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Bachelor’s Vegetable Store: Episode 2
by | December 26, 2011 | 43 Comments

Finally! Ji Chang-wook! Boy, did you make me suffer through a whole lot of backstory to get to you. The second episode spends most of its time still stuck in the past, throughout which I’m continuously mumbling, yeah, we geddit. But the good news is, once we get out, things look brighter. Let’s just hope they stay that way.


Ga-on dies, and Mom breaks down, blaming Tae-yang, then herself, and eventually attempts to slit her wrists. But Jin-shim saves her and nurses her back, insisting that Ga-on never hated Mom, and that it was no one’s fault.

Tae-yang struggles with his guilt, unable to look them in the eye, and watches over Ga-on’s memorial at night because she might get scared all alone. Ugh, that’s heartbreaking. He berates himself for not having gone a little sooner that night, and preventing what happened to her.

Mom sits in a daze, not eating or sleeping, and Jin-shim asks if she isn’t going to call Ga-on’s father to let him know what happened. Mom snaps out of it with a start, asking what day it is. It’s Saturday, the day they were supposed to meet Dad.

He’s waiting for them in a fancy restaurant with mounds of presents, and finally calls them at home, asking why they aren’t there, if she’s changed her mind. This time Dad puts down his foot down, saying that he’ll do anything it takes for the three of them to be a family, and that now no one can stand in his way.

He gets scared that Mom’s going to take Ga-on and run away again, and warns her that he’ll stop at nothing to find them. Gee, what a happy family that sounds like. Yeesh. Mom panics, and just makes the excuse that Ga-on isn’t feeling well, and they’ll reschedule for another day.

Jin-shim looks on worriedly, as Mom breaks down in tears, panicking over what she’ll do now. And then slowly she raises her eyes up to Jin-shim… “Do you want to be my daughter?”

Jin-shim can’t deny that she’s always wanted Ajumma to be her mom, and you can actually see how this girl who has no one could be swayed by her. Mom says right then and there that she could become Ga-on from now on, which is a legitimately crazy thing to say, but she’s clearly a crazy person to begin with.

Jin-shim doesn’t know what to do, and runs to Tae-yang wanting him to give her the right answer. But as she runs up to his house, she finds Granny being hauled off in an ambulance and the kids crying.

As Grandma gets treated in the hospital, Tae-yang and Jin-shim keep watch, taking turns piggybacking Tae-in. Thankfully Grandma recovers, though nothing can be done to slow the progress of her illness.

At school a few days later, Jin-shim finds Mom waiting for her to arrive. She asks if she told Tae-yang anything about their arrangement, and she says no, she didn’t have a chance to. Mom insists that she can’t tell anyone, otherwise people will split them up, and Mom will have to run away and leave her behind.

It’s enough to scare Jin-shim of being left all alone again, so she pinky-swears not to tell anyone. Mom hugs her tight, “From now on, you’re all I have.” Jin-shim can’t help but smile, having longed for this her whole life.

Granny wakes up in the hospital and tells Tae-yang that she’s not worried about him, but his little sister is so young. Tae-yang promises her that he’ll look after Tae-in and never leave her side.

The three kids pray together in church for Granny, and Mom finds them walking out together. She tries to hurry Jin-shim away, but Tae-yang bows and apologizes to her for his part in what happened to Ga-on. She looks at him with hate daggers coming out of her eyes, and then asks if he’s sincere about feeling sorry.

He says he means it, so she asks him to make a promise, and it’s the one thing she’ll ever want from him: never see Jin-shim again. Jin-shim tries to protest but Mom doesn’t relent, and takes his stunned silence as a promise, and hauls her away.

Jin-shim tries to tell Mom that Tae-yang is a good kid, but Mom argues that if she’s going to be her daughter, doesn’t she care that seeing Tae-yang rips her up inside? She spits out a venomous warning: stay away from Tae-yang, otherwise she’ll soon start seeing Jin-shim in the same hateful light and get sick of her.

Tae-yang is double jeopardy as far as Mom’s concerned, because he not only had a hand in Ga-on being left alone the night she died, but he also knows all the facts. Basically he’s the one thorn in her otherwise perfect plan.

Tae-yang decides that if he shows Ajumma his sincerity, she’ll stop being mad and let him see Jin-shim again. So he catches their favorite chicken for a soup, breaking his little sister’s heart in the process. Aw, it’s adorable how heartbroken she is, but this is why you shouldn’t name your chickens, yeah?

He brings the soup to her door, but Mom rejects him flatly, and leaves the soup in the trash pile outside.

Sometime later Granny dresses up and goes to the photo studio to have her memorial picture taken, and overhears Mom calling Ga-on’s name. Curious, she peeks in the room and finds Jin-shim dressed in a graduation gown and taking pictures with her, and answering to “Ga-on.”

Mom shuts Granny out as soon as she finds out who she is, but Granny waits to have a word with her. She guesses what she’s doing right away – taking a perfectly alive and well girl and replacing her with her dead daughter. She tries to deny it, but Grandma sees right through her, and warns her not to do that to a kind-hearted girl.

The next day is Tae-yang’s birthday, and he excitedly invites Jin-shim over to his house for his birthday party, where Granny expressly him to bring her, so that she could speak to her. Grandma sets the table and they wait.

But Mom takes Jin-shim to the salon to have her hair cut, saying that it’s the day she’s going to be reborn as her daughter. Oh no, she’s not going to make her get the exact same haircut as Ga-on, is she?

Oh she totally is. GAH. That is so creepy. She even puts the same pin in her hair that Jin-shim had her mom-fantasy about, bringing tears to her eyes. Ugh, it kills me the most that Jin-shim so desperately wants a mom enough to trade in her whole identity for one.

Jin-shim still calls her Ajumma, and asks for permission to see Tae-yang just once today, but she refuses, sighing that she still won’t call her Mom. Tae-yang waits and waits, refusing to eat his birthday cake without Jin-shim, but she never shows.

Mom takes Jin-shim to their last stop, what she says is the final step in the transformation. She gives Jin-shim one last chance to take it all back and leave her behind, because from here on out, she won’t be able to reverse this decision for the rest of her life.

She asks, “Who are you?” No answer. Again, “Who are you?” A tear rolls down Jin-shim’s cheek. She finally says, “Ga-on. Choi Ga-on.”

And with that, they head inside. It’s a tattoo parlor, and the final step is to get Ga-on’s star-shaped birthmark tattooed on her wrist. She closes her eyes and flashes back to all her happy memories with Tae-yang, and imagines holding hands with him on the bridge, and then losing hold. He disappears and she’s all alone.

She wakes up calling out for him, and then sees Mom by her side, reaching for her hand. In tears, she calls out, “Mom,” the tragic transformation now complete.

Tae-yang and Tae-in wait for her outside the church that night, but Mom leads her away before they can even speak. Later Tae-in tells Grandma what she saw, and how Jin-shim looks exactly like Ga-on now.

Tae-yang tosses and turns all night, and in his locker at school the next morning, he finds a present from Jin-shim waiting for him. In voiceover we hear her letter, that she’s sorry she couldn’t come to the party, but she’s been making his present for a while now.

It’s a handmade lunch sack, and she writes that she’s always wanted to make his lunch for him, but even though she can’t do that, if he carries his lunch in this, it’ll always taste good. She calls him “The sun in my life,” [tae-yang = sun] and sincerely wishes him a happy birthday [jin-shim = sincerity].

He runs around school looking for her, but her chair is empty, and she’s not at church either. She’s on her way to the bus station with Mom, begging for one more day so she can say goodbye to everyone. But Mom tells her that she has to leave the Jin-shim who lived here behind, that one day will make no difference, and drags her onto the bus.

Jin-shim follows her, and then at the last moment pulls away. She promises to be right back and runs off to find Tae-yang. She finds Granny at home and asks her to give Tae-yang a message – not to worry about her, and that she’ll never forget him.

She cries, and Granny senses that she’s about to go someplace far away, and asks her to tell her what’s going on, and why she’s got a tattoo on her wrist that she didn’t have before. But Jin-shim tearfully tells her that she can’t say anything, and just promises that she’ll pray every day for Granny, Tae-yang, and Tae-in, and leaves.

Grandma clasps her heart and falls to the ground. Oh no.

Jin-shim goes to one last place, the amusement park where their van clubhouse used to be. Now it’s just an empty space. She looks on with a smile as she sees a flash of her happy days there with Tae-yang and Tae-in, and Ga-on.

She watches with a bittersweet smile as Past Jin-shim runs by her, calling after her friends. That’s heartbreaking.

Tae-yang finds her there, and they both admit to not having been here since Ga-on’s death. He holds up his lunch sack proudly, and then gives her a present too – the pager he’s been waiting to give her.

He tells her that from now on, they’ll always be connected, no matter where they are. She lights up, saying that it’s the perfect thing that she needs right now, and begins to cry. He looks on curiously, not knowing just how far apart they’re about to be.

Meanwhile Mom comes storming into Granny’s house, looking for Jin-shim. Granny calls her out on her whole scheme, putting together all the pieces from what she’s witnessed. She even figures out that Mom’s got a reason for doing all this, and it isn’t to take her away to live quietly, just the two of them.

She guesses pretty astutely that if she fools Ga-on’s father into thinking that Jin-shim is his daughter, that Mom has something to gain in all this. Damn, Granny should be a detective. She points that that with age, your eyes may grow cloudy, but there are some things you see more clearly.

Mom gets defiant, saying that it’s Jin-shim who benefits from all this. But Granny counters that what Jin-shim needs is Jin-shim’s mom, not Ga-on’s. She threatens to go to the police if she doesn’t turn back and go about things the right way.

Mom flips out, grabbing Granny by the collar and shrieking at her, until Granny collapses to the ground and her bottle of pills rolls out of reach. Mom grabs the pills and screams at her to keep her secret, basically withholding them until she promises.

But she says nothing, and Mom throws the bottle to the ground in anger. The pills go flying, and Granny closes her eyes. Damn, I knew Mom was evil and crazy, but she’s actually going to cause her heart attack, and then stand by as Granny dies?

Tae-yang and Jin-shim say goodbye, though he says he’ll see her tomorrow and to herself she thinks over and over, “I’m sorry.” She walks away with tears in her eyes, and then turns to watch him go.

She catches up to Mom who’s running in a panic, and they get on the bus to leave town.

Tae-yang comes home to find Grandma on the ground and screams at her to wake up. They try to revive her at the hospital, but she’s declared dead. Tae-yang refuses to let them cover her with a sheet, crying that his grandma’s going to wake up, that she wouldn’t leave them behind.

Eleven years later.

Ji Chang-wook! Gah, I thought we’d never see you. Grown-up Tae-yang gets suited up, primping in the mirror. A picture of him with Jin-shim sits on his nightstand. He cheerily makes sure to knock on every neighbor’s door in his gosiwon, wishing them luck on each of their tests and whatnot.

He beams at the attendant in the front office that today is the day, and runs off, on top of the world. He screams in excitement as he arrives in front of a fashion design school, and hurries in to look at the graduates’ final pieces on display.

Little Sis Tae-in comes bounding up, but not before replacing one of the mannequins’ placards with her own name. Uh-oh. She greets Oppa with a big hug, and he congratulates her on graduating from college, all excited like a proud papa. They pose for a picture next to the project that he thinks is hers…

…Only to have her classmate come up and blow her cover, calling her a boyfriend thief and now a project thief. Eek. Tae-in snarls right back, calling her project a cheap-looking knockoff, and then her classmate counters that she’s the one who’s cheap, since she couldn’t even afford to go to school this semester.

Tae-yang’s jaw drops. Uh…someone’s in trouble. Outside, Tae-yang reminds her that he promised Grandma that he’d make sure she was raised well and graduated from college, and calls that money his blood and sweat… so how could she spend it on clothes instead of tuition?!

Tae-in explains that such hard-earned money should be invested in what’s really important, and what she needs is not a diploma, but to maintain her goddess-like appearance. Pfffft. Okay, she’s hilarious. I loved their childhood relationship, but their adult one is even better. He stares at her like she’s an alien.

He sighs in frustration and she takes his face in her hands as she explains that she’ll marry someone wealthy and take care of oppa, so he needn’t worry. Oh, you have such a long road ahead with this girl. He in turn takes her face in his hands and tells her through gritted teeth that he’ll earn more money, and she WILL re-enroll.

Tae-in’s answer? “I’ll just take that money and get breast implants!” Hahaha. Dude, is this because you killed her favorite chicken? They end up yelling back and forth. Tae-yang: “Go back to school!” Tae-in: “I don’t want to!” Tae-yang: “Go back!” Tae-in: “NO!”

We meet Jin-shim (Wang Ji-hye), er, now Ga-on, working as a parking attendant at a big shopping center. It doesn’t seem like the kind of job she’d be working, but we quickly find out that she is indeed the owner’s only daughter, and heiress to the whole company. She’s just working from the ground up, only everyone knows who she is and treats her like the plague.

A coworker asks for her help in covering up an incident (where she keyed an annoying customer’s car), and Ga-on tells her that she can’t lie – that she promised herself that she wouldn’t lie. You mean minus the whole playing a dead girl thing?

The coworker lashes back at her for not helping someone out when she herself is in no danger of losing her job, and tells her that her very presence among the staff is an affront to them, since she doesn’t actually have to work for anything in life.

Ga-on tells her that she’s right, and tells her that if she loses her job, it’ll be because she was rude to the only daughter of the company president. She stalks off, fuming.

This whole exchange is witnessed by Kim Young-kwang, though we have yet to learn anything about his character.

Ga-on takes the bus home, clearly living with some residual guilt for her fortune, because she doesn’t look or act like a chaebol. We hear her mother’s side of a conversation in voiceover, saying that she was right to quit that job, and she was never in agreement with her working her way up like that. She says if she really wants to learn the business she ought to learn directly under Dad.

Tae-yang rides his bike excitedly to the site of the new market that’s getting ready to open up, where he was given an introduction, but warned that he wouldn’t last a day. He looks up at the sign full of hope.

And looking up at the same place not thirty feet away is Ga-on.


So the kids’ backstory was a lot to wade through, especially in this second episode. (I would’ve been much happier if they had condensed it all into the first episode, despite appreciating the child actors who were cast in the adults’ spitting images.) But once we finally get to everyone as adults, the tone becomes much lighter and more hopeful, and not stuck in switched-identity-makjang-land.

I understand needing to set up the proper motivation for the backstory, that is, why Jin-shim would agree to trade in her life that way. The thing is, I understand fully why the child Jin-shim would do so. But if the adult Ga-on struggles under the weight of her guilt, that might end up being a little harder for me to understand (as in, why she lives the lie). But I suppose that’s the one lie she’s allowed herself, and she really believes that there’s no turning back.

What I’m really here for is Tae-yang’s story – the veggie store and his struggle to make something of himself from nothing. I just hope he remains the focus of the drama from here on out. I know the Jin-shim/Ga-on backstory has to be properly motivated, but that entire storyline was all so obvious and expected, that I felt like it was just the hill I had to climb to get to the place I really wanted to go. But now that we’re finally here, I’m much more excited about what this drama could be.

We’re still in wait-and-see mode with this show, since we only have about ten minutes of present-day story to go on. If it gets back on the makjang train, we’re out, but if it stays upbeat and lively, we might just set up shop.


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  1. cv

    Thanks for recap! Looks like it’s getting better. Can’t wait to see all the bachelors. hehe

  2. DarknessEyes

    this looks like a good drama…. maybe i’ll watch. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be good 🙂 loved the casting. Except for Wang Ji Hye… can’t get used to her after PTB… well, let’s see.

  3. mae

    saw the episode and loved the build up to present… i want to know how Jim-shim/Ga-on will get out of her lie and live her life without “mum” crazy schemes..and also Tae-Yang struggle with the veggie store and raising his sister “properly” from her delusions…>.<

  4. jazza

    I was waiting for episode 2 recap.. thanks so much!!!

  5. Thee

    love this drama so far… one of the 1st thought i have about it is that the kids who play young characters and the adult one really look alike!! looking at the poster of this drama, i saw many guys in front of a vegie store, seems like the ramyung shops with those flower boys, so i’m really interested about where the boys are from in this story and what they will contribute to the drama. overall, i’m in love w/ this drama and can’t wait for more eps with eng sub!!
    p/s: u can watch this drama with eng sub, in HD at dramafever.com (only if u are in america)

  6. crazedlu

    on board for now. if it is makjang territory they land in, i’m outtie too.. save for occasional peeks at my dear ji chang wook. urghh. wang ji hye. hope she’s alright throughout the rest of the run. i’m still imagining other actresses in her role.

    anyways, back to what’s important.. ji chang wook!

  7. Cynthia

    Why is he riding his bicycle with his shirt on?!
    C’mon, Show, don’t toy with us.

    (BTW – saw Kwang-soo’s new haircut. Dude just might be earning himself that 6PACK spot!)

    • 7.1 YY

      Um..cos it’s cold? Riding a bike is kind of draughty. Besides, we don’t want those abs to get frostbite before he plants his veggies.

      • 7.1.1 cherkell

        And we most DEFINITELY do not want a repeat of the last time he was shirtless (and almost bottomless as well) by ending up in hospital with an IV drip in his arm!! I’m not known for my patience, but I can wait a bit longer for the first appearance of Those Abs and Those Biceps and Those Triceps and Those… ::faints::

        Oh hell, who am I kidding? BRING ON THE 6PACK NOW!!! 🙂

  8. Bluefyre

    Squealed when we finally got to Ji Chang Wook. *sigh*
    I wanteth him.

    Skipped the 1st ep since I already read it here and didn’t want to wade through all that. Gah. So happy for grown-up land! YAY

  9. polly

    ok so d real Ga-On is like real dead? or lost? I mean is she gonna come back?

    • 9.1 Van

      Hmm, I actually had hope (what, I liked her and thought her and Jin-shim’s friendship was cute and would totally go for all of them being bffls — the gang selling cabbages while Ga-on play the violin on the side) that she would somehow land in a coma, instead of dying but it all seemed official so yeah, real Ga-on is really dead. That’s where the whole “would you want me to be your mom?/will you be my daughter?” thing came in.

      • 9.1.1 moose

        i agree. i loved the friendship between the kids, and i really liked Ga-on. i didn’t think that they’d actually tattoo the birthmark on Jin-shim so i was hoping that Ga-on would just have amnesia and return in the future ):

  10. 10 kc

    What’s up with the WHAT’S UP RECAPS?

  11. 11 Van

    Yay! I was wondering if you guys would recap this!

  12. 12 Abbie

    Episode 2 was way better. At least, the adult storyline was. I wondered how they were going to fake the birthmark, and a tattoo seems to work. I’m still surprised that there wasn’t a paternity test. But if there was, we wouldn’t have a story. Tae-yang is by far my favorite character and Tae-in is hilarious. Ga-on’s mom isn’t really bad. I feel sorry for her a little because she has to recreate her daughter from her daughter’s best friend. Her reasons for it are, however, unforgivable. I just hope that takes a backseat to Tae-yang’s story.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  13. 13 honestwill

    loved the child actors/actress
    was really waiting for them to grow old and see how they were in adult life
    unsure what to make of it as im currently still watching
    MAN OF HONOR getting really sick of watching the people acting and even the evil guy is over acting
    WHATS UP dream high and better
    RAMYUM – really really fluffy, cant cha chi soo just go to college and learn what life is really all about
    FERMENTATION FAMILY – its got food and thats all it matters

    so ill keep on watching it because of what it was based on
    just like CITY HUNTER WAS WHEN it was based on the manga
    this story should follow the orig story and not this makjang crap on it

  14. 14 alua

    I will probably try this at some point… but at the moment sticking to the recaps. Thanks for recapping, GF!

  15. 15 Kuhyun

    This is an impulse thought so correct me if im wrong

    I get ‘can you hear my heart’ vibe from this drama.. The layout, some of thecharacters of course in some ways its nothing alike so my opinions.

  16. 16 Marie

    JCW is a look-alike of Lee Min-ho when he smiles…what a way to end 2011 by watching this drama…

    JCW is definitely one of the best young actors in K-Drama land!

    • 16.1 Jomo

      My son said the same thing all during WBDS. I just don’t see it. We even went to OOgle to compare side by side faces.
      I must be blocking it because you two aren’t the only ones who think that!

      • 16.1.1 Mystisith

        Then i suppose i must be blocking too ?? I love wookie’s face, but i don’t like LMH at all.
        Someone said somewhere that we tend to search for common traits between ourselves and people we love. I guess we also tend to find similarities between ALL the men we appreciate. 🙂

      • 16.1.2 JoAnne

        It’s the smile, I agree. Something about the way their eyes crinkle when they smile. I wouldn’t say brothers…but maybe cousins.

        • YY

          There is a very slight resemblance…how interesting

    • 16.2 Severine

      That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the first pic! But it’s definitely an angles thing, since I don’t think they look alike from the front.

  17. 17 cherkell

    YAY!! Kamsahamnida to GF for taking up the Vegetable Mantle — it’s gonna be a fun ride!!!

    For everyone that’s complaining about the makjang… just relax, chingus. Granted, I would be the first one in line to watch 20 episodes of shirtless, oiled-down and perfectly-absworthy boys haul around crates of veggies all day. But the book that Lee Young Suk (the real-life CEO) wrote is kinda dry and (dare I say) quite boring. There needed to be some sort of conflict involved in order to progress the plot accordingly, and I give them credit for coming up with such a complicated ‘family tree’ storyline. I found nothing wrong with introducing The Crazy Mom’s antics to help push us forward to the Adult Cast. I am, however, having a bit of a problem with Hwang Shin Hye’s acting right now — I found her a lot tensed-up working with the kids (she did admit in an interview that this is her first “mother” role). Hopefully that will all go away once I see her interactions with the other grown-ups in future episodes.

    And I’m sure my Sisters-in-Lust here heard my SQUEEEEEEEEE!! all the way around the world when I saw that first shot of Changwook-ssi taking that shirt off the clothesline. One part of me said “FINALLY!”… but another tiny part said “Aw geez. No more of the kids? Sad face.” They did an amazing job and I hope we get to see lots of flashbacks to during that 11-year time jump and how they persevered to get where they are in present time.

    But at the risk up upsetting millions of Minoz… I don’t see the LMH-JCW comparison at all, either. No way, no how. My brain blocks out anything and everything else when His Hotness is on the screen. 🙂

  18. 18 Sophia

    I am actually really enjoying this drama! The child actors were so compelling.

  19. 19 YY

    Why do I get the feeling that Psycho Mama is going to torch Bachelor’s veggie store in the end? I see Bachelor taking off his shirt and flapping wildly at the flames while Psycho Mama shrieks: “Burn, veggies! Burn!”

  20. 20 maslow

    Ninety minute of pure hatred, revenge, etc. was a bit much to take. I agree that a back story was needed but like you I think they could have summed it all up in that first episode. The only good thing was the initial thirty minutes of episode 1 and the last few minute in episode 2.

    As for the adult story I’m hopeful that “Ga-on’s” mother isn’t a big part of the story going forward or else it’s just going to get on my nerves. Additionally, I don’t want the reveal to occur at least for another few episodes just so we can see these two work together (in a way) and slowly fall in love without really knowing who the other person is.

    Not really sure I’m liking the whole gold-digging sister aspect but the two, both the child and adult versions, seem to have some chemistry so it should be fun to watch them nag each other throughout the series.

  21. 21 moidiom

    I’m actually watching this drama for Jihyuk, who apparently will have a very small role with all this other drama going around, but this show somewhat lost me in the second episode. I enjoyed watching the child actors, especially the little girl–OMG, she’s going to be a superstar when she grows up, but the back story really could have been condensed into one episode or less. The focus on Jin Shim’s story contradicts the promo we hear on this show. When we finally get to the adult stage, the drama already seems disconnected. I’m disappointed.

    I also don’t like the fact that the show itself is casting a moral judgment on the character of Ga On’s mother. I understand her motive may be shallow, but she has tried hard to raise her daughter. Who knows what any one of us would do in her situation since we probably would never understand how she really felt? I can’t imagine losing a child. Her drastic measure may not seem so extreme given her situation.

    • 21.1 JoAnne

      But this isn’t going to bring her child back, and she’s not doing it to pretend for herself and get some kind of wierd twisted comfort out of it. She’s doing it to pretend for the father – therefore it MUST be about money, or at least getting back into his life, so how could the people in the show who know what she has done do anything BUT judge her as wrong?

  22. 22 Dara

    If makjang, please caps JCW, I’ll be happy just for his face, no need for the story. Gahhhhhh JCWWWW, you smile, me smile to YOUUUU!

  23. 23 beggar1015

    I did watch the second episode (the first 20 minutes being nothing but tears, tears, and even more tears) but the whole time I found myself asking,”Why am I watching this? Why?” It all hinges on the third episode whether I stick with Veggie or not.

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  25. 25 Sisa

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  26. 26 Houstontwin

    You deserve a medal for slogging through the first 2 excruciating, boring, lugubrious, and inexcusably derivative episodes (feel free to offer extra adjectives)!

    If you are kind enough to continue with recaps, I might check in to see if it is worth revisiting this drama.


  27. 27 compass

    Hello! Does anyone know where can i download the english subtitles for this drama? thanks alot

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    I smile happily as I see the bright smiling face of Ji Chang Wook, my number one <3 actor.
    As much as I admire the young ones perform, I wait impatiently for Ji Chang Wook … my heart skips excitedly as he appears.
    Thank you for the recap. You've described it so well for me to enjoy the meaning of the whole episode. GO's mom is scary person…mad. GS is too young & needy to understand she made a bad choice to have a mom & to be transformed as GO. This (transformation) reminds me of "Spring Waltz" when a rich couple takes(kidnaps?) a boy to replace their dead son & live overseas with them.
    But the plot of the Bachelor Vegie shop is about Tae-yang's vegie shop playerd by my no. 1, Ji Chang Wook, which means we get to see a lot of him. I'm on board!

  29. 29 Alice20

    Wow. So much makjang. Was this really. Based on a true story? lol *imagines dramatic overacting happening on some street somewhere in the past*

  30. 30 Carl Laker

    It’s Ji Chang Wook!!! And his smile that made me fell in love all over again

  31. 31 tweetsfromheaven

    The whole killing granny thing was so ‘Can you hear my heart’….I will stay with recaps for the mo and only watch it depending on how the next 5 episodes go.

  32. 32 BlightBoy

    I comment in this ep recap late because i decided to watch the drama when 4-5+ ep is already aired.

    For me i really enjoyed the first two eps , i never watched drama because a certain actor in it (except HeartStrings , and a drama that will come in march called love rain) , I liked the child actors , their feeling in the drama happy or sad were really touching.

    I know this drama suppose to be about the vegetable store , as the title says , but its a drama after all , we have to expect this type of stories , i would really miss grandma 🙁 , and i can say time to some laughs from now on as the melodrama will stop for many eps? (IDK i have to watch and know ;p).

  33. 33 KDA

    Episode 10! Ji Chang Wook is so adorable in this series! I love the “Fresh Men” crew, so fun and funny \ ^_^ / I’m always laughing and smiling every few minutes; they’re wonderful.

    I was a bit worried with the first 2 episodes because it was so intense and depressing after everything you looked up for the show said that it was a comedy romance. After you get past the setup it really does hold up. Though the scenes with the mother are still intense 0.0 the guys make it very much worth it to see this one through.

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