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Color of Woman releases posters
by | December 1, 2011 | 34 Comments

New drama Color of Woman has just released two posters, which may not be terribly original, but it’s not a supremely high-concept show anyway. The posters convey the general tone and gist of the show, and are pretty cute despite being fairly standard, verging on plain.

The story’s about two rival careerwomen in a cosmetics company with opposing professional styles — one is chic and wily (Lee Soo-kyung), while the other is more ordinary with a strong work ethic (Yoon So-yi). The two love interests are played by Jae Hee (eeeee!) and Shim Ji-ho.

The posters bear two taglines, both of which tie into the title: “A woman speaks in color” and “The colorful romance between four men and women.” Okay, so not the most exciting taglines, either. But I’m guessing this is a drama that’ll be more about smaller stories and workplace conflicts, so it’s all about execution anyway. I’m a big fan of workplace dramas when they’re done right — Dal Ja’s Spring and The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry are two solid examples — so I’ll be watching for this one.

The drama premieres on December 5 on brand-new Channel A, which launched this week, and will air on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rubysing

    If this is going to be subbed, I’m in 🙂

    • 1.1 Jomo

      There is always DarkSmurfSubs!

      Who, by the way, is turing 1 year old 12/15!

    • 1.2 anonym

      Is it me or Lee So Kyung looks hideous in the poster? kinda like tranny..

  2. alua

    Sort of… boring?

    They are kind of like the Antique Bakery posters, except that those had more character because they added a bit of ‘fun’ with the cakes plus some character-identifying features (e.g. the sunglasses).

  3. Iviih

    The poster reminds me of Scent of woman’s poster…

    • 3.1 heuristic

      oh yaaaaa it does! the main girl is sporting the same hairstyle as Kim Sun Ah and the nerd glasses too lol.

      Jae hee looks uber cute!!

  4. jangjang

    I know he’s supposed to a chaebol with issues but they could’ve just had at least one poster where we could see Jae Hee’s adorkable smile.

    Show, you can make it up to us by promising that he’ll have the mandatory post-army shower/abs showcase scene.

  5. lovepark

    This is weird. I’ve seen Shim Ji-ho before in his past works, and he’s always been *yawn* to the say the least. That’s why it’s totally weird for me to I think that he looks oddly attractive in a quirky kind of way in these posters. It’s not like I’m digging his facial expression or anything in particular, but the overall aura he’s emitting is really working its magic on me. Oh my, maybe I’m just super sleep deprived.

    The posters are definitely, “been there, done that” but I still think I might catch the first episode and see if Shim Ji-ho’s charm will transfer over to the screen and his acting. Maybe I’ll find a new actor to add to my ever-growing list of swoon-worthy people.

  6. flighty.thistledown

    I’m excited for this, if only because of Jae Hee. The posters do look a tad…plain, however. Also, for some reason I love those gigantic specs.

    I’m going to go back to objectifying Jae Hee now. Just a little bit.

  7. Cam

    BAAAANZAI!!! \^_____^/ I can’t wait to see this drama cuz’ of Jae Hee, keke!

    These posters….that’s not bad but look so good! (thumb-up)

  8. UJ

    the girl with the glasses looks so much like han chae young to me! so when i saw the poster i was like NOO WAY JAE HEE AND HAN CHAE YOUNG TOGETHER AGAIN!
    to cut it short all my excitement went to waste :p

    • 8.1 Katherine

      I had the same reaction !! lol. I got so excited and clicked on the link to only realize it was a different actress.

  9. aardvarksmile

    What disturbs me most is the fact that the two heroines are too similar. I get the idea that a girl who wears glasses must be a nerdy type and the one wearing red is bold. Maybe it’s just me who knows these actresses from dramas where they were both bright, lively and likable characters.
    On the other hand there is a chance for Lee Soo-Kyung to rock a b… I mean a witch antagonist, which may turn out quite refreshing. It would be a new range of emotions for her to showcase, wouldn’t it?
    The fact is however, I would never look at this drama if JaeHee weren’t in it. I’m so curious how is he going to do as a stiff chaebol (that’s what I’ve gathered so far from various descriptions). IMO it’s a waste to have a JaeHee onbord and not have him smile all the time. (ok,ok 3Iron was an exception 😉 )

    • 9.1 gingeranna

      I was disturbed too, maybe they’ll become frenemies? It’ll be cute. And sort of different (not that I expect this drama to be expecially… different in any way, but who knows!)

      I hope Jae Hee will smile a lot too!!! Maybe when he’ll meet our heroine (which by the way has a totally Eugene-y pose in this photo! Or is it only me?)

  10. 10 mems

    So far I’m only watching for Jae Hee so I hope the drama is better than what’s been advertised. *fingers crossed*

    Another great example of a workplace drama done right is Once Upon a Time in Saengchori – it has comedy, romance, mystery, and oddball/eccentricity all the in the right balance. So much fun. 🙂

  11. 11 kay

    the trailer looks decent. i’m enjoying LSK’s character.

    • 11.1 aardvarksmile

      meh … too much cutesy. And I was hoping to see a new side to her…

    • 11.2 yuoi

      thanx for it!

      oh, I didnt imagine that watching Jae Hee in action again would feel so good ^_^

    • 11.3 Lemon

      I actually think the 2nd guy is cute. Jae Hee looks a little…stiff?

  12. 12 mars

    Yoon So-yi is Yeon-jae? They could’ve tried a little harder with her character, seriously.

  13. 13 Steamy Bun

    Am I right in thinking that the title pronounced by koreans would actually be something like “Keorl lleo obu oomeon?” lol. Sometimes I wish they’d just use Korean.

  14. 14 Lydia


    • 14.1 Lydia

      On a side note, I don’t know if I’ll be watching this. The plot has to be good. Don’t fail me, okay?

  15. 15 anicheung

    Leave it to entertainment media to take a beautiful woman and attempt making her a nerdy, ordinary type simply by giving her a pair of glasses and tying up her hair and giving her the tied-back conservative hair style — like Lee Yeon Jae’s image at the beginning of Scent. Doesn’t change the fact that Yoon So Yi is anything BUT ordinary looking.

    And I know that all I have to base him off of is Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (since I’m a K-drama newbie; Hi to all, by the way!! I’m one of those blog site lurkers who never speaks), but Jae Hee looks a LOT more handsome to me in these posters than I’ve ever seen him in any other form. He has a very refined, mature charm to him (or maybe it’s just the character).

    I’m considering this one because I like work place dramas, though, even IF the summary and posters don’t really appeal very much.

  16. 16 annie

    i like both actress

  17. 17 Jack Attack

    The first looks like the Cyrano Dating Agency poster, but not as effective because they zoomed out on the faces. Well, you can’t determine the success of a drama by its poster. Let’s see what they can do!

  18. 18 dramafever

    I don’t know what the pd is thinking but Yoon So Yi looks even cuter with the glasses and over-sized shirt. Loving the look!

    And eeeekkkk Jae Hee!!! Looking forward to this!

    • 18.1 bd

      Yeah, YSY looks real cute w/ those glasses.

      And so many complaints about a frickin’ poster. lol

      I’d rather save my complaints for the writing, acting and directing.

  19. 19 Semi

    I don’t really get why ppl are complaining about the lack of shiny things in the poster. Who watches anything based on a poster really?

    I like it, from what I saw from the trailer. It’s hard to determine who was the lead. The antagonist is sunshine & lollipops while the lead is standoffish.

    The girls relationship is what seems to be the most interesting

  20. 20 Jihwan

    I wish they paired up Lee Soo Kyung and Jae Hee instead. *sigh*

    • 20.1 ripgal

      Yeah, feel the same way.

      Checked out the trailer and it kinda bored me out. Jae Hee looks fine but sorta lacks the chaebol aura? Maybe I’m just used to seeing him play wacky and crazy that him being serious just isn’t killing it for me?

      The only parts I liked were Lee Soo Kyung’s scenes? Think her character’s gonna be a lot of fun.

  21. 21 aidablue

    I’m quite exited with this new drama. Maybe I’ll watch it, cause after Scen of woman there hasn’t been one to keep me glued to the screen.

  22. 22 Thara

    I want Shim Ji Ho to get a girl at last 🙂 Hopefully!
    And can’t wait for Jae Hee to act !!! He is a superb!

  23. 23 Elina

    I’m in!

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