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2011 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the past year
by | December 7, 2011 | 455 Comments

It’s that time of year again: Polls, polls, polls!

To keep up the Dramabeans year-end tradition, here we are with the Best, the Funniest, the Crackiest, and yes, also the Underwhelmingest dramas of the year. (To see how past years shook out, take a look at the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, and 2010 Polls. Yes, I skipped 2008, which was a decidedly unpopular decision, so who am I to mess with tradition?)

As in years past, this also kicks off our annual Year End Review Extravaganza. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our wrap-up reviews summing up 2011’s offerings, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Past years can be found with this handy-dandy Year In Review tag.

But for now, it’s time for YOU to cast your votes and tell us what rocked your socks, buttered your toast, and tickled your fancy this year.



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.



















































455 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 201 shoeshe

    My favorite kdrama 2011 is
    1.The princess man
    2.The princess man
    3.The princess man
    My favorite leading couple is
    1.moon chaewon park sihoo
    2.lee seryung kim seung yoo
    3.kim jigkang agasshi
    The best kissing scene
    3.jong princess kyunghe
    The best villiant
    King sejo (suyang daegun)and shin myun.

  2. 202 chel

    for all the tears that i have cried, i say 49 days is the best and JIW for me is a great actor

  3. 203 N.C

    I know it’s far from a hit and the stupid suspension almost killed the interest for the drama but I really wish that “The Musical” has a spot in your “The favorite drama of the year” category. Its gorgous plot and acting deserve that.

    Looking forward to your year end review.

  4. 204 Jaykah

    That was very hard but also very fun πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for all the awesome recaps this year! I’m looking forward to the reviews. I love this site!

  5. 205 fan

    Some categories did not include my choice:

    Who was your favorite drama character?
    SeRyung from TPM

    Garion from TWDR – too awesome

    Maru and Dong Joo from CYHMH.

    • 205.1 canxi

      Agree with you with the Bromance category!
      I thought that would be the first choice no lie.

      Nothing says brotherly love like saving you from a burning building, telling your girlfriend that you still like her a little less than your non-blood bro, and sharing a bed, LOL.

  6. 206 dapinaymrs

    I think City Hunter was overrated. The ending wasn’t as fabulous and the whole ‘keep-my-identity-a-secret-to-protect-my-loved-ones’ had some loopholes.

    But everybody seemed to be too blinded by eye-candy.

    Which I hope is not the same with FBRS, as I haven’t watched it yet.

    Oh, it’s the year-end awards already and I still have a lot of catching up to do!

    • 206.1 bd

      “But everybody seemed to be too blinded by eye-candy.”

      – Can’t say that enough.

      “Lie to Me” running neck and neck w/ “Tree With Deep Roots”? Oh, the INSANITY!

      (And I really like YEH, but nothing could have saved that dreck.)

      Another eye-opener – Nam Gyuri nipping at Han Groo’s heels for most noteworthy breakout performance.

      Either NG’s acting has really improved or people are just blinded by the pretty.

      But interesting enough, “My Princess” hasn’t gotten as much love despite the “eye candy.”

      While MP had its flaws, the relationship btwn the 2 leads was well done – developing naturally over time and having the right mix of emotion and humor.

      • 206.1.1 Celest

        I agree with you. I thought City Hunter was good but not great. While I did like the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, for some reason my favorite couple is still Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon’s characters in My Princess. That “Can you not be a princess but be my woman instead” line GETS. ME. EVERYTIME. And City Hunter beating Girl K in the action category? Whaaa?

        β€œLie to Me” running neck and neck w/ β€œTree With Deep Roots”? Oh, the INSANITY!

        ^^^ AGREED. Haven’t seen TWDR yet but I’ve heard so many good things about it.

        I actually ended up voting Nam Gyuri instead of Han Groo for breakout star just because Girl K only had like 3 episodes whereas Nam Gyuri was consistently knocking her role out of the park as Shin Ji Hyun.

    • 206.2 Marie

      Me too. I totally did not get the hype. Couldn’t get past the 4th episode.

  7. 207 Elizabeth

    even though I didnt watch Scent of a woman, when I saw eau de tears, I cant help but burst out laughing.

  8. 208 MARTIAN

    Ojagyo brothers for all catagories :3 seriously… THEY KISSED. TWICE. TWICE BITCHES LOOOOOOOOOOOOL :3 JOOWON AND UEE <3

  9. 209 diamonds

    i had so much fun while voting ! Thanks JB πŸ™‚

    my so-much-beloved CH,
    my dear-love 49 days,
    and my silly-funny FBRS

    those three always be my TOP 2011 dramas

  10. 210 lovecityhall

    I like scent of a woman! I think Kim sun Ah and Lee dong wook acted very well.

  11. 211 Little Lulu

    That was one tough voting.

  12. 212 ...

    lol omg the amount of people taking this voting seriously, i can’t.

  13. 213 Jo sno

    Okay, I totally want to change my vote for best kiss! I voted before I saw this weeks Flower Boy Ramyen Shop and that kimchi kiss was hot!

  14. 214 Cory

    Is it bad that the hardest choice for me was between Kim Soo-hyun and Park Shi-hoo for “Best Mane of Glory”. Because that was the most important vote I was going to cast all day.

    No lie.

  15. 215 adri

    very hard!!! 49 days, can you hear my heart and the princess man are my favorites dramas of the year

  16. 216 lilibaiyu

    Oh, come ON, people!! Ji Chang Wook’s hair was freakin’ HOT in Baek Dong Soo!! It’s ever-changing waviness kept me enthralled for 24 episodes! Surrender to the overwhelming majesty of it and vote for Chang Wook’s Mane of Glory!

  17. 217 emily

    i wish you could have added me too, flower in the best drama poll AND the best kiss poll…. it’s really underrated. only if people would actually give it a chance.

  18. 218 diagonalley

    sorry, but Tree With Deep Roots is being seriously underrated by this poll. of course, this is not that kind of trendy drama with best kiss, toilet scenes, piggy back ride etc.
    but i guess leaving out Tree for Best thriller, drama character, villain and of course, underrated drama is such a shame.

    Tree is such a gem to leave out, seriously.

  19. 219 feydo

    voted for Scent of a Woman all the way, you do not know what you missing, people!!!

  20. 220 canxi

    Awww kinda wish the Can You Hear My Heart: Bong-Maru+Dong Joo bromance was in the bromance category. They were my favorite, lol.

  21. 221 shian

    waaah! assa!~
    πŸ˜€ fighting fighting! <3

  22. 222 shian

    chisoo’s kiss is hot. πŸ™‚ promise. hahah

  23. 223 shian

    chisoo’s kiss was hot. πŸ™‚ promise. hahah

  24. 224 ThisSecretDreamer

    Oh how i love dramabeans πŸ™‚

  25. 225 ???

    My princess wasn’t even about porn. :'(

  26. 226 heyyys

    Why does it have to say “Porn loving Princess?”

  27. 227 jastinel

    My Favorite drama:
    Scent of a woman
    Best couple :
    KSA and LDW
    Best Female lead star:
    Kim Sun Ah

  28. 228 noi

    Idk where to post it, but I’ve seen this TWDR vs TPM everywhere and I wonder if you (or the readers) here can give a brief assessment about both series? I know there’re lots of sageuk this year but TWDR is like a “prequel” of TPM and it aired after TPM finished its run… so comparison for both series it’s unavoidable. ^^”

    • 228.1 evebay

      I hope it’s OK to extend the discussion here?

      But I see very little similarity between the two except for period setting. TPM was a very soapy melodrama – all romantic emo angst for people who like that kind of thing (and I really wasn’t a fan – but that’s entirely me, it’s not a genre I’m fond of so I’m not competent to say whether it’s a good example of it).

      TWDR – entirely different kettle of fish. Intelligent, strongly written, full of ideas as well as action, virtually no romantic side (I’m only up to epi 16, but I don’t see that tone changing particularly much) but a lot of strong emotions on view. All those battles and all that blood – and at its heart is this idea of how literacy and knowledge can free a people and give it power. Almost ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ in 24 episodes. I was nervous of sageuks as what I’ve seen has always tended to the TPM type, so not for me. I caved and tried this one after reading more general reviews – so glad I did.

      • 228.1.1 noi

        Thanks for your response. I haven’t watched TWDR yet and I’ll share my thought once I finished it. I’ve heard pretty good review about it and it’s Jang Hyuk! Haha. ^^

    • 228.2 anastasia

      You can read the reviews in dramabeans, or thundie prattle or even the best review ever dahee fanel. Just to note, dahee is a very critical, hard to please, written a grumpy reviews here in Javabeans, but TPM is just there. Knock-out for not the romance or angsty but growing up. She said. Love her review to pieces.

      I love to watch TWDR and I know i will addicted to it, but it lack heart and more to brain thingy which is not bad but will keep that later.

  29. 229 noi

    Oh btw, momosan in thundie’s prattle has wrote his/her end-year review! Good luck and take your time, dramabeans’ writers! ^^

  30. 230 rachel


    • 230.1 anastasia


    • 230.2 Cruelsummer

      I might have to agree. I still haven’t finished it. I think I got up to episode 13. I still can’t figure out why I haven’t gone back.

  31. 231 Kayano20

    I am kinda mad A Thousand Kisses was not in more categories. It has some good kiss scenes that just happened recently and also have you seen the crying from the show? Pain and torture.Breakout Acting too.Also why didn’t My princess have more options too? It was a mess at the end but so sweet, funny, and romantic at the beginning. Those are 2 of my favorites that missed out so I agree halfway on the poll. It’s hard to choose those lol.Uggh!

  32. 232 Shoeshe

    In this voting site maybe city hunter is so popular in all category congrat.but in another blog such the best kdrama 2011 city hunter right now is in the 3rd place behind secret garden and princess man

    • 232.1 Mystisith

      I agree more with the second ranging, and i would put city hunter even lower to replace it with vampire prosecutor.

    • 232.2 anastasia

      where is the site, please. tq

  33. 233 milkmustache

    I hope Protect the Boss wins something. :/ It was such a great, refreshing drama. Better than Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, imo.

  34. 234 doozy

    Seriously had a good laugh with all the dramas’ and characters’ descriptions! Such hilarious and clever plays on words. ahahahhahah *applause*

  35. 235 Kaiah

    Just like many of you here, I’m wondering where the best kiss for Me too, Flower is. That kiss was HOOOOOT.

    • 235.1 Mystisith

      Super Extra Double Shared Kiss With a Tight Hug couldn’ t compete : the servers of Dramabeans would have burnt, and a few readers of the blog would have need CPR.

  36. 236 JustTacos

    Personally, I think that 49 Days should have been added to the most overrated drama section…oh well… hope I don’t step on toes with that (just my opinion)

  37. 237 lara mae

    for me, it was fun, fun, fun to vote here, i enjoyed it very much, next year again.:)

  38. 238 Mel

    My favourite

    Ojakgyo Brothers and Dream High.. Totally into hot smokin great puppies… Joo Won and Kim Soo Hyun. These two brings great impact in K-Drama obsession for the year 2011..

  39. 239 grany

    Love this…
    Excellent awards yeay!
    Yet, I am quite disappoint of not seeing CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART? in the bromance category.

  40. 240 MsB

    Some of these I will have to see! Best Love? What is the alternate name? Can’t seem to find that. It had a lot of votes for different categories!

    • 240.1 mardie

      best love=greatest love

  41. 241 Josephine Wong

    Finished watching New Tales of Gisaeng after recommendation from friends. For me for pairing of OTP and story it is the best for year 2011. The onscreen chemistry of the main leads was really fantastic. It is a 52 episodes but after finishing the whole of 52 I keep going back to view 3 to 4 times scenes between the main leads. I saw most of the 2011 dramas but for me none of them beats the love story of AH DA MO and DAN SA-RAN.

  42. 242 minhe

    thanks JB and GF for another outstanding year of awesome recaps! You guys are the best! cheers! πŸ™‚

  43. 243 anastasia

    I love action thriller. Mind me.

    But i can’t believe people choose City Hunter pair over The Princess Man. Well, I’m glad and happy they are dating in real but we are talking about REAL romance on the drama. A true couple who really die for each other NOT FOR the action/mangaish/cartoonish plot but really would die for the sake of your loved one and not to mention the justice SO MANY TIMES.

    Not to mention the romantic pairing that we can imagine outside the drama. Feel real, connected and make us feel human.

    MISA, is my fav couple before but now TPM’s love story romance is just more than romance. it has what a happy, contend, real marriage means about.

  44. 244 gustave154

    wtf at flower boy ramyun shop leading most of the polls…

    • 244.1 mardie

      current airing drama always tend to conquer polls as it’s still ‘hot’ and fresh on the viewers mind. chill. =)

      • 244.1.1 kerrie

        the poster didn’t say anything out of line or over the top. He/She seemed just seemed surprised by the ratings, as was I.

        the “chill” was unnecessary.

  45. 245 aquastarr92

    LOL, that was the fun-nest poll description ever. I loved the “Underrated” & “Overrated” parts the most. Vampire Prosecutor: “I don’t suck that hard.” HaHAHA!

  46. 246 Cruelsummer

    The Me Too Flower kiss looks like it hurts. Granted it was hot and long, but it bothered me that he only kept his head to one side. He was totally making out with the left side of her face, which took me out of the romance and made me wonder if he was just trying to maintain the best position for the camera.

    I chose FBRS because (even though EB was a little hesitant in her response) Chisoo seemed to savor every inch of her mouth: left, right, top and bottom. Hot!

    • 246.1 Cruelsummer

      …and might I add that both of those kisses completely crapped all over that garbage that was called a kiss in ‘The Musical’. What on Earth was that?! I’ve kissed my kid with more affection than that.

  47. 247 tara

    still don’t know what to watch next……Me Too, Flower! or flower boy ramyun shop?

    • 247.1 Mystisith

      Both are good.
      FBRS is more easy watching ( like you would say easy listening music ). More comedy than romance to me.
      M2F can be a little bit darker, BUT the funny scenes are verrry funny. And the OST is just pure extasy. And the couple is like a giant snowball that catches you on the mountain and rolls you downhill : You loose your breath and see stars. More romantic with a bit of good comedy.

  48. 248 Kaa

    Best oppa…okay, but no vote for the Best dongseng ever ?
    –> Ba Wool !!!

  49. 249 jeje

    There is no existence of canot live withe losing under the topic :



  50. 250 Chiomy

    I guess I will have to watch Flower boy and Vampire Prosecutor now….:P

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