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2011 MBC Drama Awards
by | December 30, 2011 | 121 Comments

Oh, MBC. I can always count on you for some awards-time whatthefuckery. Three years ago it was split Daesangs (daesang = Grand Prize), giving the same award to Kim Myung-min and Song Seung-heon and doubling awards in every category. Two years ago, there were more split awards, and last year we had the bizarre “Character Daesangs” (“Crude Language Award,” “Hot Temper Award,” and so forth).

This year, no actors were forced to share the Daesang…because it basically went to a drama instead. What the what? (Last year, Drama of the Year was a viewers’ pick award. This year it took the place of the Daesang, even if it wasn’t officially called one.)

Part of what makes MBC such a weird award in my opinion is that they never seem to know what they’re doing. If you’re going to make weird categories a thing, then stick with it — but if you’ll compare past years with each other, you’ll see that they keep changing things around. It makes them seem desperate, scrambling to appease everyone. Add to that the fact that in recent years, MBC has typically had the weakest drama performances of the three broadcast stations (remember when MBC was the Drama Kingdom?). So with weak competition, you get awards being doled out to some middling dramas, while others are overlooked entirely.

It must be noted that these awards are hardly ever based strictly on merit. They’re given out by the broadcaster, so they’re more a measure of which dramas and stars they want to thank/bribe/flatter. It’s partially a popularity contest, and partially politicking; it’s a given that the big ratings hits will rake in a lion’s share of awards. I still reserve the right to gripe about their choices.

You’ll see that this year, the broadcaster has once again introduced new categories and done away with others. They’ve gotten a lot of flak in past years for splitting awards, so this year they haven’t split many… because instead, they split award categories, which essentially achieves the same thing. Oh, MBC, always trying to please everyone and therefore pleasing no one. Maybe you’ll get a decent hit in 2012.


Drama of the Year: Best Love
Top Excellence, Miniseries, Actor: Cha Seung-won (Best Love)
Top Excellence, Miniseries, Actress: Gong Hyo-jin (Best Love)
Top Excellence, Serial Drama, Actor: Kim Seok-hoon (Twinkle Twinkle)
Top Excellence, Serial Drama, Actress: Kim Hyun-joo (Twinkle Twinkle), Shin Aera (Indomitable Daughters in Law)

Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: Kim Jae-won (Can You Hear My Heart)
Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Lee Bo-young (Hooray For Love), Hwang Jung-eum (Can You Hear My Heart)
Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actor: Ji Hyun-woo (A Thousand Kisses)
Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actress: Lee Yuri (Twinkle Twinkle)

New Actor, Miniseries: Lee Ki-kwang (My Princess), Park Yoo-chun (Miss Ripley)
New Actress, Miniseries: Seo Hyun-jin (The Duo), Hyo-min (Kye Baek)
New Actor, Serial Drama: Park Yoon-jae (Indomitable Daughter in Law)
New Actress, Miniseries: Honey Lee (Indomitable Daughter in Law)

Best Couple Award: Cha Seung-won, Gong Hyo-jin (Best Love)
Popularity Award: Kim Jae-won (Can You Hear My Heart), Gong Hyo-jin (Best Love)
Golden Acting Award, Miniseries: Jung Bo-seok (Can You Hear My Heart, Stormy Lovers), Bae Jong-ok (Hooray For Love)
Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Cha Hwa-yeon (A Thousand Kisses), Gil Yong-woo (Twinkle Twinkle)

Special Award: Kim Young-ae (Royal Family), Yoon Tae-young (Late Night Hospital)
Producer’s Award: Kim Jung-tae (Miss Ripley, Can’t Lose), Choi Jong-hwan (Kye Baek, The Duo), Song Ji-hyo (Kye Baek)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Kang Bu-ja (Indomitable Daughter in Law)
Child Actor Award: Kim Yoo-bin (Hooray For Love), Yang Han-yeol (Best Love)

Writer of the Year Award: Bae Yumi (Twinkle Twinkle), Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran (Best Love)
Foreign Film Dubbing Award: Park Sun-young


On to the clothes:

Now, I love Best Love as much as MBC probably does, and I have no qualms with it winning Drama of the Year. But if you’re going to essentially give the Daesang to the show, why not just throw it to Cha Seung-won, who was a shoo-in to take it and won the top acting award anyway?

In any case, here he is, looking fine. 2011 was the year of facial hair for him, wasn’t it? He demonstrated that he can have too much (Athena) and too little (Best Love), and also just enough (keep it like this forever, please?).

Gong Hyo-jin takes home her third Top Excellence Award from MBC; this year it’s for Best Love, but she’s also got one for Pasta last year and Thank You in 2007. I admit I was iffy on the dress until I realized it had pockets (dresses with pockets = best thing ever), and then it was all-out love.

Twinkle Twinkle / All That Glitters / Sparkling was a pretty successful show for MBC, so despite how convoluted the plot reportedly became, it still got its fair share of awards. Lead actress Kim Hyun-joo got one of them, and came dressed in a burn orange gown with some killer strappy heels. One thing I can say about these awards is that I was a big fan of all the color.

Another big show this year: Can You Hear My Heart. Here’s the crew, including Hwang Jung-eum, wearing white…

…and her co-star Kim Jae-won, he of the famous smile, making his first appearance after recovering from the injury that took him out of Me Too, Flower. At least his Can You Hear My Heart role netted him an acting award here.

Jung Bo-seok also took an award for Can You Hear My Heart, as well as the ill-fated Stormy Lovers:

And the crew is rounded out by Namgoong Min. Now, I’m not a fan of brown suits. But he wears his well.

Lee Bo-young is probably one of the best-dressed ladies of the event, with her asymmetrical black gown. More than the form-fitting gown, though, I think it’s the styling that makes the look — simple and chic. She won for her weekend drama Hooray For Love.

Here’s her Hooray For Love co-star Lee Tae-sung, who I swear is looking more and more like Rain:

Honey Lee was the host for the event alongside Jung Jun-ho, and also picked up an award for daily drama Indomitable Daughter in Law. I love the red color, but hate that dress — the sequins, the black belt, the cut, the not-quite-matchy red shoes. Slap a perm on that head and she’s a lounge singer in the ’80s. Tootsie was a movie, not a fashion statement.

Ji Hyun-woo was another winner, for weekend drama A Thousand Kisses. I refer the classic single-breasted tux on men (does anybody ever look better in a double-breasted suit?), but he looks crisp in his.

Yay for more color! Seo Hyun-jin (The Duo) wears a gorgeous peachy-gold color, though I think she could’ve looked better with a younger hairdo. I wish she’d gone for something either more sleek, or more tousled and flowy. Something less helmet-heady. It’s pretty… for prom, maybe.

My first thought upon seeing Lee Yuri (Twinkle Twinkle) is that her dress is the older, sluttier sister to Seo Hyun-jin’s similarly gold-colored dress above. You know — unni dress likes tighter, shinier, and sparklier, while her little sister dress prefers to show a little cleavage and leave it that.

Yoon Tae-young was in a late-night show that flew under the radar (Late Night Hospital), but he’s a big star for MBC, and was given a “Special Award.” Somehow calling something special makes it seem less special. Are you trying to appease him after cutting his last drama Strike Love down? I just hope Yoon gets a great part in a hit drama soon, because he’s a wonderful actor.

Sohn Dam-bi is in MBC’s currently airing drama Light and Shadow, playing an entertainer. I think she looks great… even though it also looks like she’s wearing a huge sparkly collar on an invisible leash. Like the kind that go zap when you get too far or close to something. Like a precaution against runaway bride syndrome. Oh god, what a horrible idea.

Shin Aera and Park Yoon-jae both won for Indomitable Daughter In Law, which took a large share of awards:

Kim Jung-tae has had a pretty big year, with lots of roles bringing him attention. In this case it was Miss Ripley; his Producer’s Award was technically also for Can’t Love, but everyone knows that playing a scene-stealing psycho-possessive villain is way more interesting than playing the good bumbling guy. He didn’t his reputation for being Scary Ajusshi (and hanging out in abandoned warehouses) for nuthin’. Can’t wait to see him running the school in Dream High 2.

Jo Yoon-hee‘s last drama was Lie To Me, but since that’s an SBS show she’s probably here at MBC because she was in Goldfish last year. She looks pretty, but the longer I look at her gown, the weirder it gets. The fit seems oddly loose up top, and mock turtleneck isn’t exactly a look you’d expect at a formal award show. On the other hand, shiny shoes! I’m a sucker for a strappy sandal.

Okay, I am not familiar with Kang Kyung-heon (Indomitable Daughters In Law), but I love her sass in this statement-maker. Now this is how to wear a red gown — Honey Lee, take notes! Love the black shoe, love her I-rock-and-I-know-it attitude.

Veteran actress Bae Jong-ok was given an award for weekend series Hooray For Love. As you know, I’m not a fan of the hairy yeti fashion trend, but yunno, some people like it.

Kim Yeon-joo (Man of Honor) has a pretty wispy pink on, and reminds me of Nam Gyuri. In fact, I half-expect to see Nam Gyuri wearing this at the SBS Awards. Maybe she’s scrambling right now to find another appropriate almost-bridal gown for her big night, now that she’s been scooped.

Ding Dong! I guess we ought to learn his name now — it’s Yang Han-yeol — and the adorable tyke from Best Love and Thousand Day Promise got a child actor prize for the former. Now here’s a kid who’s made the bowl cut work for him. I find it adorable how his vest buttons are straining at the bottom. He looks like a little maestro.

Ha Yumi (Queen of Reversals) wears a draped pink number that’s growing on me. Hate the clutch and the shoes, but the bubble-gum pink dress is fun and the cut flattering.

Erm… can’t say I like the lace back on this gown worn by Jeon Ik-ryung (Indomitable Daughter in Law, Sign), or the sleeves of this gown, which make her look matronly — apparently she’s only 30 years old. I would’ve pegged her for at least a decade older. Eep. On the upside, the color’s nice.


Eeeee, is this not the cutest thing ever? I think it’s my favorite thing of the night. These brothers should always go to events together. It’s the Cuteness Law of the Universe: Putting two things of similar cuteness together equals more cuteness than the sum of individual cutenesses. Or something.

Park Yoo-chun and Park Yoo-hwan were here at MBC’s event to pick up hyung’s newcomer award for Miss Ripley. Will they also show up as each other’s dates for little bro’s big night tomorrow at the SBS Awards? We can only hope.

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121 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. grotemeid

    Kim Hyun Joo is sooo beautiful tonight, her smile is killing me, her dress looks great on her, Kim Hyun Joo jjang, twinkle twinkle jjangggggg

    • 1.1 LHRCN

      Boys over flowers, Jun Pyo’s Noona sooo beautiful
      ahhh KIm Hyun Joo, she looks like a goddess here, love her in twinkle twinkle, what an talented actress, I am waiting for more of your work.
      Kim Hyun Joo fighting!

    • 1.2 mnstpdu08

      She looks gorgeous in the dress. It’s the only dress I like – the color and the style.

  2. mollyP

    so.cute. Park brothers FTW!

  3. CoH

    lol, cute park brothers~
    idk, are mbc awards even legit anymore? ): how can they get rid of the daesung!!

  4. Mystisith

    The only award i would be interested in is Best Kiss : Me Too Flower. And the show doesn’t have even a special whatever prize ? LOL. MBC, you’ll never stop amazing me.

    • 4.1 bashful

      Hi Mystisith,

      Sorry it appears I misread that category from the MBC website. As it turned, that category is “Best Couple”. The couple from Best Love were the winners, beating the couple in M2F (my favorite this year)…Here’s hoping for a better year in 2012 for all our favorites! 🙂

  5. celest1al

    So happy for CSW, GHJ, and Best Love! 🙂 Agree that they should have just given the Daesang to CSW though.

  6. jojo

    Agree..Mickey and his little brother…so cute! As far as acting awards from the network/producers to their own shows, I think the concept is too funny! What’s next? The artist’s management awards to the actors who earn them the most money?

    • 6.1 JoAnne

      Yeah, I was a bit wierded out to realize that in Korea the awards shows are put on by the networks. It’s like telling your favorite kid they’re, you know, your favorite kid. You’re supposed to tell them ALL that, but they have to ‘keep it a secret.’ Duh.

      • 6.1.1 Cynthia


        Perfect description for this award show!

        I see nothing except the fabulously sweet Park boys. Well, them and that white gown that HJE is wearing. Isn’t that the same gown that Kang Sora wore earlier this year to a red carpet event?

  7. Kristin

    Hwang Jung-Eum looked horrible looks washed out and possibly leftover wax on her upper lip. Loved that Can you Hear my Heart won some good awards. The peach dress was perfect pulled off Hollywood Glamour while still maintaining a flirtyness about it.

  8. Cam

    YAYAYAY!!! 😀 Oh my, Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Yuri reaaally look so beaaautiful!! I love them from Twinkle Twinkle, woot!

    Gong Hyo-jin look so awesome & I want to wear this yellow dress with pockets, that’s cool. I’ve never wear an dress with pockets before!! How interesting! O_O

    Awwwies, that’s adooorable ~~ Park Brothers ~ ~ I can’t help it cuz’ I loooove them, haha!

    ALL of them (actors and actresses) looks so wondeful & Congrats for awards ~ ~ <3

  9. xine

    I do think Ji Hyun-woo is doing a great job in A Thousand Kisses. And it can’t be easy to keep us all on side while the writers have him paralysed in a plot slump; but a testament to him that he does retain viewers’ sympathies while not yet dealing with his gruesome mother, sister, ex- . . .

  10. 10 starrynighttt

    kekeke PARK brothers look so cute ^____^
    Congrats YOOCHUN <3 + KIKWANG ^^
    & BEST LOVE!!! YAYY!

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    I want Park Yoo Hwan to win a newcomer award for TDP. For all the tears I cried watching his character’s pain… He deserves it. And he better take big bro to the awards show too! More redcarpet pic from them!

    • 11.1 Ani

      Too true! His tears were painful to watch. Made me cry like a baby. X)

  12. 12 engl

    The park brothers look so cute! In that first picture they have exactly the same pose… one hand behind the back and the other one vertically infront… like clones lol. Can’t wait to see how the SBS awards are going to go down

  13. 13 neener

    I agree nice colors!! I don’t like some dress….

    looking forward to the next awards night!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14 Zoya

    Yes! NO Daesang award for Cha Seung Won……Kekeke!

    ….Oh, I didn’t meant to hate him, Cha Seung Won’s fans….well, I thought he was doing so great job from Best Love….but it doesn’t mean that he’s best at acting if he would get this Daesang award. So I am glad that they are all actors and actresses who gets regular awards or not : Enough better and equal. ^_^

    Gosh, Kim Hyun Soo is reaally preeetty! 😀

  15. 15 ChoiSun

    Oh yes Lee bo-young looks really good in her dress. I really like her in Hooray for love.
    And Lee Tae Sung looks so handsome.
    Btw I am so happy for Yoochun<3

    Anyways I know it is off topic but does somebody know where I can watch the KBS Drama Awards and SBS Drama Awards online tomorrow.
    It would be awesome if somebody could tell me a good live stream.

  16. 16 Jihwan

    Ding Dong’s buttons look like they’re about to pop! He’s so adorable!

  17. 17 Yasmin

    i was basically waiting for park yoochun, he is so cute!! even though i didnt really like his character in SKKS, too taken by Yoo Ah In and i didnt watch miss ripley..he and his bro look so cute!! also, really like the dresses!!

    Also nam goong min(?) aka Maru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so hawt!! loved him CYHMH!!! eeek, he is so good looking!! does anyone else think that he looks slightly like ki tae young from creating destiny?!

    • 17.1 couchpotato_md

      I wish Nam Goong Min won instead of Kim Jae-won ( though I love them both at Can You hear My heart), his character ( bong Maru) required heavier acting weight than that of Cha Dong Joo.

  18. 18 JustTacos

    I’m pretty much in love with the Park Brothers at this point lol.

    I think all of JYJ+Yoohwan should go to the SBS Awards tomorrow, since Jaejoong was in Protect the Boss and Junsu made a cameo on Scent of a Woman. I might die from swooning from all that, though lol

    • 18.1 estelgrace

      One big DITTO! 😉

  19. 19 ajewell

    Yay!! Can You Hear My Heart got some love. With that alone, I am happy. 😉

  20. 20 Shuffle

    I love them Park brothers
    and Gong Hyo jins dress and (Gong hyo jin herself) is beautiful pockets or no pockets
    She’s rocking the yellow
    Hwang Jung Eums hair is unfortunate to say the least

    MBC awards are always the most lulzy

    Have some more dorky Park bros
    Bromance is never bad


    bye and happy new year

  21. 21 Miica

    Since when Hooray for Love is a miniseries?

    • 21.1 urbanscrappy

      I was wondering the exact same thing? Doesn’t it have more episodes than Twinkle Twinkle, or at least it’s gearing up that way?

  22. 22 Ace

    I was really looking forward to see Lee Da-hae win something here for her role in Miss Ripley. I think she did a good job there. And she always wears something interesting in the red carpet.

    Ding Dong & the Park brothers look adorable.
    Had the same thought about Kim Yeon-joo looking like Nam Gyuri.
    Lee Tae-sung’s so grown up! Hope he stars in a sageuk next time. Would like to see him get a mane of glory.

  23. 23 KDrama Fan

    Oh my goodness. It took me a good 10 seconds to recall the plot of Twinkle Twinkle!

    Totally agree with the Tootsie and yeti comments.

    And Nam Goong-min yum yum!

  24. 24 x0mi07

    ahhhh! *swoon* micky and yoohwan!^^ *drools*

    Am trying to write coherently here but seriously, those two are absolutely adorable together!

    Anyway, awkward frocks and dreadful make-up aside, my serious gripe with MBC this year is doling out the miniseries actor’s excellence award solely to Kin Jae Won.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I loved him in CYHMH. But if they were splitting the actress miniseries excellence award with two ladies, they should’ve at least considered that CYHMH wouldn’t be as awesome as it was without the powerful and well-nuanced acting by Nam Goong Min. There were two equally disabled brothers there and NGM played his very emotionally complex character almost flawlessly without overdoing it. As much as I appreciated everyone else in the drama (especially Jung Bo Seok), NGM was the gem of that show. Seriously… *kicks cans* ok. I’ll stop now.

    Thanks JB!^^ Been looking forward to your posts about these awards!^^ The fashion commentary is always topnotch!^^

    • 24.1 x0mi07

      *Kim Jae Won

      SORRY! am typing with the lights off! sorry!=(

    • 24.2 couchpotato_md

      couldn’t agree with you more about what you said bout Nam Goong Min…
      they should have split that award !

  25. 25 red

    seriously Nam Goong min gave the performance of his life in CYHMH….he was amazing….and for gods sake why didnt they have best supporting actor??? they should have a daesang for that and give that to Nam Goong Min

    • 25.1 canxi

      I agree! He was my favorite character in that show. I loved how he was kind of both a hero and antagonist and pretty much the driving force. I mean, he kind of made the plot happen…and work.

    • 25.2 Jomo

      Agree. Hope we get to see him in a first lead soon.

    • 25.3 Celest

      I doubly agree! Thank goodness Kim Jae Won, Jang Bo Seok and Hwang Jung Eum won awards (which is rightfully deserved), but my first reaction was where the hell is Nam Goong Min’s award?!

      Then my second reaction was nearly drooling from that picture of his.

    • 25.4 kerio

      absolutely agree guys.. Nam Goong Min did superb acting in CYHMH, no doubt!

  26. 26 Z

    I love that he brought his little brother as his date! So adorable! What a good hyung!

  27. 27 canxi

    YAY! Gong Hyo Jin. I love her, she’s my favorite k-actress next to Bae Doona (who I miss so much btw! She needs to finish up her movies so I can drool over them). I think that yellow dress is GREAT on her and I love her short hair, it suits her well.

    But yes, I agree. I wish Nam Goong Min won something, he was really great! I’m gonna admit that if his character wasn’t in CYHMYH I would probably be sometime in the middle. Also he looks good!!!

  28. 28 Maricel

    What a bunch of pretty people… I don’t remember her name, the actress from Best love looked awesome..loved her pockets…the girl in red dress was adorable too…

    It’s sad not to have seen Park Shin Hye or Jung Yong Hwa 🙁 … it seems that Heartstrings didn’t have any remarkable aspect for the mbc…

  29. 29 Banu

    Park Brothers are the best guests!! so cute I liked it how the younger brother is taller and skinnier than his big bro.. he looks a bit different compared “ATDP” black hair suit him.
    I’m sooo happy that Both Bro’s got award.. Park Bro’s FIGHTING!!!

    How I missed Nam Goong Min ^__^ I wished he got an award to since his performance was awesome in Can You Hear My Heart.. seriously I secretly wanted him to be the lead but then again loved the way he was evil..XD

    • 29.1 win!

      actually yoochuns taller
      he’s 181cm
      Yoohwans a couple cm shorter
      you should check out yoohwans shoe lifts


      but in the grand scheme of things pretty insignificant since from where i’m standing (petite girl here) they are both very tall

      • 29.1.1 cv

        LOL. good to know.

        but u know, in reality…it seems like younger brothers or sisters are usually taller then older siblings.

        • win!

          i have first hand experience of that

          my sister is quite a bit taller than me

          #foreverenvious 😀

      • 29.1.2 rilanna

        actually, yoohwan IS TALLER

        dongsaeng is 191cm while
        hyung is 186cm

  30. 30 Josepha

    Oh at last a Special Award for a great actress : Kim Young-ae (Royal Family) ! She was just perfect !
    it’s good not seeing only younger people !

    Nothing for Lee Da Hae ? 0_0

    • 30.1 Locturne

      Right! now that you mention it… Her co-stars won some so why not her?
      After using all their inspiration to come up with the “special award” they must have run out of ideas, so there wasn’t any category to fit her into -_-;

  31. 31 MJP

    Wah! I have been scouring youtube to find video of Kim Jae Won winning his awards! There is NOTHING!!! Just a bunch of Cha Seung Won/Gong Hyo Jin/Ding Dong/Best Love and Park Brothers videos.

    • 31.1 Lizzie


      And I didn’t know Nam Goong Min was competing together with Kim Jae Wook and Chun Jung Myung….

      I think it is unfair the supportive role be competing with the main role because they won’t gave the award to the supportive other even if he was the best. Because KBS is too chicken to do that.

      See princess man, the second girl deserves more the award but MCW will win the award because she is the main girl……….

      This clip have Lee Minho giving kim Jae Won and Hje the awards.



      • 31.1.1 Celest

        Thanks for the clips Lizzie!

        I did not know that Nam Goong Min was nominated not as a supporting actor but actor alongside PIE and Kim Jae Won. Which is good for him based on the fact that his acting was elevated to ‘actor’ as opposed to ‘supporting actor’ but bad, because MBC was more likely to give it to Kim Jae Won.

        *sigh* They both deserved it but it’s kinda sad to see him as the only actor in the CYHMH table without an award.

  32. 32 otk

    MBC’s drama awards get me furious every freaking year.

    JUNG BO SEOK should have gotten a daesang for his performance in Can You Here my heart. It was so convincing…

    I hope SBS will be more enjoyable. It sucks since this year I watched dramas from all stations so I feel that its irrelevant for me to download any particular award show.

    • 32.1 Jomo

      Hello –
      Haven’t seen you in a while.

    • 32.2 ripgal

      Jung Bo Seok pawned everyone, even Cha Seung Won (tho I loved him in BL).

      Namgoong Min and Yeon Jung Ah? I’ve lost faith in MBC.

    • 32.3 Celest

      LOVED Jung Bo Seok but I actually thought Nam Goong Min had it a lot tougher to act since he had the brunt of the drama riding on his shoulders. And he nailed it too!

      I cried only once this drama year and that was from watching Nam Goong Min act.

  33. 33 BJ

    Ding Dong is such a cutie! Best Love was a really good show and I really hope just as good a show will appear again next year!

  34. 34 Abbie

    CHA SEUNG-WON! He’s my new favorite actor! He’s so cool.

    All the dresses were pretty and the men looked dashing in their outfits. Yang Han-yeol really does look like a little maestro! So cute!

  35. 35 cv

    omgooodness! the brothers–yoochun/yoohwan! Hot hot hot! heheh^^

  36. 36 Noelle

    I have nothing but love for Cha Seung Won but the dude needs to do something with his hair.

    • 36.1 Noelle

      God Bae Jong Ok is gorgeous! Look at that bod. If only we were all so lucky.

  37. 37 vivasss

    Royal Family was an excellent drama with really good acting from the leads and the veteran supporting actors/actresses, too bad both Yum Jung Ah and Ji Sung did not get any awards (but i’m sure Ji Sung will get some tonight at the SBS Awards). The good thing is Kim Young Ae made it to the award show and was the only cast from RF to get an award.

    Nam Gong Min looks hot, I couldn’t recognize him until I heard his name.

  38. 38 leonardswench

    Where to begin with the drapery?

    First, CSW has the perfect body to carry off suits, so when he just looks ‘meh’ and not “WOW”, the suit is wrong for him, and his tux is case in point. If it’s the tailor, he needs to switch, the fit is horrible on him and does nothing for his long, tall elegant frame and firmly chiseled and muscled torso and backside. The current trend of top-button-only on the jackets looks good on absolutely NO ONE to date. Next.

    Gong Hyo-jin can look so fabulous, and here she is just a wild mis-match of not really taking the time to look fabulous. While the brilliant yellow ‘pops’ on her, the style does nothing but diminish her frame while trying to come across as some lounge-y cool diva with her hands in her pockets (GET THEM OUT NOW, miss!). She got her make-up all wrong to go with it, and the hairstyle is one straight out of my morning repertoire of ‘kids-breakfast-school-late-appointments-running’. Keep the color, please, but style it so it gives you some form of remotely feminine curves and learn to lay your hands elegantly at your sides, please. I’m guessing she also paid a small fortune or one family’s monthly food budget for her shoes, so next time do us the favor of showing them off.

    Kim Hyun-joo got her dress just right, thank heavens, nice popping color and style, fits her very well, belongs on the red carpet. Why she decided, then, to skip any attention to her hair, make-up, and jewelry is beyond me. Oh, well, at least one can say of her, “at least she got her dress right.”

    Hwang Jung-eum has a great style and fit … but iridescent white flatters almost no one, and in all the pics, there is something wrong with her make-up. She also hasn’t learned to stand on the red carpet, making her look awkward no matter what she is wearing. Her fringe-y up-do lacks any creativity at all and further detracts from her appearance, as well as the complete lack of interesting jewelry. She’s coming across as not quite ready for her coming out.

    Kim Jae Won looks fine, not fabulous, and again, it’s the fit of the tux and that horrible buttoning of only the top button. AISH. Not sure where he got the hairstyle, but for his features, it needs to be either slightly shorter and thinned, or go for broke with lot fuller. It feels like he’s trying to still pass off his looks with boyish charm, which gets to be nearly impossible once a man is in his 30’s. Time to grow up.

    Jung Bo-seok tried something out with the open collar and cravat, and it doesn’t work for him, as the poorly-fitted suit and top button look also does him a disservice. Also, time for a new hairstyle, STAT.

    Nam Goong-min, it’s about time! This is the first suit in this row of pictures that fits right, flatters its wearer completely, and has the right tie and shirt with it. His hairstyle works for him, now if he could just SMILE.

    Lee Bo-young got 99% of her look right, which is fabulous! She’s the first actress to get the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, and most of the make-up right. I honestly wonder if the stylists’ of the stars have forgotten rule number 1 — put it all on, with makeup, and photograph it. IF it doesn’t look good with poor lighting in the average room, it is certainly NOT going to fair well on the overlit red carpet. Here, it is just her lipstick which provides a slightly jarring note to her overall look.

    Lee Tae-sung looks great, overall, although he would have been better served by a jacket that is 4″ longer than the one he has on, to elongate his look. No serious complaints, although, he never looks relaxed.

    Honey Lee looks absolutely fabulous in a dress that fits her perfectly: one minor complaint about the matte red shoes with the shiny red of her dress because they appear mismatched under bright lighting, but she pulls off the belted and backless look because the fit, color, make-up, hair, and accessories are right on (with the noted exception).

    Jung Jun-ho gets the tuxedo, hair, shoes, bow-tie, casual wave and smiling 100% perfect, no complaints, looks like he belongs on the red carpet (which he does, and has had monumental amounts of practice at).

    Ji Hyun-woo needs to take some pointers from Jung Jun-ho in the relaxed and smiling department, and he’d be better served with an off-white or other tuxedo shirt with his coloring, but the suit fits, at least!

    Seo Hyun-jin gets her dress perfectly right, as she does her makeup, hair and bag. I think the only thing I would like to see is a subtle necklace, but my understanding is that stars are skipping the bling this year in light of economic woes, so perhaps that explains the lack of jewelry on all of our misses.

    Lee Yuri gets her look 99% right, too, although a subtle earring would have been good, it’s hard to get it right with so much detail around her neck in the dress.

    Yoon Tae-young … it’s the top button of the suit again, it does not flatter on most men and I can’t wait for this fashion trend to die an instant death. It’s so easy for men on the red carpet to look elegant, just get a well-fitted suit or tux, and yet, here we just ruin his silhouette with the buttoning.

    Sohn Dam-bi got everything right and looks fabulous head to toe. I did not find any pics of her shoes, so I cannot comment on them, of course.

    Shin Aera looks okay. But that is just it, she looks okay. She does not look red-carpet fabulous, and it is a shame. She could change the dress, lose the drape … do something interesting with her hair? Any one of the things or all of the above.

    Park Yoon-jae needs a longer jacket, but is otherwise, red carpet perfect. (Okay, a little more smiling would have been superb.)

    Kim Jung-tae’s tux is not tailored well and the jacket is too short for him, the sleeves of it too long, and the always-askew bow-tie is a distraction. It’s like he dressed in 10 minutes in his dad’s suit.

    Jo Yoon-hee forgot to get a dress that flatters her — figure or coloring, or preferably, both. She little bag goes great with the lack-lustre dress, as does the shoes, it just doesn’t go great with her.

    Kang Kyung-heon has a fabulous dress, except for the muffins at the top, the fit is fine. Again, it’s that “I almost got it right” look. Her shoes look to be a bit of flirty fun under all that skirting. Honestly, she needed some jewelry, too.

    Bae Jong-ok has a perfectly lovely figure, not that you would ever know with this total mismatch. Draping one’s figure is meant to flatter, not obscure. Her hair is uninspired, her jewelry almost non-existent, it’s not a red carpet look anyone should shoot for. She has on her usual over-done eyes and lovely smile.

    Kim Yeon-joo got her dress and make-up absolutely right, but her poor darn toes! OMG that girl needs to wear the right size of shoe, and no one needs to see excruciating off-shoe toe pictures on stilettos. Her ability to walk well had to have been hampered for at least a few days with those disastrous shoes.

    Yang Han-yeol is adorable and I don’t snark at the defenseless, ever. He’s a cute, sweet, growing boy, and one imagines he grows out of his clothes at this age as fast as Mum gets them bought. I love how earnest he looks, too.

    Ha Yumi absolutely got her accessories wrong, and the only thing worse than having two muffins popping up is having one muffin. Where are the stylists teaching these women how to frame and display the sisters in flattering ways? That said, the pink color IS perfect and the rest of the fit is not bad, but the slight slouching affect on the left of her body is a tell-tale sign that a bit more tailoring was needed.

    Jeon Ik-ryung’s blue dress is a total miss, as is her hairstyle, make-up, and accessories. Is there some kind of trend to getting it all wrong going on?

    Okay, the Parks are adorable, although their tuxes are not fitted as well as they should be. Yoo-chun’s jacket sleeves are too long for him, and Yoo-hwan’s pant legs are too long for him! At least they smile! (and a trendy little bow tie on each would not have gone amiss)

    There, girls, I posted my comments in public. Now you can shred my opinions, LOL. One old costume mistress, signing off! 🙂

    • 38.1 Jomo

      Very detailed and you’re not old!

      Who is Park Yoon-jae? Why is he so handsome and why have I never heard of Indomitable Daughter In Law?

      • 38.1.1 leonardswench

        Ha ha, wait for my review!

    • 38.2 shiku

      Awesome comments I literally had two pages open so I could see the pics and your comments side by side.

      I agree with almost everything apart from Honey Lee. It showhs her figure off nicely but I think it’s atrocious. The black belt, the shiny red color of the dress that makes it look as if she is wearing plastic, the shoes are all so wrong.

      Forgive my naivete but what is the perfect fit for a tux? I am clueless when it comes to clothes.

      • 38.2.1 leonardswench

        Tuxedo jackets should skim the bodyline from shoulder to slightly under the widest flair of the man’s hips/bottom (the current trend of shorter jackets just above their bottom bump is an atrocious look for any man who doesn’t have rock-hard assets), jackets should never pull when buttoned, even with arms up, and always fully buttoned, sleeves should be shot within an inch of the wrist with tuxedo shirt coming to the wrist and showing about 3/4″, more cuff is acceptable, but not less. Shoulders should be padded and come just to the bone of the joint before descending into the sleeve, bow ties should be erect and not flaccid, pocket handkerchiefs are more forgiving as to how much shows, how it is pleated and folded. Tuxedo pants should fall narrowly on the hips (some ease in the waist without pulling) with a minimum of 2″ crotch-ease, bottom hem should be 1/4″ above heel height. Tailoring standards above come from Seville Row and Giorgio Armani.

  39. 39 cherkell

    Note To Self: Make sure to find a way to use the term “whatthefuckery” in normal conversation going forward… priceless!! 🙂

  40. 40 Mari

    HyoMin as new actress, I was like REALLY?

  41. 41 Eeefu

    I am happy that Can You Hear My Heart picked up some awards. I am happy for Kim Jae-won. I think it’s also time that Nam Goong Min gets more recognition and… love. Please get the girl in a happy ending drama in your next work. 🙂

    For a 30-epi drama vs a 16-epi Best Love, I think CYHMH packs so much more in the story and it simmers so much longer after its end than Best Love; hence its my best drama of the year in my definition. I do love Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin – they have some much charm.

    Congrats to all winners, and for those who didn’t bring home any medals but are solid performers, you have our love and support – we have eyes – fighting!! 🙂

  42. 42 Arishia

    Wait. So, Me Too Flower! didn’t get any mention? Or will it be in the running for next year because it aired so late in the season? I liked it better than any of the others, by a long shot. Oh well…

    • 42.1 churasan

      I have to agree – Me too Flower was my favorite out of all the MBC dramas this this year. The acting was superb and it was way underrated. Didn’t care too much for Best Love – but happy that at least Can You Hear My Heart picked up some awards.

    • 42.2 Jomo

      If nothing else, it should win some internet award for Best Couple. They were the BEST COUPLE!

    • 42.3 Sejong the Great

      Me Too Flower was not nominated because they did not give MBC enough numbers… They prefer money and numbers over real TALENT… Last year, Road number 1 was superb in acting as well from So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul but they were overlooked as well… I guess what is important is that Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon keep on being consistent on what they do and they will keep on getting good projects in good timings

  43. 43 Kirita

    2011 is Cha Seung Won’s Year. His year in drama and facial hair …… LOL.
    I really-really love Best Love. Glad to see this couple again. Finally, Congratulation for all the winner …..

  44. 44 Flannel

    Thanks for saving me the time of actually downloading/watching this. It looks horrid.

    Best drama is The Greatest Love?!?! Seriously? MBC strikes again.

  45. 45 beggar1015

    Wow, reading the list of winners has made me realize I have watched absolutely nothing from MBC this year.

  46. 46 Sojuboy

    Don’t they have such thing as Emmy? Korea has to be the only country in the world where each station hands out awards to themselves.

  47. 47 Natchan

    What’s up with all the BB Cream?

  48. 48 crazedlu

    yes. i digs the brothers.

  49. 49 Dara

    Whaaaaaat?………WHERE is Kim Sae Ron from CYHMH? I’m watching Hooray for Love, that child didn’t strike me for any important plot points at all whereas KSR did bring CYHMH to another level with her acting, is the girl is crying right now? Jeez!
    On the bright side, my Jae-won oppaaaa got two awards, and rest of the casts too.

    Though, I a fan of LBY, gotta say her acting fallen flat in Hooray for Love , and she’s been stealing all the scenes from LTS in every way possible, up to the point, I felt bad for LTS and wanted more of his screen times.

    As for the night, what a colorful night it was, a new trend from eh….Paris?

  50. 50 Stardust

    I love Lee Bo Young. Though I haven’t watched her in much of the other dramas other than the sangeuk Seodongyo in 2005. That got me hooked like… well…very hooked.

    She strikes me as a Liv Tyler kind of chic grace! I only have one small complaint. Where is Ji Sung? lol

    • 50.1 Stardust

      Oh i did see her in the Hyun Bin movie… she can act! if only there were better roles…

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