it’s time for YOU to cast your votes and tell us what rocked your socks, buttered your toast, and tickled your fancy this year.



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.



















































455 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 151 x0mi07

    Woot!^^ It’s that time of the year again!^^ Heehee!^^ Thanks so much JB and GF for all the awesome writing and podcasts throughout the entire 2011. You guys rock and my days won’t be complete without you.

    Voting was hard but really enjoyable, except for a few categories (which I skipped out):
    1.) Best Bromance – Can You Hear My Heart’s Bong Maru (Jang Junha) and Cha Dong Joo own this category. Their bromance wasn’t just implied. They were for real. They slept together, drank together, fought, made up, and didn’t let parentage or girl problems get in the way of their bromance. Every character in the drama knows that the person Cha Dong Joo likes the most is Bong Maru. He even said he was the middle point of their love triangle.=3 Who else can top that?!
    2) Best Piggyback – None of the other options actually did it for me this year; maybe Maru and Woori (CYHMH) when Woori was passed out? Most heartbreaking piggyback ever. TT_____TT
    3) Most Disappointing Drama – Man of Honor. You keep waiting and waiting for it to get better but nothing’s happening.=(
    4) Underrated Drama – Can You Hear My Heart. When the bromance of all bromances isn’t even mentioned and the lead characters names aren’t noted in the lead pairing category, you know this drama flew WAY under the radar.

    Yeah. I didn’t even want to watch CYHMH and I’m now currently engrossed in TWDR, MOH, ATDP, and FBRS. But still, this drama shouldn’t be left in the dust. Hopefully, it’ll get its merits in the year end reviews. Can’t wait for that.

    In the end though, FBRS and Princess Man hwaiting!^^ oh and Shitty Hunter too!^^ As much as I loved it, it was still kinda really flawed!^^

    • 151.1 Eeefu

      You have done justice to this pair of Bromance – I agree with you!

      Thinking about it, perhaps Maru is my best loved character. When he started turning his back against Dong Joo and asked the nastiest question – my heart really bled – for him (Maru). Perhaps that’s my love for the prodigal son. Nam Goong Min did an amazing job here. I cried so much for him.

      • 151.1.1 Mystisith

        Amen to that. CYHMH is the only long drama ( more than 16 eps ) i watched this year. An i liked it till the last drop. When shorter ones supposed fantastic just left me freezing in winter on the side of the road. With no love motel on sight to share a one room, one bed with a cute guy.

  2. 152 Christie

    I feel like I was so City Hunter bias. I consider it the best drama overall this year, hands down πŸ™‚

    • 152.1 wanne

      Me too! after all the dramas that have passed, this one still remains deep in my heart and fresh in my memory.

      Oh, City Hunter!

      • 152.1.1 otchosais

        same here! πŸ™‚

  3. 153 Ace

    Best in 2011: City Hunter (and Best Ever on my list – sorry Hong Sisters!)

    Runner-ups: Best Love, Dream High, Protect the Boss, Vampire Prosecutor, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    Haven’t gotten around to watching any sageuks yet, hopefully before the year ends…

    Worst: Lie To Me

    Runner-up: Paradise Ranch, Manny, Romance Town

    • 153.1 Ace

      Best Score: City Hunter (City Hunter! Sad Run! Nice Play!)
      Best OST (I liked all the songs in the OST): Dream High, Myung-wol the Spy

  4. 154 Venus

    YEAHHHH!!! My Vote is in! Thanks JB and FG for this awesome survey.. πŸ˜€

    My personal top dramas are:

    1. City Hunter
    2. FBRS
    3. Best of Love
    4. 49 Days
    5. Protect the Boss

    Looking forward to read “Year in Review” post.

    • 154.1 olsen

      hey there,

      I missed you πŸ™‚

      • 154.1.1 Maymay

        Miss you guys!
        So happy I could vote for City Hunter. πŸ™‚
        Still miss this show very much.
        Really wish there will be another season.

    • 154.2 otchosais

      we have the same votes! πŸ™‚
      except for best love and 49 days… πŸ™‚
      3rd is 49 days and 4th is Best love for me πŸ™‚

  5. 155 okitat

    Just wanna say thanks JB & GF for an awesome year! I stumbled across this website only earlier this year and has been hooked ever since! I probably check your site more than facebook ^ o ^

    The polls are so much fun. My personal favs are: Best Love, Flower Boy Ramyun, The Princess Man…. and yes I will say it, Lie to Me! hahah (only becoz YEH & KJH sizzles like 2 extremely hot pieces of yummy meat on a thousand degree hot plate sprayed with cola all over! OMO)

    Looking forward to 2012! Happy Holidays everyone ^ __ ^

  6. 156 pify


  7. 157 Shoeshe

    For me the best kdrama 2011 is the princess man.everything is so wonderful from the story line the ending,the chemistry,ost,the cast,the kiss scene,crying scene,and the beautiful smile from two main lead seungyu and seryung oh my god until now I cant forget it.and right now tpm is in 2nd place behind secret garden in the best kdrama 2011 voting. Tpm fighting…….

    • 157.1 noi

      ditto. i never really into sageuk before, but TPM is an instant favorite for me. love love love this drama! TPM fighting!

  8. 158 hajar



    you ..





    Should get an award ..

    the drama is DEBAK !


    • 158.1 buki

      kudos to that! I just freaking love the show πŸ™‚ witty fluffy sexy πŸ˜€

  9. 159 Z

    Wow, I’m sitting here wondering what people are thinking. Most of my votes are WAY off the radar. I guess that comes from me staying away from Melos, Seaguks, and Thrillers. I’m pretty much a strictly rom-com girl.

    And still not a lot of love for Protect the Boss. Startling. Still hands down my favorite of the year despite it going down hill a bit toward the end… don’t they all.

    I would have loved to see “Best/Worst Male/Female Second Lead” categories because I think there were some really awesome/hateful ones this year. I would have loved to see some love for NaYoon of Protect the Boss (especially after all the hate she got for her InHeeBot portrayal) and the Professor from My Princess (hello, hot Korean Indiana Jones!) among others.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the reviews. Please show some love to PTB!

  10. 160 trucalling

    it was hard to choose but I did it lol
    For me the best kiss was ramyun shop though I agree that the me too flower one was pretty hot too but i prefer the ramyun shop one keke

  11. 161 vania

    i was disappoint with Poseidon (is they want to put romance in the drama, why just in the last eps),

    – YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME, i just stop see the drama, the other characters of the drama were more fun and interesting than the main characters.

    I din’t like city hunter…

    and Dream High shouldn’t be on the list of best kiss…

    I saw many dramas this year….

    Me too Flower a good drama..i really like! should be in the best kisses

    • 161.1 hmi4

      Dream High’s kiss lacked in execution (since Suzy is so young) but it was perfectly sweet and sufficient for its purpose. Not the hottest kiss per se, but still the best context-wise.
      They had a similar scene at the beginning, but the roles were reversed, and the kiss was only a “dream.” At the end the roles got flipped and the “dream” is now realized… plus they played cheeky with us by inserting a kiss from the past to seal an open-ended ending to the romance. I thought it was daebak πŸ˜€

    • 161.2 Mystisith

      The only romantic scene for me in Poseidon is when they were boxing on the ring to help her find her spirits. In fact the romance was quite subliminal.

  12. 162 Carinne

    This was fun even though half of the list I didn’t have time to watch.

  13. 163 soiia

    I love this period of the year when dramabeans has the voting page XD ! It’s so much fun (not to say detailed).
    I tried not to include Ramyun Shop since it’s relatively new and most people are still hyping over it.

    The most wasted actors was really hard -_-

  14. 164 lovedramas

    I really have no idea what my favorite drama of the year was – nothing was super incredible for me. I loved various ones at the various times they aired for different reasons. I think catching up on the 2010 and earlier dramas that I didn’t have time to watch – kinda killed my excitement for this year’s dramas.

    I enjoy (in no particular order):
    1) Lie to Me
    2) The Princess Man
    3) My Princess
    4) 49 Days
    5) Protect the Boss
    6) FBRS

    I have been really into catching up on sagueks after I caught up on some wu xia & chinese period dramas. Mostly pre-2011, the only one that was 2011 was TPM.

  15. 165 Lizzie

    Hello everyone! I don’t wanna sound bitter, but for your who think City Hunter is the best drama, best couple, best action drama and etc of the year, did you the others dramas too or just watched City Hunter and FBRS? Did you watched tree with deep roots? That is a awesome action drama…

    Did you watch others drama that are there? Like Princess’ man? The two OTP from PM beats City Hunter’s OTP…

    I sometimes find unfair when you watch only City hunter and don’t give a try in the others dramas and say City Hunter is amazing… without knowing or watching the others dramas….

    I wonder, would you love City hunter so much if the lead wasn’t the hot Lee Min Ho? If it was a sexy ahjusshi would you cared about it? Would you watch it? I don’t think so… the same for FBRS.

    The true is all about the eye candy, if didn’t had the eye candy you wouldn’t think the drama was that amazing, because look, Tree with deep roots is awesome but almost everyone were don’t care, okay maybe because it is a historical drama, but look for example best love – because the lead isn’t a hot and cute guy but a sexy ahjusshi you aren’t all crazy voting for it like YAB had that year or My girlfriend is a gumiho…..

    It’s sad… πŸ™

    • 165.1 Lizzie

      *but almost everyone *here don’t care

    • 165.2 Maymay

      I understand your frustration but I think it is a little unfair to some of the voters. If you think most of us vote for our favorite drama just because the lead is good-looking, then you are wrong. We vote because we like the characters also. Besides, Park Shi-Hoo is consider good-looking by many people too. Should we all vote for him just because he is?

      By the way, even though it is not done yet, I think Tree of Deep Root is better than Princess Man. I did vote for it. If only Song Joong-Ki were in the drama longer, he would have beaten out Park Shi-Hoo in my opinion.

      This voting thing is up to everyone opinion, so it is up to them who they want to vote for.

      • 165.2.1 Lizzie

        Hi there I agree Tree with deep roots is better than Princess’ man, but what I talked about princess man was the OTPs… even though tree with deep roots is awesome, the OTP between Dolbok and Dam isn’t that WOAH. There isn’t much chemistry. I prefer the OTPs from princess’ man.

        And about liking the character and not only because the guy is hot… not always. If it wasn’t lee min Ho but a sexy ahjusshi would CH have so many fans? Would it?

        And… why are you talking about who is better between Joong-ki and Park Shi-hoo ?

        Also, Tree with deep roots and Princess man can be historical, but they are focused in different plots.

        PM was about the romance between the OTP.

        TDR is more about the political and power plot… I love the older king from TDR… love more than the young King. πŸ˜€

        And It was just my opinion, I get frustrated when a drama get too praised when it isn’t that amazing.

        I watched City Hunter, it was a okay drama. Okay acting.
        Lee Minho never blow my mind… The evil daddy and cute ahjusshi did. The rest of the cast did good.

        • otchosais

          you see my side?,, someone already answered you,,

          many here have watched dramas, maybe MORE than what you have watched or many of what I have watched…

          but still, they’d voted CH since they can feel its great…
          don’t be offended since I am not looking for a fight..

          but as much as you love tree with deep roots, CH is like that for us.. πŸ™‚

          maybe we have different cup of coffee so our drama opinion
          about CH or any dramas were different.. πŸ™‚

  16. 166 Shoeshe

    I think my favorite lead couple goes to moon chaewon and park sihoo.their chemistry is sooooo amazing.the way their look at each other eyes just make my heart jumping and every momment they holding hands make me dying.in the kissing scene im droooooling hard just like waterfall hahaha…… Wow…how sweet

  17. 167 roombagaroomba


    • 167.1 hmi4

      the category isn’t called best drama, it’s called favorite drama… so it’s what we liked subjectively.

  18. 168 Besra

    My favorite series City Hunter Couple Yoon Sung Kim NaNA


    BEST KISS City Hunter

  19. 169 Stephanie

    OMGGG I can’t believe it’s the end of year reviews already! Last year I couldn’t wait for reviews to come because, I couldn’t wait for the year to end. Had pretty much nothing to do. This year, I had more to do, time flew past me and even though I didn’t watch much drama this year, I voted. Haha heard enough to make a good decision, I guess… Although the underrated ones will always be underrated…

  20. 170 Iviih

    Who was your favorite drama character?

    My picks:

    -Dong Joo (Can you hear My heart?), caring, sweet, don’t want to see anyone hurt and is understanding.

    – Bong Young Kyu (Can you hear my heart?)- Best father of 2011, beautiful heart, gentle, sweet and his love for his son had no bounds.

    – Se Ryung (the princess’ man): she fought for what she believed, she fought for her morals and love, is bold, is faithful … for me the best female lead of 2011.

    -Jong (Princess’ man): best husband ever ! Sweet, caring, reliable, faithful… who couldn’t love Jong?

    -Lee Do (Tree with deep roots): what a amazing king! So smart! So understanding! So strong yet vulnerable, loves his people πŸ™‚

    That is it. My fav characters.

    Since had none of them in the poll, I voted for cute and innocent Song Sam-dong.

  21. 171 shoeshe

    I think my favorite lead couple goes to moon chaewon and park sihoo.their chemistry is sooooo amazing, the way they look at each other eyes just make my heart jumping.and every momment they holding hands make me dying in the kissing scene im droooooling hard just like waterfall hahaha…wow how sweet and delicious his lips is.such a good kisser.first step soft kiss for the head, her eyes, her cheeck and finally her beautiful lips three times in same episode.the most touching scene is the momment his kissing of her arrow wound on her bare back and his lips touching her bare scene was sooooo hoooooooot.its about for hundred times I watching another kiss scenes from the movie or drama.but the feeling I get from tpm is sooooo different maybe because of the hard times i had for watching their sad love story.im crying so hard until my eyes out but the ending makes me happy.tpm is just a sageuk drama but the story line and the romance is better more than thos modern drama these day how do you think ….are you agree with me.

  22. 172 jubilantia

    Ohhhhhh man! How could I possibly pick a favorite character or romantic couple? I sucked it up and did it anyway, but ~*O THE ANGST*~

  23. 173 shoeshe

    I think my favorite lead couple goes to moon chaewon and park sihoo.their chemistry is sooooo amazing, the way they look at each other eyes just make my heart jumping.and every momment they holding hands make me dying in the kissing scene im droooooling hard just like waterfall hahaha…wow how sweet and dellicious his lips is.such a good kisser.first step soft kiss for the head, her eyes, her cheeck and finally her beautiful lips three times in same episode.the most touching scene is the momment his kissing of her arrow wound on her bare back and his lips touching her bare skin was sooooo hoooooooot.its about for hundred time I watching another kiss scenes from the movie or drama.but the feeling I get from tpm is sooooo different maybe because of the hard times i had for watching their sad love story.im crying so hard until my eyes out but the ending makes me happy.tpm is just a sageuk drama but the story line and the romance is better more than thos modern drama these day how do you think ….are you agree with me.

  24. 174 matinsoleil

    Thanks again JB & GF, you just did, this year again, an awsome job with this stite!!
    I know one thing for sure after this survey: I have to watch Flower Boy asap!!! ^_^

    • 174.1 noi

      I haven’t watched it too T.T And it’s on my TOP have-to-watch list!

  25. 175 miaka0210

    City Hunter all the way!!!!

    • 175.1 DKM

      City Hunter all the way for me too!
      I’m biased, so sue me.

  26. 176 noi

    Some of my pick…

    – Best Kiss: The Princess’ Man *WIPE THE DUST YO!*
    – Best Cameo: Kang Chul Shim Jang, anyone?
    – Best Use of Idol Star: UEE in Ojakkyo Brothers
    – Mane of Glory: Kim Seung Yoo!!!!!!! But wait, I vote for Song Sam Dong, kke

    Looking forward for your end year’s review! ^^

  27. 177 thejawavillager

    IT….>WAS……SO…..DAMN…..HARD…..TO VOTE!!!!

  28. 178 shoeshe

    after I done watching tpm I dont really interesting with another drama, until now I still keep tpm in my mind and I m watching it again and again so many times. but my tear cant stop falling uh….whats wrong with me, but in tpm the story its not just about love, but is complite inside u can find about shin myun who betrayed his best friends seungyoo and jong because of the women his love, about suyang who hungry with the throne to became a king, a realitionship between father and daughter, politics, revenge, karma and sooooo many more.so tpm is the best drama in 2011 and soon tpm will be airing in 10 country in asia so I wish they like it and become tpm lovers just like me and im sure that’s will come true because tpm is daebak.

  29. 179 kayl

    There wasn’t enough jason/pilsook (iu/wooyoung) stuff

    • 179.1 Z

      Agreed… I wanted to vote for them both in “Best Use of an Idol Star” they were all right separately but they were adorable as a pair.

  30. 180 21

    2011 was a good year and you guys made it even better by providing all the recaps and the latest gossips/news!! Looking forward to 2012!!!

  31. 181 white_earth

    can’t believe Nana was nominated for Best Character but not Yeon Jae!!!!Her character in Scent of a Woman was inspiring!

  32. 182 Taber

    Me, too flower without a doubt not only is it the best kiss of 2011 it the best kiss of all time! “If you don’t know you better asks somebody”

    As for villian I didn’t see my crazy baby from WARRIOR BAEK DONG-SOO-Chun and that A** from Man of Honor……..

    Next time add best cry, I think the girl in A thousands kisses has the most painful cry, iit like you are hearing all her pain.

  33. 183 Abbie

    Well that was fun!

  34. 184 glace

    Wait a minute…Sign an overrated drama? I hardly heard anything about it. It was amazing!


    THE MUSICAL, the most disappointing one?!?!? Who wrote this?!? who decided for it?!?!? YOU JAVABEANS AND YOU!!!!!!!!!! try not to post this comment, and I will curse you!

    THE MUSICAL is the most EXCELLENT DRAMA I have ever watched!..

    Your blog only gets visitor every time there is an article about GOO HYE SUN!

  36. 186 shoeshe

    I think for crying scene the winner is Moon Chaewon of course, every times shes crying in tpm I cant hold my tears and just following her sadness wow Such a greates acting from her in melodrama and i cant forget the best of her crying scene in brilliant legacy/si in the rooftop, shes beg her evil mom not to jump and commite suicide leave her alone in this world after she lost hwan.I know that’s her character in bl is evil but I cant stop my self to loving her and now she is my favorite actress and im so happy that’s her popularity in korea is not joke after her movie and drama tpm making a big sucsess in her carrier and bring her as top actress this year and received so many award.moonie….fighting

  37. 187 Yanna :)

    Hello everyone! Hmm, I have an observation. Everytime javebeans posts an article like this, it’s very unfair. I think this voting poll is nonsense. WHY? It’s because the dramas and the actors are just sooo great and javabeans includes it on the ‘not-so-good category’. In my own opinion, there’s favoritism that is happening here. I’m sorry, but I just can’t take it. I can’t tolerate this unfair thingy here. I hope this will not happen again.

  38. 188 noodles143

    yay! had my count!!! can i do more than once a day??

  39. 189 Tha

    That was fun but Im obviously not with the popular crowd. TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS by far is the best drama this year! I’ve enjoyed many this year But TWDR just is so so good. JANG HYUK should consider that role he dropped earlier. I would like to see how he would portray that one…

  40. 190 Steamy Bun

    LOL, I should have voted for “Kim Bum: fairy princess mane of glory”. I love that you call it that, because it totally is!!

    This makes me realize how out of touch I’ve been with dramas this year. Of all the shows listed I’ve watched only one in its entirety, and parts of maybe two others. So sad!! I couldn’t even vote!
    I’ve got to see Best Love, City Hunter and The Princess’s Man if nothing else. And what’s this about Kim Tae Hee in My Princess loving porn?! O_o

  41. 191 Songie

    Mmm, Park Si Hoo mane of glory yum~! “The Princess’ Man” did it all for me this year. ;D Can’t wait for the year-end reviews!

  42. 192 Rovi

    my choices (just because I’m weird):

    fave drama:
    -chose: Dream High, Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop, & Princess’s Man
    -alternatives (since I have a loose set of rules when it comes to faving): Best Love, Scent of a Woman, 49 Days, Tree With Deep Roots, Royal Family, & Lie To Me

    fave comedy:
    -chose: Dream High (‘coz I got addicted with the associated crack)
    -alternatives: Best Love, My Princess, Lie To Me, & Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop

    fave sageuk
    -chose: Princess’s Man (nothing beats Romeo & Juliet, even if very over-used)
    -alternative: Tree With Deep Roots

    fave action/thriller:
    -chose: Poseidon (because of Choi Siwon. Siwon Siwon Siwon. ‘Nuff said)
    -alternative: none, because I hate gun-slinging and chase scenes.

    fave melo:
    -chose: 49 Days
    -alternative: Scent of a Woman

    fave family series: none

    fave lead couple: still no choice hard one to take…
    -chose: Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop
    -alternatives: Princess’s Man, 49 Days (both live and dead), Best Love, My Princess, Dream High, Scent of a Woman, Me Too FLower, & Lie To Me

    fave alternate pairing:
    -chose: Best Love (‘coz we all love our Mister Perfect Yoon Pil-joo)
    -alternatives: Scent of a woman (both Poopy-seok), Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop, & Spy Myung-wol

    best kiss:
    -chose: Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop (just because I read the recap yesterday)
    -alternatives: Scent of a Woman, Princess’s Man, Dream High (same lady, different boys and settings), Best Love, & Lie To Me

    fave noona romance:
    -chose: Me Too Flower
    -alternative: Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop

    best oppa:
    -chose: Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop (Ba-wool and his neglected-Teddy-girlfriend)
    -alternative: none, but I’ll consider Man of Honor just because it’s Cheon Jeong-myeong

    fave character:
    -chose: Song Sam-dong (applicable in real life, hehehe)
    -alternatives: Scheduler, Kim Seung-yoo, Chi-soo (of the many surnames), Kang-hyeok (of JB’s many monickers), Dokko Jin, Dr. Chae “Poopy” Eun-seok, Ba-wool (and his adorable Teddy girlfriend), & maybe Lee Sang-woo (‘coz he’s my mother’s favorite)

    fave villain:
    -chose: Suyang Daegun Sejo (and don’t forget his Han Myeong-hwoe)
    -alternatives: Kang Min-ho (which I don’t know if I’ll even consider him, just because it’s Bae Soo-bin the Korean “James Marsden”), Park Ye-jin, & So-ran

    fave bromance:
    -chose: Ba-wool & Hyeon-woo: Crazy Chicken & Mother Hen (since I love them now; the unfinished scarf scene was daebak)
    -alternatives: Dream High (both Sam-dong=Jin-gook & Yang Jin-man=Kang ssaem) & Poseidon (because I weirdly ship Choi Siwon & Jung Yunho, I dunno)

    best posse:
    -chose: Dream High
    -alternative: Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop.

    most noteworthy debut:
    -chose: JYP
    -alternative: Nam Gyu-ri & Kim Jaejoong (although I haven’t watched him)

    best cameo:
    -chose: Lee Seung-gi
    -alternatives: Hwang Chansung & Nichkhun Horvejkul

    best piggyback:
    -chose: Lie To Me
    -alternative: actually…none

    funniest noraebang:
    -chose: Dream High (since I’m a Milky Couple shipper, and their “Heartbeat”‘s funny; beat that, Coffee House~!!!)
    -alternative: Best Love (though I didn’t like Cha Seung-won’s take on “Heartbreaker”)

    most disappointing drama:
    -chose: Spy Myung-wol (but actually, because of the bit in the last episode)
    -alternatives: Scent of a Woman, You’ve Fallen For Me, Romance Town, & considering Lie To Me (since JB decided on an open thread instead of the usual recap) & Paradise Ranch (just because it has Shim Changmin with his “bitch face” (accdg. to my online soulmate))

    most overrated drama: none…because I can’t think of any…

    most underrated drama:
    -chose: Me Too Flower
    -alternatives: Birdie Buddie (but I think it’s just because of UEE), You’ve Fallen For Me, & Can’t Lose (because I think I lost the hang of it past episode, um, 5, I think???)

    most wasted talent:
    -chose: Eric Moon
    -alternative: Choi Siwon

    best use of idol star:
    -chose: Jang Wooyoung (for me, his debut was the best)
    -alternatives: Bae Suzy (not bad for her debut also), IU (just because I’m a Milky Couple shipper), & Kim Jaejoong (even though I haven’t watched the drama)

    worst use of idol star:
    -chose: Lee Kikwang (too few scenes of him, and always the same noona-chasing character)
    -alternatives: Choi Siwon, Jung Yunho, & UEE

    glorious mane of glory:
    -chose: Kim Soo-hyun
    -alternative: Park Shi-hoo (Kim Bum didn’t even make it, because I don’t like his new look)

  43. 193 amelia

    so hard to choose the bromance! love them all! πŸ™‚ that shld b the daesung award. ha.

  44. 194 angelica borja

    This poll is just so biased..you know what javabean/dramabean eversince we know you don’t like GHS but at least you should be matured enough when putting up this poll..if you don’t like THE MUSICAL then don’t just put it in any category ..why put it under the most disappointing when i guessed you haven’t even watch it or read the recaps which have good reviews on it..if you had placed it under the most disappointing and under the most underrated you could have also put it under your most favorite drama..or your favorite lead couple or your favorite alternate couple..because this would be the opinion of their fans..why? were you worried that if you included THE MUSICAL under this category it will win over your so called favorite dramas..well im sorry i forgot this is your blog and i forgot you know in your heart that if only GHS doesn’t have that many fan that come and read here you won’t even mention her name it is just unlucky for your she is just so popular..And THANK YOU for giving me the chance to post in here..

  45. 195 js

    funniest nrb scene was legit the hardest one for me to choose! i love cha seung won as g-dgragon and yoon kye sang reliving his g.o.d days ahhh. best category if you ask me. hahaa

  46. 196 conan

    Ooh too bad I didn’t watch a lot of dramas this year. For some reason my attention span is amazingly bad these past few months so if a storyline was even a tiny bit slow, I would peace out. Bad for me. But hopefully, a quick, fun drama will roll in and I will be there. Until then, movies and sitcoms it is!

  47. 197 rooroo8888

    What was your favorite drama of 2011? (Choose up to 3.)


  48. 198 rooroo8888

    Who was your favorite lead couple?

    –> YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME/HEARTSTRINGS Dooley Couple (Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa), where did it go?

    I so love Heartstrings! >,< Too bad it's not in the poll

  49. 199 xiadfreaky

    Best Love was my bias! <3 I can't explain why but I itch to watch at least one episode over and time again. Crazy, I know! xd
    Dokgo Jin's noraebang scene – hands down the ultimate winner.
    There were also some good dramas ( at least those that i've already watched) like Scent of a Woman, City Hunter, 49 days and The Princess' Man. But I've got to say, this year Best Love had me on LDS as in Last Drama Syndrome. yay!!!
    Anyway, thank you jb and gf for your hardwork. It had been a great year…looking forward to your year end reviews~ Fighting! :DDD

  50. 200 shoeshe

    My favorite kdrama 2011 is
    1.The princess man
    2.The princess man
    3.The princess man
    My favorite leading couple is
    1.moon chaewon park sihoo
    2.lee seryung kim seung yoo
    3.kim jigkang agasshi
    The best kissing scene

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